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                                       ALTAR OF TEARS  

      Scroll down to the bottom for the Table of Contents, this story begins before Genesis and continues through the Bible and into the present and  looks at the future. I would recommend to first pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit.     from Proverbs;1:20 Wisdom cries without;    she utters her voice in the streets:1:22 How long, simple ones, will you love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning,  and fools hate knowledge? 1:23 Turn you at my reproof:  behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.


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Open Letter Sent to All the Bishops in the USA    7/26

My YouTube Channel   updated 2/27/21

An Intro to 24 Years of Walking Through the Gauntlet

God sows the seeds in the 20th Century, and the days of Noah began  updated 4/23/2021

1 of the Best Homilies I have Heard from Medugorje February 2021           3/1

Medugorje February 2021 video

A Hand Delivered Note to Pope Francis on the Church and Notre Dame and the Future   2/13/20

Ltr to Archbishop of Paris -- Notre Dame the Roof and the Future      2/8/20

Fr Leon's Medugorje Testimony Prayer Miracles Visions and more Prayer

The Eucharist the Bread of Life in Scripture, Prophecy, History and the Future                 

Mary Magdalen Prophecies in the Bible in History in Cathedrals, Nostradamus and more         

Abraham the Prophecies Then and Now      

FREE WILL the 2nd Letter to Pope Francis  

Fatima May 13th 100 year Anniversary and other Bible Prophecies          5/13/17

5777 Year of the Sword, Bible Prophecy, Fulfilled, Unfolding & Coming and more            4/23

Easter 2017 Endtime Prophecy Jesus the Eucharist and Miracles            

Who is Afraid of the devil, Spiritual Warfare the First Sunday of Lent readings             3/10/17

2017 Superbowl Halftime Indoctrination by satan and his puppet Lady Gaga, Apostasy, Prophecy, & Naive Children of Light                         2/8/17

Virgin Mary in Medugorje a short Defense Prophecy Miracles and Pray Pray Pray       7/29

7_25_2016 Beyond the Headlines Prophecy, War, Bohemian Grove, RNC Convention, Politics, Culture, Economics, social engineering, election, and more

Updated 3/2016 The Mark on the Forehead and the Hand explained by the Virgin Mary   3/5/2016

Letter The Cross and Free Will to Archbishop Sartan 3 -23 -2015

Embrace the Cross and Bear Witness to the Truth a Letter Pope Francis 2-14-2015   

The Woman Clothed with the Sun   8/29  15 min.

Here Must Appear the Constancy of the Saints. Warnings about the mark of the Beast and the Beasts from the book of Revelation  8/17 15 min.

Spiritual Warfare the Battle with the devil and his servants                    17 min.

Why Am I Still Weeping the Blood is Flowing & the Apostasy is growing    21  min.    7/28

The Sword the Blood and the Wall where Scripture Prophecy and Life are Colliding  7/20

There Will Be Peace the Virgin Mary's promise to the World from Fr. Gobbi    10 min.     7/11

Marie-Julie Jahenny 1850-1941 The Stigmatist and the Future French King 

Archived videos of the Virgin Mary's Prophecies, warnings and solutions

DNA the Divine Molecule video   17 min. 

New old World Order and their Eugenics Operation  A letter sent to all U.S. Bishops  

A response to an author downplaying the sex scandal                             

The Truth and the Light a letter to Vatican Cardinal Turkson  

 A Letter sent to all the U. S. Bishops          

A Letter to the Pope written in St. Peter's Square

The Comfortable Cross        

View Seattle U. a "Catholic" school paper   

Working Together in Preparation for the Storm   

Some Signs of the Times       

The Rosa Mystica  apparitions from Montichiari & Fontinelle

A Few Thoughts on the Time mag. NWO article  2/12

 Table of Contents  

   Click on the Chapters (white letters) and use your back button or the links at the end of the chapters to navigate.            

EVERYTHING HAS ITS TIME                         Ecclesiastes  3.1-8    

A WALK IN THE STARS              a story about the Creators laboratory 

DNA the Divine Molecule     brief discussion

A WALK THRU TIME    a quick walk thru time      

ABRAHAM             the first king, the covenant  

Jacob becomes Israel                           rough draft   

JOSEPH      the 2nd king, his story related to today  

MOSES     the 3rd king, his story related to today

DAVID      the 4th king, his story related to today

OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETS                    Elijah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, ...

JESUS CHRIST       the Messiah and 5th king         


JOAN of ARC      her story and go to the Basilica (pictures)

MICHEL NOSTRADAMUS 7 chapters Bio &1568 "Les Propheties"

The Education        17 chapters starts in 1960s and goes through 1999

ALTAR OF TEARS           story about the altar

The Church and other visionaries 11 chapters Fatima, Garabandal, etc.

2001 and 2002 Chapters        13 chapters    9-11, Europe, etc.

Other New Chapters through 2006  12 chapters

2006-7 Chapters and articles

a few Miscellaneous articles 2008

MY PROPHECIES AND WARNINGS          predictions and warnings   

TOMORROW               a brief talk about the future   

LAWS AND TRUTHS                  Laws and truths for the 3rd millennium

The Bible     King James Version from 1611 & The New American Standard

BOOK OF REVELATION        Book of Revelation

PEACE PLAN              God's simple Peace Plan

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Enough is Enough Prayer Rally and Conference Nov. 16 During the Bishops Fall Meeting


St. John Vianney

Viganò: Deep State and Church will bring new world religion and order

Frisco Abp. Cordileone Schedules Roman Apostolic Mass at His Cathedral

Bishop Schneider compares Pope Francis’ crushing of Latin Mass to a shepherd angrily beating his sheep with a stick

McCarrick Mystery at Xavier High School Academics not why he left?

Money: Francis Drives Church Against a Wall

Congo bishops claim their being attacked for being Catholic while they push one of those 'independent electoral commissions'

The Burrill Effect: Crisis in Clergy and Catholic Media Episcopate may be forever changed

Are Pachamama Dave Armstrong & Communion for Adulterers Mike Lewis "Proximate to Heresy"?

Secret Commission: Is Francis Preparing His Next Attack On the Church?

Christian man prays for Jesus to take him home after wife of 73 years passes away, dies 3 hours later

Amazing Photo Shows 16 People Who Survived Abortions

Unearthed video: Former Planned Parenthood prez trounced in debate over when life begins

Judge Dismisses Court Costs, Jail Time for Catholic Priest Who Went Inside Abortion Clinic to Save Babies

Former Planned Butcherhood President Says Abortion Provider Tried to Exploit Her Miscarriage

Biden DOJ drops case against Vermont hospital that forced nurses to participate in abortion

University Caught Harvesting Body Parts From Babies Born Alive, Left to Die

Report: Planned Parenthood spent $271M in federal funding from 2016 to 2018

Cardinal Dolan: “Priests MUST Take Vaccine”         NO

Watch: After winning Olympic gold, Fiji’s men’s rugby team breaks into song praising the Blood of the Lamb

Hypocrisy of “Catholic” Charities Laid Bare

Catholic charity pledges over $1M in aid to Syria amid economic, refugee crisis

‘Perverted’: Candace Owens Calls Out Trans ‘Muppet Babies’ as Gonzo Morphs Into ‘Gonzorella’           8/4


St. Lydia Purpuraria

Saint Peter Julian Eymard

The Moral Master St. Alphonsus Liguori and the spiritual life

The Vatican & The Medical-Industrial Complex, part 2.1

Vigano's "Problem... of a Canonical Nature": St. Alphonsus dei Liguori, St. Bellarmine & Bp. Gracida: "A Doubtful Pope is No Pope"

Fr. Altman on Pope’s motu proprio restricting the Old Rite Mass: ‘He has no right to do that’

Bishops, Why Don’t You Lead? Our Society Needs and Craves Spiritual Leadership

Stop Sacrilegious Communions Now! Part IV Silent no more, take up your sword

Cdl. Wilton Gregory confirms decision to cancel Traditional Latin Mass at US National Shrine

When Harlots Ruled the Church


NY archdiocese warns priests not to grant religious vaccine exemptions  

Meet Deanna: The Hyde Amendment Saved Her Life from Abortion

Oklahoma mom gives birth to extremely rare identical triplets

Former Planned Parenthood Director Now Calls Abortion the “Death Penalty” for Unborn Children

New Mexico late-term abortion clinic accused of experimenting on over 500 women without consent: report

Author describes seeing baby’s body after abortion: ‘I screamed… I had killed my four babies!’

Planned Parenthood Headquarters Has Injured 32 Women in Botched Abortions, That We Know Of

Ex-Planned Parenthood director says abortion giant seduces immigrants with threat of deportation

Catholic Groups Slam Vaccine Mandates Because There’s No Moral or Religious Exemptions

Nina Shea: Christians Under Xi

Chinese communist officials forcibly remove crosses from Christian fishermen’s boats

Seattle-Area Christian Mission Asks Supreme Court to Let Them Hire Believers

The Australian Public Health Dictatorship Post-Christians Crave, and Deserve

What's ripping families apart? Read bizarre responses from NYT

Church Declares ‘Climate Emergency,’ Raises $3.5Million for Eco-Friendly Church

TikTok’s Hottest New Trend: Demonic Possession?

Illinois gov. legalizes spreading HIV, mandates that insurance companies cover IVF for homosexuals

What? American Medical Association Wants Sex Removed From Public Birth Certificates

Why The Deep State is Sexualizing Kids

Transgender soccer player will play for Olympic gold on the Canadian women’s team

Journalist Scorned on Twitter for Suggesting ‘Porn for Children’

‘Muppet Babies’ Show Pushes Trans-Agenda Onto Children with ‘Gonzorella’

Ex-Wives of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos Donate Millions to Gender Equality Projects     

German Double Standards: No Ban, No Masks, No Distance at Berlin's Gay Parade               8/3


Mary, Ark of the Covenant Scriptural truths of the Mother of God

St. Eusebius of Vercelli

St. Alphonsus Marie Liguori

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Detroit’s Wonder-Working Doorman Bl. Solanus Casey (1870–1957)

Be prayer for all those who do not pray

Vigano: "We have come to the point that Even Simple People with Little Knowledge of Doctrinal Issues Understand that we have a Non-Catholic Pope... This Poses some Problems of a Canonical Nature."

Stop Sacrilegious Communions Now! Part III Cleansing the Temple of pro-aborts

Police charge McCarrick with assault in case dating to 1970s

Bergoglio: Salacious Tango Mass YES! Pious Roman Mass NO

Double Standard of Bishops: Fr. Altman with Dr. Taylor Marshal

Bishops Back State-Decreed Vaccine Apartheid

The Names of the Culprits Behind Traditionis Custodes

Did so-called "Conservative" Death Penalty & Abortion-Tainted Vaccines Advocates "Obfuscate... ma[king] it sound as though Pope Benedict himself said it might be Permissible to use the [Abortion] Cell Lines. [When] In fact no such thing was ever said" in 2011?

Chinese priest tortured by gov’t. as new bishop is consecrated under Vatican-China deal

Becciu Farce: Francis Wants a Trial - But According to His Private Rules

Woke Church Woes

Anti-racist parents' Facebook group conspired to get Christian teacher fired: Report

St. Joseph’s University Refuses To Renew Contract For Professor Who Prevailed In Free Speech Fight

Black Civil Rights Icon Bob Woodson Slams Marxist ‘Critical Race Theory’ Brainwashing: ‘Anti-Racists are the New Racists’

South African Swimmer Takes Olympic Gold, But It's What's on Her Cap That Has Us Cheering

As abortion advocates protest pro-life ordinance, Florida county votes to give $100,000 to support women and babies

BREAKING: US House passes spending bills forcing all federal taxpayers to fund abortion

Governor Ron DeSantis Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Supreme Court Flooded With Pro-Life Briefs Ahead of Arguments on Mississippi Abortion Law

Not One Single Democrat Voted Against Forcing Americans to Fund Abortions

This Italian abortionist knows he’s ending lives, but can’t retire because no one wants his job

England’s National Health Service planned involuntary euthanasia for the elderly

POLL: Only 35% of Democrats Support Allowing Transgender Athletes to Compete According to Gender Identity

‘Queer That Class’: Middle School Teacher Presents Curriculum To Teach Preteens About Pronouns, Queer Theory, Critical Theory

Woke IOC Declares ‘Transwomen are Women’ as Transgender Kiwi Readies for Weightlifting Debut

Harvard grad student publicly attacks professor over transgenderism  

U.K. Police Pledge to ‘Promote Pronoun Awareness’ for Yet Another Pride Weekend              8/2


St. Peter Chrysologus

Blessed Solanus Casey

Why the Pelican Symbolizes Devotion to the Precious Blood

“The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church… “The demon will rage especially against souls consecrated to God.”.. Read the Powerful Akita Prayer

Novus Ordo Bishop Defends Old Mass: “Francis’ Idea of Unity is Uniformity

Will only the gay bishops use Traditionis Custodes to squash the Ancient Mass? [That's a lot!]

No, Michael Swan of Toronto's Catholic Register - the Missal of 1962 WAS NOT ABROGATED by the Second Vatican Council and Marcel Lefebvre was never declared a "Schismatic!'

Ex-cardinal McCarrick to appear in criminal court for sexually assaulting teenage boy

FRENCH BISHOPS BACK STATE-DECREED VACCINE APARTHEID Evoking Nuremberg, Jewish writer slams prelates for Holocaust hypocrisy

Cardinal Brandmüller Encourages Not to Obey  

In 95 page statement Bishops say communist Spain trying to 'dismantle the Christian worldview'

No, Catholic bishops are not being ‘hypocrites’ in denying Communion to pro-abortion politicians the Problem is Very Few Do

Assault on the Bible 

Federal court orders forfeiture of ancient Gilgamesh artifact from Museum of the Bible

Anne Catherine Emmerich’s prophecy of two Popes and the Antichrist – Our Lady reveals signs of the end-times

Hunted by Police, Thrown in Prison, Pastor Found Himself Ministering to Fellow Inmates

Father Frank Pavone: There is No Constitutional Right to Kill Babies in Abortions

228 Republicans sign legal brief asking Supreme Court to uphold Mississippi abortion ban

GOP Governors Show Solidarity, Help Defend Mississippi’s New Pro-Life Law

Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Closes Nebraska Office Because It Can’t Get Enough Support

‘Unprecedented’: House passes foreign assistance spending bill that funds abortion in other nations

WSJ: It’s White Evangelical Christians Who Refuse Covid “Vaccines” 

Why is Biden Pushing "the Mark of the Vex" Beast Passport despite in California "[COVID] Cases are Falling in... Counties with Below-average Vaccination"

Chinese Authorities Raid Online Church Service, Force Pastors to Stop Preaching

At least one California inmate pregnant as ‘transgender’ convicts move into women’s prisons

Uproar Forces Nebraska School Officials to Abandon Gender-Identity Indoctrination

Court admits special LGBT privilege in forcing web designer to celebrate same-sex 'marriage'              7/30


Devotion to the Holy Spirit: Loving the Person of Love

St. Martha

Blessed Stanley Rother

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross & the Mystery of Suffering

Dioceses in Canada review Latin Mass restrictions, little or no change for now

Francis' Motu Proprio contradicts the Second Vatican

Vatican Says 5th Catholic Bishop Consecrated Under China Agreement

Is Msgr. Burrill the Tip of the Iceberg?

Made in the Image of Ted And it must be destroyed

Fit of Mercy: Young Priest Excommunicated

Father Bryce Lungren — Wyoming Cowboy and Catholic Priest

Glasgow Catholic Church Latest To Burn Down As Churches Burn Across West – But Why?

How to understand the teaching ‘outside the Church there is no salvation’


Sacrilege in Delaware President gets a pass

Mother-daughter business owners show others with Down syndrome that no dream is too big

Mississippi’s 15-Week Abortion Ban Is Mainstream, Most European Laws More Strict

‘The elites control Canada’: Veteran pro-life activist on the fight to save the unborn

University Health System Kicks Out Catholic Hospitals, Doctors Because They Won’t Kill Babies in Abortions

Women in India know how to regulate family size naturally, thanks to Mother Teresa

Trudeau withholds health care funds to New Brunswick, alleging sufficient abortion access isn’t provided

Former President Exposes Planned Parenthood, Says It’s Obsessed With Killing Babies in Abortions

Abortion Pill Kills Teen Girl, Her Father Slams Abortion and Calls for an Investigation

Israel, UAE Undergo Historic 3-Way Kidney Exchange Thanks to Abraham Accords 

Only half of American households donated to charity in 2018, a 2 decade low: report

Pro-LGBT James Martin: You're not pro-life unless you take the COVID vaccine

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Compares Brainwashed Teenage Climate Commie Greta Thunberg to Biblical Prophet Jeremiah

America's New Religion: Fake Christianity

Francis Adds Pro-LGBT ‘Slum Priest’ to Bishop-Appointing Dicastery Argentine bishop abides homosexuality, profanes Eucharist

Polish priest fined by German court for criticizing homosexual predators in the Church

Med Schools Now Denying Biological Sex

Disney Debuts Its First Ever LGBT Love Song                               7/29


St. Innocent I

Pope St. Victor I

St. Nazarius and Celsus

Blessed Stanley Rother

Signs of the Return: NEW VIRGIN MARY APPARITION in Lourdes France – Pilgrim captures stunning image of Mary praying over the faithful.

Virgin Mary Appears Next to Miracle Candle – Candle Lights up at time of consecration of the Host.

SSPX Response to Traditionis Custodes – No!


Homosexual Hierarchy Clean it up the good are thrown out & the perverts protected

Vatican newspaper calls pro-abortion Biden a ‘practicing Catholic’

Bishop Denies Allegation Child abuse in question

Our priests need our prayers


Covid Bishop: “To Celebrate Mass It Is Imperative To Be Fully VACCINATED”

Cd. Tobin’s Newark PervDiocese: ‘Although the information shared does not provide any evidence of misconduct by clergy or employees, we recognize that any app or technology has the potential for misuse or abuse, which would be of concern?!”

 The Faithful in China

Powerful Defender of Roman Mass Never Celebrated It

The Cardinal, the Brokers and the Lady: Vatican fraud trial features an interesting cast of characters?

Priest attacked in Catholic cathedral in Scotland as he sat quietly praying

53 Years Later Pope Paul's encyclical on contraception

Olympic Champion, Filipina Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz: The Miraculous Medal Did It

BABY BOOM: Texas hospital delivers more than 100 babies in 91 hours

Hawley, Cruz, Lee file amicus brief calling on Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade

Alveda King Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Former foster child and pro-life advocate crowned Mrs. Universe

Abortion is the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide, Killing 24 Million People This Year

DISSONANCE: Pro-abortion legislators co-sponsor act to mandate paid leave to grieve pregnancy loss

Whats the Difference Between a Premature Baby and a Baby Who Survives Abortion?

The EACH Act would codify Roe v. Wade, force federal health care to pay for abortions

47 Out of 50 European Nations Have Stronger Abortion Limits Than America

Generation Z Is Turning To God In Droves

Colorado Web Designer Appeals after Court Ignores Religious Liberty

Christian web designer opposed to creating same-sex wedding websites loses at 10th Circuit

Video points out unexpected spikes in COVID-19 deaths following vaccine uptake

Catholic family banned from farmer's market for their religious beliefs to go to trial

New Data Shows Violence Against Christians Persists In Modi's India

Hungarian Government: No Transgender Activists in Schools!

BASED: Heroic Tennessee Pastor Says He Will Boot Mask-Wearers From His Church

Thousands Gather from All 50 States for Revival at the 'Heart of America'

The Death of the Episcopal Church is Near One of the most troubling things about the future of the Episcopal Church is that the average member is incredibly old.

We need to ‘pray for the subculture of Grindr hookup priests’ in the FrancisChurch? [Do we belong to the same religion?!]

Ohio megachurch apologizes after speaker criticizes cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers

Opening The Door Of Compromise: Another Christian Adoption Agency, Falls to LGBTQ+ Cultural Pressure

Female Prisoners Beg for Help as California Law Lets Men Who Identify as Women into Their Prisons

Predator Priest Up for Parole Letters may keep pederast jailed

Axios: One-in-Three Democrats Back Transgender Olympics

Senate appoints lesbian activist and 'trans woman' to top military positions                          7/28


St. Pantaleon

Blessed Antonio Lucci

The Last Secret of Fatima “There will be a reckoning – a dimming of the Sun – It will be the last effort of the demon to run our life.”

Archbishop Sheen: A 1960s Prophet for Today

Viganò: The West is on the verge of ruin due to ‘apostasy,’ ‘cancel culture’

Francis' Motu Proprio contradicts the Second Vatican Council  

Survey shows rapid growth in US Latin-Mass attendance

Fr. Jacques Hamel honored 5 years after he was killed at Mass in terrorist attack

Courageous Bishop: Traditionis Custodes Is a "Declaration of War"

Cdl. Burke: ‘Traditionis Custodes’ is a ‘severe and revolutionary action’ by the Pope against tradition

Science, Crime, Faith: How Our Lady Is A Winner!

Stop Sacrilegious Communions Now! Part I Smoke of Satan is 'synodality'

Victory: Irish justice committee rejects bill to legalize assisted suicide

"If I wanted to become a Lutheran, I would just follow Francis's Teachings" & "Is Bergoglio Possessed by the Damned Soul of Martin Luther?"

Opening The Door Of Compromise: Another Christian Adoption Agency, Falls to LGBTQ+ Cultural Pressure

 'Historic' FrancisVatican trial may change Catholic Church’s finances forever

Mystic Reveals What the Devil is Like – Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Former Benedict XVI Attacks Secularised German Church

Vicka Says Many People Pray the Wrong Way | “This is how Our Lady Wants us to Pray”

Woman Abducted by an Abortionist and Sold as a Child Shares How God Saved Her Life

New Mexico senator denied Communion by bishop for promoting abortion 

The Pro-Life Movement Has a New Pro-Life Flag, and it Celebrates Moms and Babies

Elite athletes pressured to abort their children: ‘I made a decision that broke me’

Christians Celebrate Closing of Abortion Clinic That Killed Babies in Abortions for 50 Years

Archbishop Cordileone hits back at Pelosi: If you’re pro-abortion, you’re not a ‘devout Catholic’      How about the truth she is in grave sin and in danger of losing her soul

Court rules 'taking a knee' to pray at high school football games is illegal

Popular Anchorage Strip Club Converted into Church By Daughter of Former Exotic Dancer

Homeschooling Doubles as Parents Reject Lockdowns, Masks, & Indoctrination

Facebook Getting Involved in Religion, Signs Contract with Megachurch as Platform's Director of 'Global Faith Partnerships' Reveals What's Coming

Mom Files Lawsuit After Teacher Tells Third Grader She Can’t Wear “Jesus Loves Me” Mask

Step-by-Step to How Communism Undermines Christianity 

Enemy of the People: Associated Press (AP) Promotes Men Competing in Women’s Sports

Vanity and Power? Francis Insists On Denying the Multiplication of Loaves

Extraterrestrial Life:A Catholic Perspective; Part 2: Ways to Search;  SCS Conference 2021

'Homopoetic' El Paso FrancisBishop Seitz said he needs to 'pray further' before figuring out whether to give Holy Communion to mass-murderous lawmakers

Homosex Monsignor: Father Altman's Punisher Suddenly a fit of Mercy

Nebraska Sex Education Standards Include 'Grooming 101,' Horrifying Framing of Abortion

Homosex Dating Apps: Ten Newark Archdiocese Presbyteries Affected                     7/27


Sts. Joachim and Anne

St. James the Greater

Science, Crime, Faith: How Our Lady Is A Winner!

What would St. Paul say to Francis & Luther about attempting to "Destroy the Mass &... Destroy the Church"?

Schneider: "Mass Not Private Property Of A Pope"

Latin Mass Society -- Canonical Notes on the Application of Traditiones Custodes (Guide for Priests and Faithful)

As Pope Francis’ Allies in China Cannibalize Religious Prisoners in Concentration Camps, He Keeps the World Safe from Latin Chant

Paris: live from the demonstration against the motu proprio Traditionis Custodes

Capita Mortua The slow-motion suicide of America's bishops

Archbishop Cordileone hits back at Pelosi: If you’re pro-abortion, you’re not a ‘devout Catholic’


Francis’ Bankruptcy Company: Deficit Increased Six Fold

Church Militant visits the Armenian people of Artsakh

Mississippi AG Fitch files brief with SCOTUS: Roe ‘shackles states to an outdated view’ of scientific fact

Live Babies’ Organs Harvested for Mandated Vaccines

Elite athletes pressured to abort their children: ‘I made a decision that broke me’

1,250 Clergy Members Warn Vaccine Passports Would Create “Medical Apartheid” in UK


Vatican Mayoral consultant, Bill de Blasio asks ALL private employers in NYC to impose vaccine mandates 'immediately' and 'do the maximum you feel you can do'

Chinese authorities raid Zoom church service, order pastor to stop preaching

‘Justice prevailed’: Christian street preacher wins case after being fined, prosecuted for evangelizing

Recent anti-Christian ‘news,’ editorial examples expose utter corruption of Canadian media

The Media Defends First-Grade School Children Being Taught "Pornography Literacy" Classes And LGBT Parents Teaching Kids "Kink"

CruxMag: Evangelical politicians have introduced bills in states and towns all over Brazil to promote sexual abstinence among teens, boosted by a wave of conservatism in the country under President Bolsonaro! FrancisBishops abstain.

Louisiana Democrats block bipartisan transgender sports bill after attack by liberal clergy

35,000 Descend on Berlin for U.S. Embassy-Backed LGBTQ Street Parade

Argentina allows gender X on ID cards for people who refuse to identify as male, female                  7/26


St. Mary Magdalene

The remarkable life, challenging example of Venerable Aloysius Schwartz

Young Catholics around the globe to Pope Francis: 'We love the Traditional Mass'

Viganò Condemns Pope Francis Latin Mass Restriction as "Hatred for the Mass"

Statement on the Motu Proprio «Traditionis Custodes» - By Raymond Leo Cardinal

Four Aspects of Modernism

Hatred for the Mass of all time and the Question of Obedience

Summer of Shame 2021 Vatican, US bishops drowning in sexual-predation scandal

Lifesite News' Msgr. Pope Commenting on the Francis's "Latest Temper Tantrum Aimed at the TLM"

USCCB Busted! Will they talk about it?

Land O’ Lakes The destruction of US Catholic education

Archbishop Denounces Joe Biden Ahead of Visit to Catholic Ohio University

Francis’ Mass Only For The "Vaccinated"

Satanism Has Completely Taken Over the Vatican, Says Illuminati Expert        62   min.

Who’s Next? Outing high-ranking clerics

Mark Of The Beast System Officially Announced By The U.N.          42   min.

Catholic Church Grovels After Widespread Arsons in Canada, Offers to Pay Reparations for Phony Blood Libel

Doctors ask mother in labor if she wants her baby with Down syndrome to be left to die

Federal Court Rules in Favor of Church Forced to Fund Killing Babies in Abortions

Biking for Babies riders complete 12th national ride for life

Abortion Clinic That Kills Babies Up to Birth Injures 36th Woman in Botched Abortion

Covid: Push For Children In Certain Groups (E.G. Disabled) To Be Vaccinated – Healthy or Sinister?

Donor-conceived children shocked to learn their biological fathers were their mothers’ fertility doctors

Nancy Pelosi: It’s Okay if I Force Americans to Fund Abortions Because I’m a “Devout Catholic”

Nation’s most profitable abortion corporation gets taxpayer millions for teen sex ed

Pro-lifers press on through angry mob during Rosary procession for the unborn in Brooklyn

'Wonderfully, Crazy Movement of Prayer': Thousands Gathering at 'Heart of America' to Pray for the Nation

Vatican Rejects Healing for Homosexuality Homosexuals do not need a cure, but accompaniment and discernment

Healing Homosexuals: Clergy Congregation Hastens to Help Oligarchs

California court strikes down transgender pronoun mandate

Winning: VA School Board Unanimously Rejects CRT, State’s Trans Policy

Groundbreaking documentary warns parents about ‘the rush to reassign gender’ in kids

Trans Cover Model Isn't Sports Illustrated's First Swipe at Catholics

PRONOUNS PUKED: California court strikes down law that punishes the “misgendering” of LGBT

BREAKING: News Sites Including Huffington Post, Vox, Newsweek, Riddled With Pornography                7/23


Morning offering to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

St. Lawrence of Brindisi

Father of Vatican II Fr. Karl Rahner's apparent Take on Francis's "Unity" Motu Proprio: "A Mortal Sin from which the Pope could be Absolved Only if he Revoked"

Pope Francis: Traditionis Custodes Backfiring?

Traditionis Custodes, Pope Francis's recent motu proprio, is not principally about the right to offer the Holy Mass in the older form of the Roman Rite. It’s not really about rites at all. It’s about Catholic life in the age of the Internet. The Mass is the message

First Country "Banishes" Roman Mass

List of bishops already suppressing or tentatively supporting Latin Mass after Pope’s new document

Francis Won’t Abolish ‘Hindu Rite’ Eucharist Vatican-approved liturgy using Sanskrit fuels caste divisions in India

Pope Francis and Latin Mass Great Reset back to 1970, with Michael Matt and Dr Taylor Marshall

Comments on Francis Anti-Summorum Pontificum


Priest Hit Hard by TLM Edict Confusion, anger and obedience

High-Ranking Priest Resigns Over Grindr Data Linking Him to Las Vegas’ ‘Gay Bathhouse’ 

Unborn Babies Sue Rhode Island to Stop New Law Legalizing Abortions up to Birth

INSPIRING: NICU doctor now works alongside premature baby she saved decades ago

Mother tells of heartbreak after son with Down syndrome dies at negligent UK hospital

‘Transgender’ people sue Montana over law limiting birth-certificate changes

Revealed: Sex crimes against children are skyrocketing      

2 Georgia churches leave UMC over LGBT stance, announce merger             7/21


St. Margaret of Antioch

St. Arsenius the Great

Spotlight: NY’s Cardinal Dolan Exposed The case of Fr. Peter Miqueli     

Catholic Bishop Denies Democrat Politician Communion Because He Supports Killing Babies in Abortions

Celestial Graces Rosary blessings for your life

French Bishop Surprised By Francis „Harshness”

Medjugorje Miracle – Seven Crosses Descend on Mountain. Giant Cross spins in SUPERNATURAL WAY.

