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      Scroll down to the bottom for the Table of Contents, this story begins before Genesis and continues through the Bible and into the present and  looks at the future. I would recommend to first pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit.     from Proverbs;1:20 Wisdom cries without;    she utters her voice in the streets:1:22 How long, simple ones, will you love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning,  and fools hate knowledge? 1:23 Turn you at my reproof:  behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.


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Marie Julie Jahenny Remedies for Our Times      8/9

Open Letter Sent to All the Bishops in the USA    7/26

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An Intro to 24 Years of Walking Through the Gauntlet

God sows the seeds in the 20th Century, and the days of Noah began  updated 4/23/2021

1 of the Best Homilies I have Heard from Medugorje February 2021           3/1

Medugorje February 2021 video

A Hand Delivered Note to Pope Francis on the Church and Notre Dame and the Future   2/13/20

Ltr to Archbishop of Paris -- Notre Dame the Roof and the Future      2/8/20

Fr Leon's Medugorje Testimony Prayer Miracles Visions and more Prayer

The Eucharist the Bread of Life in Scripture, Prophecy, History and the Future                 

Mary Magdalen Prophecies in the Bible in History in Cathedrals, Nostradamus and more         

Abraham the Prophecies Then and Now      

FREE WILL the 2nd Letter to Pope Francis  

Fatima May 13th 100 year Anniversary and other Bible Prophecies          5/13/17

5777 Year of the Sword, Bible Prophecy, Fulfilled, Unfolding & Coming and more            4/23

Easter 2017 Endtime Prophecy Jesus the Eucharist and Miracles            

Who is Afraid of the devil, Spiritual Warfare the First Sunday of Lent readings             3/10/17

2017 Superbowl Halftime Indoctrination by satan and his puppet Lady Gaga, Apostasy, Prophecy, & Naive Children of Light                         2/8/17

Virgin Mary in Medugorje a short Defense Prophecy Miracles and Pray Pray Pray       7/29

7_25_2016 Beyond the Headlines Prophecy, War, Bohemian Grove, RNC Convention, Politics, Culture, Economics, social engineering, election, and more

Updated 3/2016 The Mark on the Forehead and the Hand explained by the Virgin Mary   3/5/2016

Letter The Cross and Free Will to Archbishop Sartan 3 -23 -2015

Embrace the Cross and Bear Witness to the Truth a Letter Pope Francis 2-14-2015   

The Woman Clothed with the Sun   8/29  15 min.

Here Must Appear the Constancy of the Saints. Warnings about the mark of the Beast and the Beasts from the book of Revelation  8/17 15 min.

Spiritual Warfare the Battle with the devil and his servants                    17 min.

Why Am I Still Weeping the Blood is Flowing & the Apostasy is growing    21  min.    7/28

The Sword the Blood and the Wall where Scripture Prophecy and Life are Colliding  7/20

There Will Be Peace the Virgin Mary's promise to the World from Fr. Gobbi    10 min.     7/11

Marie-Julie Jahenny 1850-1941 The Stigmatist and the Future French King 

Archived videos of the Virgin Mary's Prophecies, warnings and solutions

DNA the Divine Molecule video   17 min. 

New old World Order and their Eugenics Operation  A letter sent to all U.S. Bishops  

A response to an author downplaying the sex scandal                             

The Truth and the Light a letter to Vatican Cardinal Turkson  

 A Letter sent to all the U. S. Bishops          

A Letter to the Pope written in St. Peter's Square

The Comfortable Cross        

View Seattle U. a "Catholic" school paper   

Working Together in Preparation for the Storm   

Some Signs of the Times       

The Rosa Mystica  apparitions from Montichiari & Fontinelle

A Few Thoughts on the Time mag. NWO article  2/12

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EVERYTHING HAS ITS TIME                         Ecclesiastes  3.1-8    

A WALK IN THE STARS              a story about the Creators laboratory 

DNA the Divine Molecule     brief discussion

A WALK THRU TIME    a quick walk thru time      

ABRAHAM             the first king, the covenant  

Jacob becomes Israel                           rough draft   

JOSEPH      the 2nd king, his story related to today  

MOSES     the 3rd king, his story related to today

DAVID      the 4th king, his story related to today

OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETS                    Elijah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, ...

JESUS CHRIST       the Messiah and 5th king         


JOAN of ARC      her story and go to the Basilica (pictures)

MICHEL NOSTRADAMUS 7 chapters Bio &1568 "Les Propheties"

The Education        17 chapters starts in 1960s and goes through 1999

ALTAR OF TEARS           story about the altar

The Church and other visionaries 11 chapters Fatima, Garabandal, etc.

2001 and 2002 Chapters        13 chapters    9-11, Europe, etc.

Other New Chapters through 2006  12 chapters

2006-7 Chapters and articles

a few Miscellaneous articles 2008

MY PROPHECIES AND WARNINGS          predictions and warnings   

TOMORROW               a brief talk about the future   

LAWS AND TRUTHS                  Laws and truths for the 3rd millennium

The Bible     King James Version from 1611 & The New American Standard

BOOK OF REVELATION        Book of Revelation

PEACE PLAN              God's simple Peace Plan

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[English Audio] - Father Savvas Agioritis: What is to Come for Those Who are Inoculated with covid 1984 jab

Heaven's Peace Plan - The First Five Saturdays asked by Our Lady of Fatima.

Why the Divine Mercy Message Is So Important Today


Saint Simon Stock

Saint Margaret of Cortona

Saint John Baptist de LaSalle, Founder

Saint Isidore the Farmer

Saint Titus Brandsma Negotiating the Nazi nightmare

Pastoral Rigidity: Washington Cardinal Wants to "Forbid" The Mass


121 Austrian priests fight against forced DeathVaxxing, get insulted by FrancisCardinal Schonborn

Victim of His Own Contradictions: Roche Criticises Liturgical Individualism

Chilean FrancisBishop facing misconduct, abuse allegations, Cristián Roncagliolo, leaves country

Culling Clerics Next step in reorg process

Bishop Refuses Roman Ordinations, Monastery Finds  

Bishops silent as Catholic land worth $208 million earmarked for abortions in Ireland

Big Problems Ahead Chicago may close more parishes

Francis Has Received a Promising Visitor

Pastors Boycotting Bible Prophecy Are Sabotaging the Sleeping Church

Another Francis Favourite in Hot Water

For widower with two sets of young twins, faith is essential

Her premature baby survived at 23 weeks. Now this mom advocates for others

Lawrence Jones Asks His Mom on Air Why She Chose to Have Him at 16, Her Answer Is Awe-Inspiring

March for Life Was Much Bigger Than Pro-Abortion Protest, Showing America is Pro-Life

Democrats Don’t Give a Damn About This BLM: “Babies Lives Matter.”

Maryland governor holds back $3.5 million intended for training new abortionists

Clarence Thomas Says Abortion Leak Has Changed Supreme Court

The Churches And Pro-Life Groups That Have Been Attacked Since Supreme Court Leak

Rasmussen: 77% erroneously think overturning Roe would make abortion illegal everywhere

BARBARIC: NYC Mayor Eric Adams Blasts Pro-Lifers, Says Women Have Right to Abortion Up to Day of Birth

ICYMI: Yale Students Call for ‘Unrelenting Daily Confrontation’ Against Roe Opponents and Tossing the Constitution

PURE EVIL: Colorado Governor Confirms State Will Allow Late Term Abortions – Defends Third-Trimester Abortions

71 Signs From Pro-Abortion March in DC

Another Weak Link in Evolutionary Theory

Parents Beware of Demonic Disney’s ‘Lightyear’ Corrupting Children With Propaganda

Christian Nigerian Woman Stoned to Death, Set on Fire by Muslim Classmates For Insulting Their ‘Prophet’ Mohammed

Nigeria: Muslim Mob Kills, Burns Christian College Student for ‘Blasphemy‘

Three Wisconsin Middle School Boys Hit with Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint for Calling Non-Binary Classmate by Wrong Pronouns

WOKE INSANITY: Disney to pay for employee abortions; Taco Bell hosts “Drag Brunch” to celebrate LGBTQ “culture”

Americans Increasingly Believe Acceptance of Trans Identity Has Gone Too Far

Teacher Invited 12-Year-Old Girl to Afterschool Art Club that Was Really a Gender Identity Meeting         5/16


Our Lady of Fatima (1917)

105th Anniversary of First Fatima Apparition

Fatima visionary said final battle would be over marriage and family

Our Lady of Fatima Tells Us the Rosary, the Eucharist and World Peace Are All Connected

Saint Matthias

St. John the Silent                  

Saint Robert Bellarmine, Doctor of the Church

Miracles and Saints: On the ten men and women to be canonized this Sunday

For the Vatican The Problem Is… Cardinal Zen

Abp. Viganò: Pope Francis has displayed ‘unequalled duplicity’ in his treatment of Cardinal Zen

Big Problems Ahead Chicago may close more parishes

More Hypocrisy: Francis Discovers "Richness" of Other Religions

Abp. Viganò: Roe v. Wade leak was Deep State 'propaganda operation' to 'radicalize' abortion debate, influence Justices

Does Francis support the Oppressive Chinese Communist Regime, the Venezuelan Dictator & an Abortionist One-World Government?

Katy, TX: Stolen Tabernacle Found Abandoned & Open, Eucharist Missing

Officer thinks he’s responding to overdose, delivers preemie instead

Jack Posobiec Obtains Audio of Violent Leftists Leaving Death Threats to Employees of Pro-Life Group After Office Was Firebombed

WATCH: Pro-abortion counter-protester tells LifeSiteNews being a ‘Satanist’ guides his beliefs

Chemical Abortion Clash Killing children through pills

America Without Roe: Abortion Laws Across the States – Part III

 Pig-Faced Democrat Katie Porter: Fight Inflation by Killing More Babies

Whoopi: Kill the Babies

Satanic Temple to demand ‘religious exemption’ for ‘abortion ritual’ in court if Roe overturned

The Top 5 Myths from Abortion Activists Debunked

Calif. Gov. Newsom Crows over $125M Boost for Taxpayer-funded Abortions

Rhode Island Supreme Court upholds law stating abortion is a right

Minnesota Republicans Defeat Democrat Bill to Create “Right” to Kill Babies in Abortions

Colombia becomes first Latin American country to legalize assisted suicide for non-terminal patients

The Globalists All Out War Upon Christianity Has Entered A New Stage

Exclusive — Mike Cernovich: The Left Is ‘Pushing Genocide Against Christians’

‘Stand Up and Fight for What’s Right’ Until the End: School Coach Fired for Praying in Public

Christian Girl Murdered, Body Burned by Classmates in Nigeria Over 'Blasphemous' WhatsApp message

Catalytic Converters Stolen From St. Paul Nonprofit’s Mobile Food Shelf Vehicles

Chile Bans ‘Discrimination Against Mutants and Genetically Altered People’

Media Cover-Up: 'Allah' Screaming Muslim Stabs Father in Throat Outside of his Children's Catholic School

Aztec "Blessing" To Inaugurate Catholic Piazza

China Harvests Organs From Tens Of Thousands Of Living Prisoners Each Year

The Back Door The secret way in

Texas Supreme Court allows state to investigate sterilization of gender-confused kids as child abuse

Biological males claiming to be 'females' now allowed to transfer to women's prisons in Canada

Disney-Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ Actress and Husband Convicted of Multiple Child Sex Charges

Prominent Trans Activist Celebrated By Press Faces 16 Felony Charges For Sexual Abuse Of Boy

Top US library group joins forces with publishing companies to keep explicit pro-LGBT books in schools

Trial Begins for Film Academy Member Facing Eight Counts of Child Molestation Charges

Target Launches Pro-Trans Product Line for Kids

Calvin Klein Features Pregnant Transgender Man as Underwear Model                         5/14


Saint Imelda, Virgin

Sts. Nereus & Achilleus

Saint Leopold Mandic                             St. Epiphanius, Archbishop of Salamis


Catholic shrine invites Aztec dance group to ‘bless’ new plaza dedicated to Our Lady of Guadalupe ???


Cardinal Zen’s arrest sparks outrage from clergy and politicians around the world

Catholic Bishop Joseph Zhang Weizhu: Still Detained Despite Reported Vatican Intervention

“Francis, Kirill, and the Russian war in Ukraine” - by Roberto de Mattei

The SSPX is not schismatic; do not hesitate to flee to them… and a word from St. Cajetan on the rights of laity who hold the “pope” in suspicion

Slandered Priest Fires Back – And Wins

Synodal Vote Hopes to Legalize ‘Gay Blessing’ 80 German churches conduct second round of rites for same-sex couples

This is bad and it's not going to blow over

Might Francis be Remaining Silent about the Arrest of Cd. Zen because of Money or his apparent Vision of Spreading China Puppet Cuba's influence throughout Latin America?

Mexico: Francis Drops Another Brick

Synod’s Troubling Conclusions? Listening sessions' uncatholic chatter

The Dobbs’ Case and the Culture of Life

After Son’s Murder, Federal Judge Tells ABC: SCOTUS Must Be Protected

‘Justice for the Five’: After more than 40 days, Metro PD has taken no action on aborted children

A.G. Merrick Garland Refuses to Enforce Laws Protecting SCOTUS Justices Ignores Federal Crimes Intimidation Efforts Allowed to Persist

Abortion facility responsible for Keisha Atkins’ death agrees to $900k settlement

Catholic League: Schumer Act ‘Most Radical Pro-Abortion Bill Ever Written’

Leftist Chicago mayor announces $500k abortion fund to help women reach ‘God-given potential

As Women in America Struggle to Find Baby Formula, Fake Catholic Pelosi Twists Bible Verse in Failed Attempt to Justify $40 BILLION Military Aid Package to Ukraine

‘Sexism’ Row Erupts Over Not Enough Parasitic Worms Being Named After Female Scientists

Pope Francis antagonizes orthodox Catholics in answers to Fr. James Martin’s pro-LGBT questions

Alabama doctors stop giving transgender drugs to kids as new ban takes effect

Target Launches Trans Merch For Kids As Well As Chest Binders, ‘Packing Underwear’ 

‘Queer Your Classroom’: Teachers Trained on Injecting Gender Ideology into Science, Math Class             5/12


Saints Philip and James, Apostles

St. Ignatius of Laconi

Saint Mammertus, Archbishop of Vienne

The Incredible Catholic Mass – A MUST-READ

The SSPX is Not Schismatic

Francis Keeps Undermining Buenos Aires Cardinal


No Rigidity: Cardinal Müller Celebrates "Forbidden" Roman Rite Ordinations

Vatican extends vaccine obligation plus booster despite adverse events while Italian, Indian Courts Demolish Forced Jabs

The Result of Madrid's Synod: Emptiness

Motorcycle Gunmen Abduct Catholic Priest in Southern Nigeria

Brunson: ‘The Majority Of Believers Are Not Ready For The Pressures Of Persecution, And This Is Very Dangerous’

Dead: Star Theologian of Forgotten John Paul II Turns Out to Be a Prophet

‘I Left a Bible For You…’: Victim’s Incredible, Christ-Inspired Reaction After Thief Caught on Cam Stealing From Her

Grandson of Actress Shirley Jones Crashed on Cocaine After Losing ‘The Voice’, Then Jesus Showed Up: ‘Literally Breathing Life into Me’

13-Year-Old Bravely Rejected Abortion, She Has No Regrets Years Later

POWERFUL: Anti-Lifers Quickly Change Their Minds After Watching Gruesome Abortion Procedures

Exclusive: Inside Planned Parenthood: The Underbelly Of The Human Sacrifice Operation

More Bark Than Bite Pro-aborts protest few Catholic Churches

Pro-abortion mob targets pro-life students in Arizona as police stand by

FBI Sternly Warns Mob at Justice Kavanaugh’s Home to Stay Away From School Board Member’s House Next Door

Soros??? Who’s Paying Democrat Insurrectionists to Harass Supreme Court Justices and Churches?

Democrat Politicians Issue ‘Call To Arms’ To Activists as Pro-Life Centers Get Hit With Molotov Cocktails

Anti-Life Democrat Party Brownshirts Claim Responsibility for Attack on Wisconsin Pro-Life Group, Promises More Violence

California to become the first “abortion tourism” state, luring pregnant women to the state with funds for airfare, lodging, meals

Governor Kathy Hochul Announces $35 Million to Protect Abortion Providers in New York if Roe Overturned

Planned Parenthood workers support child sex abuse, trafficking and pedophilia

Democrats’ National Abortion Bill Replaces Word ‘Woman’ With ‘Person’  

God Is Under Attack by the Democrat Party

Kansas Police Ordered to Remove ‘In God We Trust’ From Patrol Cars

Anti-CRT candidates overwhelmingly win school board races in Texas

Religion of Peace Update: Ramadan Sees Spike in “Disappearance” of Coptic Christian Women and Girls

26-Year-Old Transgender Child Molester Given Light Sentence Thanks to Marxist DA George Gascón Now Charged with First-Degree Murder

Champion of Sodomy New documentary cheers Fr. James Martin

Scripture & Scientific Debate ‘Expose What’s Behind The Curtain’ Of The Trans Craze: FRC

Woke NBA to Hold Preseason Games in UAE Where Homosexuality is Punishable by Death – Canceled Game in Charlotte in 2016 Over Transgender Bathroom Law

False Tears: Vatican Promotes Whiny Homosex Myths

Vatican synod website celebrates homosexuality and child adoption by same-sex couples              5/11


Saint Antoninus, Archbishop of Florence

Saint Damien de Veuster of Moloka’i

Saint Isidore of Madrid, Confessor

Report: Ten Underground Catholic Priests Arrested in China Since January

Might Francis's "Adulterous Persons" receiving Communion be a Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit for Francis Catholics?


False Tears: Vatican Promotes Whiny Homosex Myths



Tabernacle stolen from Texas church after pro-abortion group threatens to 'burn the Eucharist'

Mexican Catholics Join U.S. Bishops in Prayer to Overturn Roe v. Wade

The Result of Madrid's Synod: Emptiness

Warning Signs of America’s Destruction – Jonathan Cahn

The Majority of Believers Are Not Ready for the Pressures of Persecution, and This Is Very Dangerous

Florida mom shares story of adopting abortion survivor 

Texas Heartbeat Law Celebrates 250 Days of Saving Babies From Abortion, 20,000 Babies Saved

Stunning Images Show The Difference Between Pro-Life And Pro-Abortion Supporters

Pro-Aborts Deface a Catholic Church in Colorado

Baby-Murdering Democrats Show Up at Catholic Church in L.A. to Rabble-Rouse, Get Marched Out by Parishioners

Pro-Life Organization Fire-Bombed With Molotov Cocktail

After Supreme Court Leak, A Major Update On Decision Is revealed

Tennessee gov. signs bills to restrict abortion pills, ban males from women's college sports

Fake Catholic Pelosi Supports Baby-Murdering Agitators in Letter to Fellow Demonrats

The Real Reproductive Rights Battle Isn’t Abortion, It’s to Have and Raise Children

As Roe Is Threatened, the NY Times Dumps ‘Pregnant People’ and Rediscovers ‘Women’

Time to Highlight Democrats’ Abortion Extremism

Completely Weaponized DOJ Refuses to Prosecute Anti-Life Democrat Domestic Terrorists

Pollak: Why South African Abortion Rights Pioneer Rhoda Kadalie Became Skeptical in the U.S.

INSURRECTION: Anti-Life Feminazi Calls for Killing Pro-Life Americans, Celebrates Firebombing

Fake Catholic Pelosi on Mother’s Day Says She’s “Prayerful” Democrats Will Still Be Able to Murder Their Babies

The Mob Comes For Religion

Destroying the Traditional Family The Devil and Freud


Pope to his top gay rights FrancisPriest, Fr. Martin: The Church never rejected people who have gay sex with each other, okay? It was just some bad people in the Church

Pope’s Synod Labels Gay Adoption ‘Pro-life’ Vatican pumps out pro-homosexual 'seamless garment' propaganda

A First: German Bishop Stages Homosex "Blessing"

Psychologist Says Over Half of Teen Patients Identifying as Trans

Target Collaborates with ‘Queer-Owned’ Brand to Sell Chest Binders

Tranny “Rights” Activist Charged With Blackmail, Rape of Teenage Boy                          5/10


St. Gregory Nazianzen, Doctor of the Church                         St. Pachomius                Saint John of Avila

Apparition of Saint Michael the Archangel, Monte Gargano, Italy (492)                   St. Peter of Tarantaise

Saint Rose Venerini                     Saint Stanislaus, Bishop of Cracow, Martyr  

Padre Pio's Prophecy on the Conversion of Russia

Francis Says "Don't Make Liturgy A Battleground" - And Starts The Battle

Dodgy Dean Bars Unmasked From Cathedral Fr. Timothy Menezes appointed pro-gay priest to orthodox institute

New Paris Archbishop Is "Enemy Of Heritage"

FrancisChurch: The Diocese of Rome this year ordained only 3 priests.

Not the Faith’s Fault US prelate slams German Bishops

Liz Yore: Moms, are in my opinion the real and present political threat to the Left and the Democratic Party, who are trying to turn local schools into Marxist struggle sessions

EU Parliament Passes Extremist Anti-Christian

Top companies silent on abortion after Disney's disastrous tangle with DeSantis

Godless Pro-Abortion Group Announces Latest Assault on Christians: “We Will Be Burning the Eucharist to Show Our Disgust”

‘Catholics for Choice’ Exposed

Pro-Life Ministry Building Firebombed in Wisconsin

Justice Alito, Author of Draft Striking Down Roe v Wade, Moved to Undisclosed Location Away From Radical Protesters

Investigation: Planned Parenthood Staffers Aid Child Sex Abuse, Trafficking

L.A. HS Promotes Abortion Resources To Students, Parent Permission ‘Not Required’

‘The Terminators’: Battle Over Birthing (and Killing) Kids Has Extra Dimension

They don’t need Planned Parenthood when they have the jab

From ‘Saved by Satan’ to Saved by Jesus: Ex-Satanist’s Story About Finding Christ Goes Viral

107 Florida Congregations Leaving UMC to Join New Conservative Church Network Amid LGBT Debate

Taliban Orders All Afghan Women To Cover Faces In Public, Taking Country Back To Pre-2001

Islamic Militants Kill 8 Christians, Including Children, in Nigeria

FULL GROOMER: Discovery TV welcomes “pink palace” where children as young as 13 are being groomed for TRANSEXUALISM

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis says he plans to PROHIBIT gender transition surgeries from being performed on children

Disney helps fund a group that sexualizes five-year-old school children

Trans pornography 'family' imprisoned for horrifying abuse of 7-year-old girl

‘Menstrual Dignity Act’: Oregon Public Schools to Stock Feminine Products in Boys’ Bathrooms                 5/9


Saint John before the Latin Gate                  St. Dominic Savio               Saints Marian and James      

Saint Pius V, Pope              St. Hilary of Arles



Pope Pius XII: Altar and Tabernacle Should Not Be Separated

Newfoundland FrancisBishop allows synod listening sessions after banning unvaccinated from sacraments

This Opportunist Chooses Bishops

Catholic Bishop Blasts Biden for Using God to Promote Abortion

US bishops shut down Catholic News Service domestic bureaus

Archbishop to Germans: This Is Not Reading Signs of the Times, This is a Betrayl of the ....

Word on Fire and the limits of canon law

Success Breeds Success: PiusX Grows in Protestant Estonia

African Catholic priest found guilty of selling body parts of murdered man

Leaked SCOTUS draft: Roe v. Wade was ‘egregiously wrong from the start’

Amazing! Watch This Black Man and Pro-Lifer Confront Protesting Pro-Abortion Doctors and Medical Personnel on Black Lives Matter (VIDEO)

I Am the Byproduct of Rape, But I’m Glad I Wasn’t Aborted

Pregnancy centers are just one way pro-lifers care for people from womb to tomb


Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro calls defending the unborn a ‘mission from God’

Sen. Josh Hawley: Abortion is the left’s ‘religion,’ and they’ll ‘do anything’ to defend it

WATCH: Joe Biden: The “Right” to Kill Babies in Abortions Comes From Being a “Child of God”

Nominalism's Post-Truth Francis & RINO Kennedy World of the Denial of Law of Non-Contradiction: If Justice Kennedy is a "Satanist," then is Francis a "Satanist," too?

Whoopi Goldberg on Who Makes a Decision to Have an Abortion: “My Doctor, Myself and My Child!” (VIDEO)

Report: Antifa Attacks a Crisis Pregnancy Center in Portland: 'F*ck CPC'

Catholic church in Colorado attacked after leaked Supreme Court opinion on Roe v. Wade

Leftist Pro-abortion Groups Dox and Target Conservative SCOTUS Justices in Wake of Roe v. Wade Leak

Satanists Demand Flag over Boston City Hall after Pro-Christian SCOTUS Ruling

Conquered: Screams of 'Allahu Akbar’ in Packed Stadiums Across France Mark the End of Ramadan

Grooming 101 at St. Norbert College Sexual perversion and pseudo-theology

Discovery Plus to debut streaming series next month glorifying LGBT drag teens

WATCH – Teachers Brag About LGBT Indoctrination… Proud Classrooms Are Very Gay             5/6


Saint Monica, Widow

St. Florian

Blessed Michael Giedroyc

May Is for Mary and Moms Thank God for both mothers

Mothers of traditional French priests walk 880 miles to ask Pope Francis to lift Latin Mass restrictions 

Pope Says NATO Started War!

Might Lutheran Francis be a Liberal Protestant & a "Practical Arian" who practically denies the Divinity of Jesus?

These Catholic priests need your help! Life after being canceled by your bishop 

Coalition for Canceled Priests launches fundraiser to buy retreat center for censored clergy 

Priests Illegally Enforce Face Masks at Mass Coercive clergy defy ruling by Italian government, episcopal conference

‘Truly remarkable’: Pro-life lawyer praises Justice Alito’s leaked draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade

Woman Who Survived Abortion Glad Supreme Court Poised to Overturn Roe v. Wade

26 States Where Abortion Will Be Banned Or Restricted

Supreme Court confirms leaked opinion on Roe v. Wade is ‘authentic’ but not a ‘final position’

‘Devout Catholic’ Biden goes all-in on slaughtering the babies

Joe Biden Trashes Pro-Life Americans: They’re “the Most Extreme Group in American History”

Abortions Drop 19% to Historic Low as More Babies Saved From Bloodthirsty Democrats

California To Build The Wall — A ‘Firewall’ To Protect Abortion

Godless Democrats Carrying Communist Flags Attack Cops, Smash Windows During Pro-Baby Murder Protest

Debating an Abortionist? Here Are 5 Videos That DESTROY Every Single Argument

Man sentenced to 40 years in prison for killing teen pregnant with his baby

ICYMI: Amazon to Pay U.S. Employees Up to $4,000 to Kill Their Babies

Watch: Pro-Life Group Announce $25K Reward for Info Against 'The Butcher of D.C.' Abortionist Dr. Cesare

Algorithms are Being Used to Help Determine if Kids Should be Taken From Their Parents

‘Wonder Years’ Star Discovers Wonder of Salvation Through Jesus 

Macrony: Catholics Attacked With Paint And Eggs

Illinois school district hosts “Satan” club for elementary students after hours in response to “horrific” Christian “indoctrination” 

A Common Misunderstanding Of Trafficking

Multiculturalism Update From France: Drunk Migrant Arrested for Brutal Rape in Middle of Street

Christian professor who won settlement over trans pronouns says ‘we cannot give in’ to gender ideology

Pedophile Hunters Catch NBC News Anchor 'Trying To Meet Underage Boy For Sex

The Transgender Crusades: Another Case for Abolishing Government Schools                         5/4


The Finding of the Holy Cross, (326)

Saints Philip and James

St Athanisius vs. Arianism & Do Protestant Anti-Mary Doctrines incline them towards "Practical Arianism"?

Saintly Women Who Reproached Popes

Removed Puerto Rican bishop repeatedly asked Vatican for a chance to defend himself

Over Night: Bishop Beaten and Found on the Floor

Good Catholics, Bad Bishops and Popes: Part II

South Korea: The Catholic Boom Is Over

Catholicism in America First Can America be saved without Christ?

The month of May, the Virgin Mary, and your family’s future  

Pachamama Education: Priest Convicted for Albino Murder

BREAKING: Supreme Court Votes to END Roe v Wade in DRAFT OPINION by Justice Samuel Alito Leaked to Press

Barricades Up Around SCOTUS Building

Baby Saved From Abortion When Mom Changes Her Mind Halfway Through

Group to build pro-life park across from West Virginia’s last abortion mill

Amazon Will Pay for Employees to Kill Their Babies in Abortions

No, Amnesty International: Ukrainian Refugees Do Not Need Abortion

Baby-killers break out the wallets, get ready to shell out bigtime

WATCH: Abortion advocates express support for infanticide, having abortions ‘100 times’

Why Does YouTube Host This Channel That Teaches Kids About Porn and Abortion?

PA Senate frontrunner: Abortion is a sacred liberal sacrament

Pro-Abortion Groups To Spend $150 Million Ahead Of 2022 Midterms

Klobuchar: The midterms are about a woman’s right to choose to viciously crush a baby’s head and suck out the brains

Vermont legalizes remote prescription of assisted suicide drugs

Attention Democrats: Do Not Sterilize Children!

Psychomoralitics The Catholic antidote

Finnish Prosecutor Will Keep Prosecuting Christian Politician for Quoting the Bible

North Carolina After-School Satan Club Protested By Parents

71% Of Elementary Math Textbooks in Florida Contained Woke Indoctrination

‘Talking Jesus’ report finds only 6% of UK adults identify as practicing Christians

Christian university recommends termination of professor who officiated same-sex ceremony

Christian college accused of banning student for having premarital sex after she reported rape

Catholic high school defends decision to ban same-sex prom dates after student backlash

Christian employers sue to stop Biden admin from forcing them to fund trans surgeries

Anti-LGBTQ+ Pride Pastor Triumphs in Court Preacher tweeted Catholic bishop's warning on parades 'harmful to kids'

How Is This Even a Thing? U.S. Courts Weighing Whether Teachers Are Obligated to Tell Parents Their Kid May Be Trans

Shocking New Teenage Drag Queen Doc From Tyra Banks, Discovery+ Eviscerated Online as ‘Child Abuse,’ ‘Grooming’

Peanuts Mother's Day special declares 'some kids have two moms' amid media push for LGBT inclusion

Science position at Canadian university reserved for women, transgenders, non-binaries and “two-spirit persons”

Why Christians are losing the war against LGBT agenda 

Midwives Being Taught How to Deliver Babies through 'Male Genitalia'               5/3


Saint Joseph the Worker

Saint Athanasius                           St. Marculf

Totus Tuus ego sum: St Louis-Marie de Montfort’s Marian consecration

Veteran Dies - What Did God Tell Him? - Ep. 14

Francis Will "Obfuscate Faith" – Bishop Schneider

Cardinal Burke speaks to the Coalition of Cancelled Priests

John Paul II Wanted to Use Pontificale Romanum

The Division of Opinion on Archbishop Vigano

Bonkers: Swiss Sweat Ritual for Confirmands in Swimwear

ELON MUSK: A Lost Boy in the Post-Christian Neverland

Ignored Cardinal: Why Does the West Want to Destroy Itself?

Fr. Rutler on Feminists, Transsexuals, and Pachamama


Pastors, You Cannot Be Silent

Secrets of Sodom and Gomorrah Unearthed, Including Pillar of Salt


Get the facts: Abortion has always been about controlling certain populations

Abortion industry pushing chemical pill to starve unborn in womb as fears rise SCOTUS will overturn Roe v. Wade

Pro-abortion author says killing preborn babies is ‘parenting,’ dedicates book to aborted babies


6 ways the abortion industry is cashing in on the abortion pill and bilking customers

Why is Canada euthanising poor?

