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  DNA, The Divine Molecule DNA

        Matthew: 11:25 At that time Jesus answered and said, I thank thee, O Father, Lord of

       heaven and earth, because thou hast hid these things from the wise and the learned,

       and has revealed them to the childlike.                   

After saying the I understood what men have to say about life on a molecular level but that I knew there was

much more that I didn't even grasp how little I knew about all the interactions. So while sitting as the little

one pondering I was allowed to see what is right in front of our face, yet it is not seen. For what follows is

basic science that all agree on the structures presented. Though some will call it just a coincidence.


Contrary to what most scientists would say, the more we understand the DNA molecule the more

Darwin's theory of evolution will be rejected, until it will become the butt of jokes for centuries to come.

I do not know everything about DNA, but I don't believe it just came about by accident, I believe the

Creator made the molecule just like He made everything else. I do not understand everything about how

it works, especially recombination, I know what happens but not the mechanics, know one does.

Here are a couple predictions of mine;


Those who worship their intelligence foremost,

will think that they are from monkeys,

for they will not want to bow to their Creator,

but it is their thoughts that are similar to monkeys.


Not long after the completion of sequencing of DNA,

within the Human Genome a message is woven,

a student will see the Creator' s wisdom,

she will share her enlightenment with the World.


But that is for later, what do we know now about this amazing molecule is that it holds the blueprint for

our physical body, but not all of it. That is the first mistake that people make when talking about DNA,

it is NOT the sum total of our physical makeup. If you were to take a Human egg and remove it's DNA

and insert yours and let the egg become a child, would you have an copy of yourself, an identical twin?

NO, you would have a being with the same DNA, but it would not be as close a match as an identical twin.

Why, there are many things in the egg and also the sperm though less because the sperm is so small, that

contribute to the development and the physiology of the Human being. Just one huge example are the

mitochondria, which are organelles within a cell that have their own genetic material, and replicate on their

own within a cell during cellular division. They are involved with the production of ATP which is the main

(not the only) molecule used in our bodies for energy. From our muscles, to our brain when our body does

something it is breaking ATP down to ADP and using the energy released by the breaking of this

molecular bond to fuel the bodies demand, like muscle contraction. So it is safe to say that the

mitochondria play a huge role in our metabolism, etc.. The closest a clone is would be an identical twin

because they come from the same egg and sperm, though even they are not perfect matches.


        The Chromosome and the Ring that Binds


 A chromosome, the basic building block,  is a single large macro molecule made up of 2 chromatids

joined in the middle by a ring shaped molecule called a centromere. A chromatid is a single strand of

DNA which looks like a ladder, and is where the genes are.  I'll discuss this in more detail, later in this

chapter. There are 46 chromosomes that are arranged in 23 pairs in a Human cell.


     Now lets look at the physical appearance of a chromosome and take a look at ourselves. How do

we procreate, a man and a woman come together, the chromosome has 2 strands of DNA that come

together. The man and the woman join in the middle, and the 2 strands of DNA are joined in the middle.

The man and the woman are joined in marriage by a ring, and the 2 strands of DNA are joined by a ring

shaped molecule called a centromere. What a coincidence, that the molecule that we are made from

mimics the way we physically come together for the exchange of chromosomes, and it is bound by a ring

as the man and the woman are bound by a ring. Here is an actual Electron Micrograph;


                 23 pairs of Chromosomes


Now lets look at the larger picture of DNA in a Human being, we are made up of 23 pairs of

chromosomes. With 23 single chromosomes coming from the man and 23 single chromosomes

coming from the woman. After fertilization and before the first cell division the 23 single

chromosomes from the man match up with their corresponding partner from the woman's 23 single

chromosomes. Making the 23 pairs of chromosomes that we have in our cells. Then before the first

cell division takes place there is a Sacred Dance that the pairs of chromosomes do, it is called

"crossing over", or recombination. This is where parts of the corresponding male & female

chromosomes interchange with each other to produce a new unique Human being. 


From the Bible would be Isaiah 43.7

                      Even everyone that is called by my name; for I have

                      created him for My glory, I have formed him; yea I have made him.

Jeremiah 1.5

                 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee, and before thou camest forth out of

                 the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.


Recombination is so unbelievably complex it will take a long time for us to really get a grasp of the

process, if it is even Humanly possible, where the strands of DNA are broken up into pieces and then

put back together again. I have heard from studies that by some estimates over half of the fertilized

eggs will not make it, for a variety of reasons. But the ones that do, the 46 single chromosomes will

join in the segmentation nucleus of the fertilized cell creating 23 pairs of chromosomes.


 There are 2 verses in Isaiah where God says that one day all people will worship Him.

Isaiah 45.23;

                         I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness,

                         and shall not return, that every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.

Isaiah 66.23;

                           that from new moon to new moon, and from Sabbath to Sabbath,

                           all flesh shall come to worship before Me, says the Lord.


