Laws and Truths


        These are NOT commandments, they do not replace the 10

Commandments or the2 greatest Commandments which are:

      To love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, strength and soul.

      To love your neighbor as you love yourself and how Jesus loves you.

But as my Grandfather Moses gave rules to the Israelites, so now is

Jesus giving you rules for the third millennium. These will be affirmed by

the 2 witnesses (from the 11th chapter in Rev.) when they come.


All references to the Holy Spirit will be changed to the feminine and her name

is Shekina. Which is an ancient Jewish name for the glory cloud of God and the

feminine side of God.


That the first being created here was our Savior, Jesus Christ.


 We are not alone in the Galaxy, and there are no weapons in space,

     and there will be NONE.


 There will be no exploring of Mars or anything put into permanent orbit around

     it, for the planet is where the sacred sign was built (the face).


The "Hail Mary" shall be changed, add in place of the word Jesus:

                     Who was the greatest Man to ever walk the earth,

                      the only Son of God,

                      our Lord Jesus Christ.


 There will be no standing armies, navies, or air forces for any nation.


 There is not to be one nation in the world, and there never should be a

one world government.


 There will be one religion, Christianity which will have many branches

     and Jerusalem will be the spiritual capital of the world.


 The Bible will be taught in all the schools on earth.


You should have a Bible and a cross and a candle to signify the most Holy Trinity in your house.


 We are to pray at least twice a day and before eating, and go to Mass on the

Sabbath or Sunday.


The church will recognize Michel Nostradamus as the author of "the little book"

       mentioned in the Book of Revelations, and as the sixth King. That our

       Lord Jesus Christ was his teacher.


The Church will bless an altar in my house where Abraham stood on 12/23/95

       And said to me "God made a covenant with me that one day my children would

       ... and you are the one.". You will also maintain the house after I am gone until

       She comes in about 1000 years.


There will be no more Cardinals, the highest rank will be a Bishop. Which will

       be chosen from the group of "elder priests" (those with 10+ years in) from a diocese.

       Their term will be 5 years, with their primary job to run the "council of elders", an elder

       may serve more than 1 term but it can not be consecutive. Women in the beginning

       will be eligible after 5 years, and the position will alternate between a man and a woman.


Women shall be priests, and priests can be married, but only once unless their

       spouse dies. If they divorce they must remain celibate if they want to continue

       to consecrate the Eucharist.


All serious crimes will lead to the dismissal from the priesthood.


Separation of Church and state shall remain, you can not be a priest and a

       politician at the same time. There are no sabbaticals for priests to become

       a politician.


The Mass shall consist of readings from Scripture, and a reflection, singing,

        and the consecration of the Eucharist, as the primary core.


Baptism will be given upon ones asking for it, for no one is worthy to judge.

       all infants should be Baptized.


To be confirmed, you must be 17 or older and have an understanding of the

       Scriptures, exceptions will be made for some who need them.


 Except for special reasons (i.e. a police investigation) the dead should be left



NO ABORTION, except in the case of rape or incest or if the life of the mother

is at stake and it is her decision.




 Relationships and Human Sexuality