The Declaration and Proclamation



 After returning home I knew a meeting with the Bishop was coming

and that he wasn't going to respond to my letter, so some sort of

action would have to be taken on my part, because he was going to

do the standard Catholic hierarchical response, nothing. I had been

pushed to speak out at church, which I was very uncomfortable

with. But this would be like the Old Testament prophets, standing

at the gate where the King would pass, and then speak against him.

Which was rarely taken kindly, and often lead to a beating or time

in jail. Neither of which would happen to me, so I wasn't getting

much sympathy from the other side. Though I did think it was likely

that I would be thrown out of church.


 I was planning to go to the city where he lived and speak out there,

when I heard he was coming to town in a little over a month, on

January 13th. There was that 13 again, reminding me of the

troubles that lay in front of us, that will not go away by looking the

other way. So with the date set I went to work on what had gone

on during the last trip, and would worry about what might happen

when he comes to town, later, like next year.


 Unfortunately it was late November, so next year came very fast,

much sooner than I would have liked. It was like pulling teeth, to

send a letter asking to give the readings at Easter Mass, and the

Homily to explain them. Copies were given to my Pastor and the

Parish Council. So with the date nearing, what I was going to say

and do was getting finalized, and every day was more

uncomfortable than the last.


 The basic outline was to remain standing after the Homily and

speak to him before the Homily began (where he gives a speech).

I had been told that I was spoken against in Rome while he was

there. While I was in Europe he had gone to the Vatican with a

tour and had some meetings with officials while he was there.

As I had sent a couple letters to the Vatican, before and after

September 11, where I just keep laying out the case against

them for doing NOTHING. They grow weaker as time goes by

as God's plan unfolds, for His will shall be done in the end. The

warnings given from Fatima and Garabandal shall not be swept

away by disobedient modern day Pharisees.


              The Face Of God

 As the day approached, part of the puzzle was revealed one night.

Ever since graduate school started back in 95, They have been

having me run into the door, fall down and pick myself up and

try again. You can see the door, and you know They can open it if

They want to, but They haven't so far. I grow weary of slamming

into the door, and having to pick myself up, sometimes complaining

to little avail. For the response is always the same from the

teacher, "When I say jump, the correct response is how high,

period. Which I'm still working on, for this is a work in progress.


 Now one night I dosed off in the bean bag chair that is in the War

Room, and at some point I found myself standing in front of the

door, and it was open. I could see through to the other side, but it

was like looking into fog or a cloud. I was getting major pressure

from behind, pushing me, I could feel the finger tips digging in just

above my waist, and it did hurt. I was a little groggy and I wasn't

picking up my feet, He just kept on pushing me. I wasn't sure I

wanted to go, but it was inevitable, but before I got to the threshold,

He stopped pushing. I was curious who was pushing, and thinking

back to when Shekhina picked me up off the ground after my

assassination, on the boat in Alaska, and how I had fought with

Her, to see Her face. But before I could even turn around, He came

around to the front and looked me in the eyes for a few seconds

then it was over.


 He, the Creator, was a little bigger than me, maybe six feet tall or

so, and had on an off white robe that went down to the floor, but

did not cover His head. He was clean shaven and it looked

like his hair was pulled back into a ponytail. I couldn't see well

enough, as it was a face to face meeting and He was about

two & 1/2 to 3 feet in front of me. So I never got a profile look. His

hair was a light brown with a slight wave in it, and His face was

rounded and full, and His cheeks were full and round, and His jaw

was not square but rounded. I had been wondering if I would see

His face, while I was still a man, since the day 4 & 1/2 years ago

when He took me for a walk in His Laboratory in the stars. He

didn't say anything the whole time. I told Him I would go through

the door, some how, it may not be pretty, but even if I half to crawl,

I'm going through. I've been beaten up physically and emotionally,

and waited for decades to see what might happen. I woke up, and

it was a few days later that my teacher explained it to me, and what

we were going to do with vision.


 In the church, the ceiling is covered with paintings, and there are 2

with God in them as an old man with long flowing white hair and a

large white beard. I had been hearing about a Miracle on the ceiling

for awhile and this was going to be it, God wants the beards

removed. He is not going to do it though like when He wrote on the

wall in the Old Testament, I was to command the Parish to do it.

Which of course they would laugh at, but God will force them to

obey, and that will be the Miracle. I don't know how He intends to

do this. After Mass at the reception I was going to tell the Bishop

this and ask him to sign a petition to see Sr. Lucia.


            The Declaration

 This was how I would start the speech by saying;

"I am the carpenter the Vatican spoke against while you were in

Rome.", that wasn't to bad, short and to the point.


           The Proclamation

 Now this was going to be longer as I was to say something for

each member of the Trinity, I would start by proclaiming that I

had a message for the Bishop to send to the Vatican from the

most Holy Trinity. Then for our Almighty Father; He wanted me

to say what He had told me in Orleans, that He was going to take

the Papacy away from Rome and return it to Jerusalem so that

His servant David would have someone on the throne before

Him always.


 Then to say how offended Jesus was that the Vatican calls the

Pope the "sweet Christ on earth", and that all references to the

Pope in this manor were to be erased from all official documents

in the church. Then that the words of Jacinta would not be swept

under the rug like the ashes of the last Pope.


Then that the name of the Holy Spirit was Shekhina and that her

voice was that of a woman, and that all references to her in the

Bible and Church documents were to be changed from the

masculine to the feminine.


 I figured I was going to be thrown out at some point, and

wondered what the ramifications of the confrontation would be.


            The Thirteenth

 Well I was getting nervous now wondering how it was going to

play out. The night before I had a dream about a hockey game

and the other team wouldn't come on the ice, and neither would

my team. I was alone at center ice, just waiting, and then finally

the other team walked away, I had a microphone and repeated

the word, "chickens" several times as they walked away.


 But I was still nervous as I got to church and found a place

about 3/4's of the way back in the center, then I knelt down and

began to pray, for help from the most Holy Trinity. Finally it was

time, everyone sat down and I was the only one left standing, as

the Bishop came down in front of the Altar to give his Homily,

instead of using the pulpit.


 I started in with the declaration and worked my way through the

proclamation. With every word more people were looking back

to see what was going on, as I continued the looks were getting

more menacing and the Pastor didn't look to happy either. I was

beginning to falter as I struggled through what Jesus wanted me

to say and when I ended his section I wimped out and sat down.

The Bishop said he would pray for me, and I responded that I do

pray for him, as I keep the Pope and clergy in my prayers, both

Catholic and non Catholic. I then apologized to Shekhina for

being weak. During communion I happened to go to the Bishop

and after he gave me the Eucharist he put out his hand and

said, "You must be Tim.", I shook his hand and said, "yes".


 At the reception, we started talking about the petition I wanted him

to sign, he put it in his pocket and said he would think about it. Then

he asked me if I knew about Fr. Nicholas Gruner, a Marian priest

who has spent his life trying to get the Vatican to be honest, about

Fatima and the third secret. I said I did, and with the conversation

heading south I asked the Bishop if he knew about Garabandal,

which upset him though he kept his composure and said it was time

to mingle. As he walked off, I said to him that we are on the same

side. I've asked for a response but have not heard from him since.

I didn't get to talk about the paintings or Shekhina, but I was tired

and left the reception and decided to send him a letter.

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