The two verses are brought together by the one the Creator has made to reveal more of His story,

and the two verses just happen to be the 23rd verse, and we just happen to be made up of 23

pairs of chromosomes which are 2 sets of 23 pairs of chromatids (single strands of DNA) joined

in the middle,  just the way He made them. The 2 single chromatids come together and join in

the middle just like the man and woman come together and join in the middle to bring their 23

chromosomes together. The chromosomes mimic the physical act, just like He made it all come

together long ago. Also the 2 single chromatids are held to by a molecule shaped like a ring, just as

the man and woman are held together by a ring. Just coincidence that chromosomes are this way,

sure, by Divine Evolution. Then when He had His book, the Bible, written He put these 2 verses

where He wanted them for later use, which is now.


                 The Ladder and the Word


When you unwind the DNA molecule it looks like a ladder with each step connecting the base pairs

A-T or G-C, A-Adenine, T-Thymine, G-Guanine, and C-Cytosine. They only pair up in the way listed.

Two pairs of 2 unique molecules that form the step between the sugar and phosphate groups that

make up the backbone or the rails of the ladder. Clearly the number 2 is very predominant in the

makeup of this molecule, and the reason I gave you in the last paragraph. Now for the word, there

are 20 primary amino acids that are the building blocks for a protein. The words are 3 letters, and all

the words are 3 letters, not just the ones for the amino acids but also the ones for starting and

stopping of translation. And from John 1.1-2


                   In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God,

                   and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.

John 1.14

                 And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory,

                 the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.


Jesus Christ is Their first creation and the 3 are 1, and as the Word became flesh, and so all flesh on

the third planet is made from 3 letter words, 3 letters form 1 word, and from the words we are made,

one protein at a time, and all plants and animals on the 3rd planet use the same 3 in 1 word. What a

coincidence you would almost think it was planned that way. That the most Holy (3 in 1) Trinity

designed the molecule that way, back in the beginning.


When DNA is unwound it looks like a ladder and as our knowledge of the molecule grows it will be

like climbing a ladder, the higher we go the more we can see, and what we will see is that we are

climbing closer to our Creator. This will be fought for their are those who wear mirrors and all they see

is themselves, but they will be broken and the truth shall prevail. This arrogance and lack of scientific

principles will be taught and joked about for centuries. I recently came across another macro

molecule that is very interesting within our cells the story of the molecule Laminin,  the cross that binds.   



                 Magic in the Primordial Soup


    The whole basis of evolution is on random mutation, natural selection and survival of the fittest.

The start from scratch is such a far out story, first it couldn't be DNA because it can not replicate by

itself. Supposedly RNA has the ability to act as a cofactor, which is to say it can make a copy of

itself. I have only read that it can do this, not what exactly was done in a laboratory. Specifically

how complex of a piece of RNA did they get to replicate?


     Then you have the problem of how did a complex enough molecule come together in the

primordial soup in the first place. Then the problem of the building apparatus of the proteins,

because so what, even if you did get a strand of RNA that magically came together and it

magically had the right words for the amino acids, oh but the words weren't there yet, but they

magically were for some reason. So what, well then we'll magically make the tRNA while we are

waving are hands about, because we need tRNA to read the RNA and other macro molecules and

enzymes to grab the amino acids and put them together to form the protein chain which is a precursor

to the macromolecules that make up a cell, or that is ridiculous, so lets just think of a simple virus.

Which is the simplest of the replicating biological systems. Though it is hard to call them alive for they

have no metabolism. Just an enclosure (capsule) far simpler than a cell membrane,

with genetic material inside.

     What about the structure to enclose our magical RNA molecules that magically migrated to the

same area and magically combined into a viable strand of RNA, which are complex at the molecular

level, well why we are waving our magic wand we need a structure for the magical molecules to do

their magic in. Then this enclosure needs to be replicable, well the RNA just happened to magically

encode that to. The virus is as simple as it gets in the biological world.  In the primordial world it

would have to have been be RNA, a virus replicates by injecting its Genetic material into another

cell and then uses the host cell to replicate it's enclosure, or as it leaves the cell it encapsulates using

some of the host cell's membrane, and it's genetic material is also copied using the host cells

replication components.

      But in the primordial soup there are NO HOST cells, only precursor molecules, amino acids,

enzymes, etc., and magic. Now to make the simplest cells you need to make some very complex

organelles, which handle eating, energy storage, waste, replication, etc.. So with some major magic

our mindless molecules encode themselves into a meaningful strand of RNA, but we're stuck, we

have no apparatus to read the magic strand and make the cellular components the cell needs. I

guess we could go to the magic store for them. But evolutionist's say we have Billions of years,

actually we have Eternity, but here is the mathematical equation for the magical theory;


              the true age of the Earth X 0 probability = 0 life forms

              the true age of the Earth + 1 Magician (the Creator) = the world around us


I stand by my equations and they will bury the Monkey Theory. As far as how old the Earth is I don't

know and NO ONE does the date (guess) changes periodically from the Scientific community and

strict creationist don't agree. First do I believe God COULD create the Earth in 6 (144 hours) days,

yes. It is not the date or time frame that is important, it is that our Almighty Father created everything

we see on Earth and all living things. From the Hebrew word, yom, from the Torah that has been

translated to mean, 1 day, but the Institute for Creation Research (a proponent of 6 literal days)

states that "yom" has several meanings, one being, an indefinite period of time. One of the greatest

visionaries ever to walk the earth  Sr. Anne Catherine Emmerick, she lived from 1774-1824.

