2006-7 Chapters & articles


                       Christina Gallhager's July 2007 message  7/24

                        Alaska and the Millennial Prophecy     7/14/07 

                        Wrestling with the Angels    5/3/07

                        Dealing with Yahweh      5/8/07

                        Yeshua tells a Priest he is damned    8/30

                       Thoughts on the film An Inconvenient Truth   2/26/07


        Many are called but few are chosen  5/7

        Article on reasons to reopen JFK and RFK cases  11/23/06

      LETTER # II Benedict XVI, Alpha and Omega, please warn and prepare the people 7/22

       Warning to Priests and other Church Leaders

         Welcome to the County Club and the Luke Warm Church  5/30

         A Few Thoughts on the Movie the Da Vinci Code 5/25

         Mary Magdalene and the SACR(sacred) CUR(heart) Connection r. draft 5/7

        Baptism of Desire for aborted children    11/25/06

      The Holy Spirit, Shekina, the Divine Feminine in Sacred Scripture 6/19

      Leo 13th Encyclical on Freemasons 1884    12/28/06

      Mahatma Gandhi 9-11, 1906 short article on his first protest  12/20/06


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