Beautiful fall weather on the drive down to Coimbra where Sr. Lucia is staying.

Not knowing what to expect and not really getting my hopes up, but I have to

try. As I have told the Pope and it is the case, that they knew I was coming, just

not how I was coming. The reason He knew is because a woman told him. There

is a video clip of her where she says that "something is going to happen in 99,

and only the Pope and I know what it is.". But she is 94 and you never know what

condition she might be in. I had an Aunt in Seattle that I would go over to her

house on Sunday and make us a Salmon dinner. I used to kid her that she was

my girl friend, and we both liked the company. She was that age and was still

sharp, and its not like she has to do anything.


 Well it was a short drive and I found a place to stay by the old section of town.

I asked the desk people if they knew where the convent was, and one of them thought

so and made a mark on my map. So with that I went on a walk and wound up at

mass at the local Cathedral. I had very little control over most things, but that was

something I had planned on doing, was trying to go to mass most days, along with

saying my prayers, and begging Them for help. When I got back it was time to

prepare the plan. I had decided to write a short letter to try an ease my way into a

meeting. She doesn't take visitors without the Holy See's permission, and there

is not a chance in hell that the politicians there would allow that. For I have asked

for it, but I don't get a response. But it is like I told them in the 2nd letter to JP2 it

will be hard to hide behind your walls as this grows.


I didn't make a copy of the first letter but in it I told her a few things about me, like

that I was born 39 years after the 7/13/1917 visions on another Friday the 13th. That

I am a carpenter, and a few other things along with that I would be very honored if

she would meet with me for a short visit. The next morning after mass I headed out

to find the convent, which turned into a mini adventure in itself because the mark on

the map was in the wrong place for starters. But eventually I located the place after

asking enough people. A stone fortress, I still don't get their deal, but it was time to

find a way to deliver the letter or maybe even see her. I found a letter slot, but as I

walked around the place there was an open window on the ground floor, but no one

was in the room so I kept walking, on my way back a nun happened to be in the

room so I talked to her for a little bit and gave her the envelope for Sr. Lucia. With

that done it was off to Fatima and I had told her I would be back in a couple of days

on Monday.


It is a short drive to Fatima from Coimbra, the feelings of serenity and joy at this

place are very heart warming. It also has a concert or carnival atmosphere with all

the people and shops. Fortunately the place was empty compared to the big feast

days on the anniversaries of the visions which were on the 13th of the month from

May until the 6th one on October 13th, 1917. A little note, it was 3 X 13 to my birth,

it was the third lesson where they received the 3 secrets and the vision of hell.

Plus 3 X 13 to my first lesson of Graduate school in 95 at the age of 39, in the 39th

chapter of Ezekiel, God talks about the restoration of Israel which happened after

the Fatima revelations (1917) and World War II, but there is more left in the

chapter to be fulfilled. I remember a few days after that whining on the couch for a

few minutes in the fetal position, "I don't want to know the future.". But after a while

I stopped and figured, oh well, this isn't going to help. So 6 X 13 years later my

childhood had come back with a baseball bat and hit me over the head, remember

me the one who scared the hell out of you as a child. The numbers, the story,

it just keeps unfolding.


 Went to mass a few times over the next couple of days and was very comfortable

there. A late night prayer session alone in the Basilica was very moving. Two

little angels were playing on my shoulders telling me things as I prayed. They

spoke through my teacher who is the go between, only Abraham once and the

Trinity have talked to me, with only Christ speaking once since 97. They

didn't envy me and said that great hardships lie ahead, and that they would pray

for me and were very honored that I had come, and what I thought of them. I was

told that what was done to Joan (of Arc) would be like a walk in the park. Before

she was burned she was tormented for over a year in a medieval prison. The

tears of ecstasy flowed as they touched me on that quiet night, alone, but not really.

I went and saw where the kids had lived and where they had their other visions with

the Guardian Angel of Portugal and the one with Mary that wasn't at the Cova da Iria.

Along with the late night prayer session was the last morning, after the early Mass

I went out to say my morning Rosary at the tiny chapel (about 10X15 ft.) where the

visions took place. The place was empty with only a few people milling about and it

was a little brisk, after all it was November. But the birds were singing and the sun

came up and was shining on me, warming me up, and things were good for a little

while anyway.


