Some Signs of the Times

This is from a letter sent to every Bishop in the U.S.


 Conchita receiving communion from Arch Angel Michael.    Fr Zlatko Sudac received the cross in 1999 he

                                                                                                       now has the full Stigmata.


Eye of Hurricane Wilma, which means protector.          Georgia Guidestones with the new 10 commandments.

The first one is to maintain a population on the earth of 500 million, these folks are not playing games.


We are to resist and NOT TAKE OR PROMOTE the TAKING OF the MICROCHIP !!!!!!


Sodium Fluoride is put in our water to hurt us.                            Our Mother is crying for her children and warning us.

Scientific Study Finds Fluoride Horror Stories Factual


 Bohemian Grove Satan's Club for World Leaders             We sacrifice over 1.2 million children on the altar of

 Where they do a mock (?) sacrifice of a child every July.        Lust and Convenience ever year.

   These Folks are Not Playing Games


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