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      Scroll down to the bottom for the Table of Contents, this story begins before Genesis and continues through the Bible and into the present and  looks at the future. I would recommend to first pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit.     from Proverbs;1:20 Wisdom cries without;    she utters her voice in the streets:1:22 How long, simple ones, will you love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning,  and fools hate knowledge? 1:23 Turn you at my reproof:  behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.


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An Intro to 27 Years of Walking Through the Gauntlet

Marie Julie Jahenny Remedies for Our Times      8/9

Update from Paris, Spiritual Warfare Prayer & Fasting can Change the World    5  min.     7/19/23

Letter sent to all the French Bishops 9/2022     5/22/23

Update from Paris on Prophecies, Sacre Coure Basilica, 1999, the Eucharist and more   9 min.   8/15

SacreCoureMedia    my Rumble channel

My YouTube Channel   updated 7/19/23

God sows the seeds in the 20th Century, and the days of Noah began  updated 9/28/2022

Update August 2022 from Paris on Prophecies, Sacre Coure Basilica, 1999, the Eucharist and more      8/15

Open Letter Sent to All the Bishops in the USA    7/26

1 of the Best Homilies I have Heard from Medugorje February 2021           3/1

Medugorje February 2021 video

A Hand Delivered Note to Pope Francis on the Church and Notre Dame and the Future   2/13/20

Ltr to Archbishop of Paris -- Notre Dame the Roof and the Future      2/8/20

Fr Leon's Medugorje Testimony Prayer Miracles Visions and more Prayer

The Eucharist the Bread of Life in Scripture, Prophecy, History and the Future                 

Mary Magdalen Prophecies in the Bible in History in Cathedrals, Nostradamus and more         

Abraham the Prophecies Then and Now      

FREE WILL the 2nd Letter to Pope Francis  

Fatima May 13th 100 year Anniversary and other Bible Prophecies          5/13/17

5777 Year of the Sword, Bible Prophecy, Fulfilled, Unfolding & Coming and more            4/23

Easter 2017 Endtime Prophecy Jesus the Eucharist and Miracles            

Who is Afraid of the devil, Spiritual Warfare the First Sunday of Lent readings             3/10/17

2017 Superbowl Halftime Indoctrination by satan and his puppet Lady Gaga, Apostasy, Prophecy, & Naive Children of Light                         2/8/17

Virgin Mary in Medugorje a short Defense Prophecy Miracles and Pray Pray Pray       7/29

7_25_2016 Beyond the Headlines Prophecy, War, Bohemian Grove, RNC Convention, Politics, Culture, Economics, social engineering, election, and more

Updated 3/2016 The Mark on the Forehead and the Hand explained by the Virgin Mary   3/5/2016

Letter The Cross and Free Will to Archbishop Sartan 3 -23 -2015

Embrace the Cross and Bear Witness to the Truth a Letter Pope Francis 2-14-2015   

The Woman Clothed with the Sun   8/29  15 min.

Here Must Appear the Constancy of the Saints. Warnings about the mark of the Beast and the Beasts from the book of Revelation  8/17 15 min.

Spiritual Warfare the Battle with the devil and his servants                    17 min.

Why Am I Still Weeping the Blood is Flowing & the Apostasy is growing    21  min.    7/28

The Sword the Blood and the Wall where Scripture Prophecy and Life are Colliding  7/20

There Will Be Peace the Virgin Mary's promise to the World from Fr. Gobbi    10 min.     7/11

Marie-Julie Jahenny 1850-1941 The Stigmatist and the Future French King 

Archived videos of the Virgin Mary's Prophecies, warnings and solutions

DNA the Divine Molecule video   17 min. 

New old World Order and their Eugenics Operation  A letter sent to all U.S. Bishops  

A response to an author downplaying the sex scandal                             

The Truth and the Light a letter to Vatican Cardinal Turkson  

 A Letter sent to all the U. S. Bishops          

A Letter to the Pope written in St. Peter's Square

The Comfortable Cross        

View Seattle U. a "Catholic" school paper   

Working Together in Preparation for the Storm   

Some Signs of the Times       

The Rosa Mystica  apparitions from Montichiari & Fontinelle

A Few Thoughts on the Time mag. NWO article  2/12

 Table of Contents  

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EVERYTHING HAS ITS TIME                         Ecclesiastes  3.1-8    

A WALK IN THE STARS              a story about the Creators laboratory 

DNA the Divine Molecule     brief discussion

A WALK THRU TIME    a quick walk thru time      

ABRAHAM             the first king, the covenant  

Jacob becomes Israel                           rough draft   

JOSEPH      the 2nd king, his story related to today  

MOSES     the 3rd king, his story related to today

DAVID      the 4th king, his story related to today

OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETS                    Elijah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, ...

JESUS CHRIST       the Messiah and 5th king         


JOAN of ARC      her story and go to the Basilica (pictures)

MICHEL NOSTRADAMUS 7 chapters Bio &1568 "Les Propheties"

The Education        17 chapters starts in 1960s and goes through 1999

ALTAR OF TEARS           story about the altar

The Church and other visionaries 11 chapters Fatima, Garabandal, etc.

2001 and 2002 Chapters        13 chapters    9-11, Europe, etc.

Other New Chapters through 2006  12 chapters

2006-7 Chapters and articles

a few Miscellaneous articles 2008

MY PROPHECIES AND WARNINGS          predictions and warnings   

TOMORROW               a brief talk about the future   

LAWS AND TRUTHS                  Laws and truths for the 3rd millennium

The Bible     King James Version from 1611 & The New American Standard

BOOK OF REVELATION        Book of Revelation

PEACE PLAN              God's simple Peace Plan

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[English Audio] - Father Savvas Agioritis: What is to Come for Those Who are Inoculated with covid 1984 jab

Heaven's Peace Plan - The First Five Saturdays asked by Our of Fatima.


Saint Maurice and his Companions, Martyrs

St. Thomas of Villanueva

Saint Lorenzo Ruiz and Companions’ Story

Being a Type of Monstrance

Return to the agape meal: A practi

Catholic devotions for the 22nd September

Being a Type of Monstrance


Return to the agape meal: A practical step toward Eucharistic revival

3 pm Friday. The Hour Our Lord died


Pope Francis retires Liechtenstein archbishop, who refused to participate in Synod on Synodality

Why Ratzinger and Wojtyła were correct about liberation theology

Stations of the Cross

Who Are the Chinese Bishops Attending the Synod on Synodality?

Two Visions of “Evangelization”

Cardinal Sarah: Francis Is Perceived As an Aggressor Against Peace

"Divine Warnings to an Unfaithful Europe"- by Roberto de Mattei

Synodalist priest shows the modernists' hand with shocking attack on the nature and form of priesthood. Catholic Church does not need priesthood. Ordination to be abolished.

Pope Invites Anti-LGBT Pentecostal ‘Apostle’ to Synod Televangelist theologian backs Ghana's criminalization of homosexuality

J.R.R. Tolkien’s fascinating description of purgatory

Paris prosecutors drop investigation of resigned archbishop

Why (Traditional) Marriage Matters

How Tim Tebow Uses His Platform to Point Fans to Christ

McCarrick ordered to take new competency exam in Wisconsin sexual abuse case

Head of Polish Bishops, “The destruction of Christianity could come from Europe” and "Greatest crisis of the church in Germany since the Reformation"

German priests defy Church teaching, 'bless' same-sex unions outside faithful cardinal's cathedral

Christian entrepreneur: Biden's Covid policies were 'disastrous'

Afghanistan: Taliban detains 18 people for ‘propagating and promoting Christianity’

Pro-Life Advocate Says “It’s an Honor” to Go to Prison for Rescuing Babies From Abortion

How the DC pro-life convictions could strike down the FACE Act and put an abortionist in jail

Abortion industry’s post-Roe state strategy: Establishing abortion as a constitutional ‘right’

Long-standing 'choice' group changes its name, but abortion-on-demand mission remains the same

Billboards leading to Illinois claim abortion is ‘God’s plan’

Nigeria: Muslims murder 37 Christians in Plateau state

Parents Should Be Leading: Is Knowing Your Child's Gender 'A Privilege, Not a Right'?

Head of Europe’s Largest Archdiocese Criticized for Remarks on ‘Experience of Love’ and Homosexual Attraction

Hands off Our Kids Comes of Age

Huge turnout at Toronto march for children                 9/22


Pope Benedict and Saint Matthew

Saint Matthew, Apostle

Matthew’s Miraculous Metanoia

How the Seven Sorrows Rosary can help you feel joy amid the sufferings of life

“Your Commandments Are Weapons.”—St. Augustine

Synodality in Action: Strickland Explains the Catholic Faith

"As your spiritual father, I must strongly warn you: do not accept this deception”

Cardinal Müller urges Bishop Strickland to stand and fight. Pounds critics who want to harry him out of office. "The Pope has no authority from Christ to bully and intimidate good Bishops"

Müller to Strickland: Do Not Resign under Any Circumstances

Cardinal Sako: Rome is endangering the future of Iraqi Christians through silence

Secret Probe Reveals AU Bishop Abused 71 Aboriginals Aussie bishops, papal nuncios ignored complaints from whistleblowers

Good Archbishop Faces Revolt Cdl. Rainer Woelki is defied by his priests and same-sex couples.

Support from the Local Bishops! Cardinal Sarah Celebrates Mass In Czech Republic

Conservative Bishop replaced with one after the Pope's heart

"…while heretical and immoral bishops can do whatever they want”

Heroic lawyer defends Africa’s anti-sodomy laws from Vatican, Western attacks

Papal envoy in leopard print vestment causes social media frenzy

Hollerich to Catholics: "You Are Outrageous"

Bishops from mainland China to attend synod

What American bishops can learn from African pushback against LGBT propaganda

The Blessed Francis goes to Marseille to talk more Islamization and terror, but will dupes listen to it this time?

Pope Francis, Tony Blair, & Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla join Clinton Foundation event promoting globalism

United Nations Claims “Humanity Has Opened The Gates To Hell”  

Hunger And Artificial Intelligence: Fuel To Power The Antichrist’s Coming Machine Of Control

Jackie Hill Perry warns inundation of entertainment, modern distractions hinder communion with God

‘It Sure Feels Strange Here Now’: Why American Christians’ Situation is So Unique, and Why That Matters

WATCH: Merrick Garland loses it as congressman grills him over FBI spying on traditional Catholics

Pakistan Christians reeling after violence

Only 1 in 4 Say Parenthood, Marriage Are Crucial for Fulfilling Life

Baby Saved From Abortion After Pro-Life Man Shares Jesus With Baby’s Father

Report: Over 2,600 babies saved from abortion in Ireland due to 3-day waiting period

Unborn Babies are Human Beings and Their Lives Begin at Conception

While Democrats let actual criminals roam free, these two elderly women were CONVICTED and face 11 years in prison for peacefully blocking an abortion clinic

Pregnant from rape at 12, she chose life: ‘Abortion is not a solution,’ it’s a ‘double rape’

Leaked Training Video From Veterans Affairs Promotes Abortion and Suggests Men Can Get Pregnant

‘Saturday Night Live’ star admits to three abortions, says she would ‘do it again’

Abortion Activists Want an Only Fans Account Where People Pay Them to Kill Their Babies

Here’s Where to Take Your Kids When Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts Go Woke

Communist Goals and America

FedNow Goes Live, Paving The Way To A Central Bank Digital Currency

PHOTOS: Million Person March was a resounding success for parents and children across Canada

Erasing women: British General Medical Council (GMC) scrubs “mother” from all internal policies – only gender-neutral “parent” references allowed

Garland Won’t Say If Youngkin Right to Pardon Father Charged After Protesting Daughter’s Sexual Assault

Biden-appointed judge rules parents can’t opt children out of school lessons promoting LGBT ideology 

Watch: TX Libs Pray for Drag Queens and ‘Divine Diversity’

Confirmed: Man Who Raped His 10-Year-Old Daughter Housed With Female Prison Inmates

Dem Backs Book ‘Celebrating God’s Transgender and Gender-Diverse Children’                                         9/21


Blessed Maximin Giraud, Visionary of La Salette

Sts. Andrew Kim Taegon, Paul Chong Hasang, and Companions

Saint Eustachius and his Family, Martyrs

3 Ways Padre Pio changed lives

Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross in the Diocese of Limburg - a “garbage and CO2 celebration”

St. Eustace suffered martyrdom for Christ after undergoing a miraculous conversion

St. Kateri Tekakwitha is the star of a new graphic novel

Kansas bishop calls for ‘renewal’ of sacred music, encourages Gregorian chant in pastoral letter

Archbishop’s resignation signals end of era for Liechtenstein’s Catholics

Francis Retires One Of The Best Bishops in Europe

"...while heretical and immoral bishops can do whatever they want”

Bishop Strickland reaffirms the true purpose of marriage, the priesthood in new pastoral letter

Schneider: Heretical Pope Doesn’t Lose Office

Occult FrancisBishosp Schneider twists Bellarmine, accuses people who think that faithless Francises are frauds of ‘episcopaleanism’, claims no one is qualified to declare Church-hating Francis ‘deposed.’ Usual suspects preen

Diocese of Cleveland bans LGBT flags, pronouns, social or surgical ‘transitions’ in its schools

Before the World Synod: Lies, “Pomp and Circumstance”

Pray that the “Synod on Synodality” Will Not Be a “Synod on Insanity”

Cardinal Hollerich claims synod is about synodality not about radical change. Admits no one will be happy and slams conservative Catholics.

Canada Sentences Pastor to Prison for Speech to Freedom Convoy

With The Persecution Of Christians In America Greater Than Ever While Blatant Lawlessness Becomes 'The Law Of The Land,' These End Times Storms Have Arrived On Our Shores

The War On Marriage Must End

Cardinal Marx "Would" Bless Homosexual Sin

Head of German Bishops thinks Vatican should allow homosexuals to be ordained priests Many Already Are

Wahlberg Opens Up About Devotion to God, Family

The real mystery of Rome’s Rupnik report

Alleged Rupnik victims say Church’s pledge of ‘zero tolerance’ for sex abuse is mere PR campaign  

Argentine presidential front-runner: Pope Francis has an 'affinity for murderous communists'

Clinton Foundation Returns! Woke Pope Brings Bill, Alex Soros to Vatican

Hungarian President Katalin Novák Launches Pro-Family Manifesto

Million Person March

Zurich justice director calls for a criminal investigation into the cases of abuse in the Catholic Church

The Abortion Pope: Under the Benevolent Silence of Francis and his Negligent Bishops, Latin America became the Center of the Global Babykilling Industry

Tennessee paramedics save life of preemie who was ‘not breathing and blue’

Joan Andrews Bell writes from prison: I want to live like a cloistered nun in her cell

Prolife - "We will take legal action against the physical attacks and devastation that have taken place"

All defendants were found guilty in second FACE Act trial. Read what one had to say.

Satan is celebrating as Planned Parenthood returns to killing babies in Wisconsin

This doctor switched professions from abortion to assisted death after the abortion pill took her job

‘It Sure Feels Strange Here Now’: Why American Christians’ Situation is So Unique, and Why That Matters

Pro-life hospice launches 'Guardian Angels' program to help patients avoid euthanasia trap

Archbishop Fernández says ‘several’ of his texts are ‘more dangerous’ than erotic book on kissing

WHAT?! Church WORSHIPS Drag Queens in Dallas! | Elijah Schaffer’s Top 5 (VIDEO)

Progressives Send Their Kids to Private Schools While Fighting to Keep You from Sending Yours

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Tranny Ukrainian Military Spokesman Honored by Las Vegas, Democrats [VIDEO]

Pennsylvania Perkiomen Valley School District Stages Walkout to Protest Boys Using Girls’ Bathrooms [VIDEO]

Pennsylvania Students Protest Pro-Trans Bathroom Policy

Poll: Half of Young Adults Say Open Marriages Are 'Acceptable'        9/20


Our Lady of La Salette (1846)

The Enduring Message of La Salette

St. Januarius' liquefying blood is an enduring legacy of his matryrdom for Jesus

Blood of St. Januarius ‘Completely Liquefied’ on Feast Day

The Holy Rosary: a help and comfort to tired and distracted souls

What is the Third Secret of Fatima?

Catholic devotions for the 19th September

Use this power-up prayer for those gloomy days

Archbishop Viganò: Rupnik report shows 'heretics' and 'perverts' enjoy 'total impunity’ under Bergoglio

'Just talk about Christ' - Meet Hakuna, Spain's 'pringado' Catholic youth movement

The Synodal Process Is a Pandora's Box

Christianity is Alive and Well in Iraq

Six Bishops And Hundred Priests: Women Distribute Communion

General Secretary of German Bishops ambivalent about priestly ordinations

Fr. Murray: Pope Francis’ inaction against dissident liberals has caused a crisis in the Church

Cardinal Directs Priests to Promote Other Religions    ???

Man Enough to Forgive: The Power of Biblical Forgiveness

Pope provides protection for abusing priest

Francis Rehabilitates His Friend Rupnik

Tone-Deaf US Bishops Call to Celebrate National Migration Week 

Disturbing: Wokeness Has Fully Infected Some Churches [VIDEO]


The Unconditional Duty of a Christian Man: Suffer Well It isn't a choice, so you better learn to manage it

The little-known “Sistine Chapel” of Milan

Just the beginning’: North Carolina megachurch baptizes 282 people in 1 day

COVID on the Rise Again: Which States Now Protect Churches From Closure?

Catechism of the Seven Sacrament

Francis And Clinton: Talking for the Sake of Taking

Why did Francis promote the foremost one-world government abortionist eugenicist & why is he "gratified" by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which "promote universal access to abortion"?

Pope Francis fails to mention the unborn at pro-abortion, pro-LGBT Clinton Foundation conference

Christian venues cancel Evangelical men's outreach Promise Keepers over gender ideology

My healthy, full-term baby was stillborn. Life is a miracle we shouldn’t take for granted.

Pro-Life Advocate Lauren Handy is in Prison Just Because She Rescued Babies From Abortion 

‘Angel’ woman provides 24-hour kangaroo care to save premature babies

Pro-Life Group Describes Tremendous Growth, Success Post-Roe: ‘It’s Easier to Recruit People’

'We're saving lives': Pro-life rescuers turn prison time into yet another ministry

Charge dropped against abortionist accused of running over pro-life activist with his car

Research debunks Planned Parenthood’s lies about pregnancy resource centers

EXCLUSIVE: As Pro-Lifers Face Jail Time on DOJ Charges, GOP Moves to Repeal FACE Act

German government wants to force future doctors to kill children in the womb!

Michigan lawmakers seek to end partial-birth abortion ban, protection for abortion survivors, and more

‘Sound of Freedom’ hero Tim Ballard demands Biden admin find 85,000 lost migrant children

Sports Anchor Sage Steele: ‘I Wouldn’t Be Standing Today Without My faith’

The "Ring Of Fire Eclipse" On October 14th Will Combine With Another Eclipse In 2024 To Form A Giant “X” Over “The Empty Cross” In Texas

Dangerous Writings: Kissy Tucho Calls Catholics  "Traditionalists"

‘This is Why Children Can’t Choose Their Gender’: Child Picking Cookies Over $10K Cash Goes Viral

Parents Appalled After Biological Male Crowned Homecoming Queen at Missouri High School

Texas Church Holds a “Drag Sunday” Service to Bless the Satanic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Drag Queens (VIDEO)

Disciples of Christ lost one-fifth of its membership from 2019-2022: report

Fr. James Martin Faces Resistance at New York Parish

"Why not?" - Cardinal Marx wants to bless homosexual couples                   9/19


The Stigmata of Saint Francis

St. Joseph of Cupertino

Saint Robert Bellarmine’s Story

Saint Robert Bellarmine’s Clarity of Mind and Soul

Saint Cyprian, Bishop and Martyr

Catholic devotions for the 18th September

Three Roads to Belief

Traditionis Custodes Dead: Cardinal Burke Celebrates Pontifical Mass in Paris

Dominican Theologian Attacks Catholic Tradition (Part 3): Getting Our Dogmatic Facts Straight


Auxiliary Bishop Schneider writes letter of encouragement to US Bishop Strickland: “Thank you”

Bishop Strickland says he will not resign, but will comply if removed by Pope Francis

Novena to the Canadian Martyrs

Priest kidnapped in southeast Nigeria

Rigidity and Legalism: Panama’s Bishops Warn Against Attending Pius X

Heard in the SSPX Priories: A Consecration of New Bishops for the SSPX is coming, sooner rather than later


"Bishop Bätzing bends the truth”

Neo-Cardinal: Italy's [Francis] Church Is Elitist, Ignores God

Globalist Pope Francis Joins Forces with the Clintons, Yellen, Whitmer, Newsom, and Others for Global Initiative 2023

Explosive accusation from Switzerland against Pope Francis

26 New Seminarians

Becoming Eunuchs for the Kingdom: What Gives?

Legal battle over ancient Catholic group’s marriage rules heats up

Head of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, taints traditionalists as "extreme right wingers" and says they violate the Commandment against bearing false witness

The Authority of the Pope by Saint Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Church: "Thus we do not say that the Pope cannot err in his private opinions, as did John XXII; or be altogether a heretic, as perhaps Honorius was (*). Now when he is explicitly a heretic, he falls ipso facto from his dignity and out of the Church, and the Church must either deprive him, or, as some say, declare him deprived, of his Apostolic See"

Vatican: Wonderworker Rodríguez Carballo Gone

Pope Defrocks Patron of Marian Vision for Sex Abuse

Modernist theologian accuses traditionalists of supporting one of the oldest heresies. Their Christ is unbelievable and inhuman mythical creature.

New Discoveries May Change What We Know About Jerusalem’s Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher

Tabernacle stolen from Nigerian parish

The rampant anti-Catholicism of the French Left

Cowboy priest and cowgirls preside at Mass

No Longer Orphans

What is a picture of Mussolini doing on the wall of a Church?

‘A devastating day’ for women and babies as abortions set to resume in Wisconsin

Viral videos show sweet relationship between man with Down syndrome and his family

Three More Pro-Life Activists Found Guilty Of Violating FACE Act In Abortion Clinic Blockade

Tommy Tuberville: They Don’t Care About Military Readiness, They Just Want to Fund Abortions

Ohio priest urges voters to reject ‘demonic’ pro-abortion amendment, send it ‘back to hell’

‘A devastating day’ for women and babies as abortions set to resume in Wisconsin

Lives Sacrificed On The Altar Of Scientific Progress: New Research Seeks To Create Synthetic Human Life

Activist group pressures military base to remove Christian bookstore

Why Parents Shouldn’t Be Surprised When Their Child Comes Home From School Radicalized

One Million Moms blasts Viacom for airing sexually explicit MTV music awards on children’s network

Gov. Newsom signs law ending California’s travel ban to Republican states opposing LGBT agenda

Pentagon’s ‘Clarification’ on Gender Pronouns? When You’re in a Hole, Quit Digging

The inhumanity of banning conversion therapy

Kim Davis ordered to pay $100K for refusing to issue gay marriage license, will appeal        9/18


The Seven Sorrows of the Blessed Virgin Mary

(Video) The Rosary that lets you follow Our Lady of Sorrows

St. Valerian

Exaltation of the Holy Cross We adore Thee, O Christ, and we praise Thee, for by Thy Holy Cross, Thou hast redeemed the world.

The triumph of the Holy Cross is the symbol of Christ's salvation and love for mankind

Saint Catherine of Genoa, Widow

St. Notburga

St. Alphonsus Ligouri: A saint for the 21s century

The wisdom of St. Alphonsus Liguori offers unique spiritual insight for priests and laity alike

Short film on Sweden's 20th century saint: Elisabeth Hesselblad (1870-1957) 30  min.

God’s Laws are the Cure for the Evil in the World

A Texas-Sized Catholic Renaissance?

Catholic devotions for the 15th September

Francis, Fatima, and Garabandal

US Bishop Strickland: “The Eucharist is truly the body and blood, soul and divinity of Christ”

Being a Priest-Victim for Souls

Cardinal Müller on Synod: ‘This is the great hour of manipulation’

The Church's synod enters executive session

Bishop Schneider: Future popes will thank Bishop Strickland for his Catholic faith

Reward for Blasphemy: Spadaro Gets Curia Post

The Polish episcopate calls for the “civilization of life” on the 23rd Pope's Day (John Paul II).

Where in the world are permanent deacons?

Jennifer, the American Mystic who hears whispers from Jesus – New Message “The eagle is about to take flight”

Reactions of Swiss bishops after cover-up report

Is it possible that Anti-Fr. Altman Eric Sammons is using the “Dialectical Left” Marxist tactic of "strategically changing the meanings of words" in a way that is just a "silly error" which is an unintentional "blatant lie"?

Synodal renewal planned by the Pope with unforeseen consequences. On the verge of a new Reformation

The US Bishops' Migrant Wealth Makes Boys and Girls Victims  The USCCB can't seem to stop abusing kids.

How this gifted Catholic layman brings the Gospel to homes across the world 

Then I Began to Cry. By Father Gordon MacRae (from Prison)

Shocking blasphemies and desecrations in support of the ordination of women

The Days Ahead May Get Worse, But For Those Who Trust In Jesus, The Future Is Filled With Hope

US Bishops Still Shilling Biden Admin’s Borderless Beliefs

BREAKING: Pope Francis to address pro-abortion Clinton Foundation conference on ‘climate change’

Canada: Alleged mass grave of indigenous children in Catholic care is empty

Nick Vujicic talks attempted suicide, God's sovereignty in (not) healing

Vicar general of Austrian bishop leads 'funeral ceremony' for 'dying' glacier with female 'pastor'

New Documentary Exposes the Shady Origins of the Persecution of Christians in Syria

Bishop dresses as Tarzan to celebrate Mass

Christian Doctor Found Not Guilty of Serious Misconduct for Praying With Patient

Christians protest plans to censure Spokane mayor for appearance at Sean Feucht prayer event

EU head Ursula von der Leyen calls for global implementation of Mark of the Beast – “future is digital”

Baby Born 16 Weeks Early Goes Home 12 Days Before His Original Due Date

Mom With Brain Cancer Who Saved Her Baby by Refusing Abortion Now Has Less Than a Year to Live

UK: Silent Prayer No Longer a "Crime"

Kelly Osbourne calls motherhood ‘the best thing that ever happened to me’

Layoffs at Planned Parenthood shake staff in post-Roe world

Pro-Life Democrat Launches Presidential Campaign to Challenge Joe Biden: “I’m a Voice for the Voiceless”

‘Acceptable’ Violence Against Peaceful Pro-Lifers Is Unacceptable

US Abortion President Supports Francis

Former Abortionist Confirms “Vast Majority” of Late-Term Abortions Done on Healthy Moms and Babies

Federation of German Catholic Youth attack "March for Life"

A Belgian woman was set to be euthanized. Then loved ones heard her screaming.

Unraveling Morality, Rising Anger: A Disturbing Trend Among Young People

California to SEPARATE children from parents who don’t support LGBT genital mutilation

Former Planned Parenthood worker blew whistle on now-closed Missouri ‘gender clinic’

Best Buy fires whistleblower after leaks of manager saying Christian displays not OK, but LGBT training is

Oklahoma district hires drag queen who was previously arrested for child porn as elementary school principal

"Of course it is disobedience". A service for gay and lesbian couples in defiance of Cardinal

Will UN member states allow ‘transmission’ of child p*rn?

How to Help the Gender Dysphoric

Nebraska Detransitioner Sues Medical Providers for Removing Her Breasts at 16              9/15


Saint Maurilius, Bishop of Angers

St. John Chrysostom

John Chrysostom: The Man with the Golden Mouth

Saint Eulogius, Patriarch of Alexandria

Catholic devotions for the 13th September

‘Sound of Freedom’ Hero Promotes Bill to Force the Biden-Harris Regime to Find 85,000 Missing Migrant Kids 

Marco Tosatti: "[A]s soon as the resignation of Benedict XVI was announced, the SWIFT system was unblocked for the Vatican, without waiting for the election of his successor. And so we see that Benedict XVI was blackmailed by means of SWIFT"

Strickland Won't Go "Voluntarily"

Synod of Bishops? – “The Pope and bishops do not receive a new revelation”

Are strict rules responsible for the decline in religious life?     NO

Rigidity: US Nuncio Forces Mass Into Gyms

Austrian church statistics show: Mass attendance drops dramatically after Covid years!

‘Heretic’ Indian Bishop Offers Mass in Papal Basilica

Parishioner Money to Pay Off Victims Laity exposed to clerical predators for decades, now have to pay the price despite victimhood

Vatican appoints heterodox, pro-LGBT bishop to investigate sexual abuse cases in Switzerland

Cardinal Müller in new interview puts up with no Synodal nonsense

Cardinal Müller: "Some Bishops No Longer Believe In God"

“The German church has big problems and obviously needs to think about new evangelization”

Seattle archdiocese pulls back pastor resignation request

Louisiana shelter founded by Catholic priest is offering hope to victims of sex slavery

Abp. Fernandez Defends ‘Doctrine of the Holy Father’

Fernández: Cardinal Burke Has "No Charism" To Preserve Faith

Michigan Township Can’t Ban Catholic Group’s Stations of the Cross, Court Rules

Resisting Evil: The Beatification of the Ulma Family

Voice of the Martyrs aid displaced Christians after mob destroys 25 churhes, 80 homes in Pakistan

Football icon Ronaldo Nazário baptised and welcomed into Catholic Church

An Insider's View: Russia's Propagandizing of Europe's Right

How U.S. Catholics are helping others

How the 60s paved the way for today’s culture wars

‘Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday, and Today, and for Ever’

What Is Stopping You From Seeing God?   

We must protect each other and the truth from globalist tyranny

Living In These Last Days Deceptions, The Scale Of The Slaughter Carried Out By The US Govt & NWO Upon Humanity Is Unprecedented: Get Out Of Your Seats And Into The Streets - Expect Draconian New 'Disinformation' Laws To Silence All Dissent  

Florida County Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

‘It’s just jail’: Pro-lifers facing prison for trying to save babies express faith, firmness of resolve

'Not a fringe issue': Pastors discuss how pro-lifers, churches can reach pregnant women in need

Pro-abortion group ‘investigates’ pregnancy centers, and no one will be shocked at their conclusions

Maine Church Vandalized With ‘Queer Love’ and ‘Abortion is a Human Right’

Planned Parenthood sues to overturn law that allows whistleblowers to report fraud

Women who had complications sue Idaho over abortion ban...Unsafe 'to be pregnant'

How laws allowing and expanding abortion serve to protect sex traffickers

Is the West re-Paganizing?

An Atheistic Marxist Agenda Is Overtaking Much Of Our Politics, But God Is In Ultimate Control

Bishop "Punishes" Priest For Blessing Adultery

Gender coercion at the Paracelsus Medical University in Salzburg

Instagram censors detransitioner Chloe Cole over user bio describing her journey

Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Member Arrested for Public Masturbation

Strickland: Homosexual Sin Prohibits from Receiving Communion

Department of Corrections Stonewalls On Whether It’s Incarcerating Male Rapist With Female Inmates

Woke Tyranny: Coach Ousted After Speaking Against Male Athletes Competing Against Women 

Missouri hospital stops giving children transgender hormones after new law takes effect

Democrats Grooming Children for Pedophilia Update: Elementary School’s ‘Rainbow Club’ Asks Teachers To Swap ‘Boys & Girls’ With “Inclusive” Terms Like ‘Peepadoodles,’ ‘Possums’

How to Help the Gender Dysphoric

Children's hospital halts puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones for minors            9/13


Feast of the Holy Name of Mary

Mendelsshon’s Ave Maria


How the Blessed Virgin Mary helped save the West from Manichean heresy and Muslim conquest

St. Ailbhe

Saint Guy of Anderlecht, Hermit and Pilgrim

Catholic devotions for the 12th September

‘Sound of Freedom’ Soars to No. 1 Spot in Latin America


The Adoration Chapel That Never Sleeps

Mother Teresa’s Example

‘A zeal for souls’: Catholic women fight for the faith with ‘Return to Tradition’ conference

The Infiltration of the Jesuits

Bishopoftyler Important “the West needs to remember that our bishops do not derive their authority from the pope. They are not the Vatican’s regional managers. They are Successors to the Apostles in their own right. They have their own teaching authority.