Transhumanism: The Evil Force Behind the New World Order

Archaeologists find cave, then realize 70,000 Christians may have hidden in biggest underground city on Earth

Christian Law Students Punished by University for Speaking About Their Faith 

Tranny Bureaucrat “Rachel” Levine Says Pediatricians All Agree on Importance of ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ for Children

The Democrats’ pedophilia problem is being exposed

After-School Drag Show Sparks Major Investigation, Staff Placed on Leave

Illinois school district teaching gender and sexuality starting with PRESCHOOL age kids          5/2


Saint Pius V

Saint Joseph Benedict Cottolengo, Founder


“New archbishop of Paris: enemy of Catholic heritage”

Swiss Catholic priests refuse to sign new diocesan code of conduct, claim it contains ‘LGBT ideology’

Arecibo: Francis Used Spy to Fire Faithful Bishop

Sad Dancing FrancisMass for new FlunkieBishop of St. Lucia 

Diocese Forces Priests to Whitewash Homosexuality - Rebellion

“All Human Conflict is Ultimately Theological.”—Cardinal Manning

Premature Baby Born at 23 Weeks Survives After Parents Refuse to Turn Off His Life Support

Healing After Abortion Reconciliation with God is always possible

Baby dies at 26 weeks after boyfriend administers abortion drug to unwitting mom

Abortion industry pushing chemical pill to starve unborn in womb as fears rise SCOTUS will overturn Roe v. Wade

Warren Buffett has given $50 million to pro-abortion ‘Catholics for Choice’

The push to normalize infanticide

Christian Group Files Lawsuit to Stop Biden Mandate Forcing Doctors to Do Abortions and Sex Changes

Planned Butcherhood Stops Abortions in Georgia and Alabama Because It Can’t Find Anyone to Kill Babies

Planned Parenthood won't notify parents if their child becomes a sex crime victim

Montana judge rejects bid to lift 9-year injunction on abortion parental consent law

True Security Only Found in the Blood of Jesus

Taking An In Depth Look At The Great Reset And The Antichrist

Disinformation Board Censors Speech in First Century Jerusalem

Biden’s Military Is “Using the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate to “Intentionally Purge” Religious Service Members”

Trump-endorsed, Latin Mass Catholic John Gibbs seeking to unseat RINO Michigan Shares Faith Story

Did the Secretive Pro-Francis & Pro-Amoris Laetitia Opus Dei give us Barr, Voris, Roberts & Coney Barrett?

Christian Groups Sue New York for Trying to Force Them to Hire Non-Christians

The Plight of Hong Kong and Its Christians

China shuts down popular Christian website amid crackdown on religion

Ramadan: A Time to Celebrate Murder, Bloodshed, and Slavery 

Coptic Christian shot dead at work, assailants set fire to his car and flee

The BIG Question: What Is a Woman?

Pope’s Pet LGBTQ+ Nun Raps Anti-Gay Africans Sister Gramick says Francis subtly revoked Vatican's ban on gay blessings

Outrageous! Rhode Island’s Proposed Sex Education Curriculum Shows the Wisdom of Florida Law

Lawsuit: University Unlawfully Stops Christian Students From Debating Homosexual “Marriage”

Illinois School District Teaching Gender, Sexual Orientation to Students as Young as Preschool

New Minister of Truth: ‘There Are Many Non-Binary People Who Give Birth’

Pennsylvania Teacher Suspended After Hosting Drag Show for Students Without Notifying Parents

Welsh Parents’ War No to sexualizing children

Drag Queen Story Hour for 2 Year Olds?

When Sex Ed Is a Crime Against Children

Missouri House Approves Voter Photo ID, “Transgender” Athlete Bill             5/1


Saint Catherine of Siena, Virgin

St. Louis Mary de Montfort, Missionary                          Saint Peter Chanel

Beginning Evangelization: Brown Scapulars or Miraculous Medals?

Leftist Cardinal Resigns Called 'vice pope' for his influence

Expensive Poverty: Two Days For €4 Million

Woke Pope Francis: Catholics Are Racists

Archdiocese of Chicago Reaches $800,000 Settlement in Sexual Abuse Claims

Tell Me Why Sidelined bishop denied clarity

Does Feser think Cd. Kasper & Canon Law Expert Cafardi are "Half-baked" for saying that it is "difficult, if not impossible" for a Pope to Resign "if a Political Faction in the Church is trying to force it"?

Council of Cardinals: Useless as A Vatican Maternity Ward

Victims Unmask Corrupt Marriage Tribunals Lebanon's annulment racket involves Vatican, Muslims, bishops, judges

Canon 332 §2 & Substantial Error: Mazza vs. Feser & The Catholic Monitor would love to see a Dr. Feser vs. Dr. Mazza Debate on Camera

Vatican Uses Rigidity to Discipline Rebellious Carmelites

Florida teen shot dead hours after baptism

Virginia governor Glenn Youngkin becomes first to attend state’s March for Life  

David Daleiden Fights Court’s Ruling Forcing Him to Pay Planned Parenthood $16 Million for Exposing It

90% of Doctors in Ireland Refuse to Kill Babies in Abortions

'I wish you were aborted': Pro-life group met with vicious hatred at Catholic college

FDA issues warning as women abort healthy babies due to false positives on prenatal genetic screening tests

Leaked Documents Expose How USAID Disguised Millions in “Covid Relief” to Fund Depopulation, Murdering Babies

Climbing Wall in Cathedral: Who Is The Archdiocese Trying to Bamboozle?

Pray for Christian Coach and SCOTUS’ Decision

Biden tells teachers that students are ‘like your’ children, not ‘somebody else’s,’ in the classroom

Christian School Cancels Samaritan’s Purse Program After Complaint Calling Its Biblical Morals A ‘Danger To Children’

Charity Builds Dozens of Tiny Homes for Homeless on PRIVATE PROPERTY, Cops & Gov’t Destroy All Of It

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Adult Male Dancer Invited to Wiggle Backside at Democrat-Run School Event

Demon-Possessed Hollywood Actress Megan Fox Admits to Participating in Blood-Drinking ‘Rituals’ With Rapper Fiancé

Pro-LGBT nun claims Pope Francis wasn’t fully aware of contents in document condemning same-sex ‘blessings’

School Cancels Support of Children’s Charity After One Complaint Accusing Founder of “Homophobic” Christian Beliefs

Department of “Education” Training Video Features Biology Teacher Saying Ovaries Produce Eggs, Not Women

Sounds About Right: Homosexual Groomer Show ‘Love, Victor’ Moving From Hulu to Demonic Disney+ 

Minnesota Lourdes Catholic School Institutes New Ban on Same-Gender Prom Dates. Gay New Ways Squeals

Homosexualist Will Ordain Roman Rite Deacons

New Toy Story Movie Features Lesbian Kiss Scene

Transgender Rikers Inmate Sentenced For Raping Female Prisoner                   4/29


Saint Peter Canisius, Doctor of the Church            St. Louis Mary Grignion de Montfort           St. Zita

Our Lady of Good Counsel                   St. Cletus            Saint Pedro de San José Betancur

New FrancisBishop of Paris called LePen's anti-Islamization platform 'aggressive vindictiveness and hate speech.' - "One cannot be Catholic and xenophobic," dammit!



Deposed Puerto Rico Bishop Daniel Fernández Torres pushed back ahead of removal

Catholic Priest Among 4 Sentenced in Shooting of South Sudan Bishop-Elect

Surprising Ray of Light Amid Dire Statistics About Bible Reading

Mother Miriam: Catholics who support LGBT movement are ‘on the way to hell’

Federal Appeals Court Dismisses Lawsuit Against Texas Abortion Ban

CBS Fake News “Reporter” Who Had Been Accused of Pro-Abortion Bias Announces New Job at Planned Butcherhood

Joe Gormley: Saving Fatherhood with God's Help

Obama Justice Sotomayor Poses Bizarre Question as SCOTUS Hears Arguments for School Coach Fired for Praying

Christian Law Students Punished by University of Idaho Over Religious Beliefs

Religious Freedom Commission: ‘Last Known Remaining Jew Left Afghanistan in September’

‘Not in my town’: Pennsylvania man urges school board to reject After School Satan Club

ICYMI: Alternatives to Demonic Disney

Tennessee law defunds schools that allow ‘trans’ males in girls’ sports

Pedophile, Who identifies As A 5 Yr Old Girl, Avoids Jail Despite Breaching Order

Exclusive — Rep. Mary Miller: Transgender Activist Agenda Is ‘Rebellion Against God’

‘Grooming’ perfectly describes ‘ideological manipulation’ in schools: former teacher

LGBTQ Alumni Group at “Catholic” Notre Dame Praises Homosexual “Marriage,” Transgenders              4/27


You might want to think twice before trashing the Divine Mercy

Saint Mark, Evangelist

Triduum in Ukraine: 'God will be where I will be'

Why doesn't the Francis Vatican let Benedict speak in front of live cameras?

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò: ‘The New World Order Agenda Requires That Italy Should Perish’

Archbishop: Bishops' Conferences Serve to Promote Stalinism

China’s Ongoing Persecution of The Church

Probably Another Muslim Attempts to Murder Priest and Nun in Nice

Church Holds Service for First Time After ISIS Desecrated It 8 Years Ago 

The Gospels Have No Idea But Father Knows Everything

Infanticide: Democrats To Allow Babies To Be Killed 28 Days AFTER Birth

SHOCK: Pfizer tried to hide data showing its COVID vax caused massive increase in miscarriages, stillborn babies

‘My Jesus’ singer Anne Wilson tells why she’s on fire for God after brother's tragic death

Praying Football Coach Asks scotus for Job Back

SCOTUS to Hear Case Monday of HS Coach Joe Kennedy Who Lost Job for Praying After Games

Coptic Christians Kicked and Beaten in Italy by Muslim Mob for Smoking During Ramadan

Pastor Mocked by Ilhan Omar for Worshipping God Responds in Powerful Way

China: Police Track Down Pastor, House Church Members After Videos of Ocean Baptism Posted on WeChat

Suicide rates among the ill are being used to demand assisted suicide

Satanic Temple Files Lawsuit Against Pennsylvania Elementary School for Refusing to Host ‘After School Satan Club’

Marxists Seek to Destabilize American Society Through Sexualization of Young People: Expert

‘Libs of TikTok’ Strikes Again: Transgender Teacher Tells Students Some People Born ‘in the Wrong Bodies’

68% of Americans DITCH Disney Following Its Pro-Pedophilia Stance

Children of the Porn

Federal Court Orders First ‘Gender-Affirming’ Surgery For Transgender Prisoner

Woke professor: Pedophiles are ‘innocent,’ kids to blame for ‘teasing’ them                     4/25


Saint Mary Euphrasia Pelletier, Foundress                Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen Martyr

St. George Martyr,Patron of Soldiers                     Saint Peter Chanel, Missionary and Martyr

St. Francis De Sales’ Mass Meditation

Unpacking Benedict’s resignation: What if Francis isn’t the pope after all?

Unofficial: Name of New Paris Archbishop Known

"Dr. Briggs... Pulling out a Dictionary and dropping the mic isn’t enough of an Analysis"

Pope Francis appoints two Secretaries for re-structured Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Emails Show Collusion Between NH Priest and Media Fr. Georges de Laire was source for Damien Fisher

‘When I was a seminarian there were 60 others along with me!’ - Pro-gay Maltese butterball Abp. Scicluna tells 9 priests who were ordained before the Awful Horror to pray for more ‘vocations’ to his freakish Church

Francis: €45,000 For 200 Seconds

There Are Only Two Choices—God or the Devil

Rapist Priest Back on the Job Bishop turns a blind eye to crimes

Heartwarming: 96-year-old woman, born prematurely, meets great-great grandson

Study: Doctors are Much Less Likely to Have Abortions

Würzburg Diocese Ends Cooperation With Abortion Clique

Abortion industry raking in an estimated $300M annually from abortion pill sales

‘Right to kill cannot exist’: Republicans blast Biden DOJ for prosecuting pro-life activists

University Must Pay Settlement After Woman is Killed in Botched 6-Month Abortion

Biden regime to turn Christian doctors into MURDERERS by forcing them to perform abortions (or lose their medical license)

Baby-Killing Biden Blasted for Decision to Run Rampant on Abortion

Author warns that Hitler’s horrifying Nazi objective of “master race” eugenics actually has roots in America

Prime Minister Calls Cardinal "Miserable"

Are you crazy? For well over a century, the mental health system has been a mere tool of the Devil and nothing else

‘The Pandemic Killed Us’: Church Running Since 1848 to Hold Final Service Sunday or was it you doing nothing to fight the LIES

Internet of Bodies: Implantable microchips could put all your information in one place and make you ‘hackable’

Implanted microchips are helping push the transhumanist agenda of the World Economic Forum

Steve Harvey tells 'Family Feud' audience God has given every living soul a ‘gift’

Trans bathroom policies are harming girls beyond sexual assault: policy expert

Producer Behind BBC’s Nude Sex Education Program Targeting Children Is BLM – Show Included Cartoon Erections and a Song About the Clitoris

Francis opens a gay pop concert at St. Peter’s Square? Could there be a worse scandal? Are they that desperate for a crowd?

85,000 Moms for Liberty Take on School Boards Across the U.S.

Germany: Homosex “Blessings" Get Warmed Up

Westminster College not backing down from offering hardcore porn class despite backlash

“SECRET Gender Transition Closets,” Where Young Children Can “Trans” Without Their Parents’ Knowledge, Are Popping Up At Schools Across the Country

Leaked video, documents reveal LGBT indoctrination in private schools across America

California Parents Allege Teacher, Admin Conspired To Teach 8-Year-Olds About Gender, Sex

DeSantis Signs Bill Dismantling Disney’s Special Tax Jurisdiction…

Pelosi to Appear on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’                      

BBC to Use Beloved ‘Doctor Who’ Franchise to ‘Tell Trans Stories’                                  4/24


Surprise? X-Ray Method Confirms Age of Shroud of Turin

Saint Soter and Saint Caius, Popes, Martyrs                           St. Abdiesus

Saint Adalbert of Prague                           Saint Leonides, Martyr

French Mothers: Francis Will Shake Hands With Them

Nothing will be private: The rise of microchipping and the ‘internet of bodies’

Falsely Accused Cardinal Cleared

Vatican Threatens Unvaxxed With New Edict Face-saving order issued after Cdl. Parolin bars Cdl. Burke from dicastery

Vatican keeps all COVID requirements in place despite relaxation of mandates in Italy

Vatican Desperately Holds onto Tyrannical Coronascare Measures and Death Vaxx

Chrism Mass: Francis Insists on Forcing Priests to Co-Preside

Easter Violence in Nigeria Nation steeped in blood

Vatican: Another Bad Appointment Looming

SSPX Priests in Scotland Reject Pope Pius XII Revised Holy Week Services – Serious Concerns

Can I Eat in a Place with Idols?

Don’t Get Caught Detroit archdiocese on sodomy

Mortal Smell of the Sheep: Franciscan Murdered

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves Signs Law Giving Pregnancy Centers $3.5 Million to Save Babies From Abortion

FDA warns that prenatal screening tests can be misleading, lead to abortions of healthy babies

While claiming abortion is ‘life or death’ for women, abortion proponents miss the irony

University Must Pay Settlement After Woman is Killed in Botched 6-Month Abortion

‘Gosnell’ movie producers to premiere stage play as counter to pro-abortion J.J. Abrams production

Ohio judge with pro-abortion track record blocks ‘premature enforcement’ of pro-life law

Abortionist Admits She Refused to Attend Any Lectures on Ethics in Med School

Grand Mosque of Paris Urges Vote for Holy FrancisLeader Emmanuel Macron

Hamas Incitement Campaign Seeks To Ignite Violence On Temple Mount

Tech Firm Pushes Microchip Implants

Microchip Implanted in Your Hand? Why Worry?

Internet Of Bodies Means Total Control Over Your Body, Behavior, Actions

Protecting children from groomers requires politically active parents

Prosecutor Says Quoting Bible is “Hate Speech,” Wants Pro-Life MP in Prison for Six Years

How About Separation of Church and Big Business? Does Your Church Have a Starbucks? This One Does...

White House Press Secretary Breaks Down in Tears Over State Laws Banning Child Sex Change Operations

It’s Finally Time for GOP Lawmakers to Expose the Dark Side of the Disney Regime Once and For All

N.J. To Require 2nd Graders to Learn About Gender Identity: You Can Have ‘Boy Parts’ but Be a Girl

Massachusetts Parents Sue School District For Hiding Child’s 'Alternate Gender Identity' From Them

‘Hobby Lobby 2.0’: Two Biden Rules on Trans Care Raise Religious Liberty Fears 

Groomer Gives Tutorial on How to Talk to Toddlers About Transgenderism

ABC, NBC Wail: DeSantis Targets Disney for Supporting Child Grooming!

'Family Sex Show' Aimed At Kids Cancelled After Backlash By Furious Parents

23-year-old woman to Tucker: I deeply regret “transitioning” as a teen (YouTube)…

‘Detransitioners’ Come out Against Sex Change Procedures and Gender Ideology                     4/22


Saint Agnes of Monte Pulciano, Virgin                     St. Marian

Saint Conrad of Parzham                    Saint Marcellinus, Bishop of Embrun

Angels of the Resurrection and Our Guardian Angels

Bernadette's life after Lourdes

Bishop Strickland: DC babies reveal ‘atrocity that goes beyond crimes committed in Ukraine’

Head of German bishops' conference defends controversial 'Synodal Path' against critics

Electoral Propaganda: Archbishop Will Vote for Macron

Exorcist Diary: Priests Suffer Demonic Obsessions

Business ‘outside the family’: What if Becciu blames Pope Francis?

Wild West Methods? Nuns Accuse Archbishop of Violence

Cuba sentences pastor to 8 years in prison for participating in peaceful protest: report

Diocese agrees to $87.5 million abuse payment

Rock Concert Disguised as Prayer: "We Have Lost The Nose For The Truth" - Francis

I Have to be a Blessing to Other People': Homeless Seattle Street Barber Offers Free Haircuts to Anyone

Arrested for Praying Silently on a UK Street?

Nothing will be private: The rise of microchipping and the ‘internet of bodies’

South African pro-life doctor reinstated after five-year suspension for counseling against abortion

Hospital Forced Pro-Life Nurse to Count the Body Parts of a Baby Killed in an Abortion

States Fighting for Life Saving babies, one bill at a time

Kentucky’s last two abortion centers stop aborting after legislature overrides veto of pro-life law

Viral TikTok shows consequences of choosing abortion — and not

Arizona RINO Gov. Candidate Karrin Taylor Robson Opposed Crucial Abortion Ban

Alberta church, pastor going to trial for alleged COVID violations

YouTube Removes Tucker Carlson Interview With ‘De-Transitioned’ Woman

Second-Wave Feminazis Pushed the Sexual Revolution to End America, and It’s Working            4/20


Saint Elphege, Archbishop of Canterbury

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla

What is the Easter duty for Catholics?

Medieval altar from Crusades discovered in Holy Sepulchre

This Woman Was Clinically Dead, Then She Left Her Body and Saw a Glimpse of Heaven AND Hell

Francis is in SCHISM from ALL Valid Popes in History who Reject his Sacrilege of Communion for Adulterers

German bishops are ‘eroding’ the deposit of faith and must be fraternally corrected: Bp. Strickland


Marxist Pope Francis Abandons Christ’s Cross to Appease Muslims

Catholic Bishop: Doctors Wanted My Parents to Abort Because I Was a “Disabled Freak,” Thank God They Refused

Cd. Woelki's Cologne archdiocese spent $1.24M for priest's gambling debts

Video: DeSantis Blasts Pro “Infanticide” Late-Term Abortionists

Polling proves that when the public learns about abortion, they support restrictions

TOO MUCH TO IGNORE: COVID vaccines cause 16,633% more miscarriages compared to flu vaccines

Mother Adopts Girl With Cerebral Palsy Who Survived an Abortion

‘My baby would not be alive’: Mom says abortion pill reversal saved her child 

Joe Biden Will Scrap Trump’s Pro-Life Rule, Force Christian Doctors to Kill Babies in Abortion

Referendum on Life Kansans vote on abortion

Kentucky is Abortion Free as State’s Two Abortion Centers Stop Killing Babies

Massachusetts city bans pregnancy resource centers that offer free help to parents in crisis

First-ever surgical abortion facility to open this summer in Wyoming

Michigan Judge Deciding Major Abortion Case is a Planned Parenthood Donor 

Parents beware: Children’s storybook about ABORTION has gone viral

Here’s 10 Ways Joe Biden’s Budget Would Force Americans to Fund Big Abortion

Apple Includes "Pregnant Man" Emoji In Latest Software Update

Marriage is Good — Let’s Keep It That Way! (Part One)

Twitter Promotes Assisted Suicide Tweet

Woman dies by assisted suicide in ‘crossing over ceremony’ at Canada church

No Mention of God at White House Event

Two Bills That Demonstrate Politics Is A Battle Between Good And Evil

Media Publishes Pictures of War in Ukraine or George Floyd’s Death, Censors Images of Aborted Babies

Alice Cooper talks Heaven, Hell and Satan: I wake up, grab coffee and read my Bible

Tommy Robinson Posts Video Exposing Threats and Stalking by Muslim Child-Grooming Gangs — Including Threat to Kidnap and Rape His Children

Jihad Against Easter: Christian Processions Attacked by Islamic Migrants in Spain (Video)

Democratic congresswoman celebrates Drag Queen Story Hour for providing ‘well rounded’ LGBT education

Disney Faces Scathing Pushback Fallout from company going woke

University of Washington Used Fake Science to Push Democrats’ Satanic Gender-Bending Religion

Parents Accuse Ludlow Public Schools of Encouraging Their Children to Change Genders                   4/19


St. Apollonius the Apologist                   Blessed James Oldo

Saint Benedict Joseph Labre                        Saint Kateri Tekakwitha, Virgin

Bishop: As Soon As I Finished Saying the Words of Consecration of the Bread, Blood Began To Drip!


The Geography of the Holy Sepulcher

Resurrection and exorcism

The day St. Francis restored peace to a city

The Passion of the Christ and The Descent into Hell

Pope Francis, Release the Red Dossier, Now!

Bishop Cozzens on pro-life witness, clergy sex abuse, and Eucharistic revival

Vocations in Spain by Dioceses

Video: power of Benedict medal


The coming leftist revolution if the Supreme Court throws out Roe v. Wade

Priest who held funeral for aborted children found in D.C. speaks: ‘Make sure this evil comes to an end’

Germany: Looser Bishops Produce the Next Slump

Inside America's 'unprecedented drop' in Bible reading: What's really going on?

An Easter Story – Beautiful Catherine from China and a Family’s Search for God

Journey of hope: Orphan becomes father to thousands of orphans like him

Angels appeared over Ukraine – but we have them too

We Have to Protect Babies From Abortion Because the Strong Must Protect the Weak

Pro-Life Advocates Fast on Bread and Water for 40 Days, Save 6 Babies From Abortion

Twitter Censors Image of Full-Term Aborted Baby Possibly Killed in Infanticide

Australia moves a step closer to allowing three-parent IVF

The Slippery Slope from Abortion to Infanticide

The abortion industry’s profits on the abortion pill skyrocket while they beg for more taxpayer funding

Is the ‘Father Stu’ Movie Based on a True Story? 9 Things to Know About the Real Father Stuart Long

WEF: Homo Sapiens Will Soon Be No More—the Future of Life Is of the Inorganic Realm

Jihad Against Easter: Christian Processions Attacked by Islamic Migrants in Spain (Video)

Special Grand Jury is Investigating Loudoun County’s Cover-Up of Trans School Bathroom Rapes

Get Your Kids out of Public Schools: Parent Dressed as Easter Bunny Hands out Eggs With Condoms Inside to Children at Austin Elementary School

MUST WATCH: Courageous Young Woman Explains to Tucker Carlson Why She “De-Transitioned” and is Now Taking a Stand Against The Radical Transgender Agenda(VIDEO)

Kansas Gov. Shoots Down Bill Banning Trans Athletes

"Drag Queen Story Hour" for 2-year-olds is real and coming to you                    4/18


Why Saturday Is Dedicated to Our Lady

Saint Bernadette Soubirous, Virgin

Blessed Caesar de Bus  

Saint Lydwina of Schiedam, Virgin

Abp. Viganò meditation for Good Friday: 'Let us bend the knee before the wood of salvation'

Remnant: Please, God, send us a real Pope.

Francis Says St Michael's Prayer Every Day

Mary's suffering as Co-Redemptrix is intimately tied to her Motherhood of Christ and the Church

Abortion Damning Dems Fr. Altman warns accomplices

Canadian Pastor Artur Pawloski Talks Religious Freedom After Release From Jail

“We Are Racists” – Pope Francis Goes Woke in Good Friday Message Accusing the West of Racism and Describing Jesus as a Refugee

A Miracle! Francis Was Able to Kneel

Synodal ‘Dead End’ Dozens more bishops warn German Church

Is Life without the TLM like Purgatory?

New York Times Op-ed on Holy Weekend: Let’s Get Rid of God

Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani gets temporary release from prison

Lara Logan Gets Emotional Exposing the Dark Underbelly of Child Sex Trafficking

Jim Caviezel | Exposing America to Adrenochrome

DeSantis signs 15-week abortion ban ahead of crucial Supreme Court decision

Diocese for Life A Catholic friend of the court

After Surviving Botched Abortion, 30-Week-Old Baby Suffered for Four Days Until He Died

Push to make abortion a 'human right' in Ecuador defeated after veto

Woman Talks to Her Two Babies Before Aborting Them

Children’s storybook glorifying the killing of unborn babies disgusts even some abortion supporters

Meth-o-Dust Church-Aligned Emory University Promotes Baby Killing

Chinese Doctors are Executing Prisoners by Harvesting Their Organs

Belgium Euthanizes Over 50 Mentally Ill People

The Great Reset Clearly Wants to Usher in the Mark of the Beast [VIDEO]

Ramadan: 'Mentally Ill' Man Slaughters Beloved Coptic Priest, Stabs Him Repeatedly in Neck

Uganda: Muslims abduct teacher, burn him inside mosque after hearing prayer in Christ’s name

Quran Riots in Sweden: Islamic Migrants Violently Seize Control As Police Retreat (Videos)

‘Perfectly Natural’: Church Defends Assisted Suicide ‘Ceremony’ Performed In Sanctuary

Soft Porn Star to Sing in St. Peter’s Square Homoerotic singer to entertain teens on Easter Monday in the Vatican

High School Allows Teacher to Perform A**- Bearing Drag Queen Show in Front of Entire Student Body [VIDEO]

Disney takes WOKE to the extreme as CEO demands 50% of all movie characters must be gay, trans, lesbians or racial minorities

Teachers to strike after UK archdiocese bans LGBT author from speaking at Catholic school

All-girls California high school has students make 'pronoun buttons' at diversity festival

Illinois preschool conference cancels talk by homosexual porn actor

Malta Parish: As Many Naked People As Possible

Calif. city launches “universal basic income” program but only for LGBTQ citizens

2 Inmates Pregnant After ACLU Lawsuit Brings ‘Trans Women’ to NJ Women’s Prison          4/16


Saint Hermenegild, Martyr

Dominus flevit: the destruction of Jerusalem - by Roberto de Mattei

Explore Notre Dame throughout history in new augmented reality exhibit at DC Museum

Bishop Does His Job: Jesuits Insult Him

Vatican hopes to renew modified deal with Chinese Communists on appointing bishops

Last Things: ‘Church’s Ultimate Trial’ Antichrist's 'mystical body'

Pope Francis to attend ‘interfaith’ meeting on ‘gender equality’ and ‘global dialogue’

Marxist Pope Francis Abandons Christ’s Cross to Appease Muslims

Catholic Media have fallen

Petition at Jesuit college calls bishop 'bigoted' for asking Catholic middle school to remove gay pride and BLM Flags

Toddler Who Was Born With No Arms and Legs Survives Against the Odds, Gears Up to Start School

Baylor University creates scholarship for pregnant and parenting students

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Signs Bill Making Abortion at All Stages a Felony Into Law

YouTube couple purchases egg donor: ‘We just bought your mommy’

Colorado governor signs bill stating unborn human babies have no rights 

Texas megachurch helps hundreds of Ukrainian refugees relocate, raises thousands for relief

The Dystopian Future Where Women—and Men—just Don’t Want Children

Video: Communism, slavery, medical coercion, fear, pharmacology, abortion, Great Reset, Satanism


Priorities: WH Launches ‘Gender X’ on Passports

Two West Coast States Teach Students There Are ‘Many Ways to Express Gender’

Transgender Teacher Tells Kindergarteners that Doctors Make an Incorrect ‘Guess’ on Babies’ Gender When They Are Born (VIDEO)

Disney Heiress: Laws Protecting Children from Grooming Pushing History Backwards

Disney proudly releases ‘gayest kids movie yet’

LGBT teacher defends gender education for children, insists that they are “mature enough” for it

Chair of Parliament LGBT+ Group Resigns After Defending Convicted Child Abuser Colleague                4/13


St. Julius I, Pope

Blessed Catherine of St. Augustine, Virgin                Saint Teresa of Los Andes 

History and Science Validate that Christ Existed and The Gospels Are True

Viganò: Vatican II Was the Cancer, Francis Is the Metastasis

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò | Exposing the Global "Great Reset" & the Biden Corruption in Ukraine

Angels, 9 Choirs of Heavenly hierarchy

Rejecting God doesn’t just leave the world empty, it actively ‘opens the door’ to Satan: Bp. Strickland

Abp. Viganò: Both society and Church ‘infiltrated’ by people who want to ‘destroy’ them

Francis Strips Traditional Nuns Of The Sacraments And Catholic Identity

Communist Officials Storm Mass: Faithful Cast Them Out

Church Militant wrong again: man identified is not “New Catholic” at Rorate Caeli

Secret Trad Blogger Is Washington Lobbyist Chris Paulitz outed as anonymous key player of Rorate Caeli Blogspot

New Bishop: Those Supporting Homosexualism Must Not Be Ordained

Man Arrested Over Explosive Device Planted in Saint-Etienne Cathedral, Toulouse

Seattle FrancisDiocese, cathedral sell properties for carbon-neutral development

Amid criticism from abortion advocates, Instagram removes LaBrant Family’s pro-life video

Oklahoma Gov Kevin Stitt Signs Abortion Ban That Will Save 4,000 Unborn Babies A Year

Two babies placed in Indiana Safe Haven baby boxes in less than a week

You Can’t Just be “Personally Pro-Life” on Abortion Because Abortions Kill Babies

‘Justice for the Five’: Key facts about the discovery of the aborted babies in DC

Joe Biden’s Sister Claims Democrats are the Real Pro-Life Party on Abortion

Kentucky governor vetoes 15-week abortion restriction

Maryland Democrats override governor’s veto, enact bill to let non-doctors perform abortions

Idaho Supreme Court blocks Texas-style heartbeat law

American Religion Part 2: Oh, Church, Where Art Thou?

Federal Judge Rules Against Florida Christian School in Pregame Prayer Lawsuit

DeSantis signs legislation earmarking $70 million to help address 'fatherlessness crisis'

Yuval Noah Harari | "The Bible Is Fake News" & Why We Need a One World "Global Governance"

Mark Wahlberg says he feels the transforming power of Christ ‘every day,' led to preach in new film

No Cross: Bergoglio Cancels Christ – And Himself

Hatred of Truth Anti-Catholic outrage at 'Catholic' Georgetown

Oberlin College Refuses to Pay Millions to Bakery it Slandered as Racist

London Police Officer Hacked by Machete-Wielding "Religious Guy"

Britain's First Gay Muslim Politician Found Guilty of Sexual Assault on Teen Boy.

