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      Scroll down to the bottom for the Table of Contents, this story begins before Genesis and continues through the Bible and into the present and  looks at the future. I would recommend to first pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit.     from Proverbs;1:20 Wisdom cries without;    she utters her voice in the streets:1:22 How long, simple ones, will you love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning,  and fools hate knowledge? 1:23 Turn you at my reproof:  behold, I will pour out my spirit unto you, I will make known my words unto you.


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Marie Julie Jahenny Remedies for Our Times      8/9

Open Letter Sent to All the Bishops in the USA    7/26

My YouTube Channel   updated 9/3/21

An Intro to 24 Years of Walking Through the Gauntlet

God sows the seeds in the 20th Century, and the days of Noah began  updated 4/23/2021

1 of the Best Homilies I have Heard from Medugorje February 2021           3/1

Medugorje February 2021 video

A Hand Delivered Note to Pope Francis on the Church and Notre Dame and the Future   2/13/20

Ltr to Archbishop of Paris -- Notre Dame the Roof and the Future      2/8/20

Fr Leon's Medugorje Testimony Prayer Miracles Visions and more Prayer

The Eucharist the Bread of Life in Scripture, Prophecy, History and the Future                 

Mary Magdalen Prophecies in the Bible in History in Cathedrals, Nostradamus and more         

Abraham the Prophecies Then and Now      

FREE WILL the 2nd Letter to Pope Francis  

Fatima May 13th 100 year Anniversary and other Bible Prophecies          5/13/17

5777 Year of the Sword, Bible Prophecy, Fulfilled, Unfolding & Coming and more            4/23

Easter 2017 Endtime Prophecy Jesus the Eucharist and Miracles            

Who is Afraid of the devil, Spiritual Warfare the First Sunday of Lent readings             3/10/17

2017 Superbowl Halftime Indoctrination by satan and his puppet Lady Gaga, Apostasy, Prophecy, & Naive Children of Light                         2/8/17

Virgin Mary in Medugorje a short Defense Prophecy Miracles and Pray Pray Pray       7/29

7_25_2016 Beyond the Headlines Prophecy, War, Bohemian Grove, RNC Convention, Politics, Culture, Economics, social engineering, election, and more

Updated 3/2016 The Mark on the Forehead and the Hand explained by the Virgin Mary   3/5/2016

Letter The Cross and Free Will to Archbishop Sartan 3 -23 -2015

Embrace the Cross and Bear Witness to the Truth a Letter Pope Francis 2-14-2015   

The Woman Clothed with the Sun   8/29  15 min.

Here Must Appear the Constancy of the Saints. Warnings about the mark of the Beast and the Beasts from the book of Revelation  8/17 15 min.

Spiritual Warfare the Battle with the devil and his servants                    17 min.

Why Am I Still Weeping the Blood is Flowing & the Apostasy is growing    21  min.    7/28

The Sword the Blood and the Wall where Scripture Prophecy and Life are Colliding  7/20

There Will Be Peace the Virgin Mary's promise to the World from Fr. Gobbi    10 min.     7/11

Marie-Julie Jahenny 1850-1941 The Stigmatist and the Future French King 

Archived videos of the Virgin Mary's Prophecies, warnings and solutions

DNA the Divine Molecule video   17 min. 

New old World Order and their Eugenics Operation  A letter sent to all U.S. Bishops  

A response to an author downplaying the sex scandal                             

The Truth and the Light a letter to Vatican Cardinal Turkson  

 A Letter sent to all the U. S. Bishops          

A Letter to the Pope written in St. Peter's Square

The Comfortable Cross        

View Seattle U. a "Catholic" school paper   

Working Together in Preparation for the Storm   

Some Signs of the Times       

The Rosa Mystica  apparitions from Montichiari & Fontinelle

A Few Thoughts on the Time mag. NWO article  2/12

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EVERYTHING HAS ITS TIME                         Ecclesiastes  3.1-8    

A WALK IN THE STARS              a story about the Creators laboratory 

DNA the Divine Molecule     brief discussion

A WALK THRU TIME    a quick walk thru time      

ABRAHAM             the first king, the covenant  

Jacob becomes Israel                           rough draft   

JOSEPH      the 2nd king, his story related to today  

MOSES     the 3rd king, his story related to today

DAVID      the 4th king, his story related to today

OLD TESTAMENT PROPHETS                    Elijah, Jeremiah, Isaiah, ...

JESUS CHRIST       the Messiah and 5th king         


JOAN of ARC      her story and go to the Basilica (pictures)

MICHEL NOSTRADAMUS 7 chapters Bio &1568 "Les Propheties"

The Education        17 chapters starts in 1960s and goes through 1999

ALTAR OF TEARS           story about the altar

The Church and other visionaries 11 chapters Fatima, Garabandal, etc.

2001 and 2002 Chapters        13 chapters    9-11, Europe, etc.

Other New Chapters through 2006  12 chapters

2006-7 Chapters and articles

a few Miscellaneous articles 2008

MY PROPHECIES AND WARNINGS          predictions and warnings   

TOMORROW               a brief talk about the future   

LAWS AND TRUTHS                  Laws and truths for the 3rd millennium

The Bible     King James Version from 1611 & The New American Standard

BOOK OF REVELATION        Book of Revelation

PEACE PLAN              God's simple Peace Plan

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[English Audio] - Father Savvas Agioritis: What is to Come for Those Who are Inoculated


Saint Bibiana, Virgin and Martyr 

Blessed Rafal Chylinski

A saint, St. M Kolbe, who fought the Freemasons has the battle plan against today’s dictatorship

Doing the Work of the Devil “Whoever deters souls from frequent Communion is doing the work of the devil.”

Francis Plans Bloodbath: Roman Rite Communities Will be forced into the Novus Ordo

If Francis betrays Benedict XVI & the"Roman Rite Communities" like he betrayed the Chinese Catholics we must respond like St. Athanasius, the Saintly English Bishop Robert Grosseteste & "Eminent Canonists and Theologians" by "Resist[ing]" him

Ex-Ecclesia Dei Communities Facing a Decision

A Ruined Pair of Slacks The sacrifice of the Mass

Calvary Chapel Pastors In New Zealand Band Together To Urge Prime Minister To Reconsider Vaccine Mandate

Preacher Freed From Constraint to Recite Covid Propaganda

Papal Photo Op Francis' latest immigration propaganda

Why is there a difference between Catholic and Protestant Bibles?

Woman rejects abortion after seeing pro-life sign: ‘This is a sign to me that I’ve got to keep my baby’

Justice Clarence Thomas Makes It Clear There’s No Right to Abortion in the Constitution

BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas Terrifies Pro-Abortion Left With ONE Opening Question

Reformed Former Planned Butcherhood Director Abby Johnson Rips Supreme Court Leftists for Lies: ‘It’s Grotesque’

Pro-Life Congresswomen at Supreme Court Rally: We Are Seeing a Cultural Change – ‘Look at All These Young People’

Fake Catholic, Real Luciferian Joe Biden Claims There’s Somehow a ‘Constitutional Right’ to Murder Unborn Babies, Claiming It’s a ‘Rational Position to Take’

Sonia Sotomayor Claims Fetal Pain is Not Proof Unborn Children are Human Beings

Turkey's Only Christian Magazine Turns 10 Years Old

He Built a “Cathedral” for Sixty Years — Now He Has Passed at 96

Pakistan: 1,000 Hindu and Christian women forcibly converted to Islam every year

Even renowned atheist Richard Dawkins recognizes the abomination of gender ideology                      12/2


Saint Eligius or Eloy, Bishop of Noyon

Blessed Charles de Foucauld                            St. Damien Of Molokai

The most serious conspiracy is not against human rights, but against the supreme rights of God -- by Roberto de Mattei

Medjugorje Today: The Special Time Our Lady Spoke of the Miraculous Medal

‘Disney’ Refit Imperils Notre-Dame Cathedral Paris prelate quits over 'affair' as plans for dumbing down shrine leaked

Most Catholics, mainline Protestants say faith in God not required to enter Heaven  ???

Bahrain inaugurates Cathedral of Mary Queen of Arabia

Francis Is Surrounding Himself with TWO Nurses

A demonic passage in the Gospel?

Crashing a St. Luke’s Fundraiser Stumbling upon troubling institute's dinner

Sunday obligation reimposed for Scots Catholics

The Greatest Lie Women Have Been Told is That They Need Abortion to Succeed

Supreme Court Has Its Best Chance in Decades to Overturn Roe v. Wade, Protect Unborn Children From Democrat Devils

In prison for murder, one post-abortive father found healing

Chile Parliament Rejects Bill to Legalize Killing Babies in Abortions 

World Economic Forum Sees Synthetic Biology as Force to Reset Living Systems

Facing a demographic crisis, Italy approves incentives to have babies

Ireland’s birth rate falls off the cliff

Colombian Supreme Court Rules Social Media Star Can’t Be Censored for Sharing Biblical Beliefs

Kirk Franklin produces first-ever Christmas gospel film: 'Incredible story of amazing grace'

A Microchip Containing Your Vaccine Passport Information Can Now Be Embedded In Your Hand

NOT SATIRE: Germans wanting to die now have to get “vaccinated” for covid first before receiving euthanasia

Nigeria: Muslims tell Christians to close their churches or face jihad massacres

Moors Still Raid England for Its Daughters


One Book To Rule Them All: Pink or "Purple-haired Harpies screeching about White Supremacy... those whose livings depend on pushing Error will [not] be Converted by anything I can say"

UPenn Swimmer Dominating Women’s Events Originally Swam for Men’s Team  

Transgender Swimmer Dominating Women's Circuit After Competing on Men's Team for Years                12/1


Saint Andrew, Apostle

St Andrew of Scotland: Lessons To Be Learned

Argentinean Archbishop Hector Aguar Confronts Francis with His Contradictions

Catholic Priest: ‘No Earthly King, or President or Public Health Official or Billionaire Technocrat Gets to Dictate What We MUST Put Into Our Bodies . . . Into These Temples of the Holy Spirit’

Historic Notre Dame Cathedral Will Become Disneyland For Tourists

Exposing the St. Gallen Mafia: Secret liberal plot to destroy Catholicism… and its Endgame

Francis & Casanova on Moral Relativism & Mary vs. Venerable Mary of Agreda on the Virgin Mary

Female Promoter of Leftist "Theology" Heads Papal Commission

Grandmother adopts granddaughter after tragic double murder: ‘This is the silver lining’

VIDEO: Man Donates Bikes to Police as Gifts for Children in Need

Planned Parenthood pressured her to abort, but she chose life: ‘Women don’t need abortion’

‘Little warrior’ baby born at 22 weeks placed in sandwich bag for warmth

No, Women Will Not be Investigated for Miscarriages if Roe v. Wade is Overturned

‘Pray Together for Life’ in Mississippi as Supreme Court Set to Hear Major Abortion Case

Rise in U.S. abortion rate is disappointing as potential pro-life victory looms on the horizon

Warren Buffet Foundation Spent $196 Million on Abortion, Enough to Kill 387,000 Babies in Abortions

Will Parents Someday Need a ‘License’ to Raise Their Children?

‘I Miss Melania’: Jill Biden Unveils Horrible Christmas Decorations for White House

The massive difference between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and BLM

The Black Lives Matter Communist Front Group Launches Racist Attack on Christmas

11-year-old girl finds rare ‘Holy Jerusalem’ coin minted during Great Revolt against Rome

28 photos show just how horrible Christmas is in San Francisco this year

Republicans move to make “transgenders” a federally protected class, but still have zero protections for whites, Christians or conservatives

UK Religious Liberty Group Urges House of Commons to Protect Christians in Conversion Therapy Ban

22 states back trans-identified student suing Florida school over bathroom policy

Smut for Kids Reshelved War for young souls rages on

Even WaPo Admits: Trans Industry Recklessly Endangering Kids                                11/30


St. Catherine Labouré, Virgin, Visionary                    Saint Saturninus, Bishop and Martyr

Saint Clement                         Saint James of the Marche   

Abp. Vigano's Advent Meditation

Notre Dame Cathedral to Become Woke Disneyland ‘Theme Park’

Paris archbishop resigns after being accused of affair with woman 

UK Bishops: No Mass Obligation at Christmas. Concentrate On Turkey, Trimmings & Fun!

English Bishop Recycles Cross of Christ As "Climate Crucifix"

Indian Hindu Nationalists Forbid Christians From Attending Church Without Special Permission

For Clarence Thomas, avowed critic of Roe, MS abortion case long awaited

Medical journals refused to publish pro-abortion researcher’s study linking abortion and depression

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves Defends State’s Abortion Ban: “There is No Right to Abortion in the Constitution”

Doctor Sounds Alarm: Stillbirths Explode in Canada (Video)

Abortions in America Increase 2% as Dangerous Abortion Pill Kills More Women and Unborn Children

Ireland: 90% support women being offered other alternatives before an abortion

ER visits due to abortion pill up 500%, study says

WATCH: NBC's Chuck Todd celebrates vaccine mandates and abortions

Italy allows assisted suicide for healthy man whose only ‘illness’ is disability

Female Promoter of Leftist "Theology" Heads Papal Commission

World Economic Forum Sees Synthetic Biology as Force to Reset Living Systems

LifeSite president Steve Jalsevac warns ‘diabolical’ COVID agenda wants to ‘destroy Christian civilization’

“Christians Enjoy No Rights in This Country”: The Persecution of Christians

Dear Enemies of God: Brace for His Wrath . . . It’s Coming

Chinese authorities detain minister, fellow believer with ties to Christian conference

Federal taxpayers fund program paying students $5k to receive training in critical race theory

School Board Cancels Yazidi Nobel Laureate , Former ISIS Sex Slave over ‘Islamophobia’ Fears

Devotional: Searching for a Replacement

Virginia Parents Concerned With Sexual Questions on Surveys Given to Children

‘Gender Non-Conforming’ Person Wants Exclusive Bathroom 

Sodom and Gomorrah Update: First Grade Teacher Boasts About Telling Kids About Her Queerness          11/29


The Miraculous Medal

Feast of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal – Please Pray For A Very Special Intention: A Real Miracle !

St. James Intercisus

Saint Maximus, Bishop of Riez

Saint Francesco Antonio Fasani

Propping up Traditionis Custodes

Notre Dame faces woke 'DISNEY' revamp...'Discovery trail', 'Christianity for dummies' exhibits

Parish Archbishop “Puts His Mandate Back”

Once Catholic HPR: Traditionis permits people to slowly be weaned from the Ancient Mass because of that 'law of gradualness'

Cardinal Accuses US, NATO Satellites of “Duplicity”,


Slovakia Bans Mass Weeks After Francis’ Visit Bishops 'embittered' as Catholic politicians order lockdown for churches

Pro-abortion organization in Peru loses lawsuit against pro-life news organization

'This is my body:' Embracing the feminine genius

Ireland lawmakers push to legalize abortion up to birth under guise of non-discrimination

Coerced abortion: It’s far more common than you think

‘How low can we go?’: Fertility clinic offers Black Friday sale on human beings

…Education Reformers Warn: ‘Parental Rights’ Bills May Actually Be a Step Toward Greater Gov’t Control over Children

The Biden Regime Wants to ‘Liberate’ People From Caring for Their Children

Biden’s America: Armed Agents in Texas School District Arrest Concerned Parents in Their Own Homes

Brilliant: The Difference Between God-Given Human Rights and Democrat Socialism (VIDEO)

Theologians: Patriot Movement Must Also Be a Christian Revival Movement

Travis Scott summons DEMONS to his Astroworld Concert and 10 people died, hundreds got injured; now he’s being sued for $2 billion in damages

Canadian pastor released from court order to recite disclaimer when speaking against COVID mandates

NFL Coach Delivers Mini-Sermon During Post-Game Presser: ‘My Source Of Strength Is Christ Alone’

France: Atheist Ayatollahs Go to War Against a Statue

Colorado attempting to normalize pedophilia by replacing “sex offender” terminology with more palatable “adults who commit sexual offenses”

Pedophile-Defending Old Dominion University Professor Resigns

Next Stage of Rebellion: Normalizing Pedophilia

Report: Trans Children Suffered Severe Injuries as a Result of Puberty Blockers in Swedish Hospital           11/27


Saint John Berchmans, Jesuit Seminarian               St. Peter of Alexandria, Patriarch, Martyr

St. John Berchmans                        Saint Columban

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Virgin, Martyr

Thankful for the Mass 'We give You thanks for Your great glory'

A Queen Most Powerful

The Akita Prophecy of # 101 “It will be a punishment greater than the deluge.” BE READY IT IS COMING

The Door to Fatima’s Modesty is Unlocked by Pope Pius XI

Benedict XVI: A Resounding Slap in Francis’ Face

Bishops in Bed With Biden Bulldog journalist George Neumayr exposes bishops' political agenda

Jesus is ‘their eternal bridegroom’: Sisters of Life make final vows in St Patrick’s Cathedral

Priest Slams ‘Gene Injection’ – ‘Vaccination Strategy a Violation of the Nuremberg Code’

Cancel Anti-Culture! Floyd Blasphemy REMOVED From Catholic University

Vatican Swindle Trial Has an Elephant in the Room: Cardinal Pell

An American Layman Answers His Halfhearted Bishops

Risk All For Christ

Taylor Marshall is "Not calling Berg [Francis] the Pope without Qualification any more": "The Pope--says he's the Pope"

Whistleblower: Girls Deemed ‘Transgender’ by UK Health Service for Not Liking ‘Pink Ribbons and Dollies’

Decrease in Marriage Continues a Spiraling Wave of Problems, and Churches are AWOL

An Affaire? Paris Archbishop in Troubles

Abortion survivor speaks out in new ad ahead of landmark Supreme Court abortion case: ‘My life mattered’

WATCH: If a preborn baby is old enough to be sold for parts, he is old enough to be protected

Abortion is the Leading Cause of Death During COVID, Killing 76 Million People Worldwide

Seven reasons to question the safety of the abortion pill

Actress Elizabeth Banks Pushes ‘Abortion Is Essential Rally’ ‘Time to Get Loud for Abortion Rights’

The Abortion Drug is So Dangerous for Women, ER Visits Have Increased 500%

Exposed: The record of scandal behind the group suing to save late-term abortion in Mississippi

‘Unchaining’ the Good News The redemptive suffering of a Catholic mother

Biden’s Blinken Removes Country That Killed 3,400 Christians This Year (So Far) From Watch List

Democrat-Oppressed Fairfax County Public Schools Returns Pornographic Books to School Libraries, Calling them ‘Diverse Reading Materials’

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Commiefornia Teachers Openly Admit to Grooming Kids to the LGBT Community

Texas Transgender Clinic for Kids Closes After Protests Calling Puberty Blockers ‘Child Abuse’

Priest Ordained by McCarrick Names Him in Lawsuit

Norwegian Postal Service Commerical Depicts Santa Having a Homosexual Affair                    11/26


St. John of the Cross, Doctor of the Church               St. Andrew Dung Lac

Saint Felicity and her Seven Sons, Martyrs                Saint Clement I of Rome, Pope and Martyr

Blessed Miguel Agustín Pro   

Cardinal Müller Celebrates Again Glorious Roman Mass

French Priest: “If We Fear, We Shall Betray Future Generations”

CruxMag cries foul as faithful Catholics take over 'hispanic' Minn. parish, toss out the Aztec dancers, bring in Latin

35 Parishes – Dead at 50

NZ Bishops Impose Sacramental Segregation Vaxxed and unvaxxed ordered to attend separate apartheid-style Masses

Were all the Antipopes until Francis Catholics? Can a Heretic be a Pope? What makes you a Pope or an Antipope?

Bishop Barron elected Chairman on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth

Future Eucharistic Congress Bishops set conference for 2024

Supreme Court Won’t Block Texas Abortion Ban Today, Hundreds More Babies Will be Saved 

Fr. Altman Was Correct: You Can’t Be a Catholic and a Democrat

Overturn Roe v. Wade? Why Pro-Life Advocates Think It Might Happen This Time

Doctors Said Lily Rose Would Die at Birth and Suggested Abortion, Her Parents Refused and She’s Doing Great

Man sentenced to life in prison for killing preborn child

Abortion Businesses Admit Texas Abortion Ban Has Saved 70-80% of Babies From Abortions

Abortion book for teens lies about illegal abortion deaths before Roe v. Wade

List of notable SSPX faithful protesting the Society’s DeathVaxx capitulation grows to 93 in in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Britain, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Korea and especially the USA

Biden-Harris HHS seeks to end so-called ‘serious and harmful’ religious exemptions for health care workers

“Catholic” University Attempts to Defend Disgusting Painting Depicting George Floyd as Jesus

‘Like Something From a War Zone’ Interview with Catholic politician targeted by Antifa

Popular Christian and Gospel Grammy Nominations Some Mainstream Media Coverage Will Likely Overlook

Francis “Revokes Priesthood” of Political Activist

Catholic League Condemns Biden-Harris Regime’s War on Men

NYC: Muslim activist denounces Coptic priest as ‘Christian dog’ for criticizing Islam: ‘I will beat the crap out of him’


The World’s ONLY Muslim Country Which Supports a Catholic Faculty

Pro-Science Catholic Student Punished for Saying Fact There Are Only 2 Genders Sues School District

Video: Pelosi Describes Massive Climate Change Spending As “A Religious Thing”

Clay Clark Provides the Proof That the COVID-19 “Vaccines” Are Satanic

HUH?!?? 21 House Republicans push to make “Transgenders” a federally protected class 

Biden’s Build Back Better ‘Free’ Preschool Forces LGBTQ Activist Curriculum on Faith Groups             11/24


Trust in Jesus

Saint Cecilia, Virgin, Martyr

Was Pope Leo XIII An Eavesdropper?


Fairfield Carmelites show how it’s done: Vocations booming, donations streaming in, Roman usurpers not allowed… they need allies

Archbishop Viganò Calls on People of Faith to Unite in a "WORLD WAR" Against the "New World Order"

The future of the Russian Catholic Church  

Leading Moscow Priest Leaves Ecclesiastic Ministry

Cowardly Conference of Bishops – Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Padre Pio Versus Amoris Laetitia Church

Archidiocese of Milwaukee: Priest and several Catholic school students among victims of BLM terrorist

Bishop Blesses Pro-Death Premier’s Tyranny Oz prelate hands state blank check to ban unjabbed from Mass

Diocese of Motherwell: Spiritans Community Enforces Face Coverings… No Mask, No Mass

Mom Refused Doctors’ Suggestion to Abort Two of Her Quadruplets, Now They’re All Healthy

Preemie Delivered at 24 Weeks to Save Her Mother’s Life Is Thriving Six Months Later

Doctors said her baby would be born brain dead, but now he’s taking his first steps

Former architect of the American abortion industry speaks out against it

Baby girl born at 25 weeks almost ready to join twin brother at home

Abortion is the Leading Cause of Death During COVID, Killing 76 Million People Worldwide

Women who take abortion pills at higher risk of going to ER than those who have surgical abortions: study

New study shows rate of abortion pill-related ER visits are up 500% since 2002

COVID-19 and the Smoke of Satan

Cathedral Rector Rants Against Vaccination-Free people

Leaked HHS Memo Reveals Biden Admin Moving to Remove Religious Liberty Protections

India: Over 50 churches stop holding worship services after authorities impose ban on Christian gatherings

‘God-centered’ academy founded by Traditional Catholics rejects progressive education

Broadway Star Who Says He Was Fired From Show Over His Christian Faith Is Fighting Back

Graphic Pictures/Video: Muslim Hamas Terrorist Opens Fire in Jerusalem, Killing One, Injuring Four

The LGBT mob is coming after our children: It's time to fight back 

Government Kills ALL Public Voices to Avoid Hearing One Explosive Issue

California teachers say they ‘stalked’ kids, pushed them to join LGBT clubs                    11/22


Saint Felix of Valois, Founder

Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne                            Saint Edmund, Archbishop of Canterbury

Colorized: Amazing restoration of 1896 film of Pope Leo XIII

4 Ways the Kingdom of God can dwell in your heart

Why is the Vatican Lashing Out at Contemplative Nuns?

These Are the Authors of French Bishops’ HOAX Abuses

St. John Paul II’s beautiful prayer to St. Joseph

Sensus Fidelium in Baltimore The sense of the faithful on display

Cardinal Sarah: French Archbishop “Ordained” Genitally Mutilated Woman As ...

Catholic Progressives and the Culture War

The “Greater Good” is Not a Catholic Moral System

Doctors said her baby would be born brain dead, but now he’s taking his first steps

Bernard Nathanson Did 75,000 Abortions, Then He Became Pro-Life After a Radical Transformation

Abortion provider organization says independent abortion clinics closing at ‘alarming rate’

Homicide is the Number One Cause of Death for Pregnant Women, Including Many Women Who Refuse Abortions

Baby Haters Fail in Glasgow

Democrats Scrap Hyde Amendment to Force Americans to Fund Killing Babies in Abortions 

House passes Build Back Better Act including expansion of taxpayer funding of abortion

Twelve Prominent Catholics Resist PiusX On Vaccines

Ann’s Visit to the Big Apple Jesus lives in Catholic churches

Artificial intelligence replacing God, ramifications for the Church is 'concerning': Wallace Henley

Jesuit Yoga Guru Compels Gender Pronouns Society of Jesus university receives $800,000 to promote the Jain religion

Illinois Teachers Went Classroom by Classroom Confiscating Dr. Seuss Books

Disney Further Mainstreaming the Occult With Launch of Tarot Cards

Nigeria: Muslims abduct 22 girls ages 15-17, say they’re going to force the girls to marry them

Media Still Describing Liverpool Suicide Bomber as “Christian Convert” Despite Massive Evidence to the Contrary

Taliban, Kim Jong-Un, Nigeria Named Top 3 Christian Persecutors Of 2021

Biden Removes Nigeria from Religious Oppressor List Despite Christian Persecution

Italy: Cops Bust Caritas Cleric for Child Porn

Salesians Sue Catholic Webpage – And Lose

Catholic university hosts ‘Gayla’ to celebrate Pride Week  

Feminist group sues California over pro-LGBT prison policies endangering female inmates

Biden Education Department to Create ‘Nonbinary’ Identity for Students

New Olympic guidelines open door for relaxed rules on trans athlete participation

LGBTQ+ Organization Holds Gay History Month Drag Show at Georgia Methodist Church  

Academics Defend Prof Put on Leave for Pro-Pedophile Vid

Connecticut Parents: Kindergartners Taught Trans Mania, No Opt-Out                             11/20


Dedication, Basilicas of St. Peter & St. Paul

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

Saint Gregory Thaumaturge, Bishop                          Saint Elizabeth of Hungary

HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Calls on People of Faith to Unite in a Worldwide Anti-Globalist Alliance to Free Humanity from the Totalitarian Regime (VIDEO)

Radio Response to Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s Appeal for People of Faith to Unite Against Globalist Threat

Pope John Paul II's "Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit"?: Are the Francis Seamless Garment US Bishops giving "'Cover' for... Legalized Abortion" & the "Unrepentant State of Mortal Sin" as well as Practical Atheism?

Five Lessons from the bishops’ discourse on the Eucharist  

Priest attacked and robbed at gunpoint outside church

I Fear the Worst about Pope Francis

Hispanic state rep. with pro-life voting record leaves Texas Democratic Party to join GOP

Mom who refused abortion for baby with 3% chance of survival celebrates daughter’s first word

California pro-lifers take to the streets to protest the buying, selling of aborted babies’ body part

Pro-life OB-GYNs launch initiative to increase abortion pill reversal providers

New video campaign highlights humanity of unborn as Supreme Court braces for major abortion case

Pro-Life Group Under Investigation for Displaying Crosses at Catholic University

Report: Belgian doctors euthanized 24 infants in 15 months

Telemundo Journalist Calls Preborn Babies ‘Products’ While Discussing Texas Law

California prepares to become an abortion destination if Roe falls

World’s most vaccinated region cancels Christmas for ‘drastic’ rise in COVID cases

Evangelist Franklin Graham develops pericarditis, undergoes heart surgery after aggressively pushing covid “vaccines” on Christians

Christian Florist agrees to pay $5k to end lawsuit over refusal to serve gay wedding

HHS Memo Shows Department Moving to Undo Trump-Era Action Aimed at Better Protecting Religious Liberty

'I made a deal with God': Nigerian Christian girl details harrowing escape from Boko Haram

Alan Jackson's Daughter Shares Emotional Journey After Loss of Husband: 'I Just Craved God's Presence'

Devotional: Aligning Your Life With God’s Purpose

Christian Warriors: Texas Patriots Chant “Let’s Go Brandon!” During Pro-American Conference at Church — NOT During Church Service

In These "Last Days Deceptions", A "New Religion" Is Being Crafted For "The End Of The World" By Satanic Despots To Replace Christianity And Other Religions As The NWO's 'Official Creed'

Ten Years of Muslim Persecution of Christians

Catholic teenager suspended for saying there are only two genders sues school district

Parents Say Kindergarten and First-Grade Students Are Being Read Wildly Age-Inappropriate Books About Sexuality and Gender Identity — and the Schools Refuse to Let Them Opt Out

LGBTQ+ Pride Group Stages 'Drag Show' in Georgia Church

Pedophile-Friendly Professor Placed on Leave by University.

University Professor Says Sexual Attraction to Minors Isn't Immoral

Gender Therapist Claims Your Baby Sends You Nonverbal Messages That They’re Trans

Virginia School Board Decides To Put Sexually Explicit Books Back Into School Libraries                   11/19


St. Margaret of Scotland

Induction Mass For French Bishop: Desaster During

Bishop Strickland’s ‘Apocalyptic’ Homily Sunday before USCCB Fall General Assembly

Fr Linus Clovis: Civil War Within The Church

Flashback- LifeSiteNews' Westen: "The Easiest Solution would be to have Pope Francis declared some kind of Heretic or Illegally Elected... discussions are going on among the Hierarchy"

US Intelligence Influenced Vatican II

Explosive Abuse Allegations Against New Orleans Archbishop

The Marriage of Faith and Reason

Footage of Dublin church demolition symbolizes collapse of modernist faith in Ireland 

‘No Plea’ Entered on Providence Priest’s Behalf Amid Federal Child Pornography Charges

Francis “Strong Men” in the Vatican – All Spaniards


Unconditional Surrender: Father Julián Carrón Resigns

Pro-Life Group Ranks Arkansas the Most Pro-Life State in America

Texas Legislator Switches From Democrat to Republican Because Democrats are Pro-Abortion

Report: Belgian doctors euthanized 24 infants in 15 months

Catholic-Funded Networks Financially Tied to Pro-Abortion Initiative

The United States is One of Only 7 Nations Allowing Abortions Up to Birth

‘Not a Happy Experience’: Pro-Abortion Sen. Dick Durbin on His 17-Year Communion Ban

"Christian" Pastor: It’s Okay to Kill Babies in Abortion Because Women’s Bodies “are Sacred”

Biden’s nominee for FDA Commissioner expanded access to abortion pill under Obama administration

Boston Will Give Employees 12 Weeks Paid Leave After Killing Their Babies in Abortions

Diocesan volunteer challenges Canadian bishop’s vaccine requirement

Jesuit Universities Peddle Toxic Racial Dogma

Dr. Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA therapy): ‘I Knew It Was a Lie From the First Moment. I Felt the Evil.’