She was shown parts of the Old Testament and the life of Jesus, she states that Jesus said the

world was 4028 years old, and He was 31 at the time. Making the world about 6000 years old now.

 It is not clear if this is from creation  of the planet or when life began.


       The Families of Man and the Y Chromosome


The Y chromosome, which is the male chromosome, the 23rd chromosome is called the sex

chromosome, and if you have an XX you are a woman and a man if it is a XY. This refers to the shape

of the Chromosome, or what it looks like. Unlike all the other Chromosomes which are broken up

during recombination and then put back together to form new ones, not the same as their parents,

the Y chromosome is passed intact from a father to his son. Now this puts a huge hole in the

evolutionary tale, for all the chromosomes should act the same way. But the Creator did this for a

reason, so that we can understand the story of the families of man. I don't know what we are going to

find out, but it will unfold as we learn more about the Y chromosome. Also with the study of

mitochondrial DNA we are beginning to see that we have a single common female ancestor, Eve.

This is because like the Y chromosome, the DNA from the mitochondria doesn't go through

recombination, and so like the Y chromosome it is basically intact from the beginning.


          The Magician and Random Mutation


Now in real science where things have to be proven BEFORE they are said to be true, we have a

THEORY with so many HOLES that one of the reasons said to make it true is that almost everyone

believes it. First of all in academia as in the rest of the population almost everyone is a sheep, and

there is nothing wrong with that. But if some sheep decide not to follow the shepherd they may walk

off a cliff and the ones behind just keep right on walking. You have to look at the Creator factor, He

wrote a book, the Bible, just because you don't understand it, or haven't read the Bible, doesn't

diminish His overall statement, I made this place and there is no one else beside Me. Now there are

minor problems in the Bible though most are with the interpretations. It is not with the Author but the

problem is that man touched the book, and we are inept. From Exodus 21.25;

                                       And if thou wilt make me an altar of stone, thou shalt not build it of 
                                       hewn stone; for if thou lift up thy tool upon it, thou hast polluted it.

You can not prove that God does not exist, and you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that He is here

and here are 3 examples of the many throughout the ages. To ignore these facts, is to ignore the truth.


1. The Miracle of the Sun 10/13/1917, witnessed by about 50,000 in Fatima.

2. The story of Lourdes and all the documented Miracles, healings.

3. Padre Pio, a well documented Stigmatist (for 50 years) who died in the 1960's.


The magic and the logic are from the Creator, His story shall prevail, He is just kicking back resting

His feet on the Earth watching as His plan unfolds. Another huge key to the Monkey Theory, is

Random mutation, that over time mutations in species DNA, like the huge magical step from RNA to

DNA, brought about the different species we have, coupled with natural selection and survival of the

fittest. The only species on earth that God didn't create are the ones that man has created, mainly

domestic animals and some plants. The way to look at life developing on earth is to think of building

a Terrarium. You put the plants and animals you want in there and change it when you feel like it. How

is He going to prove this, well Divine selection is still going on and we are about to see it for

ourselves, similar, but not as bad as in the days of Noah. From Matthew 24.40-1;


                     Then shall there be 2 in the field, the one shall be taken and the other left. Two women

                     shall be grinding at the mill, the one shall be taken, and the other left.


    This is the purification, and it will not matter what any intellectual, scientist, government official or

religious scholar says, it will happen, when. When the Creator feels like it, that is part of His job

description. But before it happens all will know that God exists. This is one thing that I hear and have

read many times from evolutionists, well why doesn't God just talk to us? First, He has if you would

simply look around for Him, but more to the point He is planning in the near future, to talk to us,

everyone, it won't matter if you believe in Him or not. The date is already set, I don't know it, but it will

probably be before the end of the decade. The death of John Paul II is a big marker, which was

foretold in the early 1960's at GARABANDAL , and more recently by Gianna Talone-Sullivan. God is

going to show us all the wrong we have done and all the good we could have done if we would have

lead better lives, we will see the state of our souls in God's eye, which is the only one that matters. It

will be very painful. The sad part is that while you will never forget the experience, many will ignore it

and refuse to change.


It is natural to expect that the same process of Divine (Natural) selection will continue as  it has in

the past. This will happen in this century, the 21st century.

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