The road Home


So with the visit to Garabandal over it was time to wander over to

Salon for an International conference on Nostradamus and to see

about getting into the house to see if what my teacher said was

there, really was. To be honest I didn't expect much after that day

in Paris at the beginning of the trip, but I had nothing much else to

do until I caught the plane home. I did go and see where Mary

Magdalene had landed at St Maries de la Mer, and went to

St. Maximim where there is a Cathedral where she is buried.

I took a few pictures at the 2 places of paintings that allude to the

heresy, that Mary Magdalene brought the blood of Jesus with her

in a jar. The story is the story of the Holy Grail, or Sang Rois in

French which means Blood Royal. Many paintings depict a serpent

at the feet of Mary looking up at the jar as if to devour it. From

Rev. 12.17

And the Dragon was wroth with the woman, and went

to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep

the commandments of God, and have the testimony of

Jesus Christ.


Now it is in chapter 17 verse 10 that the 7 kings are mentioned,

and from chapter 19.10 that "the testimony of Jesus is the spirit

of prophecy".

                                      (from Sacre Coure)

Looking at the mosaic from Sacre Coure in Paris, it has a very

large jar in Mary's arms over her womb with the serpent at her

feet. You see her womb was the jar and a child is what she

carried and brought to France, a daughter Sara.


This picture is from the Cathedral where St. Mary Magdalene

is buried. You can see her at the feet of Jesus Christ, and the

Angels are collecting His blood in the chalices, now it was Mary's

womb that was the chalice that carried the blood of Christ. Their

children are like the stars in the sky during a new moon, to many to



As Jesus told me the first time he spoke on Thanksgiving night

back in 95, "My greatest hardship is that I could not have a family

as a man." But after He rose from the dead, he was allowed to

get married to Mary which is the wedding described in;

Rev. 19.7-8

Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to Him,

for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and His wife

has made herself ready. And to her was granted that

she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white,

for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints.


 With the pictures in hand it was back to Salon and check out

the conference and try to get into the house. The conference

was, ... , well I don't really have much to say about it, except I

met a couple people, Peter from England was our interpreter,

because everything was in French. After talking to the curator

of Nostradamus's house she said I could come in for a look.

So the day before I went up on top of a large rock outcropping

a few hundred meters from his house where they had built a fort.

When I got to the top of the fort and looked down over the city I

got a good view of his house. I had been told it was in the chimney

in the study. Which from this position you could see the old

chimney extended out from the house, but in the room the

chimney was on the inside of the house. Meaning that the old one

had been covered over and a new one or false one was what you

saw from the inside. The bottom line was, there was almost no

chance of finding something the next day.


 So there I was sitting in the sun after these trips with almost for

sure another dead end. I thought about not bothering to go in but

decided to go anyway, at least I could say I tried and check off

that part as being done. I told my teacher I wasn't going to call

him a lying sack of ___, this time, its just the way they feel like

playing with me. I'm hardly alone in this category for many of

Nostradamus's first predictions were wrong and as the great

prophet Jeremiah states in;


Jeremiah 20.7 (there is that 7 again)

            O, Lord thou hast deceived me, and I was

            deceived, thou art stronger than I, and hast

            prevailed. I am in derision daily, everyone

            mocketh me.


There is no easy way to get to that point, if you read the rest of

the chapter, Jeremiah eventually goes on to curse the day he

was born. Things aren't that bad yet, and I'm thankful for that,

though I don't think I've reached the bottom yet. I was thinking

that things will have to change if this path is to go to Reims and

be anointed. But that will be the next story.


 So the next day I went in and found out that it was just another

dead end, oh well. I haven't heard anything more about the

subject since then. So it was back to Paris and back home to

wrap up this phase of the lessons, and wait and see what

is next.

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