Catholic Epoch Times Journalist Luka Binniyat Arrested for Reporting Christian Persecution in Nigeria

Family of 12-y-o Christian girl held captive by Muslim man in Pakistan fear she's being forced into Islamic marriage

Two Arkansas Men Confess to Raping, Trafficking Six-Year-Old Girl

Connecticut School Teaches Kindergarteners About Transgenderism as Part of Its ‘Social Justice’ Lessons     

Durham University Is Offering Students Lessons on How to Be a Prostitute

Gender Benders Rejecting God's design

Vermont Requires Middle/High Schools to Provide Free Condoms to Students                          11/16


St. Albert the Great, Doctor of the Church

Saint Martin I, Pope and Martyr                                    Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini

Cardinal Ladaria: “PiusX Not In Schism”

Viganò: True freedom is the ability to act within the limits of the Good

EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Vigano Shares Letter with TGP Directed Towards Tomorrow’s Protesters Against Health Tyranny in Switzerland

US Bishops Set To Debate Biden’s Eligibility For Communion and do NOTHING

Transhumanist Cd. Parolin tells Holy UN about the 'ethics of artificial intelligence'

Actual Catholic Chinese Bishop Peter Shao Zhumin taken by authorities for 'tourism' returns to diocese

Prosecuted Finnish Bishop Slams Cancel Culture: ‘The Gospel of Christ Is at Stake’

Too Church Friendly: French Bishops Fire Spokeswoman

More Women Choosing Home Births Since Pandemic: 'You Have a Lot More Freedom'

Respect for the Body: A Response to Archbishop Jackels

Mask-headed Irish Bishops make stunt pilgrimage to Knock where Eamon Martin gives evil VirusHomily

US Catholic Bishops Unlikely to Criticize Biden for Pro-Abortion Stance

Pro-life group repeatedly denied funds by Catholic University of America's student gov't

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Adds ‘Fourth-Trimester’ to Describe Newborns as ‘More Fetus-Like Than Baby-Like’

‘Lucifer’ Actress Says Abortion Helped Her Career… Killed Baby While Filming ‘Killing Women’

Hate-Filled Anti-Life Democrats Destroy a Cross Set Up to Commemorate 800,000 Murdered Babies

Navy SEALs Sue Biden Admin for Refusing Religious Exemptions for Vax: ‘An Attempted Ideological Purge’

Democrat Baby Killers REALLY Don’t Want to Answer These Questions, Robotically Repeat Talking Points Instead

Exorcists, Demonologists Break Down Satanic Activity At Rapper Concert

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins Calls for RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel to Step Down for Promoting Sexual Deviancy Within the GOP

Is Anti-Viganò Woke Ignatius Press Enamored with a Promoter of "LGBT Propagandist Fr. Martin" & Balthasar's apparent Heresies on the Incarnation & Hell?

Ex-lesbian who fled US to protect daughter facing prosecution by Biden admin

Homeschooling ‘No Longer Just for Religious Conservatives’

Decadent Francis Again in Homosex Frenzy

Oklahoma Governor Orders Halt to Nonbinary Birth Certificates                      11/15


Saint Martin of Tours Bishop

St. Leo the Great                        Saint Andrew Avellino, Theatine Priest  

Open letter by Dominican theologian Fr. Wojciech Gołaski: “I must bear witness to the treasure of the holy rites of the Church”

Traditionis Custodes Effect: Dominican Joins PiusX

COP26: Pope Francis’ Letter to the Catholics of Scotland on Climate – Beware God’s Judgement! Francis needs to look in the mirror

The Younger The Priests The More They Are Critical of Francis Vatican2 Backwardness


Legalism: Francis' Diocese "Forbids" ALL Roman Rite Easter Liturgies

Special Report: The Scranton Cesspool Sexting scandal further exposes gay priest network

Thoughts on “The Restrainer”

Catholic Bishop Slams Biden for Supporting Abortion: “63 Million Babies Have Been Murdered. It’s a Bloodbath" but do not worry Nancy I will not do anything about it

Vatican Loses $135M In Shady London Property Deal Amid Allegations Of Massive Fraud

Vaccination Apostle Contracts Covid

The Highly Respected Vox Cantoris & Aqua (with others) "Discuss" Mask Mandates in Church

Miracle Alabama Baby Sets Record — Born 19 Weeks Premature — Weighed Only 14.8 Ounces at Birth and Survives!

I Was Conceived in Rape But Glad I Wasn’t Aborted. I Did Not Deserve Death for My Father’s Crime

WATCH: Courageous college students berated for protesting Planned Parenthood fundraiser

Five ways to help a friend who regrets her abortion

“Catholic” Democrat Senator Dicky Durbin Denied Communion Because He Supports Killing Babies

Pro-abortion fetal health society cancels Texas meetings in opposition to Heartbeat Act

The 63 Million Babies Killed in Abortions Didn’t Have a Name, But That Doesn’t Decrease Their Value

Alyssa Milano believed her miscarriages were punishment for her abortions

I spent four years of my life defending my country, but I didn’t defend my unborn child

Left-wing businesses condemn Texas abortion law: Protecting children is ‘bad for business’

Religious Freedom Groups Oppose Biden Proposal to Rescind Trump-Era Exemption

NBA Player Said Christian Faith Guided Him to Reject the Covid Jab, Stand for National Anthem

Christian pastor warns that Victoria’s COVID-19 rules and vaccine mandate are leading it “down the path of dictatorship”

Impoverished Indians drop dead of starvation after Bill Gates-backed biometric “Mark of the Beast” system DENIES rice rations

Realtor Board Backs Down From Attack on Cross in Christian Realtor’s Advertising

Pawns of the Left Exploiting America's children

If the Left Ends Parent Rights, You Might Need a License to Raise Your Own Child

Travis Scott, Mass Hypnosis and The Music Industry’s Wide-Open Portal to Hell

The Metaverse: Reality Occulted

Canadian Funeral Homes Have Effectively Become Execution Centers Thanks To Euthanasia Law

New Zealand judge deems mother’s murder of disabled daughter ‘mercy killing’

Degenerate Virginia Public School District Asks 13-Year-Olds About Oral Sex, IUDs and Smoking Crack    

Male students pressured to cross-dress for ‘wear a skirt to school day’ in Scotland

Christians must be courageous in defending children against LGBT propaganda

Survey: 39 Percent of 18- to 24-Year-old Americans Identify as LGBTQ

Italian Fashion Brand Benetton Launches ‘Unisex Hijab’

Pervert Second Grade Teacher Grooming Boys to Wear Nail Polish                          11/11


Saint Theodore Tyro, Martyr in Asia Minor                St. Benignus

Dedication of Saint John Lateran Basilica Leak Dominates Weekend Discussion

Pope Francis and the Cardinal Becciu affair


Woke Kiwi Bishops Sacralize Medical Murder Prelates use Francis-speak urging clergy to 'accompany' assisted suicide

Catholic Bishop Baptizes 14 Babies Saved From Abortion

Archbishop of Canterbury Says Climate Change 'Genocide' Worse Than Under Nazis, Then Apologizes

Shrouded connections: Serbia, the Shroud, and the Holy Face of Laon  

Robot Replaces Priest in Saint John Paul II Church

7-Year-Old Girl Sells Baked Goods and Painted Rocks, Earns Over $1,700 for Charity

French Poll: Two-Thirds Believe Christians ‘Threatened with Extinction’ by Mass Muslim Migration

When God sees it necessary for you to suffer

Traditionis Custodes Chaos: What About the Anglo-Catholic Missal?

French Catholic bishops announce ‘vast program of renewal’ after abuse report

Fake NewPenance Ceremony by French Bishops to Do Penance for Sex Abuse

Pro-life couple celebrates life of daughter who died an hour after birth and ‘forever changed’ them

Texas Didn’t Just Ban Abortions, It Also Helped Pregnant Women

Pro-Life Students at UK University Receive Death Threats

US Catholic Bishops: Taxpayer-funded abortion in Build Back Better Act ‘completely unacceptable' but as long as you give us $ we will do NOTHING

Biden Administration Gives $5 Million to United Nations Group to Fund Portable Devices to Kill Babies in Abortions Around the World

Kanye West blasts ‘genocide’ of abortion, racism of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger

31-Year-Old Woman Dies From Botched Legal Abortion That Caused Lethal Infection

Canadian Funeral Homes Have Effectively Become Execution Centers Thanks To Euthanasia Law

Newsmax under fire for COVID policy, silencing reporter who warned about ‘satanic’ jab ingredients

Catholicism, American conservatism, and the question of freedom

WINNING FORMULA? 19 Year Old Wins School Board Seat in NJ by Running Against CRT

Christian professor recovers from COVID after treatment denied, warns about medical and media ‘lies’

Longing for Dinosaurs: Francis Indulges in Communist Nostalgia

Forbidden to Advertise for a Christian Babysitter Because of New State Law, Virginia Parents Fight Back

Germany: Church Dismisses Vandalism by Anti-Christian Muslim Migrant as ‘Late Spring Cleaning’

Germany: 63-year-old Afghan Muslim migrant slits 21-year-old wife’s throat in front of their children

Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Introduces Bill to Impose Sharia (Islamic Law) Worldwide

RNC Establishes ‘Pride Coalition’ With LGBT Republican Group at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago

Pole Dancing Instructor Who Offers Classes to Kids, Married to Registered Child Sex Offender

SHOCK REPORT: 30% of Millennials Identify as LGBT; Vast Majority 'Searching for Purpose'

Charges filed, but girl suspended for reporting sex assault in restroom

Census Bureau: 1 In 7 Adults in Washington, D.C. is LGBT—Higher Percentage Than Any State               11/9


Saint Godfrey or Geoffroy, Bishop                   St. Castorius                    Blessed John Duns Scotus

Saint Willibrord, Apostle of the Frisons                    St. Achillas                   Saint Didacus

St. Robert Bellarmine, the Hammer of Heretics

Greek Bishops Demand Clergy Get Vaccine or Be Put on Leave


Australian Catholic leader warns of change to exemptions for religious

New Message: Saint Michael the Archangel to Luz de Maria "You will see signs in the sky... Be Ready"

No Feasting Without Fasting

Novus Ordo Church Compensates Lack Of Substance With... Free Tattooing

Saint John’s Abbey Offers Fake Apology

Your right to be a fool

Take Two: Don’t miss Dr. Mazza’s next mini-course… sign up now for “Advent with Antipopes”

Holy Communion & Un-Holy Catholics – Ordained and Lay… How Does This Work?

Pro-life ministry founder’s daughter Ember is born, spends precious hour with family after birth

WATCH: SNL Airs Extremely Strange and Awkward ‘Clown Abortion’ Skit

Shocking quotes show how abortion supporters try to disguise the reality of abortion

New Zealand: Bishops Accept Euthanasia Suicide, Call It "Good Faith"

Churches Worldwide Unite in Prayer for 340 Million Christians Persecuted for Their Faith in Christ

Texas University Grants Christian Group Official Status—Days After Lawsuit Filed

CHURCH LEADERS ENDORSE RESET! Demonic Ideology Embraced by "Christian" Leaders

The Whirlwind of Godless Chaos Unleashed on America

Texas Defends Worship Majority backs religious liberty

Nurse Forced To Resign Despite Religious Exemption, Told Her Faith Not “Sincerely Held Belief”

Ministers call for end to street violence after murder of beloved California pastor

Riccardo Bosi says Australian Military is training to forcibly DeathVaxx citizenry

Washington Supreme Court Ruled Against Seattle Homeless Ministry Over Christian Beliefs

Afghanistan: Man sells 9-year-old daughter to buy food, begs 55-year-old husband not to beat her

‘Pray the Gay Away’ Speaking vs. protesting truth

Propaganda Takes Hold: An UNBELIEVABLE 30% of Millennials Now Identify as LGBTQ According To New Study – In 2018 It Was Less Than 9%

Only 17% of Americans Strongly Believe There Are Multiple ‘Genders,’ Down From 24% Two Years Ago

U.S. Navy Launches Ship Named After Gay Rights Leader Harvey Milk

Former Vatican Doctrinal Chief: LGBT Ideology Is ‘Absolutely Wrong’

Cornell University Offering Baskets of Free ‘Mxnstrual’ Products in Men’s Restrooms                       11/8


Saint Leonard, Hermit, Patron of prisoners

Saint Nicholas Tavelic and Companions

Francis: “You Are Really Communists! Congratulations

L.A. Archbishop Decries Rise of Globalism, Anti-Christian ‘Elite Leadership Class’

Worldwide Synod of Synods may not even have any voting. Magister: “That this Leninist party practice is the synodality longed for by Jorge Mario Bergoglio comes as no surprise”


Becoming Soldiers of Christ Why receive confirmation?

Did Pope John Paul II condemn the Vax Mandate Effect & the Francis Effect on Abortion?

Liturgical Screwtape Letters Leaked to

DeathVaxxing Greenville FrancisPriest: “Just what are you, Fr. Newman? Besides a fool?”

Halloween adoption ceremony places 15 kids with forever homes

Missionaries of Charity evacuated 14 disabled orphans from Kabul

Pro-life judicial candidates win big in Pennsylvania

Truck Driver Who Defeated Top Democrat is Pro-Life: “Abortion is Wrong and Should be Stopped”

Murdering Infants to Obtain Fetal Tissue for “Vaccine” Research — Interview With AnnaMaria Cardinalli

Joe Biden Sends $5 Million to UN to Fund Portable Devices to Kill Babies in Abortions Around the World

Kanye West Slams Killing Babies Abortion as “Genocide,” Calls it Black “Population Control”

Christian groups challenge Biden’s ‘tyrannical’ COVID-19 vaccine mandate  

Catholic School Teens Die After Vaccine Drive Adolescent deaths skyrocket by 125% over 5-year average following jabs

Boy Scouts Announce New Critical Race Theory Requirement

Touch, Prayer And The Role Of Clergy At Executions: SCOTUS Weighs Religious Freedom

Theocracy: A Christian Group Opposes America’s Decadence 

GHOULISH: Canada looks to add euthanasia rooms to funeral homes

43 Percent of Americans Believe ‘Being Christian’ Is a Significant Part of Being ‘Truly American,’ Study Shows

Space Angels: Arguing a Point

Open demon worship inside White House… Joe must have learned how to do it right from Bergoglio. Fancy.

Afghanistan’s Christians Face ‘Heightened Risk’ of Persecution With Taliban in Power

Female Student Suspended After Reporting Sexual Assault In HS Bathroom                           11/6


Feast of the Holy Relics

St. Elizabeth

Saint Peter Chrysologus                  Saint Bertilla, Abbess

Jesus made the following 12 promises to St. Margaret Mary in favor of those who consecrate to the Sacred Heart, in a spirit of reparation, the First Friday of each month

Prayer to the Sacred Heart on First Fridays

Missa Latina St. Peter's Basilica Hosts TLM

ASK FATHER: What if there were no Pope for a long period? Where in Fr. Z rants.

Russian Metropolitan: “Biden Cannot Call Himself A Catholic“

Fr. Altman condemns 'godless, dehumanizing mandates' and progressive theology

Bishops: Bill would help many, but its funding of abortion is ‘unacceptable’

URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Fr. Jackson of the FSSP, recently arrested – Prayer for priests – UPDATED

FSSP Priest Accused Of Watching Dozens Of Rape Child Videos

The KKK Killed 3,446 Black People, But Abortion Has Killed 22 Million Black People

Study: Texas Heartbeat Act Cut Abortions by 50% in September

Indiana abortion complications reporting law finally goes into effect after 3-year fight

Lila Rose: Your Body, Googles Choice

Radical Pro-Abortion Group NARAL Names Former Biden and Hillary Staffer as President 

Did Francis, in a Backhanded Way, Endorsed Universal Access to Abortion, Again? & is there a Francis Pattern in GoodCatholicBidengate to Barroslettergate to Lettergate to Hellgate?

Texas passes amendment to state constitution barring future church closings

Christian Aid Ministries says gangs taking power in Haiti; crime boss urges US to cut ties with gov’t

Modernism and the Two Sources of Revelation. By Maestro Aurelio Porfiri

Bethlehem is open for business, waiting for VirusTourists


Mississippi rolling out mobile ID system that provides access to individuals’ private information

Archbishop of Canterbury apologizes for comparing climate change to holocaust

Degenerate Students at Evil Benedictine Abbey Keep Score in Sex Olympics in Their Dorm

Barrett, Kavanaugh prevent Supreme Court from throwing out trans lawsuit against Catholic hospital

Abuse Cheerleader: Homosexuality "Could" Explain Homosexual Abuse 


World needs more groups like American Heritage Girls that refuse to bow to LGBT agenda

Most millennials like Jesus and the Bible, but 30% identify as LGBT: study

German Priest Performs Gay Pseudo-Blessing In Gay Sauna

Girl Scouts Competitor on "Trans" Agenda: God "Created Men and Women Differently" 

Florida elementary school defends field trip to gay bar as part of ‘community’ education                    11/5


Saint Charles Borromeo, Archbishop

St. Charles Borromeo and the key principles of Catholic reform  

Holy Suffering Souls Purgatory: a place of expiation and holiness

Italy: Vocations to the priesthood waaaaaay down


CNA: What’s in (and isn’t in) the bishops’ draft document on the Eucharist?

Vaccine Passports for Mass? letter from Bishop Robert Anthony Daniels of Grand Falls to the priests and pastoral leaders of the diocese

The St. Gallen Mafia is the key to understanding Pope Francis

Cupich Posts Harsh Letter on Traditiones Custodes in “Gay, Tell”

Bishop Says Joe Biden “Cant’ Call Himself a Catholic” Because He Promotes Abortions

Uruguay: Well-Done, Council Church!

Chicago’s Tainted ‘Saint’ Homopredator Satanist honored

True Witnesses of Jesus Christ's Resurrection: "Disciples of Christ Despise Death... Instead of Fearing it"

India: Catholic bishop charged with ‘promoting feelings of hatred’ for speaking against ‘love and narcotic jihad’

If Cardinal Sarah Had Seen Vigano’s Name "He Would Have Refused Immediately" 

The tandem Rome-USA enthronement of lucifer in which future Cardinal Bernardin raped the child “Agnes” as recounted by Malachi Martin, happened in Greenville, SC. Now read this satanic bilge… from Greenville. The offering of children to satan continues apace.

A Scheme to Destroy the Church Say no to so-called synodality

Roman Catholic nun speaks out against Texas law banning religious prayer aloud during death row  

David Henrie gives 2-year-old daughter painting of Our Lady of Guadalupe her reaction is priceless

Football star Zamir White was targeted for abortion, but his 14-year-old mother chose life

Pro-Life Judges Won Every Single Statewide Election in Pennsylvania, Defeating Planned Parenthood

Pope encourages global leaders to fulfill goals of pro-abortion climate change pact

Pro-life displays vandalized on college campuses across the country

Doctors in Belgium are Euthanizing Infants — Killing 24 Babies in 15 Months

‘Intellectual cowardice’: Catholic high schoolers stage walkout at optional pro-life presentation

A million reasons why you shouldn’t let your kids watch ‘Squid Game’

The Bishop Has Found a Job

New Iowa law ensures religious and medical exemptions from COVID shot mandates

Christian Persecution Group Wants to Know if Biden’s Muslim Religious Freedom Ambassador Will Help Non-Muslims

Muslim Population of Canada Triples In 15 Years, Now Country’s Fasted Growing Religion

12 Biological Males Convicted of Violent Crimes, Sex Crimes Transferred to Women's Prisons After Identifying as Women

UK ‘Let Us Pray’ Campaign Responds to LGBT Activists Conversion Therapy Claims, Aims to Outlaw the Gospel

Turns out parents may have had enough of their kids being fed LBGTXYZ and CRT… we’ll see              11/4


Saint Martin de Porres

Saint Malachy d’Armagh, Primate of Ireland                   Saint Hubert, Bishop

A secretary of Padre Pio remembers the indefatigable Saint  

Old Rite Survey: "We Tolerate Liturgical Abuse - Why Should we Single out the TLM

Not a ‘Good Catholic’ Bishops flame Biden over Holy Communion

Is Cardinal Sarah a Francis/McCarrick Man?

Legalistic Cardinal Cupich Gloats: Holy Francis Wants To Cancel The Ancient Mass

Underground Chinese Catholic bishop yet again arrested by authorities, sent away on ‘vacation’: report

USCCB Eucharist draft document focuses on real presence, not Communion denial

Twelve bishops under investigation by Church in Mexico for covering up sexual abuse 

Venerable Gay Rights FrancisPriest Fr. James Martin accuses US bishops of focusing too much on abortion following Biden’s meeting with Pope Francis

Judith Was in the Middle of the Abortion When She Changed Her Mind and Her Baby Was Saved

Supreme Court Grants a Win to NY Nuns Who Were Being Forced to Support Murdering Babies

Hate Feminists Vandalised Cathedral

BREAKING: New Ohio ‘2363 Act’ will protect preborn children from abortion at fertilization

Pro-life prayer vigil held at Mississippi’s sole abortion facility draws ire of abortion activists

Seminary President: “There is Nothing Godly” About Saving Babies From Abortions

Report laments decrease in abortion centers while pregnancy center ‘competition’ grows

Ex-Satanist Who Hated Christians Spent 33 Years Praising Evil — Until a Book Mysteriously Appeared on His Jail Cell Floor

Supreme Court Allows Bogus Lawsuit Against Catholic Hospital Over Refused “Transgender” Hysterectomy

Blame Public Schools for Transgender Bathroom Rapes

A Texas radio host given 3 life sentences for scamming his Christian listeners out of millions                  11/3


All Souls Day

St. Victorinus of Pettau


The St. Gallen Mafia Wolves in sheep's clothing

Francis Signed Secular Document for His Secular Eco-Religion

Medjugorje Sign from Heaven… New Sun Miracle Appears over Cross Mountain

Nuncio: Priest Should Stop Setting Up Private Charitable Trusts

Perseverance: Easier Said Than Done! Being faithful until the end

Neil Oliver to Hypocritical COP26 Leaders: Follow The Example of St Francis… Then We’ll Listen!

U.S. Catholic Bishop Urged Pope to Challenge Biden on Abortion

Mom says she and son were ‘given a second chance’ thanks to abortion pill reversal

Supreme Court Stops New York State From Forcing Christians to Fund Abortions

Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Texas Pro-Life Law Case

Barrett, Kavanaugh deny religious liberty appeal from Maine healthcare workers fighting jab mandates

Abortion pill complications requiring hospital visits in UK mirror US data… and it’s not good

Fake Child Murdering “President” Encouraged by Marxist Bergoglio

Catholic university under fire for plans to host Planned Parenthood fundraiser

Cotton: Left’s ‘Bureaucratic Mindset’ Laid Bare When Childless Activists Undermine Parents

Supreme Court throws out anti-religious liberty ruling by top NY court, orders reconsideration

Is stealing wrong? Not on the left

Is This Foreshadowing Something? – Facebook’s New Name Means “DEAD” In Hebrew

Conditioning for Mark of the Beast Ramps Up

What the Hell? School Changes Rules to Allow ‘Satanic Dress’

Stasi in Kansas City: Student Denounces Christian Teacher to Authorities, Gets Him Suspended

Certiorari Denied In California Catholic Hospital's Free Exercise Claim After Tranny 'Man' Sued for a Hysterectomy

Poll Shows Two-Thirds of French People Believe Christians ‘Threatened with Extinction’ by Mass Muslim Migration

Gonzaga University Celebrates LGBTQ Students with Lavender Mass ???

Florida school district defends elementary school field trip to gay bar

Halloween Commercials Go Full Libtard

Biden's America: Texas Gov Moves to Protect Schoolchildren from Graphic Pornography          11/2


All Saints Day

St. Valentine Berrio-Ochoa

Saint Quentin, Apostle of Amiens, Martyr                    Saint Wolfgang of Regensburg

This is Little Nellie of Holy God. At 4 she got permission from the Pope to receive Holy Communion…She is now on her way to becoming a Saint…The short sweet life of “Little Nellie”… Pray for her.

Viganò to world's bishops: Question the moral and mental suitability of Bergoglio as Pope

Archbishop Vigano Chastises Pope for Calling Joe Biden a “Good Catholic” and Aligning Church with Lynn Forester de Rothschild and Others Pushing Climate Change and World Depopulation

Summorum Pontificum: Francis Remote Slapped In The Face. Catholic World Approves.

Nearly ‘two-thirds of bishops’ disagreed with restrictions to Latin Mass, Vatican journalist reveals

Fr. Z on Julie Meloni's "The St. Gallen Mafia:" This is a hard book to read, much as an autopsy is hard to watch. They are simultaneously fascinating and repulsive.

Socci: Cdl. "Muller did not respond... that Benedict XVI is no longer the Pope... [like] Ganswein [he said] - [it is] a Sort of 'Shared Ministry'"

Bishop Schneider Warns of ‘Growing’ Communist Culture in West

Former Rector Of FSSP Seminary Arrested For Child Porn

Scary Business in Lansing Bp. Boyea, protector of predators, is running for a top USCCB post

223 Abortion Clinic Workers Have Left Their Jobs and Become Pro-Life

New Poll Shows 55% of Texas Residents Support the State’s Abortion Ban Saving Babies From Abortions

Exclusive — Former HHS Official: U.S. Foreign Aid Is ‘Promoting Abortion,’ ‘Destruction of the Family’

Fake News or New Catholic Beliefs? You Decide

‘If We Are Silent, We Are Complicit’: Small-Town Church Stands Tall for the Unborn

Supreme Court embarks on most dramatic reckoning for abortion in decades

Portland First in Nation to Offer Bereavement Leave for Employees Who Get an Abortion

Abortion complications are disturbingly common, studies show


'I Found God': Jordan Peterson's Daughter Comes to Faith

Judge Puts Skids on Vax Mandate Religious exemptions must be respected

Ex-witch shares how she left the occult for Christ, why Halloween is ‘Satan’s playground’

'I Was an Ambassador for Satan': How God Used Alice Cooper to Deliver This High Priestess of White Witchcraft

Judge rules non-terminally ill Colombian woman can be euthanized after all

White House pushes demonic, anti-science “gender equity” initiative rooted in pure fantasy and self-victimization

Mainstream Media Comes to the Defense of ‘Gender Queer’ Author After Parents Claim It Features ‘Child Pornography’

Communist Sympathizing Brand Doritos Crosses the Line With New Ad: Old Man Dies and Finds Gay Lover in Heaven

Russian woman, boyfriend sentenced to 10 Months in prison for simulating sex outside church             11/1


FDA declares biological war on children with “final sacrifice” of the innocent

Saint Narcissus, Bishop of Jerusalem

St. Faustina’s Visions of the Souls in Purgatory

TRADITIONIS CUSTODES: More Facts Emerge (What the Bishops of the World Actually Told Francis)

EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Schneider warns of ‘growing’ Communist culture in West

Archbishop Aquila: Christ’s Challenging Truthfulness Needed Regarding Reception of Communion

Archbishop Complicit With Gay Network Abp. Lori must resign

Lori and the Gay Orgies The homosexual network resurfaces.

New Zealand bishops offer pastoral guidelines in response to euthanasia law

Role of Mary, saints against demonic attacks


True Obedience vs. False Obedience: Learn well how this works, priests, sisters, Trad faithful… you’re going to need it

Vatican Pulls Live Feed of Pope-Biden Meet—Won’t Say Why

Veronica Accuses the Novus Ordo Church

Dr. Mazza: "Centuries of Saints and Scholars hold that Ratzinger is just Plain Wrong... Substantial Error [is] when your will Chooses Something Based on... Bad Information... his Renunciation was Invalid"

Jim Caviezel calls on ‘Christian warriors’ to fight for freedom, ‘be saints’ in rousing speech

‘If We Are Silent, We Are Complicit’: Small-Town Church Stands Tall for the Unborn

‘No trash baskets in heaven’: When Christ healed me from abortion trauma

Abortion is ‘not a political issue, it’s a life issue’: former NFL player

NAACP Doesn’t Want Athletes to Sign With Texas Teams Because the State Protects Babies From Abortion

Shock: Pope Francis Appoints Pro-Abortionist Member of Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

An average of 2,363 babies are aborted daily, with hundreds killed later in pregnancy

Christians Respond After Washington Post Claims Opposition To Abortion is Based On Faulty Interpretation Of Scripture

Catholic Charities Are Facilitating The Migrant Crisis

Francis And Benedict Received THIRD Covid Injection

War on Beauty A Marxist-led effort to destroy aesthetics

Exclusive—RNC’s McDaniel: Dems Think They Can Raise Your Kids Better Than You Can

Virginia Mother Says Federal Agents Infiltrated School Board Meeting

How Do I Explain to My Kids Why We Don't Celebrate Halloween?

Republic of Ghana Proposes to Imprison LGBTQ Persons, Says Homosexuals Threaten Public Morals

Democrat-Broward County School Takes Elementary Students to Homosexual Bar

List: ‘Award-Winning’ Sexually Explicit Books McAuliffe Kept in Virginia School Libraries

Florida elementary school under investigation for taking students on field trip to gay bar                            10/29


Saints Simon and Jude, Apostles and Martyrs

Archbishop Vigano Denounces The Coronavirus Vaccine: 'There Is A Duty To Refuse It'

Pope Francis at General Audience: "Even today, many are looking for religious security, rather than the living and true God, focusing on rituals and precepts instead of embracing the God's love with their whole being.

Bishop of Vaduz Rejects Absurd Synodal Process

Ghana Bishops Back Anti-LGBT+ Advocacy Bill Vatican silent as furious archbishop of Canterbury lobbies Church leaders

Vatican Begins Administering Third Dose of COVID Vaccine

Socialist Pope ‘Red Francis’ Claims Capitalism Causes Starvation – Doesn’t Understand that Economic Freedom Is Essential for True Political Freedom

Will the Deep State "Act of Blatant Sadism" that is "Senile" Biden be Blamed for the Obama/Francis "Soon Coming Collapse"?

Catholic Schools Compromised Choosing woke culture over Church teaching

Brawl At The Altar - Background

The Power and Necessity of the Nuclear Family

Heartbreaking: Another DC police officer tells of coerced abortion, inability to conceive since

Democrats Call Governor Ron DeSantis “Inhumane” Because He Supports Saving Babies From Abortion

12 states sue Biden admin for withdrawing Trump’s partial defunding of Planned Parenthood

Pro-Life People in Ireland May be Sent to Prison for Praying Outside Abortion Clinics

Progressive Pro-Life Activist Aims to Empower Moderates in the Democratic Party and Stop Abortion Extremism

Oklahoma Supreme Court blocks pro-life laws, including one that would disqualify half of state’s abortionists

Illinois Senate Votes to Repeal Law That Requires Parents Be Notified Before a Minor Has an Abortion

Shock: Pope Francis Appoints Pro-Abortionist Member of Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

Teen mystery series champions teacher who took student for secret abortion

Eric Metaxas on why atheism is 'incompatible' with science

Pastor Artur Pawlowski: Bring back God into America if you want liberty back – Brighteon.TV

GMO Sperm? Scientists Use Monkey Stem Cells To Create Sperm


Kidnapped American pastor freed in Haiti as gang holds 17 missionaries hostage

Italy Nukes Anti-Catholic ‘Homophobia’ Bill Christians rejoice as parliament uses secret ballot to block Zan legislation

House Republicans sponsoring pro-LGBT ‘Fairness for All Act’ are betraying conservatives

Florida Parents File Lawsuit for Violation of Parental Rights to Stop Secret Transgender-Affirming 'Guidance'

Kentucky High School holds homosexual “man pageant” complete with nude lap dances

Principal of school who is also the Mayor receives homo lap dance in front of entire assembly

EXTREMELY Graphic Novel Illustrating LGBT Oral Sex Found in Public School Libraries                      10/28


Saint Frumentius, Apostle of Ethiopia

Blessed Bartholomew of Vicenza


COVID jabs are ‘experimental treatments,’ free will is being ‘trampled’ on: US bishop

Seminarian Sex Trafficking Foreign-born students at the mercy of predators

Brave Priest Blesses Italy’s Vaxport Rebellion Abp. Viganò commends cleric, blasts Italian bishops' betrayal of workers

We must pray for Pope Francis and beg him to clarify this confusion.

