Back to Paris and home


Heading north to Paris and the big city, just a few more days and it would be

over. I wanted to go back to Sacre Coure, but basically I just wanted to go home.

As I entered Paris I thanked God for my anonymity, for there is no desire

to be a public person beyond that it will be part of the job. The thought of

envying Bill Gates's anonymity, yuk, oh well. It is apparent that I'll probably have

to take the show on the road as it were to spread the word when it starts, to try

and prepare for what is coming whether you like it or not. I grew up in Minnesota

out in the country and on calm hot muggy days there would not be a cloud in the

sky. Then you would look off on the western horizon and see a band of clouds. In

the other directions it looked fine, but you would look back to the west and the clouds

were noticeably closer. Now you knew what was coming because you could see it if

you chose to look. Of course if you never looked to the west, everything was fine, but

that didn't mean the storm wasn't coming. It always came with the winds and rain and

maybe a tornado.


                                         Quatrain 4.49

Devant le peuple sang sera respandu,     In front of the people blood shall be spilled,

Que du haut ciel ne viendra eslongner;    which from shall not come far from high heaven;

Mais d'un long temps ne sera entendu,     But for a long time shall not be heard,

L'esprit d'un seul le viendra tesmoigner.    The spirit with one alone shall come to

                                                                                                      bear witness.


The first 2 lines tell of a large amount of blood being spilled, remember the reservoir from

sixth grade. The third line is about the over 400 years it has been since the verse was

written. The last line is my teacher who taught me or dumped it on my shoulders as the

case may be. Since a kid minding his own business in sixth grade listening to the passion

of Christ, wouldn't want to think about what I had to. Now the word "seul" also means

unaided as the others who should be helping are sitting on the fence waiting or in some

cases, trying to undermine the truth. But I shall warn the world and the worst will come

after I'm gone, I feel sorry for those who will not listen.


Made it to the airport and loaded up on the chocolate pastries and went to get some reading

material for the flight, while I picked up some magazines I noticed that on the front page of the

newspapers was a picture of the freed aid workers. The flight to Holland was mellow and on the

flight back to the states a woman sat next to me from Seattle who grew up in a town next to

Salon where I had been, she was going to have a double birthday, for it was her birthday and

because of the time zones it would still be her birthday when she got home to her husband. As

 the flight was over Canada I was given a lesson and a key. The night before in Paris I had

been showing someone  some Quatrains, and the big one about July 1999 (10.72) and that

I had come to France then to fulfill the first part. Then she asked about the second part and if I

knew what that word meant (resusciter), I told her yes but that the key to the line was the anagram

and that everyone else thinks the key word in the 3rd line, Angolmois, which is thought to be an

anagram for the word Mongols, but I had been thinking in a different direction of late and the

answer was driven home in flight. I'll describe the answer later in that chapter when I talk about

the whole verse and interpret it. Getting off in Seattle was not like getting off in Paris, when they

asked what I was doing, I just said I'm writing a book.


 The final leg to Missoula I met a builder I had worked with right after the last trip to France in

1999, he was doing well. Sat next to a surgeon and had a nice talk with him about a lot of topics,

like some software I had been working on that related to his field. I also told him some of the

secrets of DNA, one is how God made the molecule to mimic how we procreate. The man and

a woman each give 23 single strands which after recombination then join in the middle, just like

the man and woman join in the middle when they make love with each other. I said this will be

taught in all schools one day, we are only beginning to understand DNA, and the ones who

think it supports Darwin will look like monkeys. There is a message in the molecule that a

woman will discover one day that God left for us. There is also the Y chromosome, which I'll

talk about later. I told him we are on the leading edge of a great enlightening of the Human

race, like the Renaissance. If you are a true student of life and not dead intellectually then you

are on the path to find out how little you know, because all things expand like a tree with new

leaves being added all the time in all directions. Then you want the fruit of your learning to

help others as much as possible, and don't hoard it, for it will become useless.

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