Well since the September 11th attack it became apparent that France was where I was

going to spend some time this fall. How to pay for the trip was an issue until a few days

after the attack when a check came in the mail for an 8% loan until July of 2002. So with

the trip financed for now it was time to get things together to hit the road for awhile. So

I paid the bills for Oct. & Nov. and found a place for the dog to hang out while I was

away. Dug out the old maps, from the 1999 trip and went and picked up a map of Spain

and Portugal along with one of Paris since I was going to spend a couple days there

looking for material. Then I had to up grade the site which I had left since 1999

because I was mad at my teacher for not opening the door and letting me fall flat on

my face again, only to lay death at my door when I landed back in the states, just like

he had said a few months before. The words from the last weekend of my time in Seattle

ring true "You're F-----d and it is going to suck.", and it has. But the advice given by

Abraham and Jesus, "Deal with it." is slowly sinking in. For They are beating on me for a

reason, to prepare me for the day when this is public and I have to deal with ... .

A story to help explain it. I was at Mass after 9/11 and the Priest was talking in his

homily about a walk he takes all the time from church to his home. One day as he is

walking home a fellow comes out of a house with a butterfly net. The priest asked him

what it was for and he told the priest it was to catch some butterflies in the area. The

priest's response was that he knew the area well and that he had never seen any

butterflies. The man told him that there were indeed butterfly's in the area and walked

off. The priest went on his way and said he noticed 3 butterflies. Now the priest

continued his homily about the events of 9/11 and wondered what could we do about it.

He ended his homily by saying he wished Jesus Christ would come down off the cross

and tell us what to do. So after mass I went and talked to the priest and told him that

Jesus has given us a peace plan. To which he answered that he didn't know of one

and that I was mistaken. I asked if he knew about Fatima? Sure he said getting a

little upset. So I said that part of the Fatima message fulfilled part of Luke's Gospel.

Now he was getting rather upset and said there was nothing in Luke's Gospel that

pertains to Fatima. Who is this guy, telling me, a priest the about the scriptures,

another carpenter. I asked him if he knew about the "Miracle of the Sun", on

10/13/1917? He sort of nodded and wished I would go away. I told him to look in

Luke's Gospel and he would find it. Then I briefly mentioned the 5 first Saturdays as

the Peace Plan that the Lord gave us.


Now he was outside the church a few days later and I asked him if he had found the

verse in Luke's Gospel, no. So I said I would bring it to him, and I did. I have mentioned

the "Miracle of the Sun" before and the verse is Luke 21.25


                 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars,

                 and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; and the sea

                 and waves roaring.


Like the scribes and pharisees before who said they saw, yet were blind, so today the

shepherds need glasses. For the more things change the more they stay the same

and it is the doom of man that he forgets. For those who forget the past are doomed to

repeat it, which is part of our problem today. A few days before I left I was handing out

pamphlets about the Lord's peace plan, nothing about me, for that would be to much

for them. This same priest tried to push me away like I was doing something wrong,

trying to help the others to understand the truth that he and many other's ignore. The

3 butterflies are the 3 Spirits he says yes to, but does not do Their will, the Father, the

Son, and the Shekhina the Holy Spirit.


Well I made reservations with KLM and I'll be able to say I've been in Denmark, the

airport for a few hours. Rented a car and made some reservations at a modest hotel

in Paris. Got the new site up and running and since I'm leaving tomorrow I might as

well pack. So a ride to the airport a little earlier because of the extra security,

which turned out to be some extra time to send out a few packets of information. The

airport had more guards but it is still a small airport with little traffic. Finally I was

on my way to the Twin Cities to have dinner with some friends and my sister during

a layover there. While there I had time to go to Billy Graham's headquarters and talk

to them a little, as the mission expands beyond the Catholic Church.


Arrived in Paris and got a car just in time to drive into the city during rush hour. The

woman sitting next to me on the flight needed a lift into town and lived close to my

hotel so she was the copilot for most of the trip. The 5 minute drive from her place to

the hotel took awhile and I had to ask a few folks along the way. Then I found it, but

it turned out to be a hotel with the same name and mine was a few blocks further

down the road. Finally with the car parked and the bags in the room I went to see

the Cathedral on the hill above the hotel. The Cathedral's name is Sacre Coeur and

when I got inside the site was very moving, words could not explain it for you. There

was Jesus Christ in all His glory standing there probably 10 meters tall with His

mother at His side and an Archangel at his other side, and Joan of Arc at His feet.