Even the Conformist Liberals Are Fed-Up With Francis

Pro-contraception Jeffrey Sachs named to Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

Exorcisms rise as evil takes over lives

Thousands of peaceful pro-lifers march in Austria amid aggressive pro-abortion protestors

Pfizer’s emails are the tip of the iceberg: Aborted fetal cells have been used in vaccines for 50 yrs.

Products or autonomous beings? The contradictory way the world views children

Culling the Poor Vatican to end poverty by ending the poor?

Refugee Idolatry: Cardinal Howls About Refugees, Hushes up Background

Judeo-Christian Values Are Something I Am Willing to Fight For’: European Nation Unapologetic About Protecting Borders, Christian Culture

Texas University Punished Christian Student Group That Requires Leaders to Believe in God: Lawsuit

Lauren Daigle urges young Christians to ask God for courage in face of adversity: 'He will give it to you

Fashion Show In Novus Ordo Church (Video)

Vaccines and Green Pass, the short circuit of Catholics

Israel: Muslim Murders His Mom because She Converted to Christianity

"This Is Not Science, It Is Satanic Evil" : The Left Has Re-Defined The Meaning Of Science To Push Their Own Schemes And Anti-Christ Agenda 

Woke Baby Books Take Over Bookstore Shelves With Stories to ‘Indoctrinate Children Into a Specific Ideology'    10/27


Saint Evaristus, Pope and Martyr

St. Bean

Saint Peter of Alcantara

Robert Moynihan: The Complete interview with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò

Canadian bishop makes COVID jab mandatory for Catholics to attend Mass

Why did Vatican II see the need to reform the liturgy?

Francis Appoints Jeffrey (a Soros lackey) Sachs As Member Of Pontifical Academy


It’s Homosexuality, Stupid!The central issue.

Vatican Trying To Normalize Transhumanism

Canadian pastor ‘won’t comply’ with gag order on COVID speech, is ‘prepared to go to prison’

The Pope’s Economics Would Move the World Back to Medieval Mass Starvation

Chuck Norris: The ‘400 Idiots’ Gang That Kidnaps Priests, Nuns, Missionaries and Kids

Catholic University Helps Create Critical Race Theory Lessons for K-12 Schools

Mother and Daughter Both Scheduled to Have Abortions at Planned Parenthood Choose Life

Pro-Life Parents Sue School District to Stop COVID Vaccine Mandate

Ireland billboard campaign warns about dramatic increase in abortions

Sotomayor Calls Supreme Court’s Refusal To Block Texas Abortion Call ‘Catastrophic’

Heartbreaking: Another DC police officer tells of coerced abortion, inability to conceive since

Christians Respond After Washington Post Claims Opposition To Abortion is Based On Faulty Interpretation Of Scripture

UNICEF endorses ‘sexual autonomy’ for children, with Biden’s approval

Biden admin spent ‘weeks’ discussing letter condemning parents before mobilizing FBI, emails reveal

Supercut of Evangelical Elites Praising Mad Scientist Francis Collins

American Leftists Who Hate Religion Melt at the Sound of Allah’s Prayers and Join in the Kneeling

Sodom & Gomorrah High: Woke School Stages Obscene Drag Show During Homecoming Football Game

LGBTQPTSD++© Flashback: How the Gender Industry Broke Bill Nye ‘the Science Guy’

Is Biden commander-in-chief of the US military, or of the dark forces behind the sexual revolution?

Democrats are Trying to Sneak Gender Dogma Into Bill on Family Violence

Biden’s Radical Gender Agenda Starts With Eliminating Protections for Women

ADL Warns: Avoid Culturally Insensitive, Gender-Conforming Halloween Costumes                 10/26


Saint Chrysanthus and Saint Daria, Martyrs         Saints Crispin and Crispinian, Martyrs

Saint Raphael the Archangel

Saint Anthony Mary Claret                    Saint Antônio de Sant’Anna Galvão

Archbishop Vigano: “The vaccine victims are sacrificed at the altar of Moloch.” We are in a war of good vs evil, the deep state and deep church conspire against humanity

Catholic Leader Says His Archdiocese Won’t Take Part in Global Synodal Process, Citing ‘Ideological’ Risk


Liturgy Congregation Admits: Francis' Traditionis Custodes "Too Harsh", "Not Serving Unity"

Controlling the Cash Priests rebel against Detroit archbishop's latest scheme

Indigenous prayers, dancing in San Bernardino Synod Mass spark backlash

Vatican has Cubans protesting for the liberation of Cuba from Marxism arrested

The Great Ones Part 1 of 3

Putting God to the Test

Supreme Court Refuses to Block Texas Pro-Life Law

18 attorneys general announce support for Texas abortion law

Antifa Crashes Texas College’s Pro-Life Prayer Vigil: ‘F*** Your God!’

NFL star speaks powerful pro-life message: ‘There are no unplanned lives’

Jamie Lynn Spears: My Family Tried to Make Me Kill My Baby in an Abortion

HORROR: In order to make covid vaccines, Pfizer cuts open live babies without anesthesia to harvest tissues

Do these corporations really support pro-life laws, as pro-abortion groups claim? Not quite.

China Killed 200-400 Million People With Its Forced Abortion Population Control Policy

Gang Boss In Haiti Threatens To Kill Abducted Missionaries

"The Basic Message Is Hatred": The Persecution of Christians, September 2021

India: Human rights groups document over 300 acts of Christian persecution in 2021

The Rise of Occultism and Its Manifestations

Texas school district official orders teachers to present ‘opposing’ views on Holocaust

Putin Warns Wokeness Is Destroying The West

Apple Takes Down Bible App in China to Appease Communist Regime

New Zealand Doctor Explains Why She Is Not Taking The Pfizer Covid-19 Injection – Yet

French Student Yells "Allahu Akbar!" During Tribute to Teacher Beheaded by Islamist

Germany: Muslim migrant who murdered three while screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ is not guilty, not an ‘Islamist’

‘Indoctrination’: High School Holds Drag Show During Halftime at Football Game, Faculty Joins In

Content Warning: Virginia Schoolbook Is So Vile, It Legally Has to Be Blurred When Shown on Television

LGBT civil war erupts as leftists take aim at their newest enemy: ‘Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists’

The Disturbing Case of Father Michael Guidry

Priest Pressured Seminarians Into Swimming Naked

Trans Tyranny: The Real 1 Percent - That Runs EVERYTHING                10/25


St. Mello of Cardiff, Archbishop of Rouen

St. Pope John Paul II

The Heart of St. Francis of Assisi

Remembering the souls in Purgatory  

The Francis Trad's Francis Litany to “He still bestows Apostolic Blessings. Only one man in earth can do that”

Special Report: Detroit Money Grab Latest scheme to control clergy and cash

Starting shortly in the Baltic nation of Latvia, the SSPX Mass will be the only Mass which the faithful can attend in person. A new lockdown is starting; the government has not closed the churches; the Bishops have unilaterally announced that Mass will be online only

Preparation for a Future Council?

Convert Bishop Counters Protestant Critics Dr. Michael Nazir-Ali: 'Pope cannot change apostolic teaching of Church'

Are Diocesan Priests “Self-Employed”?


Priest Presides Over Novus Ordo Rubber Boat Eucharist

El Salvador Votes to Keep Abortion Ban in Place to Protect Babies From Abortions

LifeSite petition urges Pope Francis to formally admonish Joe Biden for pro-abortion policies 

Democrats Push ERA That Would Create Right to Kill Babies in Abortions Up to Birth

“I Killed More People Than Ted Bundy”

DC assistant police chief says she was once told to ‘have an abortion or be fired’

Mob of Antifa Radicals Disrupts Pro-Life Prayer Vigil Screaming “F— Your God!”

New Zealand court rules ‘right’ to abortion trumps pro-life conscience objections

Pupil Yells “Allahu Akbar” During Tribute to French Teacher Beheaded by Jihadist

Jenna Ellis Tells the Brutal Truth About Public Schools   

Nearly 70% of born-again Christians say other religions can lead to Heaven: study

A License to Have Children?

Texas Welcomes Unvaccinated Organ-Transplant Patients Refused Care in Colorado

Reports: Taliban Beheaded Girl On National Volleyball Team

Texas Protects Girls in Sports 'Anti-trans' law is 'hateful,' says White House

Christian employers sue Biden administration over transgender mandates

Gay Blasphemy Legislation: Catholic Publisher Sentenced

AP Laments Resistance of African Christians to Same-Sex Marriage

Pro-LGBTQ Catholic school board trustee charged with 12 counts of fraud in Ontario           10/22


Saint Ursula and her Companions, Virgins and Martyrs at Cologne

Saint Hilarion Solitary  

Dying to Save Souls The North American martyrs: heroes of the Church

Schneider: “We Are Returning To Catacomb Masses"

Brave California pastor: We must say 'no' to Newsom's 'criminal,' harmful mandates

Medjugorje: Dear Catholic, THE BIBLE WARNED US ABOUT THIS | “Be ready This time is a turning point”

Shocking Example: How The Novus Ordo Manipulates Holy Scripture 

Our shepherds must speak out against COVID coercion: Open letter to Vancouver Archbishop


Inter-Faith Eucharist: Many are Called But Only the Vaccinated are invited

Jabbed Jesuits Die With COVID-19, Blood Clot Fully vaxxed Pontifical Gregorian University mourns dean, missiologist

Pope Francis Tells Facebook: 'God COMMANDS You To Censor Users

ORDERED TO LIE: Canada’s fascist government orders pastor to preach covid lies from “medical experts”

Ex-medium was possessed, saw ‘shadow people’ until exorcism saved her life

These people were pro-'choice' until they watched this video of an actual abortion

Pro-Abortion Students at Wellesley College Try to Cancel Pro-Life Speaker, But College President Affirms Free Speech

WATCH: Pro-life couple releases joy-filled tribute to preborn daughter with fatal condition

Left-wing Supreme Court justice punts on religious freedom lawsuit filed by Maine healthcare workers

Pastor Defends Killing Babies in Abortions: “God Supports a Woman’s Right to Choose”

Governor Murphy’s Law Phony Catholic broadens abortion

Biden Lawyer Caught Criticizing Pro-Life Christians: They’re Not “Sincere” in Their Beliefs

Planned Parenthood insider turned Hispanic pro-life activist explains how abortion hurts women

Depopulation Agenda: Planned Parenthood's documented blueprint for destroying humanity comes to fruition over...

MSNBC Falsely Claims Defunding Planned Parenthood Will Prevent Cancer Screenings

David Platt blasts 'superficial Christianity’: A 'very skewed' version of the Bible is 'being sold

Coach fired for praying with high school team should be allowed to do so: GOP attorneys general

Trends Journal: God & Nature vs. Man & Science, Who’s Your God?

1,700 Doctors and Nurses Voice Opposition to Legalizing Assisted Suicide

Court Rules Against Baltimore City — Again Denies city's request to block rally plans

The antichurch has no precepts: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” – Aleister Crowley

School Superintendent Defends Homo Porno Book as “Art” When Mother Finds It Displayed Prominently in Son’s School

Scientists Transplant Genetically Modified Pig Kidney Into a Human Being

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: US State Department Celebrates Fake “International Pronouns Day”          10/21


St. Paul of the Cross                            Saint John Cantius, Priest

St. Peter of Alcantara, Franciscan Priest                   Saints Isaac Jogues, Jean de Brébeuf, and Companions

Blessed Fr. Jerzy Popiełuszko Communism's perennial nemesis

Poland may save Europe again

Cardinals Respond to Traditiones Custodes by Consecrating Priests in Immemorial Mass of All Ages

To Kick-Off His Required Synod, NY Cardinal Dolan invents his own FrancisReligion

Italians Protesting COVID Mandate in Trieste Chant “Vigano, Vigano, Vigano” After Catholic Arch-Bishop Carlo Maria Vigano Offered Them Support

Socci: Cdl. "Muller did not respond... that Benedict XVI is no longer the Pope... [like] Ganswein [he said] - [it is] a Sort of 'Shared Ministry'"

Inter-Faith Eucharist: Many are Called But Only the Vaccinated Invited

Pope Invokes God to Pressure Big Tech Tyrants to Censor Even More Internet Content

Raleigh FrancisBishop Zarama slashes Latin Masses per the Holy Francis

A “different” church is a “false” church

ACLU threatens lawsuit over Delaware city ordinance requiring humane burial of aborted babies

The 2363 campaign: This video changed their minds. Will it change yours? 

Texas Right to Life: Joe Biden ‘the Most Pro-Abortion President of All Time’

Kamala Harris Colluded With Planned Parenthood to Put Pro-Lifers in Jail Who Exposed Baby Part Sales

China’s Apple Store Deletes All Bible and Quran Apps

Biden sued over demands Christians pay for or perform body mutilations

Fire Chief Who Was Fired for His Christian Views Urges Christians to Stand Up for Biblical Values

Cops Attack ‘No Vax’ Dockers Praying Rosary Pope, Italian bishops mum as Viganò addresses protests against tyranny

BIDEN EFFECT: Haitian Kidnappers Demand $17 Million Ransom to Release American Missionaries

Downplaying Jihad: After an British MP’s Murder, They’re Talking About Everything Except the Killer’s Motive

Bangladesh: Muslim Mobs Kill Six over Alleged Quran Desecration

Paradise? Homosex Video Shot In Catholic Church

Has Notre Dame Gone Gay?

Catholic school board in Ontario surveys 9-year-olds about sexual orientation, gender identity            10/20


Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque, Virgin                             St. Luke

St. Ignatius of Antioch                            Saint Hedwig, Duchess of Poland

Abp. Viganò: We must pray the rosary daily to defend our faith, culture, and end the ‘psycho-pandemic’

Socci: Benedict XVI told Cd. Brandmuller he didn't want to be "seen [as] the Ex-Pope"

"Good Samaritans": Francis Praises Looting and Arson

British police stopped priest from giving last rites as stabbed Catholic politician lay dying

The Maccabees, the TLM and the “Vaccine”

Tattooed Priest Stands Half-Naked at Novus Ordo Meal

Dying Catholic MP Denied Last Rites

Pro-life champion’ Sir David Amess MP stabbed to death

‘Bad science’: Why you should question the lone study claiming abortion is 14x safer than childbirth

Court Again Lets Texas Abortion Law Stand

Christian parents fight back against trans policies in British primary schools

Parents Outraged as Doctor Schedules Abortion Without Permission

Abortion: ‘A Terrible Trade in Lies, Misery and Death Exists in Society’

HORROR: Woman Raped by Stranger on Train in Suburban Philadelphia as Bystanders Did Nothing

Francis’ Economic Fantasies: Why Not in the Vatican?

‘War Crime’: Aid group condemns torching of Baptist church, entire village in Myanmar

Norway: Muslim who murdered five posted video with words ‘I come with a warning…bear witness that I am a Muslim’

17 Christian missionaries, including children, kidnapped by armed gang in Haiti

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Vermont High School Holds Drag Queen Ball During Halftime at Football Game  

WATCH: North Carolina Lt. Gov Responds Back To Controversy And Exposes The ‘Filth’ The Left Wants Taught In Public Schools (VIDEO)

A Carriage, An Umbrella, and a Priest in Maternity Dress

Texas House passes bill to protect women’s sports from gender-confused men                 10/18


Saint Teresa of Avila, Virgin

Feast of St Teresa of Avila: God Alone Suffices!

Fatima’s Warning Proved True Russia has spread her errors

Fatima’s Final Secret “It will be the last effort of the demon to run our life, the sun will dim.”

BOMBSHELL: Pfizer whistleblower says vaccine 'glows,' contains 'toxic' luciferase, graphene oxide compounds

International Business Times: Francis said "The Last Time there were Two or Three Popes... they fought over who was the True Pope"

Looting of Philly Carmel now imminent: Archdiocese collaborating with Roman forces to shut down monastery

Bishop Accepts Responsibility for Covering Up Sex Abuse — Bergoglio Won’t Accept Resignation

Celeb Anglican Bishop Comes Home to Rome Islamic scholar who defends persecuted Christians to be ordained priest

Francis Wanted To Dissuade Anglican Bishop From Converting

Exorcist Details His Ongoing Battle Against Demons In New Book About Possession

Jim Caviesel: What God Said to Me: “They don’t love me. There are very few.”

Federal Appeals Court Rejects Biden Demand, Lets Texas Abortion Ban Keep Saving Babies

New ‘Telabortion’ abortion pill study reveals increased complications and ER visits

Biden will meet with Pope Francis to discuss ‘human dignity,’ but abortion left off agenda

Democrat Activist Thanks His Mom For Killing His Sibling in an Abortion 

Female athletes say they faced pressure to abort: ‘It seemed like no choice at all’

Methodist Women’s Group: “We Pray” That Texas Women Can Kill Their Babies in Abortions

Canadian province Saskatchewan is now universally paying for the abortion pill

All the Anti-Catholic Positions Held by Biden's Nominee to the Holy See

Green Helicopter? Vatican Delegation Visits Assisi

Christian Nurse in UK Fired for Refusing to Remove Cross Necklace, Says She Was ‘Treated Like A Criminal’

Leftist Loon Bette Midler Admits She Wants to Burn in Hell

Muslim Convert Responsible for Bow and Arrow Killings Described as “Danish National” by Media

France: Mosque closed after it was discovered to be preaching armed jihad, Islamic martyrdom, and terrorism

Germany: Cologne Mosques to Begin Outdoor Broadcasting of Muslim Call to Prayer

New Zealand Plutocrat Jailed for Collecting 40,000 Child Sex Abuse Images

Emails Reveal Nebraska Ed Bureaucrats’ Disdain for Parents in Pushing Radical Sex Ed Curriculum

Hoax likely: No video evidence, victim report for alleged LGBT hate crime at University of Maine

New Common Core Sex Ed Standards Will Force Graphic Sex and Abortions on Kids

Colleges pay out millions in legal fees to defend ‘woke’ policies  

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson refuses to back down, says LGBTQ filth doesn’t belong in schools  

Never Woke Enough! ‘Hamilton’ Accused of Discriminating Against ‘Non-Binary’ Actor                   10/15


Saint Callistus I, Pope and Martyr

Blessed Carlo Acutis

St. Joseph’s Celestial Appearance at Fatima

Benedict XVI “Shocked” About Traditionis Custodes

Bishops’ Chairman: Biden Administration Controlled by ‘Abortion Extremists' many who are "Catholic" and what do you do about it NOTHING but talk about it while many support them politically

Catholic Bishop Leads Service Outside Planned Parenthood Abortion Center

Scranton Bishop Bambera 'enthusiastically welcomes' Discalced Carmelites disrupted out of Brooklyn

Bishop Strickland Bashes Jabs 'If you're not allowed to use your free will, it's tyranny'

A Plea for the Contemplative Life. By Maestro Aurelio Porfiri

Number of New Catholic Seminarians in Poland Falls by Nearly 20% Year on Year

Catholic Troops Can Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine: Military Archbishop

The current global crisis stems from a rejection of God

"Francis Is Completely Out of Touch with Reality and Out of Date

Bergoglio Appoints Bologna School Disciple as Master of Ceremonies

Stripped of Honor Mary's Mantle finds activist too controversial

Twin brother’s snuggles help keep 1-lb. preemie alive

Fauci Sent University Taxpayer Funds to Conduct Barbaric Experiments Using Aborted Baby Parts

Black pro-life activist: ‘Killing the poor is not a solution to poverty’

Malaysia non-profit creates ‘baby hatches’ to curb infant abandonment

Fox News host compares US abortion policies to communist China, North Korea

Preborn baby girl survives after soldier in Kentucky kills pregnant wife

Young student cries tears of relief after mom defeats school mask mandate

Christian Website ‘Church Militant’ Beats Godless Baltimore Democrats, Files Contempt Motion Against City

Large Canadian Town Bars Unvaccinated Couples From Getting Married

Fewer Americans think marriage is needed to create strong families, new poll suggests

Ex-google employee recalls “Terminator” moment; fears company is “creating God”

Dean Resigns After Filming of Questionable Music Video in Toledo Cathedral

SICKENING: Loudoun County Schools Covered Up Rape of a 14-Year-Old Girl and Prosecuted Her Father To Protect Male Transgender Student Who Was Permitted to Use Ladies Bathrooms

Transracialism: UK Teachers Union Members Allowed to Self-Identify as Black

Equinix ignoring concerns of religious investors by promoting Equality Act: Inspire Investing CEO             10/14


What Our Lady Said at Fatima on October 13, 1917

The Miracle of the Sun 104 Years Later Live the Fatima message

Papal envoy crowns Florida's Our Lady of La Leche

Ten spiritual lessons from Teresa of Avila

St. Edward III, King of England, Confessor

Blessed Marie-Rose Durocher

The strange race for chair of the USCCB liturgy committee

Schneider: Liturgical Reform Pushes God Out of the Mass

Prominent Catholic bishop will lead retreat to atone for ‘abuse’ of aborted babies used for COVID vaccines

Thomas Cardinal Collins! People whom I know are about to lose their jobs because of your cowardice and betrayal. What do you say to them?


‘They are Killing Naples’: Catholic Archbishop Appeals for an End to Mafia Violence

Four (!) Priests Victims of Abuse Hoax Accusations

Abuses in France: the assault on Confession begins

New pro-life documentary ‘The Matter of Life’ exposes the truth of abortion

Prominent Catholic bishop will lead retreat to atone for ‘abuse’ of aborted babies used for COVID vaccines

UK university’s pro-life student group gets death threats, classmates label their views ‘sinister’

Presbyterian Pastor: Any Reason is a Good Reason to Kill a Baby in an Abortion 

Doctor schedules abortion for baby with Down syndrome before giving parents the diagnosis

St. Louis Mayor: I Like Abortion Because Our City Makes Money


European Parliament Condemns Texas for Banning Abortions, Calls Killing Babies “Essential Health Care” 

Female scholars to SCOTUS: Abortion deserves no credit for women’s success

Federal Judge Restrains United Airlines From Enforcing Covid “Vaccine” Mandate on Employees Seeking Religious Exemption


Transhumanism Holds Technology To The Highest Power - Have Taken Over Several Christian Churches

White Students Accused of Racism for Kneeling During Spanish-Language Song at Catholic HS Homecoming Dance

The Dark Origins of Communism: Destroying the Soul [VIDEO]

Lieutenant Governor Attacks LGBT Agenda Christian morals in America nonexistent?

REPORT: Virginia Father Arrested After His Teen Daughter Allegedly Raped by Tranny Student in Public School

New curriculum: Kids at age 13 required to define oral, anal, vaginal sex

Horrifying New Sex Ed Standards Mean You Need to Get Your Kids Out of Public School Now

Mom says she reported school to police after she found gay pedophilia porn sitting on library shelves         10/13


Blessed Jeanne Leber, Recluse                        Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos

Saint Wilfrid, Archbishop of York                           Bl. Carlo Acutis

Abp. Viganò: the ‘pandemic Sanhedrin’ is spinning a ‘labyrinth’ of COVID lies

Schneider: Francis Follows "Materialistic Views”

Father James Altman - Faith Family Freedom Conference

Alternate Society City of God vs. City of Man

CNA Reported "Pope Benedict Strongly Rebuke[d] Pelosi over Abortion" vs. Pelosi Sympathizer Francis's "Refram[ing]" of "Pro-life" to mean that Nuremberg Hitler was "Pro-life"?

Denver Handed Loss In Its Attempt To Silence Christian Street Preacher


Louisville cop suspended after praying in front of abortion clinic sues police department, city - LifeSite

Illinois abortion facility told injured woman to transport herself to ER

University of Pittsburgh engaged in “Nazi-level” experimentation on aborted babies

Pope Mocked For Demanding Church Be ‘Open Place Where Everyone Feels Welcome’ As Vaccine Passport Protests Rage Outside

Pelosi (jezebel) Praises Pope for ‘Immense Moral Clarity’

Soap star who went from atheism to Christianity risks career calling out anti-life, pro-vax Hollywood

Nonprofit Michigan FrancisCatholic Hospital Denies Religious Exemptions to Approximately 650 Employees for DeathVaxx

Jonathan Cahn finds remarkable 'harbinger' in Afghanistan withdrawal

Andrew Jackson and the American Lepanto Victory lies in the Rosary

Self-Incriminating Struggle Session


Questions and Answers Regarding the Legionaries of Christ in the Pandora Papers

Media Blackout: Left-Wing Radicals Attack Another Catholic Church in Colorado

France: Muslim pupil knocks his female teacher to the ground: ‘The Qur’an, make way, madam’ 

NC Lt. Gov. Faces Onslaught after Calling LGBT Curriculums ‘Filth’ — ‘I Will Not Be Bullied Into Submission’

Toledo PervRector who approved sexually explicit music video in his cathedral claims it "tells the story of a conversion through human love.”

Deep State Targets Outraged Parents as "Terrorists"

Latest Language Attack From Leftist Bureaucrats, Mainstream Media: "Pregnant people"

Schools in Multiple States Ban LGBTQ Pride, BLM Flags: Too Political

‘Simply Foolish’ – Biological Male Named ‘Sportswoman of the Year’

Joe Biden Celebrates National Coming Out Day: We’re Committed to the ‘LGBTQ+ Community’

Superman Goes LGBT: New Superhero Is Bisexual And Has A Pink Haired Boyfriend, Apparently             

Netflix Ignores Woke Mob: CEO Refuses to Cancel Dave Chappelle After 2SLGBTQQIA+ Outrage             10/12


The Divine Maternity of Mary

Weapon of Choice Arming for spiritual warfare

Saint Tarachus and his Companions, Martyrs

Violent Clashes Mar Pope’s Synodal Kickoff  Francis trashes 'tradition,' calls for openness to the 'spirit of the age'

Archbishop Vigano: Covid Mass Vax Programs Represent ‘False Solutions That Have Already Been Planned and Implemented’

Archbishop Cordileone discusses satanists’ support for abortion

Swiss Guard Blows Whistle on Vax Coercion Catholic conscientious objector blasts Francis in open letter

AMAZING: Over one million people participated nationwide in Mexico’s pro-life marches

Pope meets Pelosi as abortion debate rages back home

Socci: Even Francis contradicted Team Francis when he admitted Benedict was Emeritus Pope & "has not Abandoned the Office of Peter"

Australian bishop calls on Catholics to fully comply with gov’t COVID rules

Experts see synod as ‘biggest consultation exercise in human history’

With Ecclesiastical Approval: Explicit Video Produced in Cathedral

Texas ‘Fetal Heartbeat’ Abortion Law Reinstated By Appeals Court Ruling

Does Excommunicating Pro-Abortion Politicians Do Anything?

Montana judge blocks pro-life laws, fears ultrasounds may ‘stigmatize’ or ‘discourage’ abortions

Baby Body Part Chop Shop Awarded “Women’s Health” Award by British Medical Journal for DIY Abortion Program

Can't Say That? NPR Morning Host Triggered by Utterance of the Word 'Abortionist'

PBS Uses Bogus Poll to Falsely Claim Killing Babies in Abortions is Popular

Woman set to become first person without terminal illness euthanized in Colombia

Prominent doctor misled Catholics on aborted baby body parts in the Pfizer COVID vaccine (VIDEO)

Democrat-Denver Handed Loss in Its Attempt to Silence Christian Street Preacher

Lake forms in the Empty Quarter DESERT between Saudi Arabia and Oman after Cyclone Shaheen

Date Palm Sprouted from Ancient Seed Gives Fruit Like That of Bible Times

Telling: Anti-Christmas Fauci Greenlights Halloween

Russell Moore Joins Female “Pastor” to Promote Marxism and Twist Scripture

Democrat Christopher Rabb of Pennsylvania introduced legislation to forcibly sterilize all men, then claimed it was a “parody” following backlash

The Horrors of The Public School System

The Jihadist Genocide of Christians in Nigeria Intensifies

George Barna Shares 4 Ways Christian Parents Can Combat Media’s Influence in Children’s Lives

California To Make CRT A High School Graduation Requirement

Pan-European Sex Connection Priestly predators cross national borders

The UN and gender ideology: Laying down a paper trail to be used by activists in the years ahead

Homosex Church: Vatican’s “Pieta” With Two Entangled

Father details how his young son was convinced he was a 'transgender lesbian'

Hollywood and LGBT Groups Call for Comedy Legend to be Canceled, But His Response is Epic

State-Enforced Gender Neutrality: Governor Signs Law to Put Woke Ideology Right in Kids' Faces

What is Queer Theory and How Are Churches Embracing It Either Intentionally or Inadvertently

Pole Dancing Class for Children Causes Outrage, ‘Instructor’ Reportedly Married to Child Sex Offender           10/11


Saint Bridget of Sweden, Widow

St. Pelagia                                           Saint John Leonardi

15 Super Promises of Our Blessed Mother for Faithfully Praying the Rosary

Two Sources: Francis Is LYING In Traditionis Custodes

Pope Francis to Declare St. Irenaeus a Doctor of the Church with Title ‘Doctor of Unity’

Vatican Agency Directly Tied to Communism, Abortion and Idolatry Caritas Internationalis exposed

Archbishop Vigano Warns of Jesuit, Marxist, Freemasonry Plan for New World Order (aka The Great Reset)

'German bishops join wolves'

France summons archbishop over 'confession above law' stance

Transforming the Family Bishop responds to theologian's bizarre remark

Priest Commits Horrific Eucharistic Abuse

The Battle of Lepanto: 450 Years Later

A Hidden Problem Secular and clerical sex abuse

The Formation of a New Priest Who Abused Minors: How Did He Slip Past Seminary Screening Policies?

Eight of Ireland’s 26 dioceses have no seminarians in Maynooth, the country’s one remaining diocesan PervSeminary

Shamans Cleanse Archbishop From Evil Spirits Before Unclean (?) Novus Ordo (Video)

Students nationwide take part in 'Bring Your Bible to School Day' to speak God's truth into culture

Colombian bishop implores ill woman to not be euthanized  

Alabama archbishop Fully Vaxed tests positive for Covid-1984, urges vaccination

Kentucky archbishop asks pro-lifers to stand against ‘right’ to abortion in state constitution

Study Shows Unborn Babies Begin Developing Their Personality in the Womb

Pro-Life Group Wins Battle to Share Pro-Life Message at One of the Most Liberal Universities

Exposé reveals IVF corruption: ‘They were playing with people’s lives’

WATCH: Pro-Abortion Protesters Admit They Don’t Care if Unborn Babies are Human Beings

Republic of San Marino, formerly pro-life, legalizes abortion

Biden Admin Celebrates Abortions, Praises Judge Blocking Texas Abortion Ban

What is Pfizer's role in the Catholic Church's march to now coerce "vaccination?

From New York To Pakistan, Brothers Fight Blasphemy Accusation

Afghan Christians Ignored Biden fails to protect coreligionists

Most Popular Christian Facebook Pages Were Fake, Designed To Deceive

Taliban Sees US Pullout from Afghanistan as Fulfillment of End Times Islamic Prophecy About Jerusalem

Taken Over by Pedophiles? Schools Are Normalizing Sex Between 4th Graders

Homosexuality is being accepted in prominent conservative, Christian circles. Here’s proof                     10/8


Our Lady of the Rosary

St. Artaldus

Roman Jurist states Benedict's Resignation "Time Limit" of "28 February 2013, at 20:00 Hours" makes Resignation "Invalidated"

To Banish the TLM to the Catacombs

The Eucharistic ‘theology’ of pro-abortion politicians is a ‘crisis for the Church’ which cannot be ignored

Superstore Shames Pope on Workers’ Rights Organic food chain follows Catholic social doctrine rejected by Vatican

Francis’ Abu Dhabi Fraud


Traditionis Custodes Insanity: Flawed Solution in Paris

Jolly Cardinal Dolan on Incoming Repulsive Brooklyn Bishop-Designate Brennan, Who Locked Catholic Fr. Klee Up In A Nuthouse: 'I Think We've Got a Pro!'