Worldwide: Bishops Sign Statement Against German Prelates  

Eastern European body votes to leave United Methodist Church

1st Grade Teacher Tells Kindergartners, ‘When Babies Are Born, the Doctor Looks and They Make a Guess on Whether the Baby Is a Boy or Girl’ 

DISGUSTING: Transgender Teacher Says It Is Appropriate To Discuss Gender And Sexuality To 3 YEAR OLDS!

Popular Christian finance show helps homosexual plan for future ‘marriage’

The Dark Side Of Disney

The Real Agenda Behind Transgenderism

Alabama Gov. Signs Law Banning Sex Change Treatments For Kids

NJ Sample Lesson Plans Push Videos For 5th Graders On Graphic Sex-Related Content                4/12


“Jesus wept, as did the Apostles also… He looked upon the city, and wept over its approaching destruction.”

St. Bernadette’s Relics Tour the United States

Saint Leo the Great, Pope                   Saint Gemma Galgani, Virgin

St. Antipas               Saint Stanislaus, Bishop of Cracow, Martyr

St. Michael de Sanctis                   Saint Magdalene of Canossa

St. Michael de los Santos, Trinitarian Priest                            Saint Bademus, Martyr

St. John the Almsgiver, Patriarch              Saint Casilda            Saint Mary of Egypt, Penitent

St. Paisios – An Obligatory Mark

The Mark of the Beast: Something is Not Right: Part 4b  



IT'S THE MASS THAT MATTERS: Michael Matt Interviews Bishop Athanasius Schneider

"'Pope's Theologian" Kasper said "'a Forced Resignation would be invalid," so what might Francis's "Theologian" think of a "Close" Friend of Pope Benedict saying Benedict Resigned due “Tremendous Pressure”?

Soldiers Storm Catholic Cathedral in Myanmar, Arrest Archbishop

Bishops offer to mediate crisis in Peru after Communist Prime Minister praises Hitler

German Diocese: Now Comes Homosexual Promiscuity

Palestinian Rioters Torch Joseph’s Tomb... World Silent

The War on Lukewarm Christianity Has Begun: Will You Fight?

China Has Now Banned the Word ‘Christ’ on Social Media Platforms Claiming It Causes ‘Incitement’

World Health Organization’s Abortion Extremism Draws Rebuke From Lawmakers

North Carolina Planned Parenthood Tries to Hide Emergency for Patient ‘Bleeding Non-Stop’

Pittsburgh Catholic University Hosts Speaker Who Says Whites Must ‘Crucify Their Whiteness’

Girls lacrosse team ordered to stop wearing prayer shirts 

Christian MP Päivi Räsänen ready to defend free speech again as Finnish prosecutors file appeal

Nigeria: Muslims murder three people, burn down church and 25 homes

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Theater Group Stages Naked ‘Family Sex Show’ to Teach Children as Young as Five About Sex

New UK Police Guidance Allows Women To Be Strip Searched By Transgender Officers

Get Your Kids Out of There: New Jersey to Force Second-Graders to Learn Explicit Details About ‘Gender Identity’

Buttigieg Tells ‘The View’ Co-Host He Agrees Parents’ Rights Law In Florida Will ‘Kill Kids’

Former child actor Cole Sprouse confirms that Disney is indeed SEXUALIZING young actresses

Disney Furthers the Death of Innocence

Trans Women Banned From UK Female Cycling Events 

 Alabama bans sex change procedures for children, LGBT ideology in primary schools                  4/11


Bl. Mary Assunta, Franciscan Missionary                  Saint Perpetuus, Bishop of Tours

St. Julie Billiart       

The Traditional Latin Mass is THE Mass…           

Why this Australian priest fighting for his Latin Mass community means so much to Catholics in Scotland

Bishop-Elect Challenges Gays in Seminaries Fr. Earl Fernandes decries normalization of gay subculture in formation

Francis Appoints Incompetent Bishops, Clergy Rebels

Catholic Bishops Meet In Secret To Discuss ‘Culture War’ Issues: What Does It Mean For The Church?

Any of us could be in this mass grave! May God rid Ukraine of those [Russian] criminals who came to kill, plunder, and destroy, OK?! - WWIII Ukrainian FrancisBishop Shevchuk tours Nazi false flag in Bucha

Bishop Strickland: Homokardinal has left the building

Praedicate Evangelium Is Not "Reform" But Secularisation of Curia - Cardinal Muller

Liz Yore: Vatican Abp. Bruno Forte, who’s pronounced that Jews don’t need to believe in Christ to get to Heaven, was Francis’s hand-picked Family Synod promoter of gay love, and has openly denied Christ’s resurrection.

Persecution and Perseverance Update on pastor Artur Pawlowski

Bishop Gracida who would have to be part an "Universal Acceptance" Demonstrated that the Skojec/Salza claim for "Dubious Pope" Francis is False

The Templars and Its Revival

Roman Decadence: Francis Shoots Himself in the Foot

Chip Roy Slams Democrats for Ignoring Babies Potentially Killed in Infanticide: “May God Have Mercy on This Nation”

Spain criminalizes pro-life gatherings near abortion clinics, accuses pro-lifers of ‘harassment’

Timestamped Surveillance Footage Proves Medical Waste Company Gave Away Boxes of Aborted Babies

California Democrats Push Bill to Legalize Infanticide for 28 Days After Birth

Oregon to become “center for assisted suicide tourism”

Female swimmer says NCAA ordered her to take lesser trophy for photo op despite tie with trans athlete

Biden administration puts Alabama ‘on notice’ over bill to protect kids from genital mutilation

Ex-Bishop: The Twins Are Born

Fiorazo: Disney’s Depravity And Moral Decline Have Been Going On For Decades     

‘I Am the Master of My Faith’: How Dumping Christianity Is Trending

White House: Sex Changes For Kids Are 'Life Saving,' States Banning Operations Will Be 'Held Accountable'

Disney World Ring: Ghislaine Maxwell doing fundraisers for Disney in 1985

Megyn Kelly Slams 3rd Grade Son’s School For ‘Trying To Recruit’ Him Into Being Transgender

Soros-Backed Democrat DA Prosecuting Parent Who Accused Another of ‘Grooming Behavior’

Palm Springs Approves Giving Trans Residents $1000/Month Cash Payments 

15 attorneys general warn Biden over redefining 'sex'

Former child star claims Disney 'sexualized' young actresses

Homosexual Former High School Coach Faces New Molestation Charges         4/8


Saint John Baptist de La Salle, founder              Saint Juliana of Mt. Cornillon, Virgin

Saint Hegesippus, Father of the Church                     Blessed Herman Joseph of Steinfeld, Priest


Why don't you, Mr. Ferrara, in 2022, again, Call for an "Imperfect Council" & present your Friend Fr. Gruner's Evidence that Francis's Papacy is Invalid?

American Bible Society finds 'unprecedented drop' in number of Bible users in 1 year

Money-grubbing, Anti-American U.S. PervBishops welcome end of Title 42 Covid asylum limits

Genital Mutilation Is Not a ‘Sacred Journey’ Experts excoriate ex–archbishop of Canterbury's push for transgenderism

Austria: Over One Hundred Priests Oppose Bishops Over

Hagia Sophia Cathedral Hosts First Muslim Prayers in 88 Years

Open Letter: A Priest Who Must Know Lectures C. Hollerich and C. Marx

Kentucky to treat churches as 'essential services' during pandemics, emergencies

Pro-Life Legislator Powerfully Condemns Abortion: “Science Decisively Proves Life Begins at Conception”

Conservative States Move to Restrict Mail-Order Abortions

Citing Racial Discrimination, Black Leaders Target Roe v Wade

Catherine Davis Receives Award for Fighting Abortion: “Abortion is Black Genocide”

Left Fighting To Legalize Killing Babies In Every State Abby Johnson

Couple aborts healthy baby at 6 months following fertility clinic mix-up

DC Infanticide Murder in the capital

Medical waste company edits website after being accused of burning aborted babies for electricity

Pro-life groups demand DOJ investigate abortionist after finding full-term babies in medical waste box

California Pastor Calls For The Pulpits And Pews To Take Action Against ‘Heinous’ And ‘Unprecedented’ Infanticide Bill

The Radical Left Is Waging War Against The Family

How a video game made Gregorian chant part of March Madness

Maryland's Mount St. Mary’s University cancels talk by murderous ‘witch’ Dr. Simone Kolysh after students protest

‘Ain’t nothing but men and women’: Speech by North Carolina Lt. Gov. on gender ideology goes viral

Kentucky gov. vetoes bill banning boys from competing in girls' sports

Palm Springs to Give Guaranteed Income to ‘Transgender,’ ‘Non-Binary’ Residents

Disgusting RINO Utah Governor Spencer Cox Gives His “Preferred Pronouns” to Kids

Groomer-Gate: 15 Times Disney Promoted LGBTQAI2S+ in Children’s Programing

Father of UPenn Female Swimmer: Will Thomas Exposes “Her” Male Genitals to Female Teammates            4/7


Saint Celestine I, Pope                 Saint Juliana of Mt. Cornillon, Virgin

St. William of Eskilsoe                Saint Crescentia Hoess

Newly-appointed Ohio bishop has track record of saying the Traditional Latin Mass

Persecuted for Jesus' Name Sake: Canadian Pastor Targeted as the Church Compromises with Evil     12   min.

Viganò “On Irregularities” of 2013

Catholic prelates who teach error are ‘revolting against reality’: Bp. Strickland

Man Behind the Curtain New film discusses Abp. Annibale Bugnini

The Catholic Monitor & Aqua Debate Steven O’Reilly on Francis's Communion for Adulterers Teaching and if Francis is Definitely the Pope

Traitor Gone: Francis Makes Fun of Cardinal Turkson

Trial testimony: Vatican wanted to pay off London broker

Warnings Unheeded German bishop doubles down on error

Bishop: Becoming Transgender a ‘Sacred Journey’…

Anti-Semitism: Archbishop Denies That Christ Saves Jews

Unborn Baby Removed From Mother’s Womb for Lung Surgery, Then Put Back In

Oklahoma House Passes Resolution to Lower Its Flags, Mourn 63 Million Babies Killed in Abortions

Oklahoma Legislature Passes Abortion Ban That Will Save 4,000 Unborn Babies A Year

EXCLUSIVE: Pro-life hero raided by FBI speaks about the aborted babies she was trying to honor

Press Conference Regarding The Pro-lifers Who Kept The Murdered Babies From Being Incinerated - GOP Lawmakers Call DC Mayor On The Carpet

Catholic funeral held for five ‘extremely late-term’ babies retrieved from DC abortion mill

Aborted babies discovered in DC may indicate infanticide after attempted abortions

Curtis Bay Energy accused of burning aborted babies’ bodies for electricity

Abortion Clinic Boxed Up 115 Aborted Babies, Sent Them to Incinerator to Burn for Power

Was Covid Vaccine Fetal Tissue Obtained by the Murder of an Infant?

Colorado Law That Gov Polis Signed for Abortions Up to Birth Could Allow Infanticide Up to 28 Days

Prestigious Catholic school in Boston honors pro-abortion former mayor with award

City Blocks Christian School From Opening Due to Its Religious Beliefs: Legal Group 

Supreme Court nominee gives noncommittal answer on whether individuals possess natural rights

Study Claims Chinese Doctors Removed Organs of Death Row Inmates Before They Were 'Brain Dead'

Families now bailing on Disney parks, films, merchandise over company’s insanely “woke” counterculture push that seems steeped in pedophilia

Vatican official speaks to event hosted by LGBT outreach group New Ways Ministry

Catholics & The “Trans” Issue…

Kiss of Death: Gay New Ways Only Half Disappointed with Creepy FrancisVatican's Latest 'Education' Document

Oreo Launches New Woke Ad, But What Does LGBTQ Have To Do With Eating Cookies? (VIDEO)

Soros-Backed Prosecutor Hits Black Father with Criminal Charges for Calling Out 'Grooming' of Children in Virginia High School

“To Put a P*dophile Apologist on Supreme Court, It Makes My Blood Boil” – Blake Masters Says Out Loud What We All Know Is True about Today’s Democrats (VIDEO)

NJ middle school shows students video about transition hormone therapy

Dozens Of Disney Employees Have Been Arrested For Child Sex Crimes.

Ex-"transgender" Man: Biden Is "Promoting Institutionalized Child Abuse"

Former Child Actor Cole Sprouse Says Disney ‘Heavily Sexualized’ Young Girls              4/6


Saint Vincent Ferrer, Thaumaturge, Dominican Missionary

American priest: I have blessed the Polish-Ukrainian border with the Blessed Sacrament

Prayer for this evening

St. Catherine of Sienna: "The Sins of Good People appeared to her as a Stain on their Beauty, when she met People who lived in Mortal Sin, she became aware of a Smell"

BREAKING: Archbishop Viganò calls for “official investigation” to “shed light on the abdication of Benedict XVI” and the Fraud Conclave of 2013

Vocations: Francis Effect Hits Hard

Should You Be Wearing a Scapular?

Italian archbishop contradicts Church teaching, says Jews don’t need to accept Christ to be saved

Malta: Pope Dumps Cross to Appease Muslims Plastic bottles replace Christian symbolism as backdrop for Francis' visit

LGBT Legion Warping children’s minds

Italian VirusBishops permit Catholics to receive Communion on the tongue, but 'strongly warn against it!'

Two Lies at One Stroke: Lying Media Attack Cologne Cardinal

ScamDemic-Happy Chicago Cd. Cupich sold closed Church to the Holy Masonic Lodge when he was bishop of Spokane

God Prompts Young Mom to Reject Abortion, Now This Little Boy Has a Loving Family

Mom refuses pressure to abort baby girl with spina bifida: ‘I already love her’

At 5am: Biden Regime Kidnaps Nine Pro-Lifers From Their Homes

Colorado legalizes abortion until the moment of birth

Abortion and America’s growing hatred of children

Leftists are Building an “Abortion Underground” to Kill Babies When Roe is Overturned

Colorado governor signs ‘extreme’ bill, making abortion a state ‘right’

Colorado’s New Law for Abortions Up to Birth Calls Women “Pregnant Individuals”

Freedom and Biblical Christianity are Inseparable

If You Want America to Come Back to Life, Get Yourself and Your Friends Back to Church

Romans 13 Does NOT Demand Unlimited Submission to Government, Alex Tells Dr. Tenpenny

‘Christian Pastor’ With Massive TikTok Following Says Jesus Is Not Only Way to Heaven‘Christian Pastor’ With Massive TikTok Following Says Jesus Is Not Only Way to Heaven

DISNEY CRUISE SHIP Employee Caught On Camera Molesting 11-Yr-Old Girl In ElevatorDisney Security Guard Investigating Sexual Assault Told “Keep your mouth shut!”…Disney Quietly Flew Accused Molester To India

All 50 Senate Democrats Were Asked to Define “Women.” None of Them Could Do It


There is something terribly, horribly very wrong in this country when a mediocre judge who sanctions child porn, child rape, baby sex torture etc. isn’t instantly disqualified.

‘Investigate The School’: Nurse Suspended After Warning Parents Of Concerning Rise In Gender Transitions Under School’s Influence

Seventh-grader describes coming out in fifth grade with the help of guidance counselor

Western Values: US Army Gets Combat Ready

Transgender flag flies outside a US federal building for the first time at Health and Human Services

Rotten Apple Demands States Enact Laws to Bolster Grooming Efforts in Schools and Destroy Women’s Sports

Oreo commercial implores viewers to embrace homosexuality

NYC Adams Launches Ads in Florida to Poach Residents over ‘#DontSayGay’

Hungary: 92 percent vote to outlaw pro-homosexual propaganda

Seattle Museum Hosting Sex-Themed ‘Drag’ Camp for Children

Wow: Furious Father Teaches Pedo Pastor a Lesson When He Caught Him Molesting His Son         4/5


St. Isidore of Seville

Saint Benedict the African

Saint Richard of Chichester, Bishop

Former Roman Mass Priest Appointed Bishop

Cdl. Marx says homosexuality is ‘not a sin,’ Catechism ‘not set in stone’

SSPX Scandal Goes Global Bp. Fellay still mum on his role in abuse cover-up

"Inside God’s covert rescue operation"

As focus in Vatican trial shifts to ex-watchdog, is it legal or personal?

Francis Attacks Novus Ordo? "Beneath Outward

Globalist heretic antipope accuses Putin of provoking the war that globalist US/EU/NATO in fact provoked

Francis: “Take Off Your Masks”

Catholic Schools in the USA – Once Upon A Time

Couple Adopts 6 Siblings to Keep Them Together: “They Need to be in the Same Home”

District of Columbia Won’t Conduct Autopsies on 5 Babies Brutally Killed in Late-Term Abortions

Miscalculated ‘8-week’ telemed UK abortion results in teen giving birth to living 20-week baby

England: No Fault Divorce Legalised But – Gimme a Break – Why Not Strengthen Marriage Instead?

ChiComs Demand Religion Teaches Socialism and Communist Directives

‘It’s Communism’: World Economic Forum’s Growing Influence On Governments Is Alarming, Australian Senator Warns

Grammy’s Go Full Satan — Lil Nas Routine Is Straight from Hell – Crowd Cheers – God Help Us

Pastor Artur Pawlowski describes horrid jail conditions, says he is still a political prisoner

Will the metaverse end the megachurch?

‘Investigate The School’: Nurse Suspended After Warning Parents Of Concerning Rise In Gender Transitions Under School’s Influence

STRUCK DOWN: California Law Requiring Racial And LGBT Corporate Board Members Deemed Unconstitutional

Good Riddance: “Some” Florida Teachers Leave Profession Because they Can’t Teach Kindergarteners About Sex and Show Dirty Books

Exclusive: Biden’s Deputies Demand State Welfare Agencies ‘Affirm LGBT Children’

Ground Breaking: 'Germany's Legal System Prohibits Criticism of Islam', Violators Face Jail Time (Video)

Mosques in Minneapolis Allowed to Broadcast Call to Prayer Five Times a Day Year-Round

Hollywood Neo-Marxist Mark Ruffalo Says the Parental Rights in Education Law Is ‘Cruel and Traumatizing for Children’

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Researcher Finds That Early Grades Are the Best Time to Introduce Gender Identity Before ‘Cisnormative’ Values Become Ingrained

Boo Hoo: Tranny Cyclist Says He Feels “Demonized” for Being Barred From Women’s Championship Race After Female Competitors Threaten Boycott

School Nurse Suspended for Revealing Staff Hid Kids' Trans Antics From Parents

Dr. Alan McKee Thinks It’s Important That ‘We Do Everything We Can’ to Help Young People Become Porn Literate     4/4


Saint Francis of Paola                   Saint Mary of Egypt, Penitent

St. Hugh of Grenoble                 Saint Valery, Abbot in Picardy   

Pope’s preacher on the Real Presence

Does Francis even believe in Reparation as called for at Fatima & was "Francis's Zero-tolerance Policy... merely a PR Stunt"?

Texas Bishop Calls for Heretical German Cardinal to ‘Officially Resign’

Cardinal Müller: Transvestite-Ideology Means Self- Mutilation


Without Hysteria and Hypocrisy: Trappist Sister Speaks out About War in Ukraine

90-Year-Old California Woman Gives Birth to Triplets

Minnesota couple adopts six children: ‘I’ll take good care of you’

Five Catholic Bishops Lead Pro-Life Prayer Vigil to End Abortion: “Promote the Dignity of All Human Life”  When will you do more than talk about it?

Shocking Photos Show Gruesome Aftermath of DC Abortion Facility Murdering Babies That Appear to Have Been Born Alive

Aborted babies discovered in DC may indicate infanticide after attempted abortions

Colorado Emerging as a Leading Destination for Killing Unborn if Roe Is Upended

HHS floods Planned Parenthood with hundreds of millions more in taxpayer dollars

Republican-Led Oklahoma Joins Growing List of States Protecting Women’s Sports by Banning Men From Competing

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Biden “Health and Human Services” Approves Castrations/Mastectomies for Children

‘Capitulating To A Lie’: Fox News’ Hiring Of Jenner Should Be Rejected Outright By Christians

What We Know About Judge “Kiddie Porn Ketanji” Brown Jackson’s Record in Child Porn Sentences

Oregon Fourth-Grade Teacher Charged with Attempted Rape of Two Minors Looks Like Your Typical Democrat

School Nurse Suspended For Revealing Connecticut Public School Was Secretly Giving Children Puberty Blockers Behind Their Parents’ Backs

Male Cyclist Booted from Championship Race After Female Opponents Threaten Boycott

Rotten: Apple Deploying Army of Lobbyists to Promote Sexual Devancy Agenda in Congress 

Watch: Disney Employee Touts ‘Power’ of Putting Trans, Queer Characters in Show for Children

Judge Ousts Five School Board Members After Pennsylvania Parent Petition

. . . Passports to Have New X “Gender” . . .

Demonic Disney’s Child-Predator Problem

Biden Urges Parents To ‘Affirm Your Child’s Transgender Identity’ (VIDEO)                 4/2


Saint Nicholas of Flue, Hermit

St. Benjamin

Saint Stephen of Mar Saba

Graces Upon Graces: Glorious Liturgy in London

Scientist Defends Persecuted Mother General Leftist Catholic and secular media join bishop in targeting unjabbed nun

US Bishops celebrate court ruling permitting them to touch someone during his or her execution

We are obligated to worship God because He is our ‘first beginning’ and ‘last end’

On the Street: Horrible Profanation

It’s Not Magic Faith is hard work, but worth it

Catholic Priest Kidnapped by Armed Bandits in Northern Nigeria

Traditionis Custodes: Paris Nuncio Meets Catholics

Mixed Messages Vatican endorsing 'Catholic identity' of schools

Vatican Persecutes English Nuns For Refusing Vaccine – Diabolical: Tyburn Sisters Stand Firm…

Might Child Grooming Advocates & "Pro-Child Predator[s]" be mirrored in Regimes like the Disney & Ukraine Corruptocracies & the Francis "Vatican's 'Nightmare' Sex-Ed Program"?

Hacking the Human Design: Dr. Zelenko Exposes Transhumanist Cult High Priest in Powerful Interview

An Aborted Baby Saved by a Paramedic

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey Signs Bill Banning Abortion After 15 Weeks

Nine pro-life activists arrested by FBI for entering DC abortion facility

Honoring a Pro-Abort Catholic Memorial's mixed signals

Pro-abortion groups attack Texas Heartbeat Act by suing pro-life groups

Op-Ed: Ketanji Brown Jackson's Vague Abortion Answers Don't Match Up with What She Did in the Year 2000

WHO calls for widespread removal of abortion restrictions, end to ‘criminalization’

Oklahoma Gov Signs Trans Athletes Ban into Law

Teacher says 20 of 32 fourth-grade students have 'come out' to her as 'LGBTQIA+'

Cardinal Marx Thinks Practised Homosexuality Is “Not A Sin"

Mother of UPenn swimmer slams NCAA for letting biological male Lia Thomas compete against females

New Catholic University of America president's background includes support for 'LGBTQ+ pride'

‘Moral War’: Disney Is No Longer Hiding The Perverted Corporation They Have Become

BOOM! Daily Wire Announces $100 Million Investment in Kids Programming to Take on Evil Disney             3/31


Saint John Climacus, Abbot

St. Peter Regulatus

Satan Witnesses to the Sanctity of the Eucharist

Full Text of Dr. Kwasniewski’s Talk on the Superiority of the Old Lectionary over the New


'Is USCCB Chief, Archbishop Jose Gomez, weak, Incompetent, or evil? Well, he appears weak, incompetent, and dumb, but the more we analyze his behaviors, the more we think this is just an act.

Francis’ Liturgical Renewal: Clowns and Jokers

Eucharistic Prayer

Modern Theological Opiates

Peoria Prattle New bishop dodges important questions

Catholic in Name Only

Jesuit Cancelled For Not Trusting Covid-Injections

Legal Woes Continue for Dolan and NAC Whistleblower's attorney begins appeal

Patrick Coffin with twelve minutes of blistering counterattack against Voris et al; issues challenge for open debate on CMTV to expose the real lies and falsehoods

Tabernacle stolen from Maryland FrancisChurch

Turning Towards Life 50th anniversary of the Rockefeller Commission

The World Health Organization is a threat to millions of children in the womb

Connecticut legislation would allow non-physicians to commit abortions

North Korea Forces Woman to Have Abortion at 8 Months. When Her Baby Survived, They Drowned the Child

“Beyond the Pale For ANY Civilized Society to Consider” – Newly Introduced California Abortion Bill Could Legalize Infanticide For Several Weeks After Birth

Maryland Legislature Passes “Kill More Babies” Bill That Greatly Expands Abortions

More Baby Butchering Uncovered Barbarity in the nation's universities

Abortion Provider Appreciation Day? City Officially Declares They Condone—Celebrate—Murder!

Aborted fetuses reportedly stored in paper bags at University of Washington

Jesuit Church Opens Synod Door to Abortion Indian Catholics engineer feminist revolt while ignoring female feticide

Oregon Will Now Kill Any American in an Assisted Suicide

Family shocked to learn healthy American sisters died by assisted suicide in Switzerland

Navy barred from acting against religious vaccine refusers


The Masks of Atheism: Scientism

Mainstream ‘conservatives’ are embracing gay agenda because they’re afraid to call it out: canceled writer

Finnish MP, bishop cleared of hate crime charges for views on homosexuality

Gay Florida Teacher Bemoans Loss of His Ability to Discuss His Personal Life with Kindergarten Students

Disney’s Activism Partner Tells LGBTQ Employees That DeSantis and Republicans Want to Kidnap Gay People’s Children (VIDEO)

Shut Up, Mickey: Anti-Family Disney Vows to Fight DeSantis in Court While a Fourth-Grade Teacher Is Arrested for Attempted Child Rape

New Jersey middle school shows kids video promoting transgender testosterone injections

WATCH: Disney Executive Producer Admits She Regularly ‘Adds Queerness’ to Children’s Programming

Perverted Disney Plans to Eliminate Gender and Have 50% LGBTQIA+ Characters

Leftist Leader Stumped When Asked Whether Women Can Have Penises

Ketanji Brown Jackson Disagreed with Expert Witness’s Definition of Pedophilia                3/30


Saints Jonas and Barachisius, and their Companions, Martyrs

St. Berthold

Saint Ludovico of Casoria

The importance of consecrating Russia as desired by Mary at Fatima is of the utmost metaphysical importance.

Now It’s Your Turn Five First Saturdays part of the request?

Schneider: Roman Rite Is A Lion Francis Wants to Cage

Vatican Insider: Pope Francis’ Contradictions Explain Vatican’s ‘Growing Irrelevance’

Arecibo Bishop: Why Francis Took Vengeance

How You Will Know When the Consecration Is Done Properly

Church attendance stagnates amid return to in-person services: Pew

Lukewarm Francis Church Starts Crumbling in Africa

Conference Overlaps Consecration Modernist prelates gather in Chicago

Former Dean of Engineering at Evil Notre Dame becomes head of Catholic University of America

Liturgical Abuses: Francis Needs to Stop

Preemie rescued after being abandoned on hood of car in Connecticut

I Facilitated 22,000 Abortions, But God Forgave Me 

Mom fought for twin girls with life-threatening condition after doctors suggested abortion

Joe Biden Proposes New Budget Forcing Americans to Fund Abortions

Contraceptive Pill for Males Attack on human life to be expanded

World Health Organization Demands Nations Legalize Abortions Up to Birth

‘Nothing I’ve ever done is more satisfying’: Abortionist circumvents state law, draws media praise

Biden-Harris Regime’s New Budget Scraps Hyde Amendment, Forces Taxpayers to Fund the Democrat Party’s Satanic Ritual of Abortion

Pro-abortion writer touts abortion pill in article for TODAY Parents

Canada’s push to expand euthanasia to mentally ill violates ‘equal protection against avoidable death’

Catholic School Giving Award to Pro-Abortion Politician Marty Walsh

For a Change: Francis "Distances" Himself From German Synod  

‘I’ve Lost Count’: Meet FBI Agent Who Doubles as Pastor and God Keeps Using to Turn Co-Workers to Christ

Sleepy Joe’s Radical SCOTUS Pick’s Claim Child Pornographers Aren’t Pedophiles Disputed by Own Experts

Record-setting British male cyclist plans to move into women’s competition after hormone therapy

Disney vows to fight Florida law that protects students from being groomed into LGBT lifestyle

Woman who lived as a man explains how the internet drives teens to embrace trans ideology

Public School Indoctrination Is Real: 4th Grade Teacher in Austin Told Her Peers 63% of Her Class Came Out as LGBTQIA+

New Jersey Middle School Forced 12 yr Olds to Learn About Transgender Hormone Therapy without Parental Consent

Katy Perry encourages 'American Idol' singer to shock Christian parents with his own same-sex song

Lesbian “Couple” Sues a Fertility Clinic for the Wrong Type of Baby

Teachers Teach 7-Year-Old Students That “Gender” Doesn’t Exist

Leftist Teachers Are Desperate to Talk to Little Kids About Sex — It’s Evil           3/29


Saint John Capistran, Confessor               St. Venturino of Bergamo           Saint Catharine of Bologna

St. Rupert          St. John Damascene, Doctor of the Church         Saint Gregory of Narek

Saint Catherine of Genoa                      Saint Ludger, First Bishop of Munster

Our Lady of Fatima 'More brilliant than the sun'

Wow. This clip from ARSH 2012 of Fr. Nicholas Gruner and Fr. Paul Kramer discussing the Consecration of Russia is… astounding.

After Three Years: Francis Cardinal Still Didn’t Honour His Promise

JPII Pontificate The Vatican fight against communism

Spanish bishop vindicated again after gov't drops 'conversion therapy' probe

New Church: Receiving Communion On the Tongue Banned, Concubinage Allowed  

Are Catholics Emotionally Attached To Covid?

Jailed Pastor Artur Pawlowski granted bail but placed under house arrest

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem signs two pro-life bills into law

Arizona House passes 15-week abortion limit, sends to governor’s desk

Pro-abortion California bill could legalize infanticide for months after birth, attorney warns

EU votes to sanction pro-life Poland in the middle of Ukrainian refugee crisis

University Caught Storing Bags of Aborted Babies and Aborted Baby Parts

Northern Ireland makes it illegal to offer help to women outside abortion facilities

New Survey Reflects the Rise (and Fall?) of Post-religious America

Miracle Premature Baby Who “Died” for 11 Minutes is Now Thriving at 5 Months

‘Beijing Wants to Reconstitute Life on the Planet and the US’: Peter Schweizer on the China Threat

Soros-funded 'Catholic Fact Checkers' at Aleteia: A 104-year-old Ukrainian woman who has not left her home in 10 years is now fleeing the war!

Critics blast Georgia mental health bill for stripping away parental rights

Poisonous FrancisCatholic Kavanaugh sides with liberal justices to uphold Biden’s military vaccine mandate

Muslims spray acid on family for accepting Jesus: ‘You deserve death’

Utah Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto, Approves Ban On Biological Males Competing In Girls’ Sports

The View Defends Ketanji Brown Jackson Giving Pedophile a Light Prison Sentence

School Board Trustee Ketanji Brown Jackson Supports Using 9 and 10-Year-Old Students to Promote LGBT Agenda

Georgia Parent Speaks out After Confronting School Board About Sexually Graphic Book

Three More GOP States Protect Girls’ Sports from Transgender Activists

The Tranny Insanity Has Reached Peak Levels Of Nonsense – The Breakdown

Rotherham: Child Rape Gangs Hotspot Children‘s Culture Capital Rebrand

Former transgenders speak out against the exploitation and abuse of teens by LGBT groomers

Sex Offender Thanks Biden SCOTUS Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson for 3-Month Prison Sentence             3/28


Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

St. Dismas

PiusX Participates in Consecration

Marian shrines join in act of consecration of Russia and Ukraine

Major Archbishop of Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church: "The Consecration of Ukraine and Russia to the Immaculate Heart, in unity of all bishops under the successor of Peter, will be the highlight of the victory over evil."

