Alaska and the

    Golden Gate Prophecy

rough draft

 The Golden Gate prophecy is about a gate in the stone wall that surrounds the

Old City in Jerusalem. The Gate which is an opening in the wall is sealed up

now and has never been used. There is a prophecy that the Messiah will open

the Gate and enter the city by the Gate. You get a good view of the Gate from

the Mount of Olives. When I was in Jerusalem last year I wondered if it was a

real prophecy and if so how and when it would be fulfilled.


  I hadn't been back to Alaska in 4 years, since 2000, so I was a little concerned as

to what I might find when I got there since the boat has been in the water the whole

time, rising and falling with the tides on their continual cycles 2 high tides and 2 low

tides every day. The maximum change is during the full moon when the level of the

water in the Harbor at Wrangell will rise and fall about 15 feet or 5 meters. The ride

up on the ferry Colombia was smooth as it navigated the inside passage from

Bellingham WA, to Alaska. On the way up I was getting some warnings from my

teacher. He was saying that I wasn't going anywhere and that I wasn't going to get

rid of the boat. I had planned to take it up to Juneau and give it to the Church to use

for it's summer camp or to sell and keep the proceeds. I wanted to finish getting

unencumbered from what I owned. I had sold my house in Montana last summer,

though I do have access to the guest house there to stay when I'm in town. The

boat was the other major possession I had, and the old plan of living in Alaska,

in the summer on the boat and then the rest of the year between Seattle and

Missoula wasn't going to happen, at least not the way I had originally planned.


 There was beautiful weather for the trip and the story about you're not going

anywhere just kept being repeated, with subtle messages about problems like

being demasted, which is losing or breaking the mast on your sailboat. Which

is something that I had heard about years before. I was a little afraid but the

trip up to Juneau is a relatively easy, a 3 to 4 day cruise. Plus I remembered all

the grief I got from him when I brought the boat up from Seattle, so I just planned

to get the boat ready and head north and say good by to my boat and Alaska.


  Made it to Wrangell in the early evening and took a taxi the last few miles to the

harbor. The boat was still floating, but the cover was ripped and there was some

water in the boat. So I cleaned her up which didn't take to long, and went and sat

in the cockpit to contemplate things for awhile as the emotions were flowing. There

were Bald Eagles flying around and it was a beautiful evening. I started to slowly

move my right leg back and forth which got the boat to start to gently begin to rock.

The boat didn't move much but the top of the mast is about 39' above the water and

the top was moving several feet side to side, like the pendulum of a clock marking time.


 All that had gone on since the last time I was here was being replayed, Sept. 11th,

the 1st edition of the book, Fatima, Garabandal, Medjugorje, and Jerusalem. Going

around France, Rouen where they burned Jehanne la Pucelle (Joan of Arc), Reims

where she crowned Charles VII, Dom Remey where she was born and lived. Salon

de Provence where Nostradamus lived and is entombed in a Catholic Church,

St. Laurent, and where his house is and he wrote the book Les Propheties. I went

to St. Maries de la Mer where Lazarus and his sisters Martha and Mary Magdeline

came ashore after they left the Holy Land, and the Cathedral where Mary Magdeline

is buried in Maxim. Lourdes where Bernadette had her apparitions of the Virgin Mary,

and many other places and experiences. The top of the mast kept gently swaying as

the colors of the sunset were growing in strength. I could feel the wound I had received

months before on the eve of Ash Wednesday in my groin like Jacob.


  The emotions were very strong it is hard to put into words, but think about when you

have been in deep thought about your life and where it is going and has been. I

contemplated what I had planned before the awakening in 1995 and all that I had

thrown away, but what had replaced it was eternal, the rekindling of my relationship

with God, the most Holy Trinity. All the mistakes I had made over the years and the

consequences from those mistakes which many I am still dealing with. I went through

my childhood and the first lesson in fourth grade, and you will be ... , then sixth grade

and the reservoir of blood, and seventh grade and the question, "How will you build

your empire?". Also got into the continuing saga of what is going with the teacher,

about the trials and tests. The old adage from sports "no pain no gain", is always

brought up and I'm reading the Bible for the 5th time and some of the ways God

works are becoming all to clear though even as a child there were the great stories

of the Bible, Abraham, Moses, David, Jesus, and then there is my patron saint

Jehanne la Pucelle, Joan of Arc, who was burned at the stake at the age of 19. Oh

well, just have to try and stay focused and "deal with it". They had grabbed a hold of

my thigh now and I could feel where I was marked and had been written on. It was

getting dark now and the first stars were becoming visible as the top of the mast

gently swayed back and forth as the time past.