Report: German Catholic Church Continues Hemorrhaging Members

Families are The Key to Saving America 

15-Year-Old Girl Brutally Raped and Then Forced to Have Abortion 

Pro-life Christian CEO has had enough of left-wing cancel culture, will start his own bank

World Economic Forum head's prediction of microchips 'in our brains' is coming true, thanks to Big Tech

The Epic Battle that Liberated Christian Spain from Islam

Parents Sue DC Over Allowing Kids to be Vaccinated Without Parent's Consent

BLM Activist Accused Of Molesting 62 Kids Promoted to School Board   

Bishop Backs LGBT Eucharist, Bans Latin Mass   

EU launches lawsuit against Hungary and Poland over 'LGBTQ discrimination'               7/20


Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Mary of Magdala - Apostle to the Apostles

St. Carmen

Soul Doctors Holiness, insight, writings

Big hopes for the National Eucharistic Revival

Motu Proprio “Traditionis Custodes” abolishing Summorum Pontificum - WORSE than expected


Open Letter to Bp. Callahan on Fr. James Altman Reinstate him: 'Speak out boldly as he does'



Strange Bulletin: The Vatican Is Run by Bunglers

Spotlight: NY’s Cdl. Dolan Exposed The case of Fr. Peter Miqueli

Medjugorje: “Time is running out” Our Lady said this day would come.

Who is the nun who will be beatified with Cardinal Wyszynski, Poland’s ‘Primate of the Millennium’?

Christian Pastor Thinks It’s Perfectly Fine for Planned Parenthood to Push Sex on Kids

No Way: CBS News’ ‘Abortion Access’ Reporter Quits, Can Now Be Open About Her Views on Abortion Rights

Washington church challenges state law requiring abortion coverage in healthcare plans

Government Schools vs. Christianity

Hungary Taking Heat for Protecting Kids

Baby becomes first at UNC to receive life-changing gene therapy

So it begins – USA Media Silent: Terrorists are attacking and burning down churches across Canada with impunity.

Vatican Invested Seven Million In Nonexistent Motorway

Christian Group Barred From Arenas in W. Australia Because Biblical Views Do Not Align With ‘Government’s Views’

Uyghur woman tearfully recalls 'inhumane' treatment in China’s brutal concentration camps

Andy Stanley Agrees with Rabid Heretic Feminist that Christians Should not Strive to be ‘Biblical’

Nigeria: Muslims murder 18 people in Christian-majority southern Kaduna State

Pakistan: Muslim teacher rapes 8-year-old Christian girl, school blames Christian boy, protects rapist

‘Gay’ conservatives: You can learn from Milo’s intellectual honesty and integrity

Trans Mission' docu exposes 'unconscionable' rush to transition gender dysphoric kids                         7/16


St. Bonaventure

St. Henry

Fulton Sheen and the Persistent Specter of Communism

Church Escapes Macron’s Vaccine Dystopia

Bad Conscience? Liturgy Prefect Attempts to Hide Huge Differences Between Roman Rite and Novus Ordo


Venerable Augustus Tolton’s Spiritual Sons: Black Catholic Priests Ordained in 2021

Bad Bishops Praise & Promote Bad Priests – Good Priests “Cancelled”… Pray! 

Bp. Callahan Addresses Fr. Altman’s Parishioners 'Lies the bishops told us'

Catholic Converts Tell Their Story of Eucharistic Reckoning


England: "Widower" of Homosex Pseudo Marriage to be Ordained a Priest

Babies Will be Saved From Abortion as Huge Abortion Biz Closes Four Clinics 

UNCOVERED: Late-term abortionists experimented on hundreds of women

Former Planned Parenthood Staffer: We Pushed Sex Ed on Kids to Create a Market for Abortion

Pro-choice nursing student in Australia forced to abandon career because of coronavirus vaccine mandates

Planned Parenthood CEO Thinks Killing Babies in Abortion is “Loving Thy Neighbor”

Christian-Led Government The Left's biggest fear

"The World Depends on Whether America can Summon the Will to Shape at least part of the Emerging Global Picture"

Christian Group Barred From Arenas in W. Australia Because Biblical Views Do Not Align With 'Government's...

Pastor Receives 1,500 Threats Over Resisting Lockdown Lunacy

New MFA Program In Houston Aims To Further Catholic Literary Tradition

Warning: Why Doesn’t Collaborate with Google

Christian Pastor Thinks It’s Perfectly Fine for Planned Parenthood to Push Sex on Kids

Buffalo Auxiliary Accused of Abuse New suit names Bp. Edward Grosz

God Is Non-Binary’ Says Church of England’s First Transwoman Priest                               7/15


St. Bonaventure

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha

St. Henry

Bishop Strickland says he is ‘troubled’ by Fr. Altman’s suspension

Striking Back It's what criminals do

Yore to LifeSite's Westen: Catholics must have a ‘warrior spirit’ to defend canceled priests like Fr. Altman

Tokyo VirusBishop Tarcisio Isao Kikuchi asks Olympic athletes not to visit Catholic churches during games

Priests make these 7 promises on their ordination day

Did Church Militant Slant the Story in Favor of Francis and Against the Mother of the Victim in "Francis... Cover-up for a Pedophile Priest"?

University of St. Thomas launches uniquely Catholic creative writing graduate degree

Evangelical Pastor Fights Back After Washington State Forces His Church to Pay for Abortions

Catholics Are Accomplices in a “demonic industry” aka abortion-tainted vaccines… 

Leftist Website Says Unvaccinated Christian Conservatives are a Threat to National Security

UNCOVERED: Late-term abortionists experimented on hundreds of women

Planned Parenthood Sues to Stop Texas Law Banning Abortions When Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins

Communist Theocracy in China

How the ‘New Christianity’ Movement Has Altered Religion-Interview With Pastor Lucas Miles

Pakistan: Council of Islamic Ideology halts Domestic Violence Bill, it’s ‘against teachings of Islam’

Turkey: Muslims dance atop Armenian church in Istanbul

Pakistan court rules Catholic girl, 13, must be Muslim’s ‘wife’ after apparently converting and marrying him

Disgusting Anti-Christian Movie Benedetta Contains Lesbian Nuns and Virgin Mary Sex Toys

To no one’s surprise, San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus is filled with convicted pedophiles

London Library Apologizes For Hiring ‘Rainbow Dildo Butt Monkey’ to Encourage Children to Read        7/14


St. John Gaulbert, Abbot

Saints John Jones and John Wall

Cardinal Sarah: This Reform Is IRREVERSIBLE - Despite Clerical

Saul Alinsky and Pope Paul VI: Rules for Radicals, Church and State?

Here Is What Saint Thomas Aquinas Says About Mohammed and Islam


6 Types of Extraordinary Demonic Activity - Father Gabriele Amorth on Spiritual Warfare

Heartless and Hideous: Munich Cardinal "Blesses" Symbol of Novus Ordo

Abortion coverage mandate doesn't harm churches, Washington state tells baffled appeals court

UK Health Service Releases Pro-Vax TikTok Song Featuring Lesbian Kiss

Indoctri-Nation: Report Reveals How "Queer Creators" Have for Years Been Pushing LGBT on Kids' TV

Another Female Customer Comes Forward After Person with “Beard and Penis” Exposed Himself to Her 6-Year-Old Daughter at Wi Spa in LA

EU Threatens to Sanction Hungary Over Law Protecting Kids From LGBTQ Content

Shock: Rainbow Monkey Dildo Story Hour for Children at Library

Orbán: Hungary Won’t Allow LGBTQ Activists in Kindergartens and Schools                          7/12


Seven Holy Brothers                 Pope St. Pius I

St. Benedict of Nursia

Bl. Emmanuel Ruiz                 Saint Veronica Giuliani

Dignity of Work Pope Leo XIII provides spiritual insight to labor

Does Francis Want to Strengthen the Society of St Pius X

Through his Intercession, we Humbly ask that Bishop Callahan would Retract his Unprincipled Decision about Fr. Altman

EXCLUSIVE: Fr. Altman reacts to bishop suspending his priestly faculties

Jesuit College: No Exemption for Catholics All other religions get a pass

Viganò: Francis Homosex Steps Are "Suicidal Gesture"

Another restricted Sunday with No Mass for Many - Worry not, it is ending this week, or is it?

Canceling Jesus

Designing Humans for Fun and Profit

Catholic Colleges Force the Jab All the big names on board

Image of Aborted Baby’s Foot Shows Humanity of 17-Week-Old Baby Killed in Abortion

Activists Drape ‘God Bless Abortions’ Banner over Christ of the Ozarks Monument

Nancy Pelosi Praises “Beautiful and Saintly Life” of Radical Pro-Abortion Congressman

EXCLUSIVE: Doctor who pioneered hydroxychloroquine/zinc treatment for COVID-19 speaks to LifeSite

Christian Motivational Speaker Starts Bank in Response to the Rise of Cancel Culture in the Private Sector

Trudeau’s former right-hand man joins Canadian PM in saying church burnings ‘may be understandable’

Biden wants kids in pre-K at younger ages as part of ‘Build Back Better’ plan

Gay Chorus Plays Victim After Death Threats Because Of Video Singing "We Are Coming For Your Children" 

Canada Euthanized Nearly 8,000 People Last Year, Including 1,400 Who Felt "Isolated or Lonely"

The endgame is in sight: Participate in the mass delusion of trans ideology or face sanction

Chicago Schools will provide free condoms to 5th graders under new policy

L.A. Times Defends ‘Male-appearing Genitalia’ at Spa with Women, Girls                  7/11


Rare & Amazing Footage Reportedly of Fatima Sun Miracle & Powerful Commentary by Friar!

9th July: Feast of SS John Fisher & Thomas More – Pray for the Church! 

St. Veronica Giuliani

St. Grimbald               Saint Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions    

Saint Gregory Grassi and Companions

EXCLUSIVE – Abp. Viganò rebukes pro-LGBT Cardinals Cupich, Gregory, Tobin: They’re ‘unworthy to celebrate’ Mass

Bishop Schneider Warns Of Modern Religion of Fear, Intimidation, and Panic

Flashback: Lettergate Disinformation Rout is a Canon 212 & Band of Bloggers Victory

Colorado’s Pro-Life Bishops Condemn Democrats' pro-death budget

Francis Removes Bishop - For Political Reasons?

BREAKING: Bishop suspends Fr. Altman’s faculties, removes him as pastor

Coalition for Canceled Priests launched to combat ‘abuse of power by errant bishops’

Chicago Cd. Cupich calls religion the rudder of America's democracy [But he's not religious]

Seminarian ousted after reporting his imposed spiritual director’s remarks about homosexuality

Indian Regime Also Desecrates Body of Dead Jesuit

Requiem for Saints Cyril and Methodius — America’s ‘Polish Seminary’

Might it be Good for all of us & for Francis to Read about the "Gruesome Death of Arius"?

Baby Athena lived for one day outside the womb, and her parents say she was ‘a warrior’

Mom Refuses to Have Abortion to Finish College, Graduates Anyway

Vatican’s Vaxx Ally Targets Pro-Life Doctors World Medical Association to cancel 'conscientious objectors' to abortion

Iowa Supreme Court rules state can deny sex ed funding to Planned Parenthood

The sad case of a hurdling champion who had an abortion and killed her Olympic dream in the process

Pro-Abortion Book Indoctrinates Kids, Calls Killing Babies “Not Growing a Pregnancy”

Top Doctor: COVID Vaccines Killing Babies in First Trimester at Astonishing Rate

Biden-Harris administration plans to force Americans to fund abortions through the ACA

Fauci Funded Research With Body Parts From Viable, Healthy Babies Killed in Abortions

Hyper-Gay, 'Nighty Night, Baby,' Biden endorsing FrancisCardinal Tobin asks Catholics to sign petition to Congress on Hyde Amendment

Scientists Will Create Unborn Babies Who are Part Human, Part Animal for Research

Eminent doctor: COVID vaccine is ‘bioterrorism by injection’ and has likely caused at least 50K deaths in the US

IRS Reverses Course; Grants Religious Group Tax-Exempt Status

Wealthy couple sues suddenly ‘woke’ Catholic school to rescind $1.35 million donation pledge

‘Mass grave’ in British Columbia ends up being an overgrown cemeter

North Carolina’s Lieutenant Governor backs Anti-CRT Effort: ‘Lets Fight School Indoctrination’

MSNBC Claims Stacey Abrams and Democrats are “Doing the Lord’s Work”

San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Brags ‘We’re Coming for Your Children’ in New Zoom Song

Christian women's shelter sues to stop city from forcing it to admit trans-identified men

Geert Wilders Slams Netherlands PM for Trying to Force Sexual Propaganda on Hungarian Children 

NYT Blasted For Defending ‘Pornography Literacy’ For First Graders: ‘These People Are Sick’

Hungary rebukes EU demand to change anti-pedophilia law

Targeting Children Sodomites confirm agenda to indoctrinate children

SHOCK: Chicago Public Schools plan to give 10-year-olds access to condoms                  7/9


Sts. Cyril and Methodius

Bl. Ralph Milner

Blessed Emmanuel Ruiz and Companions


Is Francis Mocking those Catholics who Believe and Teach the Infallible Doctrines of Divine Revelation?

Scots Minister on Totalitarian Covid Measures as Bishops Remain Silent

UN Panel Asks Vatican to Violate Seal of Confession

Discerning “The Great Reset” vs. “The Empire of Love”

WKBN meteorologist to become priest


Irish government announces it will continue restrictions on Catholic sacraments

Woman With Down Syndrome Fights UK Law Targeting Babies With Down Syndrome in Abortions

Nick Vujicic co-founds pro-life bank to combat abortion crisis: 'God wants to take back His role'

Single Mom Who Rejected Abortion Graduates From Pharmacy School

Dominican Republic House votes down initiative to decriminalize abortion

Abortion-tainted vaccines: A willing blindness and accommodation with the world

Planned Parenthood CEO: We’re Not Racist Because We Don’t Discriminate Against Blacks, We Kill Them

Ohio passes bill allowing religious hospitals, doctors to refuse procedures that violate convictions

University Caught Harvesting Genitalia From Aborted Babies for Research

SHOCK: Chicago Public Schools plan to give 10-year-olds access to condoms

Germany bans killing chick embryos – but still allows abortion of HUMAN babies

UCSF’s callous abortion harvesting operations exposed in records obtained by pro-life group

STUDY: 82% of pregnant women who got vaccinated for covid during first and second trimesters suffered miscarriages

Gates Foundation donates $1.4 billion to promote ‘family planning’

Program Predicts if You Have Less Than 6 Months to Live, Then You’ll be Denied Medical Care

Hobby Lobby Faces Backlash for Ad Declaring America is ‘One Nation Under God’

Dutch court upholds Geert Wilders conviction for insulting Moroccans


Euthanasia Battle in British Columbia Catholic family stood up for elderly mother

Toronto's University of St. Michael's College - a Basilian establisment with Cardinal Collins as Chancellor goes full Marxist!

Top Biden officials encourage transgenderism in kids, vow to punish states resisting transmania

Anti-trafficking groups celebrate closure of XTube, warn takedown of Pornhub is next

Boy Scouts Pay Out Nearly a Billion for 60,000 Sex Abuse Victims and Almost No Arrests Were Made

Malaysian Methodists refusal to endorse same-sex ‘marriage’ puts them at odds with UK Church

Revealed: Years-long LGBTQ Agenda Push in Children’s Shows ‘Isn’t Coincidence’ Gay Characters Now Everywhere Rise of the ‘Queer Creators’

Video: Europeans Riot Against 'LGBTQ Colonialism'

Chinese City ‘Grades’ Parents on Child-Rearing Skills                              7/7


St. Maria Goretti

Virgin Mary Appears to Over a Million People! – Fr. Mark Goring, CC

PiusX: Regular Mass In Magnificent Cathedral

Mexican priest burns Pachamama images, offers reparations


WND: In response to Vatican cowardice, priest creates 'Coalition of Canceled Priests'

Vatican Intensifies Crusade on ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ Co-opted scientists duck safety concerns, smear studies on jab deaths

US Catholic Bishops Attend Conference Promoting Same-Sex “Marriage”

Pereat Ecclesia: This Is the Vatican’s Trial That Will Do More Harm Than Good

Has the Catholic World Report's Carl Olson become a Biden/Francis Smoke-Screener?

Jim Caviezel: “It was at Medjugorje that I consecrated my life and my acting career to the Blessed Mother”

Russian Orthodox Invent New Sin

Bible Publisher Ditches Plans for 'God Bless the USA' Edition

Heavily Armed Muslim Militia 'Rise of the Moors' Shut Down Interstate In Stand Off with Police Outside Boston

Canada’s 2020 euthanasia report: Almost 8000 people died by lethal injection

Retiring ‘Celebrity’ Palm Springs Papal Foundation FrancisPriest Msgr. Howard Lincoln announces plans to marry his secretary.

Woman Who Complained to Police About Man Exposing His Genitalia to Her 6-Year-Old Daughter Says They Blamed her

The US military’s LGBT, woke policy will only lead to an increasingly defenseless defense establishment

Disney theme parks drop 'boys and girls' salutation from fireworks show, angering some fans

The LA Spa fiasco highlights the dangerous LGBT trajectory that we have been warning about            7/6


St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria

St. Elizabeth of Portugal

St. Thomas

“Say I won’t” by Mercy Me – A Music Video that you will never forget – Tears and Goosebumps

Medjugorje: Sudac the Mysterious …”Which one is he, someone in the church asked …There, the one that looks like God.”

Una Voce Asks Francis To Uphold "Unity in Variety"

The Vatican Hails Vaccines As 'One Of The Greatest Achievements Of Modern Science  

NO "IT'S A BIOWEAPON." -- Dr. Richard Fleming  

Francis' Bitter Crusade Against Latin Intensifies

Behind the Vatican’s London real estate scandal and Peter's Pence Funds

Vatican court indicts cardinal and nine others for alleged financial crimes

Fr. Goring Warns: Fight against “One World Religion” Our Lady at Medjugorje: “Reject Modernism” Is this Satan’s time?

‘I am the good Lord's sandwich board man!’ – Cassocks multiply in France, a silent homily

Flashback: "I AM MAD AS HELL... the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.. This Body of Stupid People"

Father Altman speaks to Jim Hale of Lifesite news and gives an update on his situation


Garabandal: “The Miracle already openly announced”

Vatican Intensifies Crusade on ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ Co-opted scientists duck safety concerns, smear studies on jab deaths

Martin Luther King Jr’s Niece Alveda King: All People are Created Equal, Including Unborn Babies

Baby Girl Given Just Minutes to Live After Birth, Now She’s 3 and Doing Great

‘No Place in Civilized Society’: The Truth About Abortions at 15 Weeks

Iowa Supreme Court Lets State Block Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Funds

Children are an ‘environmental hazard,’ according to Biden nominee

Jeff Bezos’ Former Wife Mackenzie Scott Donates Millions to Radical Pro-Abortion Group

SICKENING: The Satanic Temple Buys Billboard Space Across America Posting Disgusting ABORTION Messages

Here Is the Oligarch of All Oligarchs

Ten Churches Vandalized in Single Day

On the Brink: The Criminalization of Christianity in Canada

Iranian authorities deny early release for Christian convert imprisoned for reading the Bible

The German Disease Is Spreading trying to normalize homosexual unions

High Court Rules Biological Men CAN Go Into Female Prisons: 'Being Woke More Important Than Rape'

‘Transgender’ War on Women White House repudiates protections for girls and women

LEGO Embraces Drag Queen Marketing

Boy Scouts of America Reaches $850M Agreement with Victims 

Kirstie Alley: Democrats Are Hell-Bent on Normalizing Pedophilia

Biden’s Deputies Urge Children to Demand Transgender Status

NETFLIX & the Obamas’ gay-ification of American culture

Transgenderism is butchering people’s bodies as well as the English language: a horrifying look

Tory Govt Placing Trans Women in Female Only Prisons Is Lawful, UK High Court Rules                   7/5


St. Bernardino Realino

Saint Oliver Plunkett

St. Junipero Serra

Precious Blood There is no forgiveness of sins without the shedding of blood

Pachamama monstrance in Guadalajara, Mexico

Viganò: Francis, Beware of Hell!

BREAKING: Vatican to Ban Latin Mass ONLY-ISM - FSSP, SSPX, ICKSP will be loyalty tested on New Mass

What in the Worldly is Happening at the Vatican? We Asked a Leading Rome-Based Journalist & Bible Scholar, Dr. Jules Gomes

French bishops disappointed with evil new bioethics law

What really happened at the renegade priest conference last month? A testimony

Killing Better Than Healing? Vatican Dissolves Another Community for unclear Reason

Into the Furnace A seminarian's open letter

Another Day, Another Church On Fire

Diagnosed with Trisomy 18, Oaken lived for two days after birth surrounded by his family

Minnesota Abortions Drop 8% to Lowest Total Since 1974 as More Babies are Saved

New French law: State will pay for ‘medically-assisted procreation’ for everyone

“This is Devastating.” Feminists Complain 2021 on Track for Most New Pro-Life Laws in Decades

Iowa can block Planned Parenthood from sex ed programs, court rules

DEPOPULATION ALERT: Shocking new study reveals covid vaccine TERMINATES 4 out of 5 pregnancies via “spontaneous abortions”  

Family of elderly Canadian woman says doctors tried to pressure her into euthanasia

New report stuns the world: The vast majority of those now dying with covid are people who were VACCINATED against it

Top Republicans Press IRS After Christian Group Rejected For Nonprofit Status

“Woke” Hypocrites at Google Flash Gay Logo in US on YouTube During Pride Month but NOT in Turkey and China

The 2,000-Year-Old 'Book of Giants' Describes How the Nephilim Were Destroyed

Letter From A Catholic Teacher: Avoid UNICEFS “Rights Respecting Schools” Award

More than 25% of regular churchgoers have no plans to go back just yet: poll

A horrifying look at how transgenderism butchers people’s bodies – and the language we use

Rome Pride Blasphemes Jesus, Mocks Francis Fr. James Martin's LGBTQ+ ministry coincides with celebration of sodomy

Consecrated Hosts Used For "Drag Queen Eucharist"

World leaders emphasize abortion, gender at Generation Equality Forum

Boy Scouts lost 2 million members since lifting ban on gay youth; now mired in sex abuse claims

U.S. Army Celebrates "LGBTQ+ Pride Month" On Instagram

Now You Will Be Able to Legally Commit Fraud in the Name of Transgenderism

Biological Woman Claiming to Be Male Goes Topless at Iowa Aquatic Center

Navy Unit Forced to Take Part in Mandatory ‘Diversity Hike’ Waving LGBT Flags

White British Guy Gets 18 Plastic Surgeries to Become Non-Binary Korean (VIDEO)            7/2


First Martyrs of the See of Rome

Cardinal Parolin: “We Must End Old Latin Mass Forever

Bye Bye Vatican II: Latin Is Now FORBIDDEN in Saint Peter's

Abp. Viganò issues 'severe warning' to Pope Francis in wake of his support for Fr. James Martin

Bishop Schneider Interview | Planet Lockdown

Illinois bishop urges faithful to pray that bishops will stop giving Holy Communion to pro-abortion politicians

European singer who has been blind since birth risks career to record pro-life song

New York Times Writer Slams Pro-Life Americans: They Belong to “The Cult of the Fetus”

‘This is Chemical Abortion’ short video series is latest pro-life tool to spread truth about abortion pill

The Future Of Europe – The Continent’s “Judeo-Christian heritage” To Be Preserved

Share of children living in 2-parent homes reaches highest level in nearly 30 years

WATCH: Biden’s Secretary of Education hilariously refuses to say how many genders there are

Mozambique: Muslims hunt Christians door-to-door

Democratic Republic of Congo: Muslims place bomb inside Catholic church, seriously injure two Christians

Letter from Pope Francis Expresses Support for Fr. James Martin’s Controversial ‘LGBT’ Ministry

Creepy DeathAcademy Chief, Abp. Paglia: Vatican ‘shouldn’t have’ protested Italy’s ‘homophobia’ bill

Protesting ‘Pride Mass’ Pro-gay pastor slams faithful Catholics

Transgender Crowned Miss Nevada USA For First Time In Pageant History

Hospital network’s new policy forces women to share rooms with gender-confused men

NETFLIX’ & The Obamas’ Gay-ification Of American Culture

Gender-Neutral Option Added To Wisconsin Birth Certificates

Brazilian Cardinal’s LGBT Mass

Texas Supreme Court rules Facebook can be held liable for sex trafficking on its platform                 6/30


St. Peter                  Saints Peter and Paul

St. Irenaeus

Saint Cyril of Alexandria  

“Always is Also a Forever”—Pope Benedict XVI

Ministry of Silence Vatican ignores China's oppression of Hong Kong

Pope thanks US priest for LGBTQ outreach

FROM BIDEN to BERGOGLIO: The New World Order's War on Christianity

Popular Illinois priest departs parish after bishop threatens him with ‘penalties under Church law’

Father Altman, Who Took on Fascist Fauci, Tells Corrupt Bishops to ‘Bring It On’ as They Try to Remove Him

Did Archbishop Paglia Just Launch a Mock Attack?

Francis And Orthodox: Are "Prejudices" the Problem?

If I Were The Devil 1965 3 min P Harvey talk with some examples

One more 15% Sunday in Ordinary Time. Next week, 25% -(Toronto) will that be the top-out of those who will come back to Mass?

‘We’re going to make it together’: Rape survivor felt ‘relief’ after choosing life

UK woman awarded £300,000 after being fired for pregnancy

137 Members of Congress Slam Biden for Promoting Research With Body Parts From Aborted Babies

Pro-lifers Picket Vax-Peddling Megachurch Prosperity preacher offers abortion-tainted jab between Sunday services

Abortion Book for Kids to Normalize It as ‘Another Outcome of Pregnancy’

8th Graders Receive Planned Parenthood Flyer Promoting Abortion Without Parental Consent, Sex From Age Of 11

Catholic Priest: Joe Biden’s Promotion of Abortion Means He’s “Not a Good Catholic at All”

North Carolina governor vetoes bill preventing discriminatory, eugenic abortions

Mass Grave Myth? Canadian churches vandalized amid dubious reporting

Republicans Question Motives of IRS in Ruling that Could Jeopardize Tax-Exempt Status of Churches

Muslim Screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ Stabs 3 to Death, Says It’s His ‘Jihad,’ German Cops Search for “Motive”

Edward Graham credits brave volunteers for reaching 9M children with the Gospel despite COVID-19

‘Beat, Raped, and Left for Dead’: The Persecution of Christians

Praying to a Prime Minister?

Biden Bombing of Iraq & Syria "Harkening Back to the Days... Cheney" & Bush made Endless Wars & the possible War with Russia

Feckless Supreme Court Won’t Hear Transgender Bathroom Case, Allows Feelings to Supersede Biology in Schools

Advocates For Female Inmates Push Back As Transgender Prisoner Transfers Ramp Up In California

Billy Porter: Black Christians ‘Oppress’ LGBTQ Like White Slavers

What’s Holding Disney Back From More LGBT Characters Like Loki? Chi-Com Censors                   6/29


St. Anthelm                   Blessed Raymond Lull            Saints John and Paul

St. William of Vercelli         Blessed Jutta of Thuringia

Padre Pio: IT’S ALREADY STARTED BUT PEOPLE DON’T SEE IT – The Twelve Secrets of the Apocalypse

1941 National Eucharistic Congress in St. Paul drew tens of thousands

For Pope Francis, the Holy Eucharist Is the “Bread of Sinners,” for Saint Thomas Aquinas, It Is “Panis Angelorum”

Francis' Ecumenism: Eucharist Is Next Step

What lies at heart of the battle over Biden and Communion

Pope denigrates ‘rigid’ preachers living in the past, while his silence on persecuted Christians is deafening 

Can Francis "Conservative" Collaborators be "Proximate to Heresy" & can Popes be Heretics?

Dijon archdiocese ends cooperation with Latin Mass group

Priest: Using abortion-tainted COVID vaccine is moral complicity in organ harvesting

Mother Marie Ferréol: Francis Confirms Dismissal

Coming After You! Apostate Bishops

Irish Government to Bishops: Cancel Summer Communions & Confirmations


Hallelujah! U.S. Priests Visit George Floyd “Sacred Place”

10 Things you should know about the Day of Prayer for Peace in the Middle East

Hungary’s family policy is widely successful, guaranteeing prosperity for those desiring children

New Poll Shows Strong Majority of Americans Want to Ban Late-Term Abortions

Kentucky police officer returns to work after being suspended for praying outside abortuary

Summer music camp for girls promotes Planned Parenthood’s virtual sex ed instead

No Joe Biden, There is No “Private Catholicism” Where You Can Support Abortion

EU Parliament labels abortion a fundamental right, compares objectors to ‘flat earthers’

North Carolina gov. vetoes bill banning abortion based on race, sex, genetic abnormality

Satanic Temple Drops Lawsuit Against Company That Rejected Its Pro-Abortion Billboards

Kelly Shackelford: IRS Claims Christianity Is Political, Targets Nonprofits

Florida pastor, son and congregant arrested in connection with Capitol riot

U.S. Senator calls for Canada to be put on religious freedom watch list over COVID arrests

Xiden’s Pick for Land Management Pushed Population Control American Children ‘Environmental Hazard’

Honduras becomes 4th country to open embassy in Jerusalem

Money and language manipulation: new methods of modern oligarchs

Technocrats Want Us to Pray to Machines

Greece: Muslim migrant rapes woman, she asks for help from three other Muslim migrants, who rape her again

Ohio Republicans pass sports bill as Democrats attempt to disrupt proceedings

Tavistock gender clinic permits unlawful consent from minors, lawyer tells court

Vatican Backpedals on Italy’s LGBTQ+ Bill

Netflix Homosexual Cartoon Backfires, Offends Gaystapo 

Democratic Louisiana gov. vetoes bipartisan transgender sports bill

Virginia Library Invites ‘Preschoolers,’ ‘Babies,’ ‘Toddlers’ for ‘Drag StoryBook Hour’            6/26


St. John the Baptist

Our Lady of Good Success Prophesies of Our Times - Part 1: The Flame of Love by Fr. Jim Blount

Bree Dail: "Why is he [Benedict] still in the Vatican?" vs. Editor Zmirak: " Benedict is "almost a Prisoner in the Vatican... he is Not a Free Agent"

Francis’ Silence Speaks Volumes

U.S. bishops praise Biden for committing to give vaccines to needy nations because they are very misguided unfortunately and do the will of the Eugenicist Elites

Father Altman expects to be removed as pastor this weekend. He is bracing for what’s next

Pope Francis: You Can Recognize False Christians by Their ‘Inflexibility’

WATCH: Large gathering of dissident priests faces faithful Catholic opposition

98-year-old Jewish World War II vet produces Christian movie on miracles

How Satan manipulates priests

Good Luck! Francis Again Rants Against Catholic Bloggers


Francis Appointee Done at Vatican Drowning in sexual and financial scandal

Evil Clergy Meets in Minneapolis to Normalize Degeneracy

Priest: Using abortion-tainted COVID vaccine is moral complicity in organ harvesting

Meghan McCain: ‘Abortion is murder’ and Biden is ‘doing grave spiritual harm… to this country’

Pro-abortion New Hampshire gov says he won’t veto budget just to block late-term abortion ban

Kaiser Permanente medical branch requires pregnant staff to get vaccinated immediately

Planned Parenthood’s canceling of its founder is about saving face, not ‘reckoning’ with her legacy

Expelling the Jab Catholic colleges split

What do Catholics believe about the Bible?