Hoping against Hope: Final word on the thing about to happen, or not happen, or might worse happen, 25 March 2022


Congress Invites Dissident Cardinal Cupich to speak at Atlanta eucharistic gathering

Homosex Fanatics Lose Against BRAVE Bishop

Lockdown Love-In The cardinal and the governor

Italian woman changes mind about euthanasia after archbishop intervenes

Cardinal Closes Convent of Unjabbed Nuns Land grab of 500-year-old monastery may be real motive for shutdown

Crises in Catechesis

Archaeologist Claims to Find Oldest Hebrew Text in Israel, Including the Name of God

The ex-NFL player who makes rosaries and promotes the Rosary among men

Preemie born weighing just 15 ounces goes home after 460 days in hospital

South Dakota Abortions Dropped 69.8% to Record Low in 2020 as COVID Shut Down Planned Parenthood

Exposed: Pro-life activists find where University of Washington stores aborted baby parts

Citigroup is Paying for Employees to Kill Babies in Abortions Because Maternity Leave is More Expensive

Pelosi defends ‘pro-abortion Catholic’ stance, claims pro-lifers ‘don’t believe in governance’

NHS is withdrawing funding from dying patients who are living too long

AME Church will no longer allow ‘one person to count the money’ after nearly $100M goes missing

Portland children’s hospital issues graphic advice to children on mutilating their bodies

Disney’s Marxist Child-Hating CEO Apologizes for Not Being “Woke” Enough, Vows to Include More LGBTQA+ Content

You won’t believe the graphic advice ‘trans’ activists are giving your sons

"Conservative" Bishop Sides With Homosex Regime

Pro-LGBTQ Law Students Crash Free Speech Panel

Home Depot pushes woke agenda in Canada with ‘check your privilege’ packets

Female Swimmer Who Tied with Trans Athlete in Tears After Realizing What the NCAA Did             3/25


Saint Gabriel Archangel

St. Aldemar

Saint Catherine of Sweden, Queen

Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero

EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Responds to Critics of His Positions Regarding COVID Tyranny and Ukraine

Watch Pope Francis consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary LIVE at Soros-Funded Aleteia

Allegedly reported to Vatican, UK Mother General Marissa: We've received prayer requests for over a hundred people who have been injured after the injection and 50 who have died

Bishops’ Pro-Life Flop USCCB pushing social justice under guise of pro-life action

Vatican Prelates ‘Dissatisfied’ Fighting for Chinese Catholics

Americans are leaving church and most aren’t coming back: report

Convicted For Praying At The Capitol

5 reasons digital church attendance numbers are getting confusing

NEW: Idaho Governor Signs Texas-Style Bill That Outlaws Abortions After Six Weeks of Pregnancy

West Virginia governor signs law protecting preborn babies with disabilities from abortion

Global prayer crusade launching March 25 to send ‘abortion into oblivion’

Lt. Gov Mark Robinson Regrets Aborting His Baby, After Finding Forgiveness in Christ He’s Pro-Life

Woman files suit after Planned Parenthood abortionist perforated her uterus and bowel

Free Abortions & ‘Infanticide’: Newsom Greenlights Coverage, Next Bill Would Legalize ‘Killing Babies Born Alive’ 

Jeff Bezos Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott Announces $275 Million Donation to Slaughter Babies at Planned Butcherhood

University of Washington Forces All Med Students to Learn How to Kill Babies in Abortions

George Bush and Bill Barr’s Adoption Agency and Christian Churches Linked to Selling Children

Sweden: Muslim migrants try to force their way into Ukrainian refugee women’s accommodations

Angry Parent Reads Sexually Charged Passage From HS Library Book to School Board — Board Member Cuts Her off, Says Children Could Be Listening

Democrat-Run Austin School Violates Law by Teaching ‘Gender Identity’ to Students as Young as 5: Texas AG

“This Is Straight-up Pedophile Apologism”: Ketanji Brown Jackson Blames the Internet for People Seeking Child Porn

Hungarian swimmer dismisses trans victory as an ‘unfair biological advantage’

Video: CNN Masturbator Toobin Says Kiddie Porn Laws Are TOO STRICT

Disney Woke Walkout: Lone Employee Protested Outside Orlando Park              3/24


Saint Victorian and Companions, Martyrs

St. Toribio Alfonso de Mogrovejo

Schneider: What Is Essential For Consecration Of Russia?

Glenn Beck interviews John-Henry Westen about Our Lady of Fatima and Russia

Was the Bp. Schneider/Francis Consecration of the “Queen of the Human Family, show people the Path of Fraternity” possibly condemned by Pope Benedict & Pope St. Pius X?

Playing Hardball With Archbishop Rozanski Church merger plans under fire

Fr. Z on Francis's non-vested 'concelebration': I am reminded of the old phrase: As lost as a Jesuit in Holy Week.

Young Catholics Respond to Modernist Church in Germany

Vatican investigates complaints about Tyburn nun

Covid Rigorism: Vatican Dissolves Cloistered Monastery

Abandoned baby found alive after hours-long search

Abortion Activists Push and Shove Pro-Life Students at Supreme Court During Jackson Hearing

Michigan Pressure on Catholic Adoption Agencies Backfires, Costs $800,000 in Legal Fees

Catholic Bishops: We Must End Abortion and “Protect Women and Children From Injustice”  SO DO SOMETHING

Pro-Lifers Uncover Planned Parenthood’s Secret Plans to Expand Its Abortion Business in Kansas 

No Western Tears: Syria President Defends Christians

Seer Gisella Receives Message from Our Lady: “Europe Will be Invaded”

Was Satan Not Available to Be Appointed to the Supreme Court Instead of Ketanji Brown Jackson?

WATCH: Middle School Counselors Deliver Vile Message to Parents Over Their Objections To Indoctrinating Their...Children: “A, B, C, D, E, F-you!” [VIDEO]

Radical Pro-Pedophilia Biden Supreme Court Pick Ketanji Brown Jackson . . . STRIKE 1: She Can’t Define “Woman”

Number of Children Seeking Gender Reassignment Soared by 20 Per Cent During UK Lockdowns

Texas school instructs students as young as four to keep LGBT discussions confidential

UCLA to Provide Free Menstrual Products in Restrooms, Including Men's

Disney Task Force to Make More LGBTQ+ Content for Children

Indiana GOP Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Transgender Athletes From Girls’ Sports            3/23


Saint Catherine of Sweden, Queen

St. Lea

Saint Nicholas Owen

Bp. Strickland urges Catholics to pray ‘for the intercession of Mary’

Consecration: Momentum Building Over 30 US prelates participating

BREAKING: Text of Pope Francis’ consecration of ‘humanity, especially Russia and Ukraine’ released

Cardinal Calls Francis "Unwise," "Inexplicable"

Catholic Priest Condemns Abortion: If You Oppose War, Oppose the War on Unborn Babies

Bishop Snitches on Mother General to Rome Media joins prelate in persecuting nun for conscientious objection to jab

Are Francis & the Biden "Global American Empire... Big Fat Liar[s]" on Francis's Sex Abuse Cover-ups & Everything from Hunter's Laptop to WWIII?

The Uncrossable Red Line. Viganò’s reply to Weigel

Why Does Benedict Again Impart "My Apostolic

Miracle Twins Born at 22 Weeks Who Doctors Said Had “No Chance” of Survival Head Home

9 amazing women who have built and shaped the pro-life movement

Texas Abortion Ban Celebrates 200 Days of Saving Babies From Abortion 

Huge ‘Slush Fund’ for Abortion Snuck into Omnibus Spending Spree

Over 20 Babies Born to Surrogates in Kyiv Sheltering in Basement, Waiting for Parents

Ketanji Brown Jackson Claims There’s a “Right” to Kill Babies in Abortions

Why are leading conservatives congratulating Dave Rubin for commissioning babies with his ‘husband’?

‘Stop Having Kids’ movement spreads across the US, calling for an end to human reproduction

Communism Seeks to Corrupt Churches to Bring Down America: Trevor Loudon


Seriously out of whack: Government makes it a crime to spank a child

Why Are the Biden Regime and Senate Democrats Hiding 48,000 Documents About Pro-Pedophilia Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson?

CPAC Chairman Gets Schlapped Conservative leader exposed for LGBT sympathy

Texas Elementary School Celebrates 'Pride Week', Instructs Students to Keep it 'Confidential'

Anti-Family Woke Disney Includes Homosexual Kiss Scene in Upcoming Kids Film ‘Lightyear’

“We are just guinea pigs”… women describe trauma of transitioning as teenagers

Texas Elementary School Celebrates ‘Pride Week’, Instructs Students to Keep it ‘Confidential’       3/22


St. Benedict, Father of Western Monasticism       St. Enda             Saint Nicholas of Flue, Hermit

Saint Wulfran, Archbishop of Sens                  Bl. John of Parma          Saint Salvator of Horta

Powerful Promises from Pope Leo XIII’s Prayer to St. Joseph

How Do Some Priests Say Mass? By Saint Alfonso Maria de' Liguori

Russia’s Final Consecration? All bishops invited to participate

Why Ukraine Matters: The Consecration of Russia to Mary

Benedict Joins In

60 Years of Dissent Retired wayward priest still going

Young Catholics Respond to Modernist Church in Germany

Pope presses ahead with Curia reforms, releases new constitution

Praedicate Evangelium: More Centralism, More Bureaucracy, more Dictator Pope

Anglican bishops accused of abandoning over 2,000 ministers for opposing ‘conversion therapy’ bill

She miscarried her son at 5 months, but believes that ‘one day, we will be reunited’

Priest, pro-lifers charged with trespassing after counseling women inside abortion center

Nancy Pelosi Claims Joe Biden Has a “Deep Catholic Faith,” as He Promotes Abortions Up to Birth

Planned Parenthood where patient died expands in new location

Francis Praises - Or Mocks? - The Mantilla

Churches give free ‘gas on God’ to hundreds of cars amid rising prices  

Marxist Pope Francis REMOVES Puerto Rican Bishop for Opposing Satanic Vaccine Mandates

'Is It Demonic?' Pastor's Warning About Disney Pixar's New Film 'Turning Red'

Pop Star-Turned-Christian Journalist Reveals Escape From Witchcraft and Finding Salvation

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Reports 35 Percent Increase in Child Pornography From 2020 to 2021

Disney Adds Same-Sex Kiss to Prequel to Popular 'Toy Story' Children's Movie Series

Ex-transgender patients share stories of transition regret, negligence of medical establishment

Sports Illustrated Writer, Father of 4th Place Female NCAA Swimmer Inexplicably Silent Over Will “Lia” Thomas

School Social Worker Reminds Us to Discuss Lia Thomas as if There Were a Transgender Person in the Room — ‘Because One Probably Is’

Tranny Rape of British Woman Caught on Hospital Camera, but Officials Claim It Was “Impossible” Because Only “Women” Were in the Ward

Tranny Indoctrination at School and in Kids’ Movies      

It’s Been 80 Days Since Maxwell’s Conviction and Not a Single Child Rapist Client Has Been Arrested              3/21


Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin            3/19

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop, Doctor


10 Powerful female saints to call on for women and children affected by war

Francis Invited All Bishops To Join Consecration of Russia


Pilgrim image of Fátima sent to Lviv, Ukraine

World leaders abusing their power bring ‘too many innocent people’ to ‘damnation’: US bishop

Pope's US representative alerts bishops to prepare for consecration of Russia and Ukraine

Bp. Strickland endorses Bp. Schneider’s request that bishops across the world join Pope’s consecration of Russia

Russian Orthodox patriarch defends rights of his church in Ukraine

Francis Effect: 13 (!) Polish Priests switched to PiusX

Catholics in Scotland & Synodality Mania…

Pope: Prepare Laypeople for the Day There Are Not Enough Priests

Vatican cardinal says donations went to charity, not brother

Lithuania's World-Famous Hill Of Crosses Attracts Visitors To Ponder, Pray For Ukraine

The Possible Fallout From an Anti-pope’s ‘Consecration’ of Russia

This Baby Was Saved From Abortion When Pro-Life People Helped Her Mom Outside the Abortion Clinic

Citigroup Will Cover Travel Costs for Employees to Have Abortions out of State

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Signs “Kill More Babies” Bill to Let Nurses Kill Babies in Abortions

Latest report reveals troubling trends in Oregon’s assisted suicide rates

What You Need to Know About the Transhumanist Agenda  

Substitute Teacher Arrested After Masturbating in Front of Students, Somehow It Was His Second Offense

66% of Democrats Believe Changing One‘s Biological Sex is Possible

Virginia Freshman Emma Weyant Cheated Out of a National Championship by Male Swimmer “Lia” Thomas

Teen Commits Suicide After State of California Pushes Her Into Transgenderism

5 Biological Males Who Have Dominated Awards Reserved for Females

Poll: Vast majority of voters support Florida’s anti-grooming bill  

It’s a Man’s World: Lia Thomas Sets Another Record at NCAA Championships

USA Today celebrates mental illness by proclaiming biological man to be “Woman of the Year”          3/18


Saint Patrick, Bishop, Apostle of Ireland

Celebrating The Feasts of St Patrick & St Joseph

Fr. Chad Ripperger's Breastplate of St. Patrick (Modified) & Binding Prayer ("In the Name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and God, and by the power of the Most Holy Catholic Church of Jesus, I render all spirits impotent...")

Bp. Strickland calls on world's bishops to join Pope Francis' consecration of Russia

Seeking Mary’s Protection Ukraine's devotion to Our Lady

Pilgrim Priest Teaching Playlists on YouTube

Persecuted Priest Finds Refuge with PiusX

Why I stand with Abp. Viganò and his analysis of the Russia-Ukraine conflict

Too Much Work: Bishop Believes Twelve Baptisms a Year  Creates a "Difficult Situation"

Memo Alerts Cardinals to Toxic Pontificate Seven red flags warning conclave not to elect Francis clone as next pope

Vietnam FrancisChurch youth complain that nobody goes to Mass, learns their prayers or catechism, and pastoral activities are of no interest

Back Again: German Bishops "Allow" Lethal Injection

Progressive Priest Endorses Pro-Abort

American pastor providing trauma kits for Ukrainians to 'save their lives'

‘For the Glory of God’: Christian College Student With Shockingly Deep Voice Advances in ‘American Idol’

Pastor and His Wife Refuse Abortion, Welcome Conjoined Twin Daughters. “The Lord is Faithful”

After two abortions, this single mom’s greatest pain led to a pro-life mission

She Had an Abortion at 15. Now She Saves Babies From Abortion at the Same Planned Parenthood Clinic

Oregon Democrats Will Spend $15 Million to Fund Killing More Babies in Abortions

Republicans Blast Citigroup for Paying for Employees’ Abortions: They’re Pushing “A Culture of Death”

Polish social worker Irena Sendler saved thousands of children from the Nazis, and still inspires today

Milo: Asking Christians to 'tone it down' on social issues is asking them to 'stop loving people'

Dublin Mocks Saint Patrick

LA REC Crashing Again Annual heterodox congress launches

American public education is now a “gay porn” advocacy hub that grooms children for LGBTQ and pedophilia

‘There’s No Co-Existing With Evil Like This’: Leading Children’s Hospital Offers Advice for Boys to ‘Tuck’ Their Genitals out of Sight

One Day After Disney CEO Defends Child Grooming, Four Employees Busted in Major Sex Trafficking Sting 

Pervert Priest Corrupting Youth Criminally cleared, morally responsible

“Toxic…Misinformation…Cherry-Picked”: White House Defends Radical Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson After Sen. Hawley Exposes Her Disgraceful Child Porn Rulings Record

Baptist pastor arrested for child porn possession after authorities search parsonage

Western Values: EU Parliament Analysis Toilets

Protecting Child Abuse TX judge defends gender bending

‘Complete Waste of Money’: Senator Calls to Defund Australian LGBTQIA+ Group             3/17


Sts. Abraham, Solitary, and Mary, his niece

St. Abban

Saint Clement Mary Hofbauer

Ancient Tombs Discovered At Paris’ Notre-Dame Cathedral

Pope to "Consecrate Russia" to Immaculate Heart of Mary (Here We Go Again)

Fr. Z on upcoming FrancisConsecration of Russia and Ukraine: “What do I think about this? I think it depends a great deal on what is said and who says it.”

WATCH: Puerto Ricans protest Pope Francis' removal of faithful bishop

Damning Memorandum Circulates among Cardinals

URGENT: Ask your bishop to consecrate Russia with Pope Francis

Six Months After Resignation: Anglican Bishop Ordained A Priest

Fr. Altman: Bishops have ‘redefined and weaponized’ the meaning of obedience to silence criticism

Former SSPX Bp. Williamson: Under Putin’s rein there has been a considerable religious revival. He attends Orthodox Mass. His religion seems genuine. He’s been provoked eight years. Watch out for the anger of a patient man

Francis's Blessed DeathVaxx of Love: New life insurance data from Aegon shows an increase of over 258% in benefit payouts in post-vaccine 2021 vs. a year earlier

DC nun has medical license restored as litigation over vaccine mandate continues

The Last Lay Cardinal

‘The Advocate’ Launching Soon TV series spotlights trafficking, Catholicism

TRAGIC: 22-week baby boy died after Planned Parenthood gave his mother the abortion pill

Lied to by Abortion Workers, She Later Learned the Truth: ‘Why Wouldn’t That Nurse Let Me See My Baby?’

Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon Signs Bill to Immediately Ban Abortions When Roe is Overturned

Planned Parenthood sues Missouri for not forcing taxpayers to fund abortion businesses

Lied to by abortion workers, she later learned the truth: ‘Why wouldn’t that nurse let me see my baby?’

Just who is Planned Parenthood targeting with this ice cream-turned-condom truck?

Only 2 in 5 Americans think religion makes the country stronger: poll

Washington: Second-Grade Child Punished For Talking About Christianity

5th Graders Endured Hellish Treatment In The Name Of ‘Anti-Racism’ and Parents Are Pissed

Shacking Up in Chi-Town Ex-priest's shared residence

ICYMI: Majority of US Parents Do Not Believe Bible Is God’s Word, “Shockingly Few” Share Biblical Worldview With Children

Middle School Teacher Arrested for Trying to Get 14-Year-Old to Have Sex With Him

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Of Course a Biological Male Is Among USA Today’s “Women” of the Year       3/16


Saint Clement Mary Hofbauer, confessor

St. Louise de Marillac

BREAKING: Pope Francis will consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on March 25

In this time of trial – Now a Miraculous Signs of Hope: Flower blossoms from dry crown of thorns resting on a crucifix in Italy.

Damning Memorandum Circulates among Cardinals

First Canceled Priests, Now a Canceled Bishop Vatican targets outspoken bishop


No Communion for Catholic Politicians Who Voted for Abortion in Mexican Diocese

Why Are Scottish Catholic Schools Complying With The Shocking Scottish Govt Sex Survey?

A Heavy Burden: Hopefully There Will Be Many Shoulders

Catholic Vanguard Taking the lead in defense of babies

A letter to my daughter on her graduation day: Obedience to Jesus is the secret to ‘true happiness’

PRO-LIFE WIN: Texas Supreme Court effectively ends lawsuit involving Heartbeat Act

Idaho Passes Anti-Abortion Bill Similar to Texas Law 

Pro-life groups perform pink rose rescue at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte facility

Pro-Life People Will Celebrate “Day of the Unborn Child” on March 25

US OB/GYN association opposes using ‘baby’ to describe the preborn

Over 600 Doctors Demand Immediate End to Dangerous “Do It Yourself” Abortions

Planned Parenthood Sponsors “Creepy” Ice Cream Truck That Hands Out Condoms

Biden HHS gives $500k to Planned Parenthood in New Hampshire after state committee rejects its funding requests

ABC Show “Station 19” Celebrates Killing Babies: “What Wine Pairs Best With An Abortion?”

Catholic Charity Abets Ireland’s Baby-Killers Diocesan agency promotes gender transitioning for kids, 'lesbian Jesus'

Where are the Voices for Peace against Nuclear War?: Why are "Br. Bugnolo, along with the vast majority of... Catholic Traditionalists support[ing] the Godless Alliance... in agreement for WAR, WAR, WAR!"?

Not So Shocking: Study Finds God’s Design for Marriage Is Best

Modern-day Christian persecution: Son, family rally behind persecuted Canadian pastor

Christian Zionism: Blessing or Curse?

Blistering Doc ‘Whose Children Are They’ Takes on Teachers Unions

Leftist Who Wants to Push Sex on Kids Says Parents Who Oppose That are “White Supremacists”

Christian teacher suspended for refusing to call students by pronouns. Now suing ...

ANTI-WOMAN: Adidas Ad Campaign Celebrates Biological Men Who Compete as Women

Bill Clinton’s Buddy, a Haitian Pastor Backed by Clinton Foundation, Indicted on Child Sex Charges        3/15


Saint Mathilda, Empress

Saint Maximilian

Perseverance A remedy for today's trials

Francis Retires Bishop Supportive Of Roman Mass

Nine Years Ago: The Great Nullity

Top German Cardinal Marx Says a Queer FrancisMass

Catholic priest with Ukrainian connections helped to save orphans from Russia’s war

Catholic Church in Mexico Will Deny Communion to Politicians Who Voted for Abortion

Visions Of Mary (An Excellent Documentary To Strengthen Your Catholic Faith)

Bringing America Back to Life

VICTORY: Planned Parenthood drops plans for new California facility after pro-life pushback

Doctors Told Couple to Abort Their Disabled Son Because He Would Die in 6 Months. Joel is Now 15

World Health Organization includes Down syndrome in list of ‘severe birth defects’ to be ‘prevented’

Saving Black Babies Laying out the numbers

Abortionist Calls Killing Babies “Compassion and Love for One’s Fellow Human Beings”

Watch This Neil Oliver Monologue Right Now: “Even the Medieval Church Could Barely Dream of Such Control Over How People Think and Act”

Minnesota Non-Profit Set Up To Feed Children Accused Of Massive Fraud And Misappropriating "Tens Of Millions Of Dollars"

French politician calls out EU parliament for voting on gender neutral bathrooms during Ukraine war

Leftists Set Up Summer Camp to Push Sex on 8-10 Year-Old Kids

Nuclear War: Cardinal Has Fun at Homosex-Show

Atlanta Faithful Resist CM group protests LGBT retreat

Texas court halts abuse inquiries into parents of children who received transgender drugs 

Telemundo Hostesses Try, Fail in Condemning Florida's Anti-Grooming Law

Sunday Live: Pro-Pedophile Groups Assault Reporter In Downtown Austin, Texas

Students are being groomed by teachers to embrace LGBT ‘glitter families’ in place of parents             3/14


The Forty Martyrs of Sebaste

St. John Ogilvie                          Saint Dominic Savio

Happy Feast of St John Ogilvie, Scots Martyr – But Do Scots Priests Believe In Sin These Days?


Ukraine: Viganò Turns into a Prophet

On The Importance of Prayer

Ousted Prelate Protests Bishop calls removal 'totally unjust'

Archbishop Opposes Francis’ War Against the Church

Miracle in Colorado? Church investigates St. Michael statue oozing “blood”

Maskless Priest Punished Bishop sacks cautious cleric

White Raven: Archbishop Fulfils His Duty - Will Francis Take Vengeance on Him?

The Rosary Is Not Vain Repetition

Two Anglican bishops resign to become Catholic

Make Catholicism Cool Again End the 'Church of Nerds'

Army doctor who became a nun, Sr. Dede Byrne, sues Washington, DC over DeathVaxx mandate for health workers

Hollywood wouldn’t make Mark Wahlberg’s new faith-based film ‘Father Stu,’ so he made it himself

Papal Nun Sense Francis' synodal sister

Hungary Just Elected Its First Female President, And She’s Pro-Life and Pro-Family Steven Ertelt - 3/10/22

Pro-life leaders blast CPAC chief for refusing to host a pro-life panel

Woman Gives Birth On Portland Sidewalk, Leaves Child

Case against UK doctor offering abortion pill reversal dropped

Maryland Bill Would Legalize Infanticide, Babies Could be Left to Die Up to 28 Days After Birth

California Democrats push bill to let nurse practitioners abort without medical supervision

House Democrats Pass Spending Bill Forcing Americans to Fund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Abortion Activists Defend Infanticide, Denying Medical Care to Babies Who Survive Abortions

Catholic League: For Biden, Women’s Rights Mean Abortion and LGBT Issues

Satanic Agenda Exposed: Christian Infiltrates Satanist Convention, Tells All

Parents sue D.C. mayor for continuing to require masks at religious schools but not at bars

Despite what Planned Parenthood believes, abortion is not humanitarian aid

China’s new AI ‘nanny’ could aid use of artificial wombs, ‘shatter current family model’

World Health Organization social media post lists Down syndrome as a birth defect to be ‘prevented’

Children are a blessing, so why does modern America treat them with disdain?

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Pete Buttplug’s Fake “Husband” Leads Kids in a Pledge of Allegiance to Flag Representing Sexual Perversion and Deviancy

City Of West Hollywood Launching Guaranteed Income Pilot Program For LGBTQIA People Only

‘Child Grooming Camp For Minors’: Sex-Ed Summer Camp In Indianapolis Aimed At 8-10 Year Olds

Disgusting Democrat Boise Mayor Lauren McLean: Stopping Kids From Castrating Themselves Is Somehow “Endangering” Them

UK Bishop Sacks Pro-LGBT+ School Governors Gay teen fiction writer rages after Catholic schools cancel presentation

Disney CEO Pledges $5 Million to LGBTQ Groups over Florida Bill Barring Sexuality Instruction for Kids

Simon James Green, Children/Teens Gay Author, On The Warpath – Not A Pretty Sight, Folks!

Absolutely disgusting… Kentucky hickliberals push masturbation and trannyism on children

Democratic Male Leader Invites ‘Drag Queen’ to Entertain Women Legislators

The Studies Cited to Support Gender-Bending Kids Are Largely Junk Science

Former NIH head Francis Collins green-lighted sex-change testing on young children              3/11


St. Frances of Rome                  

Saint Dominic Savio, Confessor

Bishop Schneider: Pope Francis should grant SSPX the faculties to celebrate Mass

Needed: An Ecumenical Reset  

Vanishing Vocations The state of America's dioceses

Synod on Synods: Ultra-clerical Francis Wants Get Rid Of The "Clerical Church"

Catholic Bishop in Puerto Rico Says His Removal by Pope Francis is ‘Totally Unjust' vax refusial

Liz Yore to WarRoom: Abp. Vigano sees the Ukraine war as a globalist trap

Priest in Australia fights in court for Latin Mass community after archbishop’s crackdown

Burlington bishop removes pastor for disobedience over COVID-19 directives

Russian Orthodox priest arrested for preaching against war in Ukraine as Putin throttles dissent

"Synodality": Francis REMOVES Bishop As If He Were an Altar Boy

Young Catholics Neglected Gen Z disassociating with the Church

Medjugorje: Young Woman Cured of Incurable Brain Disease after Visit to Cross Mountain and Apparition Hill

It’s the New Testament’s Most Frequent Instruction, and American Christians Don’t Even Know It’s There

Catholics Invoke Hindu Gods in Pre-Lent Rite Syncretism pollutes 'Rome of the East' as priest sings hymns to Ganesha

Guatemala Increases Prison Term for Killing a Baby in an Abortion to 10 Years

Pro-life Doctor Vindicated: ‘I’ve Been The Target Of An Orchestrated Campaign By The Abortion Industry’

WHO Tells Countries to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth Without Limits

Biden’s $2.6 billion ‘gender equality’ request could fund abortions in foreign countries

While Democrats Push Abortions Up to Birth, Republicans are Fighting for Life

Proposed law in Maryland would allow mothers to kill their babies up to 28 days AFTER birth

Biden Science Advisor Francis Collins Defends Using Aborted Baby Parts in Research

Despite What Sen. Warnock Claims, There Is No Such Thing As A ’Pro-Choice Pastor’

“Sexy Summer Camp” Pushes Sex on Kids, Teaches Them How to Kill Their Babies in Abortions

UPDATE: Bag of animal heads linked to sacrifice ritual

Every Two Hours a Nigerian Christian Is Killed for ‘Following Jesus’

‘Dirty Dozen List’ Names 12 Companies Profiting Off Sexual Exploitation

Ditching an Abundance of Caution Protecting priest, not kids

Ex-gay prof. says same-sex desires are sinful, even if not acted upon

French Academy of Medicine warns against puberty blockers and early transgender treatment

Latin America's trans politicians gain ground

DeSantis slams 'false narratives' about Florida's LGBT education bill

With Americans Unable to Afford Gas, Biden Wants to Spend $2 Billion on Global “Gender Equality”           3/9


Saint John of God, Founder

Saint Robert Bellarmine on the Fruits of Fasting

St. John Paul II’s litany at Fatima to avoid a nuclear war

The Growing TLM Movement Survey dispels some misconceptions

Mutism: At Least Vatican Talks With Russia


Archbishop Viganò: ‘We Must Clearly Recognize and Denounce the Coup D’état of the Deep State Worldwide, Which Has Worked to Install the New World Order’

Replacement Morality: Something is fishy. I don’t support Putin invading a nation, but if the people in the West who wanted to force a gov’t injection are the same morons who want to invade Russia, you can be sure they’re following demons, not angels.

Severe Condition: Heroic Archbishop Hospitalised

Archbishop of Algiers Abandons Evangelism Prelate asks Catholics to halt Great Commission as evangelicals multiply

Seminarian who taught in Ukraine exposes the civil war: “The Ukrainian people, as a whole, do not entirely present a united front against Russia, as the media may portray them. … There is a vast divide within the country

Cardinals: Signs of Inflation

Armed Militants Abduct Catholic Priest in Central Nigeria

Polish men keep up massive rosary rallies amid Russian invasion of Ukraine, humanitarian crisis

Too Much and Too Late St. Louis may close up to 60% of churches

Saint Mother Teresa’s words on motherhood and abortion are important for women today

Doctors Told Congresswoman to Have Abortion Because Her Baby Would Die. Abigail is Now 8 Years-Old

Love Them Both: 7 ways to help someone who has had an abortion

Maryland Bill Would Allow Killing Babies in Infanticide Up to 28 Days After Birth

That’s News! One Church For Every Mosque

Leftist Jesuit Publication Dismisses Archbishop Viganò’s Latest Warning as ‘Conspiracy Theories’

Seattle School District Says Your Baby Is Racist — Their Marxist, Anti-American CRT Propaganda Will Fix It

Biden is going to SUE Texas to make sure children continue to be MAIMED and destroyed with LGBT surgeries and chemical castration

Democrats Grooming Your Children for Progressive Pedophiles — Here’s the Latest Example

Catholic school district in Ontario to fly rainbow flag during LGBT ‘pride month’

Wisconsin School District: Parents Are Not ‘Entitled to Know’ if Their Kids Are “Trans”  

Trans Activists Funded By Big Pharma Push Biased Research Promoting Medical Transitions For Children

Francis Collins-led NIH not only backed research on aborted fetuses but sex-change testing on young kids 

Disturbing: Leftist Activist Organizes “Sex Ed Summer Camps” for 8-10 Year Olds In Indiana – Will Teach “Using Condoms on All Insertables” and “Explore Sensations to Discover What Feels Good”

Jesuit University Employees Homosex Activist Disguised

Chemical Castration Court Targets Innocence: Father's Rights Stripped

How Disgusting ‘Critical Gender Ideology’ Is Taking Over Public Schools

The saddest story you’ll read all day… young girl sucked into tranny meat grinder                     3/8


St. Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Church                              Sts. Perpetua and Felicity, Martyrs

Saint Colette, Reformer of the Poor Clares                          Saint Mary Ann of Jesus of Paredes

Saint John Joseph of the Cross, Confessor

This week in Christian history: Thomas Aquinas dies, 40 martyrs of Sebaste

World War 3 Anxiety – Fr. Mark Goring – Look to Marian Apparitions for help.