Vatican agency directly tied to Communist group pushing pagan worship, abortion, witchcraft

In money and sex abuse cases, Vatican tribunal shows some spine

Priests acquitted in historic Vatican seminary abuse trial

Pastor Facing 4-Years in Prison for Opening his Church

Legionaries of Christ: Hidden Money?

Focus on the Family Kicks off ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’

Bishop Blasts Catholic Politician Who is “Personally Opposed” to Abortion: “That Pathetic Excuse Doesn’t Fly Any More" but still just talk and NO ACTION

Obama-Appointed Judge Blocks Texas Law Banning Abortion After 6 Weeks

Abortion Business Wins Award for DIY Abortion Scheme to Kill Babies at Home

PFIZER LEAKS: Whistleblower Goes On Record, Reveals Internal Emails from Chief Scientific Officer & Senior Director of Worldwide Research Discussing COVID Vaccine ... ‘We Want to Avoid Having the Information on the Fetal Cells Floating Out There’

Hungarian Official Asks Pro-Abortion Environmentalists: Who are You Saving the Planet For?

Abortion ‘will be a stain on this nation for centuries’ like eugenics was, says Fox News host

Christian Education and the Future of Western Culture

Biden Blasted For ‘Weaponizing’ DOJ Against Parents ‘Speaking Out Against Critical Race Theory’

Ruins Of Biblical City Sodom Found? – Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by ‘cosmic fireball,’ evidence suggests

Seattle: Critical “Under the Radar” Battle on Church & State Rages On

Hospital Forced Christian Nurse to Remove Cross Necklace, “Treated Her Like a Criminal” When She Refused

New lawsuit challenges NY vaccine mandate, cites Gov. Hochul's comments at megachurch

No jab, no joy: Canadian town requires vaccine proof to get married

'Roseanne' Spinoff: Marriage an 'Institution Created to Oppress' Women

NYT Turns Down Op-Ed from Trans Doctors Warning Against Treatment for Minors

Pro-Gay Pontificate? Striking headline from Fr. James Martin

LGBT Movement is Now Called ‘2SLGBTQQIA+’

Nolte: Dave Chappelle Blisters Fascist Gay Power in Netflix’s ‘The Closer”             10/7


Saint Bruno, Founder of the Carthusian Order

St. Faustina’s prayer before the Holy Eucharist

Saint Faustina's vision of hell

Alone Bishop Gracida openly proclaims "Resist!" & Actively Works towards the Removal of Francis

Bishop calls out Vatican institute for wanting to ‘redefine’ the family unit

Breaking: Flemington nuns launch counterattack against Archbishop Viganò, issue open letter professing their love of interrogations, Cor orans, and you know who

Pro-life Catholics pray for Bishop to ‘be saint of our times,’ allow priests to reject abortion-linked COVID shot

Vancouver archdiocese requires all deacons to get COVID shot or be suspended

French report on clergy abuse, biased, unscientific, and full of holes

Vatican Cardinal Defends Biden Receiving Communion: Promoting Abortion is Not a “State of Sin” 


Founders of pro-life ministry celebrate life of daughter expected to die shortly after birth

Michigan Gov. Vetoes Funding For Pro-Life Alternatives, Pregnancy Resources Saying Items Didn’t ‘Fully Support’ Abortion

‘I will never comply with evil’: Pro-lifer Abby Johnson on abortion-tainted vaccines

How maternity homes are serving women and children in need

Doctors in Belgium are Euthanizing Newborns Whose Lives They Think are Not Worth Living

‘It’s been unbelievable’: Update on Afghanistan rescue mission

Biden Blasted For ‘Weaponizing’ DOJ Against Parents ‘Speaking Out Against Critical Race Theory’


Pope Francis: Religions Are All ‘Different Ways of Coming to God’   NO

Pastor serves on same streets he once sold drugs

A critical battle in Seattle on church and state

Pro-Life Students Sue Catholic University Trying to Force Them to Take COVID Vaccine

The Future Of American Religion: Birth Rates Show Who's Having More Kids

Transgender Doctors Warn Against Sex Changes For Children

SBC Executive Committee waives attorney-client privilege amid sex abuse probe                     10/6


Saint Placid, Martyr

St. Faustina Kowalska

St Francis of Assisi – Evangelizer of Muslims

‘Thou Art Peter’ Unpacking the Papacy

What I saw at the Catholic Identify Conference

Why did Benedict XVI purposefully choose "Pope Emeritus" instead of "Bishop Emeritus of Rome" & Claim this title "Corresponds to the Reality"?

Pope Francis’ plans will ‘destroy’ contemplative life: Franciscan friar

Ireland: FOUR Seminarians

Mirjana cries: “it is not possible to avoid entirely the chastisements.” Be ready for what is coming

Francis Shreds St. Peter’s Millennial History Pontiff suspends basilica's chapter established by Pope St. Leo IX in 1053

Top Vatican cardinal says Biden should not be denied Communion Cardinal Turkson says denying the sacrament should only take place in "extreme cases"

Catholic hierarchy pushing ‘pseudo-science’ COVID jabs, creating ‘medical apartheid’

Statement Regarding the Recent Imposition of the Compulsory Jab in some


All Chicago priests not fully vaccinated by today face ‘disciplinary action’


Explosive report on clergy sex abuse in France due out Tuesday

St. Louis Priest Is Placed on Sabbatical For His Conservative Stance and For Not Wearing A Mask


Pope’s Swiss Guards Resign Over Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccination

Chinese Catholics seek to spread faith amid communist crackdown

Dream of a Restored Church

Spain: The Misfortune of Having a Foolish Pope

Nigeria: Muslims screaming ‘Allahu akbar’ murder four Christians, including a Catholic priest

Pentecostal pastor, 2 other Christians arrested in India for handing out Bibles

Team of archaeologists say they've found major proof of Exodus account spread across the desert

First ever March for Life in Pennsylvania draws thousands

Senator Susan Collins: Saving Babies From Abortion is “Inhumane”

SHOCK: 10% of all babies who die in northern Belgium are euthanized

Biden Reverses Trump Ban on Federal Funds for Clinics Referring Women For Abortion

Abortionist sued by patients whose abortions left them sterile

Vatican Cardinal Defends Biden Receiving Communion: Promoting Abortion is Not a “State of Sin”

Judge strikes AZ law that protects babies from discriminatory abortions

MSNBC Fake Warns SCOTUS Not To Overturn Roe v. Wade, Falsely Claims ‘80%’ Support Murdering Babies

Can America survive the current tsunami of evil?

Thousands make decisions for Christ during Franklin Graham's Route 66 tour

This Morning: Francis Celebrates Regime-Compatible Inter-Religion

Christian comedians The Skit Guys share how to achieve lasting ‘godly’ friendships

New documentary on WHO exposes widespread corruption, massive funding by Bill Gates

Glasgow Archdiocese: “A Prayer For Our Earth: For The Success of COP26″… Gimme a BREAK!

Washington Post Erases Women — New Style Guide Says to Use ‘Pregnant Individuals’ Instead

German Parking Garage Unveils Diversity Parking Spots For LGBTQ And Migrants

Canadian Christian activist on trial for alleged ‘hate crime’ at a 2016 ‘pride’ parade

French medical professionals, academics denounce insanity of transgenderism

United States: Transgender Individuals Infiltrate Seminaries

Minnesota sex ed program asks students to role play gay, transgender sex scenarios                  10/5


St. Francis of Assisi

The Holy Guardian Angels

St. Ewald & Ewald                       Saint Theodora Guérin 

Paganism Is Within Today’s Church Itself. By Father Joseph Ratzinger

Viganò in Defense of Women’s Monasteries of Contemplative Life

Investigation: Up to 3,200 Priests Have Raped Children in French Catholic Church Since 1950 - Well Over 100,000 Victims

Springtime! US Archdiocese of Cincinnati to eliminate 70% of its parishes

Part 3 of Exclusive Transcription: Is Benedict XVI Still the Pope? Dr. Edmund Mazza & Patrick Coffin

Francis Gets Dramatic: Pachamama Is "Groaning"

Togo bishops conference slams forced vaccination

Fr Altman: Monsters in Mitres, & Millstones

My Servant, Who Suffers a Great Deal for the Faith

Cardinal Nichols denounces abortion judgement in 'Red Mass' homily

Cardinal Collins cancels Nottawasaga gabfest due to fears of virus outbreak - Was it used as a ploy to out the un-"vaccinated?"

Battle for Baltimore CM goes to federal court

Presiding German Bishop Caught LYING

Only a false Christ would ban healthy unvaccinated people from churches

Billions for What? Why is the "Church of the Poor" secretly amassing tens/hundreds of billions of dollars?

Florida Bill Would Designate Religious Services as ‘Essential’ During an Emergency

How a Planned Parenthood abortionist rejected death and chose life

Baby in “Roe v. Wade” Case was Never Aborted and Just Came Out Publicly

Pro-Life People Send Nancy Pelosi Thousands of Roses to Remind Her Abortion Kills Babies

Federal Judge Slams His Colleagues: “Decision to Strike Down [Pro-Life Law] on the Altar of Abortion is Wrong”

Pro-abortion group spoon feeds biased abortion language to journalists

Biden Admin Claims Constitution Allows Federal Government to Overturn Texas Abortion Ban

Tucker: The Left’s Abortion Hysteria

The abortion pill: 21 years of secrecy and death

Abortion Activists Vandalize Churches After Texas Bans Abortion, Smashing Windows and Slashing Tires

The Immorality of the Covid-19 Vaccination Program – Part I

Former President of Vatican Bank: Covid Is Device for ‘Great Reset’


‘Mind-boggling’: Attorney shoots down NY Governor’s claim COVID jabs divinely inspired

Opus Dei University Damns Medical Freedom Society bishop gets away with open support for same-sex 'marriage'

Victoria State Gov’t Proposal Threatens To ‘Fundamentally Change Nature of Christian Schools’

Mainstream Filth: NBC contributor becomes spokesman for murky organization, attempts to ‘normalize’ pedophilic thoughts 

When Elon Musk Hooked Up With The Pagan Witch

LGBTQ, sex books in child's section leads to trouble for Wyoming library

Transgender Weightlifter Laurel Hubbard Named Sportswoman of the Year

Gathering of German FrancisBishops, priests, laity votes 168-28 to support same-sex blessings                 10/4


Saint Thérèse of Lisieux

Saint Remi, Bishop

Lepanto’s Lessons

The Devil - Ven. Fulton Sheen

St. Thérèse’s prayer for when we fail to be a saint

Padre Pio and The tribulations of the three days of darkness (with new video): Jesus: “Prepare for what is coming”

‘The Prophesy of St. Francis’ and the ‘Franciscans of the Immaculate’

How can a Christian not believe in the existence of the Holy Spirit?

Does October have the best lineup of saints?

Synod Demands Doctrine by Democratic Vote Female 'bishop' addresses heretics implementing Francis' 'reformation'

Concerned German Catholics Publish Reform Initiative Opposing Controversial Synodal Path

My Servant, Who Suffers a Great Deal for the Fait

The Vigano Tapes #18: “Help these priests with gratitude”

Covid Archbishop Contradicts Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith

Three Cardinals Die “From Corona” As Soon As They Were Vaccinated

Nightmare: Not many know that the seminary, as we know it, is a Jesuit invention

UK university approves priest for chaplaincy after rejecting him over tweets on abortion, euthanasia

A Pandemic Pilgrimage to Lourdes Was a Calculated Risk, With Plenty of Blessings

Opium of the People: Second Novus Ordo Parish-Priest

Diocese of Wabag stands by victims of witchcraft accusations

Francis-Inspired Inter-Faith Development “Sinister” – Catholic Truth Blogger

Victims of abortion remembered with 214 memorial services nationwide

How a Planned Parenthood abortionist rejected death and chose life

Here's the Inconvenient Truth the Pro-Abortion Crowd Refuses to Face

TX Gov. Abbott shuts down proposed exceptions to heartbeat law: ‘goal is to protect every child’

Biden Nominee Defended Partial-Birth Abortions: Just Because They’re Gross Doesn’t Make Them Wrong

Abortion activist: Since some preemies die, it should be legal to kill any preborn baby

Another abortion patient rushed to hospital from South Carolina Planned Parenthood

Church at Planned Parenthood ordered to stay away from Spokane abortion facility

Democrats Hold Congressional Hearing to Celebrate Killing Their Babies in Abortions

Matthew Dowd Runs for Office After Demanding White Christian Males Stop Running for Office

How Christian Faith Fueled Boxer Manny Pacquiao's Rise From Poverty To Presidential Candidate In The Philippines

GRAPHIC: Bodies of Christian martyrs piled high on truck after massacre in Nigeria

'I Heard Angels Singing': Survivor Contestant Met Jesus After Supernatural Moment at Jerusalem's Western Wall

Why Churchmen Who Demand the Vaccine Are Literally ‘Tyrants.’ The Ultimate Resource

Pandemic Spreading Socialism Replacing God with government

Biden’s Radical Education Secretary Miguel Cardona Says Parents Should Not Be the “Primary Stakeholder” in Their Kids’ Education (VIDEO)

…Facebook’s Ambitions with Preteen Audience More Than ‘Instagram for Kids’

RNS Lefty Mark Silk: Why our preferred pronoun for God should be ‘they’!

Extremly Light Form? Vatican’s Vaccination Propaganda Goes Wrong

Baghdad, Christian MP: Duty to vote, despite 'marginal' change  

Middle school forces teacher to take down pro-police flag, but approves BLM, LGBT symbols

Shock Study: M2F Trans Athletes Have Physical Advantage

Evangelicals push for new bishop after Church in Wales allows pastors to bless gay marriages

Policing Pronouns: How "Misgendering" Is Becoming The New Battleground Over Discrimination          10/1


Saint Jerome, Doctor of the Church

Peru’s “Lord of Miracles” procession cancelled again this year for the almighty sake of the Blessed and Eternal Virus

Medjugorje Today: They don’t want you to see this because it defeats the devil – Vicka in Holy with Mother Mary – This is so powerful

Abp. Vigano to Italian anti-vax passport protesters: Both lay people and clerics have imposed this health dictatorship on you. They're accomplices of an elite of criminal conspirators.

Pelosi’s archbishop: Women’s Health Protection Act is a bill you’d ‘expect from a Satanist, not a Catholic' SO Why Are You Doing Nothing?

Consumed by the Apocalypse –12 Secrets Given to Padre Pio -- Trending – Over 2 million views in 20 days

Vatican to Punish Employees Who Refuse to Comply With COVID-19 Certification 


Feminist Theologian Likens Unvaxxed to Cai

Why aren’t US Catholic bishops doing more to defend the flock from COVID tyranny?

Francis' Rigidity in Action: Argentinian “Chartres” Pilgrimage Without Mass

Pro-Life Lite Pope pushes global government

Documentary reveals how Big Tech, George Soros interfered in Ireland’s abortion referendum

Fall Guy Cd. Becciu: Money transfers to Australia are 'classified,' unrelated to Cd. Pell trial

Luther's Antiquated Heresy Is Francis' New Teaching

Joe Biden Will Meet With Pope Francis Next Month, Pope Should Rebuke Him for Promoting Abortion


Judge Who Made David Daleiden Pay Millions for Exposing Planned Parenthood Caught Breaking the Law

The abortion industry wants to use climate change funding to expand abortion

Report Shows Red States Have Fewer Unintended Pregnancies and Abortions Than Blue States

Pro-Aborts Weaponize Vax at Vatican Forum 5,000 doctors sign 'Rome Declaration' demanding alternative treatments

Pastor claims her job could be ‘more difficult’ due to pro-life Texas law

President Trump: Christians Can’t Support Joe Biden Because He’s Radically Pro-Abortion

These are the left-wing activists behind the most sweeping abortion bill in US history


Navy SEALs refuse to deploy special ops members with religious exemptions to COVID shot

"The Two [Vacinne] Camps of Enemies we Face: the truly Evil Psychopaths... & their Criminally Negligent 'Useful Idiot' Minions"

Some Christian medical workers reject NY gov.'s claim vaccine is God’s answer to prayer

Hospital takes custody of three-month-old baby to remove him from life support

French Church Sees Two Suspicious Fires In Just Four Days

‘By the Qur’an of Mecca, I will smoke you out’: Muslim threatens Islamocritical writer on Paris street


Evangelicals push for new bishop after Church in Wales allows pastors to bless gay marriages                            9/30


St. Michael the Archangel

Saint Gabriel Archangel                           Saint Raphael the Archangel

Suffering on behalf of the Souls of Purgatory

Snapshots of Sanctity: Flip Through St. Thérèse’s ‘Family Album’

Bishop Stika on His Way Out?

The Viganò Tapes #17: “Let us not be frightened”

Heroic Catholic Priest Described as a ‘Guardian Angel’ in WWII is Beatified

The Cardinal Casaroli Myth

The Fake Theology Behind Vaccine Mandates

Parolin Peddles Environmentalism Prelate preaches climate change to UN

The History of Corruption Hierarchical cesspool


Hierarchy as Middle Management

3D scans show boat-like formation matching 'biblical' description of Noah’s Ark, archaelogists say

Pro-Aborts Weaponize Vax at Vatican Forum 5,000 doctors sign 'Rome Declaration' demanding alternative treatments

English University Accepts Appointment of Catholic Chaplain Who Tweeted About Abortion

Texas Abortion Ban Has Saved 2,700 Babies From Abortion So Far

New 40 Days for Life campaign saves over 50 babies in five days, including triplets

EXPOSED: California Officials Secretly Working With Planned Parenthood to Destroy David Daleiden

Promotion of Abortion By Act Or By Omission

Woman Dies After Taking Abortion Pills to End the Life of Her 8-Month-Old Unborn Baby 

California governor signs law helping minors to use parents’ insurance for secret abortions

Liberal Atheist Condemns Abortion: “the Killing of the Unborn Is a Violation of Nonviolence”

Vatican Clarifies COVID-19 Vaccine-Pass Rules for Employees



NY’s Unelected Gov. Hochul: ‘God wants you to be vaccinated’, “I need you to be my apostles.”

COVID Vaccine Ten Commandments: Thou Shalt become Apostles for the DeathVaxx Saith our High Priestess Governor Hochul, Etc...

Netherlands Heads Towards Death on Demand: Killing Yourself in an Assisted Suicide for Any Reason

Chinese Filmmaker Removes 'Moses' From Title to Avoid Offending Communist Regime

‘We are in the process of Islamising France, and it is happening perfectly naturally’

Uganda: Muslims beat 83-year-old Christian woman for housing converts from Islam

Pakistan: Twelve incidents of persecution against Christian women and girls in two months

Muslim persecution: burying Christians alive

Leading British Medical Journal Ripped For Calling Women ‘Bodies With Vaginas’                      9/29


Saint Wenceslas, Martyr

St. Lorenzo Ruiz

Wake Up, Vaccinationist Francis! Third "Vaccinated" Cardinal Dead from Covid 1984

SSPX Sparks Civil War Over Vaccine Passports Traditionalists slam Latin Mass body for sanitizing abortion-tainted jabs

School Teacher Spanks Hilariously Ridiculous Fastiggi & Armstrong for saying "Francis DID answer the Dubia and Pope Benedict answered it the same way, so there!"

The world needs prophets and true witnesses of hope in a time of uncertainty and trial, Pope Francis told Catholic young people

American Christians help raise millions to restore Bethlehem's Church of the Nativity  

Church Militant Hits Back at Baltimore City Falsehoods, contradictions, Catholic bigotry on display in city's court filings

Church Forced Underground by New Hindu Crackdown in Central India

After escaping communism, Alberta Protestant Pastor Artur Pawlowski arrested again at Calgary airport

Sister Gloria Isn’t Doing Well

WOW! Identical twin gives birth to identical twins, with twin sister’s help

Science Confirms Unborn Children are Human Beings Who Have Actual Beating Hearts at 22 Days

Susan chose life for her baby, even as her life was crumbling around her

Euthanasia for newborns is (already) the norm in Belgium

Aborted Baby Girl Found in Abortion Clinic Trash Receives Proper Funeral

Newborn babies are killed in Belgium, Netherlands — but most won’t call it infanticide

10% of Newborn Babies Who Die in Belgium are Killed in Euthanasia

Pro-life 'Red Rose' activists found not guilty in trespass trial

State Takes Three-Month-Old Baby From His Parents Because They Refuse to End His Life Support

Yet another leftist tried to silence pro-life students on campus  

U.S. House votes in favor of abortion up to birth for any reason

Smith responds to prof's claim that 'staying pregnant' is 'more dangerous' than abortion

Protestant Pastor in Glasgow on Vaccination of Children & State Intrusion into Family Life

Communist NY Gov. Kathy Hochul Tells Megachurch COVID Vaccine Is God’s Answer to Prayers

Prager: As America Has Become More Secular, It Has Become Less Free

Man Charged With Murdering His Mother After She Converted to Christianity From Islam

Switzerland votes to recognize same-sex ‘marriage’

HIV Status: Homosex Orgy Priest Investigated

Texan Mother Trashes Graphic Schoolbook Leftist indoctrination over education                  9/28


St. Vincent de Paul

Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian, Martyrs

Viganò addresses the Aquinas Communications Sept 22, 2021

The Viganò Tapes #15: “An unattainable paradise”

The Viganò Tapes #14: “This is not a coincidence”

Unvaccinated Cardinal Burke Left Hospital

Young people in the UK are twice as likely as older people to pray regularly

Demons, Sin, Death, and Damnation

Diocesan newspaper apologizes for cartoon mocking unvaccinated man sick with COVID

Is COVID Hysteria Francis promoting Chrislam?

Sanity Has Returned: Archdiocese DROPS Compulsory Vaccinations

Father Arnaud Sélégny, SSPX: Pragmatist NO Just More of The Same

SSPX leader says vaccination can be morally ‘prudent’ NEVER but even if it was the JAB is a Weapon

Medjugorje: Little know revelation – The Blessed Mother Tells Visionaries that “The Wind is my sign”

Susan chose life for her baby, even as her life was crumbling around her

Pregnant after a brutal rape: ‘For the first time I felt hope and I felt joy’

European Union: Denial of abortion should be criminalized

Unplanned Movie Causes Uproar in France       2     min.

Woman with Down Syndrome Loses Challenge to UK Eugenic Abortion Law

Report shows media's abortion 'experts' often on payroll of abortion pill makers

The Coming Satanic Age is Here           33  min. 

Democrats Go After Christianity and Judaism’s Holiest Sites: New Bill Turns Over Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, Western Wall and Christian Holy Sites to Palestinians

Nigeria: Muslims attack two churches, kill one Christian, abduct five others

Karen Croake Heisler: 67-year-old former Notre Dame professor says “damn the unvaccinated,” dead 12 days after third Pfizer mRNA injection

Minnesota Sex Ed Program Asks Students to Role Play Gay, Transgender Sex Scenarios                  9/27


St. Finbar

The Meaning of the Mass - Venerable Fulton Sheen

Schneider: The Roman Rite “Is Not a Private Property of a Pope”

Worldwide Petition to Stop Tradiotiones Custodes

The Viganò Tapes #13: Enlightment or... Endarkenment?

Characteristics of the True Church, Part II The Church is holy

"Is Benedict XVI Still Pope?" & Is Francis an Anti-Pope?

Francis Imparts "Blessing" Without Sign Of The Cross 

Pope Claims His Critics Are Performing “Work of the Devil” I pray for him everyday

Trans men 'unknowingly admitted' to Catholic seminaries, bishops' committee alleges

Catholic Univ. of America enlists Cdl. Tobin, other pro-LGBT figures to pick new president

Kasper Questions Synodal Way German bishops at odds

Archdiocese of Toronto announces strict vaccine mandate for clergy, employees, and volunteers

Bishop Threatens Unvaccinated Priests, Provokes Catholic Rally

Bible Bite: Standing In Contrast To This World

This is the sort of person whom the House voted that it’s okay to kill up to birth

Mom with terminal cancer has leg amputated to save her preborn child: ‘I don’t know how long I have left’

Man Praying Outside Abortion Clinic Saves Triplets From Abortion

Pelosi defends her support for legal abortion: ‘God has given us a free will’

United Nations experts intrude into Supreme Court abortion decision

Rand Paul Pushing to Hold Small Business Association Accountable for Giving Planned Butcherhood $100 Million Illegally

Pelosi Cheers as Dems Pass Radical Abortion Without Limits Bill – Legalizes Partial Birth Abortion, Dismembering Babies, Lifts All Restrictions

White House endorses ‘radical’ pro-abortion bill that would go beyond Roe v. Wade

Democratic Abortion Bill Protects 'Transgender Men'

Denzel Washington to Christian Men's Conference: Pray Daily, 'Listen to God,' Remember 'Strength and Leadership’ Are ‘God’s Gift to Us’

Joe Biden Kicks Lee Greenwood, Who Wrote “God Bless the USA,” Off National Arts Council

Christian Persecution: Flip-Flopping Fascist Fear Fuhrer Fauci Targets Church Choirs

Christian Web Designer Forced to Publish Web Sites Against Her Christian Faith

Prayer in Public Schools Is Back…as Long as It’s Prayer to Allah

Christians living in fear as Taliban carries out executions, amputations as punishments

Grateful Muslim Refugee Plots to BOMB Pittsburgh Church

Facebook turned blind eye to Islamic slave trading on its Arabic platform so as not to ‘alienate buyers’

Millions more girls at risk of becoming child brides

‘Manipulating humanity’: French medical professionals, academics denounce transgenderism

Graphic Warning: Horrified Crowd Shouts as Parent Shows School's Pedophilia Comics at Board Meeting  

Most People Want Men Out of Women’s Sports — Why Won’t the Corporate Media Admit It?

VIDEO: New Yorkers Tear Down LGBT, Vaccine-Themed, ‘Disgusting’ OkCupid Dating App Ads                 9/25


Our Lady of Ransom or of Mercy

Martyrs of Chalcedon

Saint John Henry Newman

Transfiguration acquires, displays image of Shroud of Turin

Exploring the Queenship of Mary

Six Reasons: Women Should Wear a Veil in Church

Pope Benedict XVI was thrust from power by the World Economic Forum

The Vigano Tapes #11: “How the church was changed"

The Viganò Tapes #12: Denying the Kingship of Christ

Conchita’s 2020 Prophecy of the examination of conscience endures and in certain ways has already been fulfilled in many souls.

New head of JPII marriage institute suggests Church must change its definition of family  

Pro-life Catholics call on bishop to defend unborn, allow priests to reject COVID shot

Francis Indulges In "Clericalism Pure": More Concelebrating Bishops than Faithful

What Will Francis Say Now? “Vaccinated” Cardinal Dies From Covid-1984

In Plenary Council, Australians search for ‘a NEW WAY of living as church’    

Communist Peru FrancisCardinal Barretto leads perpetual synod in the Amazon region

Synodality? What Does This Mean?

Rebuked in Dubuque Catholic event well attended despite bishop's disapproval

St. Cloud couple opens door, hearts to more than 100 babies in 43 years of foster parenting

Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt launches series ‘Beyond and Back’ to show 'proof of Heaven'

Care Net in Texas sees 30% increase in calls since passage of Heartbeat Act

40 Days for Life fall campaign to end abortion begins in over 1,000 cities

Pivotal Time for the Preborn Converging movements, disparate decisions

The abortion debate is not about difficult circumstances. It’s about sexual freedom

Abortionist Admits Breaking Tx Heartbeat Act, gets sued

Down syndrome advocates vow to appeal British court ruling on abortion

UK High Court upholds law allowing Down syndrome abortions after 24 weeks

Portland backtracks on boycott of Texas, establishes abortion fund instead

Pro-Life Leaders Call Out Uma Thurman: Abortion Story ‘Glossy Hollywood Cover for Men that Abuse Women for Sex’

Pro-abortion Conservative Party leader blames upstart People's Party of Canada for election loss

White House endorses ‘radical’ pro-abortion bill that would go beyond Roe v. Wade

First-Ever “Quitters Ball” Celebrates People Who Quit Their Jobs at Abortion Clinics

Baby Killer Pelosi: I’m a Catholic Because My Family is Pro-Life and I Have 5 Kids

Feds Give Planned Butcherhood Millions in Plandemic Relief After Ruling it Ineligible for Gov’t Aid

Our Treatment of People with Disabilities

Fighting For The Rights of Christians in Public Schools

Oxford College Apologizes After Hosting Christian Conference

Alì Ehsani’s determination to save a Christian family in Afghanistan

Woke Vatican Hails Jew-Hating Declaration Holy See shamed as 34 countries boycott Durban conference celebration

Project Veritas - "FDA Official: ‘Calls for a ‘Nazi Germany’ Style ‘Registry’ of Unvaccinated Americans: ‘Think About It Like The Jewish Star’"

Communist North Korea Portrays Christians as Blood Sucking Monsters, Murderers and Spies to Deter Faith

Docs Show Sex Abuse of Migrant Kids After Biden Abandoned Key Trump Policy

ACLU Changes Pronouns in Famous Ruth Bader Ginsburg Quote

ACLU Rewrites History to Eliminate Women, Claims Biological Men are Women

FLASHBACK: Pope Francis is harming same-sex attracted Catholics

War on Parents: Gruesome Newsom Signs Bills to Keep Minors’ ‘Sensitive’ Health Services Private             9/24


Saint Linus, Pope and martyr

St. Padre Pio

Saint Thecla, First Virgin Martyr

Prayer: A.C.T.S. of a Soul

These 7 easy prayers are perfect for young children

Cardinal Sarah: “I Don't Know What You Want to Say”

Orthodox Bishops Duel Over Medical Choice Woke Abp. Elpidophoros refuses exemptions to conscientious objectors  

The Vigano Tapes #9: “In no way can we accept”

Of Course Churches Are Burning

Even Parolin Doubts Francis’ Conspiracy Theory

Pope vilifies criticism from EWTN and other Catholic outlets as ‘the work of the devil’

Bombshell Report Reveals Sexual Predation Crisis in Seminaries Current problem enabled by bishops, media

Critics condemn Pope’s decision on Hesse

Students Meet and Pray at ‘See You at the Pole’ Rallies Across America

Benedict's faithful Vatican Bank Chief Ettore Gotti Tedeschi Explains The Great Evil Reset

Dozens of Catholics ask bishop to revoke vaccination recommendation for minors

Faithful Aussie Catholic Freedom Fighter Monica Smit Released on Bail

‘Feed my sheep’: Denzel Washington reveals what God's been telling him to do

The 'Test' in Roe v. Wade Isn't Just Unconstitutional - It's Downright Medieval

Florida Legislator Introduces Heartbeat Bill That Would Ban Abortions Just Like Texas

OkCupid to Donate to Planned Parenthood for Promoting Abortion on Their Profile

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signs bill limiting abortion pill to seven weeks

WATCH: People With Down Syndrome Condemn Abortion: “My Life Matters”

Florida “Monoclonal Antibodies are much more tied to Abortion than the Jab. They are made from Humanized Mice, in a Frankensteinesque Practice"

“Satan’s Power Was Defeated Tonight” – High School Football Team Defies Godless School Board – Gathers for Team Prayer on Field Following Game (Video)

Large Crowds Outside Rothschild Castle in Switzerland

Man murdered while feeding homeless in Oakland

Ohio high school locked down after 100-person brawl

Pennsylvania University Tells Students ‘Action Could Be Taken’ If They Use Wrong Pronouns  

Texas Republicans Push Legislation During Special Session That Bans Transgender Abuse of Children          9/23


St. Thomas of Villanueva

Saint Maurice and his Companions, Martyrs

Saint Lorenzo Ruiz and Companions

The Exaltation of the True Cross!