Parents Fight to Recall Loudoun County School Board: 'They're Teaching Children to Essentially Hate Their Parents'

IRS: Christianity Is Republican

Big Question: Who Was The Spiderman At The General

Pro-Death Catholic Charities scolds for more Federal Housing Project Cash

'Fresh wave of violence' in Mozambique driven by radical jihadist extremists; children beheaded: report

Soros and EU group plan to discredit Christians

Biden’s Education Dept. releases ‘Dear Educator’ letter warning teachers against trans-discrimination

Notre Dame Out and Proud Pushes gay agenda

EU to take legal action against Hungary’s anti-pedophilia bill                                 6/24


St. Joseph Cafasso

Saint John Fisher

Viral Photo – A Priest Spills The Precious Blood During Mass. This is what happens next! Let us make reparation!!!


Deception? Vatican “Challenges” Gaystapo Law

Church Militant: Info leaked to us reveals that the USCCB doc won't bar anyone from FrancisCommunion!


Mass Ban in St Peter's: Francis Cardinal Attempts to Justify

‘Evil is real’: US bishop urges Catholics to pray St. Michael’s Prayer

Homosexualist on Vatican’s Highest Court Cdl. Tobin isn't a canonist

De Mattei Attacks: Viganò Turns the Table Around

Jim Caviesel: “God Spoke to me….They don’t love me. There are very few.” the Miracle Photo from The Holy Land

Philly Carmel: “The freedom to maintain their identity as originally promised by the Archdiocese was not being honored”

This Sister Is in Hell

89 clergy in Ohio call for day of prayer and appreciation for police. No priests or Catholic religious pictured

Fiat Membership in the Church: “But he says he’s Catholic!”

Abortion-Tainted Vaccines Are An Abomination

Teen Mom Who Rejected Abortion Graduates From High School and is Heading to College

Minnesota State Senator ignored doctors’ advice to abort one twin: ‘We’re incredibly pro-life’

Irish couple aborts son with ‘fatal foetal abnormality,’ then finds out he was perfectly healthy

23 States Tell Supreme Court to Support Kentucky Law Banning Dismemberment Abortions

Pro-abortion ‘Catholic’ Dems protest new Communion policy, claim to ‘advance respect for life’

Greg Ellis: Inside the Billion-Dollar Industry Pushing Family Breakdown

Who gave L.A. FrancisCatholic schools fifty million dollars?

The Vanishing Christian Long assault on children and education

82% of Americans say religious freedom is key to ‘healthy American society’: poll

WATCH: Priests at dissident meeting berate LifeSite reporter for questioning them on Church teaching

Chinese Scientists Claim to Impregnate Male Rat Communists Play God to Clean Up One-Child Policy Mess

"Who is Really Behind the 'White Supremacy' Narrative?"

New York Times Praises Pro-Abortion Biden: “Lifetime Steeped in Christian Rituals and Practices”

Uighur tribunal reveals new details about newborn babies murdered at birth

India: Muslim teacher says ‘If someone quits Islam, he needs to be killed’

LGBT Law Threatens Italy-Vatican Concordat Former lesbian warns against dictatorial Zan bill on homotransphobia

Sesame Street Introduces Homosexual Couple for ‘Family Day’; Parents: Children Need Biblical Answers

Row Over LGBT Light Show For Germany-Hungary Football Match Protesting Orban Policies

Coach: Allowing ‘transgender’ males on female teams will ‘destroy sports’

“Science-Based Medicine” quack blog removes book review highlighting harms of transgender mutilation        6/23


St. Thomas More

St. Paulinus of Nola


Do "'Conspiracy' Thinking" Francis & his Inner Circle have Paranoia?

A Booby Prize For Cardinal Müller

Catholic Church debate on Eucharist underscores tension between Vatican, conservative bishops

Vatican academy to co-host pro-vaccination conference with secular medical associations

Austria: PiusX District Superior Abjures

BREAKING: Fairfield, PA Trad Carmelites issue statement in response to letter sent from suppressors of the Philly Carmel

How to put Satan in his place in 3 easy steps

Watch: New Documentary Details Government Crackdown On Canadian Christians, Likens To Communist China

European Bishops Insist that Abortion Is Not ‘Health Care’

World’s Most Premature Baby, Given 0% Chance to Survive, Celebrates His First Birthday

Father’s Day Ad: Let’s Resurrect the ‘Two-Parent Black Family’

Mother refused abortion for son with Down syndrome. Now he is three and thriving

Baby Born Alive After Botched Abortion Was Left Gasping for Air for Two Hours Before Dying

Psaki Dodges Question of Whether 15-Week-Old Unborn Baby is Human Being

Legalistic: Cardinal Criticises Decree of Dicastrery for Laity Against Lay Communities

Democrat warns Catholic Church it may be stripped of tax-exempt status if politicians denied communion

Practicing Christians Are More Satisfied in Their Marriages Than Non-Practicing Christians, Non-Christians: Study

The Truth: Biden is supposed to DENY HIMSELF Communion

Biden Vs Catholic Bishops: Communion Wars - Biden doubts Bishops will ban him

Pastors Should Lead Fight Against Evil Deep State

Homosex Storyteller, Lapsed Priest BACK in the Vatican

Nellis Air Force Base Hosts First-Ever Drag Queen Show: ‘Essential to the Morale, Readiness’…

Ex-gay Milo Yiannopoulos delivers message of hope: 'Born this way' is a lie. You can change

LGBT Charity Calls on Teachers to Say ‘Learner’ Instead of ‘Boy’ and ‘Girl’

Leftists Furious Over ‘Far Right’ And ‘Homophobic’ Straight Pride Posters In Ireland

U.S. Trans Athlete: ‘My Goal Is To Win The Olympics So I Can Burn A U.S. Flag On The Podium’           6/22


The Most Blessed Sacrament Bread from Heaven

St. Vincent Kaun              Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

Fighting Patricide on Father’s Day 'The Church and the world need men like St. Joseph'

Medjugorje Today (with New Video) Vatican Exorcist “Medjugorje is the Last Chance to Save Humanity”

Niet! Vienna Cardinal Prevents Bishop Schneider From Celebrating Mass

BREAKING: US bishops vote to draft doc on Eucharist, address worthiness to receive Communion

In Toronto it's 15% Sunday in Ordinary Time - Recalling a time when Collins fullfiled his word, "I will shut you down!

Victims Shame Pope Over ‘Marx Pantomime’ Francis slammed for giving disgraced cardinal a papal carte blanche

Stop Thinking! Priest Prosecuted For Criticising Holy Cow

Researcher: Vatican, US bishops uninterested in my moral alternative to COVID jab

Bishops Who Oppose Denying Communion to Pro-Abort Politicians - USCCB Compilation

Defiant Joe Biden Dares Catholic Bishops to Deny Him Communion: “That’s Not Gonna Happen”

Pro-Abortion Lawmakers Lash out as Catholic Bishops Weigh Denying Them Communion

Abortion Abolitionists A similar battle to slavery

They Talk About Abortion “Rights,” But What About the Rights of Unborn Children?

‘She was having nightmares’: Abortion worker shares photo of late-term aborted baby with pro-lifers

Biden’s abortion hypocrisy is also a Catholic leadership problem  

Planned Parenthood pressures NH doctors to sign letter opposing late-term abortion ban

Pro-life doctors have serious problem with obstetricians' group 'Narrow pro-abortion leadership' found to have 'seized control'

Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Propaganda Included in Illinois Education Bill 

Fauci Granted More Than Half of NIH’s Funding of Aborted Fetal Research

Renewed Temple Mount Clashes Spark Fears Of Fresh Israel-Gaza Escalation


Gov't helicopter discovers 'unauthorized' church service, pastor put in handcuffs'Has everything to do with punishing dissent, and nothing to do with public safety' 

Planned Parenthood sex-ed flyer telling 11-year-olds they could have sex, as long as the partner isn’t older than 13, distributed in WA public school

Controversy erupts over school board member calling LGBTQ+ book display in school library ‘evil’

Juneteenth, Gay Pride Celebrations Allowed In City That Canceled Independence Day Parade

New Zealand Names Transgender Athlete Hubbard to Women’s Tokyo Olympics Weightlifting Team          6/21


St. Gregory Barbarigo         St Ephrem the Syrian

Venerable Matt Talbot

Pro-Abort Priest Gets Plum Seminary Posting Cdl. Nichols picks LGBT+ supporter as pastoral head of Allen Hall

Persecuted Priests Speak Out Historic summit of sidelined clergy

Orthodox Local Church: Gender Ideologies Are "Demonic Attacks"

Day 2 of US bishops’ meeting dominated by Eucharistic debate, parties form based on doctrine

Lansing diocese expects pastors to enforce canon 915?

Madison Bishop Hying: Deny Biden Communion Because He Has “The Most Radical Pro-Abortion Agenda in History”

Here Sits the Role Model London's Cardinal Presents to his future Priests

Did Francis's Heretical Protestant Theology help bring about War between Men and Women?

Warning: COVID Vaccine ‘Spike Protein Shedding’ Damages Placenta, ‘We Are Being Experimented On’

Catholic Governors Take a Stand Collaborating to secure border

Pelosi Dodges Abortion Question, Cites Motherhood

'Substantial win': Conservative Christians react to Supreme Court foster care ruling

Still Silent Shepherds-An Open Letter To Post-Pandemic Pastors


Christians happier in marriage and men more satisfied, but Gen X is in trouble: study

Parents Outraged After Students in Orange County Given ‘White Savior Complex’ Assignment

Historical awareness,’ ‘spirit of reconciliation’: Churches across US observe Juneteenth

Jack Phillips Appeals After Colorado Court Fines Him $500 For Refusing To Design Gender Dysphoria Cake

Justice Deparment argues Arkansas and West Virginia transgender restrictions are unconstitutional

Canada Announces Pride Month Isn’t Enough, Will Now Celebrate ‘Pride Season’ From June To September

Supremes rule for Catholic group over LGBT rights dispute

Facebook a hub for sex trafficking, Twitter a haven for pedophilia

Michael Knowles: “There’s No Such Thing as a ‘Trans Woman’”    

Disney to throw an LGBT ‘pride’ concert for kids, hosted by drag queen                      6/18


Sacred Heart and the Crusades: History and Theology of Sacred Heart Devotion

St. Emily de Vialar                  St. Gregory Barbarigo

Saint Joseph Cafasso

Priest's Chilling Farewell "The Last Times are now" You Were warned by Our Lady at Quito, La Sallette, Fatima

Medjugorje: The passing of the secrets will mark an end of an era and the dawn of new one – The coming triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart

Legalism and Rigidity: Priest Calls Police

Pro-life Catholics rally nationwide urging Church leaders to deny communion to politicians who support abortion

Rockford Priest Stands Firm Critical point around the corner

Patricia Heaton: Orphans with Down syndrome and disabilities are ‘beautiful children’

Pro-life scholar: Biden regime is pushing abortion even more than Obama

Aborting human beings is good for the economy, say pro-abortion groups

Germany bans killing chick embryos because they feel pain, but still allows abortion of humans

“Trust the Scientists”? The World Catches Up with Intelligent Design

Covid & Discrimination Devastating NEPAL’s Fast Growing Churches

Google - an ideological, anti-Christian bully

Bizarre situations arise as the result of the artificial reproduction industry

Chinese Researchers Transfer Female Rat Uterus to a Male Rat in Grotesque Experiment

Florida Gov. DeSantis Signs Bill Requiring ‘Moment of Silence’ for School Prayer

Bake the Cake! Court Rules Against Christian Baker in Tranny Cake Case: ‘We Will Appeal This Decision’

The Francis effect: LGBT-promoting bishops come out publicly

Nickelodeon Ratings Crash After Big Wave of LGBTQ Programming Into Kids Shows

BREAKING: Supreme Court delivers narrow victory for religious freedom over LGBT ‘rights’               6/17


St. John Francis Regis

Abp. Viganò on Summorum Pontificum - "None of these prelates [Pope Benedict and Cardinal Robert Sarah] dare confess: the failure of the Council and even more so of its liturgy."

Fr Altman on the Abortion Apostasy Episcopal Carpet Bombing God damns their signatures

Report: Vatican ‘Nixed’ Request for Biden to Attend Mass with Pope

US archbishop reaffirms call to deny Holy Communion to pro-abortion Catholic politicians

US Catholic Bishops To Debate Giving Communion To Pro-Choice Politicians

Bishops must address Biden’s policies that contradict Church teaching, theologians say  

Poll: Majority Of Church-Going Catholics Believe Biden Should Not Receive Communion


Sunday Mass returns to St. Michael's Cathedral in Toronto

‘Give Unto Caesar’: Alberta Pastor Jailed Again After Police Helicopter Finds Secret Church Gathering; Officer Quotes Jesus To Justify Arrest

A Comforting Reminder: Jesus Is the Way, the Truth and the Life

Bullies, Saints, and the truth about the history of Christianity 

‘Synagogue of Satan’ Freemasonry exposed

Bishop Wants "to Get Rid of This Fascist"

The Men’s March 'Where have all the good men gone?'

Catholic Doctors Under Investigation Over Abortion-Reversal Treatment

Schoolmate of pro-abortion valedictorian Paxton Smith fires back: ‘There is a war on … the right to life’

PA Gov. Wolf Vows to Veto Every Pro-Life Bill, ‘Every Time’

Crossing Humans with Animals: America Sinks into Deep Depravity

Democrat Dick “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal Won’t Say if a 15-Week-Old Baby is Human: ‘I’m Going to Wait for the Court Decision’

Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Bill for Students to Take a Moment of Silence to Pray

Flashback: Why might Ex-Crisis Editor & Francis Propagandist Davis like RINO Mitt Romney-like TINO Skojec?

First Images Relased: “Saint Francis” Honours Francis of Buenos Aires a look at the “Abrahamic Family House,”

“Get A First Look At ‘The Giant’ Statue Coming To 21 Cities Across The Globe 

N. Korean Defector Shocked by Communism Propagated at Ivy League Schools, ‘We Must Defend Liberty at All Costs’

Repulsive NIH director, Francis Collins: We asked God for help with COVID-19, and murderous DeathVaxxes are the ‘answer to that prayer’

157-1: Hungary Passes Law Banning Showing Children Material on Homosexuality or Transgenderism . . . TV, Movies & Ads All Included

Climate change, trans rights, dismantling White supremacy: Leading leftists deliver graduation speeches

After Competing Against Transgender Athletes, Mom and Daughter Fight for Fairness in Women’s Sports

Conquered Cardinal Excited About "Drag Queen"

Catholic League Denounces ‘Repugnant’ Duplicity of Gay Pride                          6/16


St. Germaine Cousin

Saint Marguerite d’Youville

Greek-Orthodox Archpriest: Don’t Touch Traditional Latin Mass  

Vatican Tells U.S. Catholic Bishops to Not Deny Communion to Anti-Life Politicians

Cologne Archdiocese: “NOTHING Changes in the in the Bread" - at the Novus Ordo Eucharist

Deserting Doctrine Self-described Catholics abandoning true teachings

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris Launches Appeal for Interior Restoration

Dithering Bishops Have to Have a Meeting to Admonish a Public Sinner


You're gonna need a new breviary. Here's why

Miracle Photos from Medjugorje – 3.6 million views (Including the most famous and mysterious)

Online Initiative ‘Alive in Christ’ Seeks to Bring the Gospel to Young People Worldwide

Pope: Lay Movements short leashed, freedom in the Church at all-time low

Mom Rejected Doctors’ Advice to Abort Her Son With Down Syndrome, Now He’s “Thriving”

Missouri’s Heartbeat Law Aborted Pro-lifers undeterred by court ruling

Pro-Life Group Issues Warning After Dems Reintroduce 'Egregious' Bill Guaranteeing Abortion Up Until Birth

Bishop calls for end to at-home abortions 

"The Scamdemic, Fake News, Indifference to Life, a Fraudulent Election & Censorship; these are Unprecedented Times!"

New Jersey Catholics to gather in prayer against Satanic music played by diocesan university radio station

PASTOR RELEASED: Boko Haram Extremists Release Nigerian Pastor Held Captive for 8 Months

Catholic pro-democracy leader released from Hong Kong jail

BREAKING: Morning Mass nixed from June 15 Pope Francis-Biden meeting  


US Senate passes bill to give billions of dollars in funding for human-animal hybrid experiments

Swallowed by a Whale: A Modern Day Headline with Biblical Overtones

The fertility industry is not pro-life. It’s a profitable eugenic industry.

Are You Prepared to Engage a Post-Christian Culture?

Suicide Attempts Among Teenagers Skyrocketed During Democrat Lockdowns

Hungary moves to prohibit promotion of homosexuality, transgenderism to children

‘Pride Mass’ Proliferation Clergy swapping the sacred for the secular

Ontario Adoption Officials Reject Christian Family That Disagreed With Gender Ideology

Viral Video Shows Toddler Twerking on Streets of NYC, Onlookers Encourage and Applaud

Teen girl slams school board for proposed policy allowing boys to use girls’ restrooms, locker rooms              6/15


Three Hearts The Sacred Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary and Chaste Heart of St. Joseph

Act of Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

St. Methodius I                   Saint Albert Chmielowski

St. Anthony of Padua

Cardinal Defends Latin Mass Against Francis’ Crusade


Father Altman Homily 06.13.2021 - Don't Be Afraid To Judge

Viganò Knows Why Summorum Pontificum MUST Go

Eritrean Bishops Condemn Nationalization of Catholic Schools and Hospitals

Brazilian FrancisCardinal da Rocha Presides “Drag Queen” Eucharist

Catholic priest among those arrested at Ohio abortion businesses


Catholic Universe & Catholic Times Closed – Celebrate! Thank you Covid! 

“Stop Listening to the Devil and Listen to God, Our Holy Father” – Little Children Melt Hearts at Pinellas County School Board Meeting in Florida (VIDEO)

Rene the Lionhearted is the New St. Athanasius in the Greatest Church and Pro-Life Crisis in History

Paid family leave: A pro-life policy too important to ignore

Heartless Baby-Killers Spit on Catholics (Pictures)

Pro-Lifers Protesting Prelates

G7 Summit Group Wants to Expand Killing Babies in Abortions Worldwide

Do you know what your children are watching on supposedly ‘child friendly’ networks? The gay mafia are going after your children on TV, with toys and even foods

Special Report: PA Predator on the Prowl Scranton bishop won't warn local Catholics

City pays over $35K to Christian ministry for canceling event over speaker’s biblically-based views

DeSantis ‘Very Opposed to Chemical Castration of Minors’…

The government wants your children and grandchildren to become transgenders, and it’ll kidnap them if necessary

Loudoun County Eighth-Grade Girl Defends Her Right Not To Change In Front Of Boys

HBO Max, PBS Push Pride Month Programming

Sex Ed Teacher Leaves Elite Private School After Showing Masturbation Cartoon to First Graders         6/14


Feast of The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

The unexplainable love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary - June 12, 2021

St. John of Sahagun                  Blessed Jolenta of Poland

St. Barnabas

Latin Mass Laity Expose French Bishop’s Fibs


Explosive Film Reignites ‘Two Popes’ Debate  Italian documentary links Pope Francis to Masonic 'St. Gallen Mafia'

US bishop tries to oust yet another faithful priest in what appears to be a pattern

Pro-Lifers Protesting Prelates

Joe Manchin: I Will Stop Democrats From Making Americans Fund Abortions

Argentine judge suspends abortion law throughout country

State Legislatures Have Advanced Nearly 500 Bills Protecting Babies From Abortion

The Church Militant and the Battle of Lepanto, 1571-2021

Exclusive: Woke Baptists Are Making Their Convention Look Like “Grand Theft Auto”

Pro-life group calls for Fauci's firing over NIAID funding of ‘barbaric’ experiments on aborted babies

Scientists Surgically Attach Uterus to Male Rats to Make Them Give Birth 

China-Led Research Team In La Jolla, CA Creates Man-Monkey Hybrid

Few professors can back up claims that churches are significant spreaders of COVID

This Woman Was Given Glimpses Into America’s Catastrophic Future…

Cardinal Bashes Nationalism Praises Biden administration

India: Christian converts to Islam, joins ISIS, blows himself up in Libya

VIDEO: Biden’s SecDef Says Trans Soldiers Fought For U.S. In Revolutionary and Civil Wars, Both ‘World Wars’

Hungary Moves to Protect Children Gets grief from LGBT Gets grief from LGBT

Mass for LGBT community criticized by Traditionalists in Brazil

Science Is on the Side of Those Resisting Transgender Ideology in Schools                  6/12


From “Eucharistic irreverence” to “Eucharistic amazement”

Saint Margaret, Queen of the Scots - A Life in Perspective

St. Getulius            Saint Joachima

St. Ephrem

What Will Change with the Abolition of Summorum Pontificum? Nothing

The Usual Suspects Judases galore

Cardinal Pell: I wasn’t sure “justice and respect for evidence would prevail”

FSSP: Dijon Archbishop Claims That Nothing Has Happened

A Line in the Sand Division of bishops widens

Retired Bus Nun will plead guilty to stealing more than $835K from Torrance, CA Catholic school

Nevada to pay church $175K for legal battle over COVID-19 worship restrictions

Catholic League Slams Biden for 32 Direct Violations of Core Church Teachings

Illinois School Reverses Decision to Ban 2nd Grade Girl From Bringing Her Bible to School

Religious Liberty and the First Amendment on Trial Now at US Supreme Court

Abuse law overhaul disappoints survivors

Abortive Franken-Research Taxpayers' money at work

Sisters of Life celebrates 30 years of ministering to abortion-vulnerable women

Record Number of Americans Think Killing Babies in Abortions is “Morally Acceptable”

Agent provocateurs for the unborn

UK Suspends Pro-Life Doctor for 18 Months for Saving Babies from Abortion

BREAKING: Congress introduces bill to allow abortion up to birth, eliminating all pro-life laws

Abortion As ‘Sacrament of the Occult’ Leftists believe perversity is sacrosanct

Kirk Cameron hopeful about Gen Z, says youth have passion to change the world

Biden’s Budget Replaces the Phrase ‘Pregnant Women’ with ‘Birthing People’

James Corbett: The real agenda is to control humanity at the genetic level and usher in the transhuman technocratic state  

Christian alternative to Boy Scouts sees growth amid pandemic, 70% more new members in 2021

University of Notre Dame embraces ‘pride month,’ touts Biden’s pro-LGBT statement 

Pride Month shows: Christians must opt out of mainstream culture in America

Clerics Clash on Homosexuality Chicago Franciscan condemns African bishops


Kirk Cameron hopeful about Gen Z, says youth have passion to change the world                   6/9


St. William of York

St. Willibald                      Blessed Franz Jägerstätter

The Eucharist is our greatest blessing!

Silent procession celebrates Corpus Christi through two Norwich streets

There is much on which to reflect this Solemnity of Corpus Christi - No Holy Mass, no Procession, no Holy Sacrament. Who did this to us?

Jesus Christ will Restore the Church through His Mother

The Enemies of Mass “Are Going to War Again”

Indonesia: Muslims have plotted to murder archbishop twice this year, but he escaped both times

Donors throw support behind Fr. Altman, LifeFunder campaign rockets past $330k in under two weeks

After 23 Years: French Archbishop Expels Fraternity

More Buffalo Clergy Accused Three priests suspended over sex abuse claim

Watch: Tense exchange between cops and church defying COVID shutdown

Dear Francis of Death: If you love Christ, you will have to exclude. If you don’t want to exclude, you don’t love Christ.

Robin D. Bullock’s SHOCKING Message (June 7, 2021)Their Plan Things Finally Happened - Removed    part   1

Robin D. Bullock's Powerful Message (June 7, 2021) the Clock Something Huge Is Swelling Up   part 2

Too Much Hypocrisy: Francis Preaches "Church With Open Doors"

Pope: ‘We Must Restore the Various Levels of Ecological Equilibrium…With Nature and Other Living Creatures’ ???

Nun slain by three teenagers in satanic sacrifice beatified as martyr


Senate votes against legislation to ban creation of human-animal hybrid embryos

International group wants to scrap restrictions on human embryo experimentation

Biden's Budget Refers to Both 'Birthing People' and 'Mothers,' Struggles to Use "Woke Terminology"

Catholic Great Reset = Mark of the Beast

Leftist Catholics Up the Ante on Their Attack on Bishops

Charles Darwin and the Catholic Church Doesn't work

Cancelling Christianity? They're Trying, Warns Author

The True Story of a Woman of a woman in daily communication with Jesus, Mary and St. Michael. The Incredible Story of “Heaven’s Helper”

Underage Sexting Skyrockets During COVID-19 Lockdowns as the Youth Falls to Decadence and Sin

UN investigators find that Islamic State gave Yazidis ultimatum: convert to Islam or be killed

Erdogan: ‘The re-opening of the Hagia Sophia as a mosque is important, as it is a legacy of conquest’

Teacher placed on leave for opposing transgender pronouns sues Virginia school district

Pentagon: Pride Flag Won’t Be Flown on Military Installations

'Taking back the rainbow': Freedom March declares move of God among ex-LGBT people

Macron’s France: LGBT Police Refuse to Take Part in Pride Parade Starting in No-Go Suburbs

Burger King Donating to Pro-Child Sex-Change Group With Every New Chicken Sandwich Sold

Disney+ Features Underage Lesbian Kiss in TV-PG 'Family' Sports Drama

Republican National Committee: ‘Happy #PrideMonth!’

Archbishop Tells Tucker Carlson: Transgenderism Is ‘Final Rebellion Against God’                 6/8


Fr. Pavone on the feast of Corpus Christi: ‘The Eucharist is a sacrament of life’

St. Norbert

Saint Boniface

Brassy Bishop St. Boniface, the Apostle of Germany

Evidence: Francis is a Modernist who Denies Truth

Declaration of War: Francis' Two-Stage Fight Against Summorum Pontificum

SSPX: All the embarrassments, intimidations or threats, even the prohibitions carried out by bishops against the celebration of the Tridentine Mass, are a form of episcopal tyranny. Or to use a word dear to Francis: clericalism of the worst kind

Has Persecution Started? Archdioceses Ends Roman Mass

Medjugorje Today June 5, 2021 – (with new video) Mirjana: “They have no idea what awaits them…You can not imagine what will happen” Be ready for what is coming

Non-Catholic Religious Leaders Shame Bishops Courage lacking where demanded the most

US bishop joins homosexual ‘blessing’ ceremony with accused sex abusers

Vatican Citizenship for Suspect Bishop Ignored charges of sexual, financial crime

Seven Hong Kong Catholic Churches Threatened Over June 4 Mass

Kidnapped Priest Survives Holy war against Nigerian Christians

A Children's Swing Presented As "Holy Spirit"


California churches celebrate win for religious liberty as state agrees to pay $2.1M over lockdown battles

Ad company removes pro-life billboard due to complaints and threats

CBS, Hallmark among TV networks refusing to show pro-life ad

Recent episode of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ targets pro-life pregnancy centers

Hypocrites! Govt Shuts Down Canadian Church Days After Being Caught Breaking Their Own Rules

North Korea: Total Obedience – is this where Covid-Compliance is leading us?

Girl Has Bible Confiscated by School Officials

State Department Shuns Term ‘Abraham Accords’

Brazil sees rapid rise in land conflicts, Catholic agency reports

Baby-body-parts investigator takes aim at University of Pittsburgh

Is Grafting Dead Babies’ Scalps Onto Lab Rats Any Better Than Child Sacrifice?

Media Hype Narrative for Guiding Children to Doubt Biological Sex

GOP national chair endorses LGBT ‘pride’ month, vows to keep growing ‘big tent’

‘My world fell apart,’ says CofE school chaplain accused of terrorism over LGBT sermon

Report: NYC Prep School Parents Outraged over Class on ‘Porn Literacy’

Report: OnlyFans is Turning a Blind Eye to Children Selling Sexual Content on the Platform

Nickelodeon Casts Its First Ever Openly Trans Teen Actor in a Live Action Show                        6/6


St. Francis Caracciolo

The Feast of Our Lady of the Letter

Do the Teachings of Aquinas on "Necessity Knows No Law” or "Case of Necessity" apply to the Present Francis Crisis?

Love is what makes this priest willing to call out unfaithful bishops, even the Pope

Irish Artist Paints Satirical 'Bergoglio Suite'

Following the Money US bishops' lack of financial transparency

German Cardinal Reinhard Marx offers resignation, citing ‘systemic failures’ in handling clerical sexual abuse crisis

Tyburn Convent: Nun Addresses Freedom March; Warns Against Covid Jab… 

Legal settlement: California forced to stop discriminating against churches, must pay their legal fees

Switzerland: A Second “Married” Priest Has Died

Wisconsin Catholic Diocese Siding With Cancel Culture Mob Over Its Own Priest

Pastors Belong at the Foot of the Cross But Bp. Robert Barron is serenading Boomers

New perpetual rosary campaign launched to ‘protect the whole world’

Revolutionary: Study About Covid-19 in the Church

Cardinal Justin Rigali has seen many memorable moments in 60 years of priesthood

Bye, Catholic Ireland?

Montana city dismisses charges against peaceful pro-lifer outside abortion center

Doctor banned from performing abortion pill reversal in the UK

Canadian bill to ban sex-selective abortion defeated by pro-abortion politicians

Feminists Lose in Illinois as Pro-Abortion Bill for Secret Teen Abortions Dies

Devastating: Illinois sees 10% rise in abortions in just one year

Appeals court reverses own decision keeping pro-lifers away from abortion facility

Workers Find Newborn Baby Abandoned in Port-A-Potty With Umbilical Cord Still Attached

Senate votes against legislation to ban creation of human-animal hybrid embryos

Evangelium Vitae and Ivermectin

San Diego Police to force cops to use ‘transgender’, ‘nonbinary’ pronouns, alter body searches for LGBT individuals

Biden slams efforts to protect girls' sports in Pride Month proclamation

US Embassy Hangs Flag of Sodom at Its Embassy to Vatican

Alaskan Drag Liberal depravity ramping up

LGBTQ pride parade with drag queen & ‘trans’ animals featured in kids cartoon  

Dissident priest Fr. James Martin wants you to celebrate LGBT ‘pride month’             6/4


3 June: Happy Feast of Corpus Christi… 

St. Charles Lwanga and Companions

(Start this Friday) The 12 promises of Jesus to the devotees of his Sacred Heart

Amazing Medjugorje Sun Miracle caught on video. – Our Lady comes out of the sun

Catholic group sues over rejection of Michigan chapel to honor Padre Pio

Sanctity of Life and the Eucharist Making exceptions is still murder

Bp Schneider on Eucharist Abuse, Pope Francis removing Vicar of Christ, Errors in Vat 2, Pachamama

Pope of His Own Religion: I don’t know how to pray, but Jesus prays for me explains Pope

Thou Shalt Dialogue While bishops 'dialogue,' souls are going to Hell

Six mid-Atlantic bishops to reinstate Sunday Mass obligation at end of June ? what have they been waiting for?