Francis Met US Nuncio to Dicuss Resignation of Bishop Strickland

Vatican is increasing pressure on US Bishop Strickland and would like to call on him to resign

Pope Francis May Urge Bishop to Resign Who Called Joe Biden a “Fake Catholic”

Pope’s Ukraine envoy to meet Chinese premier on Wednesday

Spain: Francis’ “Synodality” Hypocrisy

Priest Accuses 6 Swiss Bishops of Cover-up, Sex Abuse Switzerland publishes 'frightening' report on predator priests, victims

Study: At least 921 victims of abuse in the Catholic Church in Switzerland

Catholic priest rebukes bishops endorsing ‘blessings’ of sinful relationships: ‘You need to repent’

Ecumenism & Ecology Central to World Youth Day

Bishops: Novus Ordo Is Something Different

How a persecuted Dutch family found asylum in Poland

UK clergyman ready to break an ‘immoral law’ to help dying teenager who wants to live

The One and Only Way

My fellow Jews: We need Jesus, too

Mass. priest charged with theft lived with parish employee

Collective noun for stealth priestesses is "a solidarity"

‘You Were Made in the Image of God’: Nick Vujicic Holds Nothing Back in Response to Sexual Identity Crisis

Calling Good Evil: Why Christians Are Being Labeled The New Troublers Of Society

The Genocide of Christians Is Escalating All Over the Planet, but Most Westerners Don’t Even Know It Is Happening

‘Like Medieval Times’: Finnish Politician Prosecuted For Biblical Views Reacts to ‘Crazy’ Trial, Issues Warning

The Prophetic Precursors In The Middle East That Tell Us Something Is Coming

The secret to Utah’s thriving economy? Faith, family, and fidelity

The first question I ask skeptics about God

Tennis star and new mom Naomi Osaka discusses her daughter: ‘She was a gift’

Pro-Life Leader Calls on Pro-Life Americans to Support Bishop Joseph Strickland

Archbishop Viganò: Banning abortion is essential to stopping ‘the New World Order subservient to Satan’

Ohio Abortion Activists Launch $687,000 Ad to Promote Issue 1 for Abortions Up to Birth

Pregnant mother becomes first to enter trial for medication to help her preborn twins

Cologne “March for Life” - Greens threaten the CDU

Abortionists Who Kill Babies Want to be Known as “Physicians Specializing in Maternal-Fetal Medicine”

EXCLUSIVE: Abortion Lawyer Accused of Perjuring Herself Before Congress

Leaked Veterans Affairs training promotes abortion as ‘opportunity for growth’

Why Did Marxists Launch ‘Attack on America’s Kids’? Liz Wheeler Explains

University of Arizona instructs future pediatric nurses to ask children as young as 3 years old about their gender identity

Teen girl Virginia school helped secretly “transition” to male ended up trafficked, homeless, and assaulted

Ontario speech pathologists trained to push gender ideology on vulnerable patients

Commiefornia Democrats Vote to Remove Kids From Any Parents Who Don’t Support Severing Their Genitals

Transgender services increase among minors, as some countries put on the brakes

Oklahoma elementary school hires second drag queen for kindergarten classroom after principal fiasco          9/12


Saint John Gabriel Perboyre, Martyr

St. Paphnutius

Saint Cyprian

Catholic devotions for the 11th September

The Surprising Relationship Between 9/11 and the Eucharist Taste and see the goodness of the Lord.

Pope Francis meets to discuss Strickland resignation

‘A zeal for souls’: Catholic women fight for the faith with ‘Return to Tradition’ conference


There are more of us now

Rome's special investigator speaks on abuse crisis engulfing Swiss Church. Further cases possible.

Swiss bishops plunged into crisis ahead of abuse report

Francis: No "Synodality" for the Media Activists

30,000 attend beatification of Ulma family in Poland

EXCLUSIVE: Private Catholic School Quietly Introduces Social Justice Course, 'Disguised as Religion Class,'...

Genghis Khan Fan Complains about Evangelisation of America

More Than Enough

Legendary NFL Coach Calls Out ESPN for Whitewashing Prayer

5 Christian reactions to Coco Gauff’s prayer after winning US Open

Woke ESPN Wrecked for Lying That Coco Gauff ‘Took a Moment to Soak’ in Her Grand Slam Win When She Was Clearly Praying

In His Own Words: Why Coach Kennedy ‘Retired’ After Just One Game

Left CULT’s rhetoric that incited burning of Christian churches in Canada is HOAX; excavations found no evidence of buried indigenous children

Trending Toward A Cashless Society: One Hundred Nations Now Exploring Central Bank Digital Currencies

Mom With Cancer Refused Abortion to Save Her Unborn Baby’s Life

40 Days for Life Campaign Breaks Record, Pro-Life People Will Pray at Abortion Centers in 681 Cities

Horror: Doctor’s Testimony About Abortion Leaves Congress Speechless

Fewer Abortions Would Happen if Men Would Step Up and Be Responsible Fathers

Trump vows to defund 'transgender insanity,' ban mutilation of children nationwide

This Is Not About Tolerance, It’s A Militant Government Takeover Of Our Children’s Minds

Hollywood’s Demonic Depravity in a Nutshell: Ethan Hawke Was ‘So Comfortable‘ Directing Graphic Sex Scenes of His Daughter Maya

Bribery Biden’s Woke Pentagon Is “Defending” the Nation by Focusing on “Gender Neutral” Language

San Fransicko Schools Face Historic Wave of Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

Undercover sting alleges Planned Parenthood referred 14-year-old for transgender services                  9/11


Saint Cyprian

St. Paphnutius

Saint Peter Claver, Jesuit Missionary

Peter Claver’s Untiring Fidelity

Saint Thomas of Villanova’s Story

St. Salvius of Albi

Saint Omer, Bishop of Therouanne

Salve Mater Misericordiae

Catholic devotions for the 10th September

Five Reasons Why the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe Was Created in Heaven


2023 review of the development of traditional liturgy

Vatican Admits: Young Catholics Want Roman Rite

Young Catholics in the Diocese of Tyler are rallying behind Bishop Strickland

If the Latin Mass is so bad, why does the ADL hate it so much?

Bishop Strickland urges Catholics: 'Stand firm in your faith' on the eve of the Synod



Jesuits Go Down Together with Jesuit Bergoglio



Vatican appoints special investigator following allegations of massive cover-up by Swiss Bishops

Mexico's bishops question abortion ruling

Iraqi Christians’ Never-Ending ‘Black Day’

Catholic Police told to 'Bring Weapons to Mass'

Ancient Pool of Siloam, where Jesus healed a blind man, uncovered

The New Book of Christian Martyrs: ‘A Wakeup Call to All of Us’

Vatican, Opus Dei Bishop: Simulating Eucharist Is "Not a Grave Matter"

The Uncle Ted Era Isn’t Over

Roman Basilica: Hypocritical "Ecumenism"

Country music star Granger Smith ends career to proclaim Christ

Firestorms and Falsehoods Erupt After Supreme Court Rules In Favor Of Protecting Religious Freedom

Kansas awards $2 million contract to life-affirming pregnancy resource network

Home Secretary tells police that prayer near abortion clinics ‘is not a crime’

National Day of Remembrance Will Mourn 65 Million Babies Killed in Abortions

Survey shows monthly church attendees’ abortion attitudes. Here are their most common views.

Leaked Biden Admin Memo Shows VA Promoting Abortion as Birth Control to Veterans

How the demise of Roe sparked pro-abortion radicals to 'encourage violence'

UK model Lisa Snowdon claims she doesn’t regret past abortion… but says ‘you never forget’

Left Sheds Crocodile Tears Over Military Pay to Dodge Debate About Abortion Extremism

How Progressives Co-Opt ‘Love’ to Take Charge Even Over Jesus

Catholic bookstore wins settlement against Florida city that passed pro-LGBT pronoun law

Woke breastfeeding organization eliminates the word ‘mother’ from its mission statement

Undercover sting alleges Planned Parenthood referred 14-year-old for transgender services

Two Transgender Cyclists Destroy Female Competitors in Illinois State Championships

Virginia Mom Sues Pro-Trans Teachers for Pushing Her Child into Prostitution

California Legislature Passes Bill Requiring Child Custody Cases to Consider 'Affirming Gender Identity'

ventbrite ERASES James Lindsay's 'Save Our Kids' event, slanders it as 'Hateful, Dangerous, or Violent      9/10


The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

Our Lady’s Birthday

Catholic devotions for the 8th September

TOMORROW: National Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage

This Saturday is the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children

Our Lady of La Salette: Warning of Imminent Chastisement Chastisement on hold, but for how long?

‘Sound Of Freedom’ Screening CANCELED On US Military Base Over False Allegations Of ‘QAnon’ Ties

Strickland: “Many” Want to Destroy the Faith

Bp. Joseph Strickland Slams the Door on Female Deacons Bishop takes aim at Rome's Synod on Synodality.


German Bishop puts the destructive, secularising Synodal Path in its place

World Youth Day’s ‘DJ priest’ defended sodomy as ‘strengthening love’ in resurfaced interview

Who Would Have Thought? WYD's Techno Priest Is a Homo Activist

Nigerian seminarian burned alive in attack on rectory

Atheist says he died and returned. Now, he believes in God

Hearing focuses on state demand that it determine a church's ministry

German Bishop: Synod Accelerates Secularisation

New talks open to end Syro-Malabar liturgy impasse

2 Catholic Universities Among the 5 Worst Campuses for Free Speech

Georgia’s Largest Hospital System Drops Christmas Eve As Paid Holiday, Adds Juneteenth

Teddy Baby (Tell the Radio Good Night)

Presumptuous pastoral assistant receives reprimand from Bishop but Vatican does not regard the case of a concelebrating laywoman as serious

Premature Baby Born at 23 Weeks Weighed Less Than a Can of Coke, She’s Doing Great Now

Over 85,000 Babies Have Survived Abortions Since Roe v. Wade in 1973

Home Secretary tells police that prayer near abortion clinics ‘is not a crime’

World Health Organization budget reveals its extensive pro-abortion priorities

Christian Minister Claims Killing Babies in Abortions is “Holy” and “Life-Affirming”

In Pentagon Abortion Stand-Off, Mike Lee Makes Constitutional Defense of Tommy Tuberville

Survey shows monthly church attendees’ abortion attitudes. Here are their most common views.


Sam Faddis: The Front Lines In The Culture Wars – Your Local Library Is Now Part Of The Communist Marxist Takeover?

Experts warn of 'genocidal intent' behind Azerbaijan’s blockade starving 120,000 Armenians

The 1925 Trial That Helped The World Teach Generations Of Children That The Bible Cannot Be Trusted

MSNBC Guest: Christianity Brought to America to Justify Slavery & Genocide

Rocklin becomes 5th California school district to back parents

INDOCTRINATION: University of Arizona is Teaching Future Nurses to Start Asking Patients About Gender Identity as Young as Three Years Old

Connecticut school brings in DEI consultant who then 'accidentally' introduced gay porn into the presentation

Tennessee School Faces Civil Rights Complaint for So-Called “Dead-Naming”, an Imaginery Term Invented by Democrats to Push for the Genital Mutilation of Youth

The tragic mainstreaming of Burning Man

Major GOP women's group opens door to membership for 'transgender' males       9/8


Saint Cloud or Clodoald, Confessor

Blessed Frédéric Ozanam

St. Eleutherius

Saint Rosalia, Virgin

Blessed Claudio Granzotto

Catholic devotions for the 7th September

Fatima’s First-Saturday 15-minute Meditation

Can anyone imagine John Paul II or Benedict XVI strolling hand in hand down the street with a male gay rights advocate? & Can anyone imagine McCarrick & Fr. Martin marching "alongside miners and auto workers & look[ing] like one of them?"

Bp. Strickland shares his experience of the TLM. (From: Mass of the Ages)

Bishop Strickland’s powerful defense of Church teaching is crucial in the fight for truth

Catholic Bishop Joseph Strickland Wins National Pro-Life Award for Fighting Abortion

Miami newspaper highlights growing Latin Mass community: 'They don't want something watered down'

Barcelona: One New Seminarian

The Latin Mass Society’s annual pilgrimage to Walsingham gets bigger every year

Come for the Summorum Pontificum Pilgrimage, stay for the Rome Life Forum

Pope conceals working of his rigged Synod from the world

Liturgy Being Used to Pound Climate Madness

Francis and Indietrism. A destructive concept

Francis Asks Chinese Catholics To Be "Good Citizen"

Mute shepherds who keep silent out of comfort or fear of reprisals

Meet the 15-year-old who’s selling rosaries around the world

Bishop Protects Catholic School Kids From Transgender Groomers

Jesus Unveiled Bible Prophecy, So Why Are Only 2% of US Churches Teaching it?

Francis Problem: 32 Virgins Accuse Regnum Christi

Eunuchs for the Kingdom and the Three ‘C’s’ of Sexuality

Outrage in Brazil after archbishop gives communion to Muslim sheikh  

Archbishop: Francis Is a Progressivistic Fundamentalist

Where Catholicism all went so horribly wrong. GoGo Masses 1969.

Prelate Admits Celibacy Was Never Part of Formation

Toronto city council unanimously votes to begin process to save Marian shrine

Michigan priest allegedly stole $800k from elderly priests

Congressman Warns of ‘Genocide,’ ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ Against Christians in Armenia

A Call to Christian Leaders: ‘We are Not Celebrities’

Doctors Call Baby With Trisomy 18 ‘Incompatible With Life,’ Offer Abortion-But She Lives on to Thrive

Scientists Have Created a Human “Entity” That Has No Mother or Father

Pope Francis Crony: Learn to Repent of ‘Racism,’ as Jesus Did

Frisbees and Bibles for Freshmen: Catholic Chaplains’ ‘Rush Week’ to Reach New Students on Secular College Campuses

Convicted pro-lifer’s letter from jail: ‘I am right where God wants me to be’

Pro-Life Leader Fights Order to Pay Planned Parenthood $13 Million for Exposing Its Aborted Baby Part Sales

Supreme Court’s travel controversy: Did justices risk their lives to overturn Roe?

Democrat States That Allow Abortions Up to Birth Kill Record Number of Babies in Abortions

Mexico Supreme Court Legalizes Abortions, Calls Killing Babies a “Human Right”

Foster Kids Are Without Homes Because Liberal States are Discriminating Against Christians

Pamela Geller Arizoan University Nursing School Teaching Future Nurses That 3-Year-Olds Know If They are Trans

The transgender movement has put the 'rights' of fantasy above reason and order

Finnish politician back in court on ‘hate crime’ charges for sharing Bible verses about homosexuality           9/7


St. Teresa of Calcutta

Teresa of Calcutta’s Mission to the Poorest of the Poor

Saint Lawrence Justinian, Patriarch

Catholic devotions for the 5th September

Barbastro: Bishop (Francis) Continues War Against Opus Dei

Here's what’s special about the Ulma family beatification

@CarloMVigano “There is no place for ideology in the Synod,” says Bergoglio. It is very true: at the Synod all the space for ideology has already been occupied by him and his collaborators, who have been concerned with imposing their own heretical ideas...

Two Forgotten-Accounts of Canon 188

Cardinal Hollerich: World Synod needs protected space. Rather the Church needs to be protected from Synod.

Archbishop Aguer: Pope Francis’ commitment to ‘progressivism’ is breaking continuity with Tradition

Pope Francis: Cardinal Burke, faithful worried about the Synod are not defending 'true Catholic doctrine'

Francis Appeared To Reject Criticism Raised By Cardinal Burke

Pope dismisses critics of Synod as ‘ideological’ with an ‘incapacity for dialogue’

How Woke Heresy Is Rotting the Churches

Nuncio to the EU determined to root out all extremism

"Sexual morality is the corpse in the cellar of the Church and the stench that emanates from this corpse corrupts everything else"

Switzerland: Church Desecrates Church

Seattle archdiocese asks pastors to resign ahead of parish consolidation

The young photographer Thibaut Chourré finds inner peace and faith in Lourdes

‘We Finished the Race,’ Coach Kennedy Says After Taking Knee in Prayer on Field Following Supreme Court Victory

‘I’ve Looked . . . Evil in the Eyes’: Riley Gaines on Sports, Hate and How Her Christian Faith Sustains Her

Do Most Church Leaders Even Believe the Bible? Poll has Shocking Answer

Head of German Bishops Conference, tied in legal knots, forced to sign cease-and-desist declaration

Friend of Francis Arrested For Fraud

Pope Francis insists Vatican’s relationship with Chinese Communist gov’t is ‘very respectful’

If A Church Desires To Operate According To Public Opinion, Its god Is Man

Pope has chosen the name of the next Pope, Pope John XXIV. Does he really think a redramatisation of Vatican II is a good idea?

Prelate Defends Giving Communion to Muslim Sheikh

'Dangerous': Walker Art Center Holds Occult Extravaganza For Families To Summon Up And Befriend Demons

Told she may never get pregnant, she welcomed three sons on the same day years apart

7000 ProLife activists and Catholic Bishops at March4LifeUK

Care Net Conference Helps Equip Pro-Life People to Assist Pregnant Women and Unborn Children

Young Parents Welcome Quintuplets Home After 11-Week NICU Stay: 'So Many Prayers Answered’

There’s a difference between miscarriage and abortion, and learning the truth matters

Four More Pro-Life Advocates Face Decade in Prison for Rescuing Babies From Abortion

Court finds arrest of lifeguards was discrimination

Mexican state of Aguascalientes decriminalizes abortion

Yes Late-Term Abortions are Real and They Kill 10,000 Babies Every Year

National Day of Remembrance Will Mourn 65 Million Babies Killed in Abortions

EXCLUSIVE: Biden Claims Support for Paid Parental Leave–Except for Trump Appointees

Joe Biden Gives Planned Parenthood Millions to Do Secret Abortions on Teen Girls

Iraqi Christian leaders join UN conference on investigations into ISIS’ targeted genocide of Christians

Eunuchs for the Kingdom and the Three ‘C’s’ of Sexuality

The LGBT movement is waging a fear campaign in response to growing support for parental rights

Predator Poacher Teams Up With Jussie Smollett Hoax Twins to Confront Man Trying to Hook Up With 11-Year-Old

Alaska the latest state taking action against ‘transgender’ males in women’s sports

VIDEO: Lesbian Marxist American Library Association President Brags About Subverting “Normal Family Types” and Makes Anti-White Statements

Pornhub Emails Reveal Horrific Policies on Reviewing Child Rape Videos

Elite Pedophilia And The Propaganda Machine, Part 4: The Final Chapter - Towards Ascension         9/5


Saint Pius X, Pope

Saint Rose of Viterbo and San Marino

St. Rosalia

Saint Gregory the Great

Pope Benedict’s First Address on Saint Gregory the Great

Saint Stephen, King of Hungary


CBS News, With Nothing Better to Do, Bashes “The Sound of Freedom” – Fixates on QAnon (VIDEO)

France: Francis’ Friends Accuse Him of “Clerical Terrorism"

Greek Catholic Bishop: Eastern Churches have different conception of Synod than Rome

Synod on Synodality X/Twitter account shows youth want ‘a return to orthodoxy and tradition’

"It is an error to believe that Christ did not teach a determined body of doctrine applicable to all times and to all men, but rather that He inaugurated a religious movement adapted, or to be adapted, to different times and different places"

“Yes, Teilhard de Chardin was a racist heretical eugenicist, who even supported Nazi experiments, but at least he wasn’t a believing American Catholic!”

Francis from Mongolia: Inter-religion, Teilhard, and a ONG

Pope Francis urges Buddhists, Muslims, and Shamans to promote their religions during event in Mongolia

Archbishop Koch and the blessing of LGBT couples. The moral theology of the church is in ruins

New World Order: Pope Francis’ Lieutenant blasphemes Jesus Christ

Exorcist Father Stephen Rossetti Warns of World Wide Demon Invasion – Says Demons Are Entering Your Homes

‘Pope, please save our Church!’ pleads one young Chinese Catholic

Hoax? Churches in Canada Burned Over Claims of Indian Mass Graves at ‘Residential Schools’ but Searches Have Found No Remains

Circus Style, Popcorn For Francis’ Mongolia-Eucharist

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: The return of the school uniform in France

Saskatchewan bans Planned Parenthood from school classrooms, Premier Scott Moe confirms

US Abortion Regime: 11 Years in Prison?

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Op-Ed Supports No Limits on Abortion

Newest NATO Country Escalates Prosecution of Christians for Quoting the Bible

Nigeria: Muslims destroy 20 hectares of corn farm, chase away farmers, occupy their farmlands

Pakistan: Muslim Mobs Hunt Christians

France's Underground Secrets: Nîmes' Battle Against Drug Lords and Hidden Mosques (Video)

Iranian Weightlifter Receives Lifetime Ban from Country After Shaking Hands with Jewish Competitor

Germany: Muslim migrant who murdered taxi driver for ten euros says ‘Killing is a good thing’

Islamic 'Sharia-Compliant' Banking Takes Root in Russia  

Episcopal Vicar “Blesses” Sin

Nebraska governor signs 'common sense' executive order defining biological sex

Marketing genital-mutilating SEX-CHANGE SURGERY directly to minors is even more EVIL and TWISTED than advertising cigarettes, alcohol or prostitution

Media Refuses to Acknowledge the ‘Wave of People Detransitioning’ and Coming to Christ

‘Democrats Agree’: Left and Right Team up to Fight Child Genital Mutilation . . . in COMMIEFORNIA

Hollywood celebrities want all children and teens thinking about one thing all day – sex changes – and they want all oppositional “hate speech” censored by Big Tech

Fmr Chris Christie Aide Charged with Paying for Sex with 6-Year-Old Girl

CNN says it’s “anti-gay” to prosecute men having sex with 12-year-olds

Here’s the “Trans Cult” Truth Bomb Video Everyone Needs to See

Teachers union to teachers: Destroy evidence of student gender identity surveys       9/4


Saint Giles, Abbot

Catholic devotions for the 1st September


Despite the pope's yelling and the FBI's spying, traditional Catholic Latin Mass is booming

Archbishop: Pope Francis is attempting to make the Church embrace a 'globalist Christianity'

Catholic Doctrine and the Sunday Readings for September 2023

German Bishops forget the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows and call all out on climate strike on the 15th September

Latin Mass Church Burns Down

Diocese of Orange: TLM cancelled

An update on the status of Fulton Sheen’s beatification cause


Kidnapped Nigerian priest and seminarian released by captors

Francis’ “Future of the Church” Gathered in Spain

High time to rediscover Christ

France: Catholic Resistance in Alsace

No human remains found 2 years after claims of ‘mass graves’ in Canada

Starving Christians in Artsakh Offering prayers to assist Armenian Christians in danger of death

Francis on US Catholics: "They Got Angry, But Let’s Move On"

"The Pope made it clear he doesn't like the US Church, I guess he means people like me"

Is Trump more Pro-life than Francis? & Hermit of Loreto's Prophecy: Trump will "lead America back to God"

The false front is showing on this Potemkin Synod - Catholic World Report

Transforming hearts, lifestyles, public policies will bring about ‘ecological conversion,’ bishops say

Tolkien the Catholic

Prosecutor Tells Lutheran Bishop How to "Correctly"  Interpret the Bible

‘Text With Jesus’ AI App Is Pure Evil


Cardinal Arborelius: 'We're all a bit weird'

Nick Donnelly @ProtecttheFaith Since usurping the papacy in 2013 Bergoglio has been relentlessly attacking the Eucharist: Allowing adulterers, abortionists & sodomites to receive Holy Communion...He has chosen to become an antichrist

Last Post From Killed Worker: "God Wants To Tell Me Something" 

Democrats Are Shoving a Religion Down Students’ Throats and Seeking to Keep Parents in the Dark

Told that she and her baby would both likely die, she still refused abortion

I Had a Dream — and Founded a Maternity Home

National Day of Remembrance Will Mourn 65 Million Babies Killed in Abortions

AMAZING: Woman raised in foster care adopts husband’s ex-wife’s son

Costa Rican Christians condemn UN pressure to decriminalize abortion

Joe Biden Wants to Force Every Employer in America to Fund Abortions

Abortion industry cashes in on transgender services as Planned Parenthood hopes to ‘serve younger patients’

Report details billions of dollars Warren Buffett has funneled to abortion groups around the world

Ohio Issue 1 Would “Allow an Unborn Child to be Aborted at Any Stage of Pregnancy”

Ted Cruz: 88 Attacks on Crisis Pregnancy Centers, But DOJ Uses ‘Entire Weight and Force of FBI’ Against Non-Violent Pro-Life Protestors

Nebraska governor signs ‘common sense’ executive order defining biological sex

Video: Pastor Forcibly Removed From School Board Meeting For Reading Aloud Porn Book From Kids’ Library

Over 3,600 12-to-18-year-olds underwent sex-change surgeries from 2016 to 2020, study shows

Trudeau’s Canada issues ‘travel advisory’ for ‘2SLGBTQI+ persons’ visiting the United States

Catholic sexual ethics must embrace gender identities according to leading German layperson

DEMONIC: WHO and UN want schools to “equip children to have sexual partners,” report claims

California hates your children  

Georgia district defends offering kids porn, claims it “promotes intellectual freedom”        9/1


Saints Joseph of Arimathea’s and Nicodemus’ Story

Saint Raymund Nonnatus, Cardinal

St. Raymond Nonnatus

Was St. Magdalene the Sister of St. Lazarus?

A startling new take on the prophecy of Our Lady of Akita


Alarms About the St. Michael Prayer

Abp. Vigano: It is evident that deep state and deep church have every interest in covering up these crimes, because by condemning McCarrick we condemn all those who, in the last fifty years, have prostituted themselves in power

Archbishop: Pope Francis is attempting to make the Church embrace a ‘globalist Christianity’

'Ideology', 'Schism' – Cardinal Burke fears radical change in Church

Pro-lifer rescuer recounts John Paul II's inspiring 'We will stand up' homily before conviction in DC trial

The Power of Sacramental Grace: Seven Steps for Evangelization

Alert: Mystic Luz de Maria Warns of Coming “Solar Storm”

5 Things to Know About the Pope, St. Vincent of Lérins and Doctrinal Development

Catholicism in Mongolia: A timeline

"Ahead of Synod of Bishops, extreme conservatives gear up". Yet more stereotyping and scapegoating without just cause.

Homosexual Fornication: Francis Undermines His Own Authority

NYC Cardinal: We Could Use Fewer Seminaries Believe it or not, he might have a point.

From divorce to priest - an unusual vocation

Archbishop Bergoglio clearly against same-sex marriage in 2010

Left-wing Catholics who endorsed Fr. James Martin are accusing Scott Hahn of 'schism'

Bishop Accountability Group: Dismissal of Charges Against McCarrick ‘Hugely Disappointing’

Dispensing Sacraments Based on Bloodlines No sacraments for those with foreign DNA

Why is the Archbishop of Lisbon called a patriarch?

Communion for Muslim: Who Appointed This Archbishop?

What man would give his life to lead a dance show?

Finnish politician on trial for ‘hate speech’ for defending traditional marriage

Baptist pastor killed, 2 Christians kidnapped in Nigeria's Kaduna state

How to Make Your Home a Domestic Church

Woman Who Survived Abortion Was Born Alive at 23 Weeks

DeSantis’ story of an abortion survivor is real. She’s not the only one.

Blue States are Prohibiting Christians From Adopting Because of Their Christian Views

PRO-LIFE-QUEEN" - mother of 7 wins "Mrs. America 2023" election

Pro-life activist convicted for abortion clinic blockade seeks emergency release

Abortionist Admits “Half or More” Late-Term Abortions are on Healthy Moms, Healthy Babies

China encourages ‘sweet love, marriage and childbirth’ amid low fertility rate

Biden Admin Uses Bogus FACE Law to Put Pro-Life Americans in Prison, Ignores Pro-Abortion Violence

Former White House press secretary falsely claims ‘no one is selling late-term abortions’

American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) Now Supports Abortions Up to Birth

Ontario Catholic school board trustee ‘specifically targeted’ for opposing LGBT agenda

‘Using Taxpayer Dollars To Shut Parents Out’: California AG Sues School District Over Parental Rights

IN-DEPTH: Woman Says Her Daughter Was Sex Trafficked After School Hid Gender Transition

California mom gets $100K settlement from school district who transitioned child behind her back           8/31


Saint Rose of Lima, Virgin

St. Rumon

Saint Jeanne Jugan

Saint Fiaker, Anchorite

The Pieta’s Anamnesis: Memory and Consolation in the Eternal City

Praying and serving with joy: Kateri Tekakwitha, the first native North American saint

Catholic devotions for the 30th of August

Lessons from the life of a good and holy bishop: Blessed Alfredo Schuster


Archbishop Viganò: Globalism is ‘satanic’ preparation for the ‘rise of the Antichrist’

Primate Of Ireland: "Young People Attracted By Latin Mass"

The rampant anti-Catholicism of the French Left

Why a Ukrainian Catholic leader criticized the pope’s Russia remarks

Climate Dogmatism: Francis Has Found a Substitute for the Catholic Faith

"Dear climate terrorists, the godless people have robbed you of your future, not the CO2!"

Berlin archbishop permits same-sex blessings with impunity

Why this Falsely Accused Priest Is Still in Prison? By Fr. Goran MacRae

Drastic nude drawings exhibited in a Catholic chapel in Tyrol

Why Young Americans Are Not Taught About Evil

Jesuit Knows It Better than Jesus

Mercy to all but not to traditionalists or right-wingers. The Ecclesiastical Commissar takes it on herself to decide who should be active Catholics

Man Is Out Of Step With The Word Of God, And The Condition Of The World Is Proof

Pro-life rescuers immediately incarcerated following jury’s guilty verdict in DC FACE Act trial

Warren Buffet Has Spent $5.3 Billion Promoting Abortions, Enough to Kill 10 Million Babies

The disturbing results of regarding ‘extra’ embryos as ‘property, not people’

Some Commiefornia “Catholic” Universities Cover Murdering Babies in “Health” Plan

Three million people watched an abortion on TikTok, but they didn’t see the truth

Man Kills Girlfriend and Her Unborn Baby When She Refuses to Get Abortion

Teen faces murder charge for killing newborn in trash compactor: ‘It shocks the soul’

World Health Organization Spends Millions to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions, 11% of Its Budget 

McCarrick sexual assault charges dropped

Rupnik sculptures litter and pollute the countryside around Geneva. Diocese is still thinking about what to do! How could this be a difficult decision?