Pagliarani: for the Pius X position; Mass For Everyone - No Negotiations

German Bishops Chairman: Gay Sex Does Not Harm ‘One’s Relationship with God’

Support Fr Michael Rowe of Perth, Australia

Argentina: Archbishop Deplores Devastating Francis Effect

PROPHECY: Russia Will March Upon All of Europe – Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Jesuits Have Gone into Hiding

Catholic Priest Tells Joe Biden to Go to Confession After He Celebrates Abortion Again

Replacement Morality

France: Statue Condemned to Death

Revealed: The Astonishing Reason the Bible Keeps Mentioning ‘Trees’

UK girl with rare condition stuns doctors after starting to talk

VICTORY: Pro-lifers pressure mayor to drop vote on ‘Abortion Provider Appreciation Day’ resolution

Mississippi has one abortion facility but more than 30 pro-life pregnancy centers

40 Days for Life sets record as Lent campaign launches in 588 cities

DeSantis vows to sign Florida's 15-week abortion ban 'in short order'

40 Days for Life Campaign Saves 28 Babies From Abortion, So Far

Pro-life woman launches alternative to disturbing Planned Parenthood app

Biden threatens to take action after Texas designates puberty blockers ‘child abuse’

Biden Says He Wants People to “Reach Their God-Given Potential,” Killing Babies in Abortions Denies That 

Abortion industry promotes ‘missed period pills’ so women won’t know if they were pregnant

Planned Parenthood Injures Two Women in Botched Abortions, Now The 911 Call Records are Missing

Chinese Christian woman detained for attempting to share Gospel with Xi Jinping

Québec church sues provincial gov’t for requiring COVID passports to enter places of worship

Vicar of Sin and Heresy warns against making compromises with evil. Sends two of his most communist cardinals, Krajewski and Czerny, to 'help' the hard left Ukraine kleptocracy. Also thanks 'journalists' for their globalist propaganda

"The same Globalists who installed Biden... installed the Zelensky regime... [&] those who did not volunteer for this are Literal Human Shields for the Zelensky/Soros government... [if] Trump had survived the election coup in 2020 we would have no Ukraine war"


Soros-backed 'Catholic Fact Checkers' at Aleteia: Bunkered Ukrainians are like Christ being taken down from the cross!

Anybody Knew This? Only Two Countries OPPOSED UN Resolution Against Neo-Nazis the USA & Ukraine

Paedophilia Propagandists Are Still VERY Respected

Here’s More Video From That Brave Protest Against That ‘Anti-Trans’ Father Who Was Shouted (and Screamed) Down in Texas

In Wisconsin, a fight over whether children belong to the state or the parents

RINO Utah Guv Vows to Veto Trans Sports Ban

Iowa governor signs bill banning ‘transgender’ males from women’s sports

Wisconsin School District: Parents ‘Not Entitled’ to Know Kids’ Gender Identity

Biden moves to block Texas from restricting transgender procedures for kids

Netflix Asks Federal Court to Stop Texas ‘Cuties’ Child Pornography Case                3/7


Saint Casimir, King of Poland

Adoring Christ’s Holy Face Necessary reparation for present-day evils

Sr. Lucy of Fatima and Russia Part 1

Sr. Lucy of Fatima and Russia Part 2

Bishops ask Pope Francis to consecrate Ukraine and Russia to Immaculate Heart of Mary

Join Our Suffering with Christ’s

Abp. Viganò’s Lenten message: ‘God’s wrath…can only be appeased by contrition and penance’

TX Bishop Strickland: The USA better wake up to the lies flowing out of Washington DC very quickly or we will find ourselves in a tragic reality this nation has never seen.

Opus Dei Defrocks Priest De Facto for Applying Francis'  PARRHESIA to Francis

Letter from Bishop Vigano to Australia  

Heterodox Hullabaloo Prelate reflects on synodality

Has Marxist Pope Francis Enabled the Persecution of Christians?

Mark of the Beast Update: The W.H.O. Is Working on a Global “Vaccine” Passport System

Bishop Abuses War to Install Homosex Altarpiece

Turf War Lafayette, Louisiana

40 Days for Life sets new record as Lent campaign launches in 588 cities 

Abortion and the Black community: A pro-life ‘revolution of love’ is needed

GOP Florida Legislature Passes Bill Banning Murder of Unborn Babies After 15 Weeks, Sends it to Governor Ron DeSantis

Eight Current, Former NFL Players File Brief in Support of Fired Praying High School Coach Joe Kennedy

Trevor Loudon: Fighting Communism in the Church and the Ukraine


Churches near Ukraine's border shelter refugees as 1 million flee Russian invasion

‘Everybody’s not Muslim here’: New Jersey man complains about call to prayer broadcast over loudspeakers

International Child Sex Abuse Network Exposed, Hundreds Arrested in Investigation

Western “Values”: French Court Recognises Father as “Mother" of  His Children

The latest body mutilation fad pushed by trans activists is not ‘life saving’, it’s dangerous to human health

Communists on Campus Shut Down Legal Scholar, Candidate Who Wants to Ban ‘Sex-Change Surgeries’ for Kids

Leftists crash, threaten college event on 'transitioning' kids: 'I was pretty scared for my life'

Perversion: Parish Priest Sues Homosex Dancer AND Those Making Atonement

Penn's Transgender Swimmer Aims to Qualify for the 2024 Paris Olympics

“I Do Not Want ‘Peace’ With Anyone Who Thinks This Is Okay”  

Pervert Joe Biden Lashes Out at Texas for Plan to Protect Children from Sexual Mutilation              3/4


Saint Cunegundes, Empress

100 Years Too Late: Ukrainian Bishops Ask Francis To Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Another German bishop all but eliminates the Traditional Latin Mass in his diocese

Abusive Priests Abort Illegitimate Offspring Penalty of automatic excommunication not enforced on offending clergymen

"Master Of Doctrine": Francis Makes Fun of Fired Cardinal Muller

African Father Jesusmary Missigbètò kicked out of notorious Opus Dei for complaining about all Francis’s evil gay lobbying

German Prelate Stepping Down? Cardinal offers second resignation to pope

New Museum of the Bible exhibit features Shroud of Turin: 'First viral image'

Catholics pray rosary to protest drag queen story hour as woke 'pastors' support scandalizing children

Protesters arrested after peacefully opposing COVID vax clinic for minors on cathedral grounds

Abortionist Complains It’s Hard to Get Dates Because She Kills Babies

Biden Refuses to Condemn Abortion While Observing Ash Wednesday

Study: Nearly half of those morally opposed to abortion would still help a loved one to get one

Bioethicist Says Infanticide is OK Because Killing Babies in Abortions is OK

Half a million Colombians march for the ‘immediate resignation’ of activist pro-abortion judges

Chemical Man: Plummeting testosterone levels will destroy society.

Scott Lively on Ukraine: My prayer is for God to spare the Ukrainian people but overthrow the corrupt Ukrainian government and replace it with a healthy pro-family one. I pray the same for America.

Democrat D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Threatened With Religious Freedom Lawsuit for Keeping Slave Mask Mandate on Catholic Schools

Egypt: Another Ancient Coptic Christian Monastery Left to Ruin


Iran acquits 9 Christian converts of 'acting against national security' in 'landmark decision'  


English Catholic School MUST Cancel Scandalous LGBTQ+ History Month Book Signing Event

Biden Wants Trans Youths To Reject God's Design In Order To Reach Their 'God-Given Potential'

Transgender Priorities US Army focusing on woke politics

Democrat-Run NY Education Department Promotes Pornographic Book to Children

While China Bans 'Sissy' Men, American Men Are Criticized for Toxic Masculinity                    3/3


Blessed Henry Suzo, Confessor

Bl. Charles the Good

Saint Agnes of Bohemia

Mass Was Never “A Supper on an Eating Table”

Ukraine’s Catholic bishops ask Pope Francis to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Canadian Rosary Convoy Appeal to Heaven to end tyranny

This ‘Digital ID’ Would Control EVERYTHING in Your Life

Study: Pfizer Vaccine Fuses With Human DNA Archbishop Viganò vindicated as 'fact-checkers' and Dr. Spaeder shamed

Grandma Saves Her Own Grandson From Abortion

RARE: These baby boys are cousins… but genetically, they’re also quaternary twin brothers

Abortion Activists Fail to Beat Rep. Henry Cuellar, Last Pro-Life Democrat in Congress

West Virginia senate passes pro-life measure to protect babies with disabilities

COVID Relief Funds Diverted to Planned Parenthood Pro-abortion WI governor grilled

Joe Biden Blasts Republicans for Defeating Bill Legalizing Abortion Up to Birth: “Extremely Disappointing”

Senate Rejects Democrats’ Attempt To Gut State Pro-Life Laws 

Biden reiterates support for Roe v. Wade, radical LGBT policies during State of the Union

"One-Minute-From-Infanticide" Bill Supported By All But Two Democrats In Congress

Pro-abortion protesters disrupt mass at cathedral in San Francisco

Joe Biden Defends Violating Catholic Teachings on Abortion: “I Don’t Want to Debate Theology”

Dear Church: Jesus Preached With Authority, Not Suggestions

Put Canada on list of ‘religious liberty violators’ for keeping pastors in jail, US Sen. Hawley reiterates



Ukrainian President Zelensky's Homoerotic Skit & "Biden’s Ukraine war and Putin/Russia scape-goating is part of a larger strategy for killing the Red Wave in 2022"

Twitter suspends congresswoman for criticizing affirmation of 'men who pretend to be women'

Wyoming Senate votes to eliminate pro-LGBT ‘gender studies’ program at state university

Biden Says During SOTU That He ‘Has the Back’ of “Younger Transgender Americans”

CBS Highlights Crisis Of 'Transgender Acceptance' In Ukraine As Russian Military Surrounds Kiev              3/2


Saint Albinus, Bishop

Saint David of Wales

Dr. Zelenko | Great Reset Plan for Forcing the Mark of the Beast System + Pastor Pawlowski Updates

Jesus loves little children and little churches

Pope to Overhaul Priest Training Concerned about 'trad' seminarians

Movies featuring Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John translated to 1,137 dialects

France: Muslim Spits In Priest's Face (Video)

Francis Slaps Italian Bishops THREE Times

Rape survivor shares how God helped rebuild self-worth, identity following trauma  

ACLU, Planned Parenthood sue to block Ohio law protecting abortion survivors

Senate Rejects ‘Most Radical Abortion Bill in United States History’

Here’s the 13 Catholic Senators Who Voted to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth

How Chemical Pills Became the Go-To Abortion Method

Abortion industry promotes ‘missed period pills’ so women won’t know if they were pregnant

Putin’s Christianity Personal devotion or propaganda?

Why do "Anti-God" Soros & Clinton Campaign “Spirit Cooking” Witch-like Weirdos apparently want War with Russia?

War Hypocrisy: Not All Bombs Are Interesting

‘Helping In Jesus Name’: Samaritan’s Purse Responds to Ukraine Crisis 

The All-out, Satan-Led Assault on Our Children

‘We Need More Bibles’: Ukrainian Store Runs Out of Bibles as Some Encounter Scripture For ‘First Time Ever’ Amid Russian Crisis

Pastor Greg Locke Says He’s Being Threatened With Death, Hexes and Sex Toys for Exposing Witches

Taylor Marshall: The current President of the Ukraine is pro-death, and favors legalized prostitution and gun control

Islamic terrorists kill 3 Christians, destroy church in Nigeria

Boss of British Spies: Conflict in Ukraine Is Foremost About “LGBT+ Rights”

Apple Introduces ‘Gender-Neutral’ Alternative to Siri

Even Alaska has been infected with the myth of transgenderism                     3/1


Saints Romanus and Lupicinus, Abbots                Blessed Daniel Brottier

St. Hilary, Pope

St. Gabriel of O.L. of Sorrows, Passionist

Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin

Schneider: Nothing Good Comes From Grabbing

As The Stomach Turns----The 2022 Appeal Has Officially Begun

Divine Liturgy In The Bomb Shelter

Thomas Cardinal Collins - There is now a Mass For You to worship the new god of scientism!

Resist and Restore Grassroots movement grows

Wars and Rumors of Wars: Russia, Ukraine, and Fatima

'We need more Bibles': Ukrainian store runs out

Christian Leaders Silent While “Unvaccinated” are Dehumanized by the Democrats

Italian Bishops: The More Anti-Catholic the Better

Detroit Church Demolished The end point of modernism

We Both Were in Shock’: Mom Reunites With Son She Placed for Adoption 20 Years Ago

Chile Approves a Law to Protect Employment Rights of Mutants and Genetically Modified Humans

Traditional Catholic Monica Smit: Australia’s new $200M quarantine camp could be used to jail people like me

Sorry Pro-Life Pro-Vaccine Christians – Novavax Allegedly Based on Aborted Fetal Cell Lines After All

Kiev: Surrogacy Children for Western Market Are Safe

Archbishop Casts Out Devil With Satan

The Things That Really Matter

Migrants Desecrate More Than 2,000 Churches Just in Greece

Woke Pastor Calls for “Redistribution of Power and Resources” in the “Evangelical Church Sphere”

Covid Tyranny and ‘Woke’ Cultural Marxism Drive Enrollment Increases at Conservative Religious Colleges [Good! Bankrupt the Communist Indoctrination Centers Masquerading as Colleges]

'We must 'remain humble' in the face of variants!' - Soros-funded 'Catholic Fact Checkers' at OSV can't figure out whether the ScamDemic is over yet

Feminist Vatican Nun Endorses LGBT+ Caucus Pope Francis raised Sr. Nathalie Becquart to top position in the Holy See

Synod of Bishops: Vatican Closes Ranks with Condemned Homosex Militants

Head of MI6 says “LGBT+ rights” the most important Western freedom… admits ‘networked’ LGBT+ cabal

MI6 Chief Faces Backlash For Saying Ukraine War is About LGBT Rights

The Queer Young Comics Redefining American Humor

Biden-Harris FDA Authorizes First Condom Specifically Marketed for Anal Sex             2/28


Saint Tarasius, Patriarch of Constantinople                        Blessed Sebastian of Aparicio

Saint Matthias, Apostle                   St. John Theristus

Blessed Luke Belludi                         Blessed Robert of Arbrissel, Abbot

India’s Poverty Priest Has Died

Cardinal Sandoval’s Censored Video is Back

'In Jesus Name' song goes viral with 80M streams online, TikTok singer signs Christian record deal

Backlash Forces Francis to Cancel Malta Trip Prelate's 'Russia collusion' and general elections are roadblocks to visit

Catholic Bishops Slam Democrat Bill for Abortions Up to Birth: Killing Babies is “A Violation of Human Rights”  All TALK and Almost NO ACTION


Most Fitting: NO Archbishop Places Himself on a Potty Seat

Lepanto Institute Responds to AUSCP Dissident group threatens legal action

Trudeau Backs Down on the Emergencies Act & Francis Backs Down on Traditionis Custodes. What's the Connection to Being a Successful Tyrant?

Pope Francis’ Message: ‘The Lenten Season Calls Us to Place Our Faith and Hope in the Lord’

The Archdiocese of Chicago under Cdl. Cupich is in complete disarray, and there is no end in sight

EXCLUSIVE: Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears on the importance of standing for life

Pro-abortion students destroy pro-life display… but pro-life students were disciplined

Half-pound micro-preemie is the smallest to survive at Maryland hospital 

Hospital Takes Baby With COVID Away From Her Parents, Won’t Let Them See Her. “This is Inhumane”

UK Pro-Life Groups Celebrate Victory as British Government Ends Mail-Order Abortions 

France votes to extend abortion limit through 14 weeks of pregnancy

Report Shows Half of Babies Killed in Abortions Now Killed With Dangerous Abortion Pill

Female ‘pastor’ says getting an abortion made her feel ‘loved by God’

US Senate plans vote on bill to allow unlimited abortion, end all state restrictions

Evangelical Christian radio broadcaster details Orthodox rift amid Russia-Ukraine conflict, calls for Christian unity

‘They Kill Believers on the Spot’: Frightened Afghan Christian Woman Shares Horrors From Inside Taliban Nightmare

Child Trafficking Ring: 75% Increase in Unaccompanied Minors Breaching U.S. Border Under Biden-Harris Regime

Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum Pushes Mark of the Beast-Like Digital ID System That Will Determine Access to Services

Australia: Muslim who murdered his daughter and her husband for marrying without his permission gets life in prison

SCOTUS to Hear Case of Christian Who Refuses to Make Websites That Violate Her Religious Beliefs

French Population Makes Atonement After Homosexual ravaged the Church

WOKE trans “science” camp leaders slept in the cabins with 10-year-old girls, shared showers and bathrooms 

Parents Lead the Fight 15 bills to fight LGBTQ indoctrination

Viral video shows conservative student confronted over transgender views

Metaverse App Allows Kids To Visit Strip Clubs, View Simulated Sex

Sydney: Homosex Infiltrated Police Mocks Nuns

Free speech, academic freedom groups defend ‘Socratic gadfly’ who supported pedophilia           2/25


Saint Polycarp, Bishop and Martyr

Saint Peter Damian, Cardinal Bishop

Francis’ Zanchetta Disaster

Real world data skewers murderous FrancisVatican’s ‘common good’ defense of DeathVaxxes 

“After Francis, Rome Will Be Destroyed”

Arizona House Votes for Bill Declaring Churches Essential, Even During Emergencies Like COVID

Holy Family Statue Stolen From Texas Parish

Amazing Ultrasound of Twins Makes it Clear Unborn Babies are Human Beings

Turning Empty Convents Into Evangelizing Young-Adult Residences: St. Elizabeth House Models How

States Introduce Record Number of Pro-Life Bills This Year to Protect Babies From Abortion

Colombia’s Constitutional Court Decriminalizes Abortion Up to 6 Months

Democrat Senator and Former Crooked Hillary Running Mate Tim Kaine: No Opinion on Whether 42% of Babies Born on Medicaid is a Good Thing

"Not the intelligent design of some god above the clouds, but our intelligent design" - 2018 WEF monster explains how 'elites' are going to hack humanity

Report: Early 2022 Marked by ‘Epidemic’ of Anti-Christian Arson and Vandalism

Vatican News FrancisFreaks lament that Dominican Republic and Haiti build separation wall

Supreme Court to decide whether Colorado can force Christian web designer to promote gay ‘weddings’

Parents Should Assume Government Schools Will Sexually Abuse Their Children Until Proven Otherwise

Nebraska capital recognizes all ‘gender identities,’ prohibits counseling against homosexuality

Being a Queer Catholic is a blessing       ???

Lmao: Ivy League striver swim parents too terrified to criticize hulking Penn tranny 

Iowa House passes bill to ban gender-confused men from women’s sports

Section 230 Needs to Be Fixed so Internet Companies Can’t Feature Child Pornography                  2/23


Saint Peter’s Chair at Antioch

St. Margaret of Cortona

Israeli gov’t ditches Mount of Olives park expansion plan amid outcry from Christian leaders

Roman Rite Communities Exempted from Traditionis Custodes

Gatekeeper Crisis Dwindling ordinations, not vocations

Joni Eareckson Tada on remarkable ways God is using her story

Big Trouble in The Big Easy Victims challenge New Orleans archbishop

Christ-centered marriages are the ‘foundation of hope for our world’: US bishop

Novus Ordo Celebrates Most Holy Samba Sacrament

Was the American Church’s Response to COVID Truly Biblical?

‘Being Gay Was No Longer Who I Was’: The Supernatural Moment This Hollywood Designer Met Jesus Christ

What a Looser! Francis Archbishop Insists: No Conversion!

National Catholic Reporter: "Black Lives Matter" captures the essence of the entire Black prophetic tradition?!

Nurse Who Was Fired Because She is Pro-Life Wins $374,000 in Court

Commiefornia Is Withholding Evidence That Would Exonerate David Daleiden for Exposing Planned Butcherhood

Supreme Court Denies Request From 2,000 Christian Health Care Workers to Block COVID Vaccine Mandate

Suicide: Civil War At the Pontifical Academy "For Life"

In a 5-4 decision, Colombia decriminalizes abortion up to 24 weeks

Radical Abortion Activists are Trying to Defeat the Last Pro-Life Democrat in Congress 

Dutch gynecologist fathered 21 children, destroyed all records before death

Canadian Pastor Arrested and Thrown in Solitary Confinement by Truedope’s Nazis After Preaching to Blockade Truckers

INVESTIGATIVE REPORT: Whistleblowers Reveal How Pentagon Discriminates Against Religion With “Vaccine” Mandates

Scientists are Making Human-Animal Hybrids: Breeding Pigs for Human Heart Transplants  

Nearly 500 Arrested In California Human Trafficking Operation

STOP THE MADNESS! Male Swimmer Who Identifies As a Woman Set 5 Ivy School Records How Is This Fair To Women

Sexually explicit ‘LGBT’ content promoted to kids as young as 4, reveal private school association recordings

Poles Teach Germans: Homosexualism Is As Wrong As Eugenics, Racism

Trans Bathroom Rights Return to Spotlight                                                     22/22


Saint Peter Damian, Cardinal Bishop              

Saint Severianus, Bishop and Martyr           St. Wulfric                  Saints Jacinta and Francisco Marto

Saint Eucherius, Bishop of Orleans                     Saint Conrad of Piacenza, Hermit

New Book Tells the Dramatic Story of Traditionalist Movement in the USA


Priestly Ordination In The Roman Rite

Canadian Clergy Send Powerful Letter Chastising Trudeau for Invoking Emergencies Act

Russian Orthodox Church in Kensington, London, February 19. Praying for peace in face of the provocations Western homosex regimes in Eastern Ukraine

Detroit Restores Falsely Accused Priest

Pope funnels money to illegal Muslim migrants

Newest Edition: Ice Chapel at Michigan University (Pictures)

Vatican’s Spy vs. Spy Secretariat of State office bugged?

A True Vocation! He Attempted Murder Because He Didn't Become Bishop

Twins born at 22 weeks and given ‘zero chance of survival’ expected to go home soon

Abortion Clinic Staffer Quits After Woman is “Railroaded” Into Getting Abortion. Now She’s Pro-Life

The first Black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School was pro-life

Planned Parenthood Kills More Black People Than Anyone Else

TODAY praises abortionists as moms helping other moms to make ‘parenting choices’

Let There Be Lasers: Israel to Surround Borders With ‘Biblical Pillar of Fire’

Federal Appeals Court: United Airlines Vaccine Mandate ‘Coerced’ Employees To ‘Violate Religious Convictions’

Epstein Friend Jean-Luc Brunel, Who Supplied Kids for Elites to Rape, Found Dead in Jail - Security Cameras Switched Off

Fifth-Grade Parents at California School Discover Men Using ‘Non-Male’ Pronouns Allowed to Sleep in Girls’  

Tour de Farce: Trans Swimmer Smashes Another Women’s Record at Ivy League Championships

LGBTQ Activists Sentenced To Six Months In Federal Prison For Torching NYPD Van

US LGBTQ population reaches new high

Woke Scottish Court Says People Can Self-Identify Their Gender on Census

Nearly 500 People Arrested in California in Human Trafficking Sting Operation                 2/21


Saint Bernadette Soubirous, Virgin

St. Simon                                         Blessed John of Fiesole

Covid Scientist: Francis Should Apologise for Injection Propaganda

Priest proposes three steps for breaking free from COVID's stranglehold on society

USA: Catholic School Principal Suspended For Defying Diocesan Mask Mandate

Vatican’s Support for “Vaccines” and Mandates Makes It COMPLICIT in Jab Deaths  

A Victim Responds Why I remain Catholic

Diocesan Priest: Restore Traditional Mass & Theology To Avoid Church’s Total Collapse

Powerless Traditionis Custodes: Roman Mass Celebrated On Top of Africa

Special Report: Cardinal Sins Wuerl's tainted legacy

A Tainted Legacy Wuerl's real track record

Vatican spy story takes center stage as fraud trial resumes

Globalist Ukraine FrancisBishop Shevchuk warns Vatican ambassadors against 'misinformation' about their Russia stunt

Vandal Archbishop Destroys Beautiful 18th Century Altar

Belittling Baptism Jesuits dismiss question of validity

Florida diocese forces schoolkids to wear masks while hosting ball for wealthy maskless donors

Is This the End? Francis’ Vatican Promotes Suicide

Catholic Charities, Texas diocese under fire for transporting illegal migrants with Biden admin

We chose life over abortion after a grim prognosis… and our son beat the odds

Joe Manchin is Saving the Hyde Amendment So Americans Don’t Have to Fund Abortions

Bishops slam French president’s efforts to expand abortion across Europe

Planned Parenthood Kills More Black People Than Anyone Else

Planned Parenthood Leader Arrested, Stopped From Blocking Vote on Pro-Life Bill to Ban Abortions

TODAY praises abortionists as moms helping other moms to make ‘parenting choices’

Court Allows Killing of 35-Week-Old Baby in an Abortion Just Because the Baby is Disabled

India attempts to curb exploitation of women by ending commercial surrogacy

Atheist Dad Is Transformed After Glimpse of Heaven as Toddler Son Is Taken Off Life Support

Only Stupid Catholics Use Google

Legendary NFL Sideline Sportscaster Michele Tafoya Resigns – Stands Up Against Critical Race Theory Being Taught to Her Kids

Pastor Greg Locke defends deliverance ministry after chasing suspected witches from church

UMC agrees to extend Boy Scout charters through June amid sex abuse lawsuits

Once again, a man beats women at a swim meet

Finish MP Criminally Charged After Quoting Bible In Opposition To LGBT Event

NC Dad Slams School Board Over Critical Race Theory And Gender Indoctrination             2/18


Saint Francis Regis Clet, Lazarist Missionary                     Seven Founders of the Servite Order

St. Daniel                                                                       Saint Gilbert of Sempringham

Saint Onesimus, Bishop and Martyr                             Saint John de Britto, Martyr

Archbishop Viganò's URGENT MESSAGE To Canadian Truckers

“Beautiful Letter”? Whom Do Francis – and Gänswein – Try to Fool?

Standing Against Cupich Faithful Catholics opposing authoritarian


Are Pope Francis’ changes to canon law true decentralization?

Powerless Traditionis Custodes: Newly Ordained

Real Men Worthy priests

‘For the victims’: Priest offers heroic sacrifice for those affected by clerical abuse

Flashback: Could Francis be an Antipope even though the Majority of Cardinals claim he is Pope?

The Dethronement of Truth

Church voids thousands of baptisms over one-word mistake

Being Lukewarm, Part II Shedding more light on Laodicea

Pro-Life Group Ready to Help Pregnant Moms When Roe v. Wade is Overturned

WOW: These three babies were all amazingly born on 2-2-22… at 2:22

Couple Refused Doctors’ Suggestion to Abort One Twin to Save the Other, Both are Great Now

Baby Born Four Months Early, Well Before Abortion Limit, Wins Intense Four Month Battle to Survive

Jaw-dropping: Pro-abortion counselors claim preborn babies can consent to their abortions

Hawaii Committee Passes Bill to Allow Nurses to Kill Babies in Abortions Up to Viability

Wisconsin Gov Tony Evers Sends $1 Million Meant for COVID Relief to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

FrancisVatican’s Monstrous UN Nazi, Jeffrey Sachs, blasts wave of parental rights legislation hitting the States

Wisconsin Father Claims Pfizer Drugs and Wisconsin Hospital Killed Their Daughter Grace

Op-Ed: My Dad and I Bought an Old Hospital to Help Drug Addicts - What Happened Next Is a Miracle

Jailed Pastor Fights On Knees: Chairman Trudeau Declares War On God And Freedom

14K sign prayer pledge for Finnish politician prosecuted for citing biblical teachings on sexuality

APOCALYPTIC sky sounds are STILL being heard WORLDWIDE (video)

Poll: ~73% of Dems Believe Teachers’ Unions Should Have More Authority than Parents

France: Muslims enraged over focus on Islam in upcoming elections

2,500 Churches Stand Up: UK Govt Forced To Add Religious Exemption To Conversion Therapy Ban

Father’s ‘torment’ over ‘trans’ son he hasn’t seen in two years not unlike what other families are going through

Shock Exclusive: Trans Ideology Pushed on Four-Year-Olds Private Schools Nation-Wide Push ‘Queer Inclusive’ Curriculum — Even in Pre-K Revealed: Images, Footage Let’s Talk About Vulvas and Labias, Kids!

Why Nearly 40 Percent of Gen Z Identify as LGBTQ

Missouri Moves to Protect Minors from Gender Transition               2/17


Saints Faustinus and Jovita, Martyrs

St. Walfrid

Saint Claude de la Colombière

Synod: Return to Babel

Benedict-Like Eritrean Orthodox Patriarch dies at 94 after 16 years in detention, solitary confinement for resisting gov't control


Forget About Traditionis Custodes: FSSP Ordains Five Subdeacons

Can the unbaptized go to heaven?