Mother General, “People Die From The Vaccine”

Newsom, California Agree To Pay More Churches In Settlements Over Lockdown Discrimination After Thomas More Society Suits

Hong Kong Masses remember Tiananmen Square protesters

LifeSite's Westen covers Trenton Bp. O'Connell, suffering from post-DeathVaxx blood clots

Bishop Performs Homosex "Blessing"

‘So, You’re Pregnant’: Powerful New Pro-Life Video Flips Narrative

High School Valedictorian Uses Her Speech to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions

Judge Tosses Planned Butcherhood’s Lawsuit Against Largest ‘Sanctuary City for the Unborn’ in US

High School Under Fire for Banning ‘Christianized’ Speech

Unethical Research Scientists want a longer growing season for lab embryos

Scientists are Making “Frankenstein” Babies Who are Part Human, Part Monkey

Ex-BLM leader exposes ‘ugly truth,’ says group has 'little concern for rebuilding black families'

Anti-Christ: Emails Show Anthony Fauci Recommended Canceling Religious ‘Services’ but Approved Campaign Rallies, Cruise Ships Days Later

Are ‘Woke’ Companies Coming for Christians?

This Catholic college has a successful anti-porn program to help students

Wis. gov. signs order banning state funding of conversion therapy for minors          

Catholic teacher nominated for atheist 'person of the year' award for classroom LGBT activism

Pelosi: 'Americans Celebrate the Beauty, Bravery and Vibrancy of Our Cherished LGBTQ Communities’

Lawsuit filed after teacher suspended for speaking about gender ideology at public school board meeting

Critics Blast USA Today For Deleting ‘Male’ From Op-Ed on Transgender Athletes

Penn State faculty votes to remove ‘gendered, binary’ terms, but school noncommittal

13 TV Shows and Characters Pushing the LGBTQ Agenda on Children



Sts. Marcellinus and Peter

When is the feast of Corpus Christi celebrated?

The Eucharistic coherence debate: An overview and timeline

(Start this Friday) The 12 promises of Jesus to the devotees of his Sacred Heart

The Queenship of Mary Devotion to Our Lady is the solution

The oldest cathedral and the newest challenge  

Old Rite Priests Warns: Its Again Five to Twelve

Paris Archbishop Laments Violent Attack on Catholics Honoring City’s Martyrs

Fr. Altman implores the faithful to ‘drive out the ...godless vipers’ who seek to destroy America

Bp. Strickland stands with Father Altman: ‘It’s more dangerous to stay silent’

Two Curia Cardinals Support Abolishing Summorum Pontificum

Study Shatters Myth of ‘Safe’ Host in Hand Science shows Communion on tongue, kneeling safest during COVID crisis

Liberal bishops aren’t interested in ‘dialogue’ about COVID vaccines or pro-abortion politicians

67 US bishops fail to halt brother bishops in tackling problem of pro-abortion politicians receiving Communion

Cardinal Müller Warns Against Oligarchs and "Assisted Thinking"

Francis Criminalizes Women’s Ordination

Why Online Church Will Continue Post-Pandemic

Call for more ‘synodality’ is another chance for liberal activists to drive green agenda in the Church

Antifa Radicals Vandalize Pro-Life Congresswoman Nancy Mace’s Home

Lawmaker wants $2M in ‘relocation and renovation’ funding for largest Planned Parenthood affiliate in US

Abortions Increase 24% in Iowa as More Babies are Killed With the Abortion Pill

State Resumes ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Pro-Life Clinics

CBS, CMT and Hallmark Reject Pro-Life Commercial, Say Unborn Babies are “Too Controversial”

Planned Parenthood pushing to remove Margaret Sanger’s name from NYC street

Nigerian Christian pastor, 3-year-old son killed by radical Fulani herdsmen who surrounded their home  

How the Churches in India are Responding to the COVID Calamity

BREAKING: DeSantis signs law keeping males out of female sports in Florida

Pedophile Jeffrey Epstein Was A TEACHER At NY Prep School That Educates 6-Year-Olds About Masturbation

President Biden Lays Out His Plan To Celebrate ‘Pride Month’

US Embassy to Holy See "Celebrates" Abomination

Lt Governor Furious After His Attempt to Break Law by Flying LGBT Flag at Capitol Is Thwarted

FBI agents harass pro-family group that exposes pedophiles organizing drag queen story hour events                 6/2


St. Justin Martyr

Why is June dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus?

Honoring the fallen, entrusted to the Queenship of Our Lady

When Padre Pio congratulated the Lord for making science marvel

New from Archbishop Viganò: The Great Reset from start to finish

BREAKING: Pope Benedict XVI was allegedly assaulted by Cardinal Bertone during first years of his pontificate

Cardinal Collins - the weekend has come and gone and Ford has done nothing. What will you do?

Pope Francis unveils sweeping reform of Catholic Church’s penal sanctions  

Cardinal: German Church Indulges in "Exotic Ideas"

US vs. Germany Bishops clash over Synodal Way

Madhouse: German Altarpiece Says More Than A

Communist ‘antifa’ activists attack Catholic procession in France

Mom refused abortion and her baby’s heart defect disappeared days after birth

Pro-Life People in Vietnam Bury Hundreds of Aborted Babies to Memorialize Their Deaths

If SCOTUS upholds Mississippi’s abortion ban, women and babies’ lives will be saved

Liberal Activist Admits: If Black Lives Matter, Stop Killing So Many Black Babies in Abortions

7 brave mothers who risked their lives to save their preborn babies

China Announces New Three-Child Policy, But Will Still Force Women to Have Abortions

Paris: Violence Against Catholics NO Hate Crime

Christian Education vs. Public School

Major US university pays out $10k settlement to student removed from student senate for privately stating his Catholic beliefs

Atheist Society Official Resigns After Announcing He Found Jesus  

In a world full of negativity, believe in and walk by the Light of Christ

At Tulsa massacre’s centennial, two Oklahoma churches focus on racial unity

Canadian Catholic college backs statement by pro-gay group affirming youths who identify as LGBT       6/1


Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

St. Mechtildis

St. Joan of Arc

"Eternal Trinity... I Recognize that You are the Highest Good"

31/5: Queenship of Mary…Happy Feast! 

Andrea Bocelli Shares Song to Honor His Mother, Who Refused a Doctor’s Advice to Abort Him

Remains of 250 Dead Children Found at Catholic School

Father James Altman Suspended From Duties for Standing Up for Catholic Teachings, Says He Will Fight Suspension

Inspirational priest chose to serve community menaced by terrorists, preyed upon by soldiers

Terrible News About the Horrible Arthur Roche – Voices

Vatican Punishes Polish Prelate Guilty of sex abuse cover-up

She Made Four Abortion Appointments, But God Prompted Her to Choose Life

Researchers develop vaccine technology in ‘wafer’ form, identical to Catholic host used at Mass

Doctors Told Parents 5 Times to Abort Their Baby Because He’d Have No Brain, Now He’s Doing Great

Justice Clarence Thomas Recognizes Abortion Has Become a Tool of Modern-Day Eugenics

A case for parental notification: Teen left with baby parts in uterus after botched abortion

Catholic pro-life priest once silenced by bishops blasts ‘unnecessary’ COVID lockdowns

Fruit of the Novus Ordo: Vienna Cathedral Has Become Vaudeville

Biden’s proposed budget will force federal taxpayers to fund abortions

Illinois defines homosexuals as ‘infertile,’ grants them insurance coverage for IVF

No, Tim Kaine: Opposing Killing Babies is Not Like Supporting Sharia Law

Choral society slams draconian choir closures

Paris: Violence Against Catholics NO Hate Crime

Secretary For Kenya’s Atheist Society Announces He’s ‘Found Jesus Christ’, Resigns

Christian doctor working on COVID program faces criminal charges in India for saying 'Jesus heals'

Medical journal normalizes partnering organ harvesting with euthanasia

VIDEO: Ohio Police Laugh After Drag Queen Story Hour Supporter Waves Dildo At 13-Year-Old

BUSTED! Professor Admits Critical Race Theory Is To Build The ‘Church Of Marxism’ (VIDEO)

Pakistan: Muslim mob murders Christian for trying to defend his sister whom Muslims had stripped naked in street

New president of John Paul II Institute wants ‘pastoral care’ of homosexuals, including ‘integration’ and reception of the sacraments

VIRGINIA: Teacher Placed On Leave For Passionate Speech Opposing Transgenderism For Kids, Citing Christian Faith

WATCH: Priest warns parents against sending kids to Ontario Catholic schools that fly gay ‘Pride’ flag

Non Profits, Full of Radical Leftists, Are Setting National Sex Ed Standards

Gym Teacher Put On Leave After Refusing To Address Trans Students By Preferred Pronouns                             5/31


St. Augustine of Canterbury

Venerable Pierre Toussaint 

Bl. Margaret Pole

Stab in the Back: Apostolic Visitation In “Conservative" Diocese in Germany

Prairie State Priest Homeless Political prelate ousts faithful priest

Liz Yore: The Only Place That Needs A Great Reset Is The Vatican!

St Peter’s: Did Cardinal Krajewski Inspire the Crime?

Another Persecuted Priest who's Bishop is Kicking Him Out of the Priesthood

Cardinal Müller calls on Faithless Francis to 'intervene' with his PervChurch in Germany

German Madhouse: Protestant “Bishopess"  Attacks Priesthood at Catholic Ordination

Generational Spirits – Fact or Fiction?

US bishops at war over denying Communion to Biden

In Nigeria, bishop seeks release of 75-year-old kidnapped Father Joseph Keke

Protestant Minister Prepared To Sacrifice Everything To Keep His Church Open

Churches in Ireland to finally reopen for worship

Oakland Catholic Bishop Robbed At Gunpoint During Afternoon Rosary Walk; ‘I Was Terrified…Maybe This Is It”‘

Pope recognises martyrdom of Peruvian nun

Ontario congregation charged for holding outdoor services after church locked by court order

'Pro-Life' Malta FrancisActivist only wants abortion to be legal, 'highly regulated and safe'

Woman conceived during rape and abandoned now on a mission to save unwanted babies

Police call vandalism of Down syndrome center a hate crime

Democrats Defeat Amendment to Stop Scientists From Creating “Human Animal” Chimeras

LIES: Planned Parenthood claims loss of funding caused ‘irreparable harm’ to nation

Satanic Temple Sues to Stop Texas Law Banning Abortions: “They’re Doing the Lord’s Work”

43% increase in late-term abortions in New Zealand after expansive abortion law passed

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf: I Support an Unlimited “Right” to Kill Babies in Abortions

Berlin Builds Rome-Backed Interfaith Shrine Jewish-Muslim-Christian temple heralds Pope Francis' 'Abrahamic House'

China: Pastor of heavily-persecuted church hospitalized after attack by communist authorities  

Family rejected by adoption agency due to ‘Christian values,’ opposition to transgender ideology

School District Overrules Principal Who Removed Faith References From Student’s Graduation Speech

Alberta gov’t. uses ‘resistance to government tyranny’ sermon as proof pastor broke court order

Fake Science: "Godless Science is a Harbinger of Something Terribly Wrong in Our Souls"

SICK: Demented Woman Thrusts Dildo at Pastor’s 13-Year-Old Daughter Outside Drag Queen Brunch Marketed to Kids, Police Laugh (VIDEO)

Parents Slam ‘Porn Literacy’ Class at Private School as an Attempt to ‘Indoctrinate Kids’

‘Rugrats’ Mom Will Be ‘Openly Gay’ in Paramount+ Series

LGBT Activist Reveals Movement's Agenda to Teach Kids about 'Sex' and 'Kink' While Destroying Family              5/28


St. Augustine of Canterbury

A Biography of the Venerable Bede

Saint of the Day Quote: Saint Melangell

Creation: The Full Story

Should a Young Traditionalist Submarine Through Normal Seminary?

Fear Is the Reason Why Francis Wants to Get Rid of Summorum Pontificum

Did Pope Benedict Feel "Overwhelm[ing]"Pressure to Resign because of Francis's Close Collaborator's Cuban Church's "Sexual Debauchery" & Paedophilia?


Woke Chicago Pastor Reinstated Double standards and hypocrisy


8 Catholic quotes perfect for today’s graduates

Ohio city bans all abortions, instead provides sanctuary for mothers and babies

Standing for Michigan’s Unborn Love life ... choose eternal life

Does Francis's & Cupich's "Refram[ing]" of "Pro-life" mean that "Nuremberg" Hitler was "Pro-life"?

Abortion industry, supporters smear Texas heartbeat bill as ‘diabolical’ ‘assault’

Only 6% of Americans have a ‘biblical worldview,’ research from George Barna finds

Philippine FrancisBishops renew willingness to open church facilities as DeathVaxx operations

You’d be a fool to adopt the Laudato si goals wicked Francis is trying to foist upon every diocese, parish, and school in his victim Church as if they were the laws of God

As memberships fall, more Protestant churches shuttering than opening: study

Survey: Support for Israel Among Young US Evangelical Christians Drops Sharply

French court removes 6 children from British parents of 10 after dispute over Catholic schooling

Leftist ideology permeating Church 'extremely dangerous' to Body of Christ: pastor

Boom in LGBT content for children: Queer is in, Christian is out

Transgenderism Raises a Good Question Am I transphobic or are you naturephobic?

Former Transgender Shares How God’s Power Broke Through the Lies

84000 Boy Scouts comes out as victims

Poll: 62% Believe Athletes Should Play on Teams Based on Biological Sex

Transgender Pressure and Regret The push to self-mutilate

Rich Homosex Accomplice Called “Widower” At Eucharist, Takes Communion                      5/27


Saint Philip Neri

URGENT: Pope tells Italian Bishops he plans to abolish the motu proprio Summorum Pontificum (Updated)

Prayer and Persecution in China Our Lady of Sheshan, pray for us


Catholic Reports: Exorcist #139: Girl freed of demons after Heavenly Signs in a Fire Rainbow… “The Demon Baphomet and his minions have left”

China Snubs Pope, Enforces New Clergy Laws Chinese Communist Party rips to shreds secret concordat with Vatican

Catholic bishops showed ‘a lack of faith’ during COVID lockdowns: Author

Sensation: Is St Peter’s the Wrong Basilica?

Archbishop Cordileone ‘Deeply Grieved’ by Attempts to Delay Consideration of Eucharistic Teaching Document

USCCB draft outline on ‘Eucharistic coherence’ document aims at broad catechesis

Bishop: No Communion for Pro-Abortion Politicians Who “Reject Fundamental Teachings of the Church”

Catholic church in St. Louis ROPES OFF unvaccinated members like cattle, bans them from parish hall

Liturgy: Francis Promotes Another Anti-Catholic

Parents raise concerns over 'woke' ideology infiltrating Catholic schools despite 'conflict' with Church teachings

Alabama House and Senate pass ‘born-alive’ bill to protect abortion survivors

Alabama Gov Kay Ivey Signs Bill to Stop Infanticide, Protect Babies Born Alive After Botched Abortions

90% of Doctors in Ireland Refuse to Kill Babies in Abortions

Biden Has Sent 20 Times More Tax Dollars to the Abortion Industry Than Obama

The Pro-Life Policies that Could be Gutted in the Next Federal Budget

13.5 million girls killed in sex-selective abortions in India from 1987 to 2016

Why does Warped Partial Birth Abortion Biden Admin now apparently want to Kill Born Children with COVID Vax?

Bishops Coercing the Flock Shame parishioners to be guinea pigs

PURE EVIL. Biden Admin Ends Program to Arrest Illegal Alien Child Rapists, Attempted Murderers

Chicago drops charges against churches that held services with over 10 people amid COVID lockdowns

Court orders Newsom to pay $1.35M in churches’ legal fees, bans discrimination against churches in COVID policies

A 'Killing Field' of Christians: 8 More Killed, Church Burned to Ground in Nigeria - 1,470 Christians in 4 Months  

Westminster bishop warns assisted suicide could become law with new bill

Parents Slam ‘Porn Literacy’ Class at Private School as an Attempt to ‘Indoctrinate Kids’

Soul Killer Pornography destroys the mind, emotions and soul

Homosex "Blessings": Does Cardinal Müller Ask For A Self-Punishment?

Kellogg’s, GLAAD Invite Children to ‘Create Your Own’ Pronouns on Cereal Boxes

Former Transgender Shares How God’s Power Broke Through the Lies                          5/26


St. Mary Magdalene de Pazzi

Saint Bede the Venerable

Aborting People With Down Syndrome Deprives Our Society of Love And Joy

The Weeping Statues of Washington D.C. – When the tears of the Virgin Mary met the Smoke of Satan

“No one is permitted to be idle and lazy while so many evils and dangers impend, and while those who are on the other side are working so hard to destroy the very basis of Catholic religion”

Fr. Altman to Taylor Marshall: They want my head on a platter

Fr. Z: It was a terrible mistake to eliminate the Octave of Pentecost in the Novus Ordo

On 500th anniversary of St. Ignatius' battle wound, Disgraceful modern Jesuit Francis mangles 'Ignatian spirituality'

Pope discourages ‘combating paganism,’ ignores China genocide in Pentecost remarks

In defense of Mother Teresa: Why she is a saint, not a 'cult leader'

US bishop echoes cardinal’s call for prayers for the people of China

“Akita” and The Virgin Mary’s mysterious prophecy of the Number “101”

Why There Will Never Be a Modernist Schism in Germany

Persecuted Priests: A Growing List Bad bishops trashing good shepherds

Archdiocese of New York to segregate vaccinated, unvaccinated parishioners

Pope Gives Rare Acknowledgement To Persecution Of Chinese Catholics

Another monumental Christ statue being built in Brazil

Mississippi Pro-Lifers Hope to Shut Down the Last Abortion Center in Their State

Teen mom with ‘eyes of despair’ hands newborn to restaurant customer, walks out

Baby Born at 24 Weeks With Feet the Size of a Penny Defies the Odds, Now Shes Walking

President of Malta: 'I Will Never Sign' Abortion Bill, 'Authorization of Murder'

State AGs Threaten Legal Action Against Biden Admin Push for Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

BBC series ‘Three Families’ praises abortion, but fails to share the truth

Abortionists agree: D&E abortions are ‘destructive and violent’

Flashback: Is the so-called "Pro-life" and Eternal Mask Cult Helping to Promote the Election of Pro-Abortion Biden?

Cutting God Loose Millennials go it alone

Hallam diocese divests from fossil fuel

SBC church membership suffers new historic 1-year decline of more than 400K

Azerbaijan destroying all traces of Christian heritage, using Armenian gravestones to build roads

Christian Village Attacked in Pakistan 200 Muslims destroy homes, assault the faithful

Nigeria: Muslims raid Christian home, murder a 21-year-old mother and a 19-year-old man

WATCH: Hamas Terror Chief Caught Lying When Asked About Firing Rockets From CIVILIAN Areas in Gaza Towards Civilian Population in Israel

Video: At Florida pro-jihad rally, Muslims screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ call for total destruction of Israel

TEXAS: Abbott, Patrick, House Speaker Received $250K+ From Clinic That Chemically Castrates ‘Transgender’ Kids

Belgian Catholic bishop co-signs LGBT protection charter

Sister of Mercy Bus Nun, Janet Rozzano, makes List of “19 Incredible Lesbians"

In Wales, 23-year-old becomes world's first 'non-binary,' 'genderqueer,' 'agender' mayor             5/25


The Holy Spirit Who He is and His role in the Church

St. David I of Scotland          Saint Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi

Saint Rita of Cascia                Saint Gregory VII

Catholic Wisconsin Fr. Altman asked to resign from his parish by the FrancisMachine. Gives fiery homily

Fr. Altman Asked to Resign, But Has Refused and Will Fight

Viganò: It Is Possible That God Is Using the Pseudo-Pandemic

Scottish Bishops’ Diabolical Pentecost Pastoral: No Mention of Holy Spirit! 

US bishop echoes cardinal’s call for prayers for the people of China

German Bishops and Pedophilia Where does the synodal way lead?

The Toronto Chancerycrats who have prevented you from recieving Holy Communion for a year and have made sure that there is No Mass For You!

Vatican labor protest highlights any pope’s management dilemma

Lay volunteer nurses to be beatified as Martyrs of Spain

Abuse Hysteria: “There Is Absolutely No Due Process”

31 Reasons From Jeremiah About Why the Bible Is Inspired by God

Bible Verses for Anxiety – Overcome Fear with Scripture

"Tied Up and Tortured": The Persecution of Christians, April 2021

Vatican NOT Desperate: Arrested Bishop Was A CATHOLIC

WOW: Canadian mom gave birth to baby while she was asleep

Pro-Life Mom’s Tweet Goes Viral on Twitter: “Let’s Share Stories of Kindness, I’ll Start.”

Presbyterian church in Northern Ireland supports Down syndrome abortion ban

Texas pro-life victory scares desperate blue-check abortion fans

Abortion Activist Almost Runs Over Pro-Life Congresswoman Praying Outside Abortion Center

Planned Parenthood CEO Vows to “Fight” for Abortion, Calls Protecting Babies “Diabolical”

WHAT?! Senator Kaine Compares Catholic Views on Abortion to Sharia Law, Says It Wouldn’t Be a ‘Primary Concern’ For Jesus

Las Vegas abortion facility sends three women to the hospital in eight weeks

Scientists Confess Weaponizing COVID Phobia UK government killed God, says non-Christian in runaway bestseller

Why a 24-y-o left her dream job to mobilize Americans to march for persecuted Christians

Christian Rocker: Social Justice Agendas Like Critical Race Theory and Abolishing Police Sparking a ‘Civil War’ in America

Baylor University exposed as “anti-Christian” in its teachings

No More Church Bans: CA Gov. Newsom Ordered to Pay $1.35M in Legal Fees for Shutting Down Churches

Biden Won’t Be Speaking at Notre Dame Commencement After 4,300 Students and Alumni Demand He Not Be Invited

Godless Chi-Coms Block Keywords like ‘Christ’ ‘Bible’ and ‘Gospel’ from Social Media Giant

'The Fight Has Just Begun': Christian College Vows to Challenge Biden Order Opening Dorms, Showers to Opposite Sex

Renowned Catholic psychiatrist compares transgender movement to eugenics movement

SHOCK: “60 Minutes” Features Explosive Segment Featuring Trannies Who Decided to REVERSE Course

Christian Therapist Sues Washington State Over Sexual Orientation Counseling Ban

Ontario Catholic teachers org. defends its support for LGBT ‘pride’ movement                      5/24


St. Eugene de Mazenod

Saint Cristóbal Magallanes and Companions

Sign of the Times and The Twelve Tricks of the Antichrist

More Empty Talk: Francis Starts WORLDWIDE Synodal Path

Self-Policing Seminaries Notre Dame's 'laughable' benchmarks

Bishops confront Pelosi: ‘You facilitate… the murder of millions’ but DO NOTHING

New Mexico archbishop: Only vaccinated can sing in church choirs

Argentine lawyers take legal action against restrictions on Mass attendance

New Jersey priest pleads guilty to stealing over $500K from church

Earth Cult Baloney: Has Francis Finally Gotten Enough of It? (Video)

VirusChurch: Look How I Have To Go To Confession If I Don’t Wear The Mask!

‘Feminism is a lie’: Christian women defend traditional family values

Tens of thousands march in Lithuania to defend marriage, traditional family values

Catholic Bishop: “A Politician Who Actively Protects Abortion Risks His or Her Salvation” What about Bishops who do not act?

Hundreds of UK doctors demand an end to deadly mail-order abortions

German court upholds ban on prayer vigils near Planned Parenthood-affiliated abortion organization

Supreme Curt Should Overturn Roe v. Wade, Even Ginsburg Knew It Was Indefensible

France Bans ‘Gender-Neutral’ Wording in Schools, Warns It’s ‘Harmful’ and Confusing for Children

Low-Information Catholics Embracing slogans as doctrine while denying truth

Survey: 43% of Millennials ‘Don’t Know, Care, or Believe God Exists’

U.S. Commission: Communist China Continues to Harass, Imprison Catholics, Protestants, and Demolish Their Churches

Why We Fight for Religious Freedom, Even Against Catholic Inquisition Re-Enactors

Catholic high schools welcome return of in-person graduation ceremonies

‘Not suitable for living’: Gaza's Christian population dwindles amid Hamas rule, job struggles

U.S. Religious Freedom Commission: Saudi Textbooks Refer to Christians and Jews as ‘Infidels’

Baptist university supports LGBT student group, claims biblical sexuality standards remain

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that students of the opposite biological sex must be allowed to share shower spaces and dorms at a Christian college in Missouri.

Veteran teacher shows how schools are intentionally confusing children about gender

Poland in the Crosshairs A battle for its soul

LEGO Releases LGBT Rainbow Toy Set to Celebrate ‘Pride’ Month

Family Feud. On the Blessing of Homosexual Couples the Vatican Has an Enemy in the House                    5/21


St. Bernardine of Siena

NEW INTERVIEW: Archbishop Viganò discusses the Great Reset, gives hope in light of Our Lady of Fatima

OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - A life given for the mission: young people remember the martyrdom of Sister Irene McCormack


Congo bishop in the face of Muslim persecution of Christians: ‘We are in a state of utter misery’

Using aborted babies for medical research extends evil to all of society: US bishop

U.S. Bishops Will Discuss Denying Biden Communion Next Month Despite Vatican Warning,

Priest forced to leave parish after beautifying church, celebrating Mass as normal amid COVID

What Is Truth? Catholic confusion in the age of diabolic disorientation

I Am This Baby And I Survived an Abortion Meant to Take My Life

24 States Would Protect Babies From Abortions if Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade

Texas governor signs law letting anyone sue abortionists for killing babies with heartbeats

Muslim Head of Catholic Body Rips Pro-Lifers Cardinal picks pro-LGBT sex education supporter for top child safety role

Barrett, Kavanaugh join SCOTUS liberals in dismissing cases about Title X abortion funding

Planned Parenthood CEO: It’s “Cruel” to Protect Babies From Abortion

Young people in Europe strive to make their continent more pro-life

Head of “Catholic” Pro-Abortion Group Says the Catholic Church is Not “Bible Based”

Bannon’s Gladiator School Facing Eviction Harnwell could serve jail time

Big Tech is now censoring God’s words

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 running mate attacks Church teaching on Eucharist, marriage

Doctors Have Euthanized 24,000 Patients Since Canada Legalized Assisted Suicide

Ivory Coast: Young Christians and Muslims united by sport to trace the path of coexistence and peace,

Pakistan: Illiterate Christian paraplegic and his wife in jail awaiting execution for sending ‘blasphemous’ texts

Malawi: Muslims give Catholic parish 21 days to vacate ‘Muslim territory’

Abp. Cordileone denounces puberty blockers, transgender procedures for kids: ‘It’s terrible’

Church of Sweden Announces That it is “Trans”

Christian Therapist Sues Washington State Over Law Banning Sexual Orientation Therapy for Minors         5/20


Saint Theophilus of Corte

St. Celestine

St. Pope John I

Viganò: There Is a "Single Script Under a Single Direction" - In Alliance With Francis

Bishop-supported priest association continues push for women’s ‘ordination’

Cardinal Admits: Francis Is Afraid of Catholic Priests

Ordinations 2021: Soon-to-Be Priests Ready to Serve the Church

“The poison of the Antichurch” – The Incredible Prophecy of Mystic Alicja…. Our Lord Jesus to Alicja Lenczewska

Heroic Nigerian priest shines light on religious persecution from Boko Haram

"All my friends are dead": The massacre of the priests in Tigray 78 priests have been killed in the last five months

South Sudanese Catholic Priest Returns to Minister in the Land of His Abduction

St. Thomas More’s Purse Don't let the corruption run free

Communion? The simple answer is ‘No’

Canadian Crackdown: Third Alberta Pastor Arrested For Holding Church Services

Spread the word: Desperate parents need to know that Safe Haven laws exist

‘Very ominous’: Abortion activists panic at Supreme Court taking Mississippi case, pro-lifers hopeful

Pro-life country of Malta fights attempts to decriminalize abortion

Scientists Want to Grow Unborn Babies for 40 Days and Kill Them for Research

What the research really shows about abortion’s potential physical risks

Democrat Party Says Killing Babies in Abortions is a “Fundamental Freedom”

Fake News Outlets CNN, MSNBC Have Panic Attack Over Supreme Court Taking on Major Pro-Life Case

Woke Knights Dump Sword to Charm Dames Investiture rite cancels symbolism that 'discriminates against women'

Chinese Communists Clamp Down on Christian Social Media

Joe Biden Wants to Force Christian Doctors to Promote Abortions

43% of millennials 'don’t know, don’t care, don’t believe' God exists: study

Report: 4 Out of 5 People Live in Countries That Restrict Religious Freedom

St. Venantius vs. the Efette Vaccinated Mask Cult's "Pathetic Dilemma": Virtue Signaling "Vaccinated People say they don’t want to take off their Masks and be Mistook for a 'Republican'”

Food bank users faced extreme poverty at start of pandemic, says Trust

Biblically responsible investing is not what you think it is

Pelosi Issues Anti-Christian Statement Against Those Who Refuse to Accept Sexual Perversion

EXCLUSIVE: Republican ‘Team Effort’ Killed Bill To Stop Child Transgender Surgeries, ‘Texas GOP Needs A Housecleaning’

“Woke” ad for U.S. Army focuses on LGBTQ issues, lesbian mothers, while Russia focuses on recruiting manly men

More US bishops publicly out themselves as pro-LGBT 

Catholic Schools Celebrate Gay Pride Canadians to fly rainbow flags in June

‘Existential threat’: CCCU fights LGBT students' Title IX lawsuit targeting Christian colleges

French Rugby Federation: Trans Players Can Compete from Next Season

Archbishop Plans His Career, "Apologises" To Homosexuals

International court: Iceland right to deny lesbians parental rights

Twitter suspends politician for saying that men can’t give birth

Biden Rallies ‘LGBTQI+’ Community on ‘Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, Biphobia’                  5/19


St. Simon Stock                Saint Paschal Baylon

St. Dymphna                    Saint Margaret of Cortona

Saint Isidore the Farmer

Jesus Discovered on Image of Our Lady Guadalupe (Police Detective’s Revealing Video)

Pius XII approved Visionary & John Paul II vs. Francis

Cardinal Burke interview to Paix Liturgique: In the U.S., Catholic blogs have contributed to the success of Summorum Pontificum


Germany: Ecumenical Convention Uses Body of Christ as Toy for Act of Defiance

Fr. Altman Unhooked Where's the lie?