Transgender Backlash: Parental Rights Advocates Launch New Strategy to Combat Gender Ideology in California

Parents Take Maryland School to Appeals Court to Stop Making Their Kids Read Sexual Books 

Generating A False god: ChatGPT Goes Viral With ‘Fake Bible Passage’ Portraying Jesus ‘Accepting’ Transgenderism

Study: U.S. gender surgeries NEARLY TRIPLED between 2016 and 2019 after Obama admin actively pushed transgenderism 

ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Indiana For Banning Inmate Sex-Changes — on Behalf of Man Who Murdered 11-Month-Old Stepdaughter

California sues to stop schools from telling parents if their children identify as the opposite sex

Transgender coach David “Sasha” Yates joins Pennsylvania high school GIRLS in locker room to change

Lying Gender Ideologues Mutilate Young and Vulnerable

School District Pays Massive Fine for ‘Pushing Girl to Change Gender’             8/30


The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist

Was John the Baptist “Welcoming”?

The spiritual symbolism of John the Baptist’s unusual clothing

Why is the Passion of John the Baptist celebrated on August 29?

“I am preparing you for new times” … Jesus in the sky of Agropoli: The most viral photo of the year

St. Sabina

How St. Monica Taught Me to Bite My Tongue

Who’s Your savior—The State or The Savior?

What St. Ignatius of Loyola can teach us about driving

The Future of the Catholic Church

New in Polish cinemas: film about the martyr Ulma family, whose beatification is imminent

Massive new Church for the Society of Saint Pius X in France

Card Zen: ‘We are not saviours’

Archbishop: Francis Follows "Progressive" Myths

Ghana Religious Leaders Blast LGBT Agenda U.S. ambassador's warning deemed 'unacceptable'

Arlington Carmelites reiterate rejection of bishop’s Vatican-granted authority


Synodality: a revolution ‘to change radically the Church’s self-understanding’

How should we view the upcoming Synod? Deacon serving under Bishop Strickland explains

German Church at war with herself over homosexual blessings

What Berlin’s archbishop said about same-sex blessings

Pope Francis appears to reject the idea that homosexuals are called to chastity

Construction work started for huge Catholic event in Rome

Catholic NGOs Continue to Cash In $15.5M in the Latest Government Handout to Fund Illegal Immigration

Pope Francis says Church must be more flexible on homosexuality and ‘sins of the flesh’     NO

Physician studies 5000 near-death experiences.

How to Destroy a State With the Help of the Church

Senators to FBI: Quit hiding details about anti-Catholic ideology

Revealing Conversations: Francis Unveils His Contradictions

A nurse helped deliver a baby girl. Two decades later, that baby married her son 

The Italian Defense of Motherhood and Fatherhood

National Day of Remembrance on September 9 Will Remember 65 Million Babies Killed in Abortions

Crowd cheers as Mrs. American 2023 reveals her ‘most empowering’ moment

Abortion is Destroying Relationships and Ending Marriages 

‘A Glimpse Inside’: Science-Based Program Aims to Form Young Minds

Democrats Support Abortions Up to Birth, Here’s the Facts

Planned Parenthood in New Mexico cuts health care to commit more abortions

Planned Parenthood Caught Falsely Claiming There’s No Such Thing as Late-Term Abortion

Canadian man who sold suicide kits online is being investigated for 88 deaths in the UK

“Dr. Death,” Philip Nitschke, is Now promoting His Suicide Machines in America

UK: Mosque where preacher says women are intellectually ‘deficient’ gets $2,750,000 in taxpayer funds

France: Muslims close McDonald’s, use it as prayer room for Eid al-Adha, employee’s brother-in-law is jihadi

Michigan launches ad campaign in Republican states promoting abortion, LGBT ideology

More Courts Uphold Ban on ‘Gender Affirming Care’ for Minors. Is Supreme Court the Next Stop?

California AG Sues School District to Stop Policy That Informs Parents of Student Gender Transitions

Evil Parents Who Push Their Children Into Genital Mutilation Are Doing it for Themselves

Brazil’s Supreme Court rules anti-LGBT speech is punishable with prison time

Large pro-abortion lobby group wants to reduce labor in Europe

Cosmetics Company Cancels Alice Cooper for Transgender Comments                  8/29


Miraculous healing at Eucharistic Adoration

Saint Augustine, Doctor of the Church

Pope Benedict and Augustine

Why and how to read Augustine’s Confessions

St. Augustine’s life was changed by this Bible verse

Saint Monica

The Persevering Prayer of Monica

Saint Zephyrinus, Pope and Martyr

Catholic Devotions for the 28th August

Losing their heads - St. John the Baptist (and companions)

7 Reasons JPII thought one document was key to 21st century


Archbishop Viganò praises Bishop Strickland’s pastoral letter on the Synod

Archbishop: Next pope must reaffirm Catholic doctrine against 'progressive myths' pushed by Francis

Poland's chief rabbi will also attend the beatification of the Ulma family

Built Upon Lies And Spiritual Darkness: The Rise And Fall Of Satan’s Counterfeit Kingdom

The Amoris Laetitia-like liberal Vatican II document Dignitatis Humanae on the Catholic state is what brought about the "[u]pholding Catholic teaching on paper but not in reality... has required a culture of lies... that allowed men like McCarrick to flourish."

1,000 make decisions for Christ at Franklin Graham's London evangelism outreach

Francis Calls His Synod "Abstruse" and "Self-Referential"

CruxMag’s Allen: August 2023 may come to be seen as a turning point in the Vatican’s transition away from being perceived as a pillar of Western civilization to being a genuinely global and non-aligned institution

Ecumenism is falling apart as Protestants even more ready than Catholics to adopt morally dubious positions

Pope Francis plans to ignite more doctrinal fire as Maui recovers from deadly blaze

Church Tax Church Publishes Homosex “Bible"

When Harlots Ruled the Church

First black female Va. lieutenant governor talks Christian faith, upbringing and Trump  

Abortions at South Carolina Planned Parenthood plummet 70% after heartbeat law takes effect

DNA test reveals shocking truth about adopted siblings abandoned two years apart

National Day of Remembrance on September 9 Will Remember 65 Million Babies Killed in Abortions

A nurse helped deliver a baby girl. Two decades later, that baby married her son.

Biden Reelection Campaign Spends $25 Million on Pro-Abortion Ad Blitz in Battleground States

How to Destroy a State With the Help of the Church

Report: Islamist Massacres of Christians a ‘Regular Occurrence’ in Sub-Saharan Africa

Elder Brothers? Israeli Regime Protects anti-Christian Haters

Freemasonry and the Knights Templar: A New Order? | Documentary

Built Upon Lies And Spiritual Darkness: The Rise And Fall Of Satan’s Counterfeit Kingdom

Newly-Hired Illinois Elementary School Art Teacher Fired for Social Media Posts Detailing Violent Mental Illness and Satanism

Honduran president vetoes transgender education law for schools following huge protests

Backs turned to the Cross to face the rainbow flag. Ecumenical Pride service organised by Catholic pastor

‘Playing God’: American Medical Association Recommends That Tax Payers Fund Transgender Uterus Transplants

German Cabinet Passes Bill to Make ‘Deadnaming’ Trans-Identified People a Criminal Offense, $10,800 Penalty

‘Will You Still Love Me?’ Heartbreaking Video Shows How HORRIFIC Trans-Brainwashing Agenda Is for Children

Court Rules Against Sorority Sisters Who Sued Over Biological Male Admitted to University of Wyoming Chapter

Study: Trans Surgeries Tripled After Obama Forced Insurance Companies to Cover Expenses

‘I’m a Pedophile, Not a Molester,’ Says Masked Pedo in British Puff Piece Interview

Demonic Disneyland Now Has Men in Dresses Greeting Children at Attractions 

Clown World: Transgender New Yorker Gets $160K for Being ‘Misgendered’ in Jail             8/28


Saint Louis IX, King of France

St. Louis IX's earthly rule was guided by the heavenly kingship of God the Father

Saint Mary Micaela, Foundress

'Veritatis splendor – the 30th anniversary of a forgotten encyclical'

100 Weeks: French Lay Catholics Persevere in Praying for an End to Restrictions on Traditional Latin Mass

Archbishop Viganò praises Bishop Strickland’s pastoral letter on the Synod

Leading U.S. Catholics clash over ‘schismatic’ synod agenda

Greek Bishop: Pope’s Synod Doesn’t Fit Eastern Model

Kenyan bishops oppose sex education in schools review

St. Monica Ministry gives parents of fallen-away Catholics reasons for hope

Retired Calgary bishop slams Church hierarchy for going along with gov’t residential school narrative

German Archbishop "Allows" Homosex Blessing

Where is inculturation theology leading us? Francis defends the model of inculturation against impositions on indigenous peoples

The world looks away as Pakistani Christians suffer

Cardinal Schönborn spreads false climate narrative blaming wildfires on global warming

New Orleans Priest Admits to Sexually Abusing Minors

Costa Rican Seminary Imposes Porn Lessons

When is Someone A Heretic? A Look at “Heresy” and “Suspicion of Heresy”

Rebel Italian priest formally dismissed from priesthood

Minnesota art museum holds ‘playful demon summoning session’ for families

Pope creates ecclesiastical quango (a Christ-free zone) and appoints Argentinian cronies to run it

Cain, Equality, Repentance, Penance, and Redemption

Pro-life group equips Nigerian nursing students with skills to save moms and babies

South Carolina Supreme Court upholds law banning most abortions after 6 weeks

Pro-life rescuer forgives former colleague who became gov't witness in DC FACE Act trial

Planned Parenthood admits to SCOTUS that its employees ‘spoke the words recorded’ in undercover videos

Since It Can’t Kill Babies, Planned Parenthood is Doing Free Vasectomies in a Trailer Called “The “Nutcracker”

Birth rates in England and Wales plummet as abortions rise

Ortega boots Jesuits out of Nicaragua

Atheist: ‘Why Do You Think the Bible is Better Than Other Holy Books?’ Here’s What He Really Wants to Know

Introducing the Queer Bible to Switzerland

Globalism and the Coming World Dictator: Deceiving vs Restraining

Churches to give glacier a Christian burial in Austria. Mass for Dead Glacier took place in Germany last month.

German Church Becomes Car Museum

Hawaii’s September 11: Maui Is the Ground Zero of Globalist Contempt for Ordinary People

It’s Time To Sound The Alarm: The World Is Being Set Up For A Perilous Deception

Blasphemy Laws: Denmark to Ban Qur’an Burnings

‘Not Indoctrination’: Judge Rejects Maryland Parents’ Plea to Restore Opt-Out for LGBTQ Books

FUNDING FAKE SCIENCE: American Medical Association wants U.S. taxpayers to pay for uterus transplants for FAKE WOMEN “trannies” at $300,000 per operation

Mutilating gender surgeries in the US nearly tripled over 3-year period, study finds

The ‘Hypocrisy’ of the World Bank Only so-called 'gay rights' matter

In Woke Wars, Faith-Based Virginia Schools See Enrollment Jump

Lebanon: Christian Group Shuts Down Beirut Drag Show

WHO and UN are Sexualizing Little Children Worldwide to Normalise Paedophilia               8/25


Bishop recognizes Eucharistic miracle in Honduras

Saint Bartholomew Apostle and Martyr

How a temple in India was purified by St. Bartholomew the Apostle

Pope Benedict and Saint Bartholomew

Saint Emily de Vialar, Foundress

St. Maximilian Kolbe: How It Will Be In Paradise

Pope Pius XII’s insights on the Queenship of Mary

Saint Bartholomew’s Day Massacre

The Three Crosses

Roman Rite Brings More Fruit

More US bishops require permission for priests to celebrate 'ad orientem'

Catholic Devotions for Today

“World Youth Days and youth groups themselves are related to the fact that very little catechesis happens in the modern Catholic family at home.”

The 'spiritual poisons' of the Synod on Synodality are threatening the life of the Church

Prelates Protecting the Faithful Cdl. Raymond Burke and Bp. Joseph Strickland warn against false shepherds.

"I admonish you to ensure that you stand firm in the Catholic faith at all times"

Bishop Strickland: Catholics are not 'schismatic' for rejecting changes that contradict Church teaching

Strickland: Synod May Label Catholics „Schismatics”

Archbishop Cordileone: Catholics don't know enough about their faith

Jesuit Law School Advocates Police, Prison Abolition University's courses promote abortion, LGBT activism and reparations

Jesuits face crackdown, after long history with Nicaragua's Ortega

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Aparecida will not have any more mosaics by Rupnik. One already installed will stay.

Damage Control: Conference After Synodality Synod

Texas nuns ‘recognize’ Bishop Olson, reject ‘unauthorized’ authority

Christians in Burkina Faso ‘do not know if they will survive another day’  

Pakistani Christians Face Extreme Persecution as Churches Burn  

Father Spadaro and the New Arianism, child of modernism

What if the Answer to Skyrocketing Childcare Costs Is Staying Home With Your Kids?

Bank of America TERMINATES Account of Christian Charity that Supports Orphaned Ugandans

‘It Brings Me Closer to Jesus’: Rickey Hill Says Movie About Miraculous Baseball Career Was ‘Ordained’ by God

Bishop's environmental rhetoric is a Christ-free zone

Francis "Congratulates" Homosex Activists

What’s Happening With Christian Higher Education?

Bishop Strickland calls for ‘new culture that recognizes the sanctity of life’

Actress Kristin Chenoweth pens tribute to her birth mother, the ‘angel that brought me into this world’

Pro-life parents expecting two more disabled children: ‘We would not ever consider aborting’

South Carolina Supreme Court upholds six week pro-life protections

Ron DeSantis Shares Amazing Story of Woman Who Survived Abortion

After abuse and multiple abortions, she changed direction and gave God control

Joe Biden: If I’m Re-Elected, We’ll Have Abortions Up to Birth Nationwide

Pro-life rescuer objects to DC FACE Act prosecutor calling disabled unborn baby a 'would-be child'

Texas seeks more than $1 BILLION from Planned Parenthood for fraudulent Medicaid claims

Fox Debate Moderator Martha MacCallum Claims Protecting Babies From Murder Is Somehow a ‘Losing Issue’ for Republicans

Abortion is necessary to avoid strain on health care, argues medical journal

Ohio Ballot Initiative Is a Trojan Horse—and a ‘Right’ to Abortion Is Just the Beginning

Controversial And Decidedly Non-Christian AI App Called ‘Text With Jesus’ Depicts Satan As A ‘Champion Of Love, Respect And Understanding’, Stay Away!

Faithless film about Japanese Catholics, ‘Silence,’ which The Francis itself helped to promote, was blasphemous Scorcese’s biggest flop ever.

What’s Behind America’s ‘Great Dechurching?’

North Carolina officially bans gender alteration procedures for minors as GOP-controlled legislature overrides Dem governor’s veto

Youngkin slams school district defying Virginia’s law on recognizing students’ biological sex

German Parish ORGANISES Homosex March

 FrancisLand: Up to 5 years for saying something ‘homophobic’ in Brazil                     8/24


Saint Philip Benizi, Servite Priest

Saint Rose of Lima

St. Philip Benizi

The Enigmatic and Ecstatic Life of Rose of Lima

‘Sound of Freedom’ Humiliates Blockbusters, Passes $175 Million

Burke: German Synod Will Flood the Church

Ready Countermeasures

Mass. Fr. Jack Harrington canceled for speaking out against the Church’s homosexual cabal

Mother Miriam shares her thoughts on Bishop Strickland's apostolic visitation and much more

Scotland: Scandal Appointment

Pope Francis’ Ultimatum Defied Priests say Vatican II justifies liturgical disobedience

Report: Four priests removed from Syro-Malabar seminary over liturgy protest

A Fighting People: Traditional Catholic Blessings for Weapons 

Secular Media Stepping up to Expose the Corrupt Bishops and Their People-Smuggling Deposit of Faith Coalition continues to bear fruit

1000 Babies in a Septic Tank? Tuam Hoax Debunked

Liberation Theology Fueling Decline of Catholicism

Pope Francis appoints pro-abortion, pro-LGBT friend as founding member of new Vatican institute


It's never too late to believe

Mob vandalizes Delhi church during Sunday mass and beats churchgoers, including women

Country to compensate Christians after blasphemy riots

Man Who Stole Sean Feucht's Guitar Accepts Jesus, Gets Baptized

Half of Gen Zers says their life was 'transformed' by the Bible's message: study

Premature triplets are all grown up and headed to college together

Tommy Tuberville’s Stand Against Abortion Funding is Stopping Joe Biden’s Leftist Military Nominees

Posessed-Looking New CDC Director Mandy Cohen: My Priority is Killing More Babies in Abortions

Joe Biden: If I’m Re-Elected, We’ll Have Abortions Up to Birth Nationwide

Teen Accused of Killing and Dumping Newborn in Hospital Bathroom Trash Wins Bail Modification so She Can Attend College at the Same School as Dead Child's Father

Man Sends 1,200 Suicide Kits Worldwide, at Least 21 People Have Died

Watch: Catholics Pray in Protest in D.C. Holding ‘Gospel’ Drag Brunch

Massachusetts bishop forbids students from LGBT expression in diocesan schools

Communists Team With LGBTQ Mob To Shut Down Christian Café: ‘They Don’t Want Me On The Planet’

Federal Court Rules in Favor of Michigan Man Who Refused to Host Same-Sex Weddings

Pro-pedophilia group floats the idea of having “body exploration rooms” in German daycare centers for Children

Pockets of resistance as North Dakota schools implement transgender restrictions for new academic year

NHS Gender Clinic Slammed For Approving Hormones & Mastectomy For Female Patient With 14 Mental Health Disorders

Win Against Pervert “Pride”: Florida School District School Board Votes to Discontinue Future Woke Proclamations

11 Million Students Attend School in Districts That Hide Students' Gender Identities From Parents

Catholic school system has very bad news for trannies

Biden health secretary praises gender clinic that wants mothers to be called ‘egg producers’           8/23


The Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Story of the Queenship of Mary

Ave Maria, Queen of Heaven and Earth

St. Andrew the Scot

Saint Symphorian, Martyr

California’s New Abbey is Inspiring Young Men to Join the Priesthood

EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal Burke drops bombshell on Synod of ‘ideology’ and ‘schism’

Traditionis Custodes: More Generous Than Expected

You Can’t Please Your Enemies (So Don’t Try)

Diocese: Pope backs up new pronoun policy on gender

New Book Warns of ‘Revolutionary’ Threat Posed by Synod on Synodality

The priesthood is something unique, and no council or synod can invent the priesthood of women, Cardinal Robert Sarah said

St. Johann Baptist/Krefeld is closed. Are the “rather conservative profile and the “conservative forms of liturgy” reasons for the closure of the most important Catholic church in Krefeld?

Abuse Hoax: Shame on Canada, Shame on Its “Mass Graves"

German Cardinal Disappointed Over Staff’s Attempts to Access Pornography

False Abuse Accusations: Priest Commits Suicide


Priest canceled for speaking out against the Church’s homosexual cabal

Catholic seminary brought 'sexologist' who promoted transgenderism, masturbation to seminarians

Rep. Mike Gallagher Warns of New Rewritten Chicom FrancisBibles

Will pastoral assistant who pretended to be a priest be disciplined? The choice is clear: anarchy or Catholicism.

In Contentious Religious Freedom Debate, Congressman Insists It’s ‘Too Far’ For Christians To Call Jesus ‘The Only Way’

Kenya closes churches over Protestant ‘starvation massacre’ cult that has killed 427

Pastor who wants to integrate pornography into the Christian message shows where ecumenical modernist (im-) morality is heading

Catholics and House GOP Question Bishops’ Cash Bonanza From Immigrant Smuggling Catholic Charities fueling illegal immigration

More than 120 arrested in Pakistan after mob burned down Christian churches, homes 

Abortion worker claims Catholic faith is her ‘whole life’ in testimony at DC FACE Act trial

Indiana’s near-total abortion ban takes effect after Supreme Court denies pro-abortion appeal

Indiana Abortion Ban Takes Effect That Will Save 9,000 Babies Every Year

Pro-Life Activists Can Proceed With Freedom Of Speech Lawsuit, Court Rules

Colorado Medical Board changes course, says doctors providing abortion pill reversal may be ‘disciplined’

Pro-lifer turns on former rescue colleagues threatened with 11 years in jail in DC FACE Act trial

Court says FDA must restore abortion pill safety measures, pending Supreme Court review

Values of life and family in catastrophic decline in Mexico (Part 2)

Nurse Who Killed Seven Premature Babies Sentenced to Life in Prison

US "Rent-a-Womb" Industry Thrives Due to Demand From Parents in China: Researcher

Canadian Doctors are Killing So Many People in Assisted Suicides, Government Tells Them to Slow Down

Holy UN goal confirmed: by 2030 you will own nothing, be “chipped” like cattle, and eating bugs

Feminist UCSF School Of Medicine Professor Says Children Can Be “Gender Minotaurs”

Drag queen events and 'demon-summoning'—just another day in George Floyd’s Minneapolis

Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium Is FLOODED, Just Months After Mocking God

Where is the Synodal Church heading? A female Protestant pastor shows the Synodal Way.

Maryland Supreme Court affirms Catholic groups don’t have to give benefits to homosexual partners

Biden-Appointed Judge Blocks Georgia Law Banning Sex Change Hormones for Children

The International Chess Federation Checkmates Transgender Players

How Christians Should Respond to Transgenderism

Keep Your Kids Away From Disney

Barack Obama’s Gay Fantasies and the Gay Men in his Life

Frisco Abp. Cordileone files for bankruptcy to cover over 500 PervSuits       8/22


St. Pius X

St. Pius X and the Imponderable of what lies ahead: A Lesson for Our Time - by Roberto de Mattei

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal, Foundress

St. Bernard of Clairvaux

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux: The Mellifluous Doctor

Watch: Star NFL QB Gives High Praise to ‘Sound of Freedom,’ Addresses Reporters with Kids

French General Overseeing Restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral, Jean-Louis Georgelin, Dies 'In the Mountains' At 74 For Some Unreleased Reason

More Trouble Ahead, Francis Writes “Second Part Of Lauditio Si

Pope praises heroism of anti-Mafia priest ahead murder anniversary  

Bishops: Regulation is 'complete distortion' of Pregnant Workers Protection Act

Bishop Olson: Carmelite nuns might be excommunicated

Cdl. Cupich pushes climate agenda, fails to mention Jesus at Parliament of the World’s Religions

Rector of the Marian Shrine of Lourdes: People value confession

Catholic seminary brought 'sexologist' who promoted transgenderism, masturbation to seminarians

Synod has brought anarchy. Despite Vatican ban – parish offers new homosexual blessing ceremonies

Le Figaro: Francis’ Synod Is Made by Old Men

Pope Picks Brothel-Scandal Judge for Vatican Body Pro-abortion and pro-LGBT jurist sparked anger for condoning pedophile

Pope praises heroism of anti-Mafia priest ahead murder anniversary  

After Years In The Wilderness, Conservative Christian Education Is Being Born Again Post-Pandemic

Synodalists and their kind attack the Church, Our Lady, the Priesthood and Marriage

Southwest Airlines Defends Firing Pro-Life Flight Attendant

After 100 days in the NICU, preemie Henry is home

Radical Leftists Want to Make Abortions Up to Birth a Right in These 5 States

How Pro-Life Groups Shut Down a Dangerous Abortion Facility

Oregon Governor Signs Law That Could Fine People $6,000 for Praying Outside Abortion Clinics

Group tries to award abortionist who exploited rape survivor, gets shut down

‘Extreme Agenda’: Activists Are Turning to Constitutional Amendments to Enshrine Abortion Into Law in These States

Planned Parenthood Facing $1.8 Billion Tab for Allegedly Fraudulent Claims 

New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham Brags About Making Taxpayers Fund Abortion Center

Man admits to killing girlfriend and preborn daughter… because he wanted a boy

California Assisted Suicide Deaths Jump 63% to Record High 

Jonathan Cahn: New ‘Barbie’ Movie Is an Echo of Pagan Fertility Goddess

From Liberation Theology to Churchianity Yesterday, It’s Still ‘Get Woke, Go Broke’

Powerful Teacher Unions ‘Coached’ Educators to ‘Inject Gender Ideology Politics’ Into Classrooms: Report

1,000 School Districts Adopt Policies to Hide Students’ Chosen Gender Identities From Parents

Elite Pedophilia And The Propaganda Machine

The Demonic Gender Revolution Dehumanizing Our Kids               8/21


Saint Helen, Empress

Saint Louis of Toulouse

Saint Liberatus and his Companions

Will Fulton Sheen finally be beatified?

Maximalism and Minimalism

Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa loves the film Sound of Freedom, tells media to watch it

Archbishop Gänswein: "there is a lot of rottenness inside the Church". Mary is not in need of reform.

Archdiocese of Denver suing Colorado over exclusion from universal preschool program

Always pray and don't let up!

Word on Fire’s Bishop Barron: ‘We’ve Dumbed Down the Faith Too Much for Too Long’

Delegate declares deadline in Syro-Malabar dispute, promises penalties

How the Church instrumentalises people's fear of the (extreme) right. Progressive hardliners are most hardline of all.

The Vatican’s China deal unravels further

In Chicago, another sign of the Catholic Church’s decline

No God: Priest on Trial for Homily

Bishop taints traditionalists with being extreme right wingers

Vatican sources tip World Youth Day organizer as incoming head of Vatican dicastery

Historic Lahaina Church Miraculously Untouched By Maui Wildfires

Jonathan Cahn and The Mystery Of Barbie, Ishtar, and Smashed Babies!

The Truth Of The Bible On Trial In Finland: Could A Conviction Hold Grave Ramifications For European Christians?

Christian Publication Goes After Oliver Anthony’s Working Man’s Anthem Because It’s Too Mean

Ronaldo converts a penalty – and makes the sign of the cross in front of the camera in Saudi Arabia

40 year ban on erecting Crosses at the top of mountains. Now calls to remove them. Bishops silent (again!)

Rock-And-Roll Sound for St Peter's

Former liberation theologian says movement fueled decline of Catholicism in Brazil

Australian Archbishop: Aborigines Cannot Live as Celibate Priests

Toronto Catholic teacher tells new archbishop not to affirm Church teaching on sexuality in his class

Values of life and family in catastrophic decline in Mexico (Part 1)

Nicaraguan Jesuits Protest Dictator Ortega’s ‘Totalitarian’ Confiscation of University

Court Ruling Stopping Mail-Order Abortions Could Cut Abortions 15%, Save 140,000 Babies

New Jersey Supreme Court rules in favor of Catholic school that fired teacher for premarital sex

Court’s Ruling Holds Biden Admin Accountable for Hiding How Abortion Hurts Women

Only party in Germany totally committed to pro-life hits back at proposal to ban them from holding office in the Catholic Church

Poll Shows 73% of Americans Oppose Unlimited Abortions

Texas sues Planned Parenthood to recover millions in Medicaid funds

Nurse Found Guilty of Murdering Seven Premature Babies in Neonatal Unit

Elvis’ granddaughter Riley Keough joins growing list of celebs using surrogates to have babies

DC TRIAL: Pro-life defense not allowed to say ‘infanticide,’ ‘abortion,’ or ‘innocent lives’ 

Norwegian student: Changing gender designation to gain university admission “as easy as switching mobile plans”

In-Depth: President Woodrow Wilson - How Darwanism Led To Deep Racism And The Embracing Of Eugenics

Allegations of Islamist violence against Christians in Pakistan

Brazil: Biden-Financed Lula Regime Goes Full Fascist, Arrests Gospel Singer for “Wearing Brazilian Flag”, 8 Other Christian Conservatives

Academy Museum in Los Angeles to Host Drag Queen Story Hour for Children, with Scene Readings from John Waters Movies

AI 'Nanny Bots' Promise Kids 'Genuine Friendship' - But Experts Warn of Harm to Cognitive, Social Development

African politician: Uganda set the ‘standard’ for how to deal with ‘neo-colonial’ LGBT ideology

Cardinal Zuppi sends message of condolence to funeral of author of God Save the Queer: A Feminist Catechism

Texas Drag Queens File Lawsuit Over State Prohibiting Children From Attending Adult Performances

Austin Pervert Pride Attendees Douse Journalist and Young Christian Boys in Red Bull After Being Told to ‘Spread the Gospel’

Court allows school’s secretive gender policy to continue after ruling that parents have no standing

Parents Pulling Daughters from High School Sports Team After Trans Athlete Leaves Them Battered

Nolte: Woke Disney Has 1 Win, 5 Losses at 2023 Box Office

Transgender Rachel Levine Touts Group That Refers to Women as ‘Egg Producers’

Top U.S. Doctor Group Wants Taxpayers to Fund Uterus Transplants for Men!

TRANS INSANITY: Children as young as SEVEN now qualify for genital mutilation in U.K.           8/18


The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

St. Stephen the Great

Saint Joachim, Father of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Fascinating History of the Solemnity of Mary’s Assumption

Saint Stephen, Hungary’s First and Greatest King

The Roman Canon Is the Oldest Eucharistic Prayer

‘Sound of Freedom’ Surpasses Latest Indiana Jones Film at US Box Office

Viganò: Cardinal Told Friends That 2013 Conclave Was Invalid

Bishop Schneider composes prayer for the triumph of the Catholic faith across the world

Cardinal Erdo: Mary is a "source of hope"

Confirmed: The Church in Maui that didn’t burn, Maria Lanakila, which is Hawaiian for Our Lady of Victory, was… wait for it… the Latin Mass parish. Our Lady of Victory, pray for us!

Cardinal Burke: Chinese Communists have ‘rebelled against God,’ ‘cruelly persecuted’ Catholics

What Does the Pope Have Against Opus Dei?

Courageous FSSP Priest Exposes Diocesan Homosex Activism

'Between life and death' - How a priest aims to help traumatized Nigerians

Bishop taints traditionalists with being extreme right wingers

Malawi’s Bishops Organize Protests Against Court’s Possible Legalization of Homosexuality

What Is a Bishop?

Professor refuses to taint traditionalists as right-wing extremists

URGENT: Catholics are raising funds to preserve Toronto Marian shrine from destruction

New Jersey Supreme Court Rules Catholic School Can Require Teachers to Follow Catholic Teaching


Clear and present danger to the Catholic Church from the Synodal Church. Synodalist admits they will never get another chance to destroy the Church.

Primate of Poland criticizes 'neo-Marxist revolution' and 'ideological totalitarianism'

The lives of married Catholic saints reveal how true romance leads sols to heaven

Oz Senator Urges Probe into Priests’ Hidden Children

Innsbruck Bishop Gawps at Porn Exhibition in a Church

Catholic Colleges in Minnesota Announce Joint Policy on Nonbinary Student Admissions

‘Are you with the pope or against him?’: Papal delegate’s ultimatum to Syro-Malabar protestors

Teen grieves after being coerced into abortion by her ‘Christian’ parents

Church Places Pro-Life Billboard Next to Satanic Temple Sign Promoting Abortions 

Judge upholds Nebraska law protecting children from abortion at 12 weeks

Donald Trump: “Democrats are the Radicals Because They’re Willing to Kill Babies” Up to Birth

‘I just want my baby back’: Reddit poster shares traumatic abortion pill experience

Court Rules Washington D.C. Wrongly Arrested Pro-Life Protestors While Ignoring Violent BLM Rioters

Susan Swift: About 98% of abortions in America are just for convenience

Largest Catholic US Health Network Partnered With the Devil

Attorneys Defend Pro-Life Pharmacist Sued for Refusing to Fill Prescription for Abortion-Causing Drug 

Leftist professors, teachers unions sue Idaho to promote abortion in classrooms

Obama Still Scolds Americans for Offering ‘Thoughts and Prayers’ During Maui Tragedy

Apostate “Pastor” Claims SHE ‘Felt God’s Presence’ While Murdering Her Two Children

Man Who Set Fire at Illinois Planned Parenthood Clinic Sentenced to 10 Years in Prison

Britain’s DIY abortion regime needs to end now  

Disability groups fight back as California assisted suicide rates skyrocket

600-Year-Old Lawyers' Society Bans Grace Before Meals to Be 'More Inclusive'.