So I said my evening prayers, and after I was sitting there taking it all in and a mass

started so I stayed for the supper He provided.


So I picked up some of the materials I was looking for and headed out of town for

Rouen. Managed to get out of Paris without a scratch on the car and figured it would

be clear sailing until I returned. Getting out of Paris was a pain but eventually I was

closing in on Rouen. Cruising down a narrow road with no shoulder in the country I

was getting a little tired, but only 20 minutes to go. Going about 110 km/hr I'll be there

soon, then I was going 110 km/hr in the ditch waking up. Thinking, this is not good, as I

listened to the side of the car getting hammered. But eventually I stopped and I was in

one piece, a good thing, now to get out of the car and see how big a mess it was. I

was awake now anyway. A young couple stopped and said they would call someone

from the next town. I was a little upset at what a mess I'd gotten into, one side of the

car was trashed by the concrete fence posts I'd hit, but it looked drivable.


A couple of guys came and we pulled the car out and it drove okay, so things weren't

to bad. I wasn't physically hurt and the car was drivable, but I'm not sure about the

insurance on the car from the rental company or if there is any, I guess I'll find out at

the end of this trip. I was asking my teacher why, because he had said there wouldn't

be any trouble. I remember a lyric by Little Feat had been rattling around in my head

just before the accident, "its so easy to slip, its so easy to fall", and he said, "patients".

Part of the story written on my thigh, so just a few days into the trip and it was looking

like I was going to take another run at the wall and the door wouldn't be opened and I'll

get up, dust myself off and try again later I suppose, and do what the story of my life

has been, waiting.


Rouen is a nice town and I enjoyed the couple days I spent there. The first night I

went for a walk and made my way to the place where they burned Joan of Arc, it

was moving to stand there and think about what was done to her. There was a

cyber cafe across the street so I touched base with a few folks back home. I went

to mass at the Rouen Cathedral and at the church next to the bed of flowers that

marks the spot where she was burned. A young woman was begging outside a

fast food place so I took her in for a meal, she was looking pretty rugged, but

managed to put a smile on her face. I wanted to give her a big hug and tell her

how much I loved her, but I just told her she should go to church and I pray for

her now. Before I left I lit 7 candles at the church by Joan's flower bed and

arranged them off to the side of the others in the shape of the Big Dipper, and

said my prayers to the Trinity.


Now it was off to Reims to see the Cathedral where she had taken Charles to be

crowned Charles the 7th, and hopefully go to mass there. I found a place to stay

a few blocks away and the Cathedral is impressive, and even more so when you

think about it being built in the 13th century, so much of the structure was over

700 years old. There are some beautiful stained glass windows in the Cathedral.

Along with the historic reasons for the visit, there is also a part to the path I'm on

that leads through the Cathedral. I am here to fulfill prophecies and one is about a

king who is anointed in Reims and Aix, Quatrain 4.86, which is combined with

Quatrain 6.24, it speaks of an anointed king who brings peace to the earth for a

long time. Also Quatrain 4.77 speaks of Selin the Christian king who unites the

kingdoms of the world. This is also the prophecy of the Sioux and the female

White Buffalo calf. I did make it to mass at the Cathedral and at St Jacques,

where I added another little girl to my list of people to pray for.

Now it is back to Salon and to see if anything happens there. I feel more at

ease this time around. I've been to St. Laurent where my teacher is entombed

in a little alcove off of the main part of the church about in the middle. There is

a statue of the Virgin Mary with the baby Jesus in her arms on top of the altar

in the alcove with his tomb covered on a side wall, with a piece of white marble

with an inscription on it, from Anne his 2nd wife. So I'm at a cross roads in this

trip, it is Sunday night and tomorrow after mass I'll go and talk to the folks at

Nostradamus's house. I'm going there to see if he'll show me where he left

something for me, maybe. It should have the word Selin on it, I'm not sure what it is

only where it is roughly, he'll have to show me where exactly. If They feel like it,

I don't have a clue what will happen, I only know I'm going to find out. If nothing

happens then it is off to Fatima.

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