the 3rd temple chapters


Below are several chapters that relate to the building and dedication of the

3rd Temple in Jerusalem. The story stretches from Jerusalem, Medjugorje in

Bosnia, Paris, Alaska, Montana and Minnesota. This first paragraph is about

a very little boy probably in 2nd grade and 7 years old, which was my last year


                                    St. Marks
 I was going to St. Marks in St. Paul, Minnesota, at the time and was playing at the 
base of a huge old tree, probably an Elm. While building a little lean-to structure out 
of twigs that were laying around I looked up at the school and thought one day I'll 
know how to build buildings like this. I am currently working on a school remodeling
project here in Missoula. Then I looked across the street at the church and I got the 
feeling I would build a church, and I wondered why I would build a church. This probably
happened during my last year at the school which was 2nd grade and I was 7 years old. 
With a lot of building experiences now under my belt as a lead carpenter, and general 
contractor with design and structural experience. The greatest project I'll ever work on 
is the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem for the Most Holy Trinity and the Arc of the Covenant.
Remember that we are al potential Temples for the most Holy Trinity and our primary job 
is to take care of that Temple, ourselves, and to keep it clean. Then to invite our Lord Jesus
Christ in to dwell in our hearts along with the Holy Spirit and our Almighty Father.
This is a good order with only the 2nd chapter sequentially time wise out of
order, but I think it flows better to help you see the story unfold. 
     "For the children of Israel shall dwell many days without 
      king or prince, without sacrifice or pillar, without ephod 
      or terephim. Afterward the children of Israel shall return 
      and seek the LORD their God, and David their king; and they 
      shall come in fear to the LORD and to his goodness in the 
      latter days." (Hosea 3:4,5)
Israel         brief look at the 1st trip, 2003  May/04
Elijah and the Dome of the Rock Prophecy 10/16/05 link works
Alaska and the Golden Gate Prophecy June/04
Medjugorje   2004 the procession through the Golden Gate 6/04
 Initial drawings of the 3rd Temple  2/05
The drive to Seattle and the Jerusalem Skyline  drawing 2/05
The Book of Revelation and the Temple   10/16/05  this link works 
this chapter will take awhile to finish so you can look at the date for recent updates