Manipulated Council: How Time Magazine Lured the Bishops

The Vatican Defends Biden on Communion

Medjugorje – The Three Times Our Lady Warned Against “Modernism” (New Video)

Judas’ Priests

This week in Christian history: Council of Nicaea, missionary goes to Persia

NYC: Jesus Statue Smashed, American Flag Torched at Catholic Church

Cardinal: Tobin, Cupich Should Represent the Church - Not the Biden Party

VIDEO: Arsonists Attempt to Burn Down Brave Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s Home in Canada

Malta’s President is a Pro-Life Doctor Who Refuses to Legalize Killing Babies in Abortions

Feminist Celebrates Killing Babies in Abortion, Claims the Abortion Pill is Just “Medication”

Texas Planned Parenthood drops suit against being disqualified for Medicaid funds

Radio Host Corners Richard Dawkins for Telling Woman to Abort Baby With Down Syndrome — Then Forces Him Into an Admission

Bill de Bozo’s New York: Jesus Statue Smashed, American Flag Torched at Catholic Church

The Christian Siege of Muslim Nicaea

Pope Pelosi: ‘I Think I Can Use My Own Judgment’ on Receiving Holy Communion

Christian student fights back against university’s vaccine mandate

Churchgoers fined nearly $75k for Sunday worship in Nova Scotia

IRGC General Mohammad-Hossein Sepehr: ‘We Have A Religious Duty To Annihilate Israel’

Germany: Man converts to Islam, beheads his wife

Muslim Actress Quotes ‘Hitler’ in Tweet as Hamas Fires Rockets into Israel: ‘I Would Have Killed all of the Jews of the World’

South American Faith Groups Fight LGBTQ Threat to Religious Liberty Lesbian ex-nun demands reinstatement in religious teaching role

The LGBT movement’s destructive history and legacy

New York's Pride March Bans Police Officers From Marching

"Gender Fluidity": Did Bishop's Fluid Brain Coagulate Again?

Biden admin going to war with states in aggressive bid by the left to completely destroy women’s sports

Culture Rot Update: Woke Disney+ Announces ‘The Proud Family’ Reboot Will Feature Homosexual “Dads”         5/17


St. Matthias

Miracle photo at Medjugorje May 1, 2021…A sign from Heaven?

Supplication to the Most Holy Virgin Mary Invoking the Queen of Heaven to resist the New World Order

Church’s Eldest Daughter Collapsing Abandonment and anti-Catholicism in France

Here Is What Fuels the Demand For the Traditional Latin Mass

The Boys of Buffalo Corrupt clerics still in power

US Bishops Can't Be Bothered As God Is Publicly Insulted

Cardinal: German Church About To Abandon Faith, Catholicism

The Church’s Cancel Culture Fr. James Altman discusses backlash to preaching the truth

Purgatory Mystic and the Seven Secrets Revealed by the Poor Lonely Souls in Purgatory who wait for your prayers.

Swiss priest got civilly married on his deathbed, after living a lie for decades

13 May 609: Dedication of the Roman Pantheon, “Santa Maria ad martyres”. An account of Boniface IV’s exorcism of the temple and the screaming of the demons.

Cardinal: “Ramadan Is Everyone’s Holiday”

Chinese model with albinism was once an abandoned baby. Now she’s an advocate.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Will Sign Bill to Ban Abortions When Unborn Baby’s Heartbeat Begins

Pro-Life Group Sets Up Mobile Ultrasound Unit in Front of Abortion Center to Save Babies From Abortions

Self-proclaimed ‘Abortion Dream Team’ in Poland works to skirt pro-life laws

‘Shameless lie’: Xavier Becerra denies existence of law banning partial-birth abortion


Rock legend Alice Cooper reveals he's a devout Christian who prays, reads Bible daily

Wisconsin Senate approves bill to dissolve dead bodies, dump them in sewer

Pure INSANITY: Women told to shut up and not talk about a biological MALE weight lifter competing against women in the Olympics

Biden Admin To Prioritize Transgender Migrants Seeking To Cross US Border

Pro-family convention calls on Americans to fight LGBT agenda, restore moral truth

France Bans Use Of Woke Gender-Neutral Language In Schools: ‘Is A Danger For Our Country’               5/14


Our Lady of Fatima

The Saint of reconciliation with God and the brethren

St. John the Silent

Abp. Viganò on Fatima day: Supplication to the Most Holy Virgin Mary

“How Our Lady sees us” Fr. Goring – Today is the feast day of Our Lady at Fatima


“The power of Peter’s keys does not extend to the point that the Supreme Pontiff can declare ‘not sin’ what is sin”

Revealing: Vatican Speaks the Language of the Abortionists

Rome Is Burning Vatican permits Eucharistic sacrilege for 'unity'

Catholic Bishop Slams Abortion: “Society is Regressing” When the “Killing of Babies” is Allowed

Another bishop calls for pro-abortion ‘Catholics’ to be denied Communion

Chicom FrancisDiocese rushes to ordain. Mental, moral problems overlooked

Conservative Catholic media meet Ladaria letter with denial

Bishop Schneider Asks German Bishops to Change the Name of Their "church"

Bishop Fabbro In London Canada Shut Down All Access To The Sacraments Within The Entire Diocese Under His Care Since Easter Sunday.

German priests to their bishops allowing LGBT ‘blessings,’ intercommunion: ‘Leave the path of heresies!’

Sr. Emmanuel reveals what she knows about the Medjugorje Secrets: “It will be a dramatic time… Evil will show its claws and its fierce face.”

Did Problematic Ideas within Franciscan Theology possibly help bring about Francis's Amoris Laetitia?

Dominican Republic’s lower house defeats attempt to legalize abortion

Baby aborted at 18 weeks clung to life for 10 hours in his mother’s arms

Pro-Life Prelates Coalesce Bishops telling pro-death Catholics to abandon abortion

HHS Secretary Becerra: Partial-birth abortion ‘protects life’

Louisiana Becomes 4th State to Recognize Anniversary of Roe v. Wade as ‘Day of Tears’

High School Puts Teacher on Leave After Inviting Pro-Life Group to Address Health Class

Hispanics Leaving Democrat Party Because They are Pro Life, Pro Guns and Pro Borders

UK government expands abortion while seeking to recognize animals as sentient beings

Catholic Schools Are Losing Students at Record Rates, and Hundreds Are Closing

Former Israeli Ambassador Ron Dermer: Evangelical Christians ‘Backbone’ of Israel’s Support in U.S.

Is biblically responsible investing hypocritical?

WATCH: Elderly Catholic woman in tears kisses feet of angry LGBT activist, then they make sign of Cross together

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: New Army Recruitment Ad Features Lesbian Wedding, Homosexual Pride Parade

Elite Australian Catholic boys’ school says student’s attempted gender change ‘welcome’  ???

Christian Chaplain reported to anti-terrorism programme for sermon on LGBT ideology

The LGBT movement’s destructive history and legacy

HHS’ New Gender Policy Threatens Religious Liberty, Conscience Protections                      5/13


Sts. Nereus & Achilleus

Saint Leopold Mandic

Cardinal Ruini who was chief of Medjugorje investigations speaks of serious risk of schism at the Catholic Church – German Bishops in center of crisis

Liberal Rigorism: PiusX Not Part Of The Church - Cardinal Burke

Vatican uses pro-abortion terminology ‘pro-choice’ for first time in ‘abdication of moral authority’

Vatican weighs in (does nothing to stop the murder) on US bishops’ debate over denying communion to pro-abortion politicians

Another bishop calls for pro-abortion ‘Catholics’ to be denied Communion

Catholic Archbishop on Biden and Pelosi: You “Absolutely” Can’t be Good Catholics and Promote Abortion SO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT BESIDES TALK TALK TALK

Catholic Bishop: Catholic Politicians Can’t Support “Evil” of Abortion and “Expect No Spiritual Consequences”  WHAT ABOUT THOSE WHO JUST TALK AND DO NOTHING

Cd. Ladaria, beady-eyed weasel who runs FrancisCDF on weak USCCB effort to confront Biden on communion: “It is misleading if one gives the impression that abortion and euthanasia are the only serious questions of Catholic moral and social doctrine!"

Nigerian Bishops Warn of National ‘Collapse’ from Government Negligence

Nigeria's bishops call for summit on devolution of power from federal to local level

Amid political crisis, Salvadoran bishops call for ‘authentic democracy’

Newark Cardinal Tobin Makes Up "Hail Mary" Which Fits His Belief

"What does it tell us when we Witness the Proponents of the Amoris Option Lapsing into Abusive and indeed Communist/Secularist Tactics?"

Vaccine Passports & The Mark – Freedoms With Conditions

Female golfer with Down syndrome competes for national college title

Louisiana recognizes anniversary of Roe v. Wade as ‘Day of Tears’

Texas city of Abernathy becomes 27th ‘sanctuary city for the unborn’ in US

Planned Parenthood clinic obtained $10 million in PPP loans before Biden admin. closed program

UK government cuts international family planning funding, angering abortion groups

Fortune 500 vs. Freedom of Religion Mega-corporations support Equality Act

Old-Rite Catholic Jean Raspail’s Prophecy Becomes Reality

10-y-o Christian refugee is now America’s newest chess master

44 Attorneys General Urge Mark Zuckerberg Not to Release Instagram for Kids

Lawmakers in Australian state of Victoria consider telehealth assisted suicide

Controversy erupts as Senator asks first Muslim nominee for federal judgeship about Sharia

Death toll during the holy month of Ramadan 2021

FrancisChurch: "The Raising of the Rainbow Flag in Toronto ‘Catholic’ Schools, A Declaration of Victory"

The new Swiss bishop of Chur, placed there by Francis against local dome chapter says that CDF doc against homo blessings was a "provocation."

German Catholics Dare Vatican Bless homosexual unions anyway

Feelings Do Not Determine Truth: ‘Modern Science’ Says There Are Six Sexes?                  5/12


St. Ignatius of Laconi

Globalist Pope Francis Defends Joe Biden Over Abortion Policies – Says Plan by US Bishops to Rebuke Him Might Look “Divisive” – But Same Pope a Frequent Critic of Trump

Spawn Command: New “Ministry” of “Catechist”

Catholic Bishop: Catholic Politicians Can’t Support “Evil” of Abortion and “Expect No Spiritual Consequences”

Denial Confirms It: Archbishop Wants to Politicise Communion

Archbishop Cordileone: I Had 'Conversations' With Pro-Abortion Pelosi About Holy Communion

Unity With the Oligarchs: Vatican Stabs U.S. Bishops in the Back

Where are the Canadian FrancisBishops on Protestant Pastor Pawlowski’s imprisonment?

Bishop warns over complacency in Ireland as the Public Mass Finally Returns...

Central African FrancisBishops call Muslim rebel takeover of 75% of the country 'progress' on which they can 'capitalize'

‘I Woke Up in Hong Kong’: Canadian Pastor Arthur Pawlowski Speaks After Release

Jerusalem Day Festivities Shaken By Rockets, Violent Riots

Sadistic Priest NEVER Denies Communion

Priest breaks out in dance routine during Mass…

Rep. Cori Bush fought for her preborn babies’ lives. All Black babies deserve that chance.

Idaho defunds abortion clinics as Gov. Little signs pro-life law

Lila Rose: Big Tech and Big Abortion are Colluding to Silence Pro-Life People

Baby Born Alive After Botched Abortion Was Left to Die for a “Torturous” 10 Hours

NY sidewalk counseling case takes disturbing turn after surprise court ruling

“Handmaid’s Tale” Actress: I’m “Really Proud” to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions

AMAZING: Woman has fostered 81 newborns over past three decades

Vatican Health Gurus Fund ‘Humanized Mice’

Total Flop: Francis at his Health Conference Received 75 Clicks

Another Ex-Porn Star Surrenders to Jesus — and Her Story Will Move You to Tears

DEVASTATING: Netherlands euthanized more people than ever in 2020

Beyond insane: U.S. Navy touts “all-gay” helo crew as LGBTQ wokeness takes precedent over military readiness

"Transgender Bishop” Claims to Be Relative of Saint Nicholas Of Flüe

Biden HHS Lays the Groundwork for the Chemical Castration of Children

Gay Man in Drag Tells LGBT Supporters: ‘Keep Your Kids Out of Drag Queen Shows’                    5/11


St. Damien of Molokai

St. Pachomius                 Saint John of Avila

Lebanese sanctuary where Mary and Jesus rested is ‘very holy land’

Fatima Explains The World in Crisis Today – As Communism Spreads Fast

Germany: “There Is Now A Schism” - Cardinal Burke


Father Corapi Came Again Back From Hell

Calgary Pastor Artur Pawlowski Swarmed by Police and Arrested After Holding “Illegal” Church Service (VIDEO)

Total Flop: Francis Received 75 Clicks

BEAUTIFUL: Woman who grew up in foster care adopted at age 19 by caseworker

Micro-preemie, born smaller than a Barbie doll, goes home in time for Mother’s Day

Big Abortion wants baby murder clinics on every street corner

Fascistbook Is Doing Planned Butcherhood’s Bidding in Banning Pro-Life Group LifeSiteNews


UK now pushing pregnant women to take covid vaccines despite miscarriage, infertility risks

Communism Founder Karl Marx: Abolish All Religion, All Morality and ‘Abolish the Family!’

Border Crossers Flying for Free into U.S. with Help from Catholic Charities

A Mother’s Cry for Justice 'I gave them my most prized possession'

Amazonian Infanticide Unabated by Idolatrous Hierarchy The Smoke of Satan lingers in the Church

'Breaking Bad' actor urges Christians to keep minds 'clean as possible' as Hollywood gets 'darker and darker'

Austria: Muslim cleric preaches that it’s wrong to portray Islam as a religion of peace

Islamic Republic of Iran: Muslim family beheads man for being homosexual

Report: Athletes Told to ‘Be Quiet’ About Trans Weightlifter Ahead of Olympic Qualification                  5/10


St. Peter of Tarantaise

St. Rose Venerini

Cdl. Burke to Clergy: Be Brave Despite Likely Schism Hopes USCCB will bar Biden, Pelosi from Communion

Against Deviant Bishops: Cardinal, Bishops Launch International day of Reparation

Catholic Bishop Defends Pro-Abortion Joe Biden Receiving Communion: “Don’t Weaponize the Eucharist”

Phoenix Bishop Olmsted Warns of ‘Deadly Apathy’ of Silence on Pro-Abortion Catholic Politicians

Father Weinandy: Pro-abortion rights Catholic politicians abuse, politicize sacraments  

At Vatican scam conference, Chelsea Clinton calls for global crackdown on anti-vaccine social media posts

France: ‘One mosque is erected every 15 days, while one Christian building is destroyed at the same pace’


PHOTOS: Historic Mexican Church Uncovered from Water After 40 Years

How Holy Water fights evil

Francis Cardinal: Synodality Is Vehicle To "Change Church"

Amazonian Infanticide Unabated by Idolatrous Hierarchy The Smoke of Satan lingers in the Church

BEAUTIFUL: Woman who grew up in foster care adopted at age 19 by caseworker

Pro-Life Group Celebrates Saving 20,000 Babies from Abortion, 4,000 During COVID

Facebook Permanently Blacklists LifeSite News

Canadian organisers plan hybrid March for Life in Ottawa

Pro-life pregnancy center set on fire in act of arson, investigators say

Scientists Want to Grow Babies in the Womb for 40 Days and Kill Them for Research

Planned Parenthood abortionist is also chief of staff at Catholic hospital in Washington

Watch: AOC Calls Herself A 'Planned Parenthood Baby,' Says Abortion Providers Save Babies

Louisiana Car Dealer’s Help for Homeless Man Goes Viral: ‘It Was a Blessing’

Permit Denied For National Day of Prayer at US Capitol For First Time In 70 Years; What Does This Mean for America?

The Catholic artist and the challenge of evangelizing modern culture

HORROR: Pastor, Wife Savagely Attacked By Man With Shovel On Chicago Street...Suspect Bit Off Parts Of Ears, Gouged Eyes

Juror wrongfully dismissed for 'God’s guidance' in lawmaker's case, court rules

Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson Re-team to Tell Inspiring Story of Redemption: 'Father Stu'

Exclusive — Christians Under Coronavirus Lockdown in India ‘Forgotten,’ Facing Starvation

Pastor Robert Jeffress: Democrats ‘Absolutely’ Pushing Out Christianity to Embrace Socialist Agenda

After the Lockdowns, the Religion of Science Only Gets Darker  

Pelosi/Newsom Anti-Christ Schools: "Literally suggesting Children Chant to the Aztec Gods of Cannibalism and Human Sacrifice"

Just Because You Put On A Dress, Heels, Makeup, And Stuff A Bra, Does Not Mean We Have To Call You Maam 

Teacher Reads Book About Transgenderism to First Graders, School Board President in District Owns ALL AGES SEX SHOP

Male Weightlifter to Become First Transgender to Compete at an Olympics in Women’s Super Heavyweight Category

Premier Swedish Hospital Nixes Puberty Blockers and Trans Treatments for Minors Under 16

Amazon, public libraries pressured to ban trans-critical book highlighting harms to teen girls

Yiannopoulos' Moral Duty for the Next Decade of His Life

‘Apostasy’: Gay ‘pride’ flag to fly over Toronto Catholic schools

Disney unveils 'rainbow' toys, clothes for children

Lesbian Nun Movie ‘Benedetta’ from ‘Showgirls’ Director Paul Verhoeven Debuts Graphic Trailer

Breaking News : German Catholic Priests Defy Pope Francis With Public Blessings of Gay Couples              5/8


St. Dominic Savio

Saints Marian and James

The Eucharist: Accepting Our Covenant with God

Vatican heavily promotes coronavirus vaccines in ‘Resource Kit for Church Leaders’

San Diego FrancisBishop McElroy to AmericaMag on Biden and Communion: The Eucharist is being weaponized for political ends. This must not happen!

Finding a Glorious Safe Harbor in This Intensifying Storm

The incredible Sun Miracle at Medjugorje caught on video. – Our Lady comes out of the sun

‘Fatima’ Movie Finally Comes to Theaters This Friday

Philippines finishes construction of largest Marian statue in the world

Why France is Losing One Religious Building Every Two Weeks

My Popular Priest Was Abusive

Contraception Crusader Bankrolls Bishop Barron  

Sister Byrne: This Battle Is Not Between Republicans and Democrats, But Between the ‘Devil and Our Lord’

Police officer saves newborn’s life: ‘I just know that God put me there that day’

Abortion survivor shares story of forgiveness and hope toward her birth mother

When Mom Changed Her Mind, This Beautiful Baby Was Saved From Abortion

Doctors must tell Indiana mothers about abortion reversal. Abortion lobby threatens legal action

Arsonist Sets Fire to Pro-Life Pregnancy Center, Causing $250,000 Damage

Cincinnati hospital reaches groundbreaking milestone in prenatal spina bifida surgeries

“Catholic for Choice” Group Claims Killing Babies in Abortion “is Not a Sin”

Liberal admitted Racist Apartheid South Africa "Research Projects aimed at developing a Human Anti-Fertility Vaccine"

Senior NHS Whistleblower: Covid & Vaccine Policies = Genocide… STOP!

Dr. Fauci explains that your faith is evolving, so there won’t be any religious exemptions, you see

A National Day of Prayer: 'If Ever There was a Time that America Needed Prayer, It Is Now'

Pastors warn smartphone addiction 'major issue' in Church, offer solutions  

Pride Vs. Humility – The Struggle is Real

Gretchen Whitmer Wins “COVID Courage” Award Despite Order Killing Nursing Home Residents

Biden's National Day of Prayer Proclamation Doesn't Mention God

German Catholics Divided on Same-Sex Unions

Deep state FBI staffer arrested for running pedophile ring

Two Ohio Bills Would Ban Trans Athletes from Girls’ Sports                        5/6


St. Hilary of Arles

Greetings from the Titanic: Francis Invents "Ministry" Of Catechist

Referencing Aquinas & Athanasius, did "Benedict... the Munus" make Francis a "Pseudo-Pope" in a "Case of Necessity"?

‘Nighty, night, Baby’ FrancisCardinal Tobin: ‘Synodality’ is the "model of the church that the Lord expects for us in this millennia" and one that "will require changes on how we do and are church!"

Virus Priest Introduces Covid Liturgy

Why France is Losing One Religious Building Every Two Weeks

Nuns in the Crosshairs Federal secretary targets more religious

Good Job! - Fr. Nix, Bishop Paprocki, and EWTN's Chief Warsaw make Michael Sean Winter's 'Catholics behaving badly' list

Men Hold Rosary Rallies: Police Joins In

Netflix’s ‘Stowaway’ offers surprising pro-life perspective

Joe Biden Cancels Declaration Trump Signed With 34 Nations Saying There’s No Right to Abortion

Pro-lifers to fund new challenge to Northern Ireland’s imposed abortion law

Pastor Supports Killing Babies in Abortion, Wants to “Take God Back” From Pro-Life Christians

Fauci, FDA join Planned Parenthood-sponsored webinar on ‘future of health care’

Judge Denies Gov’t Request to Close Canadian Church That Has Defied Leftist Lockdown Lunacy

Jonathan Cahn sees astonishing biblical 'template' in Capitol riot 


2 pastors from Beijing's Zion Church arrested 3 years after authorities forced church to close  

France: Generals Warn of Civil War Due to Creeping Islamism

Malaysia: ‘Christians Are Enemies of Islam’ Anti-Christian book goes viral, archbishop accused of anti-Muslim video

Disney targets kids as homosexual ‘pride’ month approaches

Viral Video: Mother Presses 6-Year-Old Daughter: ‘Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl?’  

New Jersey Catholic high school promotes alumna’s homosexual ‘wedding’                                           5/5


St. Florian

Blessed Michael Giedroyc

Bishop Schneider Makes an Attempt To Teach Francis Catholic Religion

Your Guardian Angel Has Good News for You When You See These Seven Signs

The 1963 Vatican Enthronement of Lucifer: A 'Windswept House' Update

Second Interview of Radio Spada with Archbishop C. M. Viganò

Sudden Attack by the devil – Fr. Mark Goring has dream … Shares thoughts on the Devil

GTV on Cd. Burke's 'moving up' - Fobbing off the "Conservatives" with booby prizes has a long tradition in the Vatican

Shipwrecked in Malta: Part II Novitiate to novice master

The Feast of the Invention of the Cross

Bishop dismantles Notre Dame’s ‘immoral’ policy mandating COVID vaccination

Bishop Robert E. Smith: If You Support a Ministry That’s Now Pushing Vaccines, Ask for Your Money Back

Mercy 2.0: Francis Threatens His Cardinals With Secular Courts

Texas Preborn Sanctuary The people voted when council refused

Former abortion supporters describe how their minds were changed

Archbishop Says Pro-Abortion Catholics Should be Denied Communion Because “Abortion is Evil”

San Francisco archbishop: Excommunication a ‘last resort’ for pro-abortion Catholic politicians like Biden

Archbishop Judges Pro-Abort Catholics They share in the guilt of abortion

Pro-life investigator: University of Pittsburgh and Planned Parenthood had illegal business dealings over aborted body parts

WATCH: University experiments on aborted baby parts, funding linked to Fauci

Obama-Biden Admin Bought Skulls of Second-Trimester Babies Killed in Abortions for Research

Ignorance or deception? WashPo op-ed tries to downplay undeniable link between abortion and eugenics

North Dakota passes legislation that prevents public universities from partnering with abortion vendors 

Pro-Life MP Faces 6 Years in Prison Because Finland Says Her Christian Views are “Hate Speech”

Hollywood and Catholicism Bug Hall speaks out.

Major parliamentary initiative launched to stop assisted suicide from coming to the UK

Irish Police KIDNAPPED Him In the Middle of the Night

Biden Spends Billions Convincing Christians & Conservatives on COVID Shots

COVID Doctor: Gov’t ‘Scrubbing Unprecedented Numbers’ of Injection-Related Deaths


Scientists Use Scalps From Aborted Babies to Create “Humanized Mice” and Fauci is Funding It

Is Christian cohabitation the new norm?      only for those who do not really follow Jesus

Pakistan: Muslims forcibly ‘convert’ mentally challenged Catholic, threaten his family, pressure them to convert

New Zealand Book Festival Cancels ‘Harry Potter’ Event over J.K. Rowling Saying Only Women Menstruate

Pastor shares how openly confessing his struggle with same-sex attraction helps him in ministry

PervChurch: FrancisCatholic parishes in Germany to include gay and lesbian couples in planned ‘blessing services for lovers!’

Enough Is Enough: Homosex Bishop Needs to Go

Ex-gay Milo Yiannopoulos tosses $150K ‘sodomy’ engagement ring into Pacific Ocean

German Police Shut Down 'Boystown' Child Sex Abuse Platform 'With 400,000 Members'

Finnish Politician Charged With Hate Crimes for Tweeting Bible Verse, Criticising Homosexuality             5/4


Saints Philip and James

St. Athanasius

French public TV cancels Joan of Arc film over conservative journalist’s involvement

Purgatory Mystic: What a soul sees at their funeral…”Tears are useless, only prayers!”

Church must help counter resistance to vaccines, Vatican health care expert (sellout) says

"It appears that if the trend continues the Novus Ordo Mass may be overthrown by sheer numbers"

Vatican Health Gig Gets Contraception Cash Scandal erupts after exposé on investments in morning-after pill

The Bishops Will Not Sanction the U.S. Election Thief The American bishops will not enforce canon law against election thief and abortion militant Joe Biden

Cardinal Allies With Police Against Rosary

“LOVE” These two photos of Our Lady at Medjugorje are the most historic ever caught on film.…Here’s why

The Oldest Group of Sedevacantists in the U.S

Dallas Double Standard Catholic 'elites' are better than you

New Safe Haven Baby Box in Indiana marks 55th in the state, ready to save more lives

Lubbock, Texas Votes to Ban Abortions — Dubs Itself ‘Sanctuary City For the Unborn’

This account of ‘selective reduction’ abortion is one of the most chilling you’ll ever read

Ignorance or deception? WashPo op-ed tries to downplay undeniable link between abortion and eugenics

Biden-Harris administration ‘respectfully disagrees’ with Catholic Church on research using aborted children

China shuts down Bible App, Christian WeChat as new crackdown policies go into effect

Church treasurer steals nearly $200,000 from church to go gambling

Bad Times for the Faithful Fake Catholic president's first 100 days

Anti-Christ Chi-Coms Shut Down Bible App, Christian WeChat as New Crackdown Policies Go Into Effect

Miami imam: ‘Palestine is land of Islam, we’ll take it back.’ ‘If you love Jesus,’ Islam ‘is the religion for you.’

France: Pakistani flag painted on wall of 11th-century chapel

Nigeria: Muslims seek out and murder two Christians and two Muslims they didn’t think were Islamic enough

Nigerian church destroyed by Fulani rebuilt with help of American pastor: It brings ‘healing and hope’

Shipwrecked in Malta: Part I Predator in postulancy

Catholic university in New York commits to promoting LGBT ideology on campus

“I Oppose Biological Boys Who Are Trans Competing in Girls’ Sports – It Just Isn’t Fair” – Former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner Speaks Out in Defense of Womens’ Sports (VIDEO)

Florida passes ban on transgenders in women’s sports, Gov. DeSantis says he’ll sign

Ellen Page claims to be celebrating being transgender, but her eyes tell a very different story

Trans Regret: After Double Mastectomy, Girl Says "I Want to Crawl Out of My Skin"

Follow the science? Not when it comes to transgenderism

SHOUTING MSNBC Host Loses It at GOP Governor Over Trans Bill in State                                         5/3


St. Pius V, Pope

Worker Saints and the month of May  

Francis Met Fatima Cardinal - What Were They Talking About

St. Catherine's Advice to Cdl. Burke: Do God's Will & Don't Fear Schism

Catholic bishops considering whether to tell Biden to stop taking Communion over abortion advocacy

Biden and Bergoglio What are they up to?

Is the Vatican’s new judicial activism good for the Holy See?

Ireland to allow public worship for the first time in almost five months


Idaho and Oklahoma governors sign ‘heartbeat bills’ into law, protecting preborn lives

Texas Will Spend $100 Million to Help Pregnant Women, Save Babies From Abortion

India Kills 22 Million Girl Babies in 30 Years

Another woman reported to be ‘bleeding out’ at a South Carolina Planned Parenthood

Canadian pastor says province makes application to ‘lock the doors’ of his church

Youth for Christ CEO on Why He’s ‘Hopeful’ About Today’s Young People Despite Sobering Statistics

Pricey NYC Catholic Prep School Makes Students Undergo Gender Ideology Training

Young pastor DIES not long after receiving, promoting Moderna's experimental vaccine protocol

At Least 44 Killed In "Human Avalanche" At Israeli Religious Festival

Anger as Ex-Generals Warn of ‘Deadly Civil War’ in France Due To ‘Islamic Extremism’

Germany: Muslim migrant stabs his wife to death in front of his three small children to cleanse his honor

Death toll during the holy month of Ramadan 2021

Texas: Muslim gets 10 years for hiding his father, a Most Wanted fugitive in honor killing of his two daughters

Brit Girl Trafficked to Syria Aged 12, Raped and Impregnated by Her Jihadi ‘Husband’ Trapped in Refugee Camp

Christian photographer continues legal fight against law that may force him to work gay weddings

American Priests Campaign for Homosex Adoptions

Christian Pastor Arrested In UK For Saying Marriage Is Between A Man And A Woman

Theologian Slams Methodist Church for Creating ‘Two Religions’ Over LGBT Issues

FL Lawmakers Approve Bill Banning Trans Athletes from Women’s Sports

Ireland bill would ban Catholic teaching, counseling for same-sex attraction, priest warns                        4/30


“One of the great miracles of our times” Investigation of Miracle Intensifies…Host with Holy Face of Jesus Investigated

St. Catherine of Siena

California’s Consecration to St. Joseph 'Terror of Demons, pray for us'

Road to Perdition and the coming tribulation – Our Lady: “I suffer for them. They do not know what awaits them.”

WATCH: Young Catholics raise ‘God cannot bless sin’ banner in response to church displaying pride flag

Catholic Bishop: It’s a “Grave Moral Evil” for Joe Biden to Receive Communion But Promote Abortion

Petition asks Vatican to cancel ‘health’ conference featuring abortion activists, Fauci, Big Tech oligarchs

WATCH: Fr. Altman says bishops showed ‘abundance of cowardice’ in COVID response


New Mexico Bishop Perpetuates Lockdown One diocese stays closed, another opens up

"The Priest in Relation to Christ is Strikingly Analogous to the Role of St. Joseph in Relation to God the Father"

In rare move, Pope ousts two Ecuadorian bishops amid talk of “shadows” of homosexuality, concubinage, simony in liberal Riobamba diocese

In anti-corruption law, Pope Francis seeks to quash Vatican ‘envelope’ culture with ban on gifts over $50

Biden and Bergoglio What are they up to?

Church Defeats Intolerant Far-Left Mayor

Top Catholic Bishop on Biden: ‘How Can He Say He’s a Devout Catholic and…’

Bishop rebukes Notre Dame president for COVID vaccine mandate

Polish Catholics commemorate fifth of diocesan priests killed in World War II

Gang raped at 14, she chose life for her son despite doctor and family coercion

Methodist Church Opposes Measure to Ban Abortions: Killing Babies Helps Us “Love One Another”

NARAL cheers newly confirmed Associate AG who fought against Little Sisters of the Poor

Purchase Orders Show FDA Bought “Fresh” Livers of Viable Babies Killed in Abortions

You May be Funding Forced Abortions in China Thanks to Joe Biden’s Executive Order

BOMBSHELL: Vatican Invested In Abortifacient Pills

Irish hospital distances itself from Catholic roots to commit more abortions

Biden-Harris administration ‘respectfully disagrees’ with Catholic Church on research using aborted children

Mom Discovers BLM Brainwashing Anthem On Spotify Christian Children's Playlist

Texas bill proposes longer waiting limit for divorce: a small step to strengthen marriage?

