Medjugorje   2004

        the procession through the Golden Gate


  Medjugorje is the small town in Bosnia where the Virgin Mary began coming on June 25, 1981.

I spent a few days there last year, it is a very affordable place to stay and the crowds are

moderate at the peak times to very light most of the time. This year I was there on the

anniversary of the 1st apparition, so it was rather busy for that weekend, but after that the

crowds dropped off dramatically. As we move farther away from the millennium people are

drifting back into there old habits of not remembering God and pushing Him to the side, 1 hour

on 1 day in a week, or even less. Unless there are constant dramatic miracles or hardships

like 9/11 people become bored, unfortunately. This is not to say you have to travel somewhere to

connect with our Creator, for He is everywhere. What you might get if you are open is a kick in

the pants to get you started down the right path. But unless you are really closed at the very least

you should feel good and be at peace in Medjugorje. Miracles are common place there and for

a long time now there has been the Living Water Miracle, from a large bronze statue of Jesus,

about 15 feet high, of Him coming out of the tomb. From the lower portion of His right thigh small

drops of water form and flow down His leg. Many people come and put the water in small bottles,

or on their Bibles, Rosaries, and on themselves. From the Gospel of John;

                          4:10 Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou knew the gift of God, and who it is that said to thee,

                            Give me to drink; thou would have asked of Him, and He would have given thee living water.



 The Virgin Mary comes to pray here every morning at sunrise up on Cross Mountain which is

located behind the Church on the edge of town. So this is where I began my day at 4:30 AM, I

would head out the door to make it to the top just before sunrise to say the Rosary. It was on the

3rd day that while saying the Rosary some more information was given about the Golden Gate

in Jerusalem. This was a continuation of the prophecy concerning the Golden Gate [Jerusalem]

which had started in Alaska last month [ Alaska and the Golden Gate Prophecy ].

This concerns the procession through the gate itself. For the prophecy is that the Messiah will

come through the gate for the second coming. Now from my limited understanding of these days

and from listening to the few others who I believe, I don't believe Jesus is going to come and

walk the earth like He did before. So I had wondered for the past year since I had been in

Jerusalem how He would fulfill the prophecy. Some had been revealed in Alaska last month but

the procession issue hadn't been finalized.


He carried His cross out to the site of our redemption,

the site predestined from the beginning, this time He is carried

into the city on a cross, in His Golden Monstrance, 

from the 4 corners of the earth, to begin His Eucharistic Reign.


  The gold will come from the ends of the earth for His dominion is over all the earth. This will also

be a reign of the Immaculate Heart's of Jesus and Mary, for this is His will and it shall be done.                             

Several seers throughout the centuries have said that the Crucifixion site was directly above

where Adam is buried.                                                        

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