(from Fatima)
 The greatest event of the twentieth century which was completely
ignored by all the major news organizations and others who put forth
their ideas of what the greatest stories of the century were. Sadly
though it was the Catholic Church and the Vatican's shameful
arrogance and blatant lies and complete disregard for the will of
our Lord Jesus Christ that will be remembered at the end of this
century (21st).

 First lets read a passage from Luke 21.25 which is about Jesus
talking about His return:

               There will be signs in the sun, the moon,
               and the stars, and on earth distress among
               nations confused by the roaring of the sea
               and the waves.

 Now Fatima, contrary to the rubbish that the Vatican publishes, it
is all about the return of out Lord Jesus Christ, and how offended
He is by His clergy's disloyalty by not heeding His command. He has
warned them that as Sister Lucia relates His warning; "Make it known
to My ministers, given they follow the example of the King of France
in delaying the execution of My command, like him, they will follow
him into misfortune". The King of France finally repented when he
was in the tower (in jail) and said he would make amends if he were
freed and his kingdom restored. He was let out, and executed. This 
also is written in Quatrain 10.73 which is about the judgment day, 
which is coming, "disloyal by experts in God's law, clergy". This 
speaks not only to the Catholic clergy, but all the clergy who swear 
allegiance to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Before the apparition of the Virgin Mary there were 3 visits by the
Angel of Peace, the Angel of Portugal who told the children how to 
pray for the forgiveness of the nonbelievers and sinners, and all
the ungrateful people of the world. 

The revelations, which began on May 13th 1917, outside the village of
Fatima, Portugal. There, 3 children, 1 boy Francisco age 9, and 2 
girls Jacinta age 7 and Lucia age 10, saw the Virgin Mary for the 
first time. She appeared above a small holm-oak tree in the Cova da 
Iria, the Cove of Peace. At the first meeting they were told to
come here for six consecutive months on the 13th of each month at
the same time of day about midday, and that later she would return
for a seventh and final visit. Francisco could only see the Virgin
Mary, Jacinta could see and hear her while Lucia could see ,hear and
speak to her.

 Now one of the unknown secrets of Fatima is the make up of the group,
1 boy, and 2 girls, with the boy dying first followed by 2 girls.
I was born into a family as the first born followed by 2 sisters.
I am the last man and will be followed by 2 women, more about this

 At the second meeting June 13th Lucia asks if they can be taken to
Heaven. Mary responds that Francisco and Jacinta will go soon and
that she (Lucia) will have to wait for awhile. Mary opens her hands
and they see a bright light and a heart surrounded by thorns which
was her immaculate heart that was insulted by the sins of humanity.

 At the third meeting on July 13th, which happens to be my Birthday
and that is not a coincidence, the children are told that at the 
October meeting there will be a miracle for the world to know that
this is real. There were little signs at the meetings that those 
who were gathering with the children could see. The crowd was 
growing each time. They were given a secret which was divided into
3 parts, the first part was a vision of hell. The second was that
the war (World War 1) would end, but that if they didn't stop
offending God, another war even worse would start under Pius XI.
And that a night would be illuminated by an unknown light that
would be a sign from God that He intends to punish the world by
wars, famine, etc. This is also when she asked for the devotion
of the first Saturday of 5 consecutive months, by repenting, going
to Mass and receiving communion and spending some time, about 20 
minutes, contemplating her Immaculate Heart, for the conversion 
of Russia to her Immaculate Heart. This was to be done for the 
conversion of Russia, so that Russia would not spread communism to 
other parts of the world. As before Our Lady asks for them to pray 
much and say the Rosary daily.

 The children are jailed and miss the August 13th meeting, though
people at the site say they saw the small signs that were at the 
other meetings. A meeting did take place on the 19th though. The
significance of the 13th is, that it is a warning about the 13th chapter
in Revelation's, which is about 2 persons who are going to come and 
fulfill this revelation the second being the famous 666 fellow. Sr. Lucia
has said to focus on chapters 8-13 in the Book of Revelation, they start
with the 7 trumpets, the 2 witnesses (11th)  and the 2 bad guys in the 13th. 
The September 13th meeting happened with about 20,000 people in 
attendance with the same signs as before and the promise that there 
would be a huge sign at the next October meeting.

 The sixth meeting was on October 13th, and just as promised Our
Lady showed up and told the seers who she was, the Lady of the
Rosary. She said she wanted a chapel built here and to continue
to pray the Rosary every day. Then Lucia cried, "Look at the Sun."
and the crowd of 50,000 or so looked up at the sun and saw it do
several different things, from changing colors, scattered flames
across the sky, and zigzagged toward earth and then back up to its 
original position. This lasted about 10 minutes and was reported in 
major newspapers around the world. While the crowd was watching 
the sun, the seers were shown 3 different scenes, Francisco and 
Jacinta only saw the first scene and Lucia saw all 3. The first was of 
the Holy Family, the second was of Our Lady of Sorrows with a sword 
in her breast and Jesus full of sorrow on the way to be crucified, He 
made a sign of the cross to bless the people. The last was of Our 
Lady of Mount Carmel, crowned queen of heaven and earth with the 
baby Jesus in her arms.

 It is sad to think about this and the arrogance of the Church
leaders and some other Christian groups who say they understand
The Book of Revelation. Why were the visions on the 13th, as a
warning about the 2 who are here though not in power yet who will
fulfill the 13th chapter, most people have heard of the second
one the man with a number 666.


In August of 1931, Jesus came to Sr. Lucia and complained ;

"Make it known to My ministers that given they follow the example

of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command,

they will follow him into misfortune ... . Later He complained again;

"They did not want to heed My command. Like the King of France

they will repent and do it, but it will be late. Russia will already have

spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and

persecutions of the Church. The Holy Father will have much to



This is in reference to the promise Jesus made to King

Louis XIV, that if he would consecrate himself to the Sacred Heart,

by painting it on his banners and engrave it on his coat of arms,

etc., that he would be given several graces including eternal glory.

This message was given to him by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque,

in 1689. But he refused and so did his son and grandson until 1792

when Louis XVI was in the tower, he said if he was restored to the

throne he would do it, but it was late, he did get out of the tower.

He was taken and beheaded, and that was the end of the monarchy

in France, with the French Revolution.


The Lords Peace Plan from Fatima

The Lords peace plan, given to Sr. Lucia by His mother,

consists of repenting of our sins to God and going to Mass on the

first Saturday of 5 consecutive months, and receive communion.

Then we are to contemplate about Her love for Jesus and His love

for us, and the passion He went through for us, for about 20 minutes.

Also you should pray the Rosary, and hopefully everyday, for the

Trinity will give you special blessings if you say the Rosary everyday

for more than a year.

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