Flashback: Canon 212 is What is needed in our Effeminate & Whiny Francis Nice Church

Pope Francis praises pro-abortion President and backs communion for pro-abort politicians pray for him

Going Backwards? Old Francis Scorns Young Faithful Priests

Swiss Bishop Eleganti: Pope, bishops ‘have become [unwanted] health experts instead of witnesses to the faith’

Vaccination: Bishops Blackmail Their Priests

COVID shot mandates are ‘tyranny’ and should be resisted: US bishop

Vaxxed Philippine Bishops Catch COVID Unvaxxed laity barred from Mass

Clergy must have ‘courage’ to stand against ‘government pressures,’ Canadian priest says


World’s smallest baby girl goes home from the hospital

These three families say ‘thank you’ to pro-life sidewalk counselors

Feds Attack Heartbeat Law TX babies in HHS crosshairs

Texas Governor Greg Abbott Signs Pro-Life Bill Banning Mail-Order Abortion Pills

Half of prominent Texas abortion chain’s abortionists quit due to Heartbeat Act

U.S. Supreme Court sets Dec. 1 as date to hear major abortion case

NPR Report: Saving Babies From Abortion is “Cruel.” Killing Babies in Abortions is “Health Care”

Over 50 Companies Sign Letter Claiming Texas Abortion Ban Threatens Health of Workers

Democrats Advance Radical Abortion Bill That Would Overturn Every Pro-Life Law in America

Megan Rapinoe and Hundreds of Other Athletes Demand Supreme Court Let Them Kill Unborn to Protect Their Careers

Reclaiming Catholic Culture: Popular Piety in the Modern World

Focus on the Family Kicks off ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’ on Oct. 7

Students Take Over and Lead Postgame Prayer After School District Warns Teachers Of Legal Ramifications

Is Miraculous Healing Real? Filmmaker Elijah Stephens Bridges the Gap Between Science and the Supernatural

Tucker Carlson Reveals PowerPoint From US Army Justifying Vax Mandates with a Slide That Lists 7 Tenets of Satanism

Irish Catholic man assaulted by pervert for praying the Rosary in reparation for ‘pride’ parade, later suffers heart attack

Feds Reveal Secret Network of Doctors Who Perform Female Genital Mutilation

U.S.-based Muslim preacher defends slavery, including sex slavery, under Sharia                   9/22


Mary, Mother of God How can a woman be the Mother of God?

Saint Matthew, Apostle

Australian Priest: Our Lady of Fatima Warned Us!

Evidence of the Faith Historical and scientific proof

The Weapon of the St. Gallen Mafia is Synodality

Vaccination Legalism: Vatican Imposes More Rigid Useless Laws

Vatican Closes Its Doors to Those Without a ‘Green Pass’

Vatican City State now demands COVID-1984 “Green Pass” or you can’t enter. Meanwhile, in Canada by FR. Z

Prophecies of Maria Esperanza, Servant of God of Betania

Canadian Archbishop: Only Fully Vaccinated Can Attend Mass

Vaccinated Archbishop Shows Symptoms Days After Liturgy With Francis

Mystic Josyp Terelya's Prophecy for Our Time

Scientist Warns of ‘Noble Lie’ to Promote Jab mRNA inventor details meeting with top cardinal

2583 Catholic Parents Rise Up Against Cardinal’s Intrigues

Pittsburgh Byzantine Seminary to require clot shot for men discerning vocation to the priesthood

Medjugorje: Our Lady Appears in Amazing Video – “IT’S HAPPENING NOW”, But People Don’t See it

Illinois Orgy—The Rome Connection A cover-up stretching from the Midwest to Rome

Australian state’s ‘roadmap to freedom’ suggests only vaccinated people can go to church

Couple Adopts Two Sets of Twins to Keep The Family Together: We’re “Spreading the Love” 

Supreme Court sets a date to hear potential challenge to Roe v. Wade

900 State Legislators Want Roe v. Wade Upheld So 63 Million More Babies Die in Abortions

Two pro-abortion attorneys put Texas law to the test by suing abortionist who said he violated it

Biden directs additional funds to Texas abortion centers, launches new attacks on heartbeat law

Baptist Pastor Defends Killing Babies in Abortions: “Jesus Did Not Say Judge Your Neighbor”

Pro-abortion activists protest at Brett Kavanaugh’s home

Why Are Billion-Dollar Companies Hysterical Over the Texas Pro-Life Law?

Democrat Administration Blocks Rescue of Persecuted Christians from Afghanistan

Deep State "Foreign Policy" is Killing Christians Worldwide

Mainline Protestantism: The wolves in sheep’s clothing have shed their fleeces

Technocrat Strategies Emerge To Block Religious Exemptions For Vaccines

7 reasons why Google’s track record is anti-life and anti-woman

Detroit: Muslim Doctor Charged With Vaginal Mutilation of Nine Girls Aged Just Seven ‘Was Part of Secret Muslim Network Which Traveled Across US to Perform Agonizing Procedure,’ Court Hears

Christian Watchdog Warns Welsh Pastors Could Be Prosecuted Under ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban

Feminist Labour MP Backs Out of Conference After Threats from ‘Woke’ Trans Activists

‘Rebellion Against God’: Christian Leaders Rebuke Lutheran Church Approval Of Transgender Bishop

Disney-Marvel Star Doesn’t Deny 2015 Reddit Post Saying Pedophilia ‘No Different than Being Gay’         9/21


Bl. Maximin Giraud, Visionary of La Salette

Sts. Andrew Kim Taegon, Paul Chong Hasang, and Companions

Saint Eustachius and his Family, Martyrs

How to Pray the Rosary & Pray at All Times in the Greatest Crisis in Church History

France’s Notre Dame cathedral secured at last. Next: rebuild

Australian Priest: Our Lady of Fatima Warned Us!

Cardinal on VERY Dangerous Mission

The Miracle Stairs built by St Joseph The Hand Of God – Only Those Who Pay Attention Know This

Novus Ordo Is the Sacrifice of Cain

Given abuse reforms, expert says bishops have ‘no excuse’ for failure

No Vaccination – No Mass

Pro-LGBT+ Bishop Bans Unvaxxed From Mass Canadian prelate will police entry demanding faithful show 'papers'

Cyprus: Priests Who Criticise “Vaccines” Lose their Salary

Toronto Catholic District School Board scraps oath to the Church’s Magisterium

Baby Doctors Said to Abort Because She Wouldn’t Live Long After Birth is Now the Happiest Little Girl

Despite pro-abortion denial, medical doctors have known for decades that preborn babies can feel pain

Washington Post: Women are leading the fight to end abortion

Texas Abortionist Says He’s Already Violated the New ‘Heartbeat’ Law

President Trump Cancelled FDA Contracts to Buy Aborted Baby Parts, It Hasn’t Purchased Any Since

Texas ‘Churches’ Claim Abortion Is ‘a Moral and Social Good’

Pope Francis hails pro-abortion Irish president as a ‘wise man of today’

The Canadian Mass Grave Hoax

Crucifix in school: Italian Supreme Court fells Christian Tradition of Italy in 65 page sentence

CNN Expert: Faith Can Kill, So Biden Admin Needs 'Guidelines' for Religious Vaccine Exemptions

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America abandons the Bible

School Shooter Who Targeted 'Transphobic' Classmates Sentenced To Life In Prison

Christian Watchdog Warns Welsh Pastors Could Be Prosecuted Under ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban      9/20


Our Lady of La Salette

Saint Januarius, Bishop and Martyr

St. Januarius Bishop and Martyr Died in 305 and the Miracle of his Blood

St. Joseph of Cupertino, Franciscan Priest

Medjugorje: This miracle is the "biggest public sign of Mary’s presence in Medjugorje in history."

The Viganò Tapes #7: "Chaos Manifests Itself"

The Viganò Tapes #8: “Protect the Children”

Thirteen Cardinals: Virtually, All of Them “Vaccinated”

New bishop in Philippines pledges an environment-focused ministry

Unconditional Welcome: Francis' Traditionis Custodes Puts 300 Young People on the Street

DeathVaxx-pushing Legionary, Fr. Matthew Schneider: Cancelled Fr. Altman's $300k new house far too expensive.

Abortionists Are Leaving Texas; DOJ Fails in Attempt to Get Heartbeat Law Blocked

Abortion is “Murder”: Is Francis Bipolar?

Planned Parenthood Patient Says Staff Botched Abortion and Abandoned Her

Florida Abortionist With a History of Botching Abortions is Shut Down for Good

Funeral Director – Covid Whistleblower a Must Watch Disscussion

Persecution Watchdog Documents Over 100 Incidents of China’s Crackdown on Christians in 1 Year

New “polygenic” screening technique reignites debate over designer baby future

Biden's multi-trillion-dollar spending plan will devastate religious liberty and the U.S. economy  

Watch: ‘They chose to protect a child molester’: McKayla Maroney accuses FBI of falsifying docs, enabling child abuser

Yes and No: Benedict Crushes Homosex Pseudo Marriage - Francis Endorses It

LGBTQ Film Festival to Premiere Pete Buttigieg Documentary ‘Mayor Pete’               9/19


Do you doubt the Real Presence? Learn about these Eucharistic miracles

The Stigmata of Saint Francis

St. Robert Bellarmine                             Saint Lambert, Bishop, Martyr

On the 500th anniversary of the holy life of Saint Robert Bellarmine  

Our Lady’s Seven Sorrows Countless thorns pierce Mary's Immaculate Heart

The Viganò Tapes #5: "Trapped in an Impasse"

The Viganò Tapes #6: The Limits of Authority

Cancel Fury: Priest Turns Our Lady Into "Mary of the Underwear

'Many have ended up in very bad situations' - Vicar of Destruction rails against all the faithful lay organizations he's been forced to exterminate

Saints Cornelius & Cyprian and the curative character of excommunication

Altman buys Wisconsin home amid diocesan conflict

Viktor Orbán Gives Pope Warning About Mass Migration to the West

Medical ‘prisoner’: Woman dies in Catholic hospital after being denied her rights

I Was Conceived in Rape But I’m Glad I Wasn’t Aborted. I Did Not Deserve Death for My Father’s Crime

Pressured to abort five times, she refused. Now her son is thriving

Justice Clarence Thomas Blasts Media, Defends Supreme Court Upholding Texas Abortion Ban


George Soros Group Slams Catholic Church for Opposing Biden’s Radical Abortion Agenda 

Mollie Hemingway: Leaked Document Shows Biden Sidelining Public To Take Orders From Planned Parenthood

7 Seismic Shifts in American Culture Since America Abandoned God and Christian Values

Jesuit High School in California Accused of Teaching Critical Race Theory

Victory: Two more COVID tickets dropped against Ontario Pastor and church

Biden Administration Blocks Rescue of Persecuted Christians from Afghanistan

Biden Fires Father of Teen With Down Syndrome From White House Disabilities Council

Dioceses prepare to welcome first Afghans starting new lives in U.S.

Dead Sea turns blood red on holy day of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)

Nancy Pelosi Doesn’t Care That China Commits Genocide Because It’s Working on Climate Change

Talibanned: Afghan women brace for a new, restrictive normal

PRAY: Taliban Executing Groups of '30 to 40' at a Time Says Christian Missionary Helping Afghans

Islamophobia? On 9/11, There Were 1,200 Mosques in the U.S. Guess How Many There Are Now? almost 3000

14-year-old Indian boy suffers burns to 65% of his body in anti-Christian attack  

UK: Muslim migrant rape gang member complains ‘I have no rights in this country’

Muslim Gunmen Open Fire on Christians in Pakistan, Wounding Six

Med school to host ‘body terrorism on fat LGBTQ+ people’ seminar

Mayor Warns School Board Will Be Charged For Providing Porn To Children

Hudson, Ohio, School Board Won't Resign After Mayor's Threat of Charges for Child Porn in Textbook

Gay New Ways Celebrates Evil PlaneFrancis: In Press Conference, He Makes Support for Civil Unions Absolutely Clear!

Swiss Opus Dei bishop: ‘I have nothing against’ one woman marrying another

Swedish Gay Priest Refuses to Wed Straight Couples

Watchdog: Netflix Cartoon ‘Grooms Children for Sexual Abuse’  

Professor reported for allowing student to say transgender women aren’t women                    9/17


Eucharistic Mega-Procession of 200,000 People in Hungary, Commentary by Eduard Habsburg

Saint Cyprian, Bishop and Martyr

St. Cornelius                                  Saint Andrew Kim, Korean Priest, Martyr

A little video on LaSalette

A Poor Soul From Purgatory Reveal the 3 dangerous Mistakes to Avoid at Mass at all Costs

How receiving Communion drives away demons

Vigano: A Jesuit on the Throne of Peter “in violation of the rule established by St. Ignatius of Loyola”


THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE THIS – Miracle at Lourdes | Watch this and you will never doubt again

Pope Francis on Communion for pro-abortion politicians: ‘Don’t go condemning’

Female Former Protestant Pastor Reaffirms the Centrality of the Real Presence in the Eucharist


Francis: Communion For Jew, Support for Gay Unions, and Gloating about Cardinal Burke

Pope Francis' visit to Slovakia ended with the rehabilitation in public opinion of the former bishop of Trnava, Robert Bezák, who was deposed by Benedict XVI in 2012 and also accused of having created a network of homosexual priests.

Slandering St. Serra Leftist lawmakers rewriting history

Cd. Dolan tells NY Post he has a simple room in the palatial NYC mansion, eats instant oatmeal at 5 am every morning

Exorcist Tells What CNN Got Wrong in Story About Ghostly Encounters

Dante at Seven Hundred

Jesuits Offer ‘Ignatian Yoga’ to Combat COVID Society of Jesus unapologetically touts syncretism rooted in Hinduism

Down syndrome non-profit is mending hearts around the world

Chastising Child Killers Catholic leadership trounced racism

New Records Show Obama Admin Purchased Aborted Babies’ Heads for $515 Each

DEMONIC: FDA Purchased Intact Aborted Baby Heads, Fetal Organs on Ice for Experimentation with Mice

Federal appeals court nixes Tennessee’s protections for preborn babies with Down syndrome

The Hollywood Elite are Totally Unhinged Because Texas is Saving Babies From Abortion

UPDATE: GoFundMe de-platforms dad whose only son died after Pfizer jab

Christian School Succumbs to Covid Nazis After County Threatens Closure

Trapped by the Taliban, Praying for Escape From Afghanistan

Pro-LGBT bishop bans unvaccinated clergy from ministering to sick, orders revealing of vaccine status

Hamburg: Francis rejects resignation of one of his pet bishops over PervCharges

Mayor Demands School Board Resign or be Charged Over Dissemination of “Child Pornography” Material       9/16


The Seven Sorrows of the Bl. Virgin Mary

Saint Catherine of Genoa, Widow            

St. Valerian

Catholic Modernism - The Future of the Past

Abp. Viganò: COVID-19 vaccine, passport drive ‘an epochal war’ and ‘prelude to the end times’

‘Cardinal Cover-Up’ More hypocrisy from Wilton Gregory

Traditionis Custodes: Brutal Archbishop of Paris ADDS Restrictions to Prevent Access to TLM

Francis' Liturgical War: New Website Against Traditionis Custodes

Cardinal Collins to Toronto Priests - No jab? No gab!


It Won't Go Away, Francis: Old Rite Catholics Kneel In Rain Beside Unused Church

Dante’s Message From the Underworld to Today’s World

New report highlights humanity of a preborn child at 15 weeks

Texas Pro-Life Org. Faces Death Threats: ‘We Understand This Is a Spiritual Battle,’ ‘We Are Not Deterred’

Planned Parenthood peddles lies in the wake of Texas Heartbeat Law 

Fascist Google Bans Abortion Pill Reversal Treatment Ads

‘Let Us Worship’ Draws Thousands to National Mall to Pray

“Good” Freemasonry, “Bad” Freemasonry

NFL Supports the Medical Dictatorship, Cancels National Anthem Performance by Christian Singer Because She Isn’t “Vaccinated”

Joel Richardson tells Fior Hernandez: Afghan Christians, Taliban fighters have engaged in Bible studies – Brighteon.TV

Francis' Self-Condemnation: “We Consider Ourselves Justified When Judging Others Harshly”

Tony Blinken Confirms Child Brides Evacuated with Older Men from Afghanistan

Gay Adoption Is Just One More Lie Homosexuals Tell Empty pageantry is the essence of gayness

‘Power Rangers’ goes LGBT with show’s first lesbian superhero

Sodom & Gomorrah Update: Evangelical “Church” Hosts Leather Fetish Mass for Homosexuals

Evangelical Lutheran Church Installs First Transgender Bishop During Ceremony In San Francisco         9/15


The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

St. Notburga

Francis’ Reform: “Disturbing” and “Dangerous” Characters

Pope Francis: We need ‘creativity of the Gospel,’ not ‘a defensive Catholicism’

Priest: Pope Francis is not a liberal – (he’s) a Catholic conservative”… Gimme a BREAK!

Practical Faith Aka Wasting Your Life ... Bishop Fulton Sheen

Waterloo looms: Vatican’s Hitmen Struck Again - But This Time the Victim is Fighting

Our Greatest Poet: Celebrating Dante after 700 Years  

Nigerian pastor ‘macheted to death,’ body found by search party

Just How Does God’s ‘Perfect’ Mercy and Justice Work?

Christian Prime Minister Admonishes Francis

Christian New York health workers sue to block mandatory COVID shots

American Christians Under Attack 'They will persecute you'

Texas Abortion Ban Has Saved More Than 1,000 Babies From Abortions So Far

Missouri pro-life legislator plans to introduce bill similar to Texas Heartbeat Act

Miracle Baby Born at 24 Weeks Weighed as Much as a Loaf of Bread. Now He’s Doing Great

Loreto House: All Women are Welcome in This Place

Texas Right to Life Faces Bomb Threat, Abortion Activist Makes Terrorist Threat Against Pro-Life Group

Woman faces murder charges in death of baby boy dumped in a trash can

Nuts: MSNBC Guest Claims Biden on 'Strong Moral Ground' Biblically by Supporting Abortion

Pasadena to vote on placing students in unpaid Planned Parenthood ‘advocacy’ internships

Will a Coney Barrett Supreme Court allow "Arresting People for Attending Church" by using the "Eugenics era Court that Authored Jacobson?

Vietnamese father of 12 in his 80's gets 29 years for catechising villagers

The mysterious Georgia Guidestones and the Globalist plan to reduce humanity to half a billion

Evangelical Families in Mexican Town Cut Off From Utilities for Refusing to Deny Faith

St. Michael’s Media Sues City of Baltimore City invented pretext to quash First Amendment rights

FrancisChurch: Vatican Swiss Guard's new barracks designed to include women, newspaper says

Ousted ‘conservative’ Spanish bishop who moved in with erotic novelist is no martyr for tradition

Why Do So Many Gays Try to Adopt Kids?

Alanis Morissette Admits Music Industry Is Run by Elite Pedophiles: 'They're ALL Child Rapists        9/14


St. John Chrysostom

Saint Maurilius, Bishop of Angers

Pope Francis at International Eucharistic Congress: ‘Let’s Make Time for Adoration’

In ‘rupture’ with Church’s ‘absolute opposition’ to abortion, Vatican hosting pro-aborts at pro-COVID jab conference

Bishop closes churches to avoid vaccine passport discrimination but promotes COVID shots

Vaccine Witch-Hunt: German FSSP Priest Shipped To Czech Republic  

Blessed Cdl. Stefan Wyszyński 

Was Cardinal Wyszyński’s Approach to Communism a Guide About How the Vatican Should Engage With China?

Disgusting Duplicity: Francis About Traditionis Custodes

Pope to Hungary's Bishops: 'Be close to God, each other, priests and your flock'

Francis, Orbán Trade Gibes at Historic Meet Prime minister prods pope: 'Don't let Christian Hungary be lost!'

‘Over My Dead Body’: Priest Says ‘Devout Catholic’ Biden Wouldn’t Receive Communion at His Church – Flashback

Monty Python Church: Synod on Synodal Synodality of the Synods  

WATCH: Fr. Altman calls out pro-LGBT cardinal, pro-abortion mayor at Chicago rally  

Bishop Attacks ‘Drug Jihad’ Against Catholics Prelate breaks ranks with Pope Francis on Islam as 'religion of peace'

Not Loved by Francis: Thriving Novus Ordo Institute

What else is Texas doing to help women and children? A lot, it turns out.

Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe v. Wade, Never Had an Abortion. This is Her Daughter

Indian state high court ruling prevents 31-week-old baby from being aborted

Premature baby girl born at 27 weeks is now a thriving preschooler

‘A proud day’: Mother celebrates as daughter with Down syndrome graduates college

AOC Raises $300,000 to Kill More Babies in Abortions, Nothing to Actually Help Pregnant Women

Satanists admit that legalized abortion is how they perform ritual child sacrifices at the Satanic Temple

Feminist Calls Killing Babies in Abortions a “Sacred Ritual”

Hospital Botches Abortion Meant to Kill Sick Twin, Kills ‘Healthy’ Twin Instead

Nothing Is off-Limits to Baby Killers: Pro-Abortion Protesters Plan to Terrorize the Kavanaugh Family at Home

Abortionist Told Nurse to Ignore Abortion Survivor: ‘for All Intents and Purposes, It’s Dead.’

Mel Gibson endorses Abp. Viganò’s remarks on Vatican II, says ‘sickness afflicts’ the Church

From Modernism to Communism. By Maestro

Europe’s most unapologetically Christian, conservative, and pro-family nation  

This week in Christian history: First Korean Catholic priest martyred; Baptist Church bombed

Baptist Int’l Mission Board Mandating Vaccines for Missionaries and Their Children 16 and Older

Christian preacher cited over COVID lockdown, then charges are tossed

Pakistan: Muslim gunmen open fire on church, Christians’ homes

Alaska Airlines Fired Flight Attendants for Saying Democrat Transgender Bill Harms Women 

‘Evangelical’ Lutheran Church Installs First Tranny Bishop

Machine-Gun of the Devil: Homosexuality Is “No Sin”

Leftists Cheer After Biological Male Beats a Woman in MMA Competition

Chinese government cracks down on promotion of effeminate “sissy pants” men

Leather lovers' mass at Berlin church


Saint Thomas of Villanova

St. Salvius of Albi

Saint Nicholas of Tolentino, Confessor

Garabandal visionary Conchita on the world-wide CHASTISEMENT:  “No one can escape it” 

US Catholic Speaker Recounts Miracle Healings at International Eucharistic Congress

ANALYSIS: Archbishop of Paris goes beyond Traditionis Custodes in restricting Mass of Ages

Francis: Window-Dressing Instead of Reforms

Texas Bishop Strickland announces he won’t receive DeathVaxx: I will not ‘take a vaccine that I believe is wrong’

Schizophrenic? Yesterday He Performed Old Rite Ordinations and Today he "Prohibits"


Opus Dei Parish Imposes Grabbing Holy Communion

Kidnapped Nigerian bishop with LA ties recalls his ‘saving moment’

Monty Python Church: Synod on Synodal Synodality of the Synods

Texas bishops highlight state-funded program to help pregnant women

YouVersion partners with translation groups in campaign to translate Bible globally by 2033

Federal Court Rules Indiana Laws Saving Babies From Abortion Can Go Into Effect

Biden-Harris Regime Files Lawsuit to Overturn New Pro-Life Texas Law, Falsely Claim Murdering Unborn Babies is Somehow a Constitutional Right

Food Network Cancels Pro-Life Star Josh Denny, But He Won’t Back Down From Condemning Abortion

Depraved Salon Anti-Lifer Admits: ‘Satanists Are Right,’ Abortion ‘Sacred Ritual’

Lyft Chief Donates $1M to Planned Parenthood Abortionists to Protest Texas Pro-Life Law

Catholic university offers student health care plan covering abortion

Whoopi Goldberg: It’s My Right as a Christian Parent to Have My Grandchild Killed in an Abortion

100-Year-Old Tennessee Nonprofit Gives Local Schools $1.8M to Teach ‘the Gift of Bible History’

UK: Frozen embryos storage time limit to increase to 55 years

Vax-Extremist Rabbi to Preach at Vatican Gig Steinberg says jab refuseniks are 'murderers' who must be punished

Christian College Continues Fight to Keep Single-Sex Dorms, Showers Protected From Biden-Harris Regime’s Twisted LGBT Policy

Sharing the Gospel with your new Afghan neighbors

Muslim Male ‘Refugees’ with Their Child Brides Come to America

The New Feminism: AOC Joins Effort to Destroy Definition of ‘Women’             9/10


Saint Peter Claver

Saint Omer, Bishop of Therouanne

Five Steps to Giving Your Mind to Christ

Fontgombault Sermon for the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary: "Mary, Mother of Him Who is the Wisdom, offers Him to the world."

American Archbishop Calls Traditionis Custodes “Overkill”

New Wuhan bishop consecrated under terms of Vatican-China deal

Eucharistic Congress opens in Budapest 

A House Inside a House: A Fresh Look at the Mass

Paris Archbishop Kills TEN (!) Roman Masses

Priest Helps Orphans Flee Afghanistan 12,000 Christians in extreme danger

Abuse compensation program closes in LA, five California dioceses

Lansing Diocese Announces New Plans Dealing with gay priests off limits for discussion

InfoVaticano on Francis's 15,000 ice creams: we have a stable group of official poor living around the Vatican who are 'taken care of' so that they remain available for publicity stunts.

Catholic Pilgrims Killed In South Sudan Latest Victims Of Violence

Rape survivor who chose life: A raped and pregnant woman ‘matters too much for us to look the other way’

South Dakota governor issues order restricting chemical abortions

What else is Texas doing to help women and children? A lot, it turns out.

Mexican bishops express sorrow after Supreme Court decriminalizes abortion

Mexico Supreme Court Decriminalizes Abortion

Demonic Assault on Life Leftists coalesce around abortion

Black C-SPAN caller to abortion proponent: ‘Stop using us’ to promote the killing of our babies

Lawsuit: Alaska Airlines Fires Employees for Christian Beliefs

University Scholar: Francis's Book "Dialogos" shows Francis "Favors Socialism... Cuban Dictatorship... Authoritarian Role for the State... [&] not... the People"

Why Do People Hate Catholicism?

‘Taken Into the Arms of Mary’ — When Joseph Stalin’s Daughter Became Catholic

Texas Man Gets Execution Delay Over Pastor’s Touch Request

Days Of Noah: Jeff Bezos Funds Immortality Research?

University promotes material advising parents to facilitate gender transition despite child's 'uncertainty'

California judge: child porn suit can move forward against Pornhub 

When Worlds of Gender Ideology and Religious Freedom Collide

Francis Abuses Muslim Families with Homosex Propaganda                          9/9


The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

A Defense of Mary’s Perpetual Virginity

St. Adrian

Francis Without Mask: Will Admission to Old Rite

Fr. Paul Kalchik: Demonic Rites of Passage How members of the hierarchy roll their way into Hell

Coalition for Canceled Priests to host ‘Reparation Rally’ after sacrilegious Communion in Chicago

Francis’ Five Ways of Secularising the Papacy

Bishop Resigns After Falling In Love With Satanic-Themed Erotic Fiction Writer

No jab in Ontario? No funeral visits for you! What will Thomas Cardinal Collins do?

German FSSP Fr. Michael Ramm challenges COVID jabs and LGBT agenda, gets forced out of parish

Irish Bishops Will Introduce "Humans" Into the Liturgy

Bored and Boring Bishops 

In ruthless New Zealand, Masses remain suspended even though the case count is low, and it has nothing to do with it

MIRACLE! Putin Rebuilds Russian Monastery Left In Ruins That He Stumbled Upon During His Holiday

South Dakota Governor Restricts Access to Abortion Drugs in New Executive Order

'Abortion is just demonic’: Ex-Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson responds to ‘evil’ amid Texas abortion law battle

Pro-life community celebrates courage of video game CEO forced out of his job after praising Texas heartbeat law

MEDIA BIAS: Business Insider claims sound of preborn heartbeat is just ‘from the machine’

Mexico Supreme Court Rules Abortionists Can’t be Punished for Killing Babies

AG Garland declares his full support for murderous violence against unborn human babies, calls abortion “reproductive health services”

Suddenly, illegal abortion can be ‘safe,’ according to abortion advocates

Vandals Desecrate Italian Church, Behead Statue of Virgin Mary

Support for Evolution Rising Due to Soviet-Style Information Suppression

Society of Jesus Shuts Out Unvaxxed Jesuits Ignatius' disciples coerce communities, colleges into taking vax, boosters

Afghan Refugee, 29, REPEATEDLY STABS Woman In The NECK ‘Because She Was A Working Woman’, ALSO Stabs Man Who Tried to Help Her

California ethnic studies pushes in-school pagan prayers to Aztec gods

....Charles Coulombe on Traditionis Custodes: This is 2021, not 1969. Their far-wiser mentors are long gone, and they are left with nothing but the appearance of power. Authority in the Church is given by God for the Salvation of Souls


Christian adoption center splintering over allowing LGBTQ families               9/8


Saint Cloud, Confessor

Blessed Frédéric Ozanam

St. Padre Pio’s Transverberation – Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Archbishop Viganò – 25 Years Ago Our Lady Confirmed Fatima Message in a New Apparition

Texas Bishops ‘Celebrate Every Life Saved’ by Heartbeat Law

Labor Day Lessons from St. Teresa of Calcutta  


Bishop: Catholics Have a Duty to Challenge Pro-Abortion Politicians Like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi

Catholic Church to Ordain Communist-Friendly Bishop to Wuhan

Irish Bishops signal preference for inclusive Bible

Resignation of Bishop: Fog of Mystery Has Disappeared a woman was involved

“True Miracle” at the burning skyscraper in Milan: only a Crucifix was saved. The unbelievable tale of the unbelieving doctor

Fresno Bishop: Bakersfield Priest Allegedly Abused 7 Minors

Does the World Catholic Report's Carl Olson believe the Heresy of Communion for Adulterers is Magisterium?

Atlanta Archbishop, and Others, Answer the Calls of Fauci

Innocent as serpents, wise as doves: America's church leaders and the COVID vaccine betrayal -

Meet Legal Mastermind Behind Victory

The top 8 myths about the new Texas abortion law

“We Will Not Tolerate Violence Against Those Seeking to Obtain or Provide Reproductive Health Services” – AG Garland Puts Texas on Notice

Robert Barnes: None of the virus edicts or mandates pass the strict scrutiny required to violate religious exemptions in the United States. It doesn’t matter what actual religious leaders say.