 Unfortunately that time passed, and it was time to wrap up the stay and head north and

back to Paris and home. But first I bought 3 large candles for the Father, Son, and

Shekhina the Holy Spirit, and said a prayer to each and asked Them for Their help

and went to hit the road. One last thing about Fatima, there is a chunk of the Berlin

wall that they have on display there. I remembered the wall being built as a child and

thinking it would be awhile before they tear it down, and the only time that

I've wanted to come to Europe was when they tore it down, it was good to see a

section of it, to remember. For it is the doom of man that he forgets.


The short drive north with the sun at my back instead of glaring on me was nice,

got into town and got set up trying not to get my hopes up. Especially since the

trip had, ... , well I look at it as work, and just try to keep on smiling. It is sort of

like torture, They grab you by the throat beat the hell out of you dunk you in the

water and then pull you out, and still smiling, most of the time. Never down for

long, you just pick yourself up and walk on. After morning mass it was time to

walk over to the convent.


So the place was closed up tight and the window wasn't open this time and there

wasn't a reception room, but there were some workers there. So as one left the

compound I walked in to try and talk to someone. The outside was empty as I

walked around and checked it out, there was an open door to the inside of the

house and I saw some nuns moving about. So I stood at the door until I flagged

one down, she didn't speak English but she knew who I was, the American, yes.

She asked a few questions but I could see this was going nowhere as we walked

towards the gate, I stopped, and before leaving I reached into my camera bag

and handed her a picture of the altar of tears which I had wrote a few things on

and said give this to Sr. Lucia. Then I stepped out and she said "bye bye".


When I got back to the room it was pretty depressing, I was going to be alone

as far as the Humans go. He had said that They wanted me to write a letter to

her before I left. But first I had some complaining to do, in tears I'm begging for

Their help, You dumped a ton of stuff on me as a child, and I'm trying while the

others wait. You made us, I didn't make this place, I'm trying to make it better.

But I'm not going to give up, I may get knocked down or whatever but I'm going

to cling to the Masters feet (our Lord Jesus Christ) and keep begging even if I have

to crawl, and if I can't crawl I'll lay in a pile and beg. Plus I'm going to keep begging

all the Saints and Angels for their help, because the day will come when I stand

before you and I'll look you in the eye and say I may be a bum but at least I tried

and the righteous did nothing. But I calmed down and went and had dinner and

then came back and we wrote the letter, which I titled "Free Will" like the second

letter to the Pope. This is the letter:


                                    Free Will                                       11/5/01

Sr. Lucia,

It is with great sadness that I write this letter. This was the title of my 2nd letter

to John Paul II. I saw an interview of a woman about Fatima several years ago and

I don't know when the interview took place. Supposedly the woman was you and

she was rather cocky when she said "That something was going to happen in 99,

that only the Pope and her knew about." I have told the Pope that he knew when I

was coming but not how I was coming. I told him that everyone else can plead

ignorance but not him, and now I'm telling you that you can't either. I wanted to

show you the little book and explain some of it to you. My greatest grandmother

and my greatest Grandfather, the Virgin Mary and her son Jesus Christ are greatly

offended by those who were supposed to help but do NOTHING. I was born into a

family as the first, followed by 2 sisters. When I returned from France in 99 it was

the weekend JFK jr. and 2 women died (July), I had heard about his death in May.

What is the meaning, as it says in the "little book" there are 3 left, 1 boy and 2

girls. Why were the revelations on the 13th, a warning about the 13th (chapter)

revelation for just as I'm here to build the foundation for those who fulfill the 11th

chapter in Revelation. They are here also. For the Lord said I'm Alpha and Omega,

first and last and they (13th) are in the middle. Why did she tell you about 7 visits,

I am the 7th, Rev. 17.10. Some of our biggest foes will be Christians and Catholics.

My writings fulfill the verse 10.7(Rev.). Remember what our Lord said "I have not

come to bring peace but a sword.". Now read the 19th chapter. The first part is

 marriage of Jesus to Mary Magdeline after the resurrection and before the ascension.