Watchdog: New Bills in Pakistan Violate International Law, Trample On The Freedom and Saftey Of Christians

Female rugby players threatened with suspension if they oppose competing against men: report

What You Didn’t Know about the Drag Queen Who Performed at a Children’s Library

Female powerlifters push back after gender-confused man sets Canadian women’s record

Globalist World Bank DEFUNDS Uganda after the country passes anti-LGBT law

Woke: Homosexual, Bisexual Men Can Donate Blood as Revised FDA Rules Take Effect               8/16


Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Priest, confessor, Conventual Fransiscan Friar, apostle of the Immaculate Conception

What happened to St. Maximilian Kolbe’s beard? The answer may surprise you

Saint Eusebius, Priest and Martyr

Fulton Sheen and the Antichrist

Did an unusual miracle happen in Fatima on the morning of August 5?

Fighter Against Immorality Considers Becoming A Priest

What do young people actually want? The lessons of Lisbon and the Tupperware Tabernacle

‘For us, it’s like a miracle’: Catholic church appears to survive devastating Maui fire

Historic Lahaina Church Miraculously Untouched By Maui Wildfires

Join Bishop Strickland at the ‘Defending Our Faith’ conference in Texas!

Bishop Strickland pointed something out that actually gave me a  little hope.  If the bishop is correct and this was the lowest attended WYD since 1986, then perhaps parents are wising up.

The Disastrous Legacy of the Pre-Conciliar Popes

Archbishop Cordileone: Attacks on the Catholic faith are ‘celebrated in the culture’

Poor formation in faith has left Church too weak to fight, says San Francisco archbishop

The Miracle on the Vistula – An Untold Story

Horrific Wildfire: Church Untouched

Proof That One Man Can Make a World of Difference

Civitas: what is this Catholic fundamentalist movement, threatened with dissolution by the French interior ministry?

Unwitting metaphor for the ambiguities of Vatican justice dies at 62

U.S. bishops’ fury at ‘pro-life’ pregnancy rights Act hijacked to push abortion

He Is Rightly Ashamed of Being An Archbishop

Jesuit close to Pope determining episcopal appointment

Falsely Accused Priest Returns to Parish Fr. Eduard Perrone back at Assumption Grotto in Detroit.

Some U.S. seminaries report surge in enrollments even as nationwide numbers remain flat

Indian Church appeals for end of ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Christian tribes  

Cameroon priest argues African Traditional Religion is ‘seed’ of Christianity

Australian archbishop says married indigenous priests 'highly likely'

Ortega dictatorship in Nicaragua freezes bank accounts, assets of Jesuit university

FBI spied on traditionalist U.S. Catholics from coast to coast, new evidence reveals

Hell's own version of the Mass. Techno-Mass in German Catholic Church

Priest pleads guilty to federal child sex exploitation charges

Bible studies now banned at Missouri senior center

"Street Parade of the Gods" - just where the Synodal Church is heading. Rave takes place, organised by Catholic theologian

The Truth Of The Bible On Trial In Finland: Could A Conviction Hold Grave Ramifications For European Christians? 

Austin Pervert Pride Attendees Douse Journalist and Young Christian Boys in Red Bull After Being Told to ‘Spread the Gospel’

Degradation of Catholic basilica

Evangelical baroque church Großröhrsdorf completely destroyed: It was arson

Muslim Hate for the Cross is Muslim Hate for the Gospel

Modernist theologian attacks the whole basis of Catholicism

Born premature, she is now the youngest person to climb Britain’s highest mountain

Oklahoma Abortions Drop to 0 as Abortion Ban Saves Thousands of Babies

Woman defends the work of pregnancy resource centers: ‘They saved my life’

New Study Confirms Abortion Pill Reversal Can Successfully Save 81% of Babies

When she was three, her mother told her she was the result of a ‘failed abortion’

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Confirms He Supports Abortions Up to Birth With No Limits

Joe Biden’s FBI Spies on Pro-Life Catholics, And Of Course There’s No Consequences

Report: Number of abortion facilities cut nearly in half since the 1980s

New Mexico Governor’s Hotline Still Referring Women to Satanic Temple for Abortions

First beatification of an unborn child

Surrogacy continues to thrive in Ukraine, even as war rages on

Judge upholds Nebraska law banning abortion at 12 weeks, transgender mutilation of children

The disturbing reason why Planned Parenthood and the ACLU don’t want to outlaw child marriage

Christian groups raise alarm over 2 bills in Pakistan increasing punishments for blasphemy

”Why is it that Muslims never want to immigrate to Muslim countries?”: "Filthy rich... Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, & the UAE... will NOT accept Muslim refugees because there could be potential terrorists"

Catholic Lawmaker Convicted for Anti-Trans Tweets

‘Transgenderism is a lie from the devil’: Former nurse talks medical ethics, harmful practices

Texas Drag Queens File Lawsuit Over State Prohibiting Children From Attending Adult Performances

Parents Pulling Daughters from High School Sports Team After Trans Athlete Leaves Them Battered

LGBTQ Ideology’s Platform at Yale’s Catholic Chapel

MassResistance Helping Sri Lanka Activists Fight LGBT Leviathan        8/14


Saint Philomena, Virgin and Martyr

St. Clare of Assisi

Saint Susanna, Virgin and Martyr

'Jesus. Jesus is in there' - THANK YOU SAVANNAH!

A look behind the WYD Eucharist controversy

Leftist Critics of ‘Sound of Freedom’ Movie Confronted by Contrarian Evidence From FBI, Texas Cops

The Catholic Church in Africa Is a Blessing

The Crisis Is Getting Worse

Cardinal Burke: ‘Populist rhetoric’ associated with Pope Francis undermines Catholic doctrine

No Time for Nonsense Young Catholics rejecting religious indifferentism.

Bishop Guimarães - Bishop 'Heartless'?

Meet the Monsignor Who Defied the Nazis and Helped Save 6,500 Lives

German Catholic Youth leader shocked by reverence for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Rainbow flag means more than the Cross of Christ at his WYD

Cardinal Ouellet Must Stand Trial in October

Sicilian bishop dedicates parish to ‘martyrs’ of the Mafia

Traveling after the example of saints

Gänswein: I’m Looking For Work

FBI spied on traditionalist U.S. Catholics from coast to coast, new evidence reveals

Indian pastor arrested for 'violating the ban on conversion'

We need to do more to educate young Catholics in the Faith

Hong Kong police arrest Catholic activist under national security law


Philadelphia Archdiocese settles for $3.5 million in sex abuse lawsuit for deceased priest

Bishop stays silent when questioned about his lavish funding of modern art

Maximilian Kolbe in My Cell. By Father Gordon J. MacRae

New Study Confirms Abortion Pill Reversal Can Successfully Save 81% of Babies

U.S. bishops’ fury at ‘pro-life’ pregnancy rights Act hijacked to push abortion

Hospitals Close Maternity Wards in States With Abortions Up to Birth: “There’s Just Not Enough Babies” 

As Trials Near, Pro-Life Activists Demand Repeal of Unequally Enforced FACE Act

Study Confirms Abortion Hurts Women, Increases Risk of Mental Health Problems

Joe Biden Wants to Put Peaceful Pro-Lifers in Prison, Does Little to Punish Violent Abortion Activists

Sounding Just Like Any Other FrancisCatholic Democrat, Satanic Temple Runs Billboard Claiming Killing Babies in Abortions “Saves Lives”

Doctors are Breaking the Law to Euthanize More and More People 

5 Myths about children’s exposure to pornography

‘Trying to Chill Parents’: California Bill Would Criminalize ‘Substantial Disorder’ at School Board Meetings

American pop star Ne-Yo doubles down on opposition to transgender insanity

Demonic Disney Loses $512 MILLION in Q3 Streaming Disaster Following Subscriber Exodus

Oregon gender surgery clinic uses robot to mutilate patients, including children

British Rowing bans gender-confused men from competing against female athletes

Crucial Test Case: Maryland Parents Versus ‘Pride Storybooks’

Woke Disney teams up with trans influencer to sell clothes to little girls

Gender Zealots Out to Cancel Politicians, Religious Leaders for Speaking Truth

“Mother” Complains That Veterinarian Won’t Treat Son Who ‘Identifies as a Cat’                    8/11


The Divine Comedy of Saint Lawrence

Saint Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr

Saints Edith Stein and Maximilian Kolbe: Witnesses to Hope

Prayer for the Triumph of the Catholic Faith. By Bishop Athanasius Schneider

The celebration of the Eucharist, a work of »Christ totus«

Modernism Always Includes Narcissism

Cleveland bishop preserves the Latin Mass in diocese by establishing shrine church

‘He Loved and Served the Lord’: Louisiana Priest Father Mark Beard Remembered

VIDEO: Bishop Joaquim Mol of Brazil confirms girl and then denies her Communion because she is kneeling

WYD Blessed Sacrament Scandal: Woman in White Received No Answer

Trads Face Prison for Protesting LGBT Mass in Lisbon Laicized priest who concelebrated claims Francis restored his priesthood

Don’t Choose Hell!

Ecuador Bishops Condemn Assassination of Presidential Candidate Fernando Villavicencio

LIFEFUNDER: Catholic nuns in Sudan caring for victims of civil war need help

Holy Land: Churches Attacked

Polish archbishop apologizes for harm caused by exorcist-led group

Artificial Pope begs Artificial Intelligence to solve ecology, equality, fraternity

Retired Calgary Bishop Fred Henry demands ‘proof’ for missing children hoax FrancisClaims

These are the bishops you need to be warned about

Where is Synodal theology leading us? Modernist theologian organises an inter-religious rave for the Zurich Street Parade

Slandering the Church Fr. James Martin calls the Church 'homophobic.'

Putin-Zelensky Meeting “at the Request of Pope Francis in Abu Dhabi”

Does Anyone Believe The Air Force’s Claim That AI Weapons Will Be Programmed With ‘Judeo-Christian’ Morality?

Oh, So It Turns Out Multiple FBI Field Offices Coordinated on Anti-Catholic Memo

Surprise! The FBI Lied About “White Supremacist” Memo Targeting Catholics, New Document Reveals

Where the spiritual catastrophe began. GoGo Masses of the 60s and 70s.

Nearly 70% of churchgoers have 'a growing sense of fear': Lifeway Research 

VICTORY: Unconstitutional ‘bubble zone’ around abortion centers repealed in New York county

Passengers assist as mom delivers premature baby on board high-speed train

US court: 'Obama care' must include natural family planning

Catholic Bishop Slams Biden’s Attempt to Make Employers Fund Abortions, We Must “Protect Preborn Children”

Former Satanist turned pro-life Catholic shares his four steps to shutting down abortion centers

The battle belongs to God': Pro-lifers facing up to 11 years in jail for trying to save babies

Is protecting babies from abortion leading to more infant deaths? CNN wants us to think so.

Governor’s Defunding Of Pregnancy Centres ‘Amounts To A Death Sentence For Countless Pennsylvania Babies’

Parents Go to Court to Stop Forced Sexual Indoctrination of Their Children

Canada: Muslims Unite with Christians Against Trudeau’s Push for Transgender Indoctrination in Schools

Brave New World: German ‘sex education’ group recommends daycares create “sexual games” and nude “exploration rooms”

Former Church of Saint Agnes in Berlin now venue for Mickey Mouse and depictions of a homosexual Christ

‘Keep Standing For Truth’: The UK Christians On The Frontlines Of Opposing Transgender Ideology

Doctors Kill Unborn Baby While Doing Sex Change on Woman Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant

To Make Up for Lost Abortion Revenue, Planned Parenthood is Selling Transgender Hormones to Mutilate Kids

Pro-Gay Theology, the Film 1946, and the Multiverse             8/10


Saint John Vianney, Curé of Ars, Confessor

St. Edith Stein

The Journey of St. Teresa Benedicta: Catholic Convert, Martyr and Cross-Bearer

Saint Romanus, Martyr

Another day, another Eucharistic scandal

‘Veritatis Splendor’ at 30: Unpacking Pope St. John Paul II’s Profound Christological Vision

‘I Will Not Be Canceled in the Kingdom of God.’ Meet the Catholic heretics who oppose the pope—and believe they are the last true men of faith.

In Trouble Again: Nun Takes Cardinal Ouellet to Court

Why World Youth Day organizers should be obliged to attend a liturgy course in Rome in the future

Liturgical War Escalates India's progressive clerics reject Pope Francis' peacemaker.

Brazil Bishop Denies Communion

Pro-Lifer Calls Out ‘God In a Box’ at World Youth Day Faithful Catholics make reparation for sins against the Blessed Sacrament

13 Eritrean Christians Released After 10 Years in Prison, Christian Ministry Says

Catholic Couple Applying to Raise Foster Children Hits DCF With Religious Discrimination Suit

‘Jesus Revolution’ Immediately Lands in Netflix’s Top Ten

Catholic principal fired after trying to promote the faith with new curriculum

75 More Catholic Schools Nationwide Say They Are Shutting Down

Coach to Return to High School Football Field After 7-Year Court Battle Over Prayer There

Anti-Life Democrat Pennsylvania Defunds Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

Stanford docs justify abortion because some kids will have medical problems

NY Archdiocese plans new affordable housing in the Bronx

The disturbing reason why Planned Parenthood and the ACLU don’t want to outlaw child marriage

To Protect ‘Dignity’ of Homosexuals, Court Must ‘Exclude’ Bible Tweet ‘From Freedom of Expression,’ Finland Prosecutor Argues

World Bank cuts funding for Uganda in response to new anti-sodomy law

Ken Crucified and the Virgin Barbie in Argentina

How Feminist Movement Drew Ideology From the Occult

Disney Partners with Cross-Dressing Influencer to Promote Minnie Mouse Outfit              8/9


St. Dominic

Saint Cyriacus and his Companions, Martyrs

Sound Of Freedom Blasts Past $150 Million; Star Jim Caviezel Responds

On Divine Omnipotence

Francis Dynamites Opus Dei

Bishop Strickland: World Youth Day is helping ‘to secularize the Catholic Church, de-emphasize Christ’

US Priest Pope: "From everything I hear about this 'Synodal Church' I don't want it"

More WYD “Tabernacles”… not a Crucifix in sight, but possibly a Pachamama idol-worship plant?

Pope Francis: Rigid (traditionalist) priests lead immoral lives. From Pontifex Maximus to the Great Generaliser

Pope Francis Targets 'Rigid' Young Priests and Seminarians Those linked to 'right-wing ideologies are perhaps the most-dangerous.'

US Bishop Creates "Shrine" For Roman Mass

Face the truth

Nick Donnelly @ProtecttheFaith... a shameful bishop & priests, who disgraced themselves... Any "priest" denying the Holy Eucharist simply because the parishioner is kneeling, should be immediately defrocked

New Apostolate Seeks to Give Everyone a Brown Scapular

Miracle at Fátima? World Youth Day Pilgrim Receives Her Sight After Communion at Mass

'While Father’s away’ — The priests who cover Masses, and the secret shoppers who grade them

Catholics removed from church by police after protesting LGBT Mass at World Youth Day

LGBT 'Pride Mass' in Buffalo Catholic church sparks backlash from faithful parishioners

WYD: DJ Priest Also Serves Halloween

DJ priest at WYD satirised traditional priests in betting advert- you could not make this up

US Bishops' Conference recommends: Natural family planning instead of artificial contraception!

Vatican Announces That Artificial Intelligence Will Be Theme of Next World Day of Peace

Parish Children’s Radio Program Hosts Abuser Priest Suspended Maltese cleric accused of sexually abusing three teenage girls

Biden's USAID Focuses on Trans, Abortion Activism in New Report Featuring Bizarre Terms and Creepier Imagery.

Bishops Initiate Sainthood Process for Marxist Jesuit Top liberation theologian and Jesuit confreres proposed for canonization

U.K. Man Prosecuted for Silent Prayer Outside Abortion Clinic

Baby Born 16 Weeks Early With Hole in His Heart Finally Heads Home, He’s a “Little Fighter”

Abby Johnson urges Ohio voters to reject abortion, gender mutilation during rosary rally speech

NBC Reporter Lies, Falsely Claims Democrats Don’t Support Abortions Up to Birth

Joe Biden is Illegally Forcing Americans to Fund Abortions and Abortion Tourism

NARAL uses clip of Disney’s Baby Moana to promote abortion

Canada Wants to Allow Doctors to Euthanize Children

Canadian man arrested for selling 1,200 suicide kits online that killed ‘many,’ including teen

Denouncing the Dangerous (and Pseudo-Christian) Antisemitism of Nick Fuentes

Organ Harvesting Bonanza in Ukraine: "One black market dealer reportedly claimed that a heart could be procured quickly for €25,000 while kidneys may be obtained for €12,000"

Assisted dying will be no longer only for the terminally ill, and that should bother us all a lot

UPSIDE-DOWN WORLD: Pro-Trans Health Care Group Issues Contradictory Stance on ‘Gender-Affirming Care’

Are There Limits to What People Can “Identify As”?

Rabbi calls on followers to 'wage war' on Israel's LGBT community

Tennis Legend Martina Navratilova Calls Out USTA’s Transvestite Inclusion Policy        8/8


The Transfiguration of Our Lord

St. Cajetan of Thiena, Founder

"In John 6 Jesus makes clear the truth of his real presence in the Eucharist"

The Eucharist and Charity: Lives of Service Illustrate Intrinsic Connection

The miraculous founding of St. Mary Major's basilica in Rome marks a special favor of Our Lady


RORATE CHURCH DRIVE - PLEASE GIVE - Ordinariate Church Destroyed by Fire in Florida

Predictable Francis Quotes a Predictable Blasphemer

Death of supporter of the Filial Correction and teacher of Archbishop Gänswein

Blazing Cat Fur: "Francis... met at the Vatican with a group of transgender individuals—men who identify as women—who he referred to as 'daughters of God'"

Catholic priest promotes radical ‘sexologist’ who defends homosexuality, transgenderism

Apostolic Signatura Betrays Victim of Abuse Hoax

Falsely Accused Detroit Priest Restored to Parish

Franciscan priest locked in a nun's cell for a week

Abuse-Hoax: Well-Known Social-Media-Priest

Kirk Cameron, Riley Gaines Texas Library Event Draws MASSIVE Crowd as Tens of Triggered Trans Activists Scream Outside

Pastor, Wife and 3-Year-Old Son Jailed on Charges of Luring Innocent People to Christianity

WYD: Food Delivery Boxes As Novus Ordo "Tabernacle"

World Youth Day in figures: A Mass with 10,000 priests

Jesuit Magis 2023 - a preview of WYD

Francis at WYD: Porn and Superstition

Nick Vujicic challenges 'delusional' American Church to repent: 'Demons are laughing in your face'

The Biden Administration Lost Contact With 85,000 Children. Here’s How Congress Is Trying to Find Them.

UN report: Religions should accept 'LGBT rights'

It Begins . . . Whole Foods is Now Set Up for the Mark of the Beast “Convenience” Chip [VIDEO]

A Congresswoman’s Gaffe is Really a Spotlight on the Body of Christ

WATCH: Image of 9-week-old preborn child creates mixed reactions in UK

Abortion Activists Turn to Legislation to Target Pregnancy Care Centers, Pro-Life Advocate Warns

Woman gives birth to baby boy following uterus transplant

Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro Kills Program to Help Pregnant Women, Save Babies From Abortions

COINCIDENCE? Newly acquired Planned Parenthood building looks like Aztec child sacrifice pyramid for the “blood-thirsty” Satanic deity Tlaloque

Democrat Gov. Pritzker announces Illinois will spend $23 million on ‘abortion programs’

Police seek answers after newborn found dead in gas station bathroom

Four United Nations agencies partnered with and accepted $7 million from Hamas-linked Qatar Charity

Mozambique: Muslims abduct two fishermen, behead the Christian, free the Muslim

Dreadful ‘Fascist’ ‘Barbie’ Dominates the Cinema

Former ABC reporter James Gordon Meek, who “debunked” Pizzagate scandal, pleads guilty to child pornography charges

Transgender insanity has increasingly horrifying real-world consequences

The Pro-Trans Medical Establishment Does the Very Thing It Falsely Accuses Conservatives of Doing

LGBTQ+ college students unhappy with less-than-‘perfect’ gender-inclusive housing

Wyoming women's tennis association president resigns after biological male allowed to play

Planned Parenthood’s Fight for Child Marriage

U.S. proposes new 'programming' to queer up foreign nations

Transgender insanity has increasingly horrifying real-world consequences               8/7


The Dedication of Saint Mary of the Snows

Feast of the Dedication of Our Lady of the Snows

St. Addal

Two-year jubilee in honor of St. Thomas Aquinas includes special indulgence

Jim Caviezel Will Lead Pro-Life Prayer Rally

The Biden Administration Lost Contact With 85,000 Children. Here’s How Congress Is Trying to Find Them.

Jim Caviezel will appear at my Sound of Freedom-inspired, anti-trafficking event in Florida Also Sign the Petition please

Priests must play soccer, not preach dogma, says Pope in broadside against traditionalists

Lifefunder helps support flourishing Traditional Latin Mass seminary in Brazil

Francis Rages Against Young Priests

VIDEO: A message from Card. Burke to Fr. Z’s readers 

It is time to return the Church to its roots. In the heroic faith of the martyrs!

When Eternal France, eldest daughter of the Church, abandons her churches.

Homosex: World Youth Day Calls Police Against Catholics

Catholic priest promotes radical 'sexologist' who defends homosexuality, transgenderism

Getting the Rites right… Roman… Sarum… all’em

Diversity replaces unity as a mark of the Church at World Youth Day

SF archdiocese could declare bankruptcy

Vision Problems: Francis Interrupts Speech

Bishop at World Youth Day- "No one is born in the wrong body"

There’s Danger in Christian Music Artists Misrepresenting Jesus

Was Pedophilia Advocate John Money the Father of Transsexualism & the Father of the American Catholic Bishops Sex Abuse Scandals?

We’re Entering A New Era In The United States, Where There Will Be A Cost To Following Jesus

Cancer Patient Denied Treatment Because of Her Conservative Christian Views

Christian college asks federal appeals court to protect religious beliefs about female pastors

Judge Blocks Illinois Law That Could Shut Down Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

Illinois and Vermont slapped with lawsuits for targeting pregnancy centers

Maine enacts abortion until birth

Texas Judge Issues Ruling Weakening Abortion Ban to Make it Easier to Kill Babies

New York Limits Ammo That Could Kill People, Mails Abortion Drugs That Will Kill People

PCUSA pastor teaches on Psalm 139, says she 'felt God's presence,' 'no sin' after 2 abortions

Woman Rushed to ER With Dangerous Hemorrhaging After Kansas Clinic Botches Abortion

Crucified 'Jesus Ken' and 'Virgin Mary' dolls relaunch amid 'Barbie' movie craze sparks outrage

Slaughter of Nigerian Christians Warrants International Attention

The Pro-Trans Medical Establishment Does the Very Thing It Falsely Accuses Conservatives of Doing

“Get Me Right – Criminalization of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgenders and the Catholic Church” exhibition

Canadian professor says showing adult genitalia to ‘little children’ is an ‘excellent parenting idea’

Transgender ‘Women’ Aren’t

Germany: Another Homosex Wedding Farce              8/5


Saint Dominic, Founder

St. John Vianney

You showed me the way to Ars; I will show you the way to heaven"

Blessed Father Frederick Janssoone of Ghyvelde

80th anniversary of the Martyrdom of Blessed Franz Jägerstätter

Bishop Strickland decries Latin Mass restrictions as ‘attack’ on the ‘Deposit of Faith’

Fr. Mark Beard Strong Condemnation Of Lukewarm Catholics!

Final Powerful, Prophetic & Chilling Homily by Fr Mark Beard! May He Rest in Peace!

Beloved Priest, Father Mark Beard, Dies in Car Accident

Jim Caviezel Will Lead Prayer Rally for Issue 1, “Encourage All Christians in Ohio to Vote Yes”

The Antichrist System Is Being Positioned Right Before Our Eyes… But Not Many Are Looking

Iraqi Cardinal Sako: ‘I am ready to give up my life for the Church’

Pope, claiming to be a victim of the Holy Spirit, launches yet another vicious attack on traditionalists. He calls holy priests "Blessed Imeldas" Time for Vatican III is not yet ripe.

Pope Francis says new council unnecessary as Vatican II ‘has not yet been implemented’

WYD: Bishop Attacks Priest Who Refused to Hand Out Communion

Angry modernist complaints when priest will only give Communion on the tongue

Trads Protest LGBTQI+ Eucharist at World Youth Day Priest calls cops on youth making reparation for 'mortal sins of LGBT ideology'

Brazil: Boom in Priest Suicides

Pastor, wife and son arrested for allegedly luring innocent people to Christianity

Danielle Smith commits $4 million to fight human trafficking in Alberta

Just another Christian arrested for sharing biblical messages in public

WINNING! 3 Christians Receive $300,000 Over Wrongful Arrest in 2020 Anti-Mask Protest

Pro-life pushback prevents all-trimester abortion facility from opening

Judge Blocks Illinois Law That Could Shut Down Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

Hospital Gives Grieving Couple Their Miscarried Baby to Bury, In a Biohazard Bucket 

UK abortionist-turned-prof implies abortion is ok because other babies die naturally

Planned Parenthood Spends More Money Lobbying to Kill Babies in Abortions Than Anyone

Canadian healthcare provider promotes assisted suicide to healthy patients

OK Women’s Bill of Rights to Protect Girls from ‘out-of-Control Gender Ideology’

German bishop poses with LGBT ‘progress’ flag at World Youth Day

Genital Amputation Victim Wants to Die

The Mother Church: Turning God Trans

Homosex Propaganda IN German Parish Church                 8/4


Saint Peter Julian Eymard

St. Lydia Purpuraria

The Finding of Saint Stephen's Relics

St. Stephen's body was hidden for centuries until revealed in a vision after the sack of Rome

St. John Vianney — Too Harsh for Our Time? A forgotten road to holiness: avoiding occasions of sin

St John Vianney shows us the paradox of being childlike

Sound of Freedom: FBI Finds 200 Sex Trafficking Victims, Including Children

New Apostolate Seeks to Give Everyone a Brown Scapular

Catholic Doctrine and the Sunday Readings for August 2023

The Cardinal Virtues Can’t Contradict Each Other

Bishop Strickland: World Youth Day is helping 'to secularize the Catholic Church, de-emphasize Christ'

Talk of God excluded from "International Youth Hearing" at World Youth Day

Francis Turns Papacy in UN Chaplaincy

Sharp criticism of the appointed prefect Fernández by predecessors in the bishopric Aguer

How’s That Again About Your Job, Your Eminence?

Francis using progressive German Catholics for his own political ends - Operation "Bomb Defusal"

Financial bankruptcy of US dioceses results from post-Vatican II spiritual decay

‘I am a person with great hope’: Meet the Church’s only Bhutanese priest

Whole world visits St. Thérèse in Lisbon

‘Preach the real Christ,’ Bishop Barron tells thousands of U.S. youth at WYD

Neocatechumenal Way: Thanks God Benedict XVI Is Gones

Enormous Rupnik project put on hold

Pope Francis Grieves With Portugal's Sex Abuse Victims Francis gives clerical abuse victims a voice during World Youth Day

Chris Pratt Shows Up at Dodgers Faith and Family Day, Affirms the Power of Christianity

Kirk Cameron: Family First Americans Plan To Takeover 300 Library Nationwide To Protect Education

Did Wisconsin police ignore state law when they arrested a Christian preacher at a public drag event?

Pro-Life Father Targeted by Biden DOJ Announces Congressional Run

24 States Have Protected or Tried to Protect Babies From Abortion Since Dobbs

Bill Gates Has Spent $90 Million Funding Group that Sells Cheap Abortion Pills That Kill Babies and Hurt Women

As medically assisted deaths rise, British Columbia denies meds to woman with breast cancer

Big Abortion is Spending Millions to Defeat Issue 1 So Ohio Would Have Abortions Up to Birth

Depopulationist Propaganda: WaPo Laments Couple’s Hard Life Because They Didn’t Murder Their Twins

Canada’s Suicidal Slide

Progressive Christian ‘Kin-dom of God’ Is a Fist Raised In Rebellion Against the True God

Slaughter of Nigerian Christians Warrants International Attention

'HATEFUL': Eventbrite Removes Conferences Equipping Parents to Combat the Sexual Revolution

Targeting Target

Now 19-year-old: 'My childhood was destroyed, like thousands of others'

Coca-Cola Owned Cafe Chain Faces Boycott Over Trans Cartoon With Cut Off Breasts               8/3


Saint Alphonsus Liguori, Doctor

St. Eusebius of Vercelli

Saint Stephen I, Pope and martyr

Feast of the Holy Maccabean Martyrs

Our Father: Breaking Bread with The Communion of Saints

How A Secret Group Opus Bono Sacerdotii Protects Pedophile Priests

Trump-endorsed ‘Sound of Freedom’ outgrosses ‘Mission: Impossible’

Operation Cross Country: FBI Locates 200 Victims of Sex Trafficking, 59 Missing Children, and Arrests 194 Suspects in Nationwide Effort

How Tim Tebow Fights to End Sex Trafficking

Love Letters to the Latin Mass 7: The Our Father

Iraqi cardinal sets out conditions for return to Baghdad

Slovak Archbishop Vasil to resolve liturgical dispute in India

‘Charity is evangelization’: How a priest helped revive a Lisbon neighborhood

Persecution Of Christians Rising: Wife in Uganda Killed For Receiving Christ As Lord And Savior

Pope Francis Tells Indian Priests to Face East Modern Syro-Malabar priests are in open rebellion

List of Crimes: Francis is subverting faith to the all-consuming ideology of ‘climate change’

Catholics Kicked On The Streets Of Dublin

40 Priest Suicides Plague Brazil in 7-Year Nightmare 'Priests are taking their own lives en masse' in India, France and Ireland

Mexico: Bishops Ask Vatican for Authorization for Indigenous Liturgical Adaptations - With Pachamama?

New cardinal in Hong Kong says red hat will help ‘build bridges’ with China

World Youth Day: Novus Ordo Communion Handed Out Like Bread

600 Bishops Let Laymen Distribute Communion at World Youth Day Billboards in Portugal urge Pope Francis to aid clergy sex abuse victims

Crisp bowls purchased at IKEA are not worthy vessels for the Eucharist

WYD Lisbon passes first test, despite vanishing pilgrims and risky swims

220 churches have been destroyed in Manipur, where Hindus and Christians are evenly spit, since May

The Church and Inclusion

Italian Missionaries Refuse to Convert Amazon Tribe

Retired Bishop Marries After Vatican denied Laicisation

The Devil’s Horrible Sin of Pride

God or the devil: In whom do Americans really believe?

