Working Together

      in Preparation for the Storm

Hello Father,

    It has been nice this last year to be in a Parish that is reverent during the Holy Mass. The early Mass is

great way to start out the day and I am glad you have kept it going even after Fr. Davis left. Also having

Adoration 24/7 is such a blessing. I spent a lot of time trying to increase Adoration in my previous

Parishes. Also the level of sin in those 2 Parishes was very high. Pro-choice or pro-death depending on

which person's life you are talking about. Homosexuality openly being promoted as not being a sin, I

have come across that same position in some churches in this area. I have enclosed a section of the

Seattle U. student paper as an example. These are further signs of the times we are living in. In

Fr. Gobbi's book, The Marian Movement of Priests, # 485 5 signs given to Fr. Gobbii we're are in the

period of the 2nd sign.


    In your homily last week you talked about sin and the priesthood, I have had to deal with very grave sin

with a previous Pastor, unfortunately. He pulled many into the sin and those who would not partake and

asked basic questions paid the price that one does for seeking the truth and bearing witness to it. I

agreed with what you said about St. Francis' thoughts on the subject. I have read St. Catherine of

Sienna's and St Faustina's writing's on the subject. Though I had to try and do something because it

involved others, children. I dealt with the backlash and forgave those who sinned against me, and talked

the matter over with a confessor as there was a Bishop involved also. I still pray for them and hope they

have repented and changed their ways.


    A couple of things I hope you will contemplate on and do as you see fit for the Parish. When I

mentioned to you about the music at last years picnic, you said that it was cleaned up. First I would say if

we are not going to promote Christian music at church functions when are we? The song that was

playing at the time was "Sweet Caroline", which is to racy for children as it is, but when you find out that

it is about a man lusting after a young girl, ... . We could be listening to "Magnificent Obsession" (by

S.C.C.) about our love for God, or perverted obsession by N. D. The devil is very subtle, when I brought

up the fact that he is never spoken of or how he works you said I was following him. No, I am engaged in

a war with them. So are you whether you want to or not, you are a Priest, you are one of their main

targets. There is a war going on and we all have hard choices to make. I pray for you everyday.


    Lastly I want to commend you for mentioning appropriate dress for Mass and to refrain from work on

Sunday. Also bringing up the need for confession, while you should have recommended once a month

not once a year and thanks for the many other things that you do for us. Though when you said to me

that you do not want to promote Marian apparitions not approved by the Church, I can understand that.

But you do not promote ANY, which is also a main theme from many apparitions, that the clergy are not

listening. You should look at and into the Apparitions on the Documentary that I hand out, though not

any more at Church. St. Padre Pio is in part 1 about Garabandal and part 2 is Marion Apparitions from

around the world. The basic message is backed up by many other's. This Pope personally endorsed one

of the Apparitions mentioned in part 2, from Akita, Japan, which is about a coming schism in the Church

and that, "The living will envy the dead.". I have enclosed a copy of the documentary and a pamphlet

about Marie Julie Jahenny, the most decorated Stigmatist in Church history who was upheld by Pope

Leo XIII. I would recommend that you contemplate and learn about the Warning, pray for guidance and

act accordingly. But what is unfolding will continue, we can only lessen what is coming. I am not trying to

scare people but to prepare people for what is coming. I have given you evidence of what their plan is,

and in their own words and documents. They want us ignorant especially those in leadership roles.

Religious leaders will be asked as part of the "Clergy Response Team", to lead their flocks into

submission without questioning and to use Romans 13 as the justification, just like Hitler did. Those who

forget History are doomed to repeat it. If you would like to discuss these or any other matters let me

know. Working together is the path to the minimum amount of bloodshed and suffering. Continue your

good work and prepare yourself for what is coming and I've enclosed some pictures of the apostasy here

and some signs of the times. I will continue to pray for you, whatever you decide to do.

Peace be with you,

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