Pro-Abortion Churches in Texas Vow to Fight the State’s New Pro-Life Law, ‘Take God Back’ From the Religious Right

Satanists Admit They Are Making Child Sacrifice Through Abortion an Official Ritual by the Satanic Temple

Joe Biden Has His “Best Lawyers at the Justice Department” Trying to Stop the Texas Abortion Ban

Unlicensed late-term abortion worker says she told clients how to deliver babies on toilets

Jesuit Catholic university helps students obtain abortions, sterilization through health plan

Catholic universities should uphold all aspects of the faith: essay  

China Orders Christians to Pray for Dead Communist Soldiers or Face Consequences

Stalinesque cruelty: Biden admin’s gay Transportation Secretary erases mom from newborns’ lives

Virginia Supreme Court upholds reinstatement of teacher who refused to use made-up “preferred pronouns”

Exporting the LGBTQ+ Agenda

UK gender clinic whistleblower awarded over $27K in damages for mistreatment

Creepy Vatican hosts screening of film that invented Gay FrancisSoundbite on civil unions                 9/7


St. Eleutherius                   Blessed Claudio Granzotto

Saint Lawrence Justinian, Patriarch             Saint Teresa of Calcutta

Pius XII: Changing the Liturgy Becomes a Fashion

Pope Francis Recognizes Possibility of ‘Deceit’ in Deal with China that was negotiated by a Pedophile that he put back in Power after being removed by Benedict XVI uncle Ted the real ? is who is deceiving who

Anglican Prelate Flees Gay Ghetto for Rome Bishop of Ebbsfleet who rejected women's ordination swims the Tiber

Wisconsin Bishop Slams Joe Biden’s Repudiation of Unborn Human Life

Treacherous Marxist: Francis’ Creature sullens Chair of Lima

Iconic San Francisco cathedral requiring vaccine passports

Priests Ordered to Refuse Vaccine Exemptions

Three priests, two gay and one normal one, removed from Cd. Cupich's Chicago for 'inappropriate' relationships

Nigerian Pastor Says Government ‘Fully’ Supports Killings Of Christians: Report

2,700+ Church Leaders Sign Letter to Australian Prime Minister Opposing Vaccine Passport Mandate

39 Per Cent of French Believe Islam Will Become France’s Primary Religion

Hungary: Wonderful Results!

Preemie Born 15 Weeks Early Fought for His Life and Is Thriving Today

Mom goes viral on TikTok celebrating ‘miracle’ son who survived abortion pill

Fittingly, Liberals See Satanic Temple as ‘Last, Best Hope to Save Abortion Rights in Texas’

Satanic Temple Attacks Texas Abortion Law, Argues That it Violates Their ‘Religious Freedom’ to ‘Abortion Rituals’

Lyft Donates $1 Million to Planned Parenthood, Vows to Pay Legal Fees for Drivers Bringing TX Women to Get Illegal Abortions

AOC: ‘Christian Extremists’ Are ‘Passing Forced Birth Laws’

Portland to Ban Texas Travel and Trade to Protest New “Heartbeat” Abortion Law

Fight Back Against the Pro-Abortion Lobby’s Lies

Pro-life tipster site booted by web host

PLANNED PARENTHOOD wins restraining order

Once Again, a Word to Pro-Life Evangelicals Who Voted for Biden

Are covid vaccines part of the mark of the beast system?

Parents sue California to stop chants to Aztec gods in ethnic studies curriculum

The Root of the Culture War

Same San Francisco gay men’s chorus that promised to “convert your children” puts out new propaganda song telling people to get “vaccinated” for covid

Pete Buttplug and His “Husband” Give Birth to Son, Daughter

Federal Court Rules Against Catholic School That Fired Openly Gay Teacher                   9/6


Saint Rose of Viterbo, Virgin

St. Rosalia, Virgin

Faith in Ireland Has “Vanished”: But Archbishop DOESN’T Tell People to Go to Mass

Cdl. Cupich and the Reality of the Devil Prayer is essential to escaping evil

Book provides insight into Scriptural basis, goals, practical aspects of exorcism

North American College seminarian: It’s not so much the Latin Mass that gets you in trouble around here, it’s looking and sounding Catholic

Coup de Théâtre: French Old Rite Institutes Ask For Mediator

Why Bishops Love Open Borders

Former Cardinal McCarrick pleads not guilty; two more lawsuits filed

Poop Video For Sept 2021 Urges Servitude To Mother Earth Idol

Like His Predecessor: Anglican Bishop Converts to the Catholic Church

Abortion Memorial Shining light on darkness

Interview: Pro-life attorney explains the Texas abortion win, and what comes next

Newsweek reporter slammed for warning pro-life laws may result in survival of more ‘Down syndrome fetuses’

Court Dismisses Pro-Abortion Lawsuit Against Man Responsible for 34 Texas Cities Banning Abortion

The Teachings Of Jesus Christ And The Democratic Platform Are Completely At Odds  

Black Woman Slams Democrats: “The Only Thing They Care About Black Women is Whether They Can Kill Their Babies”


Flashback: Pro-Abort Biden & Abortion are "Compar[able]... to the Holocaust"

Fake Catholic Nancy Pelosi: It’s ‘Cowardly’ for Supreme Court Not to Uphold the Right to Kill an Unborn Baby With a Heartbeat

Anti-Life CNN Fake News Guest: Biden Needs to Create ‘Federal Force’ to Kill Unborn Babies for Free in Texas

Grotesque hypocrisy: Kamala Harris supports murdering babies in the womb, demands everyone be vaccinated because Bible says so

Biden Now Claims That Life Does Not Begin At Conception After Repeatedly Claiming It Did

Crowdfunded Faith-Based Nature Documentary Series 'The Riot and the Dance' Celebrates the Creator and His Creation

Danny Gokey opposes vaccination mandates, says world faces 'birthing point' for mark of the beast

102-Year-Old Imam Donates $8,000 for Cathedral

NRB defends Dan Darling firing over vaccine comments, calls media narrative 'inaccurate, incomplete'

Usury, socialism, and a Catholic perspective on student loans

'A Demonstration of Love in These Tough Times': Joel Osteen's Lakewood Church Shelters More Than 100 Displaced by Ida

Taliban Spokesman Warns U.S. Not to Interfere With Their Treatment of Women

Harvard: From promoting Christ to promoting an atheist chaplain

State Supreme Court Delivers Religious Liberty Win: Constitution Protects Teachers’ Rights To Speak On Transgender Policy

Selling Sex in Schools: Why are population control and eugenics groups funding kids’ sex ed?


Pope Saint Gregory the Great

Saint Pius X, Pope             Saint Seraphia and Saint Sabina

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Devotion is a Battle Cry to Spiritual Combat against the Sins of Francis's Amoris Laetitia

The Akita Prophecy: The hidden 3rd secret of Fatima? “They were stern words”

Faith Has “Vanished”: But Archbishop DOESN’T Tell People to Go to Mass

Pope says Mass readings in Latin 'like laughing at the Word of God' in new interview  

Medjugorje Special Message: “I am preparing you for what is coming” | The earth will shake.

When this 16-year-old Indian pastor refused to back down he was severely burned with acid

Did Roe just get effectively overturned?

Supreme Court Rules 5-4 That Texas Can Become the First State in America to Ban Abortions

In Wake of SCOTUS Ruling, Another Conservative State's Governor Makes a Major Pro-Life Announcement

Alliance Defending Freedom Joins Iowa Pro-Lifers in Legal Challenge

Canada’s Liberal Party election platform goes on the attack against pro-life groups

AZ Planned Parenthood Chair: Calls For Riots After SCOTUS Ignores Abortion Emergency Request “BE READY TO BREAK SOME SH*T”

Abortion Is A Sacrament In The Church Of Human Secularism

Abortionist Celebrates Killing 67 Babies in 17 Hours Before Texas Abortion Ban Started

Marie Stopes closes four abortion businesses in Australia with plans to expand abortion pill

Circle Back Psaki Snaps, Lashes Out at Reporter for Asking How Biden Could Be a Catholic and Support Killing Babies

Joe Biden Launches Campaign to Make Sure Texas Babies Will be Killed in Abortions

The greatest depravity: 12-year-old girls sold as 'baby brides'  

Federal judge: University cannot remove Christian athletes for refusing COVID shot

Professor: ‘White people should commit suicide as an ethical act’

No Ecumenism: Confused Francis Unable to Hide His Dislike for Solid Christian President

Putin Defines Marriage Between Man and Woman

20 states sue Biden admin. over LGBT directives for schools and workplaces

Activist teacher shows off book collection she uses to indoctrinate 3rd grade students and make them gay          9/3


Saint Stephen, King of Hungary

St. Ingrid of Sweden

Fr. Z on NAC FrancisFold: U.S. Seminary in Rome snuffs out TLM training for Semimarians The Huge Difference between now and then is that there are lots of resources online and lots more Priests who know how to say the TLM.

Cardinal: “They Wanted PROGRESS Instead of God”

If you ever run into an apostate antipope who doesn’t understand that loving God means loving His law, and that He Himself is the law (the way, the truth, and the life), show him this…

Italian diocese announces vaccine passports needed for Episcopal Ordination Mass

Vatican: No ‘semblance of truth’ in abuse claims against Brooklyn Bishop

SSPX: Towards an Eighth FrancisConsistory

Talk About Great Free Advertising! Cdl. Cupich and the St. Michael Prayer fiasco

The Aristocratic Face of Modernism. By Maestro Aurelio Porfiri

A New Way To Attract Vocations – Or Not?

Bishop concerned that people not returning to Sunday Mass

After Conflict With Jews: Rigid Francis Keeps Polemicising Against "Rigid Religiosity" - Catholics …

California, LA County to pay $800K in settlement with John MacArthur’s church over COVID lockdown orders

UK university refuses Catholic priest as chaplain for condemning abortion and assisted suicide

Texas Spends $100 Million to Help Pregnant Moms While it Protects Babies From Abortion

Pro-Life Victory: SCOTUS Lets Texas 6 Week Abortion Ban Stand Making it First State Ever To Enforce ‘Heartbeat Law’

One Texas Abortion Biz Killed as Many Babies as Possible Before New Abortion Ban Went Into Effect

Left-Wing Clergy Join ‘Reproductive Freedom’ Push

Planned Parenthood Clinics Stop Killing Babies in Abortions as Texas Abortion Ban Goes Into Effect

Investigative Trailblazer Exposed cover-up decades ago

U.S.-based Catholic organization Roots of Peace struggles to get employees out of Kabul

MSNBC Compares Christians To Taliban: ‘Our Own Far Religious Right’

Translator Explains Why First Nations Version New Testament is Culturally Relevant to Native Americans

Multiculturalism! Arizona: Muslim Family Tries to Kidnap Woman With Non-Muslim Boyfriend for Honor Killing

Virginia Supreme Court rules suspension of teacher who rejected transgender ideology was wrongful

Raised by 3 gay parents, man vowed to never become a Christian — but his quest to disprove the Bible changed everything

Marxist Democrat Cory Bush: Texas’ New ‘Heartbeat Bill’ Limiting Killing Babies ‘Will Disproportionately Harm’ the State’s ‘Queer’ Citizens

Toddler affirmed as ‘transgender’ after allegedly trying to mutilate himself

Court upholds Wash. state law banning 'conversion therapy' for gay youth

War on Men: Study Promotes ‘Princess Culture’ for Boys as Way to Combat Society’s Idea of ‘Masculinity’               9/2


St. Giles, Abbot

Interview with Bishop Schneider: COVID rules may be ‘a kind of prefiguration’ of the mark of the Beast

Schneider: “This Totalitarianism Will End Human Society

Vigano: considerations on the Great Reset and the New World Order

Concerns grow in Poland at low Catholic turn-out

Archbishop: Who Produced the Chinese Covid-19? The Vatican

Arizona bishop defends right to refuse coronavirus vaccine ‘in good conscience’  

Portland Archdiocese Asks its Schools to Follow COVID Vaccine Mandate, But Will Consider Conscience Exemptions

Pro-LGBT bishops of Tucson, Little Rock, San Antonio block religious exemptions to vaccine mandates

NEWSFLASH: A Major WIN for Father James Altman!!

Priest and nuns in harrowing escape from Kabul

Saint Augustine's advice to married women

Gay Ex-Anglican Cleric to be Catholic Priest

Former Baptist Pastor Explains His Conversion to Catholicism

1.8 Million Babies Saved From Abortion as COVID Makes it Harder for Global Abortion Biz to Kill Babies

BREAKING: Texas becomes first state ever to enforce ‘heartbeat law’ 

Catholic Priest Arrested After Going Inside Planned Parenthood to Save Babies From Abortion

Biblical Business Principles to Help Any Business Grow

VIDEO: Christian Registered Nurse Decries Liberal Florida School Board, 'You Are All Demonic Entities'

Truth wins… Virginia Supreme Court upholds reinstatement of anti-tranny teacher…  

Selling Sex in Schools: Who’s behind the sex ed being taught to our children?

3K healthcare workers sue Biden admin. over mandate forcing them to perform sex-change surgeries

“Christian” University Commissions Pro-LGBTQ, Pro-Democrat Murals for Dormitory

Christian Scholars Denounce Study Claiming LGBTQ Agenda Poses No Threat to Christians                    9/1


St. Raymond Nonnatus

Saints Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus

The courage and good humor of Saint Margaret Clitherow, martyr for the holy Mass

Dramatic: In rare Interview Visionary Sasagawa retells the time when the Blessed Mother revealed the great secret containing a “Stern warning” for the world.

Abortion-Tainted Vaccines: Bishop Schneider Grants


Archbishop ORDERS All Priests to Be Vaccinated

Abp. Naumann rejects COVID-19 vaccine mandates, backs ‘prophetic witness’ against abortion-tainted jabs

Resignation and Pope Emeritus, another mess is brewing


FSSP Traditionalist group launches 'Living Rosary' for its future

A Vocation – Despite Traditionis Custodes

SSPX: What does the Vatican and Canon Law say about the Society of St Pius X?

"Yes, Dr. Marshall. That means you." Flashback: Why doesn't Taylor Marshall know about Antipope Anacletus II & his Pseudocardinals?

Visionary Mirjana says “Be ready for what is coming: “She is preparing us for what is to come…” One day the 10 secrets will belong to the past.

Dr. Michael Fiedrowicz on Traditionis Custodes: “Frighteningly reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984

Expert on Cardinal Newman Speaks Frankly about Pope Francis – And it’s NOT Flattering!

Seminarian immersion program yields a harvest of pastoral experience

After Kabul Airport bombing kills 170, Military Abp. Broglio says, 'dialogue'

Weaponizing Jan. 6 To Trample on Free Speech Church Militant demand letter to Baltimore city solicitor

Texas Abortion Clinics Press Supreme Court To Block Fetal Heartbeat Law

Former Planned Parenthood staffers echo ex-president’s claims that corporation ignores health care

Pro-lifers in Kentucky work to expose truth about well-funded state pro-abortion groups

State reports reveal gruesome abortion procedures once thought obsolete are still being committed

‘A massive success’: 47 rescued, 102 arrested in human trafficking investigation across 12 states

New York ends religious exemption for COVID vaccine mandate: 450,000 healthcare workers affected

Symphony Fires Pro-Life Musician Because She Refused COVID Vaccination

Christian groups aid Hurricane Ida victims as many are missing, homes destroyed  

Horror: Netflix film propaganda for reducing humanity, introducing animal-human hybrids

Harvard’s new chief chaplain does not believe in God, claims US politics is his true religion

Teacher Boasts About Removing American flag From Classroom, Tells Students To Pledge Allegiance To ‘Pride' Flag

Selling Sex in Schools: How our children are being groomed for early sexual activity

Pledging Allegiance to Progress Pride Flag in Public School

Mental-Health Professionals Muzzled by Gender Ideology

Hero Who Opposed Transvestite Ideology Prevails in Court

Young Girls Still Being Flown Out of Sweden for Forced Marriages and FGM            8/31


St. Rumon            Saint Rose of Lima, Virgin             Saint Fiaker, Anchorite

St. Sabina       The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist         Saint Jeanne Jugan   

Eucharistic encounters with angels

BREAKING: A letter of gratitude from Cardinal Burke, no longer in the ICU

Damage Control: Cupich Hides Again Behind A Priest

The strange case of Bishop Saunders leaves many questions unanswered

NY Priest: ‘You’re Under No Obligation’ to Receive Abortion-Tainted Covid “Vaccinations”

Bad Joke: ALL (!) Popes of the Decadent Council Church

Did Muslim predict Medjugorje?

Police officer responding to 911 call helps deliver baby in 7-Eleven parking lot

Minnesota’s Healthy Start Act will help pregnant inmates stay with babies after birth

Olympic Champion Sanya Richards-Ross Deeply Regretted Her Abortion, Found Hope and Healing in Christ

Abortionists sue to be able to target infants with one condition

Sarah Louis Dunn Died From a Botched Legal Abortion, Feminists and the Media are Totally Silent

Every day, we bury innocent Christians: Fr. Innocent tells about his parish, attacks from Boko Haram

Survey: Christian Schools Vastly Outperforming Public Schools During COVID

Unapologetically Christian: Alternatives to Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts See Big Membership Increases

When possessed sanctify, no curse can stand

‘Satan works in mysterious ways’: Newscast on Australian TV interrupted by devil-worshipping ceremony (VIDEO)

Restoring Catholic Moral Theology Imperative for salvation

Prominent Jesuit magazine tells people it is a sin to not take COVID jab

Government’s Back-to-School Grooming 'Smiling' LGBT propaganda                      8/30


Saint Augustine, Doctor of the Church

Not One Among Many, but the Only One Jesus founded only the Catholic Church

‘God made from one every nation of men’: Exploding the evolutionary myth of creation-based racism, Pt 4

Francis & his Top US Collaborator "Evil... Cupich" vs. Pope Leo XIII's Exorcism "St. Michael Prayer... at the End of Mass" to Fight Satan?

Louisville Archbishop Kurtz leaves Latin Masses as they stand, notes he will 'continue to seek clarity' on Francis's evil Motu Proprio

Catholic Bishop Slams Biden for Abandoning Nurse Forced to Kill Baby in Abortion: This is “Horrific”

Dijon Archbishop Finds A Strange Solution


Italy: Unvaxxed Seminarians Face Expulsion Milan Seminary demonizes conscientious objectors as 'ideologues'

Spokane Bishop Asks Catholic Schools to Follow State Vaccine Mandate, Affirms Exercise of Religious Exemption

Vatican’s Declaration of War: Old Rite Superiors Meet to Discuss the Situation

Nigerian Bishops blame mass slaughter of Christian people by Muslims on a 'culture of violence and impunity'

YouTube bans covid prayer videos, only vaccine worship allowed

Despite pro-abortion claims, parents choosing life for terminally ill babies have better mental outcomes

Pro-life Irish doctor suspended after warning of ‘real harm’ caused by COVID jabs

Pro-life former NFL star Benjamin Watson: ‘Preborn babies don’t have to prove their worth’

Pro-Lifers Pursue Lawsuit That Alleges Cops Singled Them Out

Presbyterian, Baptist Churches Join New Coalition of Churches to Promote Killing Babies in Abortions

Pro-life win delivered in unpredictable New York case against sidewalk counselors

Democrat Candidate Wants Paid Medical Leave After Killing a Baby in an Abortion

Bioethicist: Let Doctors Kill the Healthy by Harvesting Organs

Nearly 60% of white evangelicals have gotten COVID vaccine: poll

Canadian Christian fights back against lockdowns: ‘I will defend the honour of our country’

Glenn Beck, Samaritan's Purse helping Christians 'marked for death' flee Taliban

Biden White House and State Department blocking rescue of Christians from Afghanistan

Canada: Muslim cleric hails Taliban victory, says ‘Jews and Christians are our enemies’

Destruction, Killing of Christians Continues Unabated in Nigeria

Uganda: Muslim father of convert to Christianity kills his son for refusing to return to Islam

Austria: Weeks after 4 Afghan Muslim migrants rape and murder 13-year-old, 3 Afghan Muslim migrants rape 15-year-old

Virginia School Board Pays Trans Former Student $1.3 Million in Bathroom Policy Settlement

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker Signs Bill Pushing Sex on Kids, Promoting Abortions to 12-Year-Old Children               8/28


St. Monica

Saint Joseph Calasanctius, Founder

Bishop Schneider: Genuflection is the Minimum

Catholic Priest: “You’re Under No Obligation” to Take Vaccines Made With Cells From Aborted Babies

Cardinal McCarrick to Appear in Court

Schneider: Vatican More Concerned About Trees, Rivers Than Human Souls

Pope Slams Hypocrites Critics slam pope

Flashback: Have "Conservative" Francis Catholics Lost their "Faith [while]... Unaware of the Fact"?

Catholic Church in India Relieved as Priests and Nuns Return From Afghanistan

Priest Refuses Communion For Dog - Is Reported To

First lay-led Catholic synod to open in UK

365 Days of Rozanski in St. Louis But wanted in Massachusetts

Man Who Lost His Legs in Botched Abortion Now a Champion Swimmer

Olympic Champion Recalls Turning to God after ‘Traumatic’ Abortion

Harvard Law Professor: There is No Right to Abortion in the Constitution

Study author touting mail-order abortion pill safety was paid by the pill’s manufacturer

China: Police arrest 10 kids, 18 adults in raid on worship gathering  

New Chaplain of Harvard University is a Pro-Abortion Atheist Who Wants to Get Away From God

New Wave, New Hollywood, New Morality

The Injustice of ‘Transgender’ Inmates Housed in Female Prisons

Apple Lets Children Access Sex Apps, Investigation Finds

Sergeant Major Of The Army Prioritizes ‘Diversity’ Amid Afghanistan Evacuation                   8/27


Saint Zephyrinus, Pope and Martyr

St. Teresa of Jesus Jornet Ibars

Saint Joseph Calasanz

Francis Summons Roman Mass Communities To Rome

Miracle of Our Lady of Guadalupe – Why is nobody TALKING about this? | Image CHANGES COLOR

Catholic Consciences Protected Wisconsin prelates condemn vaccine mandates

Venerable Fulton Sheen ‘should be made a saint’, says Peoria coadjutor bishop  

Sydney Prelate Prods Priests to Get Pricked Fisher flip-flops on abortion-tainted shot, bishops bow to Oz police state

The "Roman Rite" of the Costa Rica Bishops (Video)

Synod-happy Minn. Abp. Hebda wants to hear all kind of FrancisCatholic ideas and to “dive deeper” into those focus areas through small FrancisGroup discussions

In anticipation of August 25, 2021 the Medjugorje Miracle of the Seven Crosses will prepare you. Our Lady says to meditate on the seven wounds of Jesus  

FrancisVatican suppresses Italy-based Medjugorje-happy community founded by married couple

Pastor Faces 4 Years in Prison for Holding Church Service in Defiance of Lockdown

Our Lady of Częstochowa, Patroness of women scarred by abortion  

Fight the anti-life agenda: Share this amazing, rare video footage of the unborn child  

With prenatal and post-birth surgeries, toddler with rare birth defect now breathing on his own

Abortionists profit from men’s sexual irresponsibility

Planned Parenthood’s deception on fetal development countered by ‘Baby Olivia’

New Children’s Book Tries to Convince Kids It’s Okay to Kill Babies in Abortions

Maine amends state law to allow installation of Safe Haven Baby Boxes

Bioethicist Wants Doctors to be Allowed to Kill Healthy People to Harvest Their Organs

Signs: Desperate Afghan Christians turned away at airport, aid groups say

After Raising Over $28 Million to Rescue Afghan Christians, Glenn Beck Shares Incredible Update

Biden Sabotaging Glenn Beck’s Massive $30 Million Effort to Rescue Christians Stranded in Afghanistan

Rewards for spying on 'illegal religious activities' in China

(VIDEO) DISGUSTING School Board PRESIDENT: Whispers “Jesus F– Christ, These People” After Parent Makes Comment

"Pfizer Scheme to Churn Out ‘Variant-Specific’ Vaccines Will Lead to More Variants" & "Biden’s Mark of the Beast"

Mark of the Beast Prelude: Covid “Vaccination” Card May Soon Be a Requirement to Live

Tucker Carlson: The Left Is ‘Satanic’ – ‘In Direct Objection To God’

"It's time to die!"Young Father Shot To Death By Random Black Male Pointing Gun At His Baby Seated At Outdoor Restaurant…Killer Dances On Victim’s Dead Body

Rejecting the Faith in Germany Synodal Path promoting sodomy

Transgender movement goes after kids to gain cultural acceptance

From Catholic University to Madhouse: A Transvestite Is Coming                       8/26


Saint Louis IX, King of France

Saint Mary Micaela, Foundress               Saint Joseph Calasanctius, Founder

The Power of Faith Tested by the Eucharist

A Forgotten Heresy

Making Sense of Francis, the Destroyer

Tinpot Dictator: Rigid Cardinal Brutally Restricts Roman Masses

Godly Bishop Quits as Pope Bows to LGBT Mob Prelate described abortion as the greatest genocide since the Holocaust

An attorney checks in on religious exemption letters 

Make-it-up-as-you-go-along Priest Rebuked by Bishop – Stop Messing with Mass

Catholic Church's Latest Scandal: Reports of Priests Using Grindr In US And In Vatican

L’Osservatore Romano: The Francis Crisis Hits the Vatican

Catholic church demolished despite protests in Pakistan

Bishop-supported organization promotes women’s ordination to lay Catholic at annual assembly

WIN: Court upholds Texas ban on dismemberment abortion

New Children’s Book “Little Lives Matter” Teaches Kids Pro-Life Values

Catholics MUST Be ProLife: Action! (3)

‘Sheer humanity’: Afghanistan mother delivers baby girl on evacuation flight

Catholic Chicago university has covered abortion in student health plan for at least the past two years

Federal Judges Ask: Why Is It Illegal to Dismember an Animal But Not an Unborn Baby? 

Lawsuit against abortionist reveals woman needed hysterectomy after botched 23-week abortion

Botched Abortion Kills 25-Year-Old Woman, Leaving Two Children Without a Mother

Communism, Spawn of Freemasonry An unholy pedigree

VIDEO: Australian Broadcasting Corporation Airs Weird Satanic Scene During Botched Broadcast

Exclusive – Christian Aid Group: Taliban’s Afghanistan ‘Rivals North Korea’ as World’s Worst Religious Persecutor

Top Arizona Catholic High School Mandates Controversial Covid “Vaccine” Mandates, Oppressive Woke Masks of Submission

We asked 83 med school professors if biological sex is increasingly downplayed or denied. They refused to answer.

Cultural Marxism Under the Radar: Chicago Public Schools Instructed Teachers to Hide Student Gender Identity from Parents

Tyrannical Charlotte Unhealthy Muzzle Mandate Hits Private, Christian Schools

Boy Toy Ambassador Biden's LGBT agenda drags on

Cancel Columbus from Catholic High School?

Instagram Fuels 70% Rise In Online Grooming Of Children: UK Charity                        8/25


St. Bartholomew

Saint Emily de Vialar, Foundress                 Saint Joan Antide Thouret, Foundress  

Pope accepts resignation of Spanish bishop known for stand against homosexuality

Pope Pushes Chinese Jabs for Pro-LGBT Agency Francis partners with ex-Catholic voodoo evangelist, scandal-hit prelates

Not Narrow-Minded: Bishop “Allows” Roman Mass for All

3 Reasons Why the Latin Mass Is So Attractive to Young People (According to a 22-Year-Old)

Cupich and Clericalism What's the real clericalism in America today?

Our Lady says to be ready for what is coming…”Punishment is inevitable for the sins of the world”

Archdiocese of Toronto Chancellor Edward J. Curtis - "No exemption for you!"

Socialist archbishop inspired architect of the ‘Great Reset’

Medjugorje: “DO NOT SHUT YOUR EYES” The Real Reason Why Many People Are NOT GOING To Heaven

MIRACLE: Chicago woman rescues newborn abandoned in alley trash

Pro-lifers survive blizzard on Mt. Kilimanjaro, share message from peak: ‘Remember the unborn’

Mom Rejects Abortion Even Though Rare Medical Condition Almost Killed Her, Now She and Baby are Great

Democrats are attempting to use abortion to save floundering Gavin Newsom

“My Body, My Choice” Was Always A Lie, The Mask and Vaccine Mandates Prove It

Mother of five dies of infection after undergoing an abortion

Family Sues School That Went Woke to Get Their $1.3 Million Donation Back: “It’s Not Even Catholic Anymore”

Italian seminary orders seminarians to have COVID jab before returning in September

Biden admin. may partially repeal rule protecting Christian student groups at universities

Report: Taliban raping girls, killing Christians

China’s new three-child policy is not a generous change of heart. Here’s why.

Chinese Authorities Offer Cash to Citizens to Spy on Christian Neighbors and Report 'Illegal Religious Activities'

YouTube Cracks Down on Prayer: Videos Removed if People 'Pray' for Covid Healing in Place of Medical Treatment

Va. school board votes against enacting trans pronoun, bathroom policy amid concerns

Biden ambassador pick a wealthy LGBT activist linked to ‘hostile takeover’ of religion  

‘No one is transgender’ declares U.S. bishop in new diocesan catechetical aid

Why a Virginia middle school is removing urinals from the boys’ bathrooms

CIA Gave Afghan Warlords Viagra to Help Them 'Rape More Boys More Often'              8/24


The Immaculate Heart of Mary                    Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Saint Philip Benizi, Servite Priest                     Saint Rose of Lima, Virgin

St. Andrew the Scott         Saint Symphorian, Martyr

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal, Foundress              Saint Pius X, Pope

Medjugorje: Our Lady reveals 5 Incredible Things That Happen When The Holy Spirit Enters You

Francis' 100 Points Question: “What Sense Can There Be In Kneeling Before A Piece of Bread?”

SATAN’S PUPPET: Pope Francis calls getting the abortion-tainted COVID-19 vaccine “an act of love”

Chinese Catholics Archbishop issues admonition

This Is Nothing Short of a Miracle: Burke Off The Ventilator and out of the ICU

Cdl. Cupich mandates COVID jab for 'all employees and clergy' or face 'disciplinary action'  

In the Last Moment: Cardinal Used Little Priest to Get Out of a Problem

Bishops Disrespect Conscience Refuse to support religious exemptions

Keeping Up the Deceit

Archbishop Hebda: Vaccine exemption should not require clergy verification would not want to take a moral stand

Cruel Bishop: Priest Suspended for Saying Latin Novus Ordo

As faithless U.S. Bishops force muzzles on Mass-goers, Bishops' CNS says 'Masks are Back in Vogue!'

2 Catholic nuns shot, killed in one of the world’s deadliest places

Poor Clare sister from Maryland is elected abbess, succeeds Mother Angelica

DNA test reunites mother with son she placed for adoption 33 years ago

Miracle Baby Boy Survives Abortion and is Born Healthy: “He’s a Miracle”

Actress Ashley Bratcher awards Unplanned Movie Scholarship to its third recipient

Abortion Activists Admit They’re Losing the Messaging Battle: Killing Babies Just Doesn’t Sell

World Health Organization prepares to escalate attack on pro-life laws

60% of adults under 40 say Jesus isn’t the only way to salvation

'Our secret weapon is prayer': Nonprofit working to bring Afghan Christian family to safety

Signs of the Future: Prime Minister Lights Up A Cross over Budapest

Hungary Defends Biblical Principles and Helps the Persecuted: ‘Hungary is a Christian Nation’

Glenn Beck’s Nazarene Fund Raises More Than $20M In 3 Days To Rescue Christians From Afghanistan

Even the Most Basic Christian and Conservative Beliefs are Now Offensive, Discovers Student Government Nominee at Auburn University

Pro-assisted suicide activists push for legalization in Italy

Euthanasia Activists Want Implants Inserted Into People to Kill Them if They Get Dementia

Taliban Find a Way to Win Over the Left: Hunting Down Christians

Taliban rename captured radio station ‘Voice of Sharia’

“An Insult to Our Country”: Based Jamaicans Call Pride Flag at US Embassy an Imperialist Symbol of Hostility to Their Culture and Values

Transgender activist orders female rape victims to allow biological male “trans” freaks in female rape crisis centers

The Odious Campaign to Sexualize Children in Public Schools

Boy Scouts Get Conditional Approval Of $850 Million Bankruptcy Deal

LGBT marches held in Poland under heavy police security

Boy Scouts Get Conditional Approval Of $850 Million Bankruptcy Deal                           8/23


St. Bernard of Clairvaux

Blessed John Duns Scotus – A Theology of Love

COMMENTARY: Eucharistic renewal is already an ongoing movement

Bp Athanasius Schneider & Dr Taylor Marshall discuss Theology and Liturgy

‘Mass Pass’ for the Faithful? Pope's inner circle sets precedent for 'cultural' adoption

McCarrick worked with Chinese corporation linked to Hunter Biden to promote Vatican-China unity  

WAR: Dear comrades of Chicago, rejecting the deathvaxx “is a rejection of the Church’s authentic moral teaching”

Former Satanist says he converted to Christianity after having out-of-body experience in Hell

Ex-POW Remembers Father Emil Kapaun

Black Elk: Future Patron Saint and Model for Instituted Lay Catechists?

