Jan. 26,2009



    Bishop Thomas;


    It is with great sadness that I write this letter about the sad state of affairs in our Diocese. Now that the

Christmas season is over it is back to work on the grave sins that continue at St. Francis Parish and in

your handling of your responsibilities. From "Age to Age" to use your slogan, there have been poor stewards

in the Church and in the Old Testament those who did not care for what was given them or for the teachings

of our Almighty Father that do not change. I wonder how many parking places you picked up in Helena with

your project? But first a few points to make about the Documentary that I gave you, Money Masters, it will

help you to understand how the system works. It goes back 2000 years and the 2nd disc starts around

1900 and will help you to understand what is really going on. I had to explain it to 2 of our representatives

only Baucus knew, unfortunately he is with the Banksters. We are heading into another orchestrated depression

to help set up the global Bank which will run the global Government, this is the rise of the beast system. Sorry

to inform you but Obama is the Bankster's boy, and so is McCain, they own both sides. I heard you promoted

Obama, sacrificing children on the altar of lust and convenience will never be OK. Plus he is not going to

stop the war or fix the economy, he will do what he is told or he will be replaced. He is just a puppet like Bush.

You guys are not the only ones who know how to play games, but that is no excuse for what you are doing.

  2nd trimester little girl murdered


    I continue to receive lies about the project at St. Francis, which I continue to inform you about. Fr. Perry

blatantly lied in front of about 70 parishioners at meeting and still hasn't produced the documentation on the

numbers he has put forth for remodeling the school. He said among other things that we will be getting over

30 new parking places when the actual number is 5. Do you think Jesus can not count? Fortunately for us that

Jesus is a Master at remodeling or we would all be in trouble. The facts are that you, because as you told

me when you arrived that this is your decision, are willing to stiff the Catholic schools for over 1 million dollars,

spend millions more on this vanity center that will leave us with less space and not as nice of an auditorium as

we have now and NO gym for the kids. Unlike most at this Parish I designed and was the General Contractor

on my first commercial remodel 30 years ago in the summer of 79. That building is in better shape today than

when it was first built. I WILL NOT LIE FOR YOU OR Fr. Perry, or as I have asked for years to be shown the

justification for the numbers that have been put out publicly.


Then you put this picture on the cover of your paper, what a disgrace, and I'm being kind. Since you have

been here you have squandered a lot of money, how many have suffered and gone without because of

your stewardship. The St. Francis slogan is (dis)Honoring our Past and (squandering) our Future". I am

embarrassed to be a part of the actions taken to dishonor the contract with the Catholic Schools.

Obviously you feel this is acceptable behavior as you have demonstrated many times while you have

been here. The actions you and Fr. Perry have taken would be grave sins in the secular world, but are

even worse because of your positions within the Church. Though you have every right to do them, to

squander and deceive the people. But it is more than a sin for Fr. Perry to lie and slander me because

I will not go along with his lies and deceptions, I have warned you about this before. This is a standard

practice and is what these folks tried to do to, Cold Hard Cash Gone. I remember when the president of

that group asked me; "What do you care how much money we have flittered away.".

Fr. Perry has been as ruthless as these people were in trying to destroy me for seeking the truth.

Soon donations will start to drop off as was foretold to you and also is the fulfillment of the 2nd sign from

Fr. Gobbi, because things are ( 5 Signs of the End Times from Fr. Gobbi  ) going to get much worse

and will not get better for many years. Instead of being a light to the community, we do not practice the

Gospel Message. I am still waiting for someone to explain it to me because the little that has been put

forth does not seem to be the TRUTH.     I have decided to do a story on what the Church is doing for

the children of Missoula.


>>>>  Here is a brief look at the project   DECISION MATRIX FOR SAVING A LOCAL SCHOOL <<<<<<<


     From your calendar, a couple of the quotes from the pastoral letter on stewardship by the U.S. Conference of

Catholic Bishops. "What is a Christian Steward? One who receives God's gifts gratefully, cherishes and tends

them in a responsible and accountable manner. Shares them in justice and love with all and returns them with

increase to the Lord."  Here is 1 more; "Mature disciples make a conscious, firm decision, carried out in

actions, to be followers of Jesus Christ no matter the cost to themselves." There is only 1 question?

                                 What Would Jesus Do?


    I continue to pray for you and Fr. Perry our Diocese my Parish and the Church.

Peace be with you,

cc. Fr. Perry, Vatican

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