Staggering Degree Of Biblical Illiteracy: Poll Finds Fewer and Fewer Americans Believe in Hell and the Devil

NBA Star Launches Nike Alternative That's Anti-Woke and Christian: 'Our Values Are Valid'

Christian Groups Target Controversial Legal Doctrine as Key to Preserving Religious Liberty

The ‘Mainstream’ Media’s Radical Rebellion Against God

FBI turns Catholic surveillance documents over to Congress

Catholic convert explains abortion's links to Satanism based on his own gruesome experience

Scientists want to manufacture a woman’s eggs from two males and remove the female from sacred procreation

Blessed News Launches Today – A Christian Conservative Alternative to the Fake News

Canadian Pastor Convicted Of Inciting Mischief In Trucker Protests Facing Up To 10 Years Prison

10 Signs That We Really Are Living In Apocalyptic Times

Horror: Christian Boy Sodomized and Murdered, Now Four Suspects Set Free

All Indiana Abortion Businesses Stop Killing Babies

Abby Johnson: I Had Enough of Planned Parenthood and I’ve Had Enough of Woke Culture

The ‘shock’ of learning I was donor-conceived was ‘too much’

Joe Biden Keeps Space Force Command Out of Alabama Because It’s Pro-Life on Abortion

Trafficking survivor says her trafficker ‘took all his girls to Planned Parenthood’

Judge Sides With Planned Parenthood, Allows Trafficking Teen Girls for Secret Out of State Abortions

Minnesota will no longer report the number of abortion survivors… or their fate

New Minnesota Law That Gov Tim Walz Signed Bill Lets Babies Die Who Survive Abortions

Hundreds of public school districts are SUING Big Tech for warping their students’ minds into a MENTAL HEALTH DISASTER

After southern California school district decided to inform parents of LGBT students about their gender “transitions,” trans mob responds with DEATH threats

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Scandal-Plagued Boy Scouts of America Pitch a Tent for Sexual Deviants at National Jamboree

LGBT-Promoting Groups And Segregation Based On Skin Color: The Hidden Dangers Of Today’s Summer Camps

LGBT activists vehemently oppose schools having to notify parents about a child’s gender ‘transition’

Tax-Funded Ohio Group Sponsors Program to Teach Children How to Be Drag Queens

Communists, LGBT activists target Christian-owned coffee shop over 'biblical stance on sexual sin'         8/2


St. Alphonsus Marie Liguori

Feast of the Holy Maccabean Martyrs

Saint Peter's Chains

St. Peter lived to die another day, the news, and pray for Sr. Mercy

Ark Encounter tops list of most popular attractions in Kentucky

Cardinal Parolin calls for equal rights for Christians in the Middle East

Why Deviants and Exploiters Hate Sound of Freedom

Strickland: Too Many in the Vatican "Deeply Confused", "Unaware of Gospel"

Argentine archbishop slams Pope Francis, Abp. Fernández for ‘doctrinal relativism’

Jesuit named papal delegate to diocese at heart of ‘liturgy war’

How are the mighty fallen. Archbishop whose whose failure overshadows everything else.

Francis’ Mercy Kills Young Benedictine Community

Proceedings about corona church service bans before the European Court of Human Rights continue

Modernist demand for new forms of liturgy

Vatican considering ‘Mayan rite’ of Mass after Mexican bishops overwhelmingly approve it

Christians Arrested During COVID for Outside Worship Service Win Settlement

World Youth Day: Communion in Ikea Bowls

Bishop recommends going to see "Jesus is My Homeboy" exhibition

Hungary's Christian President Viktor Orban made a shockingly blunt public statement about this:

"If one is involved in European politics as I am, then today's 'western values' mean three things: migration, LGBT and war. The European Union rejects Christian heritage. It is managing population replacement through migration, and it is waging an LGBT offensive against family-friendly European nations."

Belief in God, angels, Heaven, Hell and devil hit record lows: study

World Youth Day: Interreligion, Climate-Religion and a Dash of Catholicism

How interreligious dialogue got a front-row seat at World Youth Day

Demand that power is handed over to a dictatorship of the lay elite

 Jim Caviezel, Gen. Michael Flynn, Abby Johnson to rally with rosary on Aug 6 | Cincinnati, Ohio

Second baby surrendered in Kentucky Safe Haven Baby Box this year

NFP Before Vatican II

Nigerian model: My mother is ‘happy I didn’t die’ after multiple abortion attempts

Indiana’s near-total abortion ban is now in effect

Pro-life pushback prevents all-trimester abortion facility from opening

These Twin Babies are Alive Thanks to the Texas Abortion Ban

UK now officially recognizes babies lost in miscarriages but not aborted children

Court Denies Teens’ Abortion Request, Tells Her to Put Baby Up for Adoption Instead

Biking for Babies: Building a culture of life one mile, one missionary at a time

Court Orders Biden Admin to Pay Woman Who He Illegally Denied Pro-Life Medical Care

Planned Parenthood’s Figures Show It Kills 1,200 Babies Every Day in Abortions

‘Unacceptable to Pro-Life Voters’: Top Pro-Life Group Fires Warning Shot At DeSantis

Biden Punishes a Pro-Life State

DISCRIMINATION at WORK: Toronto mom loses job after arguing against posting pride stickers at school board meeting

Ontario children’s hospital holds drag queen story hour to promote ‘acceptance, inclusion, and diversity’

Munich Cardinal Celebrates Homosex Prince

Bella Italia: Transgender models can no longer be 'Miss Italy'

Backlash Erupts Over Doc Martens Shoe Featuring Transgender With Mastectomy Scars         8/1


Holy Ring: The Wedding Band of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Founder

Saints Martha, Mary and Lazarus

St. Peter Chrysologus Doctor of the Church

Saints Abdon and Sennen, Martyrs

Blessed Solanus Casey

Pope John Paul II Converted Me!  16  min.


Francis Allowed PiusX To Ordain Whomever They Wish

Anger at Cardinal for thinking and acting with the mind of the Church

Bishop Strickland: Cardinals don't deserve the red hat if they contradict the Catholic faith

Priest of Rainbow Church for All gets warning from Cardinal

Archbp. Hector Aguer: The position of Francis and Fernandez is "absolutely contrary to the historical depth of the ecclesial care of the Faith"

Father James Altman Homily - Persecuted For Speaking The Truth    28  min.

A Pilgrimage Ending in Fatima Reveals Many Catholic Surprises

We Are Witnessing The Unveiling Of The Mark Of The Beast In Our Lifetimes  

Is Vietnam the Vatican’s template for China?

Mexican Bishops Conference Submits 'Indigenous Liturgical Adaptations' for Approval; Holy See 'Favorable'

World Youth Day becomes a platform to dialogue about connection between climate justice and colonial history; without reference to Jesus Christ

Medjugorje Youth Festival ends with call to "Life with God"

Portugal welcomes young Catholics following the release of a shock report on paedo-criminality within the Church. 4815 victims

‘God Is Alive’ — A Film That Believes in Faith and Miracles

The Most Destructive Line in the New Catechism

Victory: Southern Illinois University to Pay for Silencing Conservative Views


1 Million Signatures | The Pro-Life Mission Of 'Project Personhood'

Why Does Planned Parenthood's Headquarters Look EXACTLY Like An Aztec Child-Sacrifice Pyramid?

Pillars Of Truth And Propagators Of Lies: An Age Increasingly Characterised By Satan's War On Truth

Catholic Students Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour Attacked With Spray Paint by Crazed Leftist Activist

Boy Scouts pitch LGBTQ tent

Robert Barnes on Barbie Movie: Evil               7/31


St. Innocent I

Saints Nazarius and Celsus, Martyrs

Blessed Stanley Rother

8 Remarkable saintly teens to inspire your family

Saint Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception: A different kind of victim

‘Sound of Freedom’ to Get Major Boost at Box Office After Studio Reveals Huge Plan for Film 

Blockbuster ‘Sound of Freedom’ film announces release dates for international markets

US Bishops Complicit in Child Trafficking Sound of Freedom' has put a spotlight on child sexual slavery.

Exclusive—Lynne Patton: Trump Did More to End Human Trafficking Than Any Modern President

Human Trafficking: An American Tradition of Silence

Over 17,000 young people sing “Salve Regina”

St. Louis: Flourishing Latin Mass Community Closed

Rage against tradition is at the heart of the post-modernist crisis

BREAKDOWN: Pope Francis’ progressive ATTACKS on Benedict XVI’s legacy


The huge significance of Benedict’s biographer denouncing Francis’ papacy

The Liberal Bishops Made Astonishing Profit   9  min.

Asian Bishops call for call for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

'Everything is lost for them' - A humanitarian crisis for Armenians

Communist Cardinal Parolin calls Holy See-Vietnam agreement, where they can refuse all Francis's bishops, "a new beginning"

First Cardinal Ever to Stand Accused in Vatican Court Is Cdl. Giovanni Becciu a criminal or fall guy?

Vietnam approves resident papal representative marking improved relations

More tainting of traditionalists as extreme right wingers

Mexico, Vatican "Favorable" To Novus Ordo Paganisation

Pride Eucharistic Adoration at Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Furi

It's Here: GOP Turns on the Liberal Bishops A long road back

More Than 12,000 Begin Relationship With Christ in Venezuelan City Overrun with Witchcraft

Archeologists uncover mosaic depicting biblical Samson at ancient Israeli synagogue

US bishops warn against changing the legal definition of death. But do they go far enough?

Don’t Make Prayer so Difficult

Despite a brain tumor, the mother refuses an abortion and gives birth to her baby

Professor Files Suit Against College That Fired Him for Teaching Human Life Begins at Conception

Young family faces daughter’s diagnosis with faith: ‘In God, there’s hope’

Court Stops Biden Admin From Making Christian Doctors, Nurses Participate in Abortions

The New Face Of Eugenics?: AI To Be Used To Sort Human Embryos Into Categories Of ‘Fit’ And ‘Unfit’ For IVF

New pro-life diaper company releases ad showing how every baby is a ‘miracle from God’

She’s Breaking Texas Law Shipping Dangerous Abortion Pills to Women, But Her Blue State Won’t Prosecute Her

Illinois governor signs bill silencing pregnancy resource centers

Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Sue to Stop New Illinois Law Threatening to Shut Them Down

FBI Releases Documents About Biden Admin Targeting Pro-Life Catholics

Top 7 Ways the Democrats in D.C. plan on REDUCING the POPULATION

The ‘Mainstream’ Media’s Radical Rebellion Against God

VA rolls out religious exemption protocol after lawsuit by Christian nurse

Christian convert killed by husband for accepting Jesus in Uganda

Children now being denied bank accounts because of their parents’ political involvement

Healed Former Homosexual Could Face Jail Time, Massive Fines After Sharing Journey to Jesus

New transgender study shows painful, long-lasting side effects of sex-change surgeries

The Brew: Biden Administration Says No Lunch for Christian Kids Unless It Can Sexualize Them

There Is No Constitutional Right to ‘Gender-Affirming’ Care

Graphic Sex Book Could Leave Kids Vulnerable to Pedophiles             7/28


Saint Pantaleon of Nicomedia, Martyr

Saint Titus Brandsma

Pope Benedict XVI: The Third Secret Is Spoken | Signs and Secrets Ep. 19 

The Mass which the French Revolutionaries tried to the prevent the Saint Curé of Ars from saying, now banned in his sanctuary

The Most Destructive Line in the New Catechism

Trad Priest Fired After Absconding With 18-Year-Old

The World’s Fastest Growing Church

Is Cardinal Zuppi Going From Washington to Peking?

The case against Cardinal Angelo Becciu

Head of German Bishops determined to found a parallel Church

Media report: Concerns about a schism in Germany are growing in the Vatican!

Pope Francis' War on Patriarchy rancis appoints a woman chancellor to the diocese of Rome.

Francis: Meeting in Moscow?

Pope Francis’s Hermeneutic of ‘Rigidity’ 

US Bishops' conference warns against further softening of the brain death criterion for organ donation

The US Bishops Are Suddenly Drowning in Accountability

Another Francis’ Critic Purged

‘Is WYD for rich people only?’: Pilgrims in developing world denied visas

Never Be Ashamed of Your Faith in God

When Church Leadership Silences The Voices Of The Remnant

Actor Dennis Quaid Says Faith in God Saved Him After Struggle With Addiction (VIDEO)

Human trafficking investigation results in arrest of 62 smugglers exploiting 'vulnerable Cubans'

Preemie ‘probably wouldn’t make it,’ but now he’s home

Every Month, Seven Babies Are Born Alive in Abortions and Left to Die in Australia

Dangerous Illinois abortion facility injures fifth woman this year

'Assaulted before multiple cops' - New York Is Waging Radical Pro-Abortion Lawfare On Peaceful Pro-Lifers

Sinéad O’Connor, who chose life despite pressure to abort, has died

Abortion Biz Stops Killing Babies as Indiana Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect Next Week

‘Satanic Abortion Ritual’ in New Mexico

Christian pregnancy resource center vandalized in Las Vegas

Six State Ballot Measures Would Legalize Abortions Up to Birth, We Must Stop Them

The scientists who dissented from Humanae Vitae

Transhumanism: Globalists Promise To ‘Improve’ On God’s Design Of Man

‘Mission: Impossible’: What’s Up With Tom Cruise and All the Catholic Stuff?

Islamic Extremist Groups Killed 2,500 Christians in First Half of 2023

Is a major cultural shift against transgenderism already underway?

Sexual Assault Survivor Describes Trauma of Sharing Locker Room With Lia Thomas

3 female detransitioners suing doctors over experimental sex-change procedures that left them disfigured

Dems Exit Committee to Avoid Doctor’s Description of Gender-Transition Surgeries on Minors

Sicily: Homosex Adoration

Christian Coach Fired for Stating Views on Obvious Sex Differences                7/27


Saint Anne, Mother of Mary

Sts. Joachim and Anne

Why are Sts. Joachim and Anne celebrated on July 26?

St. Anne’s role as mother of Mary and grandmother of Jesus was vital to God’s salvific plan

700 years after being declared a saint, St. Thomas Aquinas hailed for his contributions to Catholic thought

VOX Declares ‘Sound Of Freedom’ Movie To Be “As Dark And Dangerous” As Child Sex Trafficking Itself  

US is a Top Destination for Child Sex Trafficking, and It’s Happening in Your Community

Attending traditional Mass is forbidden in the home of the Patron Saint of Parish Priests

Archbishop Viganò & Professor of Canon Law Slowikowska vs. "Superdogma" Steve O'Reilly on his beloved Vatican II: "The Latin noun munus is an ambiguous word. In the teaching of the Second Vatican Council this word is present up 255 times... This can cause not only problems of interpretation, but also doctrinal problems"

‘Witness to So Many Graces’ — Cardinal Burke’s Shrine to Our Lady in Wisconsin Celebrates 15 Years

No arms, no legs, no problem | Choosing life with Connor McHugh

Fr. James Altman - Let Him Be Anathema! 12 min. talk

Fake Catholics 14 min. sermon

Bishop Strickland Denies Wrongdoing, Says Vatican Inquiry ‘Not Fun’

12 Powerful Catholic quotes when you find it hard to forgive

Homosexualist Cardinal, “Gender Ideology Completely Diabolical"

Bishop of Odessa: "War is a diabolical thing"

Italy: Francis Church continues to lose support

Bergoglian cosmetic cover-up in Argentina

Jesuits: Marko Rupnik Is Pope Francis' Problem A priest, formerly excommunicated for absolving a sexual accomplice, could abuse again.

As All That Live Godly In Christ Suffer Persecution In This World Gone Mad, 'Be Strong; Fear Not! Behold, Your God Will Come With Vengeance And Save You - Count It All Joy'

Lèse-Majesté: Francis Promotes Incompetence

WATCH: Fr. Fidelis JAILED for defending the unborn! Personal friend SPEAKS OUT!

If you see something, DO SOMETHING. Laymen are not off the hook; Christ has expectations of you.

7-Year Sentence Sought for Cardinal Becciu – Maintains Innocence

Vatican prosecutor demands long prison sentence for Cardinal Becciu

Catholic Action Austria calls for urgent conversion......but not to Jesus Christ

Report: Leadership of Catholic Colleges Shifting as Religious Vocations Plummet

Archdiocese Blames Guns for Results of its Failure to Evangelize St. Louis focusing on symptoms, not root cause of problem

Amid violent protests, Kenyan bishops plead for peace

‘I still see my friends in my dreams’ - Stories from Boko Haram survivors

A Shift Away From Biblical Faith: Why Are So Many Quitting Christianity?

Baby with rare complication undergoes successful surgery after Catholic parents refused abortion

Stray dog rescues abandoned baby thrown in trash heap in Lebanon

Man Finds Two Abandoned Babies Behind a High School: “That Sounds Like a Baby” 

A majority of Americans reject Biden's abortion policy

Missouri Supreme Court allows abortion ballot initiative to proceed

Hyde Amendment Has Saved Over 2.5 Million Babies From Abortion


Baltimore Will Force Residents to Fund Abortions With Their Tax Dollars

Catholic priest calls on Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs to ‘immediately repent’ of promoting abortion

New Mexico Governor’s Hotline Caught Referring Women to Satanic Temple for Abortions

Shocking report from Japan reveals involuntarily sterilization of tens of thousands

We Must Stop Encouraging This Harmful Delusion: How Social Transition Damages Children

Reject The Modern World: Russian Duma Bans Transgenderism

We Must Stop Encouraging This Harmful Delusion: How Social Transition Damages Children

Vatican podcast featuring Pope Francis claims young people are characterized by ‘sexual fluidity’

‘LGBTQ Catholics’ Have a ‘Sacred Identity’?

Homo-pornography in the Nuremberg Evangelical Church - "A room of blasphemous provocation"

Pro-LGBTQ Radicals Threaten to Kill, ‘Dismember’ School Board Chief Over Parental Rights Policy     7/26


Saint James the Greater, Apostle

Exclusive — Tim Ballard: Biden Administration Is ‘Facilitating the Trafficking of Children’Exclusive — Tim Ballard: Biden Administration Is ‘Facilitating the Trafficking of Children’

Natalie Winters Exposes How Biden’s DOJ Is Hiding Child Sex Trafficking Info From Americans

US Is a Top Destination for Child Sex Trafficking, and It’s Happening in Your Community

God is Peaceful in Your Crisis

Eucharist not Synod is the gateway to the Church's future

Sweden gains shrine to Mary, Mother of Persecuted Christians

Meet ‘Super’ St. Joseph in New Comic Book by Father Calloway

Archbishop Viganò: Pope Francis wants to create a ‘schism’ by excommunicating Latin Mass devotees

Francis Has Systematically Dismantled John Paul II's Legacy

Fr. Ripperger's exorcist assistant Dr. Dan Schneider breaks down his manual for spiritual combat

400 years of religious life ends with announcement after Mass

Francis’ Actions "Indescribably Evil"

A Practical Guide To The Works Of Mercy

Exclusive — Local Priest: Nigeria Trying to Blame Its Christian Genocide on Climate Crisis

Leftists Target Leonard Leo, Catholic Lawyer and Father of 7 Who Helped Overturn Roe

CCHD Closes All Communication, Refuses to Answer Questions US bishops' charity has something to hide

"The Defence Speech of Judas Iscariot" enacted by Protestants and Catholics, both altogether modernist

Idaho Christians Are Compensated $300,000 for Rights Violations

USA: Spying against Catholics Swept under the Carpet

Archdiocese of Bamberg congratulates Cardinal Brandmüller on his 70th anniversary as a priest

Catholic abbot ordered to hide cross necklace in Jerusalem: 'It's inappropriate'

Nick Vujicic challenges 'delusional' American Church to repent: 'Demons are laughing in your face'

Viktor Orban: "By Rejecting Christianity We Have Become Hedonistic Pagans" Hungary's Prime Minister just gave an important speech on the the future of the West

Woman’s mission for parental rights advocacy leads her to the pro-life movement

Crisis pregnancy centers are saving unborn babies and moms from abortion. That’s why leftists hate them

Former Disney actress shares she is now pro-life: ‘I know that it’s a baby’

“The Pill” Kills More Than Surgicals

United Church of Christ issues resolution declaring abortion is ‘healthcare’

Baby girl who survived abortion attempt left to die by hospital staff, medical resident says

Feminists Get Sterilized to Protest Dobbs Decision Protecting Babies From Abortion

Shocking report from Japan reveals involuntarily sterilization of tens of thousands

Scientists are Close to Making “Synthetic Embryos,” Tiny Human Beings to Kill for Research


The Dystopia Towards Which We Run

Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga on gender ideology: "It is destined to destroy families with diabolical ideas".

Francis To Transvestite: "God Loves You As You Are"

Teachers’ union boss joins ‘banned book’ tour giving away free graphic porn to kids

Democrat New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Promptly Slammed for Allocating $1 Million to Free Health Care for Prostitutes

Detransitioner Files Blockbuster Lawsuit Against Doctors Who Aided Her Sex Change When She Was Only 15 and Left Her Disfigured

3 times men allowed to be housed in women's prisons harmed, impregnated inmates

‘Nipples Literally Peeling Off’: Texas Detransitioner Sues Doctors for $1 Million Over Botched Surgery      7/25


Saint Sharbel Makhlouf

Saint Apollinaris of Ravenna, Bishop and Martyr

Saint Bridget of Sweden

Saint Mary Magdalen, Penitent

Honduras: Bishop Approves Eucharistic Miracle

Tim Ballard Knocks Out Ethan Hunt: Sound of Freedom Tops the New Mission Impossible

3 bombshell moments in Pope Francis’s war on Tradition | Faith & Reason highlights

Pope increasingly relies on Jesuit or Argentinian cronies. No way to run the Church.

Strickland: "Maybe I Will Be Removed" - For Being Catholic  

Bishop Strickland: Catholics must have the ‘audacity of faith’ to pray for those in authority

‘Christ is the center and standard’: An interview with Switzerland’s Bishop Bonnemain

Accused Bishop Named Cardinal Pope Francis ignores a multimillion-dollar scandal when elevating Jerusalem's patriarch

Chinese Communist Party humiliates Pope Francis with Shanghai bishop appointment

Nigerian Bishop Wilfred Anagbe testifies before Congress about persecution of Christians

30 migrant workers make professions for Christ at Georgia church event

"Francis Is an Open Enemy of Catholicism" 

What is a climbing wall doing in Vienna's Cathedral? From 2022 and repeated this year.

Americans placing more emphasis on hobbies, money and community, less on religion: study

Dog Saves Abandoned Baby Girl Who Was Thrown in the Trash

Driving instructor rescues baby and toddler abandoned behind high school

Christian Nurse Forces Biden to Allow Doctors and Nurses to Opt Out of Abortions

Pregnant Women Exposed to Cancer-Causing Chemicals Virtually Everywhere

Massachusetts city drops anti-pregnancy center ordinance… for now

Biden admin planning to expand federal law to bypass state restrictions on abortion

Governor Launches All-in-One Pregnancy Resource Website

CNN Caught Falsely Claiming Texas Abortion Ban Led to Increased Infant Mortality

Oregon girls under 15 can now obtain abortions without parental consent if they fear ‘emotional abuse’

Catholic pharmacist's lawsuit against forced sale of abortion pills cleared

Abortion supporters body-slam, throw coffee on pro-life sidewalk counselors outside DC Planned Parenthood

Catholic university still choosing to cover abortions in campus health plan

6 Christians Killed by Terrorists Amid Worsening Trend in Nigeria’s Benue State

How Russia handles gay pride parades

Theological Development: From Homosex "Blessing" to Dog "Wedding"  

Disturbing Photos of Top Democrats Cozying up With Hulking Child Porn Transvestite Go Viral

Biden-Harris Regime Gives Soros-Backed Group Millions to Teach Young Puerto Ricans About ‘Toxic Masculinities’

The Cultural Revolution Never Ends

Miss Italy Beauty Pageant Bans Biological Males from Competition

Far Higher Rates of Suicide, Psychiatric Conditions in Trannies, Landmark Study Finds             7/24


Saint Victor of Marseille, Soldier and Martyr

St. Lawrence of Brindisi

Bl. François de Montmorency-Laval

Archbishop Viganò: Our Lady warned of 'great apostasy' in Church followed by risk of World War III, ENCORE

Eucharistic Revival and The Lion of Judah

Pope Francis ACCUSED of 10 HERESIES, says priest video

Priest to Pope Francis: I accuse you of heresy and humbly plead that you correct your ways

US Bishop Schools Pope Francis' DDF Head on Clarity Bp. Joseph Strickland speaks up for clear, Catholic conviction.

Pilgrimage as a Life of Penance

WATCH: The Devil MANIFESTS to Exorcist

LA Bishop-elect Bahhuth was once a Melkite, and is now a Latin Catholic. How does that work?

Latin and Liturgical Participation

Jesuit Santa Clara University and hundreds of other colleges still mandate COVID-19 shots

The Dead End of Catholic Nationalism

Baltimore Bishop Lori: “Persons who may identify as LGBT are daughters and sons of God, they are our brothers and sisters in Christ, they are members of the Body of Christ, they are our family members and friends,”

Priest Dies in Hotel After Spending Night With Lover Kenyans challenge celibacy as breakaway 'bishop' allows married priests

Becciu insists Vatican prosecutor’s case is ‘far from reality’

Outrage in India over video of women paraded naked, raped

Progressive-Dominated College Town to Pay $300k to Christians Arrested for Outdoor Church Service During Covid Restrictions

Funeral of last European Father of the Second Vatican Council, who subverted Church teaching on abortion

Rainbow Flag for Last European Vatican II Bishop

EU Bishops' conferences against "right to abortion"

Pursuing Holiness in Times of Transition

Diamondbacks to host Phoenix Diocese in 1st Catholic Night

Ministry that led over 66K people to Christ will hold first US crusade

Religion: Stuck in the Throats of the Elite

Megachurch Faces Civil Lawsuit After Church Elder Starves and Tortures Daughter to Death

Mom Says Doctor Told Her to Have Abortion Because Her Twin Babies Would Die, She Refused and They are Thriving

Mom Bravely Rejects Abortion After Learning She Has Cancer, Gives Birth to Healthy Baby Girl

I believed I had no right to mourn my aborted child. Then Christ set me free.

New York Group Sends Abortion Ship to Gulf of Mexico, Targeting Texas Unborn Babies

FACT CHECK: Is PBS right to claim that abortion reduces domestic violence?

CNN Caught Falsely Claiming Texas Abortion Ban Led to Increased Infant Mortality

Newsom Fines Conservative SoCal School District $1.5 Million For Rejecting Textbooks That Mention Gay Rights Activist Who Sexually Assaulted Minor Teen

Another Canadian teacher berates Muslim kids for staying home at the start of ‘Pride Month’

Nearly half of millennials think ‘misgendering’ should be a crime: survey

CatholicVote donor banned from Colorado library after spy cams catch her stuffing gay sex books where they can't be found by kids

Louisiana bans transgender mutilation of children, overriding Democrat governor’s veto Louisiana joins at least 20 other Republican states that have restricted dangerous and life-threatening transgender surgeries and drugs for minors.

Prof Marcus Venable Threatens to Kill Louisiana Senator for Voting Against Child Genital Mutilation [VIDEO]

CDC’s Advice for Male ‘Chestfeeding’ Pushes Transgenderism to the Limits … If It Has Any

Obama Judge Jennifer Zipps Blocks Arizona Ban on Males Competing in Girls’ Sports

Transgender training is coming to your schools

Real Champions of Freedom Are in Every Age Hostile to Pornography                 7/21


Saint Apollinaris

St. Margaret of Antioch

Saint Jerome Emiliani, Founder

St. Vincent de Paul practiced a life of supreme charity and firm opposition to heresy

‘Sound of Freedom’ Miraculously Tops ‘Dead Reckoning’ Per Screen Average

Crowdfunded Christian Movie 'SOUND OF FREEDOM' Hits $100 Million

YouTube Is Pulling 'Sound Of Freedom' Interviews, Reviews

Adrenochrome “Conspiracy Theory” Gets Fresh Round of Fake News “Debunkings” With “Sound of Freedom” in the News

Schneider: Francis Attacks Catholic Tradition And Divine Truths

Mosebach criticises Pope Francis and restriction on the liturgy

Pope Francis' new Vatican doctrinal chief signals enormous change for Catholic Church

FrancisChurch: Carmelite Brazilian Abp. João José da Costa latest to step down for no real reason

Tucho and the Teutons: What the new DDF prefect thinks of Germany

Opus Dei: The Bishop Wants Money

Opus Dei shrine becomes victim of modernist protection racket

Opus Dei: Coup d’Etat in Torreciudad


Pope Francis Spotlighting His Potential Successor Cdl. Matteo Zuppi is becoming a rock star on the world's stage.

Near the Western Wall of Jerusalem: Benedictine Abbot Schnabel was asked to take down the cross

Banality Replaces Catholic Faith

‘The Chosen’ Granted Exemption to Continue Shooting Despite Hollywood Strikes

Church of England Busted for CRT-Style School Lessons

Church vocation crisis apparently not a question of celibacy after all! Pastoral assistants are also missing

Cellphone Data Reveal Massa Damnata

1 in 10 Italians Are Catholic Study reveals Italy is a post-Christian country.

Modernist church is dying. Now there are shortages of stealth priestesses and pseudo-clerics.

Catholic Churches Attacked With Upside Down Crosses and Satanic Messages

Beginning of the end in Vatican financial trial

Brazil Congresswoman Starts Prayer Campaign to Stop Legislation to Legalize Abortion

Baby Carried to Safety by Stray Dog After Being Abandoned in Trash in Lebanon

As ‘Sound of Freedom’ exposes child sex trafficking, we must expose horrors of child killing

Judge Rejects Satanic Temple Claim That Killing Babies in Abortions is a Protected Religious Ritual

Leading Catholic University Funds Student Abortions

Oregon Governor Signs Bill Allowing Secret Abortions on Teenagers Without Parental Consent

Maine governor signs bill allowing abortion up to birth

Woman Who Killed Her 29-Week-Old Unborn Baby, Set Body on Fire Only Gets 90 Days in Jail

Abortion travel is ‘the new ground zero’ in post-Roe America

Christian Health Care Groups Fight Biden Mandate Forcing ERs to Do Abortions

Massachusetts Considers Ending Religious Exemption on Vaccinations for Kids

Seattle Public Schools to offer “gender-affirming” mutilation to minor children as young as 10 at NO COST, meaning TAXPAYERS will foot the bill

Built on Sand: Alfred Kinsey hoped his pedophilic ‘research’ would shape sex ed. It did.

Woman posing as girl busts New York ‘healthcare’ group giving transgender drugs to kids

WARNING TO PARENTS: Barbie Movie Is Woke Propaganda – Doll-Smashing, Woman-Bashing, Anti-Mother, Pro-Trans Filth Aimed at Little Girls (VIDEO)

College poll shows LGBT cabal has influenced heterosexuals to identify as part of its ‘community’

Maine’s pro-LGBT Democratic governor signs law allowing 16-year-olds to receive cross-sex hormones without parental consent

Homosexuality: Orientation or Abomination? How the LGBTQ Movement Rejects God’s Commands

Obamas, Clintons Didn’t Have Porn in Their Kids’ School Libraries but They Want That for Your Child

Obama Defends Groomer Books ‘some of the books that shaped my life’

America’s Degradation Is No Accident

Reject The Modern World: Russian Duma Bans Transgenderism             7/20


Saint Vincent de Paul, Founder

St. Arsenius the Great

Saint Mary MacKillop

Saint Camillus of Lellis, Founder

St. Frederick

Saint Camillus de Lellis

Special Celebrations in Honor of St. Thomas Aquinas

"The always Invincible Humility of the august Virgin conquered... No tongue can relate the celestial discourses that were held between the blessed Virgin & St. Joseph... who can describe the effects produced on... this holy man, on finding himself the spouse of her who was the veritable mother of his Creator, and to see her performing for him the duties of a simple servant"

Viganò Interview: The Current Situation is God’s Punishment

World Church Records

Jim Caviezel says Epstein’s island is the tip of the iceberg

‘Sound of Freedom’ Steals Hollywood’s Thunder

Disgusting ‘Sound of Freedom’ Critic Tied to Group Rebranding Pedophiles

The Brew: ‘Sound of Freedom’ Star Mira Sorvino Reveals Only 0.4 Percent of Trafficking Victims Get Rescued

‘I’m Going to Take the Rainbow Back for the Glory of God’ — Messianic Rabbi Says It’s a Call for All of God’s People

How Rome lost the Vatican-China deal


Faithful Archbishop Fights the LGBT Agenda African prelate leads Christians, Muslims against gay 'marriage.'