No Parole for Predator Priest Victim's family speaks

MIRACLE: Chicago woman rescues newborn abandoned in alley trash

Moms Share Photos of Their Miscarried Babies’ Footprints to Show Humanity of Unborn Children

Former Pfizer VP: COVID vaccines pose ‘severe risk’ of infertility for women

Years after my abortion, God mended my heart piece by piece

French government official, feminists, journalists furious at private TV station for airing ‘Unplanned’

Federal Judge: “Nothing in the Text of the Constitution Establishes a Right to Abortion”

AWFUL: All of Australia has now criminalized pro-life activity near abortion businesses

Abortion is Literally Destroying the Black Community. If #BlackLivesMatter They Should End Abortion 

TRAGIC: Mom in Canada fights to euthanize her four-year-old son

Christian group witnesses spiritual hunger in Haiti amid tragedies; death toll rises

Entire Family Dies in the CCP’s Persecution of Faith, Teen Son Orphaned

Taliban Executing People if They Find a BIBLE on Their Phones

Chicago Mayor, A Non Catholic Lesbian, Takes Communion

Scientists are Growing Human Brains in Labs, One Brain Spontaneously Grew Eyes

The Demon-Haunted World

Caritas Pakistan plans for humanitarian crisis at Afghanistan border

Christian MP urges Boris Johnson to rescue over 200 missionaries from Afghanistan

Twitter Child Porn Lawsuit: Judge Finds ‘Ongoing Pattern of Conduct Amounting to a Tacit Agreement with the Perpetrators’

‘Queer neurodivergent’ teacher brags about indoctrinating small children into gender ideology

Irish Apostasy Abp. Farrell touts LGBT 'outreach'

Transgender Surgeries Surged During Pandemic

The Democrats’ Evil Campaign to Sexualize Children in Public Schools                      8/20


St. John Eudes                    Saint Louis, Bishop of Toulouse

A Message to Every Good Priest

Many American Bishops Refuse COVID Jab Exemptions California Church leaders are the latest

Francis Complains of Liturgical ‘Ideology’ Sees 'gnostic positions' among those who fail to 'inculturate'

SSPX and LifeSiteNews: A Study in Corruption and Propaganda the SSPX exploiting its leverage with Catholic media

Tradition Has Been “Devoured” By the Magisterium  

Archbishop spells out 'drama' of China's Catholics, communists

Milano, All Seminarians Must Be [Catholic] Vaccinated

Medjugorje Today: “It is necessary to shake the world a little… The first secret will make people talk for a long time”

BREAKING: Pope Francis' absolutism for the COVID jab but not God's Commandments

DAVOS in the CATACOMBS: Klaus Schwab’s Secret Vatican Connection

Federal Court Rules That Joe Biden Can’t Force Christian Doctors to Perform Abortions

Catholics Celebrate Mass Outside Planned Parenthood, Pray to End Abortion

Catholics in India grieve abortion 50 years after legalization

Year-Round Pro-Life Campaign Launched Outside Planned Butcherhood in Denver

MSNBC Runs Opinion Piece Comparing Pro-Life Republicans, Christians To Taliban

Vatican: Never Heard About the Bernabei Family?

Growing Conscience Lawsuit School board feeling heat

The Very Center of All US Problems Is the Rejection of Christianity

Under the Taliban, Christians in Afghanistan Are Facing a Future of Sex Slavery, Forced Conversion and Brutal Persecution

Church Leader Warns ‘The Taliban Are Going to Eliminate the Christian Population of Afghanistan

Mark of the Beast Infrastructure: Democrat-Illinois to Partner With Experian for Vaccine Passport System, Data Will be Available to NSA & DHS

Catholic Doctors Group Opposes Vaccine Mandates

Catholic hospitals are forcing the COVID shot. This doctor is fighting back

Christian groups rush to aid Haiti as earthquake death toll rises, Tropical Storm Grace strengthens

Homosexual White House Cabinet Secretary plans to deny child a mother

Homosex Bishop: Protégé of Francis' King Maker Resigns

Creepy Vienna Cd. Schonborn does the gay blessing thing

Brazilian bishop resigns after video shows him ‘half-naked’ on call with man

Gay New Ways: In Amoris Laetitia, An Eschatological Hope for LGBTQ FrancisFamilies!               8/19


Marian Apparitions — The Many Faces of Our Blessed Mother

Saint Helen, Empress              Saint Agapetus, Martyr

Release of Demons | by Saint Philip Neri

Purgatory Explained By Saints’ Quotes

‘We are in a chastisement’: Bishop calls on world leaders to return to God immediately

Bloody Autumn: Crack Down on Old Rite Communities

Dublin bishop: faith has died


High-ranking US bishops order priests to refuse religious exemption letters for COVID vaccines

Kabul: Trapped Jesuits Risk Taliban Manhunt US Jesuits defend Biden's fiasco as Indian Jesuits look for escape route

Videos: Brazilian Bishop in Troubles

Another Great Holy Water Story

Vibrant Faith in Cajun Country Fête-Dieu du Teche 2021

Francis' Amazon Is Everywhere: Half Of India's: Half Of India's "Christians" Are Pagans

Pro-abortion irony: Planned Parenthood believes Texas heartbeat law is ‘cruelty’

16-Year-Old Bravely Rejected Abortion and She Has Absolutely No Regrets Now

Jack Hibbs: I Am An Abortion Survivor - 'Let Your Child Live, And Watch What God Will Do.'

Pro-Life Group Launches Campaign to Expose, Defeat 20 Most Radical Abortion Activists in Congress

Comparing the risks and side effects of hormonal birth control vs. natural fertility awareness

Autopsy Confirms Abortion Clinic Killed Young Woman in Botched Legal Abortion

All Of Australia Has Now Criminalized Pro-Life Activity Near Abortion Businesses

Catholic Bioethicists Urge Conscience Exemptions from Vaccine Mandates

Gen Z Testing the Occult Religious youth syncretizing Christianity with paganism

As Afghan government collapses, Christians work to help volunteers leave

Franklin Graham: The Blood Of Afghanistan Will Be On The Hands Of The Biden/Harris Administration

Under the Taliban, Christians in Afghanistan Are Facing a Future of Sex Slavery, Forced Conversion and Brutal Persecution

Spiritually Misguided FrancisPilgrims marching from Poland to Scotland for evil 'climate justice'

Uganda: Muslim father poisons daughter, beats her unconscious for leaving Islam and marrying Christian

Seattle Homeless Ministry Asks Supreme Court to Help After LGBT Lawsuit Tries to Force It to Violate Christian Beliefs

Gay FrancisWorld Celebrates Cd. Burke's Coma: Viciously anti-LGBTQ Catholic cardinal now on ventilator with COVID-19!

Peak Woke Insanity: New Democrat Law in Illinois Requires Menstrual Products in BOYS’ School Bathrooms 

National Implications? Court Orders Hobby Lobby to Pay $220,000 to Transgender Employee

Teachers ask court to halt Virginia school district's trans pronoun policy

Today’s trans-identified teen: bored, privileged, lonely and entitled

Booksellers' organization apologizes for promoting book on trans damage to children                   8/18


St. Clare of Montefalco                         Saint Joan of the Cross 

Saint Hyacinth, Confessor                                Saint Liberatus and his Companions

Zen, Schneider: Old Rite Catholics Will Fight

Powerful Revelations: Austrian Mystic: “At Death for several minutes we see a film of our life”

Cardinal Burke: "Grave"

Francis Triggers Syro-Malabar Rite Revolt Progressive clergy reject pope's compromise formula for ancient liturgy

South Dakota bishops back exemptions for COVID-19 vaccine requirements

Complete with creepy PervChurch music, Dallas Bp. Burns lifts Mass dispensation after 18 months and does everything he can to make Catholics think they need to be vaccinated to come back (without actually saying it)

Archbishop Condemns Bill to Legalize Euthanasia: Doctors Should be Healers, Not Killers

New Dogma: Only Vaccinated People Allowed

Legal expert Fr. Michael Orsi: Be vigilant about the coercive vaxx and the crisis-driven VirusState. Don’t be foolish by ceding power. Know your rights.

Los Angeles archdiocese won’t provide religious exemption from Covid vaccines  

Miracle on the Vistula Battle of Warsaw 1920

‘Ireland is no longer Catholic’: Priest says modernity destroyed the land of St. Patrick

Priest’s Chilling Farewell “The Last Times are now” You Were warned by Our Lady at Quito, La Sallette, Fatima

Is "Racist" Newsom in an "[Un-]Holy War against [Mexican] Nuns & Babies" as well as Black People & will he Lose for that Reason?

Race-based aborted baby-parts operations reminiscent of Kermit Gosnell scandal

Luciferian elites will continue to steal elections and terrorize humanity until they meet overwhelming Resistance 

'God has a purpose': Church leader says Afghan Christians dealing with crisis through prayer

‘We are going to defend her’: Diagnosed with anencephaly, Angela’s parents chose life

Pregnant Woman Set on Fire and Killed After She Refused Boyfriend’s Demand to Get Abortion

‘Baby Olivia’ puts second-trimester abortion into disturbing reality

TikTok Video Goes Viral as Woman Shares Grief and Pain of How She Regrets Her Abortion

CDC goes full “woke” libtard as director Walensky, who calls herself a doctor, refuses to admit that only WOMEN can get pregnant

Abortion Kills Mother of Five, She Died From Sepsis Four Weeks After the Abortion

SICK: State reports show babies aborted mere days before their due dates

Catholic University of San Diego health plan pays for abortions, sex-change surgeries

Patient recovers after Texas hospital activates 10-day rule to turn off life support

Teacher Says God Gave Her Courage To Resign: ‘I Quit Being A Cog In A Machine’ That Pushes Politicized Agendas On Children

Nicaragua: Vice President Calls Bishops and Priests “Sons of the Devil”

The New Age Movement Oprah Winfrey and Thomas Merton

A pandemic of the Vaxxtards? 

Jerusalem Blaze Leads To Emergency Mobilization, Thousands Evacuated

Christian Bible camp destroyed by California’s Dixie Fire: 'Heartbroken'

American Medical Association Supports Removal of Biological Sex as Legal Designation on Birth Certificates   ???

PRIDE COMES BEFORE THE FALL: US Embassy in Kabul Was Celebrating Pride Month as Taliban Launched Final Campaign to Retake Country

Colorado, Virginia school districts pass controversial ‘trans’ student policies

Colorado, Virginia school districts pass controversial 'trans' student policies

Pelosi: Number One Priority in Afghanistan Must Now Be 'Gender Equality'

Media’s contempt for Christians impossible to miss in LGBT coverage                                8/17 


Not a "Accident of History that Pope Pius XII, in the Year 1950, on the Cusp of the Descent... into the Filth of the Sexual Revolution, Solemnly Defined the Bodily Assumption of Mary into Heaven"

Mass of the Ages Documentary (Part 1 of 3)

St. Stephen the Great 

Saint Joachim, Father of the B.V. Mary

Saint Roch, Confessor

The Real Presence: What British Catholics believe about the Eucharist

Vax Radicals: US Elpaso Diocese Imposes Vaccination on Employees while Pfizer Doesn't

Chicago Cardinal Pushes for Mandatory Vax


Traditionis Custodes: A Sterilization Shot

With the latest attack on the roots of our Catholic identity the Church is one step closer to becoming a punchline. Wherein Fr. Z rants

Black pro-life pastor: ‘Speak the truth and help break the cycle’ of abortion in the Black community

Weighing under 8 ounces at birth, the world’s smallest preemie is finally home

If You Think That The Taliban Are Evil, Just Consider What Has Been Going On Inside Our Own Country

Nancy Pelosi Arrests Pro-Life Americans Protesting Her Plan to Fund Abortions

Abortion advocates want to force all doctors to become abortionists

Michael W Smith challenges Church to 'wake up' to 'crisis' of fatherlessness, discusses new music

Report: Syria Lost over 60 Percent of Its Christians in a Decade

Wall Street Journal Op-Ed: Social Media is Threatening Christian Religious Freedom

Just 1-in-5 Marriages Were Religious in UK, Dozens of Religious Gay Weddings Celebrated

Drag queen pulled from 'all ages' Pride event after pornographic, satanic social media posts surface           8/16


Eucharistic Miracle in Mexico…Priest hears “Voice of God” at 3:00 pm, the hour of Mercy

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Blessed Virgin Mary: Sinless by grace, saved by grace, assumed by grace

Archbishop Viganò: Dedicate Assumption Vigil to Prayer & Fasting to Defeat New World Order

St. Alipius

80 years ago St. Maximilian Kolbe gave his life in Auschwitz to save a father of a family

Caught on Film Documentary features Latin Mass glory

Priest Fired for Saying Catholics Can’t Vote Pro-Abortion Backs New Group for Canceled Priests

Is Nice Cordileone "Grieved" at Catholics for Acting like St. Paul in "Respond[ing]" to the Francis "Disrespectful" Attack on TLM Attendees & Pope Benedict?

Cardinal Sarah: Church Losing Credibility

Bishop Mark Seitz of El Paso, Texas is mandating COVID-19 jabs

U.S. bishops' migration chair said that the Catholic leaders were pleased the $3.5 trillion spending plan passed by the Senate a day earlier would provide "lawful permanent status to qualified immigrants." of course Who Decides Who Is Qualified?

Cardinal injured, priest dead after earthquake in Haiti

The Martyrs of August  

Yes, God is Infinite Love. Don’t EVER let anyone poison your mind and heart to doubt this

Prophetic dreams: What do they mean and how to identify them

Mount St. Mary’s university mandates COVID vaccine for all seminarians, students

Catholics in China's Social Justice FrancisTopia Ordered to Celebrate Communist Party and Forgo Marian Pilgrimage

Holy Sr. Norman Pimento and her Texas Catholic Charities nuns get a couple more weeks to keep shuttling illegals into America

The abortion industry depicts preborn children as ‘dots.’ Here’s the truth.

Planned Parenthood is Trying to Stop This Judge From Enforcing Texas’ Abortion Ban, He’s Fighting Back

Newborn undergoes lifesaving surgery in India to remove massive heart tumor

If Unborn Babies are Not Human Beings, Why Do Scientists Want Their Body Parts for Research?

Pro-life billboard in Texas removed due to death threats

Nancy Pelosi Arrests Pro-Life Americans Protesting Her Plan to Fund Abortions

SICK: State reports show babies aborted mere days before their due dates

Fetal Cell Lines Everywhere

Following pressure from the UN, Nepal fully decriminalizes abortion

Christian preacher to file lawsuit against police after false claims of ‘hate speech’ thrown out

Loyola University backs down on COVID-19 vaccine requirement after lawsuit

How church leaders get rid of visitors

Fake News Media Ignore Antifa Assault on Christians 

Hindu Nationalists in India Rally Against Christians: "Let Us Drag People From the Churches"

Pakistani Christian Couple Released From Death Row Granted Asylum in Europe

Iranian Christian Father Tells School Board What They Can Do With Their Critical Race Theory Brainwashing 

Drag Queen Pulled From Minnesota “Pride” Event ‘For All Ages’ After Pornographic and Satanic Social Media Posts Surface

Texas declares transgender surgeries on children to be illegal child abuse

Delusional Virginia School Board Approves Forcing Teachers to Use Made-Up Tranny Pronouns                      8/15


St. Hippolytus

Blessed Michael J. McGivney

33 Liturgical Decrees! The Pope Who Started Fiddeling Around with the Liturgy

Fatima’s Third Secret A secret no more!

Abp. Viganò: Invitation to bishops and priests to pray and fast to defeat the plans of the New World Order -

Vatican II Was Worst Spasm of Iconoclasm in History

Lima archbishop proposes replacing priests with laity as pastors  

Medjugorje: A Prayer To Cancel the Evil Plans Of The Enemy. This is getting too real.

Diocese launches probe into anti-vax claims

EXC: Ex-Cardinal Negotiating Vatican-China Deals Attended Hunter Biden-Led Communist Party Influence Events, Deleted Web Pages Reveal

“Unique Expression Of Roman Rite”: Beach Baptism with Sea Water

Progressive Seattle Parish Closing

AmericaMag Jesuit: Those Colorodo 'conscious exemption' bishops are trying to build a Catholic “safe space” for vaccine skepticism and refusal! They defy The Francis and its CDF!

Beauty of Down syndrome displayed in incredible new art exhibit

GOP Lawmakers: Biden Admin Working At ‘Behest Of Abortion Lobby’

“Catholic” University “Health” Plan Pays for Murdering Babies, Tranny Surgeries 

DISTURBING: Women claim Catholic hospital system referred them for abortions

UC San Francisco engaging in horrifying experiments, organ harvesting of live babies in the name of “science”

Former Pfizer VP urges pregnant, childbearing age women not to get COVID vaccine

Some Catholic hospitals now require employees to get COVID-19 vaccine

Pro-Life Leader Saved From Death After Nurse Tried to Euthanize Him

Hero Pastor Reveals Police Cooperated With Antifa in Horrific Attack   12   min.

Luciferian elites will continue to steal elections and terrorize humanity until they meet overwhelming resistance 

Flashback: What is the National Catholic Reporter’s Real Agenda?

Former Mormon missionary finds Jesus after attempting to convert Baptist pastor

Ex-seminarian’s lawsuit resurrects ‘orgy’ allegation against Omaha Archbishop George Lucas  

Catholic high school can fire staff in same-sex marriages, court rules

Winning! Underage Sex Changes Labeled "Child Abuse" In Texas

New Guidance: Schools Can Assist Gender Changes from Age Four, Not Tell Parents

Netflix's 'Pray Away' Takes Aim at Jesus Ability To Set People Free from LGBT Lifestyles 

Virginia school district passes controversial policy forcing teachers to use trans pronouns                        8/13


St. Michael My

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal 

Viganò Calls On Clerics Worldwide To Recite Exorcism

Pachamama monstrance in Guadalajara

The Latin Mass is a 'treasure' more priests and laity need to discover - LifeSite 

Pope Benedict XVI’s Clear Answer to the Eternal Plagues of Avarice and Luxury

True Obedience vs. False Obedience

USA: SSPX Refuse Letters of Religious Exemption for Conscientious Faithful Facing “No Jab, No Job”

Australian diocese withdraws controversial religious curriculum after lay protests

Is History Repeating Itself? A Commentary on the Vendee and Church Militant

Top PervBishop Wester's Santa Fe Archdiocese to auction 140 properties to pay their PervCharges

Archbishop Won’t Give Communion on the Tongue Peruvian prelate tells young couple, 'Only in the hand'

Lincoln Catholic Schools To Require Masking of 3-11 Year Olds

Italians Axe Tax Donations Funding Church

Newborn Baby Abandoned in an Alley Saved From Death 1 Day Before Garbage Pickup

Abortion Fronts Saving unborn babies

Adopted at 18 months from a Cambodian orphanage, Jordan Windle is now an Olympic diver

Judge Rules For Pro-Life Med School Student Who Was Kicked Out Because He Opposed Abortion

Catholic University Insuring Abortion Health coverage violates Church teaching

National Day of Remembrance on September 18 Will Remember 63 Million Babies Killed in Abortions

She refused abortion, so he tried to beat their preborn child to death

We call it gender-cide - killing little girls

How Can Any Christian Trust a Globalist Medical World Controlled by Transhumanists?

Federal Court: U of Iowa Used ‘Viewpoint Discrimination’ to De-Register Christian Group

Italy's Green pass: a matter of idolatry not vaccination

Only 9% of Gen Z youth are ‘Bible centered': survey

Francis Had Peña Parra On The Phone

‘Instantly fatal’: Medical journal promotes timed euthanasia implant for people with dementia   

Disturbing: Photo Showing Toddler Playing In Front of Half-Naked Adult Men in BDSM Gear Wins Pride Prize         8/12


St. Clare of Assisi

Pope Leo XIII and contemporary Catholic contentions  

Traditionis Custodes: Schneider Contradicts Zen

Traditional Latin Mass devotees grapple with Pope Francis’ restrictions on the liturgy they love

Baltimore archbishop blesses first new Catholic school in city in 60 years

Colorado bishops issue religious exemption letter for COVID shots, urging people to ‘follow their conscience’

Seattle Archdiocese plan to close churches stirs sadness, anger and resistance

'We Didn't Back Down': Christians Respond to Portland Antifa Attack With Massive Worship Rally

Garabandal: The forgotten prophecy – “The Night of the Screams” | God’s Final Warning

Florida priest berates parents for protesting school mask mandates, threatens to pull scholarships

As Catholics We Believe in All Things Invisible

Bergoglio Gleeful About Marxist Takeover in Peru

Is the Catholic Media in an Abusive Relationship with Francis similar to that between a Demon and a Possessed Person?

First-ever California March for Life coming this month

Catholic University Caught Paying for Abortions in Its Health Insurance Plan

Another TRUE conspiracy reported by Natural News now confirmed reality: Organ harvesting of aborted babies

Reagan-Appointed Judge Overturns Several of Indiana's Pro-Life Laws

Simone Biles Defends Abortion on Instagram: 'I'm Very Much Pro-Choice'

‘It’s Pathetic’: Pro-Life Billboard Removed After Just One Day Due to Death Threats

‘Instantly fatal’: Medical journal promotes timed euthanasia implant for people with dementia

Apostate Beth Moore Attacks “Unvaccinated” Christians

Followers of Christ, We Must Emulate the Berean Christians

Is an open border Christian compassion?

157 Kids Rescued as 'Demonic Terrorists' Torch Orphanage, US Pastor Donates $50K to Rebuild

Black civil rights activist says America has a 'grace problem,' not a race problem

Six Governors Lost Their Emergency Powers After They Used COVID to Close Churches, Schools

Second Federal Court Blocks Biden Mandate Requiring Doctors To Perform Trans Surgeries Against Conscience

Former LGBT-identifying men & women slam Netflix's 'Pray Away' as attack on Christianity - LifeSite Is an open border Christian compassion?

Culture Rot Update: Batman Sidekick Robin Comes Out as Bisexual in Newest DC Comics Book        8/11


St. Lawrence, Deacon and Martyr

Oko Conviction: Cardinal Müller Compares German Justice to National Socialism

Feminism, Part IV Mary, perfectly feminine

Why are New 1P5 Editor Timothy Flanders & Taylor Marshall Sitting on the Fence on "a Canonical Trail and Investigation" of the Validity of the Francis Conclave and Pope Benedict Resignation?

Clericalism in Action: Lima Archbishop REFUSES Communion Twice

Francis Slaps Medical Apartheid on Vatican

Report: Cathedral Burning, Priest Killing Migrant Met with Pope Francis in 2016…

…Priest Slaying Is Latest Attack on French Catholics

Little Ratzinger Becomes Maxi-Bergoglio

Meet ‘Baby Olivia’: Live Action releases groundbreaking project showcasing fetal development

India Bishops launch ‘Day of Mourning’ marking 50 years of abortion

‘Medical miracle’: Boy born with brain growing outside his skull turns two

World Smallest Baby, Born Weighing Just 7.4 Ounces, Defies Doctors’ Expectations

Determined mom makes medical breakthrough for children with Down syndrome

Huge Study Debunks Infamous Abortion Industry Myth that Abortion Is a ‘Normal Experience’ for Moms

25% of Pregnancies in UK End in Abortion as More Babies Killed With Abortion Pills

University of Pittsburgh caught harvesting LIVE baby body parts prior to abortions; organ harvesting experiments funded by Fauci and the NIH

Feminist Eats Abortion Pills on Camera Because Killing Babies is “Not a Huge Deal”

"Their Goal Is Really to Eradicate Christianity": Persecution of Christians, June 2021

Dr. Moreau’s Island Is Real! And it's run by the Chinese Communist Party

The Beast & His Money

Despite millions in Catholic residential schools reparations, critics seek to end church tax exemptions

Vatican demands COVID-19 ‘Green Pass’ for entry to historic museums 

Musicologist hopes to reconstruct 12-century organ from Bethlehem church

Judge grants custody of James Younger to mother, requires dad’s approval for transgender drugs, surgeries

How The Sexualization Of Teen Television Is Ruining Culture

SEC approves LGBT, race quotas for publicly traded companies                    8/10


St. Edith Stein

Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross

Saint Dominic                                             Saint Cajetan

Stop your grinnin’ and drop your linen: End-times prophesy specifically calls out “great men” of the earth spreading deception via pharmacology

You-Gotta-Be Kidding-Me Mailbag: Revelation 18:23. “for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy pharmaceuticals were all nations deceived…” edition

Traditionis Custodes: Is An Even More Fanatical Document in the Pipeline

Ireland/UK: Why The Loud Silence From The Catholic Hierarchy On Creeping Totalitarianism?

Italian Bishop ‘Excommunicates’ Arsonists Responsible for Sicily Fires

Our Lady Reveals: What the devil wants

Pachamama Prayer Outrages Argentine Catholics Idolatry spreads

Cardinal Cañizares Bans Immemorial Mass in Valencia

Is there a Catholic Media "Tipping Point" when it "Decide[s]" its "Credibility" will be Lost in Covering-up for Francis like with the Fake Media on Cuomo?

Bishops reprimand anti-vax Catholic priests

Britney Spears Crosses the Tiber Wrecked by Hollywood, healed by Rome

Catholic Diocese in Argentina Apologizes for Posting Pachamama Prayer

Medjugorje: Sun Miracle! at Youth Festival 2021

New Bank to Support Christian Charities, Not Planned Parenthood

‘A blessing, not a hindrance’: 7 quotes from Olympic athletes on the power of motherhood

Abortion Survivors Unite for Healing at First-Ever Retreat: ‘You Belong’


Pro-Life Guatemala Defies Leftists Biden administration aiding pro-abortionists

Whistleblower: Planned Parenthood Threatened Illegals w/ Deportation to Force Abortions

25% of Pregnancies in England, Wales End in Abortion

Where Are the Women? Research Shows Sex-Selective Abortions to Remove 22 Million Girls

Report: HHS Funded Organ-harvesting Projects from Viable, Full-term Babies

African Faith Leaders Call on the Psychopathic Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to Drop African Green Revolution

Hindu leader issues call for anti-Christian violence: ‘Let us drag people from the church’


‘Where Is Your God Now?’ Portland Cops Do NOTHING as Antifa Attacks Prayer Event Led by Persecuted Christian Pastor

Biden Delivers Proof He’s at War With Conscience Rights

Illegal Invaders Are Being Transported on Luxury Busses by Catholic Charities

Even Woker Olympics: Paris Games to Be ‘Inclusive, Gender-Balanced’ 

Trans YouTuber Chris Chan to be Jailed With Female Inmates Despite Allegedly Raping 79-Year-Old Mother           8/9


Transfiguration of the Lord

10 Things You Need to Know About Jesus’ Transfiguration

St. Hormisdas Pope

Saint Bosco's vision of Heaven

Archbishop Sheen and Hiroshima


Source of Traditionis Custodes Found! Bergoglio Copied Bugnini


Cordileone's Roman Mass In Cathedral Granted BEFORE Traditionis Custodes

Vatican sources: Pope Francis will use ‘spy system,’ left-wing cardinal to suppress Traditional Latin Mass

Should we go back to masks at Mass? Some U.S. bishops say yes     NO- NO- NO


Trafficking Souls Bishops' border crisis

U.S. archdiocese mandates COVID injections for all school staff

‘This is a battle between Our Lord and the devil’: Doctor-nun slams forced vaccines, communism

Medjugorje: IT’S HAPPENING NOW BUT PEOPLE DON’T SEE IT | “I am giving you clear signs”

Former Abortion Clinic Worker Explains Why She’s Now Pro-Life

Pro-Life Activist Takes on the Deeper Problems Surrounding Abortion

Former Pfizer VP warns childbearing-age women: ‘Do not accept these vaccines’

Supreme Court shown 4D ultrasound images, urged to uphold Mississippi 15-week abortion ban

'A One-Stop Human Fetal Tissue Shop': Millions in Federal Funds Spent on U. Pitt Quest to Harvest Unborn Baby Organs

University Admits Harvesting Kidneys From Unborn Babies While Their Hearts are Still Beating

Undercover Journalist Who Exposed the Planned Parenthood Baby Body Parts Chop Shop Gets Involved in Supreme Court Abortion Case

“Conspiracy Theory” Over Aborted Babies For Organ Harvesting Leads To Be True And Government-Funded

Pro-Life Student Expelled From University of Louisville Med School Because He Opposes Abortion

Why are female surgeons having miscarriages at such a high rate?

Satanic Temple Sues Texas for 'Right' to Practice a Kind of Child Sacrifice Called 'Abortion Ritual'

Catholic Exorcist Says Converse Pentagram Shoes ‘Create a Fascination With Evil’

Forgetting Our Christian Heritage Is National Suicide

Event Bright Cancels and Refunds Tickets to Upcoming Christian Event ‘BARDSFEST’ in St. Louis After Hit Piece by Media Matters – Event Will Go On

Washington Florist's Religious Liberty Case Not Over Yet, Lawyers Contend

Italian Priest Arrested For Virtual Homosex With Underage Men

Feminism, Part II Inverted hierarchy

'The Sex Ed Being Taught Is Pornographic': Inside the 'Evil' Sex Ed Moves in Our Schools and Gender Chaos

As Thousands Of Teachers Endorse Critical Race Theory, Home Schooling Surges

Woke madness at the American Medical Association as organization demands newborn’s sex be left off birth certificates

They Don't Want to Talk About the Lies:' New Film Highlights Danger of Doctors Encouraging Kids to Change Gender

Court orders ‘Save James’ boy to stay with mother who says he’s a girl, gives father limited visitation

'I Won't Budge': Allie Stuckey Not Backing Down as Twitter Censors Her for 'Misgendering' Trans Athlete

BBC Woman’s Hour Asks ‘Should There be Age-Appropriate Porn’ for Children?

DISNEY employees arrested in child predator sting operation, and no one is surprised                    8/6


St. Addal

Dedication of Saint Mary Major Basilica 

A little-known  Marian apparition

Heart of a Priest St. John Vianney, patron of parish priests

In praise of St. Dominic and the Domincans    

Archbishop Viganò Video Response to Pope Francis on Traditional Latin Mass Restrictions

God Is Sick of Them: Francis' Model Church Reduced to a Pile of Rubble

‘A church rises from the ashes: Latin Mass returns to church abandoned by diocese in 1980s’

Jim Caveisel: “Lucifer wanted to attack Mary…but I used all that Medjugorje taught me.”