Study: Religious scriptures that legitimize violence cause more believers to support terrorism

Death toll during the holy month of Ramadan 2021

‘We have been disappointed’: Liberal congregations leaving United Methodist Church over homosexuality debate

Harvard-Educated Dem. Claims People w/ Down Syndrome Are Neither Male nor Female

Democrat NYC Mayoral Candidate Who Demanded Sex-Ed for 6th Graders Accused of Sexual Abuse

Illinois church with drag queen leader reached 'doctrinal annihilation': Al Mohler

Pixar to introduce first transgender character

Florida women’s sports protection bill in jeopardy after being shelved by Senate Republicans                      4/29


St. Peter Chanel

US bishops’ conference denies any wrongdoing in ongoing Peter’s Pence lawsuit, blames parishioners

State-funded Caritas blames politicians for not actually shuttling invading Muslims to Europe in government boats

Abp. Charles J. Chaput: “Don’t be afraid of dying. Be afraid of not really living.”  

Defend Fr. Altman From The Vicious Wolves

Conservative Catholics Prepare 'Truth Over Fear Summit' in Response to Pope Francis' Globalist Conflab

What would Cardinal Meyer say?  

Supreme Court vacates Ninth Circuit ruling against church suing California over worship limits

'Sickening': Pastor Who Threw 'Gestapo' Police From Church Gets Another Visit, Kicks Them Out Again 

Gavin Newsom Abandons Church Singing Ban After Supreme Court Rebukes Him Five Times

Priests Concelebrates With "Sick and Sad" Doggie

Republican Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt Signs 3 Pro-Life Bills Into Law

Preborn Protections Attacking the abortion agenda

The pregnancy help community is at the forefront of serving human trafficking victims

Planned Parenthood Activist: It’s “Extremely Cruel” to Protect Babies From Being Killed in Abortions

Nuns ask Supreme Court to stop New York's abortion healthcare mandate  

Washington Gov Jay Inslee Signs Bill Forcing Health Insurance Plans to Pay for Abortions

UK 53 years of abortion: 9,675,153 lives lost since 1967

Jen Psaki Defends Selling Aborted Baby Parts for Research: It’s “Investing in Science”

Nazi-like Pro-Abortionists War on Mankind's "Food Supply": IP13 Democrat Ballot Initiative in Oregon to "Criminalize the Farming of Food Animals"

'Brave New World' of Embryos Grown Outside the Womb Is Closer Than You Think

HUMANICIDE: Pfizer admits in its own mRNA jab trial documentation that non-jabbed people can be ENVIRONMENTALLY EXPOSED to the jab’s spike proteins by INHALATION or SKIN CONTACT.

The traditionalist Catholic world is also divided on the use of vaccines derived from cell lines of aborted babies

Canadian Supreme Court cements closure of private hospices for refusal to participate in assisted suicide

Oligarchs Have Decided: Cardinal Marx Will NOT Receive German Award

Skillet's John Cooper says moral relativism, 'woke ideology' permeating Church is 'wrecking Christianity'

Ontario Catholic school board won’t fly pride flag but will ‘raise awareness’ of pride month

State Dept. Reverses Trump Admin. Ban, Authorizes Display of Pride Flags at US Embassies

Angry Pro-Gay Bishop Insults Faithful During Homily 

Female detransitioner says gender dysphoria must be treated like mental health issue                          4/28


Saint Louis Mary Grignion de Montfort

St. Zita

After mystical experience, priest announces Communion only on the tongue and kneeling

Vatican Exorcist Fr. Armoth: “Padre Pio was tormented by one issue – the coming of the “Great Apostasy, Satan will come to rule a false Church”.

Cdl. Cupich essentially turns the Blessed Sacrament into a magical amulet

Marxist Pope Hangs Image of Nude Jesus Caressing Judas Behind His Desk

Catholic Bishop: “We Should Mourn for Unborn Babies” Killed in Abortions

Cardinal Cupich cancels Univ. of Chicago Mass, tells students not to go to local parish 

Catholic clerics among 12 arrested after bishop-elect shot in South Sudan 

Church Troubles in Kansas Locals oppose bishop's demolition plan

Van Nuys parish seeks prayers, answers, after Guadalupe mural vandalized

AP rats La Crosse Father James Altman out to Bp. Callahan for flouting VirusEdicts, calling them 'godless,' and warning against the dangerous, abortiony DeathVaxx

Nun’s Death Suspicious The latest questionable death of a sister in India

Russia's Constitutional Reform: “Faith in God” is no longer “the opiate of the people,” but is now promoted to the rank of a “fundamental value” of the Russian Federation

She made four abortion appointments, but God intervened and saved her son

Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte Signs Three Pro-Life Bills to Save Babies From Abortions

Abortion survivor Claire Culwell: The truth about my past set me free

Oklahoma governor signs laws to ban virtually all abortions

Under Obama-Biden, FDA Bought Aborted Baby Livers, Brains and Eyeballs From Planned Parenthood

Obama-Biden Admin Paid $2,000 Per Aborted Baby Part for Research, $12,000 for Box of Aborted Baby Parts

Study Shows More Babies Killed in Abortions Because of COVID Financial Problems

Under evil Biden regime, the NIH abandons ethics board, resumes trafficking of aborted baby body parts using taxpayers’ money

Top 10 Sickening Details About How Federal Employees Trafficked Baby Body Parts

Planned Parenthood CEO’s condemnation of founder Margaret Sanger’s ideals rings hollow

Healing culture by communicating His presence

Chinese Regime Building Fraud Case Against Detained Christian Pastor, Subpoenas Wife

Coptic Christian Executed by ISIS-Linked Group in Warning to Egyptian Christians

The Pope at the Bedside of Peronism


Re-Educating the West Replace indoctrination with education

Armenian Genocide War on Christianity

Mutilated Girl Describes Horrors of Child Gender Transition: ‘I Can’t Believe I was Allowed . . . to Have This Procedure’

Follow the Science? Not when it comes to transgenderism

Judge sides with trans-identified boys as female athletes' high-profile case is dismissed

Blessing of Homosexual Unions: A Liquid Magisterium

Meet the new Milo! Catholic, celibate, opening gay conversion therapy

Alabama becomes fifth state to ban gender-confused boys in girls’ sports

Judge Dismisses Suit to Protect Women’s Sport Because Transgender Athletes Already Graduated              4/27


St. Cletus

Saint Pedro de San José Betancur

The Eucharist: Foretaste of Heaven

Blind, disabled girl rejected by her parents recognized a saint

The Risen Jesus is the Enemy of Totalitarianism

France: The Church's "Thermometer" Is Back

Canadian police seize altar wine, say it's illegal to import it

Priest who spoke out against flying ‘pride’ flag outside Catholic schools expelled from diocese

Francis Effect: Now Poland Is Also Lost

Pope warns priests not to be ambitious 'climbers'

Vatican Suspended Canonical Investigation of Detroit Priest

Africa: Youngest Italian Bishop Shot

Wisconsin to investigate priestly sexual abuse of minors

Court rules Tennessee can enforce 48-hour waiting period for abortions

Dinesh D’Souza: Margaret Sanger's Racist Legacy

RACE to DAVOS: Team Biden Launches Great Reset by M Matt


Mormons, Moderna Fund Pope’s Health Gig Francis draws nearer to doctrinally white-supremacist, pro-polygamy cult

USCIRF, China Aid Release Yearly Reports on Religious Liberty


China intensifies clampdown on Christian orphanages

Why Kids Need God and Summer Camp This Year More Than Ever

Poking Holes in the Koran

Pressure Mounts For the Church to Change Her Teaching on Homosexuality As Open Schism Looms

U.S. priests campaign for homo marriage & adoption 

Biden Tosses Trump’s ‘Transgender’ Proposal, Putting Women at Homeless Shelters At Risk             4/26


St. Mark

Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen

Powerful story – “Our Lady of Roses” Jesus Tells “Seer” about the “Second Coming”

Schneider to the Irish: Have Mass, Sacraments In Secret

Good Samaritan stabbed to death at grocery store, saves teenage girl

5 Inspirational quotes from St. Gianna Beretta Molla

Bishop: What Message Did the Church's Worldwide Shutdown

April 2021 Our Lady Rosa Mystica to Visionary Eduardo – “The great sign is approaching that will be seen in Medjugorje…My Prophecies Are Being Fulfilled”

Who will succeed Cardinal Robert Sarah as Prefect of the Roman Congregation Divine Worship and the Sacraments?

Archbishop Prays Outside Planned Parenthood For an End to Abortion

Priest: Dead Three Weeks After Ordination

Pastors, Stop Telling Your Flock to Get Vaccinated


Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb Signs Bill Saying COVID Can’t be Used as Excuse to Shut Down Churches

Democrat Wisconsin Governor vetoes bill banning him from closing churches on the pretext of a ScamDemic

Lila Rose urges churches to start pro-life ministries, embrace the fight against abortion: 'The answer is you'

Newsweek accidentally admits Trump’s HHS Rule protected life by closing abortion loophole

Alveda King: If America Really Wants to End Racism, We Should Close Planned Parenthood

‘Exciting’ new research on infants’ lungs could make a lifesaving difference for preemies

139 Babies are Killed in Abortions Every Minute Around the World. We Must End Abortion

My new baby’s ultrasound revealed to me ‘the horror of what I had done’ in past abortions

Man Fills Bowling Ball with Father’s Ashes — Bowls Perfect Game!

Pope Francis celebrates his name day with chocolate and Globalist vaccines


‘It’s evil’: Why we can’t accept vaccine passports

Canadian Police Return With SWAT to Local Church Run by Artur Pawlowski

Pastors Welcome Rise in Private, Homeschooling in Black Communities

Preacher Blasts Spineless Church For Objecting Less To Lockdowns Than THIS Foreign Judge

AI analysis of Dead Sea Scrolls points to more than one scribe

Flashback: "Joe [Biden], do you know what else is a Sin besides Killing Babies? Lying... "

Media told to do better at understanding faith

Alabama Governor Signs Law Protecting Female K-12 Athletes, Bans Biological Males From Competing With Them

‘True to its doctrine’: Conservatives plan for a new church after United Methodism splits over homosexuality debate

State Legislature Allows Men in Women’s Sports Veto override fails in the North Dakota Senate

College of the Ozarks sues Biden for trying to force boys into girls’ dorms

7 reasons why Catholic schools should not fly the gay pride flag

Helping the Oligarchs: Homosex Bishop Opposes the Rights of Parents

Chair of Catholic School Board calls illegal meeting to promote LGBT agenda                       4/25


St. George

God the Ultimate Giver of Gifts

The saint who offered her life to God for the cause of Christian unity

Might Francis's "Rights Talk" on Climate Change & the Whole Leftist Agenda be "Incompatible with Christian Doctrine"?

Faithless, Money-Grubbing Fear-Monger Francis: Nature “No Longer Forgives”

Fearmongering, Money-grubbing JokePope Francis: My ScamDemic has taught us this interdependence, this sharing of the planet. And both global disasters, COVID and the climate, show that we don’t have time to wait any longer!

SKY TV REPORTS : Grandmother captures image of ‘demon’ standing over her granddaughter’s bed

It’s Official: German Bishops introduce Protestant Communion

Christianity and Heresy Do Not Mix Today's 'ecumenism' is flawed reductionism

Dissident San Diego bishop elevated to Vatican position

Bishops urge return to Mass after pandemic

Sisters call on UK to reverse ‘illegal’ nuclear weapons plan

Court Upholds Prohibition: But Francis Bishop Promises to Fight

China's persecution of Christians 'intensified' in 2020, report details

Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb Signs Bill Saying COVID Can’t be Used as Excuse to Shut Down Churches

Gutting Catholic Education The decades-long destruction of Catholic schools

She Learned She Survived an Abortion When Her Birth Mom Told Her: “Your Life is a Miracle”

Several US states consider bills regulating abortion

Liberal Reporter Upset That Black College Football Star Was Not Killed in an Abortion

Angel of Deathvaxx PA Gov. Mengele Wolf: “I’m not resigned to anybody not getting a shot”

Motherhood and Mission: Activist Mommy speaks about life’s seasons and God’s calling

Catholic League Decries Rise of ‘Polite Persecution’ of Christians in the West

Christian University Faculty Revolt After Board Votes to Affirm Biblical View of Sexuality   REPLACE THEM

More Disturbing Information From the Biden Border Child Trafficking Ring

Dr. Michael Yeadon on Vaccine Passports: We Will be Standing at the “Gates of Hell” if Implemented, and They Will Push Us In

Salon op-ed claims some humans aren’t persons, so it is ‘ethical’ to kill them

Islamic State Executes Another Christian on Video

What LGBT activists REALLY want for the Halton Catholic Schools — ‘and every school in the world’

Biden Admin. Appeals to Force Christian Doctors, Hospitals to Perform Trans-Gender Surgeries

Big Tech, American Airlines, Marriott attack bills that ban child ‘sex changes,’ protect girls sports

Report: Religion in China Suffers ‘Most Serious Crackdown Since the Cultural Revolution’

Secretary of State Blinken allow embassies to fly LGBTQ flag on same poll as U.S. flag                      4/23


St. Abdiesus

Saint Adalbert of Prague

The Ecstatic Visions of St. Catherine of Siena

Incredible New Photo From Medjugorje going Viral –

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Dresses Down Vatican Over Globalist Confab with Chelsea Clinton, Dr. Fauci, Jane Goodall and Other Heretics – Only 2 Clergy Speakers in 114 Listed

Bp. Strickland says Cdl. Burke is ‘teaching the truth’ on pro-abortion Catholics being ‘apostates’

Bishop Schneider: Diabolical, Monstrous, Perverse

The third secret of Fatima: “A persecution will come from “inside the Church.” Pope Benedict XVI Warns

African cardinal urges resistance to Western Ideologies

Irish Bishops Reaping What They Have Sown: Government Persecuting Church

Archbishop Slams Biden for Funding Aborted Baby Parts: “Innocent Abortion Victims are Not a Commodity”

US Catholic bishops urge Biden’s handlers to bring in more ‘refugees’


Lying Cheats Rewriting Church history

Three days of closure for Catholic schools and universities: release the kidnapped!

Premature Baby Girl Born at 22 Weeks, Two Weeks Before Abortion Deadline. Look at Her Now

In an unexpected move, lawmakers in Mexico halt pro-abortion legislation

Stanford University Scientists Caught Using Aborted Babies’ Fingers in Tax-Funded Experiments

Lords hammer Westminster for power grab over abortion

Planned Parenthood's $80 Million Payday Sparks Call for Probe

Biden-Harris HHS to allow taxpayer-funded research using aborted children, eliminates ethics board

Did George Floyd’s Life Matter More Than the Tens of Millions Innocent Babies Democrats Have Slaughtered?

Nancy Pelosi Offers Prayer of Thanks to Her Jesus

Flashback: The Chauvin/Floyd & Francis Hysteria and the Climate Change Marxist Revolution

'Religious Liberty in Crisis': Ken Starr says new challenges undermine America's first freedom

Not-president Biden pulls the grandma-killer card on those who don’t want the deathvaxx

Sex trafficking survivor begs Illinois lawmakers to keep parental notification law

A Catholic entrepreneur provides Muslim fellow citizens with evening meals to strengthen inter-religious harmony

Pakistan: Authorities block lawyers from holding press conference on arrest of two Christian nurses for ‘blasphemy’

Death toll during the holy month of Ramadan 2021

Egypt: Islamic State video shows its murder of 62-year-old Christian man who built the only church in his area

Pro-LGBT Cardinal refuses to stop Catholic radio station from playing Satanic music

North Dakota Governor Vetoes Transgender Sports Bill

Male rape suspects in Scotland allowed to 'self-identify' as female: police

“Trans” Teen Given Two Funerals After Parents Argue Over “Gender”

Dad Sentenced to 6 Months for Breaking Gag Order, Objecting to Daughter Taking Testosterone             4/22


St. Anselm

St. Marian

The Coming “Holy War” – Tensions Rise – US slams Russian plan to block Black Sea – Putin Lectures America for abandoning its Christian roots

Trailer for actor Jim Caviezel’s powerful new film about cartel trafficking of children shown at Health & Freedom Conference: See it here

Viganò on Vatican ‘health’ conference with Fauci: Holy See is ‘making itself the servant of the New World Order’

Under cover of COVID, the Vatican is going haywire

Bishops Lament Biden Flip-Flop on Raising Refugee Cap WE need to pray for their souls that they stop being G. Soros's puppets

Vatican Hosts Hindu ‘Quack’ at Health Forum Guru Deepak Chopra claims Catholic Church created a 'confusing Jesus'

Bishops Closing Churches & Building Mosques: Crazy…Or Diversity in Action?

Catholic laypeople in Cologne Archdiocese Demand Local Synod

Today, April 20, is Our Lady of Quito: The miracle of the eyes come to life!

Italy: Front Against Abortion-Tainted Medicine

Community horrified by murder of newborn twins in a state where abortion is legal up to birth

After Vaccination: “6000% Increase"

Dumping Sanger Planned Parenthood trying to rewrite its history

Federal agencies caught trafficking aborted baby body parts for profit

Biden Admin. Reverses Trump-Era Regulations on Research Derived From Aborted Baby Tissue

Abandoning African Christians Biden administration downplays religious freedom

Why 1 million people decided to change their religion in 2 hours

Minneapolis church goes up in flames as anti-Chauvin protests roil outside nearby courthouse

Report: 5.2 Billion People Face ‘Very Severe Violations of Religious Freedom’

…Catholic League Decries Maxine Waters’ ‘War on Cops’…

Maxine's Goons? Minneapolis Church Set Ablaze Blocks From BLM 'Peaceful Protests'

New Jersey Catholics pray for an end to Seton Hall University radio station airing Satanic music

On Day 82, Biden Noted the "Bullying" of Muslims, But NEVER Speaks of Persecuted Christians.

Church elders under fire for threatening to expel mom who left husband, started dating woman

Montana Allows Gender Transition Surgery for Children

New Jersey Makes Gender ‘X’ An Option On Driver’s Licenses

Christian university sues to block HUD order forcing male student placement in female dorms

Company Sells Sex Robot 'Clones' Of Dead Partners Using 3D-Modeling Technology                                  4/21


St. Alphege

Saint Conrad of Parzham 

The Coming “Holy War” – Tensions Rise – US slams Russian plan to block Black Sea

Sponsor a gargoyle: New fundraiser launched for Notre Dame in Paris

The new scribes and scholars of the Law

The Early Church Was Not Socialist

Vatican To Host Fauci, Chelsea Clinton, Vaccine Company CEO's

Defence of Latest Vatican Attempt to Kill Traditional Latin Mass – Convincing?

Doctrinal Revolution Bishops openly opposing Church teaching

Anti-lockdown Ontario Pastor calls on Premier Ford to commit ‘political suicide’ and open up his province

Primate of All-Ireland calls new law criminalising Mass attendance ‘draconian’

Catholic Prophecy on the Loss of the Holy Eucharist…”Devil will deprive the world of Mass… precursor of the Anti-Christ.”

Moral Collapse The result of modernism

Les Femmes: "General Franco, President Trump, Archbishop Lefebvre - What do these three men have in common?"

This approach to sidewalk outreach is saving more babies and moms from abortion than ever

Pro-life Dominican Republic faces pressure to legalize abortion

Racist Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger Wanted to Kill Black People, Nothing Has Changed

Deception: Planned Parenthood Brings In New ‘Faith Leaders’ to ‘Promote, Protect & Expand’ Abortion

Arkansas Legislature Passes Bill to Block Planned Parenthood From Teaching Sex Ed

Mail-Order Death Fallout from FDA reversal

Biden Admin Allows 'a Marketplace for Aborted Baby Body Parts' Using Taxpayer Money

Mother mourns daughter who died from legal abortion: ‘Nothing prepared me for this’

Thousands of reports of menstrual irregularities, reproductive dysfunction following COVID vaccines

"Hatred, Enmity, Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide": The Persecution of Christians, March 2021

ISIS executes Coptic businessman in Egypt, sends message to 'all crusaders in the world'

Fiorazo: Study Sheds Light On Biden Voters’ Rejection of Biblical Truth

France: Police instructed to bend lockdown rules for Muslims during Ramadan

Billy Graham Ministry and Scottish Church Booted from Rental Space Over Biblical Beliefs

ICYMI: Easter “Parade” 2021 outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral NYC

New Mexico becomes the latest state to succumb to the evils of euthanasia

Shock Video: Children Strut Across Stage with Drag Queens, Pose For Cash at Night Club          4/20


St. Alphege

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla

Saint Benedict Joseph Labre        Blessed James Oldo

Tyranny: Ireland secretly makes attending Mass punishable by up to 5 years in prison

Abp. Aquila condemns giving Communion to pro-abortion politicians, calls on Catholics to ‘Take Sin Seriously'

PiusX: Four Reasons Against Covid-19 Vaccines

Los Angeles Archbishop Decries ‘Growing Censorship of Christian Viewpoints’

Polish bishops’ bioethics committee urges Catholics not to choose the most abortion-tainted vaccines   how about none of them

Haiti: Tear Gas During Mass?

Canadian gov’t won’t show evidence for lockdowns in trial of pastor charged with breaking regulations

PiusX: Four Reasons Against Covid-19 Vaccines

These monks handcraft tiny wood caskets for children lost to miscarriage and stillbirth

Vatican Invites Abortion Advocate Chelsea Clinton To Talk About ‘Health’ And The ‘Soul’

Planned Parenthood CEO Admits Its Founder Margaret Sanger Was a White Supremacist, But Still Embraces Her

Planned Parenthood announces new clergy advocacy board members

The Leprechaun has no clothes: Notre Dame violates the Nuremberg Code of 1947

End Times? Putin Mysteriously Prays to the Virgin Mary as Ukraine Russia Tensions Rise

Martin Luther King, Jr. –1953: ‘The False God of Science’

Team of American and Chinese Scientists Announces Human-Monkey Hybrid Embryos Have Been Created

U.S. Scientists Are 'Playing God' By Creating Bizarre Human-Animal Chimeras During Extremely Strange Scientific Experiments

Soviet concentration camp survivor, pro-lifer arrested for blocking entrance to abortion center

Demonic: Biden to Ramp Up Experiments Using Aborted Baby Body Parts

Not just vaccines: Modern medicine must end reliance on cells from aborted children

Iran Releases Christian Convert Imprisoned for ‘Membership in Evangelistic Group’

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice Says He Will Not Veto Law Defending Girl’s Sports, Despite NCAA Threats

Nutty Professors Argue That LGBTQ Sex Ed Should Be Taught in Elementary School Before ‘Cisnormative Values’ Become ‘More Deeply Ingrained’

Democrat Homosexual ‘Defund the Police’ Leader Busted for Child Sex Crimes         

Christian College Sues the Biden Administration Over Biden’s Gender Identity Executive Order                       4/19


St. Bernadette

They Are Coming And Everyone Will See Them – “The Book of Revelations is unfolding before our very eyes.” (Trending Video 1.5 million views)

Notre Dame Fire: Two Years Later, Despite Massive Cost Overruns, Officials Vow ‘the Cathedral Will Open’ by 2024

Breaking Bad: Liz Yore tells War Room about the continual explosion of Francis’s Peter’s Pence PervCondo Financial Mess. [32:00]

Pope Francis calls for a New World Order inhabited by fully vaccinated slaves

Vatican ‘Health’ Conference Speaker to World Economic Forum: “All these [environmental] things we talk about wouldn’t be a problem if there was the size of population that there was 500 years ago”

"Traditional Methods": Mexican Nuncio Shoots Himself in the Foot

Pope’s Health Forum Parades New Age Gurus Celebrity speakers push Hindu meditation, COVID-19 vaccines, abortion

Kenyan bishops urge government to keep refugee camps for now

Is the Italian Mafia at War with the Francis Vatican Gay Mafia & did the Italian Deep State help Elect Francis?

Heretical association of Catholic priests supports pro-LGBT adoption legislation

Vatican II Barbarians: Relics Buried In Coffee Jars

Is Pachamama "Conservative" Mike Lewis a Modernist or at least "Proximate to Heresy"?

Romanian photographer breathtakingly captures bond between mothers and children

Premature Baby Born at 22 Weeks and Weighing Just 14 Ounces Defies Doctors’ Expectations

Pro-abortion members of Congress use misleading abortion claims to scrap Hyde Amendment

Joe Biden Wants More Babies Killed in Abortions and is Forcing Americans to Fund Them

Federal Government Caught Buying ‘Fresh’ Flesh Of Aborted Babies Who Could Have Survived As Preemies

Pro-abortion religious group erects billboards in Kentucky: ‘Good people have abortions’

Judge Blasts Abortion: “Many Think Eugenics Ended With the Horrors of the Holocaust. It Did Not”

Study: 6% Of Americans Follow a Biblical Worldview

The Left Has Conquested the Church

Some Catholic Universities Begin Policies Mandating COVID-19 Vaccinations

Watch: Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Speaks at ‘Witches Against Patriarchy’ Protest

Alex Jones Right Again: Scientists Admit They Successfully Created Human-Monkey Hybrids

Connecticut lawmakers to vote on repealing religious exemption to vaccine mandates

Over a quarter of college and high school students 'never' attend church, new poll finds

German Bishop Defies Vatican by Permitting Blessings of Same-Sex Unions

German Catholics plan huge blessing of gay unions on May 10

Now the Cult of LGBTQ is pushing to normalize incest

The Transgender Movement Is Depriving Children of Stable Families                        4/16


St. Paternus

Blessed Caesar de Bus

The Madonna Files: Did a modern Russian prophecy from the Virgin Mary given to six children on a rocky hill in a remote village reveal the future of the world that is unfolding now?

Francis "Strongly Believes" In Abu Dhabi Heresy

The Dangerous Alliance of Rothschild and the Vatican of Francis

Former Vatican Bank chief condemns new religion of ‘scientism’ regarding COVID response

Vatican announces 5th International Health Conference (May 6-8, 2021) titled: “Exploring the Mind, Body & Soul. How Innovation and Novel Delivery Systems Improve Human Health.” Speakers include Anthony Fauci, Moderna/Pfizer CEOs, Chelsey Clinton, Joe Perry of Aerosmith

Special Report: Detroit Porn Scandal Sacred Heart Major Seminary hushed up incident

How Lovely! Bishop Builds Mosque

Abusive Fathers Bishops and priests failing in their spiritual obligations

UPDATE: Philly Carmelites’ departure confirmed by three priestly sources… so when will kneeling be banned?

New Philly Archbishop Pérez offers Ramadan greetings to area’s Muslims

Clergy Rape Victim Rips Cardinal for Trauma Pope Francis' disgraced blue-eyed boy remains in post after turning 75

Liberal: Jesuit Wants To FORCE People Into Novus Ordo


No to vaccine passports in church, says Christian group

Michael Knowles criticizes ‘state church’ of COVID panic and ‘high priest’ Fauci at Ave Maria University speech

Planned Parenthood abortionist is also chief of staff at Catholic hospital in Washington

Reporter to Jen Psaki: How can abortion advance ‘equity’ when it disproportionately kills minority children?

Polish Bishops: Serious to the Point of Being Ridiculous

Planned Parenthood Killed 354,871 Babies in Abortions Last Year. More Than Ever Before

Biden Begins to Undo Trump-Era Ban on Abortion Referrals

Abortion Pill Kills 23-Year-Old Woman After Joe Biden Scraps Laws Protecting Women

Hawaii governor signs law allowing non-physicians to commit abortions

Joe Biden Will Overturn Trump’s Pro-Life Rule Defunding Planned Parenthood of $60 Million

Catholics mobilise to help evacuees from La Soufrière volcano

Justin Bieber criticizes celebrity pastors who place themselves on a 'pedestal'

Theology professor defends her ‘Dear God, Please help me to hate White people’ prayer

Stunning number of Americans don't hold a biblical worldview

Germany: Muslim mother kills her four-year-old son to keep him from being raised as a Christian

Amazon reverses ban on book helping parents rescue kids from transgenderism after pushback

Christian Colleges fight LGBT students' lawsuit seeking to block Title IX religious exemptions

LGBTQ Students Sue Department of Education Over Alleged 'Discriminatory Practices’ at Christian Universities 

Christian activist: LGBT radicals launched ‘terror campaign’ against me and my family

Transgender Inmates Now Get Prison Of Their Gender Choice In California

A Million Little Tragedies - ABC Show Character Claims Being Transgender Is 'Being Myself'              4/15


St. Lydwine

New Video: Purgatory Mystic: Poor Souls From Purgatory Reveal the 3 Mistakes to Avoid at Mass at all Costs

“Bright Future”: Archbishop Gullickson Writes Treatise About Old Rite


Detroit Priest Vindicated by Rome Archbishop accused of engaging in 'vindictive prosecution'

Exorcist: how spirits mess with church

Diagnosing the Spectrum of Diabolic Attacks

Holy Wilton of Washington: To address ongoing decline in religious participation, Church must tell the truth, return to its central mission, whatever the hell that is

Archdiocese of Toronto Priest Liborio Amaral gets the CCP Virus "vaccine" and asks, "What would Jesus do?"

Staggering Incompetence: Now Italian Police Tries Their Luck

Mother Changed Her Mind, Saved Her Baby From Abortion: “I Love Her With All My Heart”

COURT: Ohio Can Ban Abortions Targeting Down Syndrome Children

Five Myths of Why Bergogilio is Definitely the Pope

Male nuns? Blame Pope Francis and our effeminate prelature

'They Can Take Our Facility, But We'll Just Find Another One': GraceLife Pastor Leads Church From Secret Location

Harvard-trained M.D.: Globalists are using COVID-19 to ‘crush the spirit’ of mankind

Pro-Abortion Billboards Claim Killing Babies in Abortions is Just “Between You and God”

Nicole nearly took the abortion pill. Then she called the Sisters of Life, and everything changed.

Abortion Pill Kills 23-Year-Old Woman After Joe Biden Scraps Laws Protecting Women

US Court of Appeals upholds Ohio law banning abortions because a baby has Down Syndrome

Pro-life OB/GYN slams abortion-supporting clergy: ‘What you are doing is evil’

Abp. Naumann, Pres. Biden, and the ongoing clash over Holy Communion

‘Fresh tissue is always our preference’: E-mails between FDA and tissue procurer reveal callousness toward aborted children

FDA lifts ban on abortion pill by mail during pandemic; pro-lifers say move 'prioritizes' profits

'The Lord Has Blessed Me': 104-Year-Old WV Man Packs 1,000th Shoebox for Operation Christmas Child

Cooperating With Evil The need for authentic Catholic journalism

For Oligarchs, Covid Is Only Dangerous During Mass - 10,000 Bikers IGNORE Them

'It's a descent into Hell and they're doing nothing about it!' - Archdiocese of Port-au-Prince using kidnapping of 7 priests as opportunity to blast pro-Christian, conservative gov't

In Sweden, thousands are micro-chipped

New Mexico governor signs bill legalizing assisted suicide

6/5: Scottish Elections: Should Catholics Withhold Vote in Protest at Tyranny? 


