Love and the Truth

Dear Fr. Perry,

It is with great sadness that I write this letter. The situation at our Parish could have

been so very different, had you simply followed your own advice which you wrote in the

Missoulian. You would be the Pastor of a model Parish. Which would have been vibrant and

helping our children and community. You were handed a golden opportunity that would have

required very little work on your part. We have hoped that you would have learned from one

of your first mistakes, when you redirected the communion lines, but you saw it was a

mistake and changed. Now you have wasted hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of

valuable time, not to mention that the Catholic Schools will loose over a million dollars if you

continue down this misguided path.


Please remember the warning in James;

        Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you realize that we will be

        judged more strictly, for we all fall short in many respects.


This is why I must try and help you because of the serious sins that have been committed in the

"process" of dealing with the issue of the buildings on the campus. Then there is the apostasy

that has been taught at the Church in relation to the Marcus Borg book and the book "God laughs

and plays", I assure you He is not laughing at the garbage in either of those books. You stated in

front of the Parish Council that the Borg book agreed with the Catholic Catechism, and when I

asked you if you agreed that the story of Noah and the flood was just a myth, you said yes. When

I brought this up to your Provincial and asked him if he believed in Adam and Eve he said; "no".

This is the part of the apostasy we were warned about and does not agree with Catholic teachings.

Also abortion is not a "women's rights issue", it is a very grave if not mortal sin.



As far as our last conversation, you keep saying that I saw the justification for the deceptive numbers

about the remodeling costs being used to justify the demolition of the buildings. The truth is I have

been asking for years for that information and it is still not forth coming. Now you say that 3

Architects have affirmed this, I would like to see their reports if they exist. You have committed

grave SINS by the process you have engaged in, because it was a conscious act of the will and

spread the errors throughout the Parish, or as you told Tom that you wanted this to be on others

shoulders also. Which you have done, but this does not lighten the load on you but it increases it.

If I were to say nothing and not seek the truth and bear witness to it the sin would be upon me also.

I've enclosed a copy of an article of another project I worked on. So I have dealt with these issues

before. I not only feel sorry for all the children you are effecting but the Parish as a whole. As I told

you in our last private letter about a corporate Lawyer who attended the last Parish Forum. While

this person was neutral, their take on the proceeding was that it was meant to make it seem like

there was involvement when it really just pushed the original agenda. Which as you have said on

many occasions, is to get rid of the building(s). Which is your right, and I intend to make sure the

Bishop, Parishioner's, Catholic School supporter's and others realize what a disgrace this is.


You keep telling me that you can not take the Gospel messages literally. What you don't take

literally is His parable that you know a tree by it's fruit, but the message is to be taken literally;

         Actions speak Louder than Words

Also this warning by Jesus is not only to be taken literally but very seriously;

"what you do to the least of these you do to Me".

I love you and hope you will take this matter to heart and I will continue to pray for you and the Council.

I forgive you of all your sins against me, but the majority of your sins are not against me and are not

mine to forgive. You'll have to ask God and He will. Your servant and a servant of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Peace be with you,

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