Fourth Grade

 It was the beginning of 1966 things were going okay I was
getting used to our new home in rural Minnesota. The area was
where the last glacier stopped, so below town is flat as a
pancake while north of town is rolling hills and pothole lakes.
I really felt shut down after all the stimulus of the big city, 
wham, it was very quiet. Though looking back it was a good place 
for me to grow up. That the last one grew up where the last 
glacier stopped, on it's edge, is just one of what many will hope is 
just another coincidence. One day I did hike around the perimeter 
of the town and knew that one day I would leave. I was 9 years old 
in 66 and I am the first born in my family. Now you can interpret 
this Quatrain which gives the year and my age at the first lesson 
and some of what is about to happen.

                 Quatrain 9.66

      There will be peace, union and change,
      estates & offices low high, high very low.
      To prepare for a sojourn the first offspring tormented, 
      War to cease, civil processes, debates.

 Well I was just sitting in my fourth grade class listening
to Sister G. talking about how bad things were with all the
political assassinations. The perfect time I suppose to find out
that this is my destiny. Well she was going on and on about
how much better things were in the "old days" when things were
simpler, but without giving a time frame, I thought it was
meaningless because with only a modest understanding of history,
at the time, that things like world wars or what most of the kids 
would have thought was a much harder lifestyle, if they had thought 
about it for awhile. So eventually she asked the question to the 
class, "So who would like to have lived in the past instead of now?",
without specifying a time frame. Well everyone raised their
hand. Then she asked, "And who would like to live now?" and I was
the only one to raise my hand. Which didn't make her too happy
and she asked me, "So what is so great about living now?". Well I
was thinking first of all this is when we are living so we might 
as well make the best of it and there were a lot of changes going
on, plus we would get to see the next millennium. But when I spoke 
to give an answer all that came out was the word, "computers". Then
she started into a tirade on me, while I was thinking what the
hell is a computer, because I didn't have a clue. While she was
saying how computers would play no part in my life ... , this
voice whispers in my ear, "You will be ...", now I was really
scared, to put it mildly. Then he asked, "How old will you be at the
millennium?". Well thinking this was when I would die, I used my
age after my birthday in the year 2000 and said: 44. No was the
response in 99, so I said: 43. The response was, "just before your
birthday", 42. With that the first verbal lesson, with what has 
come to be my private teacher/tormentor, was over. It took less 
than a minute to totally blow me away and scare the hell out of me.
 Then began damage control and since the first part had been
whispered so quietly that I thought, well what was said made no
sense, so I decided that what I had heard was not "be" but "see",
and then I was a happy boy. I got a little cocky as the teacher
was finishing her tirade and was thinking that I could tell you
something very special about the future now. On a personnel
level I decided just to forget it and not think about what had just
happened for it would surely go away. Wishful thinking. 

So things were okay for the next month and I easily settled back
into the life of a 9 year old kid. Then while looking at my
textbook at the triumvirate laid out in a triangle with The
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost at the corners of the triangle, the
word Holy Ghost lifted off the page. Nothing was said but I felt
a presence and got the message. This is what side you are dealing
with, God and His saints. Oh boy I'm in big trouble now, but this just 
has to go away and can't possibly come to pass. 

       Once when I was playing in the basement of  our house with 
a friend the voice broke in and said "He'll work for you." and I thought 
for a second I'm 9 years old and don't have a clue what I'm going to do. 
So that lesson was over in a few seconds and we went on playing. I 
didn't tell him the story until 1995 though, I told no one what was going on. 

   Now if you read Quatrain 9.66 you can see some of the answer right 
in the number, as in 1966 I was 9 years old when I heard from the
teacher/tormentor for the first time. I am the first born in our 
family and the rest of the quatrain explains what is about to happen.
My poor teacher, because of what was said to me I used to pepper
her with questions about the Bible and creation and tried to
find out all that she knew on those subjects. I wouldn't be
satisfied with vague answers and kept after her to  be as
specific as possible which needless to say began to annoy her to
say the least. While listening to the story about Abraham and how God 
tested him by asking him to sacrifice his son Isaac, I was thinking what
a lame thing to do to a person. That was when I felt Abraham's spirit, 
nothing was said, but I got the message, which was to be quiet and deal
 with it. It only lasted for a little while, less than 30 seconds.
    By Spring she had heard enough and we were not
getting along but I was impressed with her understanding of the
Bible. In one of our discussions I asked what became of Mary
Magdalene and she said that she faded away and that nothing more
was known about her. I had a little tingle and that answer was
put into primary storage though I didn't realize why until
Thanksgiving 1995 that she was part of the key to understanding
the first lesson, I did finally cross her path again during the
trip to France in 2001.
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