>>>> This letter is talking about the prophecy of the French King and the Pope, giving an example,

                  and telling him he has to act, for at the very least it is late. If you haven't read the

                  first letter to JP II you should first.                                                                          <<<<<<

                                                                      VII                            August 7, 2004                                                                                                                             

  The French King and _____,  Destiny


 Dear John Paul II,


  I hope all is well with you. I would like to thank you for your Benediction on July/4/04. While

you were blessing us I was praying for you and of course you are always in my prayers. If you

ever get a chance you should have one of your servants find out which choir was singing at

the 5:00 pm Mass at the main altar in St. Peters on Sat. 7/3/04. They have a woman conductor

and a lead singer with blondish hair, her voice is deep and rich and resonates your soul. I hope

you have had the chance to hear her, she has one of the finest voices I have ever heard. The

conductor kept her in check unfortunately, her voice is so sweet. 


  I was glad to see that St. Peter's was very accessible for the people and the side chapel with 

blessed Sacrament is a beautiful place to pray. There is one thing that needs to be changed

though, I am sure you are not aware of it, but during the Mass the collection drags on well into

the consecration and is very intrusive. With all the ushers standing around it would be very

easy to have more help take up the collection so it would be over in a more timely fashion.


  I was in Fatima for my birthday, 7/13 and to attend a conference, and to try and touch base

with Sr. Lucia. Now she said I need permission to "even talk about the weather", so once

again I am formally asking for this from you Holy Father. Also I am formally asking to be

given permission to give all of the readings and Homily this Easter.


  I would like to tell you about a prophecy of the Hopi, which means the people of peace. It

is about their True White Brother and his 2 friends. They are expecting them, but the prophecy

also says that maybe no one will show up or maybe only one, and that he or they may not be

accepted. For God tries the hearts of us all. My sister feared for her safety and didn't want to

leave her life, my brother didn't want to work together. So I went alone, and only 3 women

treated me with respect and simply answered my simple questions asking for directions.

The men I came across looked the other way and their elder was busy and walked away.

Though all of this was also prophesied, for free will and trials are laid before us all, and we

all stumble. I stumble and fall many times and wallow in my problems. But all things are

possible with Our Almighty Father when we obey and submit to Jesus Christ. When we do

His will by trying to be more like Him and by honoring His Mother, our greatest Mother,

the Virgin Mary, for together with Shekina the Holy Spirit all things are possible.


  I heard you started a group in the Vatican to deal with sports and a proper image from

them. Do not forget the important lesson of TEAM WORK, for working together is a huge

weakness within the Church and society. Remember our Master's warning about a

kingdom divided. Though He will not let His Church fall, but we have only seen the tip of

the iceberg in recent years revealed, for the apostasy has grown like a cancer and

spread throughout the Church. The Church will be purified and will flourish again.


  I am who I am and you know who I am, my coming as been foretold for millennia from

my grandfathers Abraham to Nostradamus and many others. You also know about the

prophecy concerning  the French King and the _______ . The Lord intends to humble the

whole world, everyone. I am no exception, I am a repenting sinner. I hope to hear from you.

There are many Quatrains in the "little book", "Les Propheties" concerning our times and

there is more than one way this can unfold. But the bottom line will not change, our

Almighty Father's will shall be done. Working together is the best, for the all the people

who are spoken of in the Book of Revelation are here.

            12/24/03 Gianna Talone-Sullivan receives her Christmas message from Jesus;

                                                                    "It's time"

          Our Lady's message on 12/31/03, to Gianna Talone-Sullivan;

          "All of what I have said will come to pass….This is not a time

            period when you will be waiting so long. I have said that I would

            intercede. My Son has said that He will intercede for all people

            to know the Truth and to live in Peace. God the Father knows the

            exact date and time, and I can tell you that my Son has said that

           God the Father would now intervene."


This Quatrain will be fulfilled; Quatrain 5.74

             Of Trojan blood to be born (with a) Germanic heart,
             That he comes into power so high;
             Driving out (the) foreign Arabic people,
             returning the Church to pristine preeminence.


One way or the other I will be crowned either by the Church or by my Father, it will happen.

                Quatrain 6.70

             The chief of the world shall be the great Chyren,

             after [plus oultre] loved, feared, dreaded,

             his fame & [loz] surpass the heavens

             and by the sole title (of) victor very (grateful) gratified.


This is also late;

It is time to announce the 5th Marion dogma, and that the

millennial reign of the  Immaculate Hearts of Jesus and Mary

has begun, along with the Eucharistic reign of our

Lord Jesus Christ.


  As I told you in my response to your proclamation that Fatima is over, not only is it not, but I

told you about the first trumpet and drought in the US (2nd letter to JP II), I've enclosed a couple

articles from USA Today that I picked up while on the road which deal with the subject, June 21

front page article in USA Today says the drought in the west has now a 500 year event, but as

I said in 2000, it will be much bigger, there are years left. In the July 21 USA Today in was shown

that more acres had burned this year than the last 4 and almost double the great fire season in

2000. (View USA Today paper from 7/21/04) I have also enclosed my prophecy given while

praying at the Chapel in Fatima, Portugal.  2007 prophecy, from Fatima Portugal

This will just keep growing and will not go away.


 There is so much to  do, there is plenty of work for everyone. As always John Paul II, you

are in my prayers along with all the leaders of the Church and many others. Please I am

begging you in the name of the Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ, to work with me for the

good of all the people, please, the hour is so late. I hope you pray for me as I pray for you.

From the Book of Revelation;19:12

His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns;

and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.


    Peace be with you,     

    Chyren Selin 7th


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