More than 30 states now considering bills to ban sexually confused boys from girls sports

Pope Francis ‘Hurt’ by CDF Repudiation of Homosexual Unions Gay member of Vatican commission: I feel he'll repair this

Congregations splinter from major Christian denomination over LGBTQ inclusion

Ontario Catholic school board to vote on flying gay ‘pride flag’ at all board-run schools              4/14


Pope Saint Martin I

Pachamama Flashback - "Red Pilled" Taylor Marshall: "This Comes down to... Francis, whether you are a Heretic, whether you are the Vicar of Christ [the Pope]?"

Kidnappers Seize 5 Priests, 2 Nuns in Haiti, Demand Ransom

Good Friday: British Police In Tears

Supreme Court Strikes Down Gov Gavin Newsome’s Restrictions on At-Home Bible Studies

China ramps up mass detention, torture of Christians while Pope Francis remains silent

This Pastor Went to the Supreme Court to Stop Government From Locking Down Churches. He Won

Nancy Pelosi Blocked Bill to Stop Infanticide 75 Times, This Pro-Life Congresswoman is Fighting Back

Democrats Lie About Abortion to Try to Make Americans Fund Killing Babies

Cells from aborted fetuses, does anyone still care?

French Parliament Defeats Radical Bill to legalize Euthanasia

Signs Of Evil In Our Faces Now As The Devil Uses Democrats To Usher In Satans Agenda

Report: China Intensifies Crackdown on Christian House Churches

Italian Judge Issues Arrest Warrant for Gianluigi Torzi, Who Brokered Vatican Property Deal With Cd. Becciu, Whom Francis Skipped Holy Thursday To Hang With

Orthodox Monk Banned From Facebook Says Internet is 'Major Vehicle for the Workings of the Evil One'

Sri Lanka: Muslim cleric identified as mastermind of 2019 Easter jihad massacre that killed over 300 people

Pakistan: Muslims accuse Christian nurses of blasphemy, enraged Muslim mob gathers, one of the nurses is stabbed

Black Conservative Pastors Expose 5 Lies by Biden, Abrams About Georgia Election Bill

Damning Our Youth: GLAAD Media Awards Preach that Trans Youth Are 'Anointed', 'Divine'

Here are the States That Want to Ban Life Altering Genital Mutilation Surgery on Minors

NC Lawmakers Move to Protect Youth from Trans Drugs, Surgeries

Super Woke 'Supergirl' Cast Wants Gender Surgery for Minors

Biden’s Education Dept Denies Request to Affirm Title IX Male/Female Sex              4/13


St. Julius

Saint Teresa of Los Andes

Saint Magdalen of Canossa               Saint Stanislaus

Most Unusual: Bishop Not Impressed By Oligarchs' Media Propaganda 

Jesus’ message to Padre Pio about the end of the world – “THE MONTH Of MAY WILL Be A TRAGIC MONTH.”

US bishop: Choir members, Communion ministers must be ‘fully vaccinated’

New Video – Fr. Rodrigue: A Divine Warnings from God the Father for 2021: ”Satan is Going to Attack!”

Vatican to host event on ‘theology of the priesthood,’ could discuss celibacy, women ‘deacons’

More Division: Francis Uses Wrong Text For First Time

Two US bishops back pro-LGBT campaign calling for acceptance of men who claim to be female

Catholic Nun Claims Supporting Abortion is the “Real Pro-Life Stance”

Joe Biden’s Budget Funds UNFPA, Which Supports China’s Population Control, Forced Abortions

How global warming alarmism is being used to promote population control and abortion

Notre Dame Requires Students to Get COVID Vaccine, But They’re Linked to Cells From Aborted Babies

“The Shock Troops Are Coming!” – 200 Heavily-Armed Canadian Police Deployed to Edmonton Church to Harass Christians (VIDEO)

JAILED the pastor, STORMED the church, FENCED it off, now DOZENS of Covid TROOPS in gas masks raid Worshippers Outside

For years, Boston cops kept secret: Union prez was alleged child molester

Christian Doctor Who Wrote About Presence of Angels, Fragility of Life Killed in SC Mass Shooting

Christians Defy Nazis!

Despite Pandemic, Beijing Continues to Persecute Falun Gong Practitioners, Leaked Document Shows

New Mexico Gov Michelle Grisham Signs Bill to Legalize Killing People in Assisted Suicides

West Virginia gov. likely to sign bill banning boys from girls’ sports

Derangement: Belgian State TV Promotes Man Wanting "to Be A Nun"

UK Labour Party Leader Apologizes for Visiting Church That Believes Marriage is Between a Man, a Woman

Parent in New York sues to 'marry' their adult child

Francis' Personal Homosex Activist Expects "Reparation" For Not Blessing Sin

What's Inside The Gender-Bending Picture Books In Your Children's Library                               4/12


St. Waldetrudis

Saint Casilda

BREAKING - Cardinal Burke: Pro-abortion politicians are in ‘apostasy,’ automatically excommunicated

Schneider: The Charismatic Movement Needs Help

Dancing With the Devil NJ cardinal still permitting satanic music

WATCH: Catholic seminarians defend life weekly on busy highway right outside seminary


Novus Ordo Heresy: Paris Archbishop Investigates Priest for Masks

Is the ‘era of big government’ over for U.S. dioceses?

Bishop’s Anti-Life Bill Doctor's choice trumps patient's life

US bishop: Choir members, Communion ministers must be ‘fully vaccinated’

Pope Francis calls for ‘global governance’ and ‘universal vaccines’ in letter to globalist financial summit

Look at the evil fiends who joined Faithless Pope Francis at the World Bank/IMF Spring Meeting!

Shock Video: Canada Complies with Chinese Order to Close Churches

Miracle Photo – The little-known event when “12 tongues of Fire” descended on the Day of the Pentecost in Medjugorje

‘Always room for more’: Adopting 15 children has made life one giant adventure

Premature Twins Given 50% Chance of Surviving are Now Healthy and Happy

Pro-Lifers Parody State’s COVID Psycho-War Campaign dignifying 'Johanna' exposes evil of abortion-tainted vaccines

Judge Strikes Down Kansas Law Banning Dismemberment Abortions Tearing Babies Limb From Limb

Tyrannical Obama Judge in San Francisco Permanently Bans David Daleiden From Releasing More Videos Exposing Planned Butcherhood

Notre Dame mandates students receive COVID vaccine, offers them one tested on aborted fetal tissue

Kamala Harris Says “Real People” Support Gun Control. She Supports Killing Real People in Abortions

What Do Mandatory Vaccination and Forced Sterilization have in Common?

“The Science”: The False God of Our Age

Russia-Ukraine ‘days from war’ as Vladimir Putin puts 100,000 troops on border Is the “Russia Prophecy” Unfolding?

Naomi Wolf laments 'war on religion' amid ongoing COVID restrictions, emergency powers

Christian Photographer Files Lawsuit Against NY Nondiscrimination Law

One Was Not Enough: Francis Hangs Up Second judas in his Study

He Sold Notre Dame’s Soul Hesburgh's legacy in doubt

US Theologians Echo Fears of Schism in Catholic Church in Germany

Former celebrity vocal coach shares how 'darkness' in Hollywood inspired album on spiritual warfare

New Mexico Gov Michelle Grisham Signs Bill to Legalize Killing People in Assisted Suicides

Endocrine Society Scientific Statement: ‘Two Sexes,‘ Male and Female

WOKE AND SICK: Pantene pushes transgender mutilation of children to sell more shampoo              4/9


St. Julie Billiart

Blessed Sr. Anne Catherine Emmerich’s prophecy of two Popes and the Antichrist – Our Lady reveals signs of the end-times “Anne Catherine Emmerich’s prophecy of two Popes and the Antichrist – Our Lady reveals signs of the end-times”

More deathbed visions

After Resurrection, Christ first appeared to His mother Mary so Say the Saints

Vatican “rehabilitation” of … Judas?

Behind His Back: Impeccable Vatican Prelate Fired

For the Record: US Conference of Bishops' Doctrine Chairman on Johnson & Johnson/Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine

Nigeria: Catholic bishop accuses government of spending billions to rehabilitate jihadis while their victims suffer

Chinese Christians honor ancestors at Easter

Pro-Lifer Perseveres Woman continues sidewalk counseling despite obstacles

‘Emery and Elliot’s Law’ introduced in Ohio would ensure medical treatment for preemies

Comedian Melissa McCarthy: Planned Parenthood does ‘superhero work’

Nazis Barricade Canadian Church Entrance, Place High Security Fences to Keep Worshipers Out

Canadian pastor says attacks on church services bring back memories of communism

ABC News endorses Satanism, says twerking with the devil is “beautiful and inspiring”

Tech Companies Put Billions Into Startups Aiming to Harvest the Blood of Children for Rejuvenation, Anti-Aging

Sweden: Public broadcaster SVT invites imam to explain the significance of Easter

Supreme Court Refuses to Take Up Religious Accommodation Appeal

Christians across the Country Are Leaving the SBC for Other Denominations

Justin Bieber Shares Gospel, Condemns Cancel Culture in New Song ‘Afraid to Say’

57 Percent in U.S. Are Searching for More Meaning and Purpose to Life, Poll Shows

UK: Victim of Muslim migrant rape gang ringleader demands he be deported (he was ordered deported six years ago)

Gender ‘transitioning’ for children is the biggest ‘child abuse scandal’ of our time

Rainbow-Colored BLM Statue In Budapest Demolished Within 24 Hours

School shows second graders cartoon of silhouetted man with erection to explain sexual abuse            4/8


St. John Baptist de la Salle

Pope Francis’ ‘ecological crusade’ is helping those who want to physically eliminate the poor

Are Most Conservative & Traditionalist Francis Catholics in an Abusive Relationship with Francis?

WATCH: Catholic priest begs faithful for forgiveness for withholding Eucharist during lockdown

Nigerian bishops oppose investment in helping Boko Haram members

Easter Dance: Craving for Being Ridiculous (Video)

Doctor Pressures Mother to Abort Her Disabled Baby, But She Refuses

Rejection rates for summer job funds skyrocketed after Canada forced pro-abortion pledge

Wyoming Gov. Signs Bill to Stop Infanticide, Protect Babies Born Alive After Abortion

Planned Parenthood sues Ohio over ban on telemedicine abortion

Canadian Police Barricade, Fence Church to Keep Worshippers Out After Pastor Released From Jail

China to Launch Campaign Against 'Illegal Social Organizations' Including Houses of Worship

Church official ordered to pay $1.4 million after stealing from congregation

Decadent Catholic Hierarchs Pay Tribute To One Of Their own

James Dobson: Christians must ‘stand up’ against ‘horrible reality’ of Biden admin before it’s too late

Republicans, Democrats have different opinions about Biden’s religiosity: Pew

Covid Vaccines, Population Control, Euthanasia & “Concern” For Elderly

Biden’s Easter message: ‘We share the sentiments of Pope Francis ... getting vaccinated is a moral obligation’

Arkansas State Legislature Overrides Governor’s Veto on Bill Which Bans Gender Transition Procedures For Minors

Sister Act Nun advocates 'equality' legislation

How the Transgender Movement is Destroying Feminism

PA Gov. Tom Wolf Threatens to Block GOP Effort to Keep Trans Athletes Out of Girls’ Sports           4/7


St. William of Eskilsoe

Saint Crescentia Hoess

“No doubt” – Priest Says Divine Mercy Miracle that took place in his church…Visual evidence has gone viral

PiusX Mass Raided: Faithful Have None of It

Public worship must not be ‘subordinated to powerful commercial interests’

The Great Reset, Catholic Style

It makes perfect sense that Francis is the JudasPope. Judas was a thieving communist who clutched the collective purse and was ‘all about the poor’

Francis's Vatican Newspaper: "Praising Judas" with a Blasphemous Semi-Porn Picture of "a Naked Jesus Bending over and tenderly Ministering to a Dead Judas"

New Message from Our Lady to “Seer” Luz de Maria “When the Seal of the Beast Comes…those who yield to the anti-Christ can travel on earth but will lose their soul”

Cardinal Parolin says church divisions stem from dopes who misunderstand 'reform,' see?

Novus Ordo Holy Week in Ireland Reduced to Saying the Rosary and Stations of the Cross

INSPIRING: Couple adopts 7 siblings after parents die in car accident

Top Vatican Cardinal: Catholic Church Supports a “Total Rejection of Abortion"  But Support Many People Who Do and TAKE NO ACTIONS

SHOCK: Just 3% of women of reproductive age in the U.S. go to Planned Parenthood

New Utah Law Will Help Moms and Save More Babies From Abortion

Abortion is a ‘human right,’ says Biden’s new Secretary of State

Judge Blocks Ohio Law Recognizing Humanity of Babies Killed in Abortions

Not long after posting a photo of three crosses with the caption, “Happy Easter, everyone! He is risen,” Greene received a notification from Twitter notifying her that she violated the platform’s rules, which led to the temporary limitation of her account

Joe Biden Dismantles Trump Commission That Promoted Religious Freedom Worldwide

Where Is The Outrage? Every Single Day, Christians Are Being Tortured, Beaten And Killed All Over The Globe

CCP Thinks It Is the God, So It Can Kill All Gods 

Balloon Used To Raise Massive Jesus Banner During Easter Sunrise

Biden's Chaplain Has Spoken: Easter Is About "Vaccination"

Pro-Death D.C. Catholic Charities Fr. Enzler: Massive Problem! We have to find a way to pay the broke landlords so that tenants don't have to pay their rent for the Blessed and Eternal ScamDemic!

University can't punish Christian club for requiring leaders be Christian, judge rules  

Police Arrest 5 Muslim Women Plotting ‘VIOLENT’ Attack Against Multiple CHURCHES in France


Gay-Happy MonsterCardinal De Kesel of Brussells ordained one priest last year for almost 2,000,000 ‘Catholics’

GOP Arkansas Governor Vetoes Bill Which Bans Gender Transition Procedures For Minors

261 Transgender Prisoners Request Transfer Under California Law; 255 to Women’s Prison                               4/6


St. Vincent Ferrer

Saint Isidore of Seville                Saint Benedict the African               Saint Francis of Paola

Ireland: Priests Hide Behind Rocks

Archbishop Viganò: A Meditation on the Passion and Death of the Lord

Byzantine Catholic Cathedral Closure Prioritizing money over parishioners

SHOCK VIDEO: London Police Shut Down Catholic Mass on Good Friday by Barging in and Interrupting Service

German Cardinal: German Church Not Only Schismatic but also Heretic

“Get Out, Nazis!” Calgary Pastor Shouts Down Police Interrupting Church Service During Holy Week (VIDEO)

Church Open? Answers Vary Across World

Premature Twins Separated at Birth Cuddle and Hold Hands After They’re Reunited

CHILD TORTURE PAYS: Planned Parenthood now in the business of chemically castrating adolescents and neutering male children

Vaccines using fetal tissue: 12 faulty assumptions

Christian, Religious Leaders Sign Letter Supporting Abortion: Killing Babies is a “Basic Human Need”

2,500 Cars Join “Caravan for Life” to Oppose Abortion in Dominican Republic

CW’s ‘Nancy Drew’ Calls Out Planned Parenthood: Started to Support Eugenics

Notre Dame’s Rector: ’15 Or 20 Years’ Needed For Restoration 

‘Devout Catholic’ Joe Biden Does Not Mention Jesus Christ at All in His ‘Easter’ FrancisMessage – But Mentions Coronavirus 7 Times

Christians Held In China’s Secret Brainwashing Camps, Say Sources

“I don’t know and I don’t care”: On the devotion of the Nones  

Christian Actress Who Was Fired for Biblical Beliefs on Sexuality Now Ordered to Pay $414,000

Christians in Indian village beaten, forced to reconvert to tribal religions

The Catholic Church is Under Attack and Is Being Used by the Likes of George Soros and John Podesta

Seminary Prof Sez Evangelical Christianity ‘Greatest Threat to Human Existence’ Claims ‘Taken Out of Context’

Another “woke” thought leader turns out to be a serial rapist of young boys   

Biden marks ‘transgender day of visibility’ by displaying trans flag at White House                         4/5


St. Hugh of Grenoble


Argentine FrancisBishop Eduardo María Taussig Reinstates Communion On The Tongue [After Catholic Priest Slugs Him In The Eye]

Priest Who Exposed ‘Homoheresy’ Speaks out on Need to Curb ‘Homosexual Clans’ in Church

This Is How Francis Plans To "Allow" Homosex Blessings

British Columbia Latest Lockdown Victim Pandemic used to stifle worship

Bishop Says Biden’s Not “Devout” Catholic Because He’s Pro-Abortion, Liberal Christians Unhinged

Over 70 Canadian churches vow to defy lockdowns, will fully open for Easter services

Attacks on Christians, especially Catholic priests, rise sharply in Nigeria  


WHO in Europe calls for down-sized religious services for Easter

Minister Sues Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris For Blocking Good Friday Vigil With Capitol Fence

18 Year-Old Wakes Up as Doctors Prepare to Harvest His Organs

Msgre Athanasius Scheinder: The blood of murdered unborn children cries to God from Abortion tainted Vaccines and the Culture of Death

Pro-Life Doctor Keeps Her Congressional Seat After Nancy Pelosi, Democrats Try to Steal It

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court rules state taxpayers don’t have to fund abortion

David Daleiden’s Unexpected Allies

Minnesota abortion centers aren’t licensed or inspected – like those in nearly half the U.S.

Biden Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Says Killing Babies in Abortions is a “Human Right”

Christian billboard defaced with pro-Planned Parenthood graffiti

Christian Woman Says She Asked God to Stop Deadly Alabama Tornado and He Did 

‘I want to be a part of what they’re part of’: A college student returns to the faith

55% of Republicans and almost no Democrat ‘Catholics’ say that Joe Biden shouldn’t receive Holy Communion. The rest, of course, aren’t actually Catholic at all.

Francis Peddles Myth of Climate Migration Scientists contest 'self-perpetuating false claims' of climate displacement

Sony Pictures to release film blaspheming Virgin Mary on Good Friday

‘Dig Deep’: Students At Tony Chicago Jesuit School Instructed To Describe How They Benefit From White Privilege

Videos: Students and parents fight back after school forced boys to ‘apologise for rapes committed by their gender’

President Biden’s biology denial will ripple throughout the nation

Pentagon Reverses Trump-Era Policies That Banned Transgenders From Serving in Military, Will Issue New Rules That Broaden Their Access to Gender Transition

Episcopal bishop resigns after facing continued attacks for opposing same-sex ‘marriage’

‘Star Wars’ Unveils ‘Trans Non-Binary Jedi Knights’

Reddit joins Twitter in protecting pedophiles who post exploitative depictions of young children                   4/1


St. Benjamin

Saint Stephen of Mar Saba

Our Lady Beats the Islamic State

Mary Is Co-Redemptrix: Part II Saints and popes weigh in

Cardinal Burke floats ‘excommunication’ for Biden over his ‘aggressive’ abortion promotion

Pope Benedict's Private Secretary Calls Out Lockdowns: 'Enormous Collateral Damage'

Top cardinals say Pope won’t correct wayward head of German bishops: report

Dallas Diocese Defends Parish After Pregnant Woman Is Removed from Church, Threatened with Arrest During Holy Week for Not Wearing a Mask

Was the Francis NJ Parish Confession Vaccine Passport a "Trail Balloon" for Future Francis Fascist Sacrament Vaccine Passports?

Fr Z on collapsing FrancisChurch: Between 2010 and 2020 there was a big drop. Why could that be?

Bad Joke: Francis Denounces “Perversion" do as I say not as I do

Parishioner’s Letter to Heretical Priests: Stop! Whose voice normalizes sin?

Russian bishops’ official concerned about new religion regulations

Canadian pastor gives emotional speech in first Sunday back at his church since being jailed

Incremental Murder Pro-life movement infighting

Meet the 3-year-old who got discriminatory abortions banned in Mississippi

Democrats are Trying to Force Pro-Life Americans to Fund Hundreds of Thousands of Abortions

Christian mother raises awareness on sex trafficking after attempted abduction of 2 y-o daughter

Marjorie Taylor Greene: Vaccine ‘Passport’ is ‘Biden’s Mark of the Beast’ — You Won’t Be Able to Buy or Sell Without It


Southeast Asian Catholics Persecuted Trend of Islamist terrorism

Colorado town refuses to take down veterans’ memorial after groups complain about its Christian message

Judges rule in favor of Catholic professor who refused to refer to a male student as a female

Connecticut School District Shows Second Graders Video Featuring Cartoon Erect Penis, ‘By Mistake’ (VIDEO)

New York Times is normalizing transgenderism one headline at a time

This Is How Francis Plans To "Allow" Homosex Blessings

Child Abuse: Seductive "Transgender" Book Targets Young Kids

CNN: 'There Is No Consensus Criteria For Assigning Sex At Birth'

Disturbing: Commercial features young boy raised as a girl by lesbians                     3/31


St. Peter Regulatus

Mary is Co-Redemptrix: Part I Catholic sources vs. pope's recent comment

Why I find Pope Francis’s contempt for the title of Co-Redemptrix so offensive

Cd. Zen on St. Peter’s Mass Suppression: If it were not for the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus, I would take the first flight to come to Rome and get on my knees in front of the door of Santa Marta until the Holy Father has this edict withdrawn

Cdl. Sarah says Vatican ban on private Masses violates ‘laws of the Church,’ urges Pope to lift ban

Are the two sanctioned, retired Polish bishops simply guilty of Catholicism?

Catholic parish bans Confession for unvaccinated, reverses course after bishop steps in

Be Afraid Bishops fear COVID more than God



No Vaccination, No Confession

Fr. Rodrigue and the Shocking future of the Church and the world …”Satan is going to attack”

Former Abortionist is Now Pro-Life: “I Had an Encounter With Christ”

Allies of Big Abortion attack abortion pill reversal network

Angela Stanton-King: “Abortion is Black Genocide” Because Abortions Target Black Babies

Abortion war returns to Supreme Court in 2021

Joe Biden Puts Pro-Life Groups on Domestic Extremist List, Calls Pro-Life People “Violent”

Christians Stop California Bill That Would Have Banned Pro-Life Christian Police Officers

Church ‘Membership’ Below 50% For First Time, ‘Thousands’ Of Churches Close Yearly

Australian state shows disturbing increase in assisted suicide deaths

Boulder police officer Eric Talley killed in shooting mourned in Ancient High Mass at Denver Cathedral

Muslims Kidnap Church Members From Christ ✟ Church Bus in Nigeria

India: Four recent incidents of Muslims spitting on food of non-Muslims, one said he’d been doing it for years

Muslim Leaders Demand U.K. Shows ‘Respect’ to Islam or Face Becoming ‘Like France’

Alabama Joins 20 States Crafting Laws to Protect Children from Transgender Drug Treatment 

Catholic university stands up to LGBT bullying

Vienna Cardinal “Bows” To Homosex

English Catholic Sex Ed Program Faces Criticism Over Anti-LGBTQ Messaging                     3/30



St. Berthold                                     Saint Ludovico of Casoria

St. Venturino of Bergamo              Saint Catharine of Bologna

Statue of Christ Allegedly Weeps at Priest’s Funeral: “He Looked Like He Was Alive”

‘Resurrection’: Roma Downey’s New Film Out Just in Time for Easter, Focusing on the Resurrected Christ

Mary Co-Redemptrix "Conceived Him Miraculously. She Loved Him with the Love of a Virgin-the Purest, Richest & Most Tender Charity that has Ever Been"

Abp. Viganò reflects on Easter 2021 in light of coronavirus tyranny

Vatican Cardinal: In a Globalized World, ‘There Are No Borders' (globalist dream)

Pregnant Mother Threatened to be Arrested during Mass: interview with Dr. Taylor Marshall


Infiltration of the Church – Fr. Mark Goring, CC

US bishop breaks with bishops’ conference by supporting anti-Christian Equality Act

Why fasting is so powerful against the devil

Catholic Charities: Proximate Mediate Material Cooperation in Evil?

Supreme Court Sits On Potentially Blockbuster Abortion Case

Roe v. Wade How murder of the preborn was legalizedRoe v. Wade How murder of the preborn was legalized

‘Rejecting abortion doesn't mean rejecting those who've had abortions’: Father Frank Pavone

Baby Noah spent 15 years frozen as an embryo before he was adopted

Judge Rules Planned Parenthood Can’t Force Pennsylvania Residents to Fund Abortions

New poll: UK doctors have serious concerns about at-home abortion pill’s safety

Dante’s Woke Inferno Deletes Muhammad Translator leaves popes in Hell but saves Islam's prophet from perdition

Explosion at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Makassar, Indonesia Kills 2 Bombers and Injures 19 Christians on Palm Sunday

Camera captures image of horrifying figure with horns and long claws near baby’s bed

US Religious-Rights Official Says She Is 'Flattered' To Be Target of China Sanctions

Biden Joins U.N. In Calling For Global Vaccine Passports the start of the Global Government

Mark of the Beast Update: Biden Regime Set to Launch “COVID Passport” That Would Track Americans Who Have Taken Vaccines

Trans Reddit User Posted Hundreds of Pornographic Drawings of Child Characters Under 10, Mods Banned Anyone Who Criticized Them

Legislator To Kristi Noem: 'Enough Bad (And Wrong) Advice From Lawyers', Time To Protect Women's Sports

Bishop Apologizes for Vatican Ban on Blessing Gay Couples

Cissie Graham: Equality Act Harms Children; It’s Time to Step Out & Defend Them

Anything BUT Equality

Rapper Lil Nas X Unveils Nike ‘Satan Shoes’ Containing Human Blood, Limited to 666 Pairs                      3/29


St. Rupert

Our Lady of Sorrows Feast

Abp. Viganò sees a situation where ‘doctors are not curing, the state is not intervening against crimes, politicians obey a faceless lobby, and Francis demolishes the Church "to replace it with an infernal Masonic parody”’

Bishop Paprocki flouts The Francis: "Anyone who is conscious of grave sin should refrain from presenting himself for Holy Communion until he has gone to confession."


Cardinal Burke: "Saint Peter's Is Now Like a Tomb" (Video)

African archbishop develops govt-approved coronavirus treatment

Infiltration of the Church – Fr. Mark Goring, CC

European bishops: Some nations reduced religious freedom during pandemic

Catholic Priest Who Prayed and Performed Exorcism at US Capitol on Jan. 6 Faces Expulsion

Again: Liturgy Ban Overturned

Canadian Pastors Urge Fellow-Ministers to ‘Stand Up, Defend’ and ‘Open Your Church’ In Powerful Video

New Opus Dei Bishop Defends Sacrilegious Communion

I Forgive the Doctor Who Tried to Kill Me in an Abortion, And I Hope He Repented

Pro-life, pro-abortion activism labeled as domestic violent extremist threat in US intel report

Arkansas Gov Asa Hutchinson Signs Bill to Protect Doctors, Nurses From Having to Do Abortions

David Daleiden’s Unexpected Allies 'Abortion exceptionalism' and free speech at play

Guttmacher Institute sends 7 demands to political allies on how to expand abortion

Researchers create organisms nearly identical to humans… for experimentation

Catholics demand Catholic university shut down student-run radio station that plays ‘blasphemous, openly satanic’ music

FrancisVatican to DeathVaxx the homeless

Demons are manifesting and demon possession is happening like never before in history

China sanctions Catholic human rights campaigner

Unrepentant Homosexuals Are Ecclesiastical Cancer And they need to be excised, not welcomed

Australian School Forces Young Boys to Collectively Apologize to Female Classmates for ‘Sexism’ and ‘Rape’

‘They are devouring our sons’: Moms of gender-confused boys unite, detail their anguish

Senate Confirms Transgender Extremist Rachel Levine to HHS, Advocate Of Sex Changes For Children

Lil Nas X Rides Stripper Pole Straight To Hell in Music Video

Little League President Forces Male Tee-Ball Players To Wear Pink To Understand 'Diversity                 3/27


St. Margaret Clitherow

Saint Catherine of Genoa

Signs of the Return: NEW VIRGIN MARY APPARITION in Lourdes France – Pilgrim captures stunning image of Mary praying over the faithful.

Joseph Ratzinger: The Mystery of the Annunciation is the Mystery of Grace  

Cardinals Rebut St. Peter’s ‘Private’ Mass Ban Dubia Cdl. Brandmüller warns of unprecedented abuse of papal power

Catholic Bishop: Joe Biden “Should Not Present Himself” for Communion Because He’s Pro-Abortion

Papal Preacher Rants Against "Traditionalism" (Video)

Bishop Accused Again Albany diocese remains shattered

Omaha Archbishop Lucas "Condemn[s]" Priest for Praying at Capitol Protest

New Swiss bishop gives Holy Communion to non-Catholics

Michigan: No jab, no Mass, Fr. Mike Haney sings praises of nasty Francis’s St Peter’s Mass suppression. It’s Vatican II, dammit!

Viganò, “Bergoglio Wants To Demolish The Church”

“Satan has tightened his grip on humanity …and has become more aggressive.” How to protect you and your family. “I will help you to become light.” It is Unfolding before our eyes

The Sword of Islam Satan's tool of conquest

GoFundMe page raises over $45K to pay legal fees for Canadian pastor battling worship restriction charges

The Power of Prayer, Scientifically Speaking

Mary's Meals grows to feed 1.8 million children

More Than Misdiagnosis: Court to Hear Case of Baby Aborted for Defect It Did Not Have

New report shows long-term declines in abortion, teen pregnancy, and teenage sex

Official homelessness figures leave thousands out in cold

USA Today: Christian Values Are "Archaic"; Oral Roberts U. Should Be Banned


Algerian Court Upholds Christian's Five-Year Prison Sentence for Sharing Cartoon About Muhammad

Christians Must Change Their Strategy to Keep Graphic Sex Materials out of Schools: Expert

Canon lawyer: Belgian bishop who rejects Church teaching on homosexuality should resign

Class Action Lawsuit Targets Another Porn Giant for Hosting, Publishing Child Sex Trafficking Videos

French Catholic lay association, Renaissance catholique, indicted for preaching Catholicism, citing CDF on gay sex

Austria's PervCardinal Schönborn: God will not deny same-sex couples a blessing!

LGBT and religious Americans battle for soul of conservative movement at CPAC 2021 

Arkansas Governor Signs Transgender Bill Banning Biological Males From Participating in Women's Sports             3/26


Annunciation of the Lord

St. Dismas

The Meaning of the Lord’s Passion …”The Passion of the Lord didn’t just happen by chance. It is part of the mystery of God’s plan.”

'Resurrection': Roma Downey's New Film Out Just in Time for Easter, Focusing on the Resurrected Christ

Francis vs. Saint Pope Pius X on Mary being Co-Redemptrix & does Francis even believe in Redemption?

