An Intervention/potential lawsuit                                     4/19

Dear Provincial Fr. Whitney,

This is in regards to Fr. Perry, yourself, the NW Jesuits and St.Francis Parish. There is a major

mess at St. Francis and it is growing and will not be swept under the rug and go away. I have

enclosed a copy of the front page of the Sunday edition of the Missoulian from 10 years ago. So

as you can see I was telling the truth when I told you I have dealt with people who squander large

sums of money that was entrusted to them for the benefit of children. You and Fr. Perry play the

same games, though you do it in God's name, bringing even more sin upon yourselves and our

Parish. You and Fr. Perry are spreading heresy and the apostasy that was foretold by many Saints.

Your disregard for the Catholic Catechism and the teachings of the Church are a disgrace. Where

can I find "your doctrine", and who instituted it? You are not following St. Ignatius for he set up the

Jesuits as defenders of the true faith. Not to "make up" stories, like the Old Testament is a myth, and

not to change God's laws concerning homosexuality, to mention just 2 errors, for as it is written that

those who do this will be called the least in Heaven, Matt. 5.19. The 10 commandments aren't optional.

                                        The Performance and Heresy

The Sacred Mass is not a show, Fr. Perry's "performance" for the Christmas Mass was disgraceful as

he tried to focus attention on himself during the Gospel reading and Homily where he strutted around the

Church reading a passage and then offering his take on passage which was NOT IN AGREEMENT

WITH THE TEACHINGS OF THE CHURCH, an example is the Virgin Birth. then he would read another

passage and spew some more garbage. Like that shepherds are thieves and the outcasts of society.

When actually anyone who has a clue about civilizations knows that the real crooks are generally the

ones in power. I would also point out that most of the Patriarchs were shepherds and that Jesus when

He was condemning the shepherds, He was talking about the religious leaders of His day, nothing much

has really changed.

                                   Taking from the Children and the Poor

I have enclosed a short letter to the Bishop that I sent before Lent started. It is time for what is going on here

to see the light of day. I want to make sure that the people who are going to the Catholic schools know that

the leadership has squandered hundreds of thousands of dollars just since Fr. Perry has been here, and you

are taking over 1 million dollars from the schools and what are you leaders doing with it? Then you shepherds

of the Church are spreading false statements and deceiving the people as you try to squander millions more

for your "legacy", as Fr. Perry put it one day. I WILL NOT LIE FOR YOU. It is not a crime to squander

money or even to treat the people as you do, but it is a sin and a very grave sin is spreading through this

Parish. Remember that even at the height of the Boston scandal the majority wanted to do nothing, this is the


many Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests were on the road to perdition and taking many

souls with them, from Garabandal.

                        It is time to do something for children and not to children.

The Protestants are building gyms for kids and we are throwing one away that the U of M Basketball team

used for it's yearly season poster. You talk about what you do for the poor and you visit them and take

pictures for your glossy brochures and magazines that promote yourselves among the people while doing

very little with the resources you have. When you were here you last weekend you said things have changed.

Prove it with and independent audit of our Parish and show us where the MONEY is going and all the good it

is doing. What about that million dollars that the Catholic schools are owed? Have you ever thought about

explaining your actions to Jesus? From the last Gospel Fr. Perry read, John 3.20&21;

For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come toward the light, so that his works

might not be exposed. But whoever lives the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be clearly seen

as done in God.

I will not lie or deceive others for you, instead of explaining your positions, I have been threatened, harassed

and slandered. Over the years several parishioners have said I should take legal actions. I have written, audio

and video evidence to back up my claim along with witnesses. While there is a strong case for malfeasance by

Canon Law, I have no confidence in Church authorities, after the sex abuse scandal. I continue to pray for you.

We are a mission Parish, let us start acting like one, what would Jesus do.

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