 Then there was Seattle to ponder and the people I had met there and the potential

parts in the story that concern them if they get involved. Also the many others I have

met or learned about as the story continues to unfold. Free will, is a reality and what

is exactly going to happen is not completely set in stone, though many things are,

like the Warning from God, where He will talk to everyone, whether you believe in

Him or not, everyone will know that He exists and will be free to choose. One of the

things that offends Jesus the most are the many who are called but do not respond.

Many are called few are chosen. I thought about those who are here for the other

side who are not yet in power. The New World Order crowd and how many will suffer

because of their greed. Also many personnel things, as the stars began to fill the sky

and the top of the mast gently swayed back and forth as the time past.


  The next day I came across the first problem with the motor which turned into over

a week long ordeal waiting for parts. But now the time window was getting short

because I had to be back in Missoula by a set day. But I did read over 500 pages

in the Bible and had less than 100 left, to finish my 5th complete reading of the

book. Things were a little heck tick on the day I was going to put the boat on the

grid so I could scrap the barnacles and other stuff off of the hull. I was going to

use the grid at this harbor instead of going into town like I have in the past. So

I tied the boat off and waited for the tide to go out. Things were going OK and the

boat was standing on her keel as I went ashore for awhile. I hadn't said my evening

prayers yet and I was told I should start. So I sat down on a rock and started with

an Our Father as I usually do, when the boat suddenly slipped as if the stern the

back end had been kicked by an Angel. Now the night became very long and

by the time the boat was floating again in the morning the mast was broken.

Then the motor which had just been fixed wouldn't work, so I had to tow the boat 

back to her stall with my raft. Then a couple more days were spent on that problem

that eventually just went away, which perplexed the mechanic as well. The time was

to short now so I would have to leave the boat and deal with it another time. I asked

what the lesson was for me to learn. He answered, "We can make anything happen

that we want to." So I ate another piece of humble pie.


 So with Juneau out and a couple of days to open I decided to head down to Anan

which is around the back side of the Island and down to another where a bear

watching station has been built. While I was there tied up to the float listening to

the rain sprinkle on the tarp a whale was spouting out in the bay as it was passing

by. I was finishing the last chapters in the Bible, the prophets at the end of the Old

Testament. Then I began thinking about my trip to Jerusalem and the Golden Gate,

and all that I had learned from the different seers like Gianna Talone-Sullivan from

Emmitsburg Maryland and others. I'm not going to get into all the details but a plan

was emerging. That Jesus will enter through the Golden Gate similar to the way He

left Jerusalem almost 2000 years ago, with a cross. This time He will be carried in

on a cross,  consecrated bread, which is the body of Jesus will be placed on a cross

and carried in to usher in His Millennial Eucharistic reign. The cross will be brought

to the 3rd Temple where it will remain until the end of time.


The ancient Golden Gate is opened by the 2nd and 7th

and the 144,000 marked children of Israel, after the

completion, as the Messiah enters the way he left with

His cross for the salvation of Israel and the whole World.

(the 2nd line is from 8/27/04 in MSLA)  


  The next morning I took a walk and there was a Brown Bear feeding on the other side

of the river and the dog got a little to close to a porcupine and got a few quills in her

nose. Back at the harbor a fellow from Wisdom, Mt had let me use his crab pot and

there were plenty to be had. But it was time to say good by to the snow capped peaks

and head south and back into the ... , though it will not be the last time I see the boat.

There are some prophecies by Nostradamus about a little boat, but that is for later. I

packed everything away and got on the ferry heading south. As we left Alaska crossing

Dixon entrance the ferry was gently swaying back and forth from the waves from the gulf

of Alaska. The sunset was spectacular with a large golden globe setting up in Alaska as

we steamed south with the boat gently swaying back and forth. Then a large orange

harvest moon rose above the mountains to the east of the ship, and a harvest of souls

is about to come upon the earth. As the ship gently rocked back and forth I contemplated

all that had gone on in Alaska and thanked God for all His many blessings.

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