The pressure had been building to write for awhile, but resistance was equal to the

pressure, sort of. The Biblical beating I was given and some other problems thrown

at me finally got me writing again. But around the end of August I was hearing that

I was coming back to France. I was saying, sure I am just like last year (2000), I'll

finish the book and get it published and if something happens I'll deal with it. But I'll

go back to work while I wait. Because the bills are real and since They want me to

keep the house I have to pay for it, and the printing costs. When They want me to

do this full time, They'll provide the means. The battle, it is always something, and

when you finally get on top of the step that you've been working on, low and behold

there is another one waiting. The old adage from sports, no pain no gain. People

would rather hear about Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings, than deal with

the real thing. Especially if it means they might have to change things in their lives.

I haven't read either of those stories, not that there is anything wrong with

them, but I get enough in my life, and real people die in my story. As the

reservoir from sixth grade begins to fill.


So things were going okay, the usual banter with my teacher, he says I'm going,

and I'm saying we'll see. After 1999 I had put him into what I call "Missouri mode".

That is a place I put people in life after they've lied to me, so that is where most

people are that I've dealt with in life. Missouri's slogan is, "the show me state", I

still deal with people who find truth a hard thing to say, but I don't take them to

seriously up front. I was pretty well "bluffed out" as my teacher would call it, and as

I was told in the first lesson from Graduate school in 95, "So what do you think about

bluffing.".  I still don't like it but it has its purpose. So before August was through

I was being told that it would be a "September to remember", well we'll see, I said, no

you'll see was his response, whatever.


That is a tease about something I would like to have happen (month to remember),

but in the first week of September he said, and you won't like it, then a few days

later, that it would be like before. He was referring to the plane crash in 96 of the

jet on its way to France off of Long Island. I only new a bunch of people were going

to die around my birthday in 96, not how or the day, though he had called it a

birthday present back then. Remember the reservoir, They are getting me used to

it, because I'm going to have to deal with it. I responded that it had been awhile

since a large number of people had died. Now on September 10th I mailed out

4 packets of information, 2 overseas and 2 in North America, the bill came to

$6.66. Then came September 11th, there is far more to that story which some

people have commented on, but by and large the majority want to keep their heads in

the sand, but like it or not I'll lay out the ugly truth in it's own chapter and sadly my

version will prevail. I will be hated by some for telling the truth, but that is the way

it has always been for ones like me. Now a couple days after the attack I got

a credit card statement and my finance charge was $6.66. Just like others and I

are here for Our side, so are they here for their side. Like Jesus tells St. John in

Revelation's 1.8 "I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending.". For we

are first and last and in the middle it will be their turn. Fatima was the first great

warning as I said in that chapter. Like I told the Pope, it will be hard to hide from

the truth as the death toll rises, and many Christians will be led astray by their

shepherds. Woe unto the shepherds who do, for your flocks will be treated more

leniently that you. Remember the Master's words from Matt. 7.21-3


                  Not everyone that saith unto me,

                  Lord, Lord, shall enter into the

                  kingdom of Heaven; but he that

                 doeth the will of my Father which

                 is in Heaven.

                Many will say to Me in that day,

                Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied

                in thy name? and in thy name done

               done many wonderful works?

                And then I will profess unto them,

               I never new you: depart from me,

               ye that work iniquity.

So it became apparent that this wasn't going to be like last year and I was going

back to France. A pattern was developing here, every other year on the odd

numbered years things were happening and the even years were mellower sort of.


1995 the awakening, Grad school starts

1997 the big spring push, the fast, period of the others ends with the walk in the Stars

1999 fulfilling the prophecies, contacting the Catholic church, Hopi, Sioux, Pope, France

2001 back to France and Fatima, Lourdes, Sr. Lucia


Well so what am I going to do this time? Well I had been hearing for years that something

had been left in the house (Nostradamus's) by my teacher, so that was the primary stop

again. I have been asking the Pope to let me speak to Sr. Lucia, the last of the Fatima

seer's, for she might be able to clear this up right away, but I get no response from the

bureaucracy. So Fatima and Sr. Lucia are on the list. Like the first time I planned to go to

Domremy and pray where my childhood hero Joan of Arc prayed as a child. This time I

wanted to add a couple of stops on the way, so first I was going to Rouen where they

burned Joan of Arc. Then I wanted to go to Reims and see the Cathedral where she

brought Charles to be crowned, Charles the 7th. This fits into the story as the Lord will

force the church to anoint me king, Selin the 7th. Selin is one of the names used for me in

the Quatrains and fulfills Revelation 19.12 "and he had a name written that no man knew

but he himself.". The one other place I wanted to hit on this trip was Lourdes.

I also wanted to pick up some reference books while I was in France and a copy of

the 1568 edition of "Les Propheties de M. Michel Nostradamus. So what is going to

happen when I get there? I can see the door, but will They open it, only one way to

find out. So it is back to France to ..., take a run at the door and see what happens.

I have over 3000 reasons to go there at one level, but the real number is in the


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