Remedies to Self-Centeredness in the Spiritual Life

In one week more interviews than Joseph Ratzinger in 24 years as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith!

Fernández Wants To Replace John Paul II Morals

Is the Synod on Synodality turning into the Synod on homosexuality, or isn't it?... the only possible reason for answering in the negative is the entirely plausible contention that nothing can be considered as becoming that which it already was in the first place"

Another New York Diocese Declares Bankruptcy Facing more than 100 sexual abuse lawsuits

Theologian Kwasniewski: Pope cannot arbitrarily dismiss bishop

Power-Hungry Francis Burns Another Secretary

Being Christian in an Age of Heightened Hostility

China: Churches to promote communism

Karma? Fernández On His Kissing Book

PART 2 – Freemasonry, the Black Hand, and ‘War with the Antichrist’ | Joshua Charles | ENCORE

Liberal Bishops Are Losing the Info War

Catholic Bishops Slam EU Document Calling for Right to Kill Babies in Abortions

Soulless modernity. The only Church consecrated in Germany this year.

While his parents planned to abort him, God had other plans

Doctors Perform First-Ever Brain Surgery on Unborn Baby

This pro-life governor just launched an all-in-one pregnancy resource website

Biden Spokesman John Kirby Insists Abortion is Necessary for Military Readiness (VIDEO)

The Government Attempts To Deny Our God Given Rights Are Not Sustainable - Something Will Have To Give - By Breaking His Oath Of Office, Joe Biden Has Breached Our Pact Of Civilized Behavior

Justin Trudeau Suggests Muslims Are Only Objecting to LGBT Content in Schools Because of Misinformation From the ‘American Right Wing’ (VIDEO)

Groomerous! Star of Netflix’s Queer RomCom ‘Glamorous’ Wants Debaucherous Transvestite Character to be Role Model for Kids

Detransitioner Accuses Doctors of ‘Medical Malpractice,’ Harmful Hormone Treatment, Removing Her Breasts

Obama Writes Letter Praising Librarians Who Push Sexual Perversion on Children

Transgender NCAA swimmer Lia Thomas embraces domestic terror group Antifa

Male Cyclist Blames ‘Right Wing Cabal’ After Men Banned From Competing in Women’s Sports          7/19


Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Carmelite Nuns of Compiegne

Saint Francis Solano

Saint Alexis of Rome, Confessor

St. Alexius' little-known life reminds Catholics of the honor of celibacy and poverty

Our Lady of Fatima's Remedy to the Francis/Biden Crisis: "The Rosary, Consecration to her Immaculate Heart (symbolized by wearing the Brown Scapular), & the Loving performance of our daily duties"

Sound of Freedom Projecting $85 Million Cumulative Box Office After Two Weekends – Expected to Hit $100 Million This Week

Jack Posobiec Announces Documentary to Expose Child Sex and Organ Trafficking Operations in Ukraine 

Eucharistic Miracle in Ireland?

"Great confusion in the church, chaos in the world because people have departed from the will of God!"

Archbishop Viganò restored to Twitter after public outcry

Iraqi cardinal to leave Baghdad after president’s snub

Bishop Strickland: I’m willing to be a martyr for the truths of the Catholic faith

Little Remains of John Paul II’s Pontificate

Lots of interviews and thin watery soup instead of good theology

China: Francis Does Evil in View of "Greater Good"

Sunny Side of The Stream: Thousands Get Baptized at Pirates Cove

Reporter Savannah Hernandez Describes Massive Religious Protest Against Anti-Catholic Bigotry

'Christians Here Really Need Help': The Persecution of Christians, June 2023

The Government Attempts To Deny Our God Given Rights Are Unsustainable

UN and Orthodox prelates condemn Zelensky’s moves to evict monks, seize churches in Ukraine

Biden Judicial Nominee Loren AliKhan Tried to Shut Down Churches During COVID

After 400 years, the Jesuits leave Linz, Austria so that they can better focus on climate protection

Jesuits Propagates Mutilation of Genitals

Hospital Left 22-Week-Old Baby Girl to Die After Failed Abortion

Battle Over Planned Parenthood's Harvesting Baby Parts for Profit Enters 9th Year

First Texas county outlaws abortion and use of roads for ‘abortion trafficking’

Catholic University of San Diego Won’t Explain Why It Helps Students Get Abortions

Abortion industry immediately files suit to block Iowa ‘heartbeat law’

Startup getting closer to stem cell human eggs

EVIL Disney unveils new program about little girl who inherits blood-drinking cult, complete with ritualistic MURDER and human sacrifice

Christian Councilor Investigated and ‘Cancelled’ by Conservative HQ for Speaking His Faith

Christian Preschool Denied State Funding Unless It Forgoes Biblical Beliefs and Morality

The most spectacular story to come out of Israel in the first 75 years of its modern existence

Plan to Build Mega-Mosque on London’s Iconic Piccadilly Square Back Again

Iran: Morality police campaign returns to impose Islamic headscarf on women following year of protests 

Red China Is Using Hand-Puppets and Corrupt Muslim Governments to Hide its Uyghur Genocide

Afghanistan: Christians face regular raids on their homes, frequently receive threats, and lack access to education

Michigan: Muslim City Council Fires HR Commissioners for Flying Pride Flag on Public Property

‘People of Color’ and ‘2SLGBITQIA+’: Using Language to Enforce Subordination

Inside a father's fight to save his son in ‘trans sanctuary state’ of California

DEA held LGBTQ 'immersive experience' at gay bar for headquarters employees, four people attended

Chicago Children’s Hospital Paid Employee for Drag Show in Front of Children at Public School Event

You’ll Never Guess the Most Common Name Amongst Arrested “French Rioters . . . Okay, Maybe You Will

While America embraces LGBT drag queens and pedophilia, Russia to BAN sex change surgery

Police: Chicago Sex Offender Impersonated Doctor to Get Near Children at Hospital

Medical Leaders: U.S. ‘Transgender’ Medicine Politicized and Reckless

Florida Volunteer Santa Downloaded Hundreds of Child Porn Files, Police Say

Doctor's First Question to 9-year-old: Do You Identify as a Boy, Girl, Gender Fluid?             7/17


Saint Bonaventure, Doctor of the Church

St. Kateri Tekakwitha

St. Kateri’s Scars

Saint Henry II, Emperor

King St. Henry II brought peace to the empire and spread the Catholic faith

Why St. Bonaventure was named the “Seraphic Doctor”

Catholics around the world pray for safe return of missing 2-year-old French boy Émile

The Twelve Secrets of the Apocalypse given by Jesus to St. Padre Pio. “The world is walking into ruin”

Abp. Vigano: How much longer does it take for good Catholics - and above all Cardinals, Bishops and priests - to realise that they are governed by a cupola of traitors and renegades, at the orders of the enemies of God and the Church?

Archbishop Viganò launches organisation to help victims of Bergoglian Purges

Orchestrated by Rome: The Downfall of the Sisters of Pontcallec

Archbishop of Bogota named Cardinal allegedly covered up pederasty cases in Colombia.

3 New cardinals for Africa: 14% of College, 19% of world’s Catholics

Vatican Commission deals with new martyrs

Alaska reverses ban on altar wine in prisons

Europe's Christian soul

Black Americans lead the way in 'spiritual vitality,' church attendance: State of the Bible report

Tucker Carlson Has Been Reading the Entire Holy Bible; He Reveals His One Big Revelation [VIDEO]

‘Miracle Club’ maker talks to Aleteia about Lourdes and more


Bulk of French bishops attend Vatican abuse training

After Vatican II, the Catholic Church Went Whole Hog for Globalism and World Government

Is Modesty in Dress for Women Relative?  

"When we invest in clean energy and electric vehicles AND REDUCE POPULATION, more of our children can breathe clean air and drink clean water," by VP Harris

58% of Americans Disapprove of Joe Biden’s Radical Pro-Abortion Record

Iowa Governor Signs ‘Heartbeat Bill’ Banning Abortion After 6 Weeks

Patricia saw her baby after taking abortion pill: ‘The guilt… is impossible to describe’

Presbyterian Pastor Says Killing Babies in Abortions is a “Blessing” and an “Act of Love”

House passes defense bill with amendment about abortion travel

Just One Democrat Voted Against Biden Making Americans Fund Abortion Travel

The UN Docs On Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 And 'Our Common Future' Are Principles, Methods, Rituals And Goals Of The Luciferian Counterchurch As It Is Prepared For The Antichrist - Analyzing United Nations Global Govt. Planning Documents From 1992 To 2023

A Day At Auschwitz

Accused Priest Commits Suicide

Catholic school can fire counselor in same-sex marriage: appeals court

House Republicans defund service member abortions, ‘sex changes’ in newly passed defense bill

The Rotten Fruit Of Decades Of Propaganda And Twisted Sexual Ideas Being Promoted As Normal

Tim Ballard Shares How Mel Gibson Helped Him Save Children In Ukraine from Sex Trafficking Rings, Exposes Ukrainian Pedophile “Harvest Time” Network

Trudeau lectures Muslim about LGBT ideology in Canadian schools amid rise in parental protests         7/15


Saint Anacletus, Pope and Martyr

St. Henry

Saint Eugenius, Bishop of Carthage

Catholic podcaster's stories of faith film includes miracle approved for Fulton Sheen's beatification

TONIGHT: Timely FREE presentation from Dr. Mazza on Aliens, Angels, and Demons

Melkite Church to celebrate 300 years of union with Rome

The “Synodal Process:” Talking a New Church into Being?

You Cannot Be a “Schismatic” For Keeping the Faith

Out of Context? Lazy Aguiar Repeats His Remarks

Archbishop Fernández will oversee sex abuse cases despite questionable record on predator priests

Fernández: Calling Homosexuality Disordered Is "Problem"

"Archbishop Fernandez worked quickly to somehow interfere in the judicial investigation"

Trust in God For Our Strength

Russia: Catholic youth meeting planned

Former Sisters of St John Now in Spain

Nigeria: Bishops reject National Council on Christian Education

Are We on the Verge of an Eastern Catholic Moment?


Mayflower Church pastor who fled CCP with dozens of congregants urges US to put pressure on China

Virginia bill limits emergency powers to close churches

Ontario university to run ‘Hate Activity in School Boards’ program amid rise in parental rights protests

Family Is the Foundation of Freedom

These Monks Sold So Much “Pro-Life” Coffee They Have to Build a New Roasting Facility

The War on Fathers

Identical twin preemies are thriving after beating 10% chance of survival

Pro-Life Republicans Fighting Hard to Stop Joe Biden’s Policy Forcing Americans to Fund Abortions

83-year-old woman beaten while praying outside Maryland abortion facility

Republican Legislator: If They Really Want Control Over Their Bodies, They Should “Practice Abstinence”

The abortion stories abortionists don’t want you to hear

Fifth Column Sabateur Christopher Wray Stands Behind FBI Jackboots’ Tyrannical Arrest of Pro-Lifer Mark Houck [VIDEO]

Kamala Harris Breaks Tie, Confirms EEOC Nominee Who Could Spell Disaster for Pro-Life Employers

The Brew: Trans Activist Wants Uterus So He Can Have Abortion

United Church of Christ resolution supports killing preborn children as ‘health care’

Ontario projected to see 5,000 euthanasia deaths in 2023 alone

‘Human-Centered AI’: How Should the Church Engage With Emerging Artificial Intelligence Technologies?

Cue in the AI Humanoids: United Nations Thinks It’s Wise To Ask the Robots About the Dangers of Artificial Intelligence – Organizers Hide the Fact That Answers Were Scripted and Pre-Programmed

Not Science Fiction: Neuralink Brain Chip Implant To Begin In-human Clinical Study

Communists harass Christian-owned café; protesters hold signs reading 'God is a f—'

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Commiefornia Assembly Democrats Block Bill to Make Child Trafficking a ‘Serious Felony’

America's Largest Teachers Union Backs Radical LGBTQ+ Indoctrination Initiative With Total Support From Biden Whitehouse

Built on Sand: Unmasking Alfred Kinsey, ‘Father of the Sexual Revolution’

A Woke Children’s Literature Cabal Is Conditioning Your Kid to Be an Obedient Leftist

Ohio School District Spent $24,000 Instructing Educators on How to Hide Kids’ ‘Gender Transitions’ From Parents

EXCLUSIVE: AutoTrader fires Toronto mom after she condemned ‘pride stickers’ at Catholic school board meeting

Insanity: British parents may face prosecution if they refuse to pay for their child’s transgender treatments

Senate Republicans Grill Biden’s Pick for Joint Chiefs Chair Over DIE, Transvestitism in the Military

"Ejakulate" - "Hot Body Choir" gave a concert in the Evangelical-Reformed Cathedral of Lausanne

BBC Fires Top Presenter Accused of Paying Teen $45K for Sexually Explicit Photos 

DOJ Erases Child Sex Trafficking Information From Website 

Texas School Board Rejects Attempt to Allow Boys in Girls Choir                        7/13


Saint John Gualbert, Founder

Saint John Jones’ and Saint John Wall

St. Benedict And His Two Feast Days

Padre Pio’s secret wound was more painful than the stigmata

New apostolate will connect over 2,200 ‘canceled’ priests with scattered Latin Mass communities?

Leftist Argentine press goes after Bergoglian "Cardinal" Tucho Kiss my Face Fernadez for covering up Paedos!

Fernández Logic: Homosex Is "Not" About Sex

"No manager of a global corporation would speak like that!"

Bishop Covers Rapist Priest Who Forced Teen to Abort Prelate accused of protecting 44 predator priests in Medellín archdiocese

"I just knew that God exists and that we are friends"

Seminarian crippled after taking COVID shot shares his heartbreaking story

Mass Back In Parish Church

Sex Abuse Scandal in Bolivia: Who Had the Jesuit Priest’s Diary, And When?

Hopelessly compromised new Chinese Jesuit Cardinal: advocate of women's ordination and agreements with China

Famous Atheist Richard Dawkins' Former 'Right-Hand Man' Converts to Christianity After Realizing the Truth About Jesus

Pope Francis Defends All Religions Francis elevates bishop who isn't converting young people to Christ.

Blasphemy in once Catholic Cathedral

‘A beautiful thing’: 4,500 people baptized at California beach

Corporate media defends child trafficking... "left-wing corporate media has exposed how sick, perverted & satanic it truly is by attacking the 'Sound of Freedom' movie that exposes child trafficking"

"The taboo crime, it will be decriminalized: the mass killing of unborn children"

The abortion stories abortionists don’t want you to hear

Pro-Life States Are Putting Their Money Where Their Mouths Are

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds Will Sign Heartbeat Bill Friday to Protect Babies From Abortions

Satanic Temple’s Lawsuit Claiming Texas Law Violates Their ‘Religious Freedom’ to ‘Abortion Rituals’ Dismissed By Federal Judge

Marines Without Leader for First Time in 150 Years Because Biden Making Americans Fund Abortions

Notre Dame Professor Sues Student Newspaper for Covering Her Abortion Promotion

How Social Media May Lead to Lower Birth Rates

Planned Parenthood promises teens $150 gift cards to complete ‘sex ed summer camp’

Biden's TOP Paid Staffer is Christ-Desecrating, Occultist 'Monkeypox Co-ordinator'.

Catholic Bookstore Owner Hopes Recent Supreme Court Ruling Will Aid Her Challenge

Former LGBT activist renounces her job ‘grooming’ children: ‘What have I contributed to?’

Wisconsin judge rules Waukesha school must let ‘trans’ 11-year-old into girls’ bathroom

Pure Evil. Latest Disney Production Is Cartoon About a Girl Who Inherits a Ritualistic Killing, Blood Drinking Cult from her Father (VIDEO)

Where Is Everyone? Disney World “Just About Empty”

NIH uses taxpayer money to fund the genital mutilations of children

Transgenderism a “scientifically baseless movement,” says endocrinologist             7/12


Saint Pius I, Pope and Martyr

Pope Pius I’s devotion to Christ’s precious blood is a lesson on Eucharistic reverence

St. Benedict of Nursia

Saint James, Bishop of Nisibis

WATCH: Sound of Freedom’s Eduardo Verastegui Gives Powerful Prayer for Children on Bannon’s War Room [VIDEO]

CBS, Nearly a Decade Ago, Did a Segment on Tim Ballard, Now Film on Child Trafficking ‘Is QAnon’ 

Are theatres turning off air-conditioning to suppress the box office for Sound of Freedom?

Papabile: An Endangered Species

Fernández About Mass and His Fear of Catholics

In Free Fall: The Church in the Sign of the World Synod

Lord, forgive them for they know not what they do. Rock music at the ordination of a priest

More scapegoating and sterotyping of traditionalists by a synodalist

Politician Marx: Church for Christians Is a "Heresy"

Demons and Celebrities

Theologian: Christ is the great absentee from Synodalist discourse

The ‘Lynx’ of Lodz: Who is Poland’s new cardinal?

Viennese dogmatist Tück sees the German Catholic Church in a massive crisis

Archbishop Fernández, pro-Communist China bishop among new cardinals named by Pope Francis

" Barrett Doyle said Fernández 'repeatedly' demonstrated support for the priest. 'If Archbishop Fernández finally regretted his handling of this case, why did he never reach out to Lorenzo’s victims?' she said"

Archbishop Fernández previously argued in favor of condom use, contradicting Catholic doctrine

Francis’ Tragic-Comical Synod Verbiage

Priest's daughter wins battle with the Church over inheritance

Saint-Georges in Descartes : Another Church Burned to the Ground in France

Churches should not make problems of political Islam taboo!

Catholic priest leads bathing hut ecumenical service in Switzerland

Father Gabriele Amorth: The Vatican’s most famous exorcist over the past 500 years

Does Trad Inc. think laywomen St. Catherine of Siena, Doctor of the Church, was schismatic by opposing the putative pope?

The Light of God’s Word

Major Sign of Revival as Greg Laurie, Harvest Christian Fellowship Baptize 4,500 Souls at Pirates Cove

Humanity in Hypnotic Thrall to a Techno-Industrial God

American Churches Are Eerily Silent When The Country Needs Them Most

Americans' faith in the Church, public schools flounders near all-time lows, survey finds

‘Soul Surfer’ Bethany Hamilton welcomes fourth baby: ‘Every life has value’

Pastor Blasts Planned Parenthood for Killing Babies in Abortions: “Life is Sacrosanct” 

Tennessee mayor and former WWE star Glenn Jacobs is unabashedly '100% pro-life'

Gates and Clinton Families Pressuring Liberia to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth

Homosexual couple orders surrogate to MURDER unborn baby after discovering she has aggressive cancer, demands no pre-term delivery or adoption because “they didn’t want their DNA out there”

They Say Abortion Drugs are Safe, But Thousands of Women are Injured and Some are Dying

Unregulated international abortion pill biz founder thinks abortion is ‘more accessible’ than ever

'I was dead inside': Ex-astrologer on mission to slay demonic forces after escaping witchcraft

SPLC Condemns ‘Moms for Liberty’ on Its Hate List as They Gain Political Power and Threaten Leftist Agendas

Musk: It's "Time For Parents To Fight Back" Against Gender Ideology

Jesuit-run Marquette University advertises transgender ‘voice therapy’ for all ages

UN Report Castigates Religion for Stymieing the Sexual Orientation-Gender Identity Agenda

Biden’s NIH spending millions to expand mutilating trans surgeries, drugs for kids

Federal court upholds Tennessee law protecting kids from transgender drugs, surgeries

The LGBT Agenda and Freedom of Expression

How This Accountability Group Exposes Biden Admin’s Woke Policies

Church of England working on guidance for blessing of same-sex unions       7/11


What the Earliest Non-Biblical Authors Say About Jesus

Saint Felicity and her Seven Sons, Martyrs

Saint Veronica Giuliani

Bl. Emmanuel Ruiz

Saint Maria Goretti, Virgin and Martyr

The 19 Martyrs of Gorkum

Saint Augustine Zhao Rong’s and Companion

Saint Elizabeth, Queen of Portugal

BREAKING: Box-Office Hit “Sound of Freedom” Projected to Make $40 Million in Opening Week!

"Why Do You Support Child Trafficking?" Rolling Stone Slammed Over Negative 'Sound Of Freedom' Review

Agent Who Inspired Box Office Smash ‘Sound of Freedom’ Warns: ‘Trans Voice’ Agenda Is Straight out of the Pedophile Playbook

All of a Sudden, Child Trafficking Has Become One of the Hottest Topics in America

From ‘300’ to ‘Bella’ to ‘Sound of Freedom’: Why Conservative-Themed Films Are So Important

PopeFrancis has announced a new consistory for September 30, with Archbishop Fernández... the pro-Chinese Communist Party Bishop Stephen Chow (of Hong Kong) making the list of 21 new cardinals

Twenty More Francis Cardinals

Cdl. Muller reveals Vatican doctrine office had a red-flag file on incoming chief Abp. Fernandez

Pro-transsexual chosen for the See of Buenos Aires

Woke Christianity: Archbishop of York Brands Lord’s Prayer ‘Oppressively Patriarchal’ for Saying ‘Our Father’

Lay Members: Francis Fills Synod with Homosexualists

Mammon rules in the valley of Catholic nihilism

Inclusivity excludes the Cross of Christ. Movement to remove the Cross from the peaks of Italian mountains.

Catholics in Goa threatened by calls to ‘wipe out’ history of Portuguese presence

Cardinals on the Lookout For Blackmailable Employees

Cardinal: Christians must remain universalists

God bestows the gift of Heavenly rest upon those who follow His law

‘I WILL… ERADICATE YOU’: Moms for Liberty Threatened, Treated as ‘Subhuman,’ After SPLC Attack

I Was at Rock Bottom, But God Found Me Where I Was

Pastoral Assistent Karnel presides over Pride Service in Chapel of the Last Judgment

Methodist Falling apart over Homosexualism

Abortions drop 50% after passage of ‘heartbeat law’ in this state

Satanic Temple Loses Lawsuit to Overturn Texas Abortion Ban

EXCLUSIVE: Medical resident says hospital left baby to die after failed abortion

National Cherry Festival Kicks Pro-Life Teens Out of Annual Parade

SHOCK: Twin newborns found dead on Chicago hospital campus

New Mexico governor starts abortion hotline staffed by state health department nurses

Biological Man Wins “Miss Netherlands 2023,” Set to Compete in Miss Universe (VIDEO)


Man Begs for Funds So His Doctor Can Help Him Make ‘Transgender Milk’               7/10


First Friday Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Saint Pantænus, Doctor of the Church and Apostle to the Indies

Bl. Ralph Milner

Blessed Emmanuel Ruiz and Companions

Saints Cyril and Methodius, Apostles to the Slavic Nations

Pope St. Benedict XI

Eucharistic miracles exhibit comes to LA Archdiocese

A House United: Fr. James Altman on the Bergolio

Church in the Swamp of Nihilism

The Pope’s Latin American Coup

“Backwardsism” and True Progress

Nick Donnelly @ProtecttheFaith Fr. Jesusmary Missigbètò is paying a very high price for speaking the Truth to Jorge Bergoglio He has been informed of the decree from Francis & Ouellet He is FORBIDDEN to preach, confess & celebrate Mass, publicly & privately He's heroically suffering the same punishment that Padre Pio endured


Synod assembly will be awash with Jesuits, who have tainted the Church with their modernist decadence

Silence & Inaction: The Imprisonment of Bp. Álvarez Disquieting Disregard for a Fervent Defender of Faith

How talks to free Nicaragua’s Bishop Álvarez failed

Czech Catholic Bishops' Conference: "Isn't this a new kind of violence against children?"

‘God’s Children are Not for Sale’

Can the Vatican still fund the missions?

Biblical Prophecy: It Has Never Been More Vital That Churches Teach It, And Believers Understand It

Giving Jeff Bezos a rosary? The power of prayer in one Catholic mother's extraordinary life

Condoms Are "Charity" for Francis’ Destroyer of Faith

Pope Francis receives Bill Clinton and George Soros' son in private Vatican visit

American Churches Are Eerily Silent When The Country Needs Them Most


Young Country Music Star Praises God for Thousands to Hear During Concert

Anti-Christian Hate Crime Case Opened After Disturbing Discovery on Church’s Front Lawn

“Women Should Be Outraged at the Obliteration of the Identity of God’s Great Creation, the Woman” [VIDEO]

All Ireland Rally for Life in Dublin draws 10,000 participants

Women Have Died From Botched Abortions Since Dobbs, But No Women Have Died From Abortion Bans

Israel moves to fight surrogacy, claiming it encourages trafficking

Court Rules Satanic Temple Can’t Claim Killing Babies in Abortions is a Protected Religious Ritual

Surrogate pressured to abort after cancer diagnosis: ‘The fathers wanted a death certificate’

Futile Care: The Problem of Someone Else Deciding If You Should Live or Die

‘Sound of Freedom’ Offers Opportunity to Highlight a Catholic Approach to Helping Victims of Sex Trafficking Heal From Trauma

Ushering In the Demise of the West Joseph Stalin's plan to destroy the Church.

Catholic scouting group participates in largest homosexual rally in Europe

The LGBTQ+ Cartel Can Override Even The Strongest Family Values

Left Is Challenging State Bans on ‘Transgender’ Procedures for Minors

LGBTOBESE: Army exempts fat trannies from physical fitness standards, making US military the laughing stock of the world

Riley Gaines Calls Out Normalizing Pedophilia After Trans Woman Shares "Chest-feeding" Photo [VIDEO]

Mass shooter at July 4 “Philly bloodbath” revealed as yet another angry TRANSGENDER – and BLM supporter

Bank refuses to open account for parental rights group opposing 'trans' surgeries for kids: report

Modern DNA Denying “Transgenderism” Is a Bastard Child of Colliding Evils 

CBS News faces backlash for video celebrating homosexuals seeing 'their' newborn daughter          7/7


Saint Thomas More, Martyr

St. Maria Goretti

Saint Palladius, Apostle of the Scots

Blaspheming Against the Holy Spirit: The Unforgivable Sin

‘BLEW US AWAY’: Angel Studios Co-Founder Reacts to Historic Box Office Victory for ‘Sound of Freedom’

‘Sound of Freedom’ beats ‘Indiana Jones’ in incredible box-office coup

Tim Ballard Reveals New Documentary Following ‘Sound of Freedom’: ‘It’s Happening Right Here’ [VIDEO]

Morrissey Kisses Rosary, Sings Song Asking if Terrorists Burned Down Notre Dame

Strickland: "Embracing Homosexuals Is Taking Us All Down."

Nicaragua: Bishop Álvarez released and re-arrested after refusing to leave the country again

Archbishop: Francis Wants "Another Church"

Knights of Columbus cancels Mass scheduled for Masonic auditorium

No, Not Cardinal Burke But George Soros' Son

"We no longer have freedom," says son of persecuted Canadian pastor to EU Parliament

Fr. Frank Pavone: A Year After Dobbs – Is Abortion Policy Still Being Imposed on Us?

Republican Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds Convenes Special Session to Pass Pro-Life Legislation

Fire-Mad Sweden: Scandinavians Set to Burn Koran, Torah and the Holy Bible in the Name of ‘Freedom of Speech’

French Riots Accelerate Muslim Domination In The West

Web Designer Who Won Supreme Court Case Delivers Chilling Update

Largest Teachers Union in America Recommends Illustrative Pornography Book “Gender Queer” and “White Fragility” for Educators

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Accused of Gender Discrimination…Where Are the ‘Drag Kings’?

Social Credit: Bank Blocks Account for Parents’ Org Opposed to Child Transing

Disgusting DNA Denying Insanity: BBC Reports Boy Raped by Two “Women”

LGBT drag queen culture rooted in new world religion, paganismAnthony Abbate                       7/6


St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria

Blessed Peter of Luxemburg, Bishop and Cardinal

Venerable Antonietta Meo: A Shining Example of Eucharistic Holiness

Too Many Vocations in Africa

Declaration of Independence from Antipope Bergoglio

Catholic Church caught in a synodal death spiral

The 'Synodal Path'… gets lost in the undergrowth. The unbelieving 'theology'

Cardinal Müller On New Prefect For The Destruction of the Faith

Cathedral official removed amid Syro-Malabar liturgy dispute

FrancisBishops call for citizens to dialogue with the Muslim invaders burning down France, do a prayer of peace at them

France: “Rioters stripped and badly beat an 80-year-old French priest and then attempted to lynch him in Saint Etienne on Friday night.”

Bishop Released From Prison

Living for Jesus in the World: Taking a Perpetual Virginity Vow

Bishop called Battle, a general incapable of defending his troops. No wonder there is a vocations crisis.

Francis' Destroyer of the Faith Plans to "Bless" Homosexuals

Jim Caviezel Reveals Demonic Disney Told Him to Remove Reference to God From Movie Script

Sound of Freedom: ‘Every Scene Has Light Piercing the Darkness’ of Child Sex Trafficking

Tim Ballard, Hero Portrayed in ‘Sound of Freedom,’ Sits Down With LifeSite News


Papal Remarks Green-Light Islamic Death Penalty Laws Pope Francis defends the Koran recently burned by an atheist.

Decline in Religion Doesn’t Bode Well for the Republic

Researchers find surprisingly 'low use of the Bible' among Protestants, Catholics in Germany

A Woman’s Conversion on Birth Control

Georgia Abortions Drop by Half, Heartbeat Law Saves 1,800 Babies a Month

Alveda King: Killing Babies in Abortion is a “Crime Against Humanity”

Study: Abortion has no positive effect on women's psyche

MP Protests British Parliament Forcing Northern Ireland Schools to Promote Abortion to Kids

Universities Around U.S. Install Morning-After Pill Vending Machines

Euthanasia group demands Catholic hospitals in British Columbia be forced to provide assisted suicide

“White hat” hacker dismantles world’s largest pedophile ring, sends child rapists to prison

FLASHBACK: Ted Bundy Links Serial Killers to Pornography Addiction: ‘Without Exception’ [VIDEO]

Pentagon Celebrates Transgender Officer ‘Embracing Authenticity,’ Drag Queen ‘Mother Figure’ as Pride Month Ends

Detransitioner: Genital Surgery ‘Destroyed My Life’ — ‘You Need to Be Insane’ to Think This Helps Patients

Pedophile-in-Chief Joe Biden Calls Banning Pornography in School Libraries ‘Banning Books’

Transgender suicide rate skyrocketing; media blames everything except LGBT mental illness

NJ Guv Declares Trans ’Safe Heaven’…Drag Queen: Banning Us ’Disservice’ to Kids!             7/5


Saint Bertha, Widow, Abbess

St. Elizabeth of Portugal

Abp. Vigano: The Deep State and the Deep Church are Totally Eclipsing Both the State and the Church

Viganò Helps Victims of Rigid Francis Regime

Father James Altman Meditation - Fire & Brimstone

Jim Caviezel's 'Sound of Freedom' Dominates Ticket Pre-Sales As Disney's 'Indiana Jones' Flops


PiusX: Peace between Russia and Ukraine

Working groups unveiled to advance ‘synodal way’ resolutions

Future Vatican Prefect of Faith defends his controversial book on kissing

Francis' Rottweiler Attacks Catholics

Cardinal Müller reacts to Pope Francis’ new appointment to Vatican’s Doctrine chief

‘There’s no Plan B, only Plan F’ — Inside the countdown to World Youth Day

Financing promised for the engine room of schism and heresy in Germany

Charismatic Community Dissolved

The vast majority of the outrage to his [Archbishop Víctor Manuel] appointment has centred on his appalling handling of abuse allegations against Fr. Eduardo Lorenzo, and the absolute disregard for the safety of children by keeping this credibly accused pedophile priest in his parish post

Is establishment darling Jeffrey Sachs apostatizing from the elite?