Other voice: Francis Wobbly on His Feet

Bishop says separatists bar Latin-rite priests from eastern Ukraine Bishop Sobilo calls on Western church leaders to speak out amid new fears of violence


The British missionary who became a friend of India's poor

The Church in the new America

The McCarrick scandal has only just begun

Mass starvation: Biblical droughts on track to destroy U.S. crops, cattle… with unprecedented food shortages and price hikes to follow

Promoting the State’s Agenda St. Louis archdiocese collaborates with health department

She attempted suicide three times after an abortion, and thanks God for saving her life

Undercover journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood joins Supreme Court abortion case

Those who are targets of abortion deserve to be seen

“Christian” Professor Defends Killing Babies in Abortions if They are Black or Have Down Syndrome

Study predicts global loss of nearly 5 million girls from sex-selective abortion over next decade

Satanic Temple Sues Texas for 'Right' to Practice a Kind of Child Sacrifice Called 'Abortion Ritual'

Over 45 Million Girls Have Killed in Sex-Selection Abortions, But Feminists are Silent

Records show University of Pittsburgh likely harvesting organs from abortion survivors, with quota for racial minorities

Democrats’ Infrastructure Bill Could Lead to Billions in Abortion Funding, Republicans Must Stop It


Conscience Rights Threatened Catholic priest decries Charlotte ordinance

Hungary Tells EU it Has No Business Telling Hungarians How to Raise Their Kids

Sydney McLaughlin Wins Gold in 400M Hurdles, Sets World Record: 'True Stability in Jesus'

Catholic League Calls for Defunding ‘Anti-Catholic’ National Public Radio

China jails Christians for selling Bible players

Islamist to ‘Protect’ Religious Freedom Religion of oppression

Trevor Loudon: Communism Is About Power & Cannot Tolerate Religious Freedom

War on Women: Inmates Receive Contraceptives & Abortifacients After Being Housed with Trans 'Women'

"It's EVERYWHERE": Trump Town's Library Contains HUNDREDS of LGBTQ+ Books

Florida: Several Disney Employees Arrested In Undercover Child Predator Sting

Report: Media Told To ‘Ignore’ Trans Athletes’ ‘Unfair Advantage,’ Other ‘Misinformation’

Sodom & Gomorrah: People having sex in San Fran street go viral, but the comments may be worse          8/5


St. John Vianney

Viganò: Deep State and Church will bring new world religion and order

Frisco Abp. Cordileone Schedules Roman Apostolic Mass at His Cathedral

Bishop Schneider compares Pope Francis’ crushing of Latin Mass to a shepherd angrily beating his sheep with a stick

McCarrick Mystery at Xavier High School Academics not why he left?

Money: Francis Drives Church Against a Wall

Congo bishops claim their being attacked for being Catholic while they push one of those 'independent electoral commissions'

The Burrill Effect: Crisis in Clergy and Catholic Media Episcopate may be forever changed

Are Pachamama Dave Armstrong & Communion for Adulterers Mike Lewis "Proximate to Heresy"?

Secret Commission: Is Francis Preparing His Next Attack On the Church?

Christian man prays for Jesus to take him home after wife of 73 years passes away, dies 3 hours later

Amazing Photo Shows 16 People Who Survived Abortions

Unearthed video: Former Planned Parenthood prez trounced in debate over when life begins

Judge Dismisses Court Costs, Jail Time for Catholic Priest Who Went Inside Abortion Clinic to Save Babies

Former Planned Butcherhood President Says Abortion Provider Tried to Exploit Her Miscarriage

Biden DOJ drops case against Vermont hospital that forced nurses to participate in abortion

University Caught Harvesting Body Parts From Babies Born Alive, Left to Die

Report: Planned Parenthood spent $271M in federal funding from 2016 to 2018

Cardinal Dolan: “Priests MUST Take Vaccine”         NO

Watch: After winning Olympic gold, Fiji’s men’s rugby team breaks into song praising the Blood of the Lamb

Hypocrisy of “Catholic” Charities Laid Bare

Catholic charity pledges over $1M in aid to Syria amid economic, refugee crisis

‘Perverted’: Candace Owens Calls Out Trans ‘Muppet Babies’ as Gonzo Morphs Into ‘Gonzorella’           8/4


St. Lydia Purpuraria

Saint Peter Julian Eymard

The Moral Master St. Alphonsus Liguori and the spiritual life

The Vatican & The Medical-Industrial Complex, part 2.1

Vigano's "Problem... of a Canonical Nature": St. Alphonsus dei Liguori, St. Bellarmine & Bp. Gracida: "A Doubtful Pope is No Pope"

Fr. Altman on Pope’s motu proprio restricting the Old Rite Mass: ‘He has no right to do that’

Bishops, Why Don’t You Lead? Our Society Needs and Craves Spiritual Leadership

Stop Sacrilegious Communions Now! Part IV Silent no more, take up your sword

Cdl. Wilton Gregory confirms decision to cancel Traditional Latin Mass at US National Shrine

When Harlots Ruled the Church


NY archdiocese warns priests not to grant religious vaccine exemptions  

Meet Deanna: The Hyde Amendment Saved Her Life from Abortion

Oklahoma mom gives birth to extremely rare identical triplets

Former Planned Parenthood Director Now Calls Abortion the “Death Penalty” for Unborn Children

New Mexico late-term abortion clinic accused of experimenting on over 500 women without consent: report

Author describes seeing baby’s body after abortion: ‘I screamed… I had killed my four babies!’

Planned Parenthood Headquarters Has Injured 32 Women in Botched Abortions, That We Know Of

Ex-Planned Parenthood director says abortion giant seduces immigrants with threat of deportation

Catholic Groups Slam Vaccine Mandates Because There’s No Moral or Religious Exemptions

Nina Shea: Christians Under Xi

Chinese communist officials forcibly remove crosses from Christian fishermen’s boats

Seattle-Area Christian Mission Asks Supreme Court to Let Them Hire Believers

The Australian Public Health Dictatorship Post-Christians Crave, and Deserve

What's ripping families apart? Read bizarre responses from NYT

Church Declares ‘Climate Emergency,’ Raises $3.5Million for Eco-Friendly Church

TikTok’s Hottest New Trend: Demonic Possession?

Illinois gov. legalizes spreading HIV, mandates that insurance companies cover IVF for homosexuals

What? American Medical Association Wants Sex Removed From Public Birth Certificates

Why The Deep State is Sexualizing Kids

Transgender soccer player will play for Olympic gold on the Canadian women’s team

Journalist Scorned on Twitter for Suggesting ‘Porn for Children’

‘Muppet Babies’ Show Pushes Trans-Agenda Onto Children with ‘Gonzorella’

Ex-Wives of Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos Donate Millions to Gender Equality Projects     

German Double Standards: No Ban, No Masks, No Distance at Berlin's Gay Parade               8/3


Mary, Ark of the Covenant Scriptural truths of the Mother of God

St. Eusebius of Vercelli

St. Alphonsus Marie Liguori

Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Detroit’s Wonder-Working Doorman Bl. Solanus Casey (1870–1957)

Be prayer for all those who do not pray

Vigano: "We have come to the point that Even Simple People with Little Knowledge of Doctrinal Issues Understand that we have a Non-Catholic Pope... This Poses some Problems of a Canonical Nature."

Stop Sacrilegious Communions Now! Part III Cleansing the Temple of pro-aborts

Police charge McCarrick with assault in case dating to 1970s

Bergoglio: Salacious Tango Mass YES! Pious Roman Mass NO

Double Standard of Bishops: Fr. Altman with Dr. Taylor Marshal

Bishops Back State-Decreed Vaccine Apartheid

The Names of the Culprits Behind Traditionis Custodes

Did so-called "Conservative" Death Penalty & Abortion-Tainted Vaccines Advocates "Obfuscate... ma[king] it sound as though Pope Benedict himself said it might be Permissible to use the [Abortion] Cell Lines. [When] In fact no such thing was ever said" in 2011?

Chinese priest tortured by gov’t. as new bishop is consecrated under Vatican-China deal

Becciu Farce: Francis Wants a Trial - But According to His Private Rules

Woke Church Woes

Anti-racist parents' Facebook group conspired to get Christian teacher fired: Report

St. Joseph’s University Refuses To Renew Contract For Professor Who Prevailed In Free Speech Fight

Black Civil Rights Icon Bob Woodson Slams Marxist ‘Critical Race Theory’ Brainwashing: ‘Anti-Racists are the New Racists’

South African Swimmer Takes Olympic Gold, But It's What's on Her Cap That Has Us Cheering

As abortion advocates protest pro-life ordinance, Florida county votes to give $100,000 to support women and babies

BREAKING: US House passes spending bills forcing all federal taxpayers to fund abortion

Governor Ron DeSantis Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Supreme Court Flooded With Pro-Life Briefs Ahead of Arguments on Mississippi Abortion Law

Not One Single Democrat Voted Against Forcing Americans to Fund Abortions

This Italian abortionist knows he’s ending lives, but can’t retire because no one wants his job

England’s National Health Service planned involuntary euthanasia for the elderly

POLL: Only 35% of Democrats Support Allowing Transgender Athletes to Compete According to Gender Identity

‘Queer That Class’: Middle School Teacher Presents Curriculum To Teach Preteens About Pronouns, Queer Theory, Critical Theory

Woke IOC Declares ‘Transwomen are Women’ as Transgender Kiwi Readies for Weightlifting Debut

Harvard grad student publicly attacks professor over transgenderism  

U.K. Police Pledge to ‘Promote Pronoun Awareness’ for Yet Another Pride Weekend              8/2


St. Peter Chrysologus

Blessed Solanus Casey

Why the Pelican Symbolizes Devotion to the Precious Blood

“The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church… “The demon will rage especially against souls consecrated to God.”.. Read the Powerful Akita Prayer

Novus Ordo Bishop Defends Old Mass: “Francis’ Idea of Unity is Uniformity

Will only the gay bishops use Traditionis Custodes to squash the Ancient Mass? [That's a lot!]

No, Michael Swan of Toronto's Catholic Register - the Missal of 1962 WAS NOT ABROGATED by the Second Vatican Council and Marcel Lefebvre was never declared a "Schismatic!'

Ex-cardinal McCarrick to appear in criminal court for sexually assaulting teenage boy

FRENCH BISHOPS BACK STATE-DECREED VACCINE APARTHEID Evoking Nuremberg, Jewish writer slams prelates for Holocaust hypocrisy

Cardinal Brandmüller Encourages Not to Obey  

In 95 page statement Bishops say communist Spain trying to 'dismantle the Christian worldview'

No, Catholic bishops are not being ‘hypocrites’ in denying Communion to pro-abortion politicians the Problem is Very Few Do

Assault on the Bible 

Federal court orders forfeiture of ancient Gilgamesh artifact from Museum of the Bible

Anne Catherine Emmerich’s prophecy of two Popes and the Antichrist – Our Lady reveals signs of the end-times

Hunted by Police, Thrown in Prison, Pastor Found Himself Ministering to Fellow Inmates

Father Frank Pavone: There is No Constitutional Right to Kill Babies in Abortions

228 Republicans sign legal brief asking Supreme Court to uphold Mississippi abortion ban

GOP Governors Show Solidarity, Help Defend Mississippi’s New Pro-Life Law

Planned Parenthood Abortion Business Closes Nebraska Office Because It Can’t Get Enough Support

‘Unprecedented’: House passes foreign assistance spending bill that funds abortion in other nations

WSJ: It’s White Evangelical Christians Who Refuse Covid “Vaccines” 

Why is Biden Pushing "the Mark of the Vex" Beast Passport despite in California "[COVID] Cases are Falling in... Counties with Below-average Vaccination"

Chinese Authorities Raid Online Church Service, Force Pastors to Stop Preaching

At least one California inmate pregnant as ‘transgender’ convicts move into women’s prisons

Uproar Forces Nebraska School Officials to Abandon Gender-Identity Indoctrination

Court admits special LGBT privilege in forcing web designer to celebrate same-sex 'marriage'              7/30


Devotion to the Holy Spirit: Loving the Person of Love

St. Martha

Blessed Stanley Rother

St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross & the Mystery of Suffering

Dioceses in Canada review Latin Mass restrictions, little or no change for now

Francis' Motu Proprio contradicts the Second Vatican

Vatican Says 5th Catholic Bishop Consecrated Under China Agreement

Is Msgr. Burrill the Tip of the Iceberg?

Made in the Image of Ted And it must be destroyed

Fit of Mercy: Young Priest Excommunicated

Father Bryce Lungren — Wyoming Cowboy and Catholic Priest

Glasgow Catholic Church Latest To Burn Down As Churches Burn Across West – But Why?

How to understand the teaching ‘outside the Church there is no salvation’


Sacrilege in Delaware President gets a pass

Mother-daughter business owners show others with Down syndrome that no dream is too big

Mississippi’s 15-Week Abortion Ban Is Mainstream, Most European Laws More Strict

‘The elites control Canada’: Veteran pro-life activist on the fight to save the unborn

University Health System Kicks Out Catholic Hospitals, Doctors Because They Won’t Kill Babies in Abortions

Women in India know how to regulate family size naturally, thanks to Mother Teresa

Trudeau withholds health care funds to New Brunswick, alleging sufficient abortion access isn’t provided

Former President Exposes Planned Parenthood, Says It’s Obsessed With Killing Babies in Abortions

Abortion Pill Kills Teen Girl, Her Father Slams Abortion and Calls for an Investigation

Israel, UAE Undergo Historic 3-Way Kidney Exchange Thanks to Abraham Accords 

Only half of American households donated to charity in 2018, a 2 decade low: report

Pro-LGBT James Martin: You're not pro-life unless you take the COVID vaccine

Former Archbishop of Canterbury Compares Brainwashed Teenage Climate Commie Greta Thunberg to Biblical Prophet Jeremiah

America's New Religion: Fake Christianity

Francis Adds Pro-LGBT ‘Slum Priest’ to Bishop-Appointing Dicastery Argentine bishop abides homosexuality, profanes Eucharist

Polish priest fined by German court for criticizing homosexual predators in the Church

Med Schools Now Denying Biological Sex

Disney Debuts Its First Ever LGBT Love Song                               7/29


St. Innocent I

Pope St. Victor I

St. Nazarius and Celsus

Blessed Stanley Rother

Signs of the Return: NEW VIRGIN MARY APPARITION in Lourdes France – Pilgrim captures stunning image of Mary praying over the faithful.

Virgin Mary Appears Next to Miracle Candle – Candle Lights up at time of consecration of the Host.

SSPX Response to Traditionis Custodes – No!


Homosexual Hierarchy Clean it up the good are thrown out & the perverts protected

Vatican newspaper calls pro-abortion Biden a ‘practicing Catholic’

Bishop Denies Allegation Child abuse in question

Our priests need our prayers


Covid Bishop: “To Celebrate Mass It Is Imperative To Be Fully VACCINATED”

Cd. Tobin’s Newark PervDiocese: ‘Although the information shared does not provide any evidence of misconduct by clergy or employees, we recognize that any app or technology has the potential for misuse or abuse, which would be of concern?!”

 The Faithful in China

Powerful Defender of Roman Mass Never Celebrated It

The Cardinal, the Brokers and the Lady: Vatican fraud trial features an interesting cast of characters?

Priest attacked in Catholic cathedral in Scotland as he sat quietly praying

53 Years Later Pope Paul's encyclical on contraception

Olympic Champion, Filipina Weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz: The Miraculous Medal Did It

BABY BOOM: Texas hospital delivers more than 100 babies in 91 hours

Hawley, Cruz, Lee file amicus brief calling on Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade

Alveda King Asks Supreme Court to Overturn Roe v. Wade

Former foster child and pro-life advocate crowned Mrs. Universe

Abortion is the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide, Killing 24 Million People This Year

DISSONANCE: Pro-abortion legislators co-sponsor act to mandate paid leave to grieve pregnancy loss

Whats the Difference Between a Premature Baby and a Baby Who Survives Abortion?

The EACH Act would codify Roe v. Wade, force federal health care to pay for abortions

47 Out of 50 European Nations Have Stronger Abortion Limits Than America

Generation Z Is Turning To God In Droves

Colorado Web Designer Appeals after Court Ignores Religious Liberty

Christian web designer opposed to creating same-sex wedding websites loses at 10th Circuit

Video points out unexpected spikes in COVID-19 deaths following vaccine uptake

Catholic family banned from farmer's market for their religious beliefs to go to trial

New Data Shows Violence Against Christians Persists In Modi's India

Hungarian Government: No Transgender Activists in Schools!

BASED: Heroic Tennessee Pastor Says He Will Boot Mask-Wearers From His Church

Thousands Gather from All 50 States for Revival at the 'Heart of America'

The Death of the Episcopal Church is Near One of the most troubling things about the future of the Episcopal Church is that the average member is incredibly old.

We need to ‘pray for the subculture of Grindr hookup priests’ in the FrancisChurch? [Do we belong to the same religion?!]

Ohio megachurch apologizes after speaker criticizes cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers

Opening The Door Of Compromise: Another Christian Adoption Agency, Falls to LGBTQ+ Cultural Pressure

Female Prisoners Beg for Help as California Law Lets Men Who Identify as Women into Their Prisons

Predator Priest Up for Parole Letters may keep pederast jailed

Axios: One-in-Three Democrats Back Transgender Olympics

Senate appoints lesbian activist and 'trans woman' to top military positions                          7/28


St. Pantaleon

Blessed Antonio Lucci

The Last Secret of Fatima “There will be a reckoning – a dimming of the Sun – It will be the last effort of the demon to run our life.”

Archbishop Sheen: A 1960s Prophet for Today

Viganò: The West is on the verge of ruin due to ‘apostasy,’ ‘cancel culture’

Francis' Motu Proprio contradicts the Second Vatican Council  

Survey shows rapid growth in US Latin-Mass attendance

Fr. Jacques Hamel honored 5 years after he was killed at Mass in terrorist attack

Courageous Bishop: Traditionis Custodes Is a "Declaration of War"

Cdl. Burke: ‘Traditionis Custodes’ is a ‘severe and revolutionary action’ by the Pope against tradition

Science, Crime, Faith: How Our Lady Is A Winner!

Stop Sacrilegious Communions Now! Part I Smoke of Satan is 'synodality'

Victory: Irish justice committee rejects bill to legalize assisted suicide

"If I wanted to become a Lutheran, I would just follow Francis's Teachings" & "Is Bergoglio Possessed by the Damned Soul of Martin Luther?"

Opening The Door Of Compromise: Another Christian Adoption Agency, Falls to LGBTQ+ Cultural Pressure

 'Historic' FrancisVatican trial may change Catholic Church’s finances forever

Mystic Reveals What the Devil is Like – Fr. Mark Goring, CC

Former Benedict XVI Attacks Secularised German Church

Vicka Says Many People Pray the Wrong Way | “This is how Our Lady Wants us to Pray”

Woman Abducted by an Abortionist and Sold as a Child Shares How God Saved Her Life

New Mexico senator denied Communion by bishop for promoting abortion 

The Pro-Life Movement Has a New Pro-Life Flag, and it Celebrates Moms and Babies

Elite athletes pressured to abort their children: ‘I made a decision that broke me’

Christians Celebrate Closing of Abortion Clinic That Killed Babies in Abortions for 50 Years

Archbishop Cordileone hits back at Pelosi: If you’re pro-abortion, you’re not a ‘devout Catholic’      How about the truth she is in grave sin and in danger of losing her soul

Court rules 'taking a knee' to pray at high school football games is illegal

Popular Anchorage Strip Club Converted into Church By Daughter of Former Exotic Dancer

Homeschooling Doubles as Parents Reject Lockdowns, Masks, & Indoctrination

Facebook Getting Involved in Religion, Signs Contract with Megachurch as Platform's Director of 'Global Faith Partnerships' Reveals What's Coming

Mom Files Lawsuit After Teacher Tells Third Grader She Can’t Wear “Jesus Loves Me” Mask

Step-by-Step to How Communism Undermines Christianity 

Enemy of the People: Associated Press (AP) Promotes Men Competing in Women’s Sports

Vanity and Power? Francis Insists On Denying the Multiplication of Loaves

Extraterrestrial Life:A Catholic Perspective; Part 2: Ways to Search;  SCS Conference 2021

'Homopoetic' El Paso FrancisBishop Seitz said he needs to 'pray further' before figuring out whether to give Holy Communion to mass-murderous lawmakers

Homosex Monsignor: Father Altman's Punisher Suddenly a fit of Mercy

Nebraska Sex Education Standards Include 'Grooming 101,' Horrifying Framing of Abortion

Homosex Dating Apps: Ten Newark Archdiocese Presbyteries Affected                     7/27


Sts. Joachim and Anne

St. James the Greater

Science, Crime, Faith: How Our Lady Is A Winner!

What would St. Paul say to Francis & Luther about attempting to "Destroy the Mass &... Destroy the Church"?

Schneider: "Mass Not Private Property Of A Pope"

Latin Mass Society -- Canonical Notes on the Application of Traditiones Custodes (Guide for Priests and Faithful)

As Pope Francis’ Allies in China Cannibalize Religious Prisoners in Concentration Camps, He Keeps the World Safe from Latin Chant

Paris: live from the demonstration against the motu proprio Traditionis Custodes

Capita Mortua The slow-motion suicide of America's bishops

Archbishop Cordileone hits back at Pelosi: If you’re pro-abortion, you’re not a ‘devout Catholic’


Francis’ Bankruptcy Company: Deficit Increased Six Fold

Church Militant visits the Armenian people of Artsakh

Mississippi AG Fitch files brief with SCOTUS: Roe ‘shackles states to an outdated view’ of scientific fact

Live Babies’ Organs Harvested for Mandated Vaccines

Elite athletes pressured to abort their children: ‘I made a decision that broke me’

1,250 Clergy Members Warn Vaccine Passports Would Create “Medical Apartheid” in UK


Vatican Mayoral consultant, Bill de Blasio asks ALL private employers in NYC to impose vaccine mandates 'immediately' and 'do the maximum you feel you can do'

Chinese authorities raid Zoom church service, order pastor to stop preaching

‘Justice prevailed’: Christian street preacher wins case after being fined, prosecuted for evangelizing

Recent anti-Christian ‘news,’ editorial examples expose utter corruption of Canadian media

The Media Defends First-Grade School Children Being Taught "Pornography Literacy" Classes And LGBT Parents Teaching Kids "Kink"

CruxMag: Evangelical politicians have introduced bills in states and towns all over Brazil to promote sexual abstinence among teens, boosted by a wave of conservatism in the country under President Bolsonaro! FrancisBishops abstain.

Louisiana Democrats block bipartisan transgender sports bill after attack by liberal clergy

35,000 Descend on Berlin for U.S. Embassy-Backed LGBTQ Street Parade

Argentina allows gender X on ID cards for people who refuse to identify as male, female                  7/26


St. Mary Magdalene

The remarkable life, challenging example of Venerable Aloysius Schwartz

Young Catholics around the globe to Pope Francis: 'We love the Traditional Mass'

Viganò Condemns Pope Francis Latin Mass Restriction as "Hatred for the Mass"

Statement on the Motu Proprio «Traditionis Custodes» - By Raymond Leo Cardinal

Four Aspects of Modernism

Hatred for the Mass of all time and the Question of Obedience

Summer of Shame 2021 Vatican, US bishops drowning in sexual-predation scandal

Lifesite News' Msgr. Pope Commenting on the Francis's "Latest Temper Tantrum Aimed at the TLM"

USCCB Busted! Will they talk about it?

Land O’ Lakes The destruction of US Catholic education

Archbishop Denounces Joe Biden Ahead of Visit to Catholic Ohio University

Francis’ Mass Only For The "Vaccinated"

Satanism Has Completely Taken Over the Vatican, Says Illuminati Expert        62   min.

Who’s Next? Outing high-ranking clerics

Mark Of The Beast System Officially Announced By The U.N.          42   min.

Catholic Church Grovels After Widespread Arsons in Canada, Offers to Pay Reparations for Phony Blood Libel

Doctors ask mother in labor if she wants her baby with Down syndrome to be left to die

Federal Court Rules in Favor of Church Forced to Fund Killing Babies in Abortions

Biking for Babies riders complete 12th national ride for life

Abortion Clinic That Kills Babies Up to Birth Injures 36th Woman in Botched Abortion

Covid: Push For Children In Certain Groups (E.G. Disabled) To Be Vaccinated – Healthy or Sinister?

Donor-conceived children shocked to learn their biological fathers were their mothers’ fertility doctors

Nancy Pelosi: It’s Okay if I Force Americans to Fund Abortions Because I’m a “Devout Catholic”

Nation’s most profitable abortion corporation gets taxpayer millions for teen sex ed

Pro-lifers press on through angry mob during Rosary procession for the unborn in Brooklyn

'Wonderfully, Crazy Movement of Prayer': Thousands Gathering at 'Heart of America' to Pray for the Nation

Vatican Rejects Healing for Homosexuality Homosexuals do not need a cure, but accompaniment and discernment

Healing Homosexuals: Clergy Congregation Hastens to Help Oligarchs

California court strikes down transgender pronoun mandate

Winning: VA School Board Unanimously Rejects CRT, State’s Trans Policy

Groundbreaking documentary warns parents about ‘the rush to reassign gender’ in kids

Trans Cover Model Isn't Sports Illustrated's First Swipe at Catholics

PRONOUNS PUKED: California court strikes down law that punishes the “misgendering” of LGBT

BREAKING: News Sites Including Huffington Post, Vox, Newsweek, Riddled With Pornography                7/23


Morning offering to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

St. Lawrence of Brindisi

Father of Vatican II Fr. Karl Rahner's apparent Take on Francis's "Unity" Motu Proprio: "A Mortal Sin from which the Pope could be Absolved Only if he Revoked"

Pope Francis: Traditionis Custodes Backfiring?

Traditionis Custodes, Pope Francis's recent motu proprio, is not principally about the right to offer the Holy Mass in the older form of the Roman Rite. It’s not really about rites at all. It’s about Catholic life in the age of the Internet. The Mass is the message

First Country "Banishes" Roman Mass

List of bishops already suppressing or tentatively supporting Latin Mass after Pope’s new document

Francis Won’t Abolish ‘Hindu Rite’ Eucharist Vatican-approved liturgy using Sanskrit fuels caste divisions in India

Pope Francis and Latin Mass Great Reset back to 1970, with Michael Matt and Dr Taylor Marshall

Comments on Francis Anti-Summorum Pontificum


Priest Hit Hard by TLM Edict Confusion, anger and obedience

High-Ranking Priest Resigns Over Grindr Data Linking Him to Las Vegas’ ‘Gay Bathhouse’ 

Unborn Babies Sue Rhode Island to Stop New Law Legalizing Abortions up to Birth

INSPIRING: NICU doctor now works alongside premature baby she saved decades ago

Mother tells of heartbreak after son with Down syndrome dies at negligent UK hospital

‘Transgender’ people sue Montana over law limiting birth-certificate changes

Revealed: Sex crimes against children are skyrocketing      

2 Georgia churches leave UMC over LGBT stance, announce merger             7/21


St. Margaret of Antioch

St. Arsenius the Great

Spotlight: NY’s Cardinal Dolan Exposed The case of Fr. Peter Miqueli     

Catholic Bishop Denies Democrat Politician Communion Because He Supports Killing Babies in Abortions

Celestial Graces Rosary blessings for your life

French Bishop Surprised By Francis „Harshness”

Medjugorje Miracle – Seven Crosses Descend on Mountain. Giant Cross spins in SUPERNATURAL WAY.

Report: German Catholic Church Continues Hemorrhaging Members

Families are The Key to Saving America 

15-Year-Old Girl Brutally Raped and Then Forced to Have Abortion 

Pro-life Christian CEO has had enough of left-wing cancel culture, will start his own bank

World Economic Forum head's prediction of microchips 'in our brains' is coming true, thanks to Big Tech

The Epic Battle that Liberated Christian Spain from Islam

Parents Sue DC Over Allowing Kids to be Vaccinated Without Parent's Consent

BLM Activist Accused Of Molesting 62 Kids Promoted to School Board   

Bishop Backs LGBT Eucharist, Bans Latin Mass   

EU launches lawsuit against Hungary and Poland over 'LGBTQ discrimination'               7/20


Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Mary of Magdala - Apostle to the Apostles

St. Carmen

Soul Doctors Holiness, insight, writings

Big hopes for the National Eucharistic Revival

Motu Proprio “Traditionis Custodes” abolishing Summorum Pontificum - WORSE than expected


Open Letter to Bp. Callahan on Fr. James Altman Reinstate him: 'Speak out boldly as he does'



Strange Bulletin: The Vatican Is Run by Bunglers

Spotlight: NY’s Cdl. Dolan Exposed The case of Fr. Peter Miqueli

Medjugorje: “Time is running out” Our Lady said this day would come.

Who is the nun who will be beatified with Cardinal Wyszynski, Poland’s ‘Primate of the Millennium’?

Christian Pastor Thinks It’s Perfectly Fine for Planned Parenthood to Push Sex on Kids

No Way: CBS News’ ‘Abortion Access’ Reporter Quits, Can Now Be Open About Her Views on Abortion Rights

Washington church challenges state law requiring abortion coverage in healthcare plans

Government Schools vs. Christianity

Hungary Taking Heat for Protecting Kids

Baby becomes first at UNC to receive life-changing gene therapy

So it begins – USA Media Silent: Terrorists are attacking and burning down churches across Canada with impunity.

Vatican Invested Seven Million In Nonexistent Motorway

Christian Group Barred From Arenas in W. Australia Because Biblical Views Do Not Align With ‘Government’s Views’

Uyghur woman tearfully recalls 'inhumane' treatment in China’s brutal concentration camps

Andy Stanley Agrees with Rabid Heretic Feminist that Christians Should not Strive to be ‘Biblical’

Nigeria: Muslims murder 18 people in Christian-majority southern Kaduna State

Pakistan: Muslim teacher rapes 8-year-old Christian girl, school blames Christian boy, protects rapist

‘Gay’ conservatives: You can learn from Milo’s intellectual honesty and integrity

Trans Mission' docu exposes 'unconscionable' rush to transition gender dysphoric kids                         7/16


St. Bonaventure

St. Henry

Fulton Sheen and the Persistent Specter of Communism

Church Escapes Macron’s Vaccine Dystopia

Bad Conscience? Liturgy Prefect Attempts to Hide Huge Differences Between Roman Rite and Novus Ordo


Venerable Augustus Tolton’s Spiritual Sons: Black Catholic Priests Ordained in 2021

Bad Bishops Praise & Promote Bad Priests – Good Priests “Cancelled”… Pray! 

Bp. Callahan Addresses Fr. Altman’s Parishioners 'Lies the bishops told us'

Catholic Converts Tell Their Story of Eucharistic Reckoning


England: "Widower" of Homosex Pseudo Marriage to be Ordained a Priest

Babies Will be Saved From Abortion as Huge Abortion Biz Closes Four Clinics 

UNCOVERED: Late-term abortionists experimented on hundreds of women

Former Planned Parenthood Staffer: We Pushed Sex Ed on Kids to Create a Market for Abortion

Pro-choice nursing student in Australia forced to abandon career because of coronavirus vaccine mandates

Planned Parenthood CEO Thinks Killing Babies in Abortion is “Loving Thy Neighbor”

Christian-Led Government The Left's biggest fear

"The World Depends on Whether America can Summon the Will to Shape at least part of the Emerging Global Picture"

Christian Group Barred From Arenas in W. Australia Because Biblical Views Do Not Align With 'Government's...

Pastor Receives 1,500 Threats Over Resisting Lockdown Lunacy

New MFA Program In Houston Aims To Further Catholic Literary Tradition

Warning: Why Doesn’t Collaborate with Google

Christian Pastor Thinks It’s Perfectly Fine for Planned Parenthood to Push Sex on Kids

Buffalo Auxiliary Accused of Abuse New suit names Bp. Edward Grosz