Young Hero Fights Against Jesuits’ Decadence

For 450,000 of the Catholic faithful, the adjustment period has arrived in Cincinnati In phases over the next five years, the number of parishes will be trimmed from 210 to 57

God is the author of Scripture through His inspiration of human writers

Catholics vs. Satanists Protesting the Prince of Darkness

Chiefs Placekicker Harrison Butker Speaks Out in Defense of the Ancient Mass

Father raises son with Down syndrome alone after wife leaves him due to diagnosis

Malta Rejects Europe’s Demand to Legalize Abortion: There is No “Intrinsic Right” to Abort a Baby

Appeals court upholds use of taxpayer money for abortion referrals

Abortion Activists Destroy Cross Display on Christian Campus to Mourn Babies Killed in Abortions

CVS ends religious accommodations, fires employee who refused to prescribe contraception

Pro-Abortion Groups Spent $3.7 Billion in 2020 to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions Worldwide

Moderna’s president says if you can hack the rules of mRNA, “the entire kingdom of life is available for you to play with”

Culture Rot Update: CDC: 40.5% of U.S. Babies Born in 2020 Had Unmarried Mothers; 42.0% Born on Medicaid


COVID-19 and the failure of America's major religions

College Student Was Drugged, Raped at a Party. As a Pro-Life Counselor I Helped Her Find God and Healing

Wisconsin hospital accused of refusing to resuscitate unvaccinated Down syndrome patient

Hell Mice part 7: Before private labs set up shop to crank out fully human mice, it was the FDA who first got the party started, using your tax dollars

‘I Am a Christian’: Doctor Fired for Not Calling Bearded Man ‘Madam’ Gets Hearing Before High Court

Kids aren’t protected from LGBT ideology just because they attend Catholic schools Francis Is "The First Gay Pope"

Tech Company Giving Pro-LGBT Books to Preschoolers in Bartlett, Tennessee                       2/15


Saints Cyril and Methodius  Apostles to the Slavic Nations

Saint Valentine, priest and martyr: “Ephphatha!”, “Be opened!” to God's love in Jesus Christ

Saint Giles Mary of Saint Joseph                 Saint Apollonia   

Saint Benedict of Anian, Abbot                     Saint Catherine of Ricci, Virgin

Paris Church: Syncretism Inside - Rosary Outside

Multiple suspects on trial over jihadist murder of French priest

Francis Will “Drastically” Downsize the Congregation of the Faith

Pope Splits Vatican’s Doctrine Watchdog Dicastery abandons original goal of prosecuting canonical crime of heresy


Bishop “Forbids” Celebrating NO Toward Lord And in Latin,

Bully Bishop Fires Priest Leading Vax Revolt Prelate forbade clergy from administering last rites during the pandemic

Bishop Enters on a White Mule (Video)

‘I have sinned’: Gambling nun gets year in jail for $835K theft from school

Texas Heartbeat Law is Saving So Many Babies From Abortion Planned Parenthood Calls it “Devastating” 

British doctor plans to fight ban on abortion pill reversal treatment

Doctors Said They Had a 0% Chance to Survive, But Miracle Twins Born at 22 Weeks Defy the Odds

Texas abortions dropped 60 percent in first month after heartbeat law took effect

Leftists and so-Called “Christian” Leaders Embrace Abortion as ‘Sacred’ and ‘Holy’

New talking points introduced by abortion promoters

Abortionist: If We Kill More Babies, Fewer People Will be Poor

‘Safe sex,’ lies, abortion: Planned Parenthood has a Valentine’s Day gift for America

‘Smear’: Left Targets Wife of Clarence Thomas as Court Considers Overturning Roe

Christians protest Satanic Temple’s 3-day ‘SatanCon’ in Arizona city that rejected group's invocation

'Safe sex,' lies, abortion: Planned Parenthood has a Valentine's Day gift for America

Super Bowl MVP Shares 'Vision That God Revealed to Me,' Quotes Bible Verse 

Attack on the First Amendment: Washington State House Speaker Announces No More Praying ‘in the Name of Jesus’

Mental Hospital: Jesuit University Students Cry for A Place To Cry

Science, faith, and outer space

Catholics Linger Left Biden retains key demographic

SHOCKING: World Economic Forum Endorses Critical Race Theory [VIDEO]

Targeting Christians? House Passes Bill To Sanction Foreigners Who Oppose LGBT Agenda 

6-year-old boy labeled 'transphobic' by school for being confused by 'gender fluid' student

Massachusetts high school trying to erase “gendered terms” from biology class 

One Million Moms blasts Zillow over lesbian ad

US School Cancels Annual Guys & Dolls Dance Over Gender Inclusivity Concerns              2/14


Our Lady of Lourdes, (1858)

11 February: Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

Mary: The Missing Key to Courage

St. Paschal

Saint Benedict of Anian, Abbot                                 Saint Severinus, Abbot   


Francis' Traditionis Custodes “Confused,“ “Contradictory," "Contrary to Reason ”

Archbishop Vigano denounces Catholic Church's endorsement of dangerous COVID-19 vaccines

Interview of Bp. Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas on The Deposit of Faith It must be defended.

Dogged Foe of Roman Mass Closes 123 Parishes

Nine years ago

Ultramontanism Back: Francis Undermines Vatican II He Claims To Defend

Italian Bishop Suspends Priest for Opposing Vaccine Mandate

Ottawa church cancels Mass for fear of trucker ‘unrest,’ but admits they’re ‘well-behaved’

Did Taylor Marshall apparently implicitly call for "some sort of Imperfect Council"?


Dissent: Detroit to Deutschland Similarities between '70s Call to Action and today's Synodal Path

Pastor Artur Pawlowski arrested before preaching at Canadian trucker convoy

Pray for this pro-life doctor facing a lawsuit for helping women with abortion pill reversal

Jaw-dropping: Pro-abortion counselors claim preborn babies can consent to their abortions

Abortion clinic owner charged with assault after video shows she almost hit pro-lifers with car

Pro-life Malta’s Metsola flip-flops on abortion, earns praise of pro-abortion groups

Vermont House OKs constitutional amendment to codify ‘right’ to abortion

Ohio State University ‘Sex Week’ encourages students to make valentines for abortionists

62% of white Evangelicals have had at least 1 dose of COVID-19 vaccine: poll

Dissident Chinese freedom activist Chen Guangcheng warns West about social credit system ‘at our doorstep’

Watch Phil Robertson Grab Bible in Middle of Interview, Read 2 Verses Every American Needs to Hear

Christians must ‘reclaim’ the 'basics of discipleship' to grow the Church, ministry leader says

City Council Withdraws ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban in Indiana After Church Stands Up

Italian Minister Denies Migration Link To Milan NYE Sex Attacks

Iran: Ten Christian converts forced to take reeducation classes led by Islamic clerics

Cambridge University rejects GAE rainbow flag… declares political neutrality… tranny tantrum

Fascist Google-Owned YouTube Bans LGBTQP+++ People From Finding Effective Treatment for Trauma

President of ‘Pedophile Association of America’ Sentenced to 15 Years for Possession of Child Sexual Abuse

Pro-Trans Republicans RINOs complicit in child mutilation

Francis Covers His Homosex Friend to The End

Parents livid after kids given assignment using pizza as metaphor for sex 

Democrats Slam Bill That Prohibits Teaching 5-year-olds About "LGBTQ"                 2/11


Saint Scholastica, Abbess

St. Jose Luis Sanchez del Rio

Grotto at Lourdes to reopen to pilgrims

The Power of the Miraculous Medal by Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Vatican–China Diplomatic Ties? Two troubling moves

Cardinal Hollerich and the Destabilization of Doctrine

The Mass That Was Never Forbidden: Key Dates in the Old Missal’s Rehabilitation

'Reign of terror': Former FSSP priest calls Francis's restrictions on Latin Mass an 'attack' on God

Traditional Latin Mass: Canonists Question the Legislative Force of Recent Vatican Guidelines

In 1st Interview, Hong Kong’s New Catholic Bishop Says It’s Unacceptable to Trample on Human Dignit

Being Lukewarm, Part I The underhanded spiritual killer

Baby survives in mother’s abdominal cavity after botched abortion

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Wants $20 Million to Turn Med Students Into Abortionists

‘One Child Nation’ documentary on China reveals how humanity bends under the pressure of institutionalized evil

Scientist Slams University for Implanting Aborted Babies’ Scalps Into Mice: Exploiting “Death of an Innocent Child”

CVS fires Christian nurse for refusing to prescribe contraception drugs, says its 'essential' function of the job

Judicial Watch, CatholicVote sue DHS and HHS for Catholic charities communications

Will the Churches Follow Mark Zuckerberg into the Metaverse?

Facebook restores Christian ministries' pages after being 'incorrectly removed' for 7 days

Ivy League OKs Trans Thomas for Swimming Championships

Tennessee lawmaker seeks to ban teaching 'LGBTQ issues' in schools

Biden Claims Florida Bill Addressing Sex, Gender Conversations In Classrooms Is A ‘Hateful Attack’           2/10


St. Cyril of Alexandria, Doctor of the Church

St. Apollonia and the Martyrs of Alexandria

Our Lady of Good Success of the Purification Mary's aid for our eternal benefit

St. Luke, Evangelist of the Holy Spirit

Italy’s Archbishop Carlos Maria Vigano Endorses the Canadian Truck Drivers Against the New World Order (VIDEO and Transcript)


Tennessee diocese to offer vax ‘booster clinic’ at cathedral hall, warns dissenters will be arrested

Famous Columnist: Cause of Pederasty Is Vatican II’s Secularism

Born with a disability, today he’s a priest and “influencer”

Catholic Bishops Slam Emmanuel Macron’s Proposal to Make Abortion a Human Right: Killing Babies is “Unjust” but do any restrict or excommunicate politicians?

Bishop Vetter Cancels All 1962 Latin Masses in Diocese of Helena

Outside Cathedral: Rosary to Soften Hardened Cardinal Cupich


Resisting Tyranny Baltimore Catholics advocate parents' choice on COVID rules

Pastor Artur Pawlowski Arrested Again, This Time By Undercover Government Agents At His Own Home

Catholic Nuns Opened Convent Across From Planned Parenthood, Now They’re Saving Babies From Abortions

Niger hospital leads the way in treating premature babies and their moms

Survival rate of pre-term babies in America significantly improved over the past decade, study finds

"Pastor" Calls Killing Her Baby in an Abortion a “Holy” Experience

Appeals Court Won’t Block Joe Biden’s Rule Forcing Americans to Fund Planned Parenthood

AT&T Commercial Star Milana Vayntrub Is 'Grateful' for Abortion

Christian Doctor Fights Medical Board’s Decision to Suspend Him for 18 Months for Saving Babies From Abortion

Woman’s death in India a reminder of ectopic pregnancy dangers with ‘no-test, self-managed’ abortion pill

Planned Parenthood is Expanding Its Abortion Businesses to Kill Even More Babies in Abortions

The Gospel and Israel

Phil Robertson, Who Was a Victim of the Woke Mob for the “Sin” of Quoting a Bible Verse: ‘No Regrets’

The real story of the Rev. Oliver Brown, lead plaintiff in Brown v. Board of Education

Catholic Charities-Type Woman Arrested For Human Smuggling Growls at Border Patrol Agents

Air Force ordered to pay $230M to Texas church shooting survivors, families

Iranian husband carries severed head of 17-year-old wife through streets after 'honor killing'

German ‘Synodal Way’ meeting ends with call for same-sex blessings, change to Catechism on homosexuality

GOP establishment pushes pro-LGBT, mandate-supporting mayor in Illinois governor race

HHS Proposes Rule to Force Insurers to Pay for Gender Transition Procedures

Hollerich on homosexuality: the Euro FrancisCardinal’s many errors 

City Council Withdraws ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban in Indiana After Church Stands Up               2/9


Saint John of Matha, Founder

Saint Josephine Bakhita      

St. Jerome Emiliani

Second Biggest Paris Church: Muslims in - Catholics out


Abp. Viganò endorses Canadian truck drivers, calls for prayers to defeat ‘infernal’ Great Reset

"WITHSTAND FRANCIS PUBLICLY": Catholic Priest Calls Bishops to Resist Pope

Record Number of Bishops Dead

Religion means nothing if it’s not an actual relationship with God

Unfortunate Bishop Gone

AFRICA/DR CONGO - Today the funeral of Fr. Richard Masivi Kasereka, murdered in North Kivu

US Catholic bishop comes out in support of Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy

Pope Francis celebrates ‘unity in diversity’ as Muslim persecution of Christians escalates worldwide

Pope Bungles Theodicy on Leftist Talk Show Francis plays to celebrity who makes millions on anti-Catholic network

World Leprosy Day: A total of 532 facilities for leprosy patients worldwide run by the Catholic Church

American Bishop Barron: Scandalous “Superstar"

My Mom Was a 12-Year-Old Who Bravely Rejected Abortion After Rape, “I Wasn’t a Choice, I Was a Life”

Woman gives birth on transatlantic flight from Ghana to the United States

Study Shows Vast Majority of Premature Babies Born at 22-28 Weeks Survive

United Church of Christ Pastor Celebrates Her Abortion: I’ve “Never Felt More Loved by God”


Military lawyer says genetic changes from COVID vaccines are creating a new human ‘species’ under the law

Colombia: A special place gypsies, indigenous, and Pachamama-worshipers in the unholy synodal journey

Early Sex Is Very Bad

Australian police interrupt Catholic Mass after receiving tip about ‘improper mask behavior’

Uganda: Muslims beat Christian evangelist with iron bar, ‘Today Allah has called you, and you are going to meet him’

10 Christian Converts Forced to Take Islamic Re-Education Classes in Iran: Report

Hamas Celebrates Murder of 91-Year-Old Holocaust Survivo

Hungary announces referendum on law against LGBT promotion, pedophilia 

Yale Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies program increases its faculty by 50 percent            2/8


Saint Romuald, Founder and Abbot

St. Moses                          Saint Colette

The Eucharist Is Not Cannibalism

The Woke Pope Epitomizes Liberal Illiberalism

Groove Pope Asks for “Good Vibes”

“The Popes who came before me were saints, but I’m not so saintly. I can't manage it, that's why I live in Santa Marta”

Do the Nuremberg Laws & the Teachings of Aquinas on "Case of Necessity" apply to the Francis Crisis for Cardinal Burke?

Cd. Cupich keeps Catholic school kids suffocating and muffled with their faces hidden despite court order against state Illinois mask mandate

Confession Vs “The Theology of Fiction”

Archbishop Aupetit: Pope Francis Asked Me to Stay in Congregation of Bishops After Paris Resignation

African Pachamama: Priest Defrocked

The pope’s Muslim dialogue partner may not actually be a champion of ‘religious tolerance’

Polish sisters separated by Holocaust find each other after 80 years

A pro-choice convert’s handbook

Pro-Life Photographer Asked for Stories of Choosing Life… and the Response Was Amazing

Vermont’s Proposal 5 Would Create a Right to Kill Babies in Abortions Up to Birth

Two studies find significant impact of workplace pregnancy discrimination on moms and babies

University Celebrates “Sex Week” by Thanking Abortionists for Killing Unborn Babies

How Roe v. Wade created structural incentives for abortion

Evangelicals are only religious group to oppose immigration citizenship path   

We Believed That Was Our Last Breath': Militants Came to Kill Missionaries Until a Simple Act Led Them to Christ

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Sex-Ed Program Proposed for Grades 6-12 in Rhode Island Includes ‘Pleasure Based Sexual Relations’

Exposed: For decades, the CIA funded evil experiments on Danish orphans

What one priest learned from listening to transgender Catholics

Sub Petro? Marx, Hollerich, and the 'synodal path'

Millennials choosing friends as sperm donors

“Pedo professor” from SUNY has lectured at U.S. Air Force, Army military academies                   2/7


Saint Agatha, Virgin and Martyr

The Holy Martyrs of Japan

The Volcano and the Holy Infant A Tongan family's gratitude

More Indications: Roman Rite Institutes Will Be "Forced" Into Novus Ordo

Cardinal Crackdown CCP Targets Cardinal Zen

New Archbishop of Glasgow Appointed

Police Storms Mass: NO-Bishop Offers Himself As Collaborationist

Medjugorje 2022: The Clash with Darkness will be even greater – BE READY FOR WHAT IS COMING | This Is HOW To RESIST

Canada's hermit Fr. Hannon: The next one to go needs to be Justin Trudeau. If he were smart he should move to a country that he felt a little more at home in, perhaps China or Cuba

Heaven on Earth: Confirmations Held In “FORBIDDEN” Roman Rite

German Church in Danger Faithful Catholics warn of schism

Religious order leads affordable housing project on closed Catholic campus

Only one in 10 GPs are providing abortions in Ireland

New data show Texas Heartbeat Act is saving 75 lives per day

Flip-Flopping Fascist Fear Fuhrer Fauci Is Funding 80% of All Research Using Body Parts From Aborted [Murdered] Babies

Abortion Hasn’t Eliminated Poverty or Racism, It Has Just Eliminated Children

Woman’s death in India a reminder of ectopic pregnancy dangers with ‘no-test, self-managed’ abortion pill

China Represses Hong Kong Christians Under Olympic Shadow

China accuses churches of inciting Hong Kong protests, threatens to restrict religious freedom

Catholic Charity Admits Receiving Money From Biden Administration to Traffic Illegals Across U.S.

Francis Spins Failed Treaty With Grand Imam Muslims rev up persecution as pope marks third year of Abu Dhabi pact

China's Communist Party: A brief history

Monster Who Admitted He Desired to Rape Children Bailed Out by Democrats’ “Minnesota Freedom Fund”

Facebook took down my ministries’ pages that helped people struggling with LGBT lifestyle

UPenn swimmers praise USA Swimming for pushing 'fairness for biological women' in sports

Pastor Who Lost Job For Criticising Pride Events Has Case Heard

Nostalgic Francis: Elvis, Piaf, and Homosex Hymn

BLM Propaganda Unveiled at Schools Across America; Elementary Kids to Dismantle 'Nuclear Family'       2/5


Saint Andrew Corsini, Bishop of Fiesole

St. Joan of Valois, Queen

Saint John de Britto, Martyr                           Saint Joseph of Leonissa

Breaking: How to Receive Holy Communion

More Biblical Evidence for Infant Baptism

Dr Taylor Marshall addresses Francis public heresy about the Communion of Saints

Robert Nugent asks: “Why the satanic attack on the Latin Mass?”

Let's wake up before it's too late

Catholic Bishop Agrees: Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians Should Not Present Themselves for Communion FINALLY SOME ACTION!!!

Channeling McCarrick Cupich's visit to Croatia

Taylor Marshall finally admitted that "Francis teaches HERESY," now, the question is will he do a Skojec & a Schneider Cop Out

A Biretta? US Dictator Bishop "Forbids" Facing The Lord

Confirmations, the SSPX, and Alessandro Manzoni

Oxford discovers lost Catholic college closed during Dissolution of Monasteries

Bishop Robert Barron’s Disturbing Musclemen Fetish is a Scandal by Itself

Shocking Ultrasound Scan Shows Unborn Baby Survived Abortion, Doctors Able to Save Her Life

Canadian court says city that removed pro-life ads from buses violated free speech rules

Biden Headlines National Prayer Breakfast Days After Launching Campaign to Expand Abortion

Canceling Preborn Heartbeats Republican committee rejects pro-life bill

Pro-Life Republican Blasts Virginia Black Caucus After It Rejects Him as “Not Black Enough”

UN Human Rights review ignores Iceland’s 100% Down syndrome abortion rate

Beijing Christians must "behave and go unnoticed" during the Winter Olympics

China Threatens Christian Churches as Beijing Olympics Begin

Navy Defies Court Order for SEALs Seeking Religious Exemption

FDNY Battalion Chief appeals to Cdl. Dolan to stand with unvaxxed first responders facing termination


Ex-Porn Star Escapes, Finds Jesus, and Is Now on a Powerful Mission to Rescue Others

Nukes and the new Cold War

Religious populations growing faster than atheists worldwide; 2 Christian denominations stand out: report

Arizona Senate Passes “No Men on Girls’ Sports Teams” Preventing Males From Competing In Women’s Sports – ALL Democrats Oppose

LGBT thought police: UK cops arrest, raid home of woman who criticized trans ideology

Bishop Robert Barron’s Support of “Fr” James Martin and Their Promotion and Celebration of Sin

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Signs Bill ‘To Protect Women’s Sports’           

Charlie Kirk: Transgenderism is Just Preparation for Transhumanism [from genderless to inhuman]                   2/4


Saint Blaise, Bishop and Martyr

Our Lady of Good Success Foretelling horror, prophesying hope 

Candlemas, final thought: Be like Simeon!

Cardinal Believes Homosexuality Is “No Sin" Fulfillment of Biblical Prophesy about our Times

Archbishop Vigano: “Time Will… Make the Masks Fall from Those Who… Disguised Themselves as Saviors of Humanity (While… They Sought to Subjugate… and Exterminate Citizens or Make Them Chronically Ill).

Viganò Rips Big Pharma, Deep Church Cabal Dr. Massimo Citro rebuts Dr. Gwyneth Spaeder's 'vaccine' proselytization

Francis Calls Preserving the Faith a "Temptation"

Francis Falsifies Biblical Teaching on Taxes Pope's policies violate Seventh Commandment, 'thou shalt not steal'

Texas Health Department Confirms Abortion Ban Saves 90 Babies From Abortions Every Day 

Francis' "Communion Of Saints" Includes Abortionists, National-Socialists & Racists 

Baby born at 23 weeks survives, thanks to doctors willing to give her a chance

Student Wins Right to Start Pro-Life Club After Teachers Called Her a “Bigot” and Tried to Stop Her

Black pro-life leaders describe how the abortion industry is ending Black lives

Judge Blocks Ohio Law to Stop Abortion Clinics From Dumping Aborted Babies in Landfills 

Recognizing the Unborn? Tax law may include preborn babies

All in for God

Church sues when town says it can give away free meals only twice per week

China Represses Hong Kong Christians Under Olympic Shadow

Nigeria described as world ‘epicenter of jihadi violence,’ Christian persecution at ‘catastrophic levels’

Feeding The Left’s Delusions Greenlights Sex Crimes, Looting, And Torturing Children

Liberal Professor Defends Wanting to Have Sex With a 12-Year-Old

Christian student suspended after sharing beliefs on sexuality and gender, lawsuit says

UPenn’s Trans Swimmer Accused of Exposing Penis in Locker Room

Progressive Perverts: Democrats Are Promoting the Grooming and Sexualization of Children               2/3


The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, the Purification, or Candlemas

Why are candles blessed on February 2?

St. Joan de Lestonnac

Saint Catherine of Ricci, Virgin

Father Mawdsley: Francis Is Like Herod Or Caiaphas

Archbishop Lenga: Bergoglio leads a Sect, not the Catholic Church

‘Papa’ steps in: Francis to decide personally on Order of Malta reforms

Viganò Rips Big Pharma, Deep Church Cabal Dr. Massimo Citro rebuts Dr. Gwyneth Spaeder's 'vaccine' proselytization

Traditionis Custodes Remains Dead Letter: Brazil Military Archbishop Will Use Roman Pontificale

Misunderstandings of Diabolical Activity

Catholic Bishop Tells Pro-Abortion Politicians: Don’t Present Yourselves for Communion

Is Bishop Accountability Working for the Catholic Church?

Vatican II Church: Hundreds of Baptisms Invalid!

Russian Orthodox Archbishop Blames U.S. for Stoking Fears of Ukraine War

African missionaries were about to be murdered until a simple act saved their lives, had an eternal impact

On Good Friday, Sony Pictures Will Tell the True Story of a Catholic Priest

Diocesan Parish Removes Eucharist Table

New peer-reviewed report: Preborn children may feel pain as early as 8 weeks

Founder of Detroit Satanic Temple Snuffs out Life with Abortion Pill on Live TV During Interview With Pro-Life Activist [VIDEO]

Biden administration launches task force to promote, de-stigmatize abortion

How Orthodox Jewish law is adapting to In Vitro Fertilization

According To The Left, Children Belong To The Gov’t & Parents are Just ‘In the way’


“Satan Can’t Be in the Ecumenical Movement”…We Are NOT Required to Respect All Views – MP

Erasing Women: The Misogyny of Transgenderism

Sex Offender Gets Juvenile Sentence Thanks to Soros-backed D.A. Gascón Trans Culprit Choked, Sexually Assaulted 10-y/o Girl in Bathroom

Progressives Pushing Pedophilia Update: SUNY Professor Questions the Idea That Adults Having Sex With Children Is Wrong

Australian School Stands Strong on Biblical Definition of Sexuality

South Dakota Passes Gov. Kristi Noem’s Ban on Boys Competing in Girls’ Sports

Washington state approves insurance coverage for minors who undergo transgender surgeries             2/2


Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and Martyr

Saint Bridgid of Ireland, Abbess


Archbishop Imposes Radical Covid Religion

Italy's military chaplain challenges disgraced (good is called evil) Archbishop Viganò's false vaccination claims

Prelate Backs Gays as Priest Hauled to Court Pro-LGBTQ+ archbishop of Malta tipped off to be Vatican doctrinal czar

Pope Francis Attacks Claims Vaccine 'Misinformation' Violates Human Rights, Praises Fact Checking

Bishop Discovers THE Universal Covid Injection Expert


They want to Destroy the Faith with the Help of the Lukewarm

Luxembourg Cardinal "Follows Christ" - At Least in Matters of Fashion

Florida Senate passes bill declaring religious services ‘essential,’ limiting future bans on worship

Novus Ordo Theater, NO Mass, No Worship

Shock Video: Driver of Pro-Life Van Attacked in Poland

20-year Ontario teacher Carolyn Burjoski silenced, suspended by school board after objecting that kids’ book could encourage irreversible sterilization

Vatican Radio: Sad Farewell After Forty Years

Commie Pope Says Taxation is important Tool for “Wealth Redistribution”

Premature baby born on flight from London to India brings passengers together

88% of Doctors in Ireland Refuse to Kill Babies in Abortions

Title X taxpayer dollars are again flowing to abortion businesses like Planned Parenthood

Judge Pushes Parents Aside, Lets Their Teen Daughter Have Secret Abortion Without Their Knowledge

Ambulances rush to DC Planned Parenthood for second time in three months

University Defends Research With Aborted Baby Parts, Some May Have Come From Babies Born Alive

Study finds ‘significant’ gap in FDA’s reporting of abortion pill complications

Religion means nothing if it’s not an actual relationship with God

High School Biology Teacher Says Biological Sex Can Be Easily Changed, Tells Students Not To Use ‘Gendered Terms’

VIRGINIA: Gender-Fluid School Bathroom Rapist Escapes Sex Offender Registry Because Leftist Prosecutor Made 'Mistake'

Mississippi mayor withholds $100,000 from libraries displaying LGBT books for children

Again: Vatican II Is SYNONYM With Abuse

When teachers become LGBTQ predators who target children: one mother’s story                     2/1


Saint John Bosco, Founder

Twice: Freemasons Wanted to Murder Don Bosco

Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska

Saint Martina, Martyr

Woman Dies, Meets Jesus Face to Face in Heaven, Gets Brought Back to Life: 'She Wrote I-T-S-R-E-A-L'

Woman gives birth while in coma, awakens after St. John Paul II appears to her

"Illiterate Imbecile": Philosopher and Liturgist Settles Scores With Archbishop Roche

The fever virus spreads! Another bishop attacks ‘ad orientem’ worship.

Anxiously desiring to show that it’s a listening Church, institutional church leaders perfectly demonstrate that they aren’t listening

In the Confessional: Young Dominican Priest Murdered

Assessing Benedict’s record on abuse more complicated than it seems

Canadian bishops silent on the freedom convoy because they sold the Church for 30 pieces of silver!

Vatican II Bishops Throw Around Rugby Ball During Induction Eucharist (Video)

Cardinal Cupich flogs priests who don’t face the peopleAfter decades of liturgical abuses

Vatican selling London property at heart of fraud trial

Fed Charges Proceed Against Priest

The Early Church was the Catholic Church: Off the Shelf 236 with Joe Heschmeyer

Rigidity Parody: Vatican Boys' Choir Displays Covidiotic Radicalism (Video)

The US military is purging conservative Christians who object to abortion-tainted vaccines. Here’s proof

Most Troops Seeking Religious Exemption to Vaccine Mandate Have ‘Sincere Belief,’ but Rejected Anyway

A new mom had to return to work when her baby was 12 days old. Then strangers showed up in a big way.

Teen Mom of Twin Unborn Babies Rejects Abortion After Her Contraception and Morning After Pill Failed

Rogue abortion mill where woman died fails inspection for unsanitary conditions, damaged instruments

Congressman Claims Killing Babies in Abortions is the “Key to Economic Freedom” for Women

NFL Standout Wide Receiver Cooper Kupp Furthers Faith And Football Family Legacy  

Louisville pays $75,000 to police officer suspended for off-duty prayer

Christianity Is Being OUTLAWED - and Few Are Noticing

Donors Raise Over $50K for Family of Man Fatally Shot in Front of 2-Year-Old Son While Sharing the Gospel

Courageous Christians Living Their Faith in Muslim Lands | Casey J. Chalk

Christian Pastor, Father to 4 Young Children Dies From Injuries Inflicted by His Muslim Family

Israeli Watchdog: Palestinian Textbooks Still Inciting Children to Violence

Graphically sexual book in school enrages parents

Superman Comic Book Sales Tank After Embracing 'Woke' LGBT Ideology              1/31


Saint Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Church

Sts. Sarbelius & Barbea

Servant of God Brother Juniper

St. Francis de Sales’ advice for coping with spiritual dryness

Brazilian Prelate Targets Latin Mass Institute Traditional rite threatened

T-Shirt Eucharist: YES – Facing God: NOOOO


Pillar: Can a bishop prohibit Mass ad orientem? It depends on who you ask, I guess.

Priests are treated ‘like caged dogs’: Vermont priest threatened by vax-pushing bishop defends resistance

Catholic bishops lament death penalty as executions resume in 2022

Francis Accepts Anti-Family, Pro-Homosex Activist As

The first gay pope

AmericaMag 'Theologian-in-residence': I'm a 'traditional' Catholic. That's exactly why I love Pope Francis (and am baffled by his critics)

Francis Defends Google-Funded Fact Checker Soros, Gates pumped cash into Catholic vaccine-peddling-cabal partners

"End the Bergoglio Borgata": "Is there a Real Man left in the Vatican to speak up and save Holy Mother Church?"

Will Scotland’s Bishops Oppose the Country’s Now Very Obvious Descent into Totalitarianism?

Saint Elizabeth Orthodox Church is Woke —- “I Can’t Breeve!!”

Baby Saved When His Mom Changed Her Mind During the Abortion Celebrates His Third Birthday

Micro-preemie born at 22 weeks heads home from the hospital: ‘She’s a miracle’

Texas Abortion Ban Celebrates 150 Days, Saving Over 11,000 Babies From Abortion

As Women Make Life-Ending Decisions, Prenatal Genetic Tests Revealed To Be Wrong 85% Of The Time

Abortion Destroys the Black Community: 40% of Babies Killed are Black, But Blacks are 14% of Population

3 deceptive tactics employed by abortion advocates

New Mexico abortion facility hands out free abortion pills to commemorate Roe v. Wade

Catholic Cardinal: Overturn Roe v. Wade, We Need “Legal Protection for Unborn Children” While he takes NO ACTION just TALK

Curing Globalist Genocide: Rappha Medical Center Puts Prayer At The Center Of Successful Treatment

Ruined Knights of Malta: The condom-happy von Boeselager capitulates to ‘Claude Rains’ Cardinal Tomasi and His Francis

Zuby Nails It: ‘Millions Have Replaced God With Pfizer, Safer to Criticize God Than the Shot’

James Lindsay: Critical Race Theory Is a ‘Race Religion’ Trying to Bring Marxist Revolution [VIDEO]

“Satan Can’t Be in the Ecumenical Movement”…We Are NOT Required to Respect All Views – MP

New Zealand statistics show one to two people choose assisted suicide every week

Over 240 groups say Olympics corporate sponsors aiding China’s human rights violations, demand answers

LGBTQ Human Rights Campaign Shuns Netflix over Dave Chappelle Special After Helping Andrew Cuomo Smear Accuser

As the West Normalizes Moral Depravity, Russia Moves Against Pedophiles

Michigan AG admits defeat, will let religious adoption orgs refuse same-sex households

Woman at Michigan School Board meeting blows whistle on LITTER BOXES placed in school bathrooms for students who identify as CATS

Nolte: Woke Superman Comic Book Sales Nosedive

Don’t be fooled: Wokeness marches on

Biden admin allows ‘transgender’ male convicts to be housed with women in federal prisons

Biden administration gives new $37M contribution to pro-abortion UNICEF sex ed program

Chicago Schools Train Teachers that Sex ‘Not Rooted in Biology’

Apple Releases Pregnant Man Emoji To Brainwash The Public

Go figure: Female swimmers are uncomfortable with men in their locker rooms

Over 1,000 Child Sex Abuse Victims Identified in Rotherham Grooming Gang Investigation                  1/29


Saint Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Church

Saint Peter Nolasco, Founder

Shocking Desecration of Blessed Sacrament (Pictures)

A Poem in Honor of St. Agnes 

Our Lady of Fatima's Remedy to the Francis/Biden Crisis: "The Rosary, Consecration to her Immaculate Heart (symbolized by wearing the Brown Scapular), & the Loving performance of our daily duties"

Global Latin Mass group urges Catholics to contribute to Synod on Synodality, promote the old rite

The List…23 Unforgettable Medjugorje Miracles …

New Information from Germany About the Anti- Benedict Campaign Lawyer

Weaponizing Canon Law Cdl. Cupich clubs faithful cleric

Fr. Z on lawless Traditionis Custodes: Francis and Roche and Cupich, etc., are flogging the willing horse.

Keep on Trucking a few words from a Priest in Canada

Will Scotland’s Bishops Oppose the Country’s Now Very Obvious Descent into Totalitarianism?