Pro-lifers join senator's campaign against U.S. military abortions

Decline in Religion Doesn’t Bode Well for the Republic

"We Reject any assisted suicide without exception - a doctor should save lives, not destroy them"

“Gender-Affirming Care” Is NOT Care at All, but Mutilation, and “Affirming” Is NOT Medicine, Just Delusion and Child Abuse 

Child Sex Trafficking Survivor Reveals Horrific Abuse She Endured by High-Profile Clients of Pedophile Ring

Michigan Criminalizes Misgendering with 5 Years in Jail or $10K Fine. 

British combat medic resigns after being threatened for post defending women from trans ideology        7/4


Most Precious Blood of Jesus

St. Thomas

Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Feast of the Magnificat

Saint Leo II, Pope

Jim Caviezel Says We Can’t End Child Sex Trafficking Without Fixing the Border First [VIDEO]

Archbishop Vigano Announces Entity Created to Help Religious Victims of “Deep Church”

Cardinal Müller criticises Pope for sacrificing Cardinal Zen

Audiotape Contradicts Carmelite Nuns’ Claims Bishop gently questions; prioress admits to affair, apologizes

Bishop Olson ‘grateful’ after Texas court dismisses nuns’ lawsuit

The Red-Herrings Upon Which Canceled-Clergy Are Hanged

Jonathan Cahn: A Mystery For Joe Biden | Prophetic Message

You Will Not Win. By Father Donald Calloway, MIC

Mismanagement and systematic cover-up of abuse cases by Archbishop Fernandez. He should resign before taking up his post.

US abuse organization: Francis made a 'confusing and disturbing' choice!

Fernández: Francis "Helps" To Abolish Catholic Tradition

Bicycle Mass in Aichach, Germany

Complicity of Pope and Archbishop Fernandez in systematic sexual abuse cover-up

A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Has Been Set to Guard the Lord's Flock

Travel: Plan a vacation around these 3 chapels

When a village transforms its Church into an escape game and the chapel into a cabaret

China: Authorities double fines for pastor and wife: ‘Thank God for allowing us to have a part in His affliction’

Pennsylvania nurses want permission to kill preborn children

Joe Biden Loses Case to Force Christian Doctors to Do Abortions

South Carolina May be Able to Defund Planned Parenthood Thanks to Supreme Court

Does the US Department of Health and Human Services Use AIDS Assistance Program to Promote Abortion?

Abortion skyrockets in the United Kingdom, according to latest data

Joe Biden Calls Killing Babies in Abortions “Freedom” for Women

Maine Senate refuses to ban the trafficking of aborted babies’ body parts

Gunmen kill pastor, abduct 7 worshipers in Nigerian church attack

Spain sees hundreds die by euthanasia in 18 months… and it’s expected to increase

Illegal Alien Has Convictions for Sexually Abusing Two Kids Overturned

French Riots Spread to Belgium, Switzerland, Reports of Rioters Targeting Christians, Conservatives

You Can’t Make This Up: U.S. Army Celebrates Trans Major Rachel Jones’ Journey from Depression to Authenticity in Celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride (VIDEO)

Schoolgirls are suffering sexual assault in unisex bathrooms on the altar of trans activism

DNA Denying Lunacy: Keeping Parents in the Dark About Their Children

University creates language guide that erases ‘man’ and ‘mother’ from existence                     7/3


Sound of Freedom's Tim Ballard, Jim Caviezel, and Eduardo Verástegui

First Martyrs of the See of Rome

The Commemoration of Saint Paul, Apostle

St. Oliver Plunkett: Faithful Archbishop in Murderous Times

Shreveport Martyrs’ Cause Moves Forward: ‘It Is Miraculous … What These Priests Accomplished’

Love Letters to the Latin Mass 6: The Word Eternal

Archbishop of Paris Admits: Modern, Minimalist Church Decor Is the Fruit of Vatican II

The day Our Lady of Czestochowa found herself behind bars

May God grant Cardinal Burke many years

"Of course he [Francis] would be opposed to faithful observance in general. What would happen to him...if people started paying attention to what [JPII's] UD Gregis [protocols for papal conclaves] actually specifies?"

Catholic Bishops Rebuke Democrats for Claiming They Can be Catholics and Support Abortion BUT DO THEY DO MORE THAN TALK?

Les Femmes: "Father's reply:... 'John Paul II enacted very strict protocols for papal conclaves, several of which were apparently violated in the election of the current pontiff... the appropriate tribunal [must] carefully & impartially considers all the evidence of the case & adjudicates it'"

Rome Bulldozes a Pro-Gay Theologian Faithful cardinal blocks appointment to prestigious Italian college

New York Archdiocese Celebrates "Holy Spirit Of Pride"

Ex-Jesuit witness: Bergoglio knew in 1979 all about the massive abuse in Bolivia

The Devilish Cunning of Fr. James Martin

Spiritual Spying – How Demons Recruit: Part IV – the Developmental Phase

From the ‘villas’ to the ‘end of the world’: Who is the new Archbishop of Buenos Aires?

Bishops issued warning before Ugandan school massacre

Fewer priests, closing parishes, dropping Mass attendance

Archaeologist’s Research Appears to Support Bible’s Claims About King David’s Kingdom 

Cardinal McCarrick Not Competent

FULL REPORT: Largest Catholic health network BETRAYS Church teaching, supports LGBT, transgender surgeries

Supreme Court Rules Christian Postal Worker Cannot Be Forced to Work on Sundays

JUST IN: Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Christian Web Designer Who Doesn’t Want to Make LGBTQ Wedding Sites

‘Office’ Star Rainn Wilson Says Faith in God ‘Freaks People Out’ in Hollywood

Former associate of Richard Dawkins converted

Beware of Anti-Catholicism Infiltrating Catholic Schools

Progressive Christians Want to Watch the Church Burn

Supreme Court Rules in Christian Mail-Carrier Case: Employers Must Accommodate Religious Practices

Spanish bishop robustly attacks politician for his defence of abortion

Abortions Decline in Michigan, More Than 1,000 Babies Saved

US Regime Goes After Hero Priest

Indiana Supreme Court Upholds Abortion Ban Protecting Babies From Abortions

Teen Mom Says ‘Culture of Death’ Was Her Biggest Struggle in Keeping Her Child

Lila Rose takes down pro-abortion commentator who likens a preborn child to a corpse

Report: Texas Abortion Ban Leads to Additional 10,000 Births, Which Has Got to Totally Piss Off Anti-Lifers

OBGYN Confirms Many Doctors Would Rather Leave Medicine Than Kill Babies in Abortions

Woman left clinging to life after life-threatening abortion complication

Planned Parenthood Claims Virginity Is a ‘Social Construct’

Maryland Governor Wes Moore Calls Abortion Center That Kills Babies a “Safe Place”

NY governor and MSNBC host repeat the ‘women will die without abortion’ lie

Biden Admin Hijacks UN Aids Program to Promote Abortion

THOUGHTCRIME: Michigan May Imprison Residents for Years for “Misgendering” or “Threatening” LGBTQ Individuals Under New “Hate Speech” Bill

Groomers have done their homework: Self-identifying “non-binary” students in New Jersey public schools INCREASE by more than 4,000%

Transgender Movement, Biden Border Policy Aid and Abet Child Sex Slavery, Rescuer Warns

Afghan-Veteran Colonel ‘Forced Out of’ British Army Over Saying Men Can’t be Women

The Pink Menace

Biden Admin Spends $4.6 Million In Taxpayer Cash To Fund LGBT Activism Abroad             6/30


St. Cyril of Alexandria, Doctor of the Church

St. Apollonia

Eucharistic prayer is the heart of the Eucharist

Statue of Mary Untouched in Earthquake That Demolished Cathedral in Turkey

Francis Wants Ratzinger's Money

'Deep Church' power grab: What is Pope Francis' connection to the St. Gallen Mafia?

St. Gallen Mafia: ‘Deep Church’ power grab now exposed

Francis’ Double Standards


French diocese gets apostolic visitation after ordinations suspended

The synodal-secular path in Germany

Cardinal Doubles Down Claims St. Paul unclear on the Holy Eucharist

Polish delegate warns of temptation to ‘build some other Church’ at synod


Bishop Strickland reacts to FBI whistleblower’s bombshell report on surveillance of traditional Catholics

Midas Touch in Reverse: Another Rising Francis Star

"The Pope is right when he accuses the Synodal Way of being an elite event"

Vatican Expels Cloistered Nuns, Grabs Estate Ancient Franciscan monastery on Amalfi coast worth 50–60 million euros

Human trafficking is ‘growing at an alarming rate,’ says Pope (your Open Borders really helps)

FBI whistleblower releases docs showing agency is surveilling ‘Radical’ Latin Mass Catholics

Poll: A third of Americans are Christian nationalists and most are white evangelicals

‘Trust God All the Way’: Pastor Who Followed Wild Calling to Live in a Tent for 345 Days and Raised $28.5 Million Delivers Mighty Message

Christian Baker Jack Phillips, Who Won’t Stop Fighting for His Rights After Declining Tranny Cake, Boldly Responds to Those Who Say ‘Just Bake It’

Atheist Group Complains About Prison Baptisms Converting Inmates To Christianity

Hungary Bucks US Ambassador 'Don't colonize our country with your cult of death'

Miracle Newborn Saved From Earthquake Rubble, Umbilical Cord Still Attached to Her Mother

Single Mom is Glad She Rejected Abortion: “I Wouldn’t Change Anything for the World”

Bishop Robert Barron: Minnesota’s extreme pro-abortion law ‘worst kind of barbarism’

Abortion Is Human Sacrifice Satanists Salivating For More Dead Babies!

Republicans Introduce Resolution to Stop Biden From Turning VA Hospitals Into Abortion Centers

"Catholic" Biden has no problem dismembering unborn children until just before birth

UK Abortion Biz Killing 50% More Babies in 2023 

‘You’re braindead, so we’re using your womb to birth children’

Canadian church appears to support euthanasia after approving prayers for assisted death

Culture of death: Nations allowing doctor-assisted suicide and euthanasia

Bare Naked Islam SPAIN’S Conservative VOX party official says “Islam is incompatible with Western culture; it generates violence, social exclusion, and the degradation of our neighborhoods.”

‘Sciencism’ Is Religious Fundamentalism by Another Name

I started my church with a lesbian couple. Andy Stanley's view of the Bible is troubling.  

Promoting Pedophilia at State University of New York: “Benefits and Advantages of Adult-Child Sex”          2/9


Saint John of Matha, Founder

St. Jerome Emiliani

Saint Josephine Bakhita

What does it mean that “God is love”?

Francis Afflicts Fréjus-Toulon Diocese With Another Apostolic Visitation

Francis intervenes in pro-Traditional Diocese in France

Banshees and the “Church of Nice”

Francis Wants Ratzinger's Money

Christian Youth Director Preaches on Heaven, Then Dies Hours Later

Cdl. McElroy again spreads confusion about mortal sin and Communion

Francis’ Double Standards

Fake Catholic School in Canuckistan Expels Catholic Student for Being Catholic

The Church in Germany is on the path into total insignificance

TN Gov. Lee Proposes $100M Grant for Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers

What pro-choice black leadership has wrought

Syria Rescues Child Born Under Earthquake Rubble, Mom Dies

New Vermont bills restrict pregnancy centers’ free speech and shield abortion businesses

Democrats Wear “Love Abortion” Pins Showing How Much They Love Killing Babies

Christian college hosts Lila Rose speech as group of students stage ‘reproductive justice’ walkout


Oregon Open for Suicide Tourism

New report shows 27% increase in Ontario’s ‘medically-assisted’ deaths

CBS Deletes Grammys Tweet Proclaiming They Are 'Ready To Worship' Satan

CBS broadcast network is heavily steeped in satanism  

EXCLUSIVE- Human Trafficking in the United States, a much bigger problem than you think

Spain's VOX Party: 'Islamism is Incompatible with Western Culture, Generates Violence'

Woke Church Of England To Consider “Gender-Neutral” God

DEAD RISING: AI-powered ChatGPT to connect the living and the dead

The first pro-trans Pope? Francis’ backing of the LGBT lobby 

Hobby Lobby and other “conservative” Evangelicals are behind huge ad campaign using Jesus to promote illegal migrants and LGBTQ agenda

Left-wing mother stops 'transitioning' her two young sons after realizing transgenderism is a 'cult'

Transurrection? Protestors Storm State Legislators Over Ban On Child 'Gender Transition' Surgery

‘Society is changing’: Canadian city councilor defends adult male in girls’ public pool locker room

Communist Canada: Nurse Amy Hamm Might Lose License For Believing in Biological Sex (Vide0)

Women's SURFING to be taken over by biological males pretending to be women

WATCH: Woke teacher forces students to pledge allegiance to the Pride flag

Upcoming United Nations report to 'reconcile' freedom of religion with LGBT agenda         2/8


Saint Romuald, Founder and Abbot

St. Moses

Saint Colette

Wherein Fr. Z makes suggestions to young men thinking about seminary, seminarians, younger priests and the lay people who love them.

Rome based Exorcist Association Member "says he receives about 10 Reports every single day of Demons infesting the Bodies of the [COVID] Jabbed" as Francis's Vatican Honored the COVID Jab with Commemorative Coins

A Circular Firing Squad of Catholics

What’s the Plan?

Polish delegate warns of temptation to ‘build some other Church’ at synod

Embrace change (apostasy) or grow obsolete, Manila archbishop warns church

"Many who are in the church know neither the Bible nor the doctrine of the church!"

Cardinal Roche, "Your Excellency Has No Authority To Allow Mass In Parish Churches"

inclusivity? – “All are welcome, but on Christ’s terms, not on their own”

Powerful Christian Evangelist Warns of Persecution Coming Here, From a US Jail Cell

Nicaragua: 4 priests and 2 seminarians were sentenced to 10-year prison terms for 'fake news'

Ethiopia: Orthodox Church Splits

Prominent priests condemn Fr. James Martin’s defense of Pete Buttigieg’s same-sex ‘marriage’

Muslims Rebuke Archbishop on ‘Gay Blessing’ Pope unites with Protestant chiefs in affirming homosexuals

Francis's Beloved Gay New Ways Ministry Praises Disgraced Late Rochester Bishop Matthew Clark After Cd. Dolan Gushes at His Funeral

Francis Listens Only to Small Circle of Beloved Friends

Pope Spurns Clerical Sex Abuse Victims in DRC Congolese bishop offered bribe to victim's family to withdraw complaint

Catholic parents seek answers to why World Youth Day is promoting UN’s pro-abortion 2030 Agenda

Surviving Abortion: The abortion pill failed to kill AJ, and now he’s thriving

‘Peace out!’ Preborn baby flashes her parents the peace sign on ultrasound

DEMONIC: Taylor Swift: “I’m a Christian” and People With Real “Christian Values” Support Abortion

Biden administration pressures small African country to drop pro-life values

Judge Defies Dobbs, Claims There’s a Right to Kill Babies in Abortions

Depopulation Drug Quietly, Deceitfully Renamed and Pumped Into Food Supply... "Stevia was used by the native tribes in Paraguay for centuries as a powerful contraceptive that destroys fertility"

Oregon becomes America's first 'death tourism' destination

Droves of God-fearing Americans descend on mall after man ordered to remove 'Jesus Saves' shirt

UN Using "Neuroscience" to Push One World "Spirituality" on Children

Satanists schedule ‘gender affirmation ritual’ to protest Idaho bill protecting kids from trans mutilation

How 'The Collective Voice of the Muslim World' Weaponizes the UN against Israel

Escaping the Grip of the Sexual Revolution

Unrelenting parent sets an example to stand up and fight the transgender onslaught against children

The Snakes Are Back St. Patrick's Day festival to feature drag queens

Finland passes radical law allowing people to change their legal gender once a year

UN Looking To Push Religious Communities To ‘Fully Comply’ With LGBTQ Agenda

Parent on School Board Exposes Arizona 'Science' Curriculum Claiming Sex Isn't Binary

‘I Feel Like I Am Leaving a Cult’: Mother Regrets Transitioning Her 4-Year-Old Son

'I Love Drag': CNN's Griffin Defends Parents Taking Kids to Drag Shows

Minnesota Democrats Propose Legislation to Lure, Keep, and Sexually Mutilate Children          2/7


Saint Titus, Bishop

Saint Paul Miki and Companions

The Galleon, the Tyrant and the 26 Martyrs of Nagasaki

Saint Dorothy, Virgin and Martyr  

US Bishop Calls Roman Rite A “Rich Blessing”

Archbishop FULTON SHEEN on the ANTI-CHRIST And Crisis in the Church

Good Luck: Francis to Rigorously Ban Roman Rite Priestly Ordinations

Meet the Bishop Who Ordained the Real-Life Father Stu: ‘There is Power in Suffering’

Body of Melkite priest Father Imad Daher found under the rubble in Aleppo

St. Peter Damian Slays the German Synodal Way

Back from Africa: Francis Insinuates Benedict Supported Pseudo-Marraige

Departing from Africa, Pope Francis renews call to end anti-sodomy laws

San Diego Cardinal Doubles Down in Defense of Homosexuality

Hard Fist: Francis Dissolves Convent, Nuns on the Street

Priest, 5 students arrested for chants against president after Pope Francis event in DRC

Baby born 14 weeks premature goes home after four months in hospital

Biology Professor: “All Human Beings Have a Right to Life,” Including Unborn Children

Charges still not filed in attack on 88-year-old pro-lifer outside Planned Parenthood

Pro-Life Activist Mark Houck Pursuing Lawsuit Against FBI Agents, State Troopers Following Acquittal

Planned Parenthood infiltrates Utah school district classrooms without parents’ knowledge

Church at Planned Parenthood must pay $960K for services at abortion clinic

Hispanic Families in Commiefornia Who Value Their Children Are Making Sacrifices to Homeschool Them

Christian soccer star Christian Atsu buried under rubble after massive earthquake in Turkey

Twisting to Mirror the Culture Instead of Christ

Demonic Disney Cartoon Declares U.S. “Built on Slavery” Pushes ‘Reparations’ Propaganda

Grammy’s ‘Unholy’ Night Non-Binary Pop Star Sam Smith Performs BDSM, Devil-Themed Song

Several “Christian” Bands Perform Alongside Satanic Ritual at Grammys

Disney Releases Woke “Proud Family” Kids Show – Radical Children’s Show Pushes BLM Marxism, Anti-White Racism and Reparations

Radical Leftism in Government Is to Blame for the Unfathomable Rise of Child Rapes

‘Pleasure Marriages’: Imams Caught Pimping Vulnerable Women in Sweden

WATCH: Library Staff Defends Having Obscene Books for Kids                           

Fake Catholic School in Canuckistan Expels Catholic Student for Being Catholic           2/6


The Holy Martyrs of Japan

St. Agatha Virgin and Martyr  

Saint Jane of Valois, Queen

Fr. Mike Schmitz’s Confession guide will prepare you for Lent

Sorry, Cardinal Burke, I cannot believe that the SSPX is in schism.

Archbishop Suggests: Why Don't Some Bishops Simply Become Protestants?

Father Minutella - Transhumanism, The Antichrist, And The Mark Of The Beast

Snubbing Septuagesima Removing penance from the calendar

The Church in Africa, by the numbers

A history of the Melkite Catholic Church and its unique witness to the faith

Cardinal McElroy Has A Problem with the Sixth Commandment

Are Most Conservative Catholics Semi-Modernists who are slowly becoming Total Modernist Heretics?


Francis Preaches Cheap Absolution

Did Pope Francis Err on Legalized Sodomy? A discussion of Catholic civics and morals

STOP the Archdiocese of Chicago from selling church to homoerotic event planners

Cardinal Zen and Jimmy Lai among Hong Kongers nominated for Nobel Peace Prize   

Charges dropped against woman arrested for praying near abortion facility

Students Will Sue Smithsonian After it Kicked Them Out for Wearing Pro-Life Hats

CDC Report: Unmarried Women Abort Nearly 9 Times More Than Married Women

Christian Leader: America Must “Repent for the Killing of 64 Million Innocent Children” in Abortion

CDC report shows communities of color still disproportionately impacted by abortion 

Governor Whitmer: 'Legal abortion is good for the economy'

Canadian Patients Need a Year to See a Psychiatrist But Just Two Weeks for Euthanasia

Devotional: A God Who Sends Comfort to Those in Need

Ken Ham: This Is the POWER of a Biblical Worldview

Catholic leaders in Holy Land decry escalating Jewish attacks against Christians, shrines

Florida Legislature Headed to Special Session to Deal With Demonic Disney Status

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Star Wars Convention to Groom Children for Sexual Exploitation

Gruesome Newsom’s Wife Peddles Soft Porn and Gender Identity Under the Guise of Education

Schools to Host Black Lives Matter at School Week Which Teaches Kids About ‘Trans Affirmation,’ ‘Restorative Justice’

South Dakota House passes ban on 'gender transitions' for minors

Florida Demands Transgender Policy Documents From Biden Administration

SBTS Prof. Says Same-Sex Attraction Is Not Sinful, and Those Who Disagree Sound Like Satan        2/5


Saint Blaise, Bishop and Martyr

“Singles of the Eucharist” unite to spread Christ’s love

Our Lady of Good Success Foretelling horror, prophesying hope

I was healed at Lourdes Father John Hollowell

Spectacular: Candlemas in London

Filming of the sequel to 'The Passion of the Christ' planned for spring 2023

Grudging Admission: „Many African Bishops Want To Restore the Mass in Latins

Abandoning Christ no Fear, No Love, No Attendance

Court asked to intervene after liturgy dispute shuts down cathedral

Marxist Pope Francis Has Allowed FOUR “Vatican Roundtables” at the World Economic Forum Over the Past 8 Years, but the Mainstream Media Has Completely Missed This Unholy Alliance

Suspended Bishop Bribes Mob to Bully Rome Prelate with 5 mistresses attends bishops' conference despite suspension

Denver archbishop refutes Cardinal McElroy's call for 'radical inclusion' of homosexuals, adulterers

Small-Town Miracle The power of prayer

Steubenville diocese to face 'health audit' after merger fracas

Nikki was born to inspire life, and now helps women like her mother

You Can’t Say Black Lives Matter if Black Unborn Babies Don’t Matter

Conjoined twins successfully separated in ‘historic’ surgery

Man Conceived in Rape: “The Circumstances of My Conception Do Not Determine My Worth”

Project Veritas: Pfizer Director Concerned Over Women’s Reproductive Health After Covid Vax, ‘There is Something Irregular About Menstrual Cycles’ (VIDEO)

19-year-old Canadian girl dies after taking common abortion pill  

Research Confirms 95.7% of Abortions are Killing Babies as Birth Control, Just .3% for Rape

‘I Could Hear God’: Christian Author Karen Kingsbury Once Tried to Disprove Boyfriend’s Biblical Beliefs but a Message From the Lord Changed Everything

Instead of Overreacting, Trust God!

How Revivals Start

Dolly Parton says new song about God’s warning to avoid sin ‘came to me in a dream’


Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Professor Falsely Claims Same-Sex Attraction Is Not Sin and Those Who Believe So Are Like Satan

Sims 4 embraces transgender ideology with ‘non-binary’ characters and ‘chest binders’

British Prime Minister shocks liberal media by affirming that a woman is ‘an adult human female’      2/3


The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple, the Purification, or Candlemas

Feast of the Purification of Our Lady … The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple – Candlemas

St. Joan de Lestonnac

Early Martyrs Against Religious-Pluralism


Christian Roots Europe's fundamentally Catholic foundation

Despite Traditionis Custodes: Bishop to Assist At Roman Mass

Battle of the bishops: Latin Mass wars have now intensified

Is the Vatican Resurrecting the Failed “Ruthenian Option” for Traditionalists?

The real reason why liberal bishops are trying to shut down the Latin Mass

Young bishop of Russian Orthodox Church: Ukraine war is ‘scandalous’

Priest Sacked for Doing His Duty

“Garabandal, Only God Knows”

Star Champion of Celibacy Abused 25 Women Predator presented relationship between Jesus and Mary as incestuous

Meeting with seminarians, deacons, religious in the Cathedral of Notre Dame du Congo

Famous Priest Slams Francis for Comments On Homosexuality

Fact denials and cover-ups on homosexual abuse clerics

If a man continually demonstrates his hatred of the Law, he is demonstrating his hatred of its Author, Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Survey: Most people entering religious life had early faith practice

Leadership for the New Evangelization

Churches to Erase Predator Priest’s Artwork Fr. 'Picasso' abused 49 minors and used them for pornographic paintings

Prioritize federal funds for families to embrace life, not abortion, says U.S. bishops' pro-life chair

Mark Houck Will File lawsuit Against FBI for Politically Targeting His Family

CDC report shows communities of color still disproportionately impacted by abortion

Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin Leads Pro-Life Virginians Marching for Life

Chemical abortions are not a safe and easy option, says pro-life OB-GYN

Abortion Pill Kills 19-Year-Old Girl, Causes Septic Shock That Ended Her Life

French Senate passes bill seeking to enshrine abortion access into the constitution

Scientific American publishes article calling heartbeat bills ‘immoral’

Satanists plan to open New Mexico abortuary named after Justice Alito’s mother

Satanic Temple Opens New Abortion Clinic to Kill Babies in Ritualistic Abortions

California allocates $20M toward abortion businesses’ physical, virtual security

Man on “mission from God” as he sprints across highway to save woman

The Collapse Of Faith In America

Franklin Graham: The More The Devil Has An Anchor, The Greater The Moral Darkness

Democrat Lawmaker Proposes Banning Kids From Attending Bible Camp

In-Depth — The Fool’s Gold Of Evolutionary Thought: It Might Look Bright And Shiny, But It Fails When Tested

Raymond Ibrahim Slaughtered Mothers and Fathers: An Islamic Hate that Knows No Bounds

Islamic Supremacy: 'Call To Prayer' Illegally Blasted Throughout Swedish Suburb, 'Allahu Akbar'...

Catholic school board suspends student who opposed boys in girls’ bathrooms for the rest of the year

Anti-Catholic Idealogues and Catholic Education Textbook company pushing LGBT ideology

Police chief retires after suspending officer for posting 'no such thing as homosexual marriage'

Exclusive: Henrico County Schools Defend Awarding Teacher Wearing ‘Trans Kids’ T-Shirt, Ignore Community Pushback

Christian mom takes school to court over forcing 4 year old to attend LGBT pride parade, watch video of men kissing

Tranny Insanity Update: Washington State Democrats Work Against Bill Barring Male Sexual Predators From Being Placed in Women’s Prisons

6 Times ‘Family-Friendly’ Drag Shows Exposed Kids to Sexual Content

PBS Lobbies for Blood Donation by Homosexual Men as an ‘Equal Rights’ Issue         2/2


Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and Martyr

St. Brigid of Ireland

Saint Ansgar

Saint Bridgid of Ireland, Abbess

The Polish tradition of Our Lady of the Thunder Candle

Padre Pio: "Any mental picture of your life that focuses on past sins is a lie and thus comes from the devil.Jesus loves you and has forgiven you your sins,so there is no room for having a downcast spirit"

Kenya’s deaf choir changes minds about ‘burdens’ of disabilities

Bp. Strickland urges Vatican to refute Biden’s claim that Pope doesn’t oppose taxpayer-funded abortions

What will happen at Europe’s synodal continental assembly?

The Cat’s Out of the Bag Now, With the Synod on Synodality

Donors Beware After preying on seminarians, NAC preys on wallets

Cdl. Zen hospitalized after returning to Hong Kong from Benedict XVI’s funeral

Protestors plan ‘Go to Hell’ march for Cardinal Pell’s burial

Is an American Revival Coming? A New Study Gives Christian Leaders Hope for Next Generations

Catholic Students Kicked Out of the Smithsonian ​for Wearing Pro-Life Hats

Stika told priests accused seminarian was 'victimized'

‘Holiness Breeds Holiness When Hearts Are Open’: Vocations Sprout at Catholic High School in North Dakota

Twin Who Survived Abortion Shares Incredible Story of How She Forgave Her Mom

Poland records fewest births since 1945 as population continues to decline

Democrat Genocidist Tim Walz Signs Bill Legalizing Baby-Murder Up to Birth

Abortion Doesn’t Empower Women, It Empowers the Abortion Industry to Make Money

This Tells You All You Need to Know: Satanic Temple Announces Launch of Clinic to Provide “Religious Abortions” in New Mexico

Winning the all-out war against America's children 

Retired Marine recalls ‘divine miracle' in Afghanistan evacuation effort that saved 17,000

Alabama governor signs executive order cementing protections for religious liberty in state

Jean Vanier Sex Scandal: Relations With 25 Women

Patreon suspends Catholic podcaster Timothy Gordon for criticizing LGBT agenda

Flashback: Why do "Anti-God" Soros & Clinton Campaign “Spirit Cooking” Witch-like Weirdos want War with Russia?    2/1


St. John Bosco

Bosco, a 'polarization' warning, and running aground

Saint Bathildes, Queen of France

France’s Catholic Genocide New film depicts Catholic patriotism

BREAKING: Will Pope Francis Fulfill Prophecy by Visiting Russia?

Roche Rants: Latin Mass "Keyboard Warriors" Are Very Effective

Cardinal Roche has a problem with those Catholic bloggers who keep defending the Traditional Latin Mass. He admits, however, that our work is effective and influences Seminarians

‘Nostra Aetate’ and Evangelism Common ground in a world of increasing globalization

Synod officials caution bishops to put Catholics’ needs over their own agendas

Cdl. Hollerich brags that Synod on Synodality opponents ‘won’t be able to stop it’

The theology of Cardinal McElroy's synodal essay

My Experience of the Sacraments in Africa

Priest: "Healed of Brain Rumor in Lourdes"

South Sudan to Pope Francis: We will say NO to these ideas!

Top Vienna PervCardinal Schonborn blesses 12 ambulences on their way to Ukraine to try and pick up some of the still living

Order in the Order: Knights of Malta meet Francis after chapter general

NFL kicker who just sent his team to the Super Bowl is an outspoken Latin Mass supporter

US Hispanic Protestant churches are young, growing and largely new to the country

Proof of God’s Love

March for Life Paris attended by 20,000 people standing for life

"Not enough" for the Vorarlberg state government - No to abortions at the LKH Bregenz

Mark Houck Recounts Story Of The FBI’s Terrorism Of His Family For Defending Pro-Life Values  14 min.  part 1

Mark Houck Tells Story Of Spiritual Journey While Held Hostage By FBI  11  min.    part  2

Pro-life church 'heartbroken' after young child found alive in dumpster

Peter McIlvenna On House Of Lords Outlawing Prayers Over Abortion Clinics With “Safe Space” Law

The Truth About How Baby Girls Are Being Exterminated In the United States… Are We Becoming China?

