This letter is in response to our Pastor promoting a book that promotes homosexuality as being OK

and is pro-choice which is pro-death actually. Also the very grave sin concerning the building issue.

Here is another document that I enclosed with the letter,  Strategic Sham and the Grave Sin ,

which details some of the issues concerning a building project and the poor use of resources.


Dear Bishop Thomas,

Unfortunately Fr. Perry is up to his old games of promoting NON CATHOLIC writings from

the pulpit and from the bulletin. Which promote homosexuality, pro choice and heresy. On the

back you will find 1 page I scanned in. This is part of the apostasy that we face. He has brought grave

sin into our Parish and our Diocese touching all of us on some level. Not to mention the hundreds of

thousands of dollars he has squandered, and he is trying to make it millions. To continue to promote

homosexuality, no matter how subtle is a disgrace, and what are the long term effects this is having on

our children, families and the Church. It is time to do something for children, not to children, NOW.

Fr. Perry has NO experience in developing property and it shows, his supposed strength is theology and all he

has done since he as been here is promote heresy. He has already squandered more money than it would have

cost to get the buildings back into use, giving the Catholic schools the Million + dollars we owe them and

having a campus that would be a light in MSLA for the Church, helping children, the poor and our Parish.

Lets look at what the sex scandal has already cost us in this Diocese and we are not done with it yet;

At least 2 priests have been killed.

Who knows how many children have been directly effected.

Who knows how many families have been directly effected.

Then there is the matter of MONEY, OVER 10 MILLION DOLLARS in Helena alone

and over 1 BILLION DOLLARS nation wide.

Below is a copy of the sign I was holding on public property in front of the Church while I gave away Rosaries

for free from Medjugorje. I continue to pray for you and and all the leaders in the Church and Fr. Perry.

Peace be with you,


Matt. 18.15-17 1st / 2nd / 3rd

Please Pray for

Fr. Perry & the Jesuits

and our Parish



Gay Marriage & homosexuality

Over 1 million dollars owed to

           the Catholic Schools


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