Cardinals Marx Wants More Problems:(more) Homosexual Priests

Big Pharma Criminals Block COVID Recovery Bombshell report follows news of pope's secret meetings with Pfizer CEO

Pope Francis praises Catholic ‘fact-checking’ media group tied to Gates, Soros

Pope Francis Meets Auschwitz Survivor on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on January 25th, 2022 “The ‘Warning’ is very, yes, very near”

State Can’t Close Catholic Adoption Agency for Placing Kids With a Mother and Father

Kirk Cameron, Kendrick Brothers team up to make pro-life film about adoption 

Abortion Destroys the Black Community: 40% of Babies Killed are Black, But Blacks are 14% of Population

University Of Pittsburgh Report Tries To Explain Away Barbaric Experiments With Aborted Babies

Police Officer Wins Settlement After City Suspended Him for Praying Outside Abortion Center 

Historical inaccuracies abound in new Planned Parenthood video on Supreme Court and abortion

Jerusalem blanketed in white after rare storm

Jordan Peterson: 'The Bible is more than just true,' it's the bedrock of civilization

Demonic Pedophiles Target Kids: AU Government Ad Promotes Pedophilia, Transgenderism & Vaxx On Kids

US Navy discharges 45 unvaxxed service members, refuses to approve a single religious exemption

Senate testimony on covid truth, banned treatments, vaccine injury, and death… distilled down to 38 minutes of video which I even timestamped for aggressive sharing with the blue pilled

Mel Gibson Says Catholic Church Needs 'Housecleaning'

Better Homes for Adoptees Mitten state loses grip on Catholic adoption

Belgium criticized by UN Human Rights Council for euthanasia law

No Going Back France bans reparative therapy

Pregnant man emoji coming to iPhones

The next normal: States will recognize multiparent families

Parents Outraged: 4-5th Graders Asked to Join Queer Club Without Their Consent          1/28


St. John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church

St. Angela Merici

Turncoat: Ignorant, Abusive Bishop "Bans" Ad Orientum (!) Worship

Una Voce International: Guide to taking part in the Synod

Selective Use of Canon Law: Good Bishop "Forced" to clamp down on the Canons of St John Cantius

How to Teach Purity

Satanic Infiltration: Over 100 “Catholic” Priests “Come Out” as Homosexual, Demand Everyone Bow Down to the Gaystapo

India's Catholics urge country's bishops to take stance on escalating violence against Christians

It’s Not Over Abuse victim speaks out

Opportunist: Archbishop Roche Praises Roman Rite

Legal loophole in Canon Law protects pedophiles

The Pfizer-Vatican connection

Young rapper with Down syndrome wants to inspire others by following his dreams

Conjoined Twins Doing Great After Separation Surgery: “God Gave Us These Girls For a Reason”

Lawmaker’s ‘gotcha’ bill requiring fathers to support children from conception didn’t go as planned

Baby Given 1% Chance of Survival Heads Home After His Mother Refuses Abortion

Pro-life victory: Construction stops on Planned Parenthood in New York

Texas Abortion Ban Will Save Babies for At Least Another Month

Pro-abortion Justice Stephen Breyer reportedly plans to retire from Supreme Court

Amazing Timelapse Video Confirms 150,000 Pro-Life People Attended March for Life

New study shows impact men have on women's decision to get abortion

Like China, Vietnam and North Korea, U.S. Allows Killing Babies in Abortions Up to Birth

‘Hacksaw Ridge’ Star Unashamedly Shares Powerful Gospel Message With Millions: ‘Jesus Came Into the World to Save Sinners’

Bishop Wants Assisted Suicide

Passing on the faith: Good news and bad news

Leftist Indifference to Christian Genocide

Religion of Peace Update: Florida Teen Converts to Islam, Murders 13-Year-Old Boy

Liberal actress Lena Dunham couldn’t be more wrong to claim porn can be ‘healing’ for people

Parents Say School Had Secret ‘Gender Identity’ Meetings With 12-Year-Old Prior To Her Suicide Attempt 

So You Still Don't Think LGBTQ Is a Cult?

Florida Republicans divided on bill to ban sterilizing transgender surgeries for kids                       1/27


Saint Polycarp, Bishop, Martyr

Saints Timothy and Titus

Modernism, Not Ultramontanism, Is the “Synthesis of All Heresies” — A Response to Stuart Chessman

Does the Church Need A Modern Day St Peter Damian To End Homosexual Infiltration?

On Continence Within the Permanent Diaconate

Petition asks bishop to reconsider ‘devastating’ restrictions on Latin Mass in Arlington diocese

Documenting the History of the Catholic Church in Africa: “Catechists as Mediators”

Why is the Catholic Church increasingly honoring people who promote the Culture of Death?

Culture of Death: Might Biden & Francis support Eugenics?

Munich Abuse Report: Homosexual Networks Rule in German Dioceses

LGBTQ+ Clergy, Laity Stage Biggest Revolt Yet Church doctrine defames homosexual love, claim 125 German Catholics

Ukrainian Catholic bishops are pleading with people to pray for the peace and protection of Ukraine

‘A direct attack’: Knights of Malta delegate locked out of order’s constitutional committee

“Joanna Was Never Allowed to Use Her Kidneys, But Francis Thinks He has a Right t...


ASIA/IRAQ - Chaldean Patriarchate: the use of Arabic in the liturgy is not a "betrayal" of Tradition

Ohio bishop threatens to punish priests who preach against COVID jabs, mandates 

Catholic Bishop Condemns Abortion: It’s a Pagan Sacrifice of Innocent Children But Will Take NO Action !!!

Poll: Most Americans want significant abortion restrictions, oppose abortion pills by mail

Planned Parenthood drops lawsuit against largest 'sanctuary city for the unborn'

Ben Watson Calls Out “Pro-Choice Pastor” Raphael Warnock: Real Pastors “Know the Value of Human Life” 

Study: California commits 20% of nation’s total chemical abortions

Abortion Activists Vandalize Pro-Life Billboard, Celebrate Its Destruction Online

Tech Billionaires Propose Replacing Natural Birth With Synthetic Wombs


Finnish Politician Unflinching On Truth & The Gospel: Censorship Would Be ‘Worse’ Than Prison

US senators call out Finland for prosecuting Christians on trial for defending traditional marriage

Politics ‘Outweighed The Pursuit Of Truth’: Professors Work To Debunk ‘Native Children Genocide’ Narrative

US gov’t whisteblowers sound alarm over increases in miscarriages, cancer, since COVID shot rollout

Cultural Marxism Update: Woke “Catholic” University Requires Use of “All Genders” Rather Than “Both Genders” 

Ontario school board punishes teacher for raising concerns over trans books in libraries

Francis' Private Religion, There Is A Notion of "Different Sexual Orientations" 

‘Don’t Say Gay’ Leftists slam move against pro-gay messaging in schools

LGBT activists cast themselves as victims in order to abolish Church teaching

CA Teachers Accused of Manipulating 11-Year-Old Girl Into Believing She Was Transgender                    1/26


The Conversion of Saint Paul, Apostle

St. Peter Thomas

A Forgotten Apparition Our Lady of Puy

St. Irenaeus of Lyon: Getting to know the new Doctor of the Church

Father James Altman - Apostates and Vipers

Compare what Archbp. Roche said in 2015 to what he is saying now.

Pressure in the Pulpit OH bishop threatens priests

Pope Francis claimed the Church is "firmly committed to justice for abuse victims." But is it really? and they continue to ignore the Homosexual Infestation of the Clergy

The German Campaign Against Benedict XVI


Müller, „Benedict Was Lured Into A Trap”

Cardinal Fires Cleric for Protesting Tyranny

Quebec Catholics start prayer initiative to combat COVID tyranny, Poisonous FrancisBishops refuse to lend support

Former NFL Great Benjamin Watson Calls Out “Pro-Choice Pastor” and Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock: ‘Sir, You Know Better’

Pro-Life Movement Gains Momentum and Abortion Ghouls Panic

YouTube deletes LifeSite’s March for Life coverage that mentioned abortion-tainted vaccines

Feminist Takes Abortion Pill on Live Television, Brags About Killing Her Unborn Baby

New Jersey Democrat switches parties in protest of radical new abortion law

Joe Biden’s New Vatican Ambassador Called Himself Pro-Life But Voted to Fund Planned Parenthood

Catholic Publisher Denies Ties to Soros Cash Subscribers slam Our Sunday Visitor for pact with Google 'fact-checkers'

Christian Preschool Shuttered By CA For Not Keeping Masks On 2-Year-Olds At All Times

Jesuit high school forces unvaccinated students to sit behind plastic barriers at lunch

The New Great Reset COVID Religion Vaxx Ten Commandments

Christian Politician in Finland, Grandmother of Six, on Trial After Posting Bible Tweet

Despite Pro-Religious Freedom Rhetoric The Biden Admin. Is Failing To Uphold Our First Freedom

Denver indoctrinating five, six-year-olds in Black LIves Matter ideology

Democrats Sexualizing Our Children Is the Goal: Why Accepting Child Transgenderism Will Pave the Way for Accepting Pedophilia

The Same Sect Again: 125 German Priests, Religious Teachers Call Themselves Homosexuals

Homosexual Predators, Not Pedophile Priests, Are Church’s Deadly Cancer

Priest who dressed in drag removed from priesthood by Bishop

Christians Stand Trial in Finland Today for Affirming Men and Women Are Different                     1/25


Saint Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Church

Saint Marianne Cope                                      Saint Timothy, Bishop of Ephesus and Martyr

St. Vincent Pallotti

The Traditional Rite of Baptism – Marvellous

General Grant’s Papal Encounter Leo XIII happy US troops went to confession

The Joy of the Traditional Roman Mass: They can't take that away from us.

Fr. Altman on Discovering the Traditional Latin Mass

Traditionis Custodes: Archbishop Roche Implies that Vatican II Was Heretical

Pope Francis, Biden and the CCP WEF agenda contributors

Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate: Response to the Third Vaccination Terror in the Vatican (VIDEO)

Papal Justice Denying truth denies justice

Former CNN and CBS Anchor Attkisson: "Fact-checks are... created for the purpose of distributing Narratives and Propaganda" & Bp. Barron's new "New Reign of Terror"?

Cancel "Church": After Twenty Years, Confirmations FORBIDDEN

Fr. Altman on Satanic Bishops

Denial after denial: New cruelty in @archchicago from @CardinalBCupich

Catholic activist Jesse Romero lays out the spiritual tools needed to fight the devil

Novus Ordo: Man Crushes Hand Communion "Like Potato Chip"

Could the Francis Seamless Garment Death Penalty Teaching be "'Cover' for... Legalized Abortion"?

Gov. Kristi Noem Announces Pro-Life Legislation Similar To Texas Heartbeat Act

Pro-Life Woman From Malta Elected Youngest Ever EU Parliament President

CatholicVote launches ‘accountability project’ to track which Catholic politicians are really pro-life

Poll: Most Americans want significant abortion restrictions, oppose abortion pills by mail

Joe Biden “Working With Congress” on Bill to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth

Making reparation for Fr. Martin’s push to minimize the evil of abortion is easier than you think 

‘Seismic Changes in the Persecution Landscape’: Afghanistan Emerges As Global Leader In Christian Persecution

ALL Lies: Francis Was "Shocked" About 215 Non Existing Corpses

Denver Elementary School Teaching Kids To ‘Disrupt The Nuclear Family’ And Support BLM

School To Hold BLM Event Teaching Kindergarteners, 1st Graders About ‘Globalism,’ Trans ‘Affirmation’ & ‘Anti-Racism’


Nun Refuses ‘Vaccine’: ‘If I Get Fined I Will Not Pay, I Don’t Believe the Lies’

Philippine Christian FrancisLeaders warn against ‘powers of darkness’ [pro-Christian conservatives] ahead of election

Rosanna Arquette Shares ‘Recall George Gascón’ Pic After Soros-Backed DA Goes Light on Sex Assault of 10-y/o

‘Protects Every Parent’s Right’: Florida House Committee Passes Bill That Would Ban Sexual Orientation Discussion Being Encouraged in Elementary Schools

British Police Force’s LGBT+ Network Unveils Creepy Cow Mascot                       1/24


Saint Agnes, Virgin and Martyr

“He is damaging the entire series of his predecessors…and thus himself and the papacy”: The insoluble contradiction between Francis and Paul VI

Order of Malta sovereignty will be 'totally preserved,' 'Claude Rains' Cardinal Tomasi promises

Poland: SSPX Priest Arrested For Covid Offences

Vatican Vax More painful than you know

A School of the Lord’s Service. By Ferdi McDermott

Is Novus Ordo the Mass of the Early Church? Dr. Taylor Marshall

Jewish Roots of the Catholic Tree

New Poll Shows 61% of Americans Want Abortions Illegal or Roe v. Wade Overturned

Marching for Life With ‘Roe’ in Question

Ben Carson: When Roe v. Wade is Overturned, We Will Support Pregnant Women and Protect Babies

Supreme Court denies abortionists’ bid to have liberal district judge rule on Texas Heartbeat Act

Most millennials, Gen Z adults support bans on abortions when baby's heartbeat is detected: poll

France’s Emmanuel Macron wants EU charter revision to include ‘right to abortion’

Blood of Children: Satanic Group Desecrates National Shrine in Washington DC

Germany moves to allow abortion businesses to advertise to women

Republicans Demand FDA Action After Study Shows False Prenatal Tests Used to Kill Babies in Abortions

‘Equality Begins in the Womb’: Tens of Thousands of Pro-Lifers Prepare to Defend Unborn Babies in Washington, D.C.

Supreme Court Rejects Democrat Baby Killers a Second Time, Keeps Texas Abortion Ban in Place

‘Catholics for Choice’ projects pro-abortion slogans onto DC basilica during Vigil Mass for Life

Joe Biden Sends $37 Million to Global “Children’s Fund” That Promotes Abortion

Finnish Christian Under Fire Criminal trial for quoting Bible

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Christian Flag Case

This Innovative Christian Homeless Shelter Is Rising To California's Housing Challenge

Might Francis's Love of Pro-Abort Biden, Castro Communism & his Amoris Laetitia/Anti-Death Penalty teachings Mirror how a Marxist Infiltrator might "fights... to protect Adulterers, Abortionists, Criminals, and Communists"?

25 Federal Agencies Tracking Employees With Religious Exemption Requests

11 children among 29 killed by stampede at Liberian worship crusade

No Mr. Donohue, the Abuse Crisis Is Not Over

After Cincy PervDiocese withdraws support of event featuring Raymond Arroyo, Jim Caviezel due to 'baggage,' Butterball Bishop Iffert pulls out too

YouTube Affirms New Canadian Law: John MacArthur’s Biblical Sexuality Sermon Labeled ‘Hate Speech,’ Removed From Platform

11 years later: Can we still turn the tide?

Gaystapo: Homosex Blasphemy Laws Are Instrument to Silence Christianity

U. Of Michigan Reaches $490M Settlement Over Sexual Abuse

Activists: All-Women’s Colleges Hurt Non-Binary, Transgender Students                  1/21


Saint Sebastian, Martyr

St. Fabian

Cdl. Cupich reprimands Chicago priest who criticized Mass restrictions, suggests he violated Canon Law

Pope Francis Appoints Apostolic Visitor for Eritrean Catholics in U.S. and Canada

Catholic COVID Conspiracy The Vatican and Pfizer

Francis, the Dictator, Feels “Under Siege”

Cardinal Marx ‘Shocked and Ashamed’ by Munich Abuse Report

Not One Corpse Has Been Found In The ‘Mass Grave’ Of Indigenous Children In Canada

Catholic Fact-Checkers Serving Global Masters

‘Devastated’ Traditional Latin Mass Devotees Petition Arlington Bishop to Ease Restrictions

South African Bishops meet for the first time since the Blessed and Eternal ScamDemic made them afraid of each other

French FrancisBishops issue 60 pages of socialist blather, call it 'discernment' ahead of presidential elections

Terrorist Nation Welcomes Vatican

Pro-Life Advocate With Down Syndrome: ‘Being Loved Is What Makes People Happy’

Woman who visited pro-life pregnancy center said an ultrasound ‘completely turned my life around’

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin Creates “Ambassador for Unborn Children” Position to Protect Babies

March for the Other

New Poll Shows 61% of Americans Want Abortions Illegal or Roe v. Wade Overturned

Pro-abortion lobby group withdraws support from feminist US senator over filibuster stance

Feminists Love Abortion So Much They’re Blind to Abortion Alternatives Helping Women

President of EU Parliament: “Avowedly Pro-Life” – Until

Pro-Life Leader: Killing Babies in Abortions is the “Ultimate Act of Voter Suppression”

California to offer incentives for medical students to become abortionists 

Fairfax Schools Tell Kids They're 'Privileged' If They're 'White,' 'Male,' 'Christian,' Or A 'Military Kid'

Christianity being OUTLAWED in Canada: Pastors will be imprisoned while the government promotes LGBT pedophilia and exploitation of children 

Social Media NOT Censoring Muslim Hate Speech and Incitement to Murder

Iraqi Male Accused of Raping 90-Year-Old Woman in Wheelchair at German Hospital

Parents Challenging Transgender Policy Midwest schools push gender dysphoria

Conservative Commentator Stumps Transgender Activists on 'Dr. Phil' with 'What Is a Woman?' Question          1/20


Saint Canutus, King of Denmark, Martyr

St. Fillan

Saint Fabian

Saint Margaret Bourgeoys, Foundress

Catholicism or Liberalism.  The book with the pastoral letters and circulars of St. Bishop Ezequiel Moreno (1848–1906) helps to gain clarity

Crackdown On Old-Rite-Institutes Continues In March

Does The New Mass, Validly Offered, Offend God?

Holiness: The Only Solution to the Crisis of Our Time (Roberto de Mattei)

Vermont priest fighting removal from parish for not getting COVID jab, refusing to wear a mask

Covid Regime Arrests PiusX Priest

Frisco Father Illo on the holy DeathVaxx tyranny: Despite What The Francis Says, We've Been Had

Cardinal ‘Nighty night, baby’ Tobin blasts critics of synod of synodality as guilty of ‘heresy’  

Chicago's Cupich Stages Canon Law Charade Against One of His Best Priests

Pope Accused of Lying Over Staged Photo Op Statistical analysis demonstrates near impossibility of a happy accident

Italian Critic & Art Historian Cionci: "Bergoglio [Francis] caught in lies & coverup of Pedophile abuse in Argentina... Bergoglio has never officially responded to the charges"

A Challenge to My Protestant Friends

“Has the COVID "panic-demic" proven that there are very few "disciples of Christ" in the Catholic Church other than Traditionalists?”

AFTER SEVEN MONTHS of recrimination and denunciation, where are the remains of the children buried at the Kamloops Indian Residential School?

Australian mom saves own ‘barely breathing’ preemie when no ambulance is available

Emmanuel Macron Wants More Babies Killed in Abortions: Killing Children “Forges a Europe of Strong Values”

Thirteen-time surrogate accidentally gives away own son fathered by her husband

Joe Biden Has Filled His White House Staff With Activists From Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Texas Abortion Law Challenge Sent To State Supreme Court

Prenatal tests which often lead to abortion found to be up to 85% inaccurate: New York Times report

Former Top Planned Parenthood Killer, Dr. Wen: Parents Must DeathVaxx Their Own Kids -- 'We Have To Prioritize The Children!'

Faith Over Tyranny Austrian vax mandate moves forward

Black church fund project gets $20M on MLK Day

Supreme Court Justices Blast Boston for Prohibiting Christian Flag

Victim of Blasphemy Legislation to Be Executed

This Is What the Media Won't Say: Michael Phelps Drops Truth Bomb About Trans Athletes in Women's Sports

Meet the pro-life Finnish MP facing trial next week for opposing same-sex 'marriage'

Brent Smith: Standing Up For Biblical Sexuality

Meet The Seattle School’s Woke Indoctrination Czar Who Married A Child Molester

Christian groups react to 8-year-old coming out as bisexual on ‘Law & Order: SVU’                           1/19


Saint Peter’s Chair at Rome

St. Volusian

Saint Charles of Sezze

Rediscovering the Dry Mass (Missa Sicca)


Vatican: Two Covid Apostles Infected With Covid

Pope Held Hush-Hush Talks With Pfizer Chief Scientist calls for full disclosure over financial conflict of interests

Tennessee diocese rescinds vax requirement after Supreme Court rejects Biden mandate

Dr. Martin Luther King Opposed Abortion: “Don’t Sacrifice Children for Personal Comfort”

STUDY: Women who visit pregnancy resource centers less likely to choose abortion

Doctors Told Mom to Abort Baby With Missing Hand, She Refused and Mikayla is Totally Adorable

Corporate Media Calls for “Abolishing Parenthood”, Forcing Parents to Turn Children Over to the State

California to offer incentives for medical students to become abortionists

Pro-life students plan renewed focus on helping pregnant and parenting peers

Christian Group Fights at Supreme Court Tomorrow For Its Right to Display a Christian Flag

France: Six statues decapitated in a church

India: Muslim husband detains his Christian wife in an Islamic theological center

‘Burned Beyond Recognition’

At Least 28 Murdered in Islamic Attack On Christian Community In Sudan

Texas synagogue jihadi’s UK community hopes Allah will ‘bless him with the highest ranks of Paradise’

Gov. Blackface Pardons Perv: Northam Absolves Democrat Jailed for Underage Sex Crimes in Final Act as Governor

Homosex Hate Group Announces Strangling of Prayer Men

Gender professor says biological sex is a 'social construct'

LGBT activists have been using courts to harass this Christian baker for ten years         1/18


Saint Anthony of the Desert, Patriarch of Monastic Life

St. Fursey

Saint Paul, the First Hermit

The James Bond of The Saints

Catholicism and the pandemic -Sermon Fr. Nolan

THE GODLESS AGENDA: From Davos to the Vatican

In Defiance of Terroris Custodes: Archbishop Celebrates Glorious Pontifical High Mass (Photos)

RORATE EXCLUSIVE — Leaked Document of Slovenian Bishops’ Conference Attacking Traditionalists: A Window into the Bergoglian Hive-Mind

Schneider: It Is LICIT For Men To Enter PiusX Seminaries

Nephew of late Argentine cardinal accuses Pope Francis of covering up homosexual abuse

Who will filter your Catholic news? Catholic Factchecking reminds us of Bishop Barron's yellow-check system

Spotlight: Counterfeit Carmel?

The Decline of Catholicism in Latin America


Are the Biden & Francis Leftist Regimes & the "Conservative" Catholic Media taking "Stupid Pills" or are they just a "Caste of Beta Narcissists"?

GET PAID TO MURDER BABIES: Democrat-run cities increasingly providing workers paid time off for abortions under “parental leave” rules

Doctors Said Mia Wouldn’t Survive to Birth and Pushed Abortion, Now She’s One Year-Old

Doctor informs couple of son’s Down syndrome by handing them Special Olympics flyer

Florida Chips Away at Abortion Lawmakers take incremental approach

Five abortion pill dangers every woman should know

NJ Bishops’ Crocodile Tears Radical new Garden State abortion law Signed by "catholic" Governor and the bishops do LIP SERVICE

“Catholic” Gov Phil Murphy Defends Signing Bill for Abortions Up to Birth: I’m Still a “Good Catholic”

14-year-old Pentecostal girl kidnapped, forced to marry captor in Pakistan

Biden Administration Institutionalizes Religious Discrimination

Why the Left’s War on Fun Is Actually a War on God

California officials shut down Christian preschool for not masking toddlers

Is the Biden regime gearing up to commit mass genocide against Christians?

Biden's Hypocrisy on "Anti-Semitic and Islamist Extremists" & Financial Aid to Islamic Countries with Anti-Gay Laws including some "where being Gay is Legally Punishable by Death"

Christian MP says prosecution for tweeting Bible verse on homosexuality is a ‘privilege’

Build Back Gayer Biden funding LGBT ideology

Swimming World Publishes OpEd for Limiting Women’s Sports to Females                            1/17


St. Hilary of Poitiers, Doctor of the Church

St. Felix of Nola

Saint Gregory Nazianzen

VIDEO: Homeless Man Saves Texas Deputy from Deadly Crash

French public rosary crusade grows quickly as Parliament prepares to mandate vaccine passports

Forced Vaccinations: State Takes Over Our Bodys - Bishop Schneider

Tyranny Emerges And The Church Lets It Happen. By Father Daniel Nolan FSSP

Nigerian bishop called in for questioning after criticizing gov't inaction on abductions, persecution

Hundred Catholic Priests Stage Fast AGAINST GOD

Catholic Cash Dioceses sitting comfortably

Catholic Bishop Says Killing Babies in Abortions is an “Absolute Evil” 

The Joseph and Francis Evangelization Excuse: Part I

The Joseph and Francis Evangelization Excuse: Part II

Bishop Cleared in Nun’s “Rape Case”

Vatican Threatens Unvaccinated Employees as Pope Laments Layoffs

Spotlight: Counterfeit Carmel? Whistleblower exposes Wyoming monks

South Korea’s smallest preemie given 1% chance of survival is home with family

No words can describe the pain’: Mom shares how 5 days after second Pfizer shot, her baby died

When mobile pregnancy centers meet women where they are, lives are saved

“Catholic” Gov Phil Murphy Defends Signing Bill for Abortions Up to Birth: I’m Still a “Good Catholic”

Vatican Grants Pfizer ‘Abortion Absolution’ Parolin rejects conscientious objection for corrupt pharma's tainted jab

Poll: 13% of Democrats Say Protecting Abortion Top Priority, Was 1% in 2021

Number of abortion clinics in US increased slightly in 2021: report 

Texas Sues Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz to Recover $10 Million in Tax Dollars It Refused to Pay

New Poll Shows Democrats Support Killing Babies in Abortions Even More Than Before

Loss of a lioness: Catholic philosopher Alice von Hildebrand dies

Liberal writer extremely mad that young people are converting to Catholicism

The horrors of Communism and the resilience of faith in Albania

Share of Americans who donated to religious organizations remains at all-time low: Gallup

Parents Outraged Over Illinois Elementary School’s Decision To Host ‘Satan Club’

I lost my job as United pilot for refusing vaccine for faith-based reasons

‘A threat to national security’: US Army officer exposes military’s ‘unlawful’ denial of COVID exemptions

Video: COVID-19 Is Highlighting Spiritual Needs In Health Care

Biden Admin Compiling Database Of Religious Objectors To Vaccine Within Obscure Agency

Gretchen Whitmer Caught Covering Up Nursing Home Deaths After She Put COVID Patients in Their Facilities

Nazi Leftist Human "Flesh Goo" Regime of Washington State is "Happy" to Legalize "the Liquefaction & Disposal of Human Corpses" for "Human Body Composting"

Islamic Raiders Kill 28 Christians in South Sudan

Dissident nun says Pope’s support for her ministry shows pro-LGBT ‘new era’ in Catholic Church

Polish diocese apologizes for asking if sex abuse victim is gay and if he enjoyed sex encounters with priest

USA Today: Pedophilia Is Merely ‘Inappropriate,’ ‘Among The Most Misunderstood’ Conditions In America

Court Rules In Favor Of Illinois Catholic Church That Fired Gay Music Director

Poland: Homosex Blasphemy Deemed "Legal"

Transgender child rapist celebrated as hero by liberal press, ignore crime          1/14


Saint Margaret Bourgeoys, Foundress

Freemasonry and Church

Our Lady of Good Success: Is Pope Benedict the "Prisoner in the Vatican... in that Greatest Crisis of the Church"?

FSSP FR. DANIEL NOLAN REAL COVID CRISIS: Church Silent While Unvaxed Persecuted and much more

The Radical Claim and Fatal Flaw of TC’s Article 1 — Article by a French Priest

Pope Francis is Losing Latin American Catholics

Only For Roman Mass: Catholics Kneel In The Drizzle

The vision that led St. Marguerite Bourgeoys to Canada

Satan’s Targets: Man’s Heart and Woman’s Life-Giving Organs

Popular DC priest urges bishops to be 'pastoral' after Pope's 'harsh' crackdown on Latin Mass

Why I left the Society of St. Pius X: An Open Letter to Fr. Gołaski

Choose to live in the truth in 2022, even if it's uncomfortable at times

It's Official: Vatican Linked Media Are Paid By Google, Soros & Gates

Catholic nun who secretly baptized babies under communism dies at 92

Woman meets daughter taken from her 42 years ago: ‘You are loved so much’

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Orders Vaccine Mandate to Disrupt March for Life

“Catholic” Democrat Governor Phil Murphy Will Sign Bill Legalizing Murder of Babies Up to Birth in New Jersey

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Wants to Pay Off Student Loans for People Who Kill Babies in Abortions

Former US House chaplain claims being a ‘pro-choice’ Catholic is the correct position NO IT IS NOT!!!

Anti-Christ Atheists Demand Missouri County Remove Bible and Cross From Seal

“Strange Rites” and the promise of natural religion

George Soros is spending billions to fund social justice-focused ‘global’ university network

Pakistani Christian man granted bail in blasphemy case after 4 years in prison

Ronald McDonald House Will Evict 4-Year-Old Boy With Cancer and His Family Because They’re Unvaccinated

FRC Raises Alarms About Judicial Nominee’s Connection with Radical Anti-Christian Group

Backlash to Transgender Swimmers Biological male faces 'transitioning' female

Biological male wins best dramatic 'actress' award from Golden Globes

USA Today Hastily Deletes Tweets About “Science” Proving Pedophilia Is “Determined in the Womb”       1/12


Saint Theodosius, Abbot

Blessed William Carter

Schneider: Francis Was “Ill-Advised” On Roman Mass

The Power to Forgive Sins The origins of the sacrament of confession

FSSP seminarians release liturgical chant album, topping US charts for weeks

Pope Francis made some unusually anti-woke remarks during a speech to diplomats when he said that “identity” was being erased in the name of protecting “diversity,” and that “cancel culture” is a form of “ideological colonisation.”

