Seven years down the road


        Seven years down the path chosen one night in January, 95, after

looking through the window at the left and the right path that were laid

out before me. I chose the shorter path the right one. Things had been

looking pretty good back then, but now all the fears of my childhood are

here to stay. People have acted and reacted basically like I expected.

While I expected problems with the clergy and others in the field like

deacons and evangelists, their intransigence on matters was expected,

but when they lie to your face and others, ... . The Vatican and their

miracles, I don't think any amount would be enough if it meant they had

to make a change. They are at work trying to keep the status quo, for they

think that is what is best for their long term goals, but Jesus has other ideas.

 His will shall prevail, it is only a matter of how much of a beating the world

will take until He establishes what He wants. To do our Almighty Fathers will.

Matt. 7.21-3

                Not every one that saith unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter

                into the kingdom of Heaven, but He that doeth the will

                of My Father which is in Heaven. Many will say in that day

                Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? ... and

                in thy name done many wondrous works? And then will I

                profess unto them, I never new you, depart from Me, ye

                that work iniquity.

Let all you who think you are experts in God's law, but lie, do nothing, and

spread false doctrines think upon these words deeply, for the shepherds and

the sheep are not judged the same.


        Way back in grade school I was given a few dots and as the years

passed every once in a while another one would be added. I waited and

tried to forget, tried to find a back door out of here, but to no avail, there

is no where to hide on this planet. So finally the time came to connect the

dots and be this person, I was told I was back in 4th grade. First  They

replayed my childhood and expanded it into new territory. Studying

from the Bible and Nostradamus's book, "Le Propheties", and many

other sources. To see in black and white, from Nostradamus's book

things you had been told as a child. Then from books on the stars and

the Bible to lectures and other sources. Now with a lot of dots connected

it is time to pass the information on, and the more it gets out the more the

critics will line up.


        But the bottom line is the simple to grasp, "Worship God", and

what He wants is simple, get Baptized, receive communion, and pray

and talk to God everyday, and keep Holy the Lord's day, the 7th day,

the Sabbath, Saturday. That everyone will bow down to Jesus Christ,

and to Shekhina the Holy Spirit, and give Her the glory and honor She

deserves. But after reading the book of Revelation and Les Propheties,

it sounds like it will be quite a battle for some to submit to the will of God,

and His will shall prevail.


        Talk about a roller coaster ride these last 7 years, up and down and

round and round and where this stops only God knows. The words from

the first formal lesson have sure come true about bluffing, though there is

some solace in the 20th chapter from Jeremiah especially the 7th verse

where he complains about being deceived by God, and I thank God that

it hasn't gotten as bad as it did for Jeremiah and other prophets who

curse the day they were born, yet anyway. After 7 years I have shoveled

more BS than I can imagine or even remember. One reason is to prepare

me for all the garbage that I'll have to deal with when this goes public, I can

hardly wait for that moment, yuck. But then They always sprinkle in a little

truth, generally in the form of blood, either someone's or a bunch of peoples

death. Which brings me back to the reservoir of blood from sixth grade, so

all you can do is hang on and pray and beg, I've become a pretty good

beggar over the years. I whine sometimes to, but you need to let the world

swirl around you and keep looking to where you want to go, the Masters feet.

So that when the day comes He will say, yes I live in him and he in Me and I

have a place for him in my kingdom. Also to try and bring as many others as

possible into the light.


        The story of the stars, and where they came from, Mizzar, the second

star in from the end, on the handle of the Big Dipper, the cup of the wrath

of God. Also how the story is written in other constellations and the planets.

That we are not alone in the Galaxy, and if we don't annihilate ourselves

first, we may get to a point in our development where we travel the stars.

But we have to give up our weapons, for there are no weapons in space,

and we won't be allowed to leave the Solar system with them, we still have

a long ways to go, we are still in diapers.


        Then there is the story of how God numbered the Kings in the Old

Testament and how He connected the Old Covenant with the New

Covenant, with the blood of Jesus Christ. Of course one of the main

themes of the whole Bible is the arrogance of man, and how self

centered we are. We worship things that have little to no meaning and

no long term value, basically nothing we do will even out live us, let alone

the following century, let alone the next millenniums. We need to think long

term, spiritually.