Biden-Harris Regime Considers Declaring a “Public Health Emergency” Because Too Few Babies Are Being Murdered

Bishop Blasts Biden’s ‘Fake Catholicism’ Following Latest Abortion Comments

Fake Catholic Lyin’ Biden Claims Bishops Want Taxpayers to Fund Baby-Murder

‘Most extreme’ in nation: Minnesota legalizes abortion to birth with no restrictions

Fake News Media Give All Faithful Christians the Tony Dungy Treatment

Vimeo bans “Dead Name” documentary that exposes horrors of transgender mutilation; calls truthful information “hateful conduct”

Christian group rebukes former minister who claims Jesus never addressed sexual sins

Now everything has to be gay: airline uniforms

Medical Watchdog Launches Campaign to Protect Children from ‘Transgender’ Contagion         1/31


Saint Martina, Martyr

St. Aldegunais

Blessed Mary Angela Truszkowska

French Protest Dismantling of Virgin Mary: 'Stop Touching our Statues, Stop Touching our Roots, Stop Touching Our Values

Can Pope Francis’ Africa trip make a difference?

Pope’s South Sudan Trip Hits LGBT Minefield Archbishop calls gay blessings biblical violation and 'farcical compromise'

Cardinals Admit: Agenda Imposed On Francis Synod

Why is the Vatican reassuring bishops over the synodality synod?

Flashback of The Letter, Veritatis Splendor & Amoris Laetitia: Pope Benedict's Letter make known his Unhappiness at those who attack Veritatis Splendor

Pope Francis names Chicago native head of Vatican Bishops’ department

The Privilege Of Suffering For Christ: Growing Persecution Is A Worldwide Phenomenon

BREAKING: Pope Francis Fulfills Prophecy, Finally Visits Russia

44% of US Adults Say Aftermath of COVID-19 Has Made Them ‘More Open to God’

The intertwined history of the Illuminati, Freemasons, Rosicrucians and Jesuits

Jury Finds Mark Houck Not Guilty on Bogus Biden Admin Charges

Catholic priest found guilty of blocking entrance to abortion facility

Minnesota Passes Bill Allowing Sterilization of Minors Without Parental Consent and Abortion of Babies Up To The Moment of Birth

Abortion Infiltrating School Campuses, and Look Who’s Bringing It

Abortion pill deaths, infant born alive linked to Indiana abortionist suing to end state’s pro-life law

The Truth About How Baby Girls Are Being Exterminated In the United States...Are We Becoming China?

Artist Confirms She Created Satanic Statue to Support Killing Babies in Abortions

CNN Slams Left-Pleasing 'He Gets Us' Ads for Jesus As a...Right-Wing Conspiracy?

Gavin Newsom's Wife Rakes in Cash Charging California Public Schools To Screen Her Woke Movies

Suicide bombing kills at least 34, wounds 150 as people were praying

How Do We Survive Living in a Dystopian World Run by Caligula Clones?

Conservative author gets dumped by major sponsor after criticizing radical gender ideology

In the Battle Between Good and Evil, It’s Not a Question of if Persecution Comes but When

South Sudan: Leave Your Homosexualism in Rome, Francis

WATCH: Taylor Swift casts transgender as her love interest in latest music video

Utah Bans Sex Change Procedures, Puberty Blockers, And Hormones For Minors

Pride Flag On Church Altar Sparks Almighty Court Battle

Vimeo bans documentary about parents' concern over transgender surgery for minors           1/30



Saint Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Church

St. Thomas Aquinas

Servant of God Brother Juniper

Sts. Sarbelius & Barbea

Saint Peter Nolasco, Founder

Schneider, Francis Will Go Down In History As Abuser of Power

Marxist Pope Francis “Clarifies” His “Harsh” Comments to Make Them Align Better With This Evil World

Cardinal McElroy, Pope Francis and the synod

Homosexualist Bergoglio Goes from Bad to Worse

Synod Preacher Aided Anglican Homoheresy Pope Francis picks Dominican who believes sodomy can be 'Eucharistic'

Report: 5,621 Christians Murdered for Their Faith in 2022

Sr. Deirdre Byrne: The battle for life best fought in a state of grace to ‘more easily see God’s will’

Sioux City Bishop Nickless : New Iowa ‘School Choice’ Program a Boon for Catholic Schools

German bishops’ leader sees ‘middle way’ on council of laity and bishops

Hypocrisy Pure: Cardinal Promotes Practiced Homosexuality

Wise Men Decapitated, Holy Family Stolen in Attack on Montana Co-Cathedral Nativity Scene

Myanmar Junta Burns Down Historic Catholic Church and Convent, Faces Charges of War Crimes

Topless Woman in North Dakota Arrested by Police After Allegedly Destroying Statue of Jesus in Cathedral

Miracle Baby Born 14 Weeks Early Heads Home

Mark Houck trial adjourned until Monday after jury was unable to reach verdict in pro-life case

Minnesota Legislature Passes Bill to Legalize Abortions Up to Birth By 1 Vote

Pro-life service continues mission in Mexico after local gov’t officials confiscate ultrasound vans

Women describe seeing preborn child after taking abortion pills at home

64,500,000 Babies Have Been Killed in Abortions, Biggest Travesty in American History

Pro-Abortion Activists Scream at Pro-Lifers During Women’s March

Gretchen Witchmer Defends Baby Murder, Saying It’s “Just Good Economics”

Tony Perkins: Left Now ‘Empowered’ to ‘Crush’ Those With Biblical Faith

America Unhinged: Members of Globalist WEF Are Pretending to Be Gods

The ACLU is using a law defending abortion to fight the death penalty

Masterpiece Cakeshop Loses Appeal for Refusing to Bake Transgender Cake

Rupnik's Amoris Laetitia Morals: Francis Gets Away with Lying

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: School District to Hold Weeklong Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation Lesson for Elementary School Children

Pope Offers ‘Escape Clause’ on Homosexuality Francis pens 'situation ethics' letter to gay propagandist Fr. James Martin

Despicable Man Who Pleaded Guilty to Accessing Violent Child Porn Sentenced to Probation, Weekend Jail Time in Democrat Hellhole Oregon

Watch: Mother Reads Passage From Sexual Book Made Available to Her Kids It Even Leaves the School Board Stunned

Georgia police officer resigns after being put on leave for defending traditional marriage online

United Methodist Churches Loses 1831 Congregations After Affirming LBGTQ+

LGBT agenda full speed ahead thanks to Pope Francis’ recent remarks on homosexuality       1/29


St. John Chrysostom, Doctor of the Church

St. Angela Merici

Young People Pray the Rosary, Bishop Calls Police

Archbishop Chaput expresses deep concerns about hierarchy, synod after losing Benedict XVI, Cdl. Pell

Parish Priest Named to Replace Scandal Cardinal

For First Blind Catholic Priest Was Already Going Blind in Seminary

The Books are Flying - The Cardinals and the Pen: Turbulence in the Vatican

Four Books But only one really matters.

US cardinal demands homosexuals in mortal sin be given Communion, women be ordained deacons

Pastor Jack Hibbs: I Survived an Abortion Because “God Had a Plan” for My Life

‘Dirty Schism’ Lay Catholics warn of Synodal Way's dangers

Atheist Group Complains About Prison Baptisms Converting Inmates To Christianity

Grandma Arrested for Feeding Homeless Fights Back, Won’t Back Down: ‘They Are Wrong’

Before It’s Too Late

Will Graham: Getting Past The Excuses - Following God's Purpose For Your Life


Pro-Life Groups Call on DOJ to Enforce Justice Equally

Thousands of pro-lifers march in Paris as French Parliament considers radical pro-abortion measure

Living, Unique, Valuable, Unborn Human Beings

Life is on the line – Mark Houck trial Day 2

'Unthinkable’: Post-Roe Generation Looks Beyond Dobbs to End Abortion

Abortion pill maker sues West Virginia for alleged lost revenue from state’s restrictive new law

Indiana Lawmakers Move to Protect Parental Rights & Children

Pagan Horned Statue Featured on NYC Courthouse Pays Homage to Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Abortion

Suspected Islamic terrorist facing deportation storms into two Spanish churches with machete shouting ‘death to Christians,’ hacks up priest and others

Okay, Groomer: Commiefornia “Teacher” Pushes Students to “Socially’ Transition Genders Without Parents’ Knowledge

Parents Outraged After Finding Porn In Library At Wisconsin School

Christian teacher faces daily fine for continuing to go to school after being fired in pronoun dispute         1/27


Saint Polycarp, Bishop, Martyr

Saints Timothy and Titus

The Mystical Body’s Ever-Changing Crucifixion

The Great Papal Interview: "Benedict XVI Was a Slave"

Homosexualist Bergoglio Defends Homosex Regime

Francis Equivocates on Celeb Jesuit Predator Pope invited excommunicated artist to papal household as Lent preacher

Vatican lawyers deploy full court press against former auditor

Evil Dominican to Address Bishops

Francis Goes After Next Founder

Francis Defrocks Top Friar Who Abused Nuns Questions remain over pope's rehabilitation of other serial nun abuser

Germany vs the Amazon: Is the Vatican being consistent?

Pope forbids permanent ‘Synodal Council’ in Germany while bishops’ conference president remains defiant

Bishops Push Aberrosexuality and Aberrosexuals Prey on Children

Pro-Infanticide Bishops

Parish Priest Named to Replace Scandal Cardinal

Most Dramatic Sign Of The Times: The Resurrected Nation Of Israel

Paris: Churches Targetted By Arson Attacks Three Times Within Days

Historic painting of Jesus hidden after single complaint from critic

Catholic church in Chicago to be sold to owner of venue that hosted simulated homoerotic orgy

‘Death to Christians’: 2 churches attacked in Spain; 1 dead, 4 injured

Micro-preemie born at 23 weeks celebrates his first birthday

Conjoined Twins Doing Great After Incredible 11-Hour Separation Surgery

Birth mother describes positive ‘ripple effect’ of open adoption: It ‘blesses lives’

Pro-Life Dad Faces 11 Years in Prison for Protesting Abortion

Anitfa Extremist Charged With Attacking Pregnancy Centers, Faces 12 Years in Prison

Former Planned Parenthood president and MSNBC host spread disinformation on pro-life violence

New York City Erects Satanic Statue on City Courthouse to Promote Abortion

‘Fetal containers’: Bioethicist proposes using women in vegetative states as surrogates

Here come the animal / human HYBRIDS


Pakistan: Muslims abduct, gang-rape married Hindu woman after she refuses to convert to Islam

Mainstream media ignores new evidence showing how cross-sex hormones impact suicidal thoughts

Colorado appeals court rules against Jack Phillips, Masterpiece Cakeshop in trans cake case; baker to appeal

Superintendent defends middle school field trip to drag queen show by citing Martin Luther King Jr.

'I will not give up': Finnish MP targeted for defending Christian marriage vows to fight appeal

“Dead Name” transgender documentary exposes horrors of child mutilation and the lives it’s destroyed

'Prophet of Satan': Spanish priest slams Fr. James Martin for defending Pete Buttigieg's Marraige

Gender-neutral 'Jesus Christ Superstar' features non-binary Christ

USAID Tells Teachers To Hide Students’ Gender Identity From Parents

Middle schoolers to perform at NBA 'Pride Night' game featuring drag show                       1/26


The Conversion of Saint Paul, Apostle              

St. Peter Thomas

Saint Timothy, Bishop of Ephesus and Martyr

St. Francis de Sales

Saint Timothy, Bishop of Ephesus and Martyr

Prophecy: Death of Benedict XVI means a ‘new era’ with a possible ‘conditional chastisement’ from God

Abp. Viganò: The Latin Mass and Novus Ordo cannot coexist, this is a ‘battle between Christ and Satan’

Posthumous Book: Bishops Reject Catholicism, Seminaries Have Homosexual Groups

‘Gay clubs’ run in seminaries, says Pope Benedict in posthumous attack on Francis

Bp. Strickland says same-sex ‘marriage’ is ‘living a fiction’

Garabedian on McCarrick Church uses time-honored strategy to defend McCarrick

The Vatican prohibits the Germans from creating 'synodal councils'; Bätzing announces that he will disobey

Poland: Novus Ordo Church Goes Downhill


Is the Vatican clericalist in all the wrong places?

Africa: The Great Vatican II Success Story … Not!

Fourth Nun Testifies to Francis's Beloved Jesuit 'Artist' Abuser’s Orgies

Synod Preacher: Francis Appoints Homosex-Extremist

Winning the all-out war against America's children

Only a minority of parents emphasize passing on their faith to children: study

Why (and How) to Baptize a Miscarried Baby

Woman Who Was Raped But Refused Abortion: “Babies are Babies No Matter How They’re Conceived”

Pro-life Democrat from Connecticut slams abortion industry’s racism at March for Life

They Put Me in a Toxic Solution for Five Days to Kill Me in an Abortion, Miraculously I Survived

‘Pro-Life Spiderman’ Climbs Skyscrapers, Risks Everything to ‘Save These Babies’

Florida Supreme Court Rules 15-Week Abortion Ban Can Keep Saving Babies

Corrupt AG Garland Brings Pro-Life Father of Seven, Mark Houck, to Court Today on Bogus Charges Following Early Morning FBI Raid in September

Two Abortion Activists Arrested for Attacking Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers, They Face 12 Years in Prison

‘Praise Jesus for Abortions’: Pro-Abortion Activist Screams at People Praying at March for Life

Minnesota House passes bill allowing abortion up to birth with no restrictions

Wrong Assumptions Result In Wrong Conclusions: Scientists Attempt To Mimic The Building Blocks Of Life

Revisiting “Santa Muerte”

In This End-times World, We Are Increasingly Surrounded By People Who Devise And Delight In Evil

Blessed Malta: "In other words, because he testified on TV that Jesus changed his life and he no longer practiced homosexuality, he could potentially go to jail for up to 5 months"

LISTEN: Idaho health dept. worker says aspiring foster parents who oppose LGBT agenda need not apply  

WATCH: 76-Year-Old Nun Stops Attempted Robbery (VIDEO)

America’s “conservative” Lutheran church goes woke

For only $100,000 an hour you can be lectured by the mother of Critical Race Theory                1/25


Saint Raymond of Pennafort, Archbishop

St. Ildephonsus

Saint Marianne Cope

St. Vincent of Saragossa, Deacon and Martyr

‘Persecution has not stopped Christianity’ - Slain Nigerian priest's nephew sees hope amid grief

Francis Cancels Roman Curia’s Lenten Retreat

Cincinnati Archbishop Restricts ‘Ad Orientem’ Mass Posture

Diocese of Cheyenne: While they might hate Mass in any form, their hatred for the TLM is really about hatred of the people who desire it.

Rome Probes ‘Sex Party’ at English Cathedral Scandal escalates as bishop resigns and dean of cathedral hangs himself

Pope Francis Is a Marxist and a Globalist of the New World Order

German bishop outlines new guidelines, mandates priests accept homosexuality, transgenderism

Pachamama Pope Confers a 'Lay Ministry' or Something Upon Ten People in St. Peter’s Basilica

Late George Neumayr: Bergoglio is a Communist Groomed by Pedro Arrupe

The Heretic Is Still in the Race

Iranians Meet Jesus in Dreams, Experience Radical Transformation: ‘I Saw a Vision of a Man With a White Robe’

Vatican coins in the fountain! A brief history of Church coinage

Thousands of churches closing every year in USA

Meet Little Dariya Denise: Baby Born to Couple in the Middle of Atlanta Traffic

Walk for Life West Coast and OneLife LA 2023 Proclaim: ‘Life Is Good!’

Pro-Abortion Protesters Threaten Justice Kavanaugh at His Home, Chant: “Cut His Time Short”, “No Peace for You”

Hundreds take part in dueling rallies at Supreme Court on Roe v. Wade's 50th anniversary

Katie Hobbs’ Budget Would Nix Funding for Pregnant Homeless Women, but Fund Abortion

'She felt guilty': Nancy Pelosi asks priests to perform 'exorcism,' 'prayer' at her home

WEF speaker said he was told not to use 'God' or 'religion' during 'Keeping the faith' talk

Prayer Breakfast Preceding March for Life Disrupted by Anti-Life Democrat Death Cultists

“Wiccans” Give Catholic Students Magical ‘Crystals’ and Counselor Loses Job for Inviting Witches to School

BLM Preacher Claims Child Who Shot Virginia Teacher Would Have Been Treated Differently if Not White — Only the Child Was Black

Nevada School District Sued After 15-Year-Old Girl Asked to Read Sexual Lesbian Monologue in Class

Christian Charity Worker Faces Potential Jail Time, Fine After Speaking About Leaving LGBT Lifestyle

Prostitutes Prowl Seattle Streets With Hamstrung Police Watching Helplessly a Block Away


Canada’s latest shame: a gender-confused man upset over rejection by women-only gym

Bathroom Bans for Trans Youths Poised for Supreme Court Review

Western Values: Male Rapists Want Sex in Women's Prisons

You Must Bow at the LGBTQ+ Altar or Else

Democrats Display Disturbing Double-Standard on Homosexuality                             1/23


Saint Fabian, Pope, Martyr

Saint Sebastian

Benedict XVI Called Francis’ Action “Unjust And Unacceptable"

Vatican's news outlet highlights Pope's longstanding relationship with Klaus Schwab

Priest says he went to Hell, wouldn't wish it on his worst enemy

George Neumayr Has Died

George Neumayr, RIP Faithful Catholic journalist dies unexpectedly

Russian Church Issues 'End of the World' Warning

Homosexual Assault: Vatican Sanctioned Prominent French Priest

An American On The Apostasy – Featuring The Catholic Church in Scotland… You Don’t Say!

Open Doors World Watch List: 360 Million Christians Are Now Suffering Extreme Persecution

Why (and How) to Baptize a Miscarried Baby

41 Years Ago My Mother Walked Out of An Abortion Clinic and Saved My Life

Why Casey and Sr. Mary Casey march for life

March for Life to Kick Off in DC on Sunday 

100,000 Pro-Life Americans March for Life, Celebrate Supreme Court Overturning Roe v. Wade

New Marist poll: 91% of Americans affirm pro-life pregnancy centers

March for Life President Jeanne Mancini lays out that third, Democrat-backed 'women in need' platform they'll be adding to all their doomed efforts

‘We want women to thrive’ - A look inside a Chicago maternity home

NFL Hall of Fame Coach Tony Dungy Accused of Right-Wing Extremism Over Pro-Life Stance

FALSE: MSNBC Claims FBI Offering $25K For Info On Pro-Life Terrorists

Planned Parenthood CEO: I’m Teaching My Daughters It’s OK to Kill Babies in Abortions

Brainwashed American Woman Who Lived in Communist China Says Claims Misses State Bringing Up Her Children

China records more deaths than births for the first time in 60 years

Majority of British and EU Nationals Want to Preserve Christian Culture, Fear Illegal Immigration

Tower Of Babel All Over Again: Uniting The World In Opposition To God

Pakistan makes blasphemy law more stringent, sparking alarm among Christians

ESPN wastes 800 words on the joy of sodomy and contemplates “education sessions” with Provorov to cancel Saint Paul’s letter to the Romans

Alphabet Mafia Expanding LGBT group plots takeover in Ireland

DeSantis Admin Bans High School AP African American Studies Class That Contained CRT and Section On ‘Queer Theory’

Church of England bows to pressure and will allow blessings of same-sex civil unions for the first time

Church of England Declines to Approve of Fake Homosexual “Marriages”

Canada’s Ban On Biblical Sexuality: How Did We Get Here?

LGBT Activists Facing 9 Life Sentences For Raping Adopted Sons and Pimping Them Out To Friends

The NHL player who refused to wear the gay “LGBT” warm-up? His jersey is now sold out      1/21


Saint Fabian

Saint Canutus, King of Denmark, Martyr

St. Fillan

Don't Mess with St. Michael! You May Learn that Lesson the Hard Way.

A ‘Sanctus’ for the Ages, Part II Jesuit martyr in Japan sings into eternity

Cardinal Zen: ‘I Agree with Archbishop Gänswein on Traditionis Custodes’

Cardinal Zen: Francis Hurts Catholics

Pope St. John XXIII or Antipope John XXIII?

Flashback: The Arian Crisis shows us what "Individual Bishops &... Local Synod[s]" must do to oppose Heretics in our time & their Traditionalist Fatima Center Controlled Opposition: Is Francis an Arian Heretic according a Friend & according to "World-renowned Theologian" Fr. Weinandy "the De facto Leader, for all practical purposes, of a Schismatic Church"?

FrancisChurch: Top German PervBishop Hollerich announces new guidelines forcing priests to accept homosexuality, transgenderism

Disinformation. No apologies. No regrets. Whom does Fr. M. Schneider serve when he stubbornly clings to this lie?

Rome Opens Pulpits to Pro-LGBT Protestants 'Heretical' pastors invited to preach in Catholic churches for 'unity week'

Church of England to Bless Gay Marriages Under Bishop Ruling

US Diocese Stops "Preferred Pronouns" Nonsense

Pope Francis Urges Christians Not to Try to Convert Nonbelievers

Raised without religion, college student’s life changes after SEEK conference

How steep is Poland’s drop in Mass attendance?

Just Call Me Killer Kreitzer!

Dean Cain Partners With 12 Year-Old Writer And Actress To Make Christian Movie

Winning: LGBT Group Loses Effort to Strip Religious Liberty From Colleges

New Marist Poll: Even After Roe, Most Americans Support Abortion Restrictions

March for Life 2023 -- a very different year

Army vet fined for silent prayer (for his late son) near abortion facility in Bournemouth, UK

South Carolina Pro-Lifers Weigh Options After Court Blocks Heartbeat Bill

Do Francis & Francis "Catholics" for Biden like Annett do a "Reframe" of "Pro-life" to mean that "Nuremberg" Hitler was "Pro-life"?

WEF Killers: International partnership to boost access to reproductive healthcare!

Priest Warns of Dangers of Social Media After 12-Year-Old Girl Records Her Suicide

Homosexual “Couple” Raped the Boys They Adopted From a Christian Special-Needs Agency, Pimped Them Out, and Boasted About It on Social Media

Philadelphia Flyers Player Boycotts His Woke Team’s “Pride Night,” Refuses To Wear Their LGBTQ Warmup Jersey (VIDEO)

Parents Sue School District Over Indoctrination and LGBTQ ‘I’m Here’ Badges’

Democrat Minnesota Lawmaker Wants Menstrual Products in Boys Bathrooms in Every School (VIDEO)        1/19


Saint Peter’s Chair at Rome

St. Volusian

Saint Charles of Sezze

Saint Joseph Pope Benedict’s favourite saint

The Four “C’s” of a Good Confession

Vatican: Inside Information on the Shenanigans Surrounding Suppression of the Traditional Mass

In New Interview, Embattled Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen Says He’s ‘Very Concerned’ About Synod on Synodality

Seton Hall U organist: Cardinal Ratzinger was extraordinary. He began the Mass in one key, and simply never wavered from that pitch at all during the entire Mass, which lasted over an hour. He was musically perfect.  

First-Ever Blind Catholic Priest in Kenya is Ordained


Intelligent Cardinal: Catholics Are Idiots

With the trial of Bishop Álvarez, has the Ortega regime intimidated Nicaragua’s bishops?

‘Preach the Gospel to all nations’: Open letter to Pope Francis on the ‘sin’ of ‘proselytism’

Gerontocracy: Francis Promotes Over-Aged Cardinal

Cardinal’s Sex Abuse Accuser Reveals Identity Sexual assault class action lawsuit names 3 more Canadian bishops

Catholic diocese bans chosen pronouns, boys using girls’ bathrooms

Has Pope Francis denied Cardinal Becciu due process?

Judge Rules In Favor Of Christian Colleges In Lawsuit Aimed At Defunding Schools That Hold To Biblical Morality

Father Frank Pavone to “Yes, We Will Fight

Mark Robinson: My Mom Could Have Had an Abortion Because She Was Poor, Thank God She Didn’t

Mark Houck’s Trial Begins Next Week, Pro-Life Dad Faces 11 Years in Prison for Protesting Abortion

Report: Abortions in Texas Drop 99% After Roe Reversal

Frozen in Time: Catholic Ethicists Discuss the Fate of the Estimated 1 Million Human Embryos on Ice

China Faces Population Decline, Worker Shortages After Killing 400 Million Babies in Abortions

Catholic Cardinal Urges Christians to Fight Abortion: Uphold the “Dignity of All Persons" but he does nothing to those who support abortion

Stealing America: The State Is Replacing A Christian Heritage With The Religion Of Humanism

Germany: Four Migrants On Trial For Repeatedly Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl and Sexually Assaulting Her

Genital Mutilation: Over Half of M2F ‘Transition’ Patients Suffer Extreme Pain Few Young People Know Real Risks

‘Catholic’ school to punish 16-year-old boy wanting girl-only bathrooms

Canada’s Ban On Biblical Sexuality: How Did We Get Here?

WOKE FAIL: Mars unveils “all-female” M&Ms to celebrate the two flavors of women they prioritize: lesbian and fat

Regime Tranny Richard Levine Cozied up With Activists to Fight Bill Blocking State Funding for Child Sex Changes

Canadian Catholic school trustee fighting gender ideology hit with set back in court 

Trans School Board Member Accused of Looking at Topless Woman in Locker Room

The Transgender Tide Is Turning

NIH spends millions on equity, LGBT issues instead of researching cures  

Video: Doctors Trained to Affirm Transgender Identity Among Children                      1/18          


Saint Anthony of the Desert, Patriarch of Monastic Life

Miracle!!! The Child Jesus Appears In The Consecrated Host! Hundreds of Witnesses & Priests Watched!

Getting it right in the end, Late Cd. Pell claimed in last interview to celebrate the Ancient Mass every day

Choose your own Vatican trial: Serious or soap opera?

Defeated Order of Malta Honours the Enemy

Social Scientist Trashes Synod’s Master Plan Pope Francis announces ecumenical prayer vigil for Synod on Synodality

Can Catholics schools grow enough? - L.A. Times latest to measure FrancisChurch decline in 'decades' rather than the past ten years of full-on collapse

Statistics show hope for a Catholic future

French Court Cancels Our Lady 

'How much God loves me' - Urban youth mission preaches Christ on the peripheries

Gänswein’s Diary: Dynamite or Damp Squib? Dr. Gavin Ashenden interviews Dr. Jules Gomes on 'Nothing But The Truth'

Why the CCP Fears Christianity

'How much God loves me' - Urban youth mission preaches Christ on the peripheries

Did Canon Lawyer Dr. Edward Peters write: "In the View of Modern Canonists from Wernz to Wrenn... a Pope actually falling into Heresy... would result in the Loss of Papal Office"?

Pope Benedict Told the Grim Truth about Islam

You Either Win Or Lose On The Greatest Scale Imaginable

It’s no myth: Data indicates thousands of children may survive abortions every year

Alveda King Carries on Martin Luther King’s Crusade for Justice by Fighting Abortion

Preemie born in India weighing as much as a can of Coke home after 94 days hospitalized

She Wanted Her Mom to Have an Abortion, But When Her Brother Was Born She Became Pro-Life

It Looks Like Roe v. Wade's Demise Saved Many Lives - State Sees Dramatic 99% Decrease in Abortions

After 64 Million Abortions, It’s No Surprise Babies are Killed After Birth Too

Project Veritas confronts Pfizer exec behind emails on hiding COVID jab’s link to abortion

Abortion survivor Melissa Ohden slams politicians for opposing protections for babies like her

'God-fearing' Joe Biden hijacks the post office to promote abortion-on-demand 

Legal Expert: Joe Biden is Breaking Law to Allow Post Office to Mail Abortion Pills

Human Composting: Goddess Gaia Demands a Final Tithe

New York City Promotes “Abortion Tourism,” Come Here to Kill Your Baby

Population: Disastrous Perspectives

World War II Paper Forger Saved The Lives Of 14,000 Jews

Democrats Display Just How Far Their Underlying Beliefs Are From Biblical Morality & Basic Decency

Organization of 'Nonbinary Scientists' Influences Universities, Professional Organizations, Publications

Pervert Catholic Trustee cancels non-gay textbooks: "They provide developing minds as young as Grade 1 with sexualized notions of self that adhere with the Catholic faith but are at odds with the reality of science and nature"  

Miss Universe pageant’s new transgender owner touts new era for women, men posing as women

Court Rules Baltimore's St. Joseph's Medical center was wrong to "cancel Mr. Hammons’ hysterectomy" - Francis's beloved Gay New Ways Ministry celebrates

More proof that ‘gender affirming’ means ‘mutilating’

Teen Girl Calls for Change After Encountering Naked Man in YMCA Shower Room           1/17


Saint Marcellus I, Pope and martyr

Saint Berard and Companions

St. Fursey

Pope Innocent III: "The Spiritual Matrimonial Union between the Roman Pontiff & the Church would cease to exist; and thus the heretic... would cease to be Pope"

The Mother of God asked for something, God said no, and she made Him do it anyway

Traditionis Custodes: Rigid Francis Is Sowing Even More Wind

New Revelations Suggest That the Vatican Dishonored Pope Benedict XVI

Cardinal Pell and the ‘Demos’ Memorandum

POPE FRANCIS is a DISASTER: Cardinal Pell’s Last Word

Rumours from Rome - an Apostolic Constitution from Francis to all but ban the traditonal Latin Mass

‘There Is POWER in Prayer!’: NFL Star Taken Off Ventilator After Almost Drowning to Save His Kids

Syro-Malabar synod fails to resolve violent row over the Mass

Bishops’ meeting ends without breakthrough on liturgy dispute

Nigerian priest killed in Sunday attack; another in critical condition

Martin Luther King's Faith Challenges Us to Personal Conversion, Archbishop Broglio Says

FrancisEffect: The Margaret Mary Church in Ottawa, Canada, will soon be operating as a mosque

Pope Francis condemns ‘serious sin’ of ‘proselytism’ but has ‘no explanation’ for vocations crisis

Conga Line Mass in San Juan Cathedral

Third Church in Buffalo: No Catholic could have sold St. Ann’s to Muslims

Nigeria: Muslims attack Catholic church, burn a priest to death

Video: Mall of America Kicks Out Black Man for Wearing “Jesus Saves” Shirt – Media Stays Silent

Abortion Propaganda Film Crashes at Box Office

Notorious Notre Dame producing seamless garment 'pro-life' EWTN programming equating fight against abortion to 'accompanying' pregnancy with Democrat-backed welfare programs

YMCA Staff Shamed Teen Girl Upset by Seeing ‘Trans Woman’s’ Penis in Women’s Locker Room

U.S. Court Ruling Upholds Federal Funding for Religious Colleges With Traditional Values

Oh, hell: Young people turning to Satanism instead of Christianity

Science! Blessed be Thy Name — The Vanishing Value of Religious Freedom

EU Invasion: Illegal Migrants Increased by 64% in 2022; Majority are Islamic Men from Syria, Afghanistan, and Tunisia

Graphically Sexualized ‘All Ages’ Texas Drag Show Attended and Endorsed by Democrat Politicians – Plus Armed ANTIFA

‘Woke’ $10M MLK ‘Penis’ Statue Insults Black Community: Coretta Scott King Kin

Penn State Professor Asks Students To 'Watch Gay Porn' To Learn How To Be 'Bisexual'             1/16


St. Hilary of Poitiers, Doctor of the Church

St. Felix of Nola

Saint Gregory Nazianzen

Why the last command before Communion is so important

Traditionis Custodes: Rigid Francis Is Sowing Even More Wind

Gotti Tedeschi rewritten by Gänswein. The two opposing stories of his expulsion from the IOR

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