The route was chosen and I headed for the border of Spain, I was going to

drive through Madrid and wave as I passed through and stop on the other side

somewhere. So once I made it to the border and got on a main road it was

time to try and get some answers to some of the questions I had like;


Where exactly is what you left for me in the house, and what is it?

I would like some more information on the coronation?

What about the Church?


The story of Jeremiah had come up somewhere earlier in the trip at a stop

when I opened the Bible to the passage that is never to far from my mind.

It is the 20th chapter starting with the 7th verse to the end where Jeremiah

complains to God about being deceived by Him and then goes on to curse

the day he was born. Something I had thought about before I left and thanked

God that it wasn't that bad (yet anyway) for me. Though I don't see getting

that bummed out because no matter how bad it gets these days will pass,

plus their are others who have been given very hard lives to live. Though it

does give a person pause to wonder what might come next, and I look at

it like, I'll deal with it as it comes.


Obviously I don't tell you everything and these topics have been brought up

through out the last 3 weeks, along with others. But with the long all day drive

across Spain, there was lots of basically uninterrupted class time. The Church

had just started to come on more because They were very upset with the

Vatican and what they had said about Fatima and especially that the Pope

was referring to himself as the "sweet Christ on earth", on page 199 of Sr.

Lucia's book on Fatima. There were things being said about changes coming

for the self righteous disobedient leaders of the Church.


On the coronations at Reims and Aix, and the attire and the crown, little bits

had been coming out over the last week and were getting much clearer. The

attire will be sackcloth and barefoot and the crown will come from Israel. I

will go there and get part of a thorn bush and make a crown out of thorns. Which

suited me just fine as I didn't want a gold crown, encrusted with jewels, that were

used in Europe. Though after the anointing a fine robe shall be put on to finish

the ceremony. I'm sure this sounds hard to fathom,  even insane. But you

need to sit back and think about the Creator and His story, as in the Bible. He

promised David that He would have someone on the throne forever and he has

with a direct line from Solomon and the Queen of Sheeba ruling in Ethiopia

where an Arc is, until the mid 1970's. Of course you say that it is impossible for

one man with no army, Church, or country supporting him, and your right, but

with God, all things are possible. There are several Quatrains and verses from

the Bible that deal with this and I'll put them all together for you in a separate

chapter. But think like He thinks, as the greatest story teller in this Solar

system. That one man with Faith, a Rosary, a Brown Scapula, the "little book"

and its author, the Bible, and most importantly Jesus Christ living in his heart,

will be forced upon the world, why. Because He feels like it, and said He would

do it. That is part of what it means to be God, it is His world, and He does what

He wants, when He wants, He has no equal. He has the Son at the right hand

and the Holy Spirit, Shekhina, at the left. The three in one, but it is like looking

at a triangle and He is on top alone, as Jesus Christ always maintained, that He

was beneath the Father, and that all that He has been given, is from the Father.


 Well I'm coming into Madrid, at a perfect time, rush hour. Missed one exit and

took a little more scenic tour of the city than I wanted, but it was nice and I

waved good by and was on my way to the coast. With the city behind me and

the road opening up again it was time for some fuel for the car and me. There

was a nice sunset and the landscape was stunning, but it was to dark and the

photos didn't turn out. I have to mention the place where I ate though, it was

next to the gas station, a little cafe and bar. I got a small dinner with desert

and a beer for under 5 bucks, something's are good. Well I was trying to make

it to Zaragoza for the night. On the way it was decided by Them, that the next

day would be a fast so it looked like that meal was going to have to last for

awhile. So on the seventh day of November I pulled into a hotel just before the

city, bushed and ready to relax.


Went in and got a room and then went out to grab my stuff while he finished

the paper work. I came back in and grabbed the key and he said it was on the

second floor by our (U.S.) standards but they start at zero. So as I'm riding up

the lift I glance at the room number, 19. Okay, whatever, I just want to shower

and see what's not going on in the world, on the BBC. I get to the room and walk

in and set my bags down and head for the TV, right next to it is a painting of

a woman. A rather attractive woman sitting with her back and profile exposed

with a red-pink colored sheet wrapped around her waist and her left breast

looking very fine. Europeans love exposed breasts everywhere, not that I don't

like them, but you don't see it displayed nearly as much in the U.S., and they

need to tone it down. She had extremely fine lines, and I said real funny, you

love to throw salt on that wound, you even have the color of the hair and it just

touching her shoulders. I have got to leave that part of the room alone, for it

was painful.


Before prayers it was time for a lesson, so I opened the Bible to Isaiah and

then to the 45th chapter the 23rd verse;


                           I have sworn by Myself, the word is gone out

                           of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not

                           return, that unto Me every knee shall bow,

                           every tongue shall swear.


Now this is the second verse numbered 23, that says the same thing. The

other I mentioned earlier, was Isaiah 66.23, with the year 1966 being when

I was told who I would become. Two verses both 23, 23 strands of

chromosomes from the male and 23 from the female joined to make a

Human being. What joins these 2 chapters, I do, I'm 45, and this year I

will become a public person, yuk. Well, I pondered the subject for a while

and said I guess then some changes must be in the wind. After a painful

prayer session it was lights out. So it was off for Barcelona and then up

the coast to France and I never looked back at that painting, but not

forgetting the story it reminded me of either.


It was strange feeling like I was coming home from a trip as I neared

Salon. I had to write a letter for the people who run the teachers house

as a museum, and I printed out the lessons from 4th, 6th, and 7th grade

classes off of the Net at the Cyber Cafe. They were happy to see me,

as in okay kid whatever you say, but I left them with the prediction,

"The day will come when I rebuild my teachers study and say my prayers

there to his teacher, our Lord Jesus Christ."

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