The Pulpits Are Silent

Cardinal Brandmüller: Mass Ban In St Peter VOID

Francis Gives Cardinals April Fools’ Shock Vatican begs laity for donations as lockdowns cripple coffers

Miami Abp. who forced churches to close last year pushes for their use as COVID vaccination sites

Rumors: After Francis's Amoris Laetitia "Persistent Adultery" Year, Next is an Amoris Laetitia "Embezzlement" Year

(Very Powerful) Prayer to Saint Philomena to ask for a Favor

Welcome in the Club: First Open Homosex Member Of Roman Curia

Bent on Destruction Money won't stop them

Unlawful! Scotland Ban On Religious Services Quashed

Maskless priest has homeschooling mom of 11 arrested for not masking in church

Christians cannot claim to live for God while justifying abortion or supporting those who do

Heretic Clerics A rejection of Catholic Church teaching

Pastor Murdered in Home Hours After Warning Flock Devil Would Try to Kill Them Over Witness to God’s Power

Children with Down syndrome featured in stigma-busting photography

Democrat Tammy Duckworth Says It’s “Racist” to Save Black Babies From Abortion

Joe Biden’s Administration is Promoting Abortions Up to Birth at the United Nations

Liberal Nun Claims Holy Spirit Led Her to Promote Joe Biden, Killing Babies in Abortions

Due to population control, one South Korean island has just three children remaining

Senate Confirms Dr. Levine, a Transgender, as Assistant Health Secretary in 52-48 Vote – Collins and Murkowski Join Democrats in Supporting Levine

San Diego bishop pushes COVID jabs, looks to combat ‘misinformation’ about vaccines

Today’s the Anniversary of Andrew Cuomo’s Order Killing 15,000 Nursing Home Residents

Firefighter who spent 7 minutes in raging inferno recounts how God saved him from ‘hell on Earth’

Bergoglio Appoints Openly Gay Juan Carlos Cruz to “Pontifical Commission for Protecting Minors”  

Nebraska education guidelines would begin LGBT indoctrination as early as kindergarten

Equality Act: ‘A Pinch of Incense to False Gods’ Academics push bishops to compromise

German Bishops: The Decision Will Remain Empty Paper

Dem Lawmakers Sell Out Women, Ban Female Athletes Planning to Testify Against ‘Equality Act’              3/25


St. Aldemar

Saint Oscar Arnulfo Romero

Archbishop: Old Rite "Touches My Heart In a Way the Novus Ordo Never Will

‘Like a Museum’: Dead Silence in St. Peter’s Basilica as Suppression of Individual Masses Comes into Force

Viganò: Is Covid the Beginning of Hell On Earth?

WAR: San Diego Bishop McElroy is coming for all those opposed to the deathvaxx

Non-Devout Biden Enforce canon 915

Soros-backed liberals try to get US bishops’ pro-life chair fired for criticizing pro-abortion Biden

Empty: Francis Celebrates Easter In His Ghost Church

Agreement With China: Who Benefits? And must Catholics resist?

God’s great reset

Holy Bible Blasted as ‘Bigoted Document’: Equality Act ‘Explicitly Targets’ Scripture

Germany: Second Year Without Easter

Scottish Court Rules Closure of Churches Unlawful – Bishops’ Reaction Awaited

Northern Ireland bishops: UK shows ‘reckless disregard’ on sharing power

Is There A Reason Why Demonic Possession Seems To Be Getting A Lot More Common In Our Society?

'Blatant Religious Discrimination': Federal Court Takes Univ. of Iowa to School for Canceling Christian Club

Unspeakable Tragedy: Policeman Murdered In Mass Shooting Was Traditional Catholic, Father Of Seven

Woman With Down Syndrome Condemns Abortion: “I’m Not a Devastating Diagnosis or a Crisis Pregnancy”

WATCH: First Black Miss Nevada Elizabeth Muto was abandoned at an airport as a newborn

New documentary recounts story of Scheidler's nearly 30-year court battle

Brand new Catholic-focused pro-life group launched in Ohio

Doctor drives hours in snowstorm to save high-risk newborn baby’s life

New Report Shows Teen Abortion Rate Has Dropped a Whopping 82%

Biden’s first weeks in office have been a gift to Big Abortion

Liberals Demand Gun Control to “Save Lives,” But Oppose Pro-Life Laws to Save Babies From Abortion

‘Mercy’ Killing Coming soon.

'Surrender of All Moral Standards': Another City Council Officially Recognizes Polygamy


Christian Baker Back in Court as 8-Year Legal Saga Continues – This Time It’s a Transgender Cake

More Than 200 German Theologians Issue FrancisStatement Opposed to Vatican’s Blessings Ban

Homosex-"Blessings": Fights Behind the Scene

On gender madness, don’t let Canada be the future

Canadian Father Who Objected to Daughter Taking Testosterone for Sex Change Denied Release From Jail        3/24


St. Toribio Alfonso de Mogrovejo


Barnhardt on conquered St. Peter’s: My advice to priests that want to say their private morning Mass in Rome in the Venerable Rite of Pius V is to go to one of the several TLM-equipped and friendly churches in the City Center

Priest who filmed sex on altar criminally charged, archdiocese mum on canonical charges


Medjugorje Today March 23, 2021 – Mirjana: “Prepare – the world will shake” Mary tells us what our “duty” is before the first revelations

China Arrests at Least Ten Christians in Raid of Private Bible Study

If Francis Vaccine Catholics "Truly find it Moral to Benefit from Abortion, then are... [they] ultimately No Different from the Abortionist" and ultimately from Adulterous & Idolatrous "Catholics"?

Alabama Passes Resolution to Lower Its Flags, Mourn 61 Million Babies Killed in Abortions

Pro-life group takes aim at ‘unholy partnership’ between Christian universities, Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas gave police ‘watch list’ of pro-lifers before local March for Life

Euthanasia deaths in Victoria, Australia soar after legalization, harsh coronavirus lockdown

The Age of Genetically Modified Humans Has Arrived

Germany Orders Most Restrictive COVID Lockdown Yet Over Easter Weekend

Christians Concerned over New Welch Law Requiring Children Be Taught about Humanism

Satanist Praises FrancisChristians

CIGNA Latest Company to Go Woke With Marxist “Critical Race Theory” Brainwashing — It’s Racist, Anti-Christian and Disgusting

Another porn giant faces class action lawsuit for hosting child sex trafficking videos

Forced marriages rise at alarming rate in countries where Christian persecution is prevalent: report

SD Gov. Noem creates multi-state coalition to protect women's sports after vetoing bill                         3/23


St. Lea

Saint Nicholas Owen

Blessed John of Parma                 Saint Salvator of Horta

From Sinner to Saint

More persuasive testimonies on the power of the Rosary

Mourning the End of a 1500-year-old Tradition: Private Masses in Saint Peter's Basilica

Bergoglio's Commissar Banishes Immemorial Mass of Ages to the Catacombs

Denied the Sacraments Trespassing for having knelt

Pope Francis calls for clean drinking water and sanitation for all

Fratelli Tutti: ‘Coming from a pope who enables the left, encourages open borders which are controlled by sex traffickers, drug cartels, advances clerics who undermine doctrine, and gives evil powerful people like Jeffrey Sachs a platform’

Bishop Closes Parishes, Saves Planet Instead

Spotlight: Death of a Whistleblower Priest On Fr. Joseph Moreno

German Archbishop and Bishop offer Resignation after Release of Abuse Report

Irish Priest Ready to Go to Jail For Celebrating Mass

This Biblical End-Time Prophecy May Happen This Year | Its Already Started But People Don’t See it

Illuminati Vowed in 1969: 'Travel Will Be More Difficult'

WATCH: Adorable siblings sing together for World Down Syndrome Day

Arkansas Governor Says State’s Near-Total Abortion Ban Designed to Challenge Roe v. Wade

Indiana mom chooses life for daughter after seeing ultrasound at pregnancy center

Joe Biden Will Force Americans to Give $60 Million More to Planned Parenthood

Nancy Pelosi is Trying to Kick a Pro-Life Member From Congress and Steal Her Election

Dick Hoyt, who pushed his quadriplegic son through races for 37 years, has died

Britain Put DNR Orders on Hundreds of Nursing Home Patients During COVID Without Their Consent

Progressive 'Christian' Blasphemy: Was Jesus a Racist? Homosexual 'Pastor,' Says Yes

New Theory: “God Is Present In Homosex Relationships”

“A Transgender Person is Now the Reigning Queen” – Biological Male Crowned Miss Silver State USA (VIDEO)

Argentina: Former Priest, Homosex Activist "Leaves" Church

Milwaukee Children's Court Judge Arrested On Kiddie Porn Charges

NOW Gov. Kristi Noem is threatening a SPECIAL SESSION and demanding a NEW trans sports bill            3/22


St. Joseph

Saints’ Quotes on Jesus in The Eucharist

A forgotten nun's visions of Joseph

19 March 2021: Feast of St Joseph… Patron of a Happy Death, Please Pray for Us!

Angel of the apocalypse


WATCH: Irish Catholics defy lockdown with St. Patrick’s procession, call for churches to open

Pope’s Iraq Trip Inflames Sunni-Shia Hatred Sunnis fan conspiracy theory of new Catholic-Shia alliance

'The Bible Warns the Anti-Christ Will Control the World Through the Economy': The Global Trends That Threaten Our Future

Austrian Bishop Welcomes "Praciticing Homosexuals"

‘Angry’ Belgian bishop slams Vatican for rejecting same-sex blessings

Catholics urged to pray as UK prepares to mark a year of lockdowns for our Leaders? to stop being  weak


Nigerian Catholics living in Muslim communities despite growing tensions   

Scientists seek to abolish ‘14-day rule,’ plan to do stem cell research on older embryos

Xavier Becerra Confirmation Shows Joe Biden is No “Devout” Catholic; Joe Manchin, Bob Casey Aren’t Pro-Life

New York City is the abortion capital of the US - here’s why

Spanish parliament passes controversial euthanasia law

Ripping the mask off the Democratic Party’s ‘woke Christianity’

Proof! The Democrat Party is Against God

Milo "noted how Consecrating oneself to St. Joseph was a Way in which to Suitably Commit to a Chaste Lifestyle"

Federal Trifecta Spells Doom Legislating moral evil

Did Anybody Suggest This? No Homosexual Must "Ever be excluded"                             3/19


St. Cyril of Jerusalem

Saint Patrick

St Joseph’s virginity in the Fathers of the Church

Observers concerned over papal decisions about liturgy congregation, ban on individual Masses at St. Peter’s

Vatican: The Weeds Grow, While the Wheat Is Uprooted

On the Brink of Schism Trouble in German Church

The hidden poison in the Vatican’s statement against blessing homosexual unions


Bishops’ Shell Game Profiting off the poor

To Be Gospel-Centered, You Need the Holy Spirit

ANGELS: What You Can’t See Is More Powerful Than You Think

The Vatican Has Just Planted a Time Bomb

Bishop Blows Big Bucks on Climate Bigwig Climate alarmist bishop calls UN eco-conference a 'last chance'

Spreading across the state: Latexo becomes 23rd Texas city to outlaw abortion 

Scientists Want to Kill More Unborn Babies for Unproven Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Planned Parenthood opens massive ‘flagship center’ in San Francisco

CA Bill Proposes Removing Cops Who Express Religious Or Conservative Beliefs

Buying Children

BBC: Muslim ‘Militants’ BEHEADING Children in Mozambique

Kenyan Catholic doctors reject COVID vaccine, citing ‘suspect’ motivation behind the experimental jabs

Stockholm Syndrome & Vaccine: Why is the Francis Deep Church and Washington Deep State being Nice?

Cardinal Shilling for Vaccines

Is It Only “Anti-Vaxxers” Who Don’t Want To Take The Covid-19 Vaccine? 

Netflix Show Airs Blasphemous Cartoon of Jesus Carrying Out Mass Shooting

Leftists mount pressure on Gov. Noem to allow biological males in girls’ sports

Milwaukee Judge and President of Drag Queen Story Hour Group Arrested, Charged With Child Pornography

WTH: 8-YEAR-OLD Social Media Star ‘Dating’ 13-Year-Old Influencer — With Her Mom’s Blessing

Pro-LGBT Catholic bishops, priests decry, defy Vatican’s ban on blessings for homosexual couples

50+ Black Leaders Warn Congress the 'Equality Act' Turns LGBT Rights Into 'a Sword Against Faith Institutions'

Cornell LGBTQ group holds event on relationship of queerness to abolition of police

'Gay Captain America' is Marvel's Latest Superhero

Trans movement’s normalization keeps on going with another sad cover story

Unscientific 'Scientific American:' Males Identifying as Female 'Belong' on Girls Teams                       3/18


St. Abban

Saint Clement Mary Hofbauer

10-Year-Old Girl Dies in the Odor of Sanctity Teresita offered her suffering for the salvation of souls

New Dead Sea Scroll Fragments of Biblical Prophets Revealed after Daring Rescue Operation

Fifth-century Christian monastery uncovered in Egypt reveals 'nature of monastic life' in region

Cardinal Burke: Vatican's ban on private Masses in St. Peter's Basilica should be 'rescinded'

Bishops Pressure For Vaccines While Catholic Doctors Warn

Pope Preaches ‘Salvation’ by Eco-Harmony Francis calls for post-pandemic, utopian 'new world order' in latest book

Catholic Archbishop: Biden Should Not Receive Communion Because He’s Radically Pro-Abortion

Alaska priest punished for denying communion to pro-abort Sen. Lisa Murkowski

Again: Fatima Cancels Pilgrimages

Pope calls for 'new world order' after coronavirus pandemic

Cardinal sets week of prayer for all people in China

Accused Child-Rapist Out Archbishop takes action to protect flock

Mom Watched Her Premature Twin Sons Die in Her Arms After Doctors Refused to Save Them

Abortion advocates in Chile seek to follow Argentina in legalizing abortion

Planned Parenthood facility bypasses 911 to hide medical emergency from public records

Autopsy: Woman died from botched abortion at Alabama’s most prolific abortion business

Nevada Bill Would Allow Hospitals to Harvest Organs of Deceased Without Consent

Biden Urges Local Church Leaders & Doctors To Promote Covid Vaccines - News Punch

State v. God: A Deeper Look Into The Intensifying Religious War

Francis Believes Coronavirus - Not Christ - "Change Of Era"


Leftist hate hoax and HYSTERIA resulted in French history teacher being BEHEADED by angry Muslim

Muslim Nanny Who Beheaded 4-Year-Old, Shouting, "Allahu Akbar", Will Go Free

WNBA champion who says she was bullied in league for being straight shares how faith kept her


Cardinal Müller: God Made Nobody Homosexual

Don Lemon tells The View that it’s WRONG for Christians to believe homosexuality is a sin because it hurts other people

Woke mob tries to bully the NCAA into punishing states that ban biological men from women’s sports

Milo Yiannopoulos to open reparative therapy center for gays

UK police threaten charges for people who use “offensive” speech that triggers the LGBTQ community        3/16


St. Louise de Marillac

Saint Maximilian                               Saint Leander of Seville

Cdl. Burke Shreds Vatican ‘Private’ Mass Ban Unsigned St. Peter's Basilica diktat is 'contrary to universal Church law'

Viganò: Pope Benedict ‘surrounded himself with inadequate, unreliable or even corrupt collaborators’

Dr. Mazza: “'It’s nothing business, it’s strictly personal': The Psychic Powers of Pope Emeritus Part One"

Viganò: Pope Benedict XVI Suffered From Stockholm Syndrome

Vatican Excludes Gay Union Blessing as God 'Does Not and Cannot Bless Sin'


Ethicists must call out unethical behaviour in health care, archbishop says

Netherlands: Catholics Don’t Come Back After Covid-Lockdowns

This Is A Biblical *WARNING* You Need to Stop Ignoring | The Sin That Will Cost You Everything

New Orleans Archdiocese in Hot Water Money and sex spur 800 claimants

Yakima Bishop Tyson: The DeathVaxx isn’t a sin, OK?!

Charlotte FrancisPastor, 'Father Gay,' injecting dangerous, untested, unnecessary abortion-based DeathVaxxes from his parish clinic because of the Gospel

Victim Responds to Blame Game 'They don't care'

Gloom and Doom: Francis Threatens the Faithful With his Secula Faith  

Joe Biden Fires Attorney Trump Appointed to Protect Americans’ Religious Liberties

Democrats Want to Force Americans to Pay for Killing Babies in Abortions in Other Countries

ACLU wants to destroy parental notification rather than provide support to troubled teens

Muslims Sent To Threaten, Rape & Attack Church After Imam's Wife Turns to Christ

Court Case Brought Against Jerusalem For Hiding Vatican's Illegal 'Messiah Tunnel'

Montana once again fails to close its odd assisted suicide loophole

'DEMONIC DECEPTION': Israeli Group 'Radiant Israel' Compares COVID-19 Vaccine Pass To Second Holocost

The ARTS now under assault by the insane Left as Disney BLOCKS movies like Peter Pan, Dumbo and Swiss Family Robinson

LGBT activists sue Canadian pastor for preaching biblical sexuality

VIDEO: Man With 'Children Cannot Consent To Puberty Blockers' Sign Suffers Broken Arm After Antifa Gang Assault

Activist Attacked On The Streets Of Montreal For Campaigning Against Giving Puberty Blockers To Children

Amazon Will Stop Selling Books with Opinions About Transgenderism It Doesn’t Like

California assembly members to introduce bill requiring gender-neutral retail department in stores         3/15


St. Fina

Blessed Angela Salawa

At The Last Supper Jesus Christ gave us the Heavenly Trifecta

Breaking: Pope Benedict XVI has never said Bergoglio is “the Pope”!

U.S. Bishops Slam COVID Bill for Funding Abortions All Talk and NO ACTION

Letter to Parish: COVID Excuses Not Cutting It Catholic blasts withholding sacraments, abetting Biden

Covid-Bishop: Vaccination Is Dogma, Confession is Optional

Catholic scholars, TX Bp. Strickland resist moralizing push for taking abortion-tainted vaccines in ‘Statement of Conscience’


Cardinal Sarah: "The Church is Not a Battlefield"


Circus of Cowards Prelates and politicians who fight for nothing

The Church and the suicide of the West

‘We ain’t cancelling Church’: Pastor defies state order to close over COVID mandates

Spiritualizing Sodomy

General Absolution is Still Permitted Due To The Eternal Virus Emergency

Two Independent Prolife Catholic Groups Call Vatican To Repentence

Why Do Some Catholics Still Question Role of the SSPX as Crisis Continues? 

Two young brothers with Down syndrome experience success with new business

VICTORY: Judge rules Texas can remove Planned Parenthood from Medicaid

Emmerdale highlights tactics used to force women into abortion

Shame on Christians Who Voted for Joe Biden and His Radical Pro-Abortion Agenda

Abortion supporters in Congress want to force American taxpayers to fund abortion overseas

Oregon has had 23 years of legal assisted suicide, but ranks worst in mental health care

Why The State Won't Tolerate Independence For Christianity

Biblical Numbers, Biden, and the Beast

Vatican Undersecretary: Church Stopped Punishing Crimes Under the Pretext of "Mercy"

China Escalates Its War on Religion Genocide and Persecution

Moderna Scientists (Funded by Bill Gates) Bragged About Using mRNA to 'Hack the Kingdom of Life'

Catholic scholars: Any available Covid-19 vaccine is morally acceptable   go here for info Covid-19 Archive

Scottish Christians Urge Parliament to Add Religious Expression Amendments to Hate Crime Bill

Nevada Bill Would Let Doctors Take Your Organs When You Die, Presume Your Consent

New Disney movie ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ pushes eerily familiar globalist messaging

Evil: Egyptian National Sentenced to 212 Years for Killing His 2 Autistic Children

‘Sex Week’ at Tulane University Features ‘Black Sex’ Talk for ‘Black Students Only’  

Manhattan Private School Encourages Students to Stop Using Words Like “Mom” and “Dad” to be More ‘Inclusive’

Lena Dunham Inflicts New 'Generation' of Woke, Porn-watching Queer Teens on Viewers

Twitter is directly enabling PEDOPHILES by banning those who call them out

Mississippi Gov Signs Bill Banning Trans Athletes from Girls, Women’s Sports                         3/12


St. Constantine

When the Tears of the Virgin Mary Met the Smoke of Satan…The Incredible Story of Weeping Statues in a suburb of Washington, D.C.


‘Vaccine Passports’ Hit New York Church silent

U.S. Catholic Bishops Oppose $1.9T 'Relief Bill' Because It Uses Tax Dollars to Pay for Abortion (but most support dems?)

Special Report: Detroit’s Gay Polish Pipeline A network leading back to Rome

Bishop Strickland: Atheism is the root problem in our society, not racism

Medjugorje’s Ten Secrets and Chastisements – Jesus King of All Nations said, “What you see happening around you is the beginning of the chastisements.”

Pope admits charges of ‘heresy’ are ‘risk’ he’s willing to take to ‘move forward with other religions’

From Jewish to Catholic to Pro-Life: a Physician’s journey

Pandemic Persecution A perfect excuse to fight the faithful

NewsMax: "Ted Cruz says... Kids Handed Over to ‘Human Traffickers,’ and that’s what’s happening currently at the Border"

Trafficking, forced marriages of Christian women on the rise worldwide, Open Doors reports

Moderna’s Top Scientist: ‘We Are Actually Hacking The Software Of Life’

Immunologist advises nuns who lost three sisters after getting COVID vaccine to avoid second dose

Miracle Premature Baby Born at 25 Weeks in a Car During a Snowstorm is Now Thriving

Arkansas Passes Near-Total Ban on Abortion – New Law Says Abortion is ‘Crime Against Humanity’

Judge Rules Texas Can Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

Holocaust Survivor Fights Fetal-Cell Vaccine Women's coalition asks Vatican to stop justifying abortion-tainted jabs

Report: 100 Christian colleges and universities have ties to Planned Parenthood

Activists want to force caregivers to starve dementia patients to death

TRUMP PEACE: Saudi Shocker — Temple Mount is Jewish, Muslims Should Pray Toward Mecca

Fiorazo: Framing Christians as Domestic Terrorists

Vatican-supported Women’s Forum features speakers with strong ties to UN initiatives

Evil New Jersey FrancisGovernor Murphy: Jesus commands you to get vaccinated!

Not Just "Coincidence" That "Globalism" And "Islamism" Are Both Being Forced Down Our Throats Now, At The Same Time: We Are Now In A 'Clash Of Civilizations', Not Cultures 

India: Muslims cut off 14-year-old Hindu boy’s nose and genitals, then murder him, for friendship with Muslim girl

Turkey: Muslim men killed at least 33 women in February, assaulted 57 others

Columbia University Hosts 6 Different Commencements SEGREGATED BY RACE, Sexuality, Income Level

WH to Use Federal Laws, ‘Bully Pulpit’ to Challenge State Laws Banning Transgender Athletes from Competing in Women’s Sports

WATCH: Biden DOJ Nominee Won’t Say if Parents Must Consent to Gender Reassignment Surgery for Children

German bill would allow children to change name, legal gender without parents’ consent

3 Examples of How Pervasive Transgender Ideology Has Become

Biden made transgender surgeries FREE for all military

Biden administration considering adding a third gender option for federal IDs                              3/11


St. John Ogilvie

Saint Dominic Savio

Viganò: Francis Flirts With "Trans-Humanism”

Viganò Explains the Deep Church and Great Reset - Dr Taylor Marshall

Texas PervBishops retain evil capacity limits regardless of lifting, while CatholicTyler Bp. Strickland removes Sunday 'dispensation'

Viganò: Francis Flirts With "Trans-Humanism”

The world episcopate and the German apostasy

Ignoring Sex Abuse More archdiocese of Detroit corruption

Church Attendance Boom on the Horizon: Vast Majority of U.S. Churchgoers Say They’ll Return When Scamdemic Ends 


Mexico's Sistine Chapel Burnt To Ashes (Pictures)

40 Days for Life Pro-Life Prayer Campaign Has Saved 183 Babies From Abortion So Far

20 State AGs, PETA File Briefs in Case of Planned Parenthood Undercover Journo’s Appeal

Arkansas Passes First Statewide Ban on ALL Abortions Except in Medical Emergencies

Feminists Don’t Want People Seeing Ultrasounds of Babies, Because They’ll Oppose Abortion

Kentucky lawmakers seek to legalize baby boxes for surrendering newborns

Biden is stacking his administration with far-left extremists who support partial-birth abortion, genital mutilation

Sen. Lankford: COVID relief bill will force American taxpayers to fund abortion ‘for the first time’

Arkansas Gov. Asa Huchinson Signs Bill to Ban Abortions, Save 3,000 Babies Every Year

The Abortion Pill Injured 74 Women in Just One State in 2020, And Probably More Than That

Iraq: Pope’s Trip Leaves Collateral Damage Muslims mock Francis' visit as surrender to Islamic supremacy

Activist Milo Yiannopoulos is now 'Ex-Gay,' consecrating his life to St. Joseph

South Dakota Passes Bill Banning Transgender Athletes In Women’s Sports

Biden Regime to Use Federal Laws, ‘Bully Pulpit’ to Challenge State Laws Banning Male Athletes from Competing in Women’s Sports

WATCH: DOJ Nominee Gupta Silent on Fairness of Transgender Sports Competition

Biden Regime Open to Adding Third Gender Option to Federal IDs

States Fight Gender Ideology Mississippi and Alabama the latest

Police investigate Catholic dad after he asked Catholic school board to not fly gay pride flag                 3/10


St. Frances of Rome

St. Thomas Aquinas

Miracle photo of Blessed Mother at Tomb of Jesus Christ – Fr. Calloway and Actor Jim Caviezel – Are Witness’s to miraculous Photo that has gone viral around the world


SSPX on firing of Cds. Sarah, Comastri: In the eyes of the Vaticanists, this should be seen as the signal to kick off a broader restructuring of the Curia

Doctrinal Degenerates Evil churchmen controlling the levers of power

While Vatican II Church Collapses: New Old Rite Abbey in France

Kingmakers the McCarrick protégés

Dublin Archbishop forbids priests from privately giving Holy Communion during current lockdown

Medjugorje: Fr. Leon – “The Blessed Mother asked me: ‘Are you willing to suffer?” ..”Then She showed me the future. She said a time is coming when almost every Catholic will be ashamed of the words of Jesus.”

Special Report: Detroit’s Gay Polish Pipeline A network leading back to Rome

No Justice: Priest’s Cruel Murder Remains Unsolved


Pope Says He’s Not Afraid of Being Called ‘Heretic’ for Outreach to Islam

For Francis: A Church And A Mosque Are The Same Thing

7 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell

Virgin Mary statue vandalized at Dickinson, Texas church  

Jesuit School Scandalized Regis High School Awaits Verdict

Over 1,500 people with Down’s syndrome call for Northern Ireland law change

Hundreds of Millions of Chinese Women Can’t Celebrate International Women’s Day Because They Were Aborted

Aborting a child for a poor prenatal diagnosis is discrimination, and it helps no one

Students for Life Outs Christian Colleges with Ties to Planned Butcherhood

Wales: 100% increase in ambulance calls for women taking ‘DIY’ abortion pills at home

Holy “Pro-Life Democrats” Joe Manchin and Bob Casey Betray Pro-Life Americans, Vote for Abortion Funding

Nolte: ‘Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden’ Feign Outrage over Biden Keeping Abortion Promises 

19 States File Motion to Stop Joe Biden From Making Americans Fund Abortion

As Ireland considers assisted suicide, study finds 72% who ‘wish to die’ change their minds

Why Christians Aren’t Keen on Chi-Com Virus Vaccines

Congress v. God: Equality Act Sets Up Religious War

Judge Dismisses Bail Appeal, Keeps Canadian Pastor Behind Bars

Supreme Court rules government officials can be personally liable for religious freedom violations  

Supreme Court Stops College from Denying Christian Students’ Free Speech in 8-1 Decision — Only Dissenting Opinion is JOHN ROBERTS!

Mass Rape, Sexual Abuse: Communist China’s Genocidal Tool to Eliminate Faith

'Deeply Troubling': Biden Fires Attorney Who Defended Religious Liberty of Employees

Abu Dhabi Document? No Thanks

American Campfire Revival': Millions Join Kirk Cameron in His 100-Day Plan to Build a Godly Nation

Biden Celebrates International Women’s Day by Forcing Girls to Share Bathrooms, Sports Teams, With Boys

Biden reviews Trump-era policies on sexual misconduct cases, establishes ‘Gender Policy Council’

White House: Joe Biden Opposes Bipartisan Effort to Protect Women’s Sports

The left’s obsession with trying to turn all children transgender is too much even for Bill Maher               3/9


St. John of God

Saints Perpetua and Felicity

10 Women from the Bible who lived out the feminine genius

Mystery of Lourdes 'photo' solved

Dr. Silvana Di Mari to 'La Verita': There is only one Pope? Yes, Ratzinger!

Pope Francis Visits Former ISIS Stronghold of Mosul, Iraq — Thanks Only to President Donald Trump and His Eradication of Caliphate in Region

Pope Frances "God has Himself set rulers with power to govern, and He has willed that one should be the head of all, and the chief and unerring teacher of truth”

102 Years Old and 80 Years of Priesthood

12 Vital saints for the modern woman

Bishop Barron Condemns Traditional Catholics

WATCH: Priest Condemns Anyone in Congregation Who Voted Biden, Warns About 'Dark Days'

MIRACLE: Baby boy comes back to life in mother’s arms after being pronounced dead

Bible reading boosts mental well-being among Christians, survey says


Ready for the Next Scandal? Francis’ Next Plane Press


Health professionals have lost jobs for their pro-life beliefs. The Equality Act will make it worse.

Dubuque Archbishop crosses USCCB FrancisBishops' 'any damn DeathVaxx you can get' doctrine, by telling Catholics to choose the less abortiony ones

Satanists Sue for Religious Right to Child Sacrifice

Senate Democrats Vote to Force Americans to Fund Killing Babies in Chi-Com Virus “Relief” Bill

Catholic Scholars Reassert ( do your own research) ‘Moral Acceptability of Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines’

“I, Deena Hinshaw”: On Canada, COVID-19, and religious liberty  

This week in Christian history: Jesuit founder canonized, martyr killed, dozens massacred

Our Collapsing Culture: How ‘The Church of Woke’ Upends Language and Ends Debate

Unity and diversity: Geometry in secular and sacred realms

Cyprus Church Says 'Satanic' Eurovision Song Entry must Be Withdrawn

CPAC 2021: Conservatives must embrace Christ, not LGBT

In Blowout Vote, Alabama Senate Makes Hormone Therapy, Surgery For Kids A Felony

New York Lawmaker Pushes Teaching Sex Ed to Children: ‘Gender Identity’ To 5-Year-Olds, ‘Anal Sex’ To 11-Year-Olds

Same AP that once pushed propaganda for Adolf Hitler now pus