and the Dome of the Rock Prophecy

  This is about the prophecy which started to unfold  while I  was a little boy, it was

probably in my last year at St. Mark's school in St. Paul, Minnesota, which was 2nd

grade and I was 7 years old. While playing in front of the school, it dealt with building

a church (FIRST LESSONS), though I didn't understand it at the time. A formal

prophecy was written down during the fast of Lent in 1997.


                From the seed of the Great Messiah and His wife,

                Mary Magdalene and their daughter Sara banished,

                Jesus' will forces the Vatican to their knees in repentance,

                and Jerusalem becomes the Spiritual capital of the World.


Also this Quatrain is about this prophecy; Quatrain 5.74

             Of Trojan blood to be born (with a) Germanic heart,
             That he comes into power so high;
             Driving out (the) foreign Arabic people,
             returning the Church to pristine preeminence.
  This is about the building of the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem, which will be a Christian Temple.
Now since I became aware (1995) of the meaning of what was told to me in my early 
childhood I have been contemplating on how it will unfold and making my suggestions. One 
of the first was to leave the Dome of the Rock Temple and just turn it into a Christian Temple, 
I thought this might help the Muslims deal with the new era better. But it is not up to me but to 
the Owner of the property, our Almighty Father, and what He wants is what I want to do. It was
made clear very early that the existing Temple had to go. So that of course brings up 2
                           1)  How to get rid of the existing Temple?
                           2) What will replace it?
  So how to accomplish what line 3 of the Quatrain says; 
             Driving out (the) foreign Arabic people.
Notice that it is the 3rd line in the Quatrain that is about the 3rd Temple for the most 
Holy Trinity, 3 in 1 God. One thing is for sure the folks who currently occupy the site aren't 
going to just come to me and say here do what you want with our over 1000 year old Temple. 
Not to mention the Jews living in Israel and elsewhere are not going to just sit back and let 
someone who they would consider a gentile, even though I am a son of Abraham and David 
among others, build the 3rd Temple. Then there are some misguided  Christians who think 
the 3rd Temple will be built by the anti-christ. But I don't think about that part of the equation 
much, I leave that to God and just try to focus on my little part. There is one thing I know for 
sure, only what God allows shall be done with regards to what happens on the Temple Mount.
So while contemplating the issue of what to do, I find it is wise to look to the past, the Bible, 
the New and the Old Testament. Now there are many stories of conquest and driving people 
MOUNT AREA, to build the 3rd Temple, and NOT BY GUNS AND BOMBS, that would be 
so Human. So we have several options from the Bible;
       1) an Angel(s) goes and scares them out
       2) God converts them and they change, as part of the Garabandal enlightenment maybe.
       3) Some sort of a test similar to Elijah and the prophets of Baal.
The first 2 didn't seem to get much attention and so what form of a test was contemplated. 
Now this has been mulling around for the last 7 years and once again looking to the past I 
thought about a test similar to the one Elijah performed. But this seemed not to be 
dynamic enough for this situation with all the peoples involved and might be dismissed
easily. So the story of Jericho seemed like a good fit, where the Israelites marched 
around the walls of Jericho for 7 days and then blew their trumpets and the walls of the
city fell down, I figured this would also take care of the demolition of the Temple at the
same time. So this idea was left out there for years as other trials have come and gone,
to be followed by new ones.
 At the same time there is the issue of what to build there, I resisted putting forth to
many thoughts on the Temple itself, for I wanted guidance from the Owner, for as a
lead carpenter/ builder one of the axioms is the Owner is always right. Though I did
put forth several ideas but not on what the structure itself would look like. One of my
main points was making the space useful, so many large Basilicas and Churches
have a lot of wasted space, that is grand, but rarely used. I also wanted to tell the 
whole story of the Bible, where people could come and contemplate all the stories
as we developed and got spanked, Noah, also Abraham and the other Patriarchs, 
the Prophets, the Messiah, His Church through out the last 2 millennia. There was 
some thoughts about some of the design in the Temple itself but not much, I wanted 
to know His thoughts on the subject, for it was not me who made the world and it was
not me who was the perfect sacrifice, there by gaining our salvation. Last year (2003)
I went to Jerusalem to check out the site first hand and get a feel for the place and the
people. This year while passing between Medjugorje and Fatima I stopped in Rome 
for a few days. I wanted to see St. Peter's and go to the Vatican Museum for some
research I was doing. While there praying I was given the outline of the superstructure.
It would be like St. Peter's in the shape of a cross with 3 partial circular rings, like 3 
leaves, on the 4 ends of the cross. This makes 12 partial circular rings for the 12
tribes of Israel and for the 12 Apostles. There will not be a dome like St. Peter's. So
I scribbled the drawing in my little note book and was off for Fatima, Portugal.
 When I was done with the Fatima leg of the trip I went back to Paris for a few days
to do some work and pray at Sacre Couer (sacred Heart) Basilica on top of Monte
Marte which means mount of the Martyrs. It was while saying the Rosary there that
the top of the Temple came together, with the 3 arches supporting a cross and
host or Monstrance, which would be located directly over the Foundation Stone,
which is where the Arc of the Covenant sat in the first Temple.   So now I had the 
rough outline for the Temple which has grown some now, as the drawing shows.
 Back in Missoula and unwinding from the 5 weeks of wandering around Europe 
the answer to the first question was finalized. After leaving a Thursday night prayer
group it was made known that the Elijah-Jericho scenario was what I was to write
out as the formal prophecy. While saying the Rosary the following Wednesday, I
was also told that a Jewish Synagogue would also be a part of the Great Test, of
who is the true Messiah, Jesus Christ, and who is the Truth the Way and the Life. 
I figured it would also be one in the Old City, so when I got home I looked in one 
of my books on Jerusalem to see what was there, I was told that I would have to 
pick the one of the synagogues.
          To clear the land so that the ancient plan can unfold,
          For seven days the Rosary is prayed while walking around.
          As the laughter and hatred grows with every passing day,
          the little one alone yet not alone in prayer.
                                   The Last night in Paris
  The trip was over and I was spending the last few nights before the plane left in a 
cheap hotel, 0 stars, near Sacre Couer, I like to go there to Mass and to pray. I was
looking forward to going home after 5 weeks on the road. I was broke but, I had fulfilled
my obligations to the Virgin Mary, for a favor she had done for me. Which was to go to
the House of Prayer in Ireland which was built by her servant Christina Galhager, and
to go to Medjugorje. It had been an eventful trip with highs and lows and in the morning 
I was to be on a flight to New York City. During the night I found myself on top of a 
lifeless child, after awhile he began to breath which I could distinctly feel his chest 
expanding and contracting with each breath. Then we both got up and he walked away, 
I understood that the reason I didn't walk on was because my time was over, and then 
I heard "1/3 of the people". Contemplating what this meant ... , I am still not not sure first 
if it is a single child as a repeat of Elijah or if it signified the restoration of Israel which is 
also what Elijah did when he brought the people back to God. Now the 1/3 of the people 
I am not sure about either, it could be the number of people that are killed in the great
slaughter that happens after my assassination. There are several ways to look at
that group of people and the true meaning I don't know. I just stay focused on the
bottom line which does not change. Which is to work on these to commandments;

      To love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, strength and soul.

      To love your neighbor as you love yourself and how Jesus loves you.

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