These Chapters start with the early

 lessons (1960s) and go through 1999


In the beginning what was said is like dots on a piece of paper that will not

be connected for another 30 years.

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FIRST LESSONS                              before fourth grade

FOURTH GRADE                              computers, you'll be ..., & you will be how old ...?

SIXTH GRADE                                   the reservoir of blood, France, war

SEVENTH GRADE                            the question, How will you build your empire?,  the goals

OTHER LESSONS                            the fall, electrocution, ...

UMD                                                      Roman Empire, Cicero

MONTANA                                          1976-90

SEATTLE                                             the window,  the awakening, the others

RETURN TO MONTANA                  Graduate school, the visit, the wall 

ALASKA                                               trip to Alaska in 96, plus pictures

BACK IN MONTANA                         the big push of 97

THE RINK                                             a rink for the kids, "as the rink melts"

FORTY TWO                                        prophecies fulfilled and stories told

THE 19TH REVELATION                 explained and connected

GOING TO FRANCE 1999               preparing for the trip , 7/99

IN FRANCE 1999                                while in France, London and back

1999 ENDS                                           flat broke

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