Marxist Pope Francis, Who Said Taking the Covid Jab Is Somehow an ‘Act of Love,’ Admits “Vaccines” Are ‘Not a Magical Means of Healing’

Irrational Covid Bishop Cracks Down on Vaccination-Free Priests

India: Fr. George Ponnaiah will face trial for hate speech after he criticized the ruling pro-Hindu party for forcing ScamDemic edicts on his Masses

Catholic group protests Cardinal Cupich’s Latin Mass restrictions in Chicago

Catholic CDF secretary's departure beginning of dicastery shakeup, reliable pro-gay butterball Abp. Scicuna in the wings

PiusX General Superior Confuses Right With Crime

Is the Cardinal Catholic? The verdict is out

Persecution of Mother Teresa Sisters Continues

Less than 10% of evangelicals want shorter sermons; 30% want more in-depth teaching: survey

Mom’s emotional reunion with son placed for adoption: ‘He was the best thing I ever did’

Abortion Activists Threaten to Rape, Kill Pro-Life Legislator Who Filed Bill to Ban Abortions

Teen gives birth to UK’s smallest premature baby: ‘The best thing to ever happen’

Catholic High School Fires Teachers After They Allowed Pro-Abortion Article in Student Newspaper

Feminist Complains That Killing Babies in Abortions Isn’t Celebrated (enough) in Mainstream Culture

ACLU files lawsuit to block Ohio law requiring humane burial of aborted children

ACLU Sues to Block Ohio Law That Prevents Selling Aborted Baby Parts

WATCH: Cardinal Cupich booed off stage at Chicago March for Life

Preparing for the AI tsunami: The looming spiritual crisis of artificial intelligence and how to be ready (part 1)

LGBT media should apologize for exploiting Ted Cruz’s 13-yr-old daughter on TikTok

Pastor whose church paid him nearly $390K in 1 year apologizes for not paying taxes, fraud

Pope Francis fires Vatican official who opposed ‘blessings’ for same-sex couples

Education Infiltration LGBT operatives secretly recruiting

Scottish Govt Urged to Scrap School Survey Asking Kids About ‘Anal Sex’

Fauci’s NIH Division Paid $205K For Researchers To Study Transgender Monkeys         1/11


Saint William, Archbishop of Bourges

Saint Gregory of Nyssa

Baby declared stillborn begins crying on the way to the cemetery

Ancien Régime: President's Table Back in Sistine Chapel

Globalist Pope pushes ‘moral obligation’ of COVID shots, calls for ‘reality therapy’ against ‘baseless’ info

Chicago Cardinal Cupich Heckled and Booed During Pro-Life Rally

‘Digital concentration camp is being forced on the entire world,’ warns Serbian bishop 

India Blocks Then Restores Foreign Funding for Mother Teresa’s Order

Woman encouraged to abandon daughter with Down syndrome at the hospital

Pro-life Abortion Pill Rescue Network reports 3,000 babies saved

Ex-Planned Parenthood CEO: Make Kids Wear Masks to be Safe, But Killing Kids in Abortions is OK

Ukrainian women exploited as country becomes surrogacy capital of the world

Facebook censors Catholic charity’s campaign to protect Christian women exposed to violence in Muslim countries

Monster Energy drink delivers cryptic SATANIC messages nobody even noticed for the last decade (op-ed)

Colombian man dies by euthanasia though he didn’t have a terminal illness

UPenn Swimming Parents Call on NCAA to Stop Trans Competitors from ‘Trampling All over Biological Women’

Yale girl on steroids outswims Penn guy on blockers

Based on False Assumption, Amazon STILL Censoring Book on Transgenderism           1/10


A Baptism Unlike Any Other Our Lord's baptism in the Jordan

3 Different types of baptism in the Catholic Church

Saints Julian and Basilissa

St. Adrian, Abbot

Medjugorje: New Video from Mystic Post TV: Archbishop Vigano says Mysterious statue from Medjugorje Warned of a great APOSTASY in the church

Dr. Mazza: Pope Benedict's "Resignation" is "leaving Breadcrumbs or Easter Eggs... [on] the Declaration of Martial Law or the Outlaw Situation"

Fr. Z: If the anti-Tradition “leadership” in Rome and elsewhere want to get to the sources of divisions they need look no farther than their own mirrors.

Francis: Big Words, No Facts – Former Francis Devotee Criticises

Phony Pro-Life Prelate Faithful Catholics rally against Chicago cardinal

Missionaries of Charity close orphanage in India

EWTN Chief Warsaw argues against DeathVaxx mandates for Mass

Preemie becomes smallest survivor of COVID-related condition in India

Op-ed urging US to ‘learn from Stalin’ on abortion is full of distortions and short on facts

Why Does The Case Of Novak Djokovic Matter?

Screen-addicted Millennials are ill-equipped for adulthood, professor warns

Christian Leader Warns LGBT Agenda Is Targeting ‘the Pulpit’ Itself                       1/9


Saint Apollinaris the Apologist, Bishop

St. Thorfinn

Epiphany 2022

How the Letter to the Hebrews Supports the Mass

Ultramontanism: Its Life and Death

Bishop Fellay Criticises Changes Which Produced 1962 Missal (Video)

Courageous Opus Dei priest doubles down on dangers of Pope Francis’ teachings

“The Congregation of Divine Worship is Not All Powerful”

Online Latin Courses from the Latin Mass Society

Chicago Apostate Cardinal Decries ‘Lies’ of Election Tampering, Urges No Restrictions on Voting

Archbishop of Malta ordered a Maltese priest to delete a posting on social media of a homophobic remark

Fort Wayne-South Bend priest will plead guilty to sex abuse charges 

Homosexualism: Archbishops Anathematises Priest Who Defended Murdered Woman

Tennessee Catholics threaten to defund their diocese over COVID shot mandate

Texas Defends Abortion Ban in Federal Court, Heartbeat Law Has Saved Over 10,000 Babies From Abortion

How I Became Anti-Abortion

Dog Saves Abandoned Newborn Baby, Protecting Her Like One of Her Puppies

Late abortions are not insignificant. They kill tens of thousands of children every year.

Democrat cities grant paid employee leave for abortions

Principal Raped Teen Girl, Planned Parenthood Aborted Her Baby and Sent Her Back to Him

Christian tech philanthropist partners with LifeSite to help needy orphans in Pakistan

'God Used Hunting to Heal My Body and Soul': For This Nanotechnologist & Bowhunter, a Tree Stand Is Her Chapel

Vaccinations: On the Threshold of the Mark

Google, Gates, Soros Fund Pro-Vax Catholics Big Tech and Big Pharma bankroll Church's jab-peddling 'fact-checkers'

Fraud COVID Fear vs. True and Good Fear: Fear of the Lord

Military is Trying to Boot Christian “Extremists” From Its Ranks

People uncertain about their relationship with God more likely to suffer mental distress: study

Australia Bans Priest from Visiting Novak Djokovic on Christmas

Donors FURIOUS After Focus on the Family Wobbles on VAXX Mandate

Rare Hailstorm Pummels Egypt as Jews Are Reading the Torah Portion Regarding the Plague of Hail in Exodus

Francis Is About to Produce Another Skeleton in His Closet

NASCAR goes gay: Every American sport league is now actively, unashamedly pro-LGBT

Another Letter: Francis' Homosex Church Versus Benedict's Catholic Church   

Pope writes to controversial nun, thanks her for 50 years of LGBTQ ministry         1/8


Saint Lucian the Syrian, Martyr

Saint Raymond of Peñafort Archbishop

The Lessons of the Ongoing Crisis in the Church of France

VACCINES: Bishop Athanasius Schneider Presents the Catholic Position

They Mock Christ in the Liturgy - Podcast by Dr. Taylor Marshall

Canada: What’s Going On At The Fatima Center?

Synodal Flip-Flopping? Pope receives plea for intervention

Doctor Helps 350 Moms Change Their Minds About Abortion by Offering Free Ultrasounds

The Death of the Mass in Once-Catholic Ireland

LISTEN: Clinic Covers Up Botched Abortion on 911 Call By Pretending to be Woman’s Mom


Priest’s Book Tells Sad Tale of Jesuits’ Abortion Complicity in the US

Abortion Accounted For 42% Of All Deaths Worldwide In 2021

63,459,781 Babies Have Been Killed in Abortions Since Roe v. Wade in 1973

Jesuit-‘Educated’ Senators Majority are pro-abortion Democrats

Former Catholic chaplain to US House: A ‘good Catholic’ can support abortion   NO

Infertility: What Was Done to Innocent People with Secret Ingredients in "Vaccines"

US-China showdown over religion may intensify

Christian nurse punished for wearing cross necklace to work wins religious discrimination case

Lauren Witzke's Christian News Venture Deletes GETTR Amid Censorship Scandals

REMOVED: UN Revelation-esque ‘Peace & Security’ Statue No Longer Displayed Following Backlash

Rise in discrimination against European Christians ignored by media

Vatican Pharmacy dispensing Ivermectin to Antichurch Sodo-garchs… and guess the cost? €10 per 10mg pill. Price-gouging hypocrite demons

NY Times Suggests Biblical Burning Bush Was Simply A Reflection Of Sunlight, Ken Ham Responds

Nigeria: Muslims murder Christian after New Year’s prayer meeting, say it’s ‘first attack of the new year’

New Ways Ministry and the Synodal Process

EU court rules in favor of Christian bakery that refused to make cake supporting gay marriage    1/7


The Epiphany of Our Lord

Epiphany Manifests the Powerful Mystery of Christ

Pope’s Pediatric Hospital Hypes Jabs for Kids 16,000 top scientists and doctors sign declaration against child vaccines

....Top Evil Euro FrancisCardinal Hollerich: "During this phase in which the pandemic resurfaces, we must save lives, and the 'green pass' should serve to welcome people to Mass" [EVERYWHERE]

Poland: Archbishop Admits "Devastating" Decline

More ‘Radical Change’ Irish archbishop lauds upcoming Vatican synod

Longtime U.S. House chaplain on Jan. 6, the dangers of ‘apocalyptic thinking’ and why there’s room to be pro-choice in Catholicism     you are in my prayers for your soul and heretical positions on child sacrifice

More Clowns In The Vatican (Video)

Deep Church revealed. Coffin interviews a Bircher

I placed my son for adoption 20 years ago. Words can’t describe what I felt when we met.

‘Miraculous’ baby born at 22 weeks, less than 2 pounds defies odds, now safely at home with family

New Study Shows Premature Babies Do Better When Their Mother Speaks to Them

Funeral director shocked to find preemie declared ‘stillborn’ was still alive

HP Foundation Has Spent $350 Million Promoting Abortion and Population Control

Sex-selective abortion in India is still wounding women and skewing sex ratios

Abortionist Says “It Feels Great” to Kill Babies in Abortions

Woman Injured so Badly in Botched Abortion She Needed an Emergency Hysterectomy  

‘We Will NOT Remove The Bible Verse’: FFRF Targets NC Sheriff’s Office for Displaying Scripture On Wall

‘The Good Lord Has Blessed Me,’ Steelers’ Ben Roethlisberger Says After Final Home Game

‘Focus on the Family’ to Implement OSHA Mandate

NASA Hires Theologians To Study Man’s Possible Reaction To Alien Life; Christian Leaders Respond: ‘Don’t Be Deceived ‘

Facebook reverses course after ‘permanently’ locking account of conservative children’s book publisher

Turkish judge: ‘Women should not demonstrate against femicide’

Judge Orders Small Mississippi City to Allow Construction of Giant Mosque With Minarets, Forces City to Pay Mosque Builders $25,000 and Attorney’s Fees

Catholic colleges must defend female sports at all costs, Franciscan Steubenville swim coach says  

Federal Appeals Court Rules Fuller Seminary Has Right to Enforce Sexual Standards

Francis On Homosexuals: “The Lord Will Save Everyone”

War on Women: Leaked Biden Plan Would House Violent Men in Women’s Prison Cells         1/6


Saint Simeon Stylites

St. John Neumann

Pastor raises over $160K for 5 children orphaned after dad dies in crash, mom in childbirth

Bp. Strickland: 'I'd rather die than benefit from anything produced by using an aborted child'

Francis Is Spying on His Collaborators

"Before the Epstein Scandal, There Was the Franklin Scandal" & Archbishop Sheehan who ordained Cupich who is Francis's USA Right Hand Man

Unity in Blasphemy: Real Existing Novus Ordo Desecrates Holy Cross

Catholic bishops have a duty to oppose totalitarian COVID mandates  But Don't Hold Your Breath


Will Mother Teresa’s sisters soon to be forced to leave India?

Former Mother General Sues Insurgent Members of her Order

Newborn baby rescued from trash bin in airplane bathroom

Newborn Baby Abandoned in Cardboard Box in Alaska Survives Single Digit Temperatures

NFL player makes political statement by wearing pro-life cleats

Christian colleges with links to Planned Parenthood exposed in year-end report

Almost 70 Christian Colleges Promote Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

NAACP Calls Killing Babies in Abortions a “Fundamental Right,” Denies Civil Rights for Black Babies

NY Times Magazine Promotes Liberal Snobbery: Christianity Now Means 'Science Denial'

Vatican Newspaper Rues Expensive Climate ‘Calamities’ of 2021

Political provocateur goes from pro-life atheist to full fledged Catholic who embraces motherhood

AA Group ‘Separated & Punished’ By Org. for Praying at Meetings, Becoming Too Christian-focused

Italy: 30 foreigners surround 19-year-old woman, grope her and try to undress her

'Bodies burned beyond recognition': Al-Shabaab militants torture, behead Christians in Kenya; at least 6 killed

92% of LGBTQ community has received at least one covid jab, and many now demonstrate aggressive personality changes consistent with brain damage                 1/5


Saint Angela of Foligno, Widow

Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton

Saint Gregory, Bishop of Langres

On the tradition of “keeping vigils”  

‘My Faith Guides Me’: Kentucky Man Plays Hymn Among Debris After Tornado Destroys Home

Abp. Viganò blasts woke Pope for attacking Catholic traditions, bringing shame to papacy

FSSP priest advises laity to avoid COVID shots, warns ‘one world government’ is in the works

Traditionis Custodes: Here Is the Application Document for the Application Document

Bishops Veto Conscientious Objection to Jabs Head of European bishops' conference demands 'no pass, no Mass' law

Archdiocese Of Chicago - A Trial Run At Quashing The Mass Of The Ages?

Cardinal Cupich under fire for banning Latin Mass, allowing ‘blasphemous’ liturgies

How Different Are the Pre-1955, 1962, and 1969 Calendars Around Christmas and Epiphany? (2022 Edition)

Catholic Church in Poland plans to reach out to young people in 2022  

Devastating Fire: Our Lady Remains

Abortion Survivor Speaks Out: The Abortion Pill Was Supposed to Kill Me, “However I Survived”

Pro-life group convinces 34 Christian universities to stop promoting Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood Abortion Center Burns Down, No Babies Will be Killed in Abortions

False positives for rare disorders in pre-natal tests lead to abortion of healthy pregnancies


Tests To Detect Conditions & Disorders In Preborn Babies Produce 81-93% False Positives: Report

Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2021, Killing 42.6 Million People

Suicide and the Catholic Church No compromising with grave sin

Student’s paper marked down for describing God as male

White Evangelicals Are ‘The Most Un-Christian’ Segment Of American Society, MSNBC Claims

Tommy Robinson’s Car FIREBOMBED After Release Of Documentary Trailer On Grooming Gangs

Iowa diocese publishes deacon’s pro-LGBT story about gender-confused son ‘Lexi’

FBI Declassifies Files on the CIA's Involvement in Satanic Ritual Abuse and Child Sex Trafficking     1/4


The Eternal Father 

Most Holy Name of Jesus                 The Divine Maternity of Mary

St. Genevieve                              St. Basil the Great             

A Parody? Francis Prays For "Those Suffering Religious Discrimination"

What's in a Name? & Nominalism: "Francis... proposing Statements & Pastoral Practices which are in Direct Contradiction to... Faith"

IMPORTANT STUDY—“From Traditionis Custodes to the Responsa ad Dubia: On the Hermeneutics of Pope Francis’s Legislation”


Francis Cardinal Violates Covid Blasphemy Laws - Censored

After his emergency premature birth, he was expected to die. Now he’s becoming a priest.


I placed my son for adoption 20 years ago. Words can’t describe what I felt when we met.

WATCH: Live Action’s most impactful videos of 2021

Fooling "Conservatives"? Pro-Homosex Abortion Archbishop Joins Rosary Rally

Joe Biden Uses Our Tax Dollars to Fund UN Agency Killing Babies in Abortions

‘Most violent year for Christians’ in India: Persecution watchdog

Actor Chris Tucker turns down over $10 million for movie role over religious objections to content

John MacArthur Urges Pastors to Preach on Biblical Sexuality to Protest Left’s “Conversion Therapy” Laws

China ramps up new restrictions on Christian content on the internet

Democrat Township Commissioner Charged With Rape of 15-Year-Old Boy in Philadelphia

Flashback: Justin Trudeau’s best friend found guilty of child porn charges, directing worldwide child porn ring

Serial Killer Who Targeted Women Now Being Housed in Women’s Prison Because They Are ‘Transgender’        1/3


Saint Sylvester I 

Saint John Francis Regis, Jesuit missionary

Uproar over Chicago Mass: Did this Christmas Eve liturgy go too far?  

Dear Cardinal Cupich: At least obey the rubrics of the Novus Ordo Mass

Did so-called "Conservative" Anti-Death Penalty & Abortion-Tainted Vaccines Advocates "Obfuscate... ma[king] it sound as though Pope Benedict himself said it might be Permissible"?



The 21 most popular Catholic World Report stories and articles of 2021

Indian Priest Gets Life for Raping Altar Boy Bishops who transferred serial predator neglect duty to victim's family

Priest who led Arlington Diocese Office of Child Protection charged in abuse case

Why the Skojec-Martinez Debate Happened? & Might Dr. Kwasniewski & other Francis Trads be in a "Culture of Fear" that makes them have to think it's an Infallible Dogma that Francis can't be an Antipope?

Munich Police Stop Public Rosary

Ohio physicians perform complex surgery to save preborn baby boy’s life

Here’s the 12 Times Federal Judges Have Blocked Joe Biden’s COVID Mandates

Single woman adopts student who lived in six different foster homes

Doctor Exposes How Abortion Activists Lie About Women Supposedly Dying From Illegal Abortions

Abortion and Population Control are Destroying America as Underpopulation Becomes Massive Problem

Joe Biden Uses Our Tax Dollars to Fund UN Agency Killing Babies in Abortions

Catholic State Trooper/Eucharistic minister fired and humiliated after asking for religious exemption

Christians persecuted in India

NPR: It’s Fine to Escape an Evil Child Sex Cult, Just Don’t Become a Conservative

'This Is Spiritual Warfare': Denzel Washington Pinpoints Key Warning Sign of the Last Days

Sean Feucht: God is the 'answer and hope for America' amid 'darkness'

‘I’m Here to Check Your Thinking’: UK Officer Fought the ‘Twitter Police’ and Won in Battle Over LGBT Ideology

What I’ve Learned Rescuing My Daughter From Her Transgender Fantasy

Russia slaps Google with record-setting $98 million fine for CORRUPTING minors

ABC News Celebrates Biological Male Setting ‘Jeopardy!’ Records As Victory For Women         12/31


St. Sabinus, Bishop & Companions, Martyrs

St. Anysia

Saint Egwin

St. John Paul II’s guide to reviewing the past year

The Traditional Latin Mass and the NON-Traditional Latin Mass (Novus Ordo) are NOT the same simply because they are both in Latin. Wherein Fr. Z explains also the motives of those who attack the TLM.

Traditionis Custodes: THIS Is Allowed (Video)

Christmas Eve FrancisMass in Cd. Cupich’s ruined Chicago

Card. Cupich has his own Pachamama Moment. People who want the Traditional Latin Mass must be crushed, but this is apparently okay.

The Blood of the Faithful is Europe’s New Hope

India Picks Fight With Sisters of Mother Theresa

This 18-month old was judged “incompatible with life,” now she’s learned to say “Mum”

Biden, Pelosi, and pro-abortion extremism: The top 10 Live Action News articles of 2021

Latinos Abandon Democrat Party in Record Numbers, Vote Republican Because They’re Pro-Life

Why 2021 was dubbed the ‘Worst Year for Abortion Rights in Almost Half a Century’

Unborn Baby’s Eyes Start Developing 19 Days After Conception, But Some Don’t See Abortion Kills Babies

Telemundo Anchor Gets Salty At Inclusion of Abortion In Axios Poll

Abortion Business Admits 5% of Women Using Abortion Pill Have Parts of Baby Left Inside Them

De Mattei Uses Paediatrician "In Conflict of Interest" to Defend Controversial Jabs

Rand Paul Blasts Vaccine Passports: 'Imagine Jesus Demanding Papers to Attend the Sermon on the Mount'

Mark of the Beast: CIA, CCP unveil “Vaccine Credential Initiative” that will involve microchip tracking of vaccine status

China Announces Crackdown on Religious Content on the Web

Satanic? Masonic? What Did Francis Tell the Spanish Prime Minister? Video

PURE EVIL: Biden State Dept “Actively Impeding” Rescue Efforts of US Citizens Stranded in Afghanistan – Including Group of Catholic Nuns

Muslim Brothers Murder Their Sister Over Her Western Way of Life

John MacArthur Calls On Pastors To Preach Biblical Sexuality In Defiance Of New Canadian Law That Would ‘Criminalize Evangelism’

Let's make Christmas less traditional (Video)

Erasing Women: Trans ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Takes Crown for Female Win Streak

11-Time All-American Swimmer Calls for ‘Political Movement’ to Counter Men in Women’s Sports          12/30


St. Thomas Becket, Archbishop, Martyr

The Holy Innocents

St. Anthony the Hermit              St. Aileran

UPDATED – Archdiocese of Chicago drops the axe on more than the Traditional Latin Mass

Cardinal Pushing Paganism Curbs Latin Mass Chicago's traditionalist clergy boldly vow 'to live more fully our charism'

Irish Archbishop: "How We Killed Christmas" (Video)

38 year-old Nigerian Fr. Luke Adeleke gunned down on way out of Christmas Eve Mass

French Catholics leave Midnight Mass under protection of armed soldiers in order to ensure that no one is murdered there at Christmas time.

U.K. Cardinal Urges No More Church Closings over Coronavirus

Cardinal Cupich’s Chicago Template: The Vatican-endorsed Litmus Test

Pachamama Archbishop Insults Christ: "Layman," "Like  All Of You," "No Sacrifice"

'The Renewal' aims to restore America's covenant with God: 'The greatest harvest in the history of the world'

‘This changes everything’: observations about the current situation in Church and the State

Unborn Baby Removed From Mother’s Womb for Heart Surgery, Then Put Back In 

Abandoned baby found alive, covered with bruises and insects in Thailand

Doctor Told “Sound of Music” Heroine Maria von Trapp to Abort Her Disabled Baby, She Refused and Baby Was Healthy

Recent data shows us who is having most abortions, and it may surprise you

Here are the Top Five Pro-Life Victories of 2021, Including the First State to Ban Abortions

India Has Killed 46 Million Girls in Sex-Selection Abortions, Where are the Feminists?

Texas Right to Life: U.S. at ‘Tipping Point’ in Fight Against Abortion

Abortionist Faces Prison After Killing Viable 22-Week-Old Unborn Baby Without Mother’s Consent

Woman Horrified After Taking Abortion Pill, Delivering Her Dead Baby in the Toilet

Pro-Abortion Groups OUTRAGED That Pro-Life 'Misinformation' Allowed Online

FiveThirtyEight Tweets on Christmas Day Asking for Abortion Stories, Gets a Christmas Pro-life Surprise

Euthanasia: NZ Doctors May Kill Covid Patients

Spain: Police Storm Holy Mass for the Non-Maskers

Might Covid Vaxxed Francis's Swollen Lips be because of the Vaxx Side Effect of "Increased Risk of Urticaria/Angioedema after BNT162b2 ..."?

India blocks foreign donations to Mother Teresa's Christian charity

Kamala Harris Touts “Seven Principles” of Kwanzaa – Says Her Favorite Principle is “Kujichagulia”

Refusing to Sin Amid the World’s Influences

Russia Fines Google With Record $100 Million For Corrupting Minors With Porn, Propaganda & Transgenderism -...

U. North Carolina-Greensboro lecturer defends CRT, says ‘whiteness is a disease’

California parents speak out against sexual predator public school teachers caught grooming children into transgenderism

‘Gender Is Seen As The New Rebellion’: TikTok Is Enticing Kids Towards Trans Surgeries, Cross-Sex Hormones

Poll Shows Black Americans Reject Trans Mania by 10-to-1

TikTok videos promoting transgenderism have been viewed more than 26 billion times

Exporting LGBTQ+ Propaganda is New-Age Colonialism

A Whopping 25 Cops in a Single County Arrested in 2021 from Child Rape to Bestiality                 12/28


A Christmas Bouquet Compiled Catholic quotes for a holy day

Saint John, Apostle, Evangelist

St. Stephen

Respect for the Most Holy Eucharist — Part II Giving the King His due

Abandoned baby girl in India found with mother dog and her puppies

‘He gave me everything’: Pro-life hero hailed by his 44 disabled, adopted children 

VIDEO – Nine-Year-Old Forgoes Birthday Gifts to Collect Presents for Children in Hospital

Family surprises six siblings in foster care with adoption for Christmas

WATCH – Sixth-Grader Honored for Saving Two Lives in One Day: ‘We Are All So Proud’

At St Germain (France), Catholics celebrate Christmas before the closed doors of a church because of the obstinate will of Pope Francis

“Lefebvre Moment”: LifeSiteNews like the Remnant wants us to "Stand Together" against Francis's attack on "the Very Foundation of the Church"

Beautiful Christmas Present: A Bishop Who Is A MAN

Full Interview: Exorcist Fr. Vincent Lampert        22    min.

Finnish Churches Require Proof of Vaccination to Enter Christmas Concerts — So Unvaxxed Stand Outside and Sing Their Own Christmas Songs

Christians from destroyed Kentucky churches meet at lot that used to separate them, and thank God

‘Universal Vaccination a Moral Imperative’ Really, Cdl. Cupich?

This is just another step on the journey to make us a "new Church," an ecumenical Church, a modern Church, a global Church with a global religion that fits into the Great Reset.

Couple adds two daughters with special needs to their family through adoption 

Premature babies’ survival is proving to be a thorny issue for abortion advocates

2021 Was a Record Pro-Life Year: 19 States Passed 106 Laws Saving Babies From Abortion

ViacomCBS Show ‘Yellowjackets’ Pushes Subtle Plot in Support of Abortion Industry

Ohio Gov Mike DeWine Signs Bill to Require Life-Saving Treatment for Babies Who Survive Abortions

Jesuit-Led Loyola Academics Urge Continued Teaching of CRT in K-12 Schools

'Breathtaking' Bible secret hidden in every breath you take

Mark of the Beast is here: Microchip implants that track your vaccination status are now being used in Sweden

New Zealand Government Approves Euthanasia for COVID Patients

Putin: vows to protect Russia from West’s “Gender Obscurantism”… “A woman is a woman, a man is a man”


Women Inmates Seek Help as Law Allows ‘Trans Women’ to Share Spaces in California Prisons 

Court Rules City Can’t Force Battered Women’s Shelter to Let Men Sleep Next to Women

Booyens: Porn Is Gateway Drug to Child Sex Trafficking

JK Rowling SLAMS police for logging male rapists as ‘women’

USA Swimming Official Quits Over Trans Swimmer Competing Against Women                       12/27


Christmas Novena

Christmas at Greccio

St. Adele                           Saints Tarsilla and Emiliana, Virgins

Saint Charbel Makhlouf, Priest and Hermit

Christ's Incarnation: the most tender kiss conceivable between God and humanity

Jesus' birthplace closed to foreign Christians this Christmas due to omicron variant

2 Babies Found Alive In Upside-Down Bathtub After Kentucky Tornado

TSA Officer Saves Infant Who Stopped Breathing at Airport

Does Francis's Suppression of the Traditional Latin Mass qualify him as Heretic? Is Francis a Practical Arian?

Beautiful Christmas Present: A Bishop Who Is A MAN

Message to the American People Viganò appeals to US patriots

Catholic Bishop: Illinois Gov is “Evil” for Signing Law Allowing Secret Abortions on Teens

Two Cardinals Fight in Public: „I Will Not Tell Where The Money Went"

Pillar: Though the archdiocese won't confirm, some priests say that penthouse PervChurch prince, Cardinal Wuerl, gave 'the balance' of his 2 million dollar 'charity' fund to 'charity'

Schneider Advises Bishops: Don’t Observe Francis' Merciless Law

Archbishop 'conscious' of declining clergy numbers

Report: Vatican Announces Vaccine Mandate For All Employees And Visitors

Breaking! Dr Zelenko Warns Of COVID Vaccine Mark of the Beast System

To the American People. By Archbishop Carlo Maria

Premature babies’ survival is proving to be a thorny issue for abortion advocates

My wife’s love for our stillborn baby taught me this lesson

Teen with autism jumps through drive-thru window to save choking customer

2021 Was a Record Pro-Life Year: 19 States Passed 106 Laws Saving Babies From Abortion

Killing Babies for Profit: Planned Parenthood CEOs’ Salaries Jumped 89% Since 2011

YEAR IN REVIEW: Most popular LifeSite articles from 2021

Christian Persecution up Worldwide in 2021

Putin Compares ‘Woke’ Western Gender Ideology to a Virus

The Propaganda Never Stops… UK Leader Boris Johnson Preaches on ‘Getting Jabbed for Jesus’ in his Christmas Eve Message

2021 forced Christians to defend their faith (and way of life) like never before

How the Creator of 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' Got the Gospel Past CBS Execs

'It's a Wonderful Life' was Made to Combat Atheism

Canadian Imam Compares Wishing Merry Christmas to Congratulating Murderers, Pedophile

The Poster Child of the Woke Democrat Party: Convicted Tranny Pedophile Jailed for Raping Dog

“A Woman Is a Woman, Man Is a Man”: Putin Vows to Protect Russia From West’s “Gender Obscurantism”       12/24


Christmas Novena

St. John of Kanty

Saint Margaret d'Youville, Foundress

St. Servulus of Rome, Invalid and Beggar

Respect for the Most Holy Eucharist Giving the King His due  

Ancient Pagan Prophesies Describing the Savior of the World

Only Fatima Explains The Chilling Complicity of The Catholic Clergy in The Covid Tyranny


Mental Prayer vs. Centering Prayer

After a concerning new video is posted by the South China Morning Post, one has to ask is this the New ‘Mark of the Beast?”

Ohio governor signs bill protecting infants born alive after abortion

Couple Refused to Abort Their Disabled Daughter Nelly, Spent 9 Amazing Years With Her

New data shows abortion pill has ended the lives of 5 million preborn babies in US

Feminists Launch Campaign to Shuttle Women to Mexico for Abortions, Smuggle Dangerous Abortion Pills Into America

The last abortionist in Wyoming, who believes abortion should be part of ‘family care,’ plans to leave state

Why is Bill Gates so focused on abortion and contraception? It started with his father

Pro-assisted suicide websites are teaching millions how to kill themselves

30 million Christians in danger as 'anti-Christian hysteria' sweeps world's 2nd largest country

'Religious Freedom is Further Eroded': Chinese Government's New Directives Restrict Online Religious Activities

CA Church Uses Nativity Scene to Feature Climate Change Agenda

(WATCH) Christians Protest Satanic Holiday Display Installed Alongside Nativity Scene In Illinois Capitol (VIDEO)

Anti-Christ Atheist Activists Want Bible Verse Scrubbed From Sheriff’s Office Wall — but Sheriff Refuses to Back Down

UC Irvine Fires Catholic Ethicist who Filed ‘Natural Immunity’ Challenge to COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

US military hasn't approved any of 12,000 religious exemption requests for COVID vax: report

Nigeria: Muslims murder twelve Christians in jihad massacre as they were leaving worship services in church

Massive child sex trafficking ring busted, ran for decades, protected by police in exchange for sex

Bryan Singer’s Teen Victim Blows the Whistle on Hollywood Pedophile Ring: ‘They Give You Money to Stay Silent’

Christian women's shelter won't be forced to admit trans-identified males, federal judge rules

Former Children's Court judge sentenced to prison for distributing child pornography

Good people are standing up for the truth about transgender ideology and winning

Mother Uses Christmas Card To Announce Her Kindergartener Is Non-Binary                  12/23


Christmas Novena

St. Chaeromon                        Blessed Jacopone da Todi

St. Peter Canisius                      Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, Foundress

Saint Thomas, Apostle and Martyr

Archbishop Vigano Warns Americans of Globalist ‘Coup’

Bishop Schneider to Priests: Disregard Traditionis Custodes

Catholics Who Support Abortion Cannot Receive the Eucharist Until They Repent: US Bishop Strickland

Vaccinating Kids Essential to Ending Pandemic, Vatican Official Says

Vatican reaffirms ( it is clueless or bought off) support for COVID-19 vaccines amid spread of omicron variant

Open Missive to Antipope Bergoglio and Minions: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE “excommunicate” me from your luciferian Antichurch. PLEASE.

Evil Anglican Abp. Welby: The unvaccinated are immoral! Jesus would DeathVaxx Himself! Love thy neighbor, dammit!

Pell: What Happened to That Money?


Our lady Warns – 5 Ways People Let the Devil Gain a foothold

FSSP Priest Accused Of Child Porn Pleads “Non Guilty”

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