He told me this on Thanksgiving day 95, "My greatest hardship was that I could not

have a family as a man.". My teacher, the author of the little book is the Michael

from Dan. 12, from Rev. 17.10, 5 have fallen- Jesus 5th, one is- there is one name

in the Book of Revelation, 12th chapter, he is buried in a Catholic church St. Laurent

in Salon, his name is Michael Nostradamus- also their first son. Jesus was his

teacher for He was the lamb found worthy to open the seals. I am the 7th and the 2nd

son, now you understand how I can say that a period of time that will culminate with

the return of Jesus Christ and will be called the 2nd coming began in 99, just like YOU

were told. Now look at the last half of the 19th chapter. I have a name written (in the

little book) that no man knows but me, Selin. Now look at verse 19.13 take notice of

the 13 and the blood. (and he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his

name is called the word of God) When I was 11 in the 6th grade listening to the

passion of our Lord I was told that I had blood on my hands that I couldn't wash off

because I was in a reservoir of blood and all I could do was effect the level. Also in

the "little book" one of my name's is "to the man of blood the numbers are reported".

Also near my end a friend (bodyguard) will die in my arms. I'm sorry, the Vatican

interpretation of Fatima and the 3rd secret is CRAP. I told them and now I'm telling

you. I could go on and on but it saddens me even though I've known since I was a

child it would be like this. You are dreaming if you think it is over, it is only a matter

of how bad it will be. I've told the Pope that he is Officially Late and that he will

consecrate Russia, and Russia alone to the Immaculate heart of my grandmother.

How? The first trumpet has blown and the U.S. will have the worst drought ever

which has started and will spread across the country until 1/3 of the trees and

all of the grass burns. Then Mt. Rainier, where I was born, will blow #2, then #3

wormwood, and then as I warned the Vatican, they will deal with me, period. You

have been given more than almost anyone in History, you had better think deeply

on my words. When you pray the Rosary and say the Hail Mary's this is how you

should say them. For I am the one from Deut. 18.18-19 and from the "little book",

and the great lawgiver who's kind shall not appear again on earth. Instead of saying

"Jesus" say;

                          who is the greatest man who'll ever walk the earth,

                          the only Son of God,

                         our Lord Jesus Christ.

I suggest you have someone look at the book I have on the net (www.selin.org)

and you can see the letters to JPII plus the story. I've enclosed a prepaid envelope

to send your objections or whatever. Also is a list of internet access sites in town

along with some money to pay for the time, copies etc., give any left over to charity.

Remember your own warnings to the clergy. I asked a young woman a couple of

blocks away from the convent if she knew where it was and you, and she shook her

head no. I said you were the greatest Prophet of the 20th century, your biography is

not done. As I was told, and I laid it out for John Paul II to choose now it is your turn,

Free Will. I've been told to stay another day in case you change your mind. Don't

bother playing the game of hiding behind the clergy. This is between you & Them

(Trinity) and your choice, you are not a little girl anymore with Jacinta and Francisco.

The masses and I need you.

Peace be with you,

T Bernard


  For we sin of our own volition by what we do and what we fail to do. I was told to

wait until the end of November for a response and if one had not arrived to publish

this letter. Also I have been told not to back off one inch from any of the statements in

the letter.


Just got a letter from Sr. Lucia, mailed 11/24 which is 19 days after I wrote mine. It

 was a card that says she "has received your letter and prays for your intentions.". 

In my letter I'm asking her to verify the she knows that I am here to fulfill the 19th chapter

in the BOOK OF REVELATION ,  she knows that she is watched and must be careful.

I guess it is just a coincidence that she had a card that wouldn't draw any attention to it

was sent 19 days after the date on the letter I gave her.


Updated 2/2005

She recently died on 2/13/05, I had asked the Vatican for an audience for her to explain

it publicly, but they never responded. A couple of things about the numbers on the

date of her death;


1)   on the 13th, like the apparitions were, a final warning  about the 13th chapter

       in the BOOK OF REVELATION , .


2)   I also told her that I am the 2nd and am here to help to fight the 2 who will fulfill the

      13th chapter in the BOOK OF REVELATION ,


3)   Jesus is the 5th king mentioned in the Book of Revelation and she was one of His

       many brides.

 The story continues to unfold and will blow up in the Vatican's face. For it was not a

coincidence that I was born on July 13th the feast day of the apparition where the

children received the vision of hell and the 3 secrets.


Peace be with you

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