        Fatima, the story that the Catholic church says is in the past, well

what I think is in the past, is their notion that they have a clue what is

going on. That is the kind answer, for if they know what is going on, then

they are liars. But some like to stick their heads in the sand and say we

don't see anything for it is dark. They say yes to the light in front of the

people, but they themselves walk in darkness, being careful not to step

into the light. One boy and 2 girls, what is left to come, and after me in

1000 years when Satan is loosed upon the earth again, it will be her

turn. I don't envy her, but I wish her the best. Also from Fatima we have

little girls, Jacinta and Lucia, foretelling the problems of the hierarchy

of the church. Then the arrogance of the Popes, and many bishops in

ignoring the commands of Jesus Christ. Even to the point where the

Vatican calls the Pope the "sweet christ on earth", they are lost. My

connection to Fatima, is first being born into a family with 1 boy and 2

girls. But also it was the 3rd vision on Friday July 13th, 1917 that

they were given the 3 secrets, and it was (3X13) 39years (Ez. ch. 39)

later that I was born on Friday July 13th, 1956. Ezekiel 39 lays out

the story of Israel and its restoration, which we are in the midst of.

And last the Miracle of the Sun is a precursor (Luke 21.25) to the

Second Coming. One last thing about the response from Sr. Lucia is

that I do not know why she sent the card 19 days after I gave her my

letter, if there was some meaning or if it was just coincidence. I hope

to continue this fall with a petition to the Vatican to see her.


        The story of Mary Magdalene and how what I was told back in

fourth grade all fits into the Story. The reason Jesus has used little

girls to predict the end of the Papacy, is because His daughter was

rejected long ago by the Apostles. Only Thomas wrote about Peter

asking Mary to leave, and his writings were hidden in a jar with other

writings until around 1950 when the jar was found and has become

known as the Nag Hamidi Library.


        We are heading into a cyclone and we are not that prepared, even

though the warning signs have been around for a long time, we just refuse

to look at them. Everyone wants things their own way, which is not always,

rarely actually, is it God's way. But so it goes, and the book will continue to

be fulfilled.


                                      VIRGIN MARY


        I've learned a lot about the greatest woman who will ever walk the

earth, Mary, the mother of the Messiah our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus has

chosen her to be His primary spokesperson to us, which He has made

known over the centuries every where in the world. He wants to have a

devotion to her Immaculate Heart and bring peace to the world by this means.

Also He wants everyone to say the Hail Mary (with the new section), as a way

of honoring her, and His authority, given to Him by our Almighty Father. I have

heard people say they can talk to Jesus directly and don't need anybody else,

and you are correct. You can talk directly to the Father to, but He wants to hear

you say the Our Father that Jesus taught us, which is the greatest prayer there

will ever be. It is our Fathers right to say the way to Him is through Jesus, and

it is Jesus' right, because of what He did, to say what He wants, not for man to

to decide what He wants, it is our job to obey, as He obeyed our Father, period.

It is so ironic that those who put down the Catholics over Mary, are ignorant to

the fact that the clergy of the church, and especially the hierarchy and the

Vatican, are in serious trouble with Jesus, because they have not obeyed

His commands, given to us through little girls at Fatima and Garabandal and

other places. What do you think Jesus thinks about you who totally ignore

His commands? The whole world is in for a wake up call, because Jesus is

not dead and it will be His will, that will be done, because that is the will of our

Almighty Father. I get a kick out of the end time evangelists/teachers who

place no importance on Fatima, the greatest Miracle since Jesus walked the

earth. Fatima will be remembered forever, as a testament against the Pharisees

and scribes of the 20th century. How bad this century gets depends on how long

it takes for everyone to realize it and make changes. Here are some thoughts

written by St. Bernard about Mary;


                            Following her, you will never lose your way.

                            Praying to her you will never sink into despair.

                            Contemplating her you will never go wrong.